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(Some Llps and Lrlcks for geLLlng Lhe mosL ouL of your lÞad!)
uonna Murray, lnsLrucLlonal 1echnology laclllLaLor, hLLp://murrayglrl.com

• noLes abouL updaLes ln lCS7
o 1he swlpe Lo deleLe (such as LexL messages or emalls) sLlll works, [usL swlpe from
rlghL Lo lefL.
o 1o close apps, double cllck home buLLon llke normal. 1hen lnsLead of holdlng down
an lcon Llll Lhe x appears [usL swlpe uÞ! Away lL goes!!! ?ou can qulL mulLlple apps
you have runnlng aL once by double cllcklng on Lhe home buLLon and Louchlng 2-3
apps aL a Llme Lhen swlpe up. All you are Louchlng wlll Lurn off aL once.
o need Lo make Lhe LexL blgger ln apps? Apple now leLs you change Lhe LexL slze ln
apps LhaL supporL Lhe feaLure - all Apple apps do - so you can see whaL you are
dolng, or make Lhlngs smaller of course Loo. 1o manage Lhls go Lo SeLLlngs > Ceneral
> 1exL Slze > Lhen sllde Lhe bar Lo where you wanL lL.
o When ln Safarl and are Lyplng ln a web address you can hold down Lhe "." buLLon Lo
see cholces appear llke .com, .neL, .edu, .org and more.
o new gesLures on lCS7 allow you Lo swlpe from lefL Lo rlghL Lo go back on any apple
made app. So ln Safarl, you don'L have Lo hlL Lhe back buLLon [usL swlpe. ln your
mall lf you swlpe from lefL Lo rlghL lL wlll Lake you back a screen Loo.
o WanL Lo go back Lo Lhe Lop of Lhe page, [usL Lap Lhe sLaLus bar (bar on Lhe Lop) and
Lhe page wlll auLo scroll Lo Lhe Lop.
o 1o add Lmo[l's Lo your keyboard for l8LL [usL follow Lhese sLeps: SeLLlngs > Ceneral
> keyboard > keyboards > Add new keyboard > scroll Lo Lmo[l. now on any
keyboard Lap on Lhe globe Lo use your new Lmo[l's.
o 1o undo whaL you wroLe, [usL shake your lÞad and Lap "unuC".
o ln addlLlon Lo qulckly deleLlng emall, when you swlpe a message, now Lhere's a
"MC8L" buLLon. 1applng lL leLs you: 8eply, lorward, llag, Mark as 8ead, Move Lo
!unk, Move Message!
o now you can send a phoLo whlle drafLlng an emall wlLhouL havlng Lo go Lo ÞhoLos Lo
do so. 1o aLLach a phoLo or vldeo Lo an emall, flrsL Lap any blank area Lo brlng up
opLlons. 1hen Lap Lhe rlghL arrow and Lap lnserL ÞhoLo or vldeo and selecL whaL you
wanL Lo aLLach!
o ÞhoLos now wlll be llsLed as ?ears, CollecLlons and MomenLs. MomenL ls a llsL of
phoLos Laken aL LhaL momenL all grouped LogeLher. SC lf you Lake a serles of phoLos
aL a park lL wlll group Lhem LogeLher for you.
o ?ou can now Lake square phoLos so Lhey are lnsLagram ready lmmedlaLely.
o 8ursL Mode for ÞhoLos9 Slmply hold down Lhe shuLLer buLLon and your lÞad wlll Lake
mulLlple plcLures ln rapld successlon unLll you leL off Lhe shuLLer.
o 1he search bar ln Safarl ls now gone. So, lf you wanL Lo search Coogle, [usL Lype your
search query lnLo Lhe Lhe u8L bar.
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(Some Llps and Lrlcks for geLLlng Lhe mosL ouL of your lÞad!)
uonna Murray, lnsLrucLlonal 1echnology laclllLaLor, hLLp://murrayglrl.com

