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Archangel Michael

November 27, 2013

By the Collective of the One


I am Michael, Prince and Regent of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Consciousnesses, beloved Lights, I come by this way as well as by other ways at the same time due to multidimensionality, eternity, humility and simplicity. I come together with Christ and Mary, ending the new Eucharist in order to seal within your Heart the Weddings of the Heart, where there is no shade, no suffering, no interrogation, because everything is evidence, everything is answer. The time announced and feared came. The visible celestial signs in your skies are only reflecting what is held in your Temple, what is held in your Eternity. I come to reveal and to cut in order to finish the enunciated work, already announced here four years ago, allowing today your confirmation and establisment in Eternity for those among you opened to this and living the Light manifestations in their Temple and their consciousness. I come as Fire to cut all which doesnt belong to eternity, which is illusory. In this time and these times of your human linearity the illusion, the suffering and the separation are finishing. You only have to find the state of Grace -by the principle of the Grace Law-, to find this plenitude which you are in eternity. You only have to remain in silence, silence of any projection of theconsciousness, silence of the illusory manifestation. My message today and my vibration are an invitation to prepare you, to keep centred in your Temple, to leave all the place to your eternity, to Christ, Mary and myself. This is impelled by Uriel and Metatron as well as by a multitude of consciousnesses in their eternity, whatever are the vehicles coming to assist the birth of the Earth within its new space, beyond the time of tyranny, the time of suffering. You are the Star Seeds, those who decided to grow and appear in the world of Light. There you find the Grace and you find yourselves also, when remaining in peace and tranquility. It can occur only if you disregard any projection of the consciousness outside you. We are in you definitively and eternally. Therefore the signs of the skies are only confirming what many of you lived these last years, even since a long time ago: the time of Release, the time of joy, the time of Grace in Action. But you must position: either in what you name the free will resulting from the personality and the laws of reclusion, or installing permanently the Grace in Action within you. Grace in Action which, I remind you is traditionally allotted to the day of tomorrow in your calendar, the 28th of november 2013: Thanksgiving Day. Thus, while penetrating in the Grace in Action, you penetrate fully in the heart, in the Advent which will see, under your eyes and in your consciousness,

disappear the whole of the illusory bases of this world. Only that one who remains in Peace, in the Grace in Action under the protection and care of Mary, Christ and myself can conclude his own transubstantiation. This has been already lived for some among you since a few weeks ofyour linear time. The call of the Light is not a call any more but an evidence. It is where happens, generates and appears the state of Grace, in the eternity you have found. In this way, the more you come back to your inner Temple, the more you will avoid being confronted with your own shades, your own fears. That was stated and announced very often, by multiple forms, in many ways, by many channels. It is here and now. In peace, centered in the heart of the Heart, where is your presence, where is located the Holy Ark, the Absoluteness. The new Alliance, the new Eucharist, is nothing else than a perpetual celebration of your divinity, your Light Body, your essence and your nature. So, by my presence in this instant, together with Christ and Mary, we impel the sign of the Sky directly coming to your skies in order to light what must be lighted, in order to dissolve what can still remain of mental illusion or the illusion of any evolution. You are perfect since all the eternity. Only the sense of being a person, of having a mind, makes you still believe the opposite of this truth. What we ask for is not believing in anyone or anything but what you really are: the Way, the Truth and the Life, that one of Christ. Child of the Sun, child of eternity, always connected to yourself, connected to the Source in the most authentic and the most invulnerable freedom. The reclusion lived since so much time ago through illusory principles such as the free will, the karma and others, fades henceforth in the majesty of Love from the moment when you cease any projection outside yourself. The time is now, the time has arrived to lay down the arms of any sterile combat, of any will to improve anything, considering what is set in your skies, in your Temple and on the whole of this Earth since a few weeks. Your innerness, your reception are the finest means to entirely live what we announced to you in various manners, by various ways, for the established times from the Thanksgiving Day up to your Christmas. It is during this ultimate period where is necessary to cease any wandering, any fear. You only can choose definitively between fear and Love in an increasingly luminous way, sometimes even violently if you persist being afraid in the sense of considering yourself as a person attached to a history. Your history largely exceeds the scope of any person, of any incarnation and any evolution. Your history never started and will never end because it is registered within the silence of eternity, of peace, of humility and truth. The signs are not to seek any more because what is announced arrives now and this is irremediable, irrevocable and irreportable. Thus, it was decided by who is named the Father, the Source together with Christ, Mary and myself taking charge of the return of Grace in this world in order to evolve not towards a better world but towards a liberated world, released of any obstacle to the Light, of any fear, of any doubt or question. Its the final answer to your interrogation about what is found within you, what you find within your Heart since all the eternity. We, you and us, all together have consolidated this moment, we precipitate it first in higher dimensions so that one day it appeared in this world and this day has arrived. It signs the completion. It signs the return of Christ in your centre. It signs the completion of prophecies, the return to the truth, the beauty and the glory which is

