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Date Day Class

: 17th October 2012 : Wednesday : 4 Motivasi

Level of Proficiency: Low Ability Time Theme Topic : 07.00 08.00 a.m. (60 minutes) : World of Knowledge : What Do You Like? (Verbs/ writing simple sentences )

Specification (S): 3.3 (Level 1) Read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraphs and whole texts. 4.5 (Level 1) Construct simple and compound sentences with guidance and independently. Objective (S): By the end of the lessons, pupils should be able to: i. form simple sentences and questions by arranging words (5-6 words in a sentence). ii. read and understand phrases by matching single phrases to pictures. Pupils previous knowledge: Pupils has learnt about nouns in the previous lesson. CCTS : identifying, recognizing, arranging, recalling

Audio Visual Aid: Pictures, Worksheets, Mah-jong paper and Power point slides. Moral Values: Hardworking and co operations. Vocabulary: jumping, running, reading, cycling, barking, flying,

Teaching Stages

Teaching and Learning Strategies 1. Teacher show pictures via power point presentation. 2. Pupils watch and identify the pictures. 3. Teacher asks them to name the characters using WH-Q. 4. Teacher asks pupils if they know what action / verb they can identify based on the pictures.

Teaching Aids CCTS Moral Values Teaching Aids: LCD Laptop Power point slide


Set Induction (5 Minutes)

Using Power point slides to stimulates and attract the pupils attention.

CCTS: Identifying

Moral Values: Cooperation

1. Teacher

Teaching Aids:

Teacher emphasizes on using the substitution table to the pupils by asking

Presentati on (15 Minutes)

shows example of using the Substitution Table to the pupils on the white board. 2. Pupils listen and observed. 3. Teacher asks a few pupils to try to identify and write on the white board. 4. Teacher asks the pupils to read their friends answer and check the sentences.

Mah-jong paper White board White board marker

them to try to complete it on the white board. This is to let the pupils explore and experience in completing the sentences.

Pictures on Mahjong paper

CCTS: Arranging

Moral Values: Cooperation

Substitutions Table

Practice (15 Minutes)

1. Teacher explains and shows example of

Teaching Aids: Mah-Jong paper

using the substitution table to the pupils. 2. Pupils get in to groups ( 4-5 person) and do the task given. 3. Teacher facilitates the pupils progress from group to group. 4. Teacher evaluates the pupils work through group presentation.


Group Activity worksheet

CCTS: Identifying

Moral Values: Cooperation

Production (20 1. Teacher

Teaching Aids:

Individual Activity Worksheet


asks the pupils to stay in their group but they have to do the activity individually. 2. Pupils stay in their group and do the task individually. 3. Teacher explains about the worksheets to the pupils. 4. Pupils do the task given in their group. 5. Teacher facilitates the pupils. 6. Teacher collects the individual worksheets. 7. Teacher marks pupils


CCTS: Recognizing

Moral Values: Diligence

Substitutions Table


Closure (5 Minutes)

1. Teacher refreshes the pupils mind about the lesson of the day by asking a few pupils via WH questions. 2. Teacher asks the pupils to sing

Teaching Aids:

Using songs in teaching will let the pupils enjoy and motivated during the teaching and learning session and of course to avoid boredom and for reinforcement.

Laptop LCD Action Songs (YouTube) Verb Song


along with him by using an action song.


Moral Values: Cooperation