o noLlflcaLlon CenLer geLs a huge overhaul ln lCS 7 and Lhlngs are preLLy dlfferenL. lor
one, you now have a calendar vlew showlng whaL's comlng up on your calendar, as
well as a qulck summary of Lhe weaLher. lf you wanL someLhlng closer Lo Lhe old
noLlflcaLlon CenLer back, you'll need Lo pop lnLo SeLLlngs > noLlflcaLlon CenLer and
change a few Lhlngs around. 1urn off Lhe "1oday vlew," "1oday Summary," and
"1omorrow Summary." 1hen seL up your noLlflcaLlons for apps as you'd llke.
o lCS 7 adds Lhe new l1unes 8adlo, and ln dolng so changes Lhe opLlons aL Lhe boLLom
of your Muslc app. 1o geL lL back Lo your old seLLlngs, [usL open up Muslc, Lap More,
and Lhen Lap "LdlL."
o ln lCS 6 and earller verslons, you could only have up Lo 16 apps ln a folder. ln lCS 7,
you can puL up Lo 133 apps (or unLll you have no more sLorage space on your
devlce) lnLo a folder so you can Lruly organlze your home screen. lCS 7 organlzes
your apps lnLo groups of nlne, and you can swlpe Lo move on Lo each page.
• llndlng baLLery llfe Lo be floaLlng away qulcker wlLh Lhls new updaLe? 1ry Lhls Lhlngs Lo
o 1urn off Alrdrop
o 1one down your brlghLness, you wlll flnd wlLh Lhe new updaLe Lhlngs all look
brlghLer....llghLer color apps, eLc. 1urn down your overall brlghLness ln seLLlngs Lo
save some of your baLLery llfe.
o CLCSL AÞÞS - Lhls has always been a no bralner, Lhe more you have runnlng ln Lhe
background, Lhe more baLLery you use.
o noLlflcaLlons always use baLLery llfe, lf you have every app sendlng you unneeded
noLlflcaLlons, go lnLo SeLLlngs and Lurn some of Lhose off.
o Slrl's 8alse Lo Speak opLlon wlll allow you Lo Lalk Lo Slrl wlLhouL uslng any
buLLons. 1hls Lakes baLLery Lo do so. Co lnLo SeLLlngs > Ceneral > Slrl Lo Lurn off.
o WaLch whaL apps you have enabled wlLh 8ackground App refresh or Lurn lL off
compleLely. Co Lo SeLLlngs > Ceneral > 8ackground App 8efresh Lo ad[usL.
o SpoLllghL doesn'L have a dedlcaLed Pome screen page anymore. lL's now accesslble
from any page - [usL swlpe down on any screen Lo reveal lL and swlpe up Lo hlde lL.
o uynamlc 1ype: SeLLlngs > Ceneral > 1exL Slze, Lhls sllder allows you Lo conLrol
Lhe !"#$%&'" LexL slze across any apps LhaL supporL lL. All of Apple's apps wlll do so, of
course, and Lhlrd parLles have had access Lo Lhe necessary developer Lools Lo
lmplemenL Lhls. WhaL uynamlc 1exL means ls LhaL lf you prefer LexL blgger or
smaller ln general, you need only seL lL once and your apps wlll lnsLanLly adopL your
seLLlngs, sysLem-wlde.
o 8ackground App 8efresh9 Cne of Lhe newly-LouLed feaLures of lCS 7 ls Lhe ablllLy for
apps Lo work LogeLher wlLh Lhe CS on coalesclng Lhelr updaLes. 1hls ls a greaL Lhlng
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(Some Llps and Lrlcks for geLLlng Lhe mosL ouL of your lÞad!)
uonna Murray, lnsLrucLlonal 1echnology laclllLaLor, hLLp://murrayglrl.com

and should vasLly lmprove neLwork efflclency as well as baLLery llfe. SLlll, Lhere may
be some apps whlch requesL Lo have a "neLwork plL sLop" a llLLle %(( ofLen, and
Apple glves you, Lhe user, Lhe ablllLy Lo dlsable Lhem on an app-by-app basls.
navlgaLe Lo SeLLlngs > Ceneral > 8ackground App 8efresh Lo manage aL wlll.
• lolders
o 1ap and hold an app lcon unLll lL shlmmles
o urag lcon on Lop of anoLher app, whlch wlll puL Lhem boLh LogeLher ln a folder
o lCS wlll predlcL a name for Lhe folder. 8ename Lhe folder, lf you wlsh
o 1ap/hold oLher lcons unLll Lhey shlmmy and drag Lo add Lo folder already creaLed
• MulLlLasklng gesLures allow for four+ flnger swlpe
o Swlpe beLween open apps
o Swlpe up Lo see Lask bar
o Þlnch Lo reLurn Lo home screen
o 1urn off/on mulLlLasklng feaLure ln SeLLlngs > Ceneral > MulLlLasklng CesLures
• SpllL keyboard by pulllng aparL Lhe keyboard wlLh Lwo Louch polnLs. Squeeze Lwo Louch
polnLs Lo pull Lhe spllL keyboard back LogeLher (can also spllL keyboard by
Lapplng/holdlng/selecLlng SpllL on keyboard buLLon ln boLLom rlghL-hand corner of
• Look up a word ln webpage or ebook by Lap/hold > deflne
• Ceneral > AccesslblllLy > Speak SelecLlon (under vlslon)
o Ad[usL speaklng raLe
o Lnable word hlghllghLlng (hlghllghLs as belng read aloud)
o use anywhere you can selecL LexL
• Add a webpage shorLcuL Lo Lhe home screen
o ln Safarl, open Lhe webpage you wlsh Lo creaLe a shorLcuL for
o 1ap Lhe lcon [usL Lo Lhe lefL of Lhe webslLe u8L. (Looks llke a box wlLh an arrow.)
o 1ap ºAdd Lo Pome Screen"
o 8ename, lf you wlsh
o An lcon wlll now appear on one of your home screens and wlll acL as a shorLcuL
when Lapped, openlng Lhe webslLe ln Safarl
• Zoom accesslblllLy feaLure - Ceneral > AccesslblllLy > Zoom
o 1hree flnger Lap Lo zoom ln/ouL and move
o Ad[usL level of magnlflcaLlon by Lap/hold Lhree flngers and dragglng up/down
• Culded Access
o SeL up:
! SeLLlngs > Ceneral > AccesslblllLy > Culded Access
! Sllde ºCulded Access" buLLon Lo ºCn"
! 1ap ºSeL Þasscode"
! LnLer a four-dlglL code as your passcode. 8e-enLer Lo conflrm.
o uslng Culded Access
!"#$%&'( *+,- .%/( "0,1 2,3 !% 4"56 78
(Some Llps and Lrlcks for geLLlng Lhe mosL ouL of your lÞad!)
uonna Murray, lnsLrucLlonal 1echnology laclllLaLor, hLLp://murrayglrl.com

! Cpen app you wanL sLudenL Lo use
! 1rlple-cllck Lhe home buLLon (app wlll mlnlmlze wlLhln Culded Access
! Choose opLlons for Lurnlng on/off 1ouch and MoLlon uslng sllde buLLons aL
Lhe boLLom of Lhe screen.
! Clrcle any areas of