the only possible manifestation of the Source, the unique possibility of being what you are and not depending on any contingency, whatever it is. The end of imprisonment, the end of your liberty privation came. Today you are autonomous and free from the moment that you dont see anything else than it, from the moment that there is no more possibility of any projection, of any reflection of your limited consciousness within this world. Its the hour of sacrifice in its highest, noblest and most luminous expression. Sacrifice of each one which still could seem personal but for the whole of what you are, it converges towards a precise point named the ultimate Reversal, the ultimate Swing. The irruption of the White Light is there. The use of any subtle sense will not be necessary because it will obvious through your ordinary senses, through your consciousness, through your vibration, you will realize by yourself the reality of the truth of Light such as it is since all the eternity and in all the worlds. The time of the Earth isolation ended. Whatever are the inclinations of fight by certain people, by certain governments, by certain forces opposed to Light, they will not be able to express any opposition, any duality and any obstacle to the Intergalactic Confederation of Free worlds. The Angels of the Lord are placed (as some of you see) maintaining a fixed position, ready to answer the Marys call as well. The songs of the Sky and the Earth, the celestial and terrestrial explosions which appear in your world daily are not in their acme yet. This will be visible for each one of you, either you are in the fear or in the Love but the consequences, obviously, will not be the same. There is the true freedom. There is the true release. We always spoke about the Earth liberation, about a personal ascension but never was said this release would be a collective ascension for the whole humanity. We cannot lead anybody to where they dont want to go, if they listen to their mind, if they listen to their personal projections. Today, transparency and humility must be total in order to leave place entirely to what you are in eternity. Christ is with you, Mary is in you and I am also in front of your Door. The last impulse of Light, related to the White Light, will intervene during this period from the Thanksgiving Day to the Advent. This is now. Many among you perceived either the Love of Christ or the fear of Christ, and translated it into an extremely personal way of your external consciousness within this world. It will be made to each one according to your vibration, according to your point of view and vision. That one who maintains the duality will be released in the same way than the one who joins the eternal spheres of creation within the Absoluteness, the Source or his stellar origin. Under any circumstance we cannot go against your will, against what you create currently, in your illusory life, in your inner Temple. The fear or the Love will take an increasingly big obviousness for each one of you but also for the collective of the humanity. Collective released according to the vibration, according to what you believe (or you dont believe any more) and especially according to your experience. The ultimate Grace and the Grace in Action, starting from tomorrow on this Earth, will allow -to those who abandon the illusion of fear- finding Love more easily. But this date is a date which I would qualify as expiry date. No alternative and no change of choice will be applied from the finished day of tomorrow.

It corresponds to you, this return to the deepest of yourself, in this allocated time, so as to look well if you really are in the Grace in Action or in duality, that is to say in the fear. This is not a judgement nor a condemnation at all, but a law which respects the freedom of each one according to your experiences, to your beliefs and what you are. Remember that all of us without exception, whatever is our dimension, whatever is the dimension you come from, today we must let the Grace spread such a mantle. The Wave of Life, the Marys Blue Mantle, the Guardian Angels on your left, the guides, the Archangels, Christ, Mary and myself too -as all the released presences exceeding obviously what still can remain of astral forces- all these elements will lead you more deeply to the eternal Joy. It is during this period, from the Thanksgiving Day to the end of Christmas Day when what was not made obvious yet in your consciousness (as in every consciousness) must appear, must be manifested. It requires no judgement, no sentence because in the measure you judge you will be judged. Christ told you: "Throw the first stone those who never sinned". The experience ends. The experience which is not life but a privation of life, a privation of truth and especially a privation of your autonomy as multidimensional being such as the whole creation is, from where you come and where you go. Thus today I invite you to see yourself clearly and not to reflect what can seem to you cloudy or opposite to Light because all this only just keeps the illusion and becomes an obstacle for your own release and especially for your own ascension. The Earth thus is released, released entirely. Each human being will live his "face to face" in relation to what he refuses or accepts. There is no scape, of any kind to live the Promise and Oath. I announce it here in a formal way but that will become obvious for each one of you, if its not already the case since a few weeks. Through this channel I propose now remaining in silence within the new Eucharist -returning to what I had announced on September 29th of the year 2009, an Eucharist confirmed since then by your experiences and by the joy of your found heart. I invite you thus here and now, in your presence and all the presences, to receive within you every illusion so that Light, in the Flame and Fire of your Heart, purifies it and pacifies it. The Grace in Action is a reconciliation open to everyone, even to those who until tomorrow had been fiercely opposed to Light. Do not judge, just Be. Be the Light because there is found everything and this Light is Love. No word which is not Love will be able to emerge from you henceforth because it will be returned to you in your own "face to face". Therefore, by the Grace which is conferred on me and by the Grace which is offered to you, I install and seal the Kiss of eternity within you, the Kiss of freedom. Many of you, more and more numerous, are called to meet us in an increasingly obvious way before this Meeting becomes effective for the whole collective of humanity. Remember that all, absolutely all only depends on you. Where do you want to be? In the Heart or in the personality? In the illusion or in the truth? The Heart is the truth which does not suffer any illusion, any shade and any manifestation of this shade whatever it is. So you do not have to play the game of duality. The time to see what did not belong to Light is completed because that disappears and will disappear more and more quickly every day of this Advent calendar. So, you are the Grace in action, you are the Grace in truth,

you are at the time of the "face to face". And if you are transparent, nothing can strike, nothing can shock and nothing can deviate joy and the witness of peace and eternity. Love is the manifestation of every breath. And Light is the purificatory Fire, that which burns the ultimate veil. The approach of Christ was described to you by countless ways, in particular by Stars. I invite you to go deeply into these texts, not like a text which is read, but a truth which is lived from the instant you accept your Eternity without the slightest reserve or hesitation. In this way, by the presence of Christ, by the presence of Mary, my presence and your presence, the Grace is there. I am Michael, Prince and Regent of the Celestial Militia. Other things will be added by those who are transmitting my messages at present. As you will note it by yourself, observing what I expressed through this channel as well as through other channels or within you inner voice, it confirms the synchronicity and the evidence of what is already there. In the name of the Grace, in the name of Christ, I tell you: see you tomorrow.

Transmitted by the Collective of the One. Published by: Les Transformations Traduced by Eugeni Garcia Blog: Somos Uno