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FGD Findings#1#Housewives NAME Mrs. Promila Hans Mrs. Shikha Narang Mrs. Sheetal Hans Mrs. Taruna Kataria Mrs. Indu Chaudhry ADDRESS, Fbd, Haryana ,Fbd, Haryana, Fbd, Haryana 667/14, Fbd, Haryana, Fbd, Haryana CONTACT DETAILS 9958472285 9650188822 9873330851 9650666564 9899967897 AGE 56 32 37 42 33

A study of community awareness of mosquito repellents and related subjects in my locality showed that residents were well aware of mosquito repellents and the brands available in the market. Almost all claimed to use some form of domestic mosquito control product for their family protection, and many spend a significant portion of the household income on this. The main factors that affected their mosquito repellents buying was the quality and the availability. They mentioned that their purchased more repellents during the time when dengue cases were rising. Mrs. Shikha Narang mentioned that she purchased mosquito repellent patches for her 2 yeaar old daughter and she purchased them from children store Mom & Me- the patches costed her Rs.300 for 10 pieces. She felt that she shouldnt make any compromises on this even though the patches were expensive. Mrs. Sheetal Hans mentioned that she used repellent creams also when she took her kids to the park in the evening and made them wear full clothes. Mrs. Promila Hans and Taruna Katarias buying behaviour was mainly dependant on the availability of the brands in the locality. However they preferred All Out over other brands. They also used HIT mosquito repellent in the evenings. Mrs. Indu Chaudhary claimed that she preferred mortein over other brands and was quiet satisfied with it. For all of them price is not a major determinant, they weighed quality more than the price. They were pretty satisfied with their current mosquito repellents.

FGD Findings#2#Retired NAME Mr. Mohinder Hans Mr. Narang Mr. Sudhir Hans Mr. Kataria Mrs. Bimla Chaudhry ADDRESS, Fbd, Haryana ,Fbd, Haryana, Fbd, Haryana 667/14, Fbd, Haryana, Fbd, Haryana CONTACT DETAILS 9810064962 9650123382 9873330851 9975271770 AGE 63 72 62 68 65

In my FGD with the retired people, the major determinants affecting the mosquito repellent buying behaviour were price and quality. Most of the males replied that they used the brands that their wives bought and they had no specific preference. They said that their mosquito repellent machines were on almost the entire day. Mr. Narang and Mr. Hans said that they use odomos when they visit the park in the morning. Mr. Kataria said he uses a coil in the night . Mrs. Bimla Chaudhary mentioned that she prefers mortein over other brands and she said she also used some other chemicals to clean her house so tht the mosquitos stayed away.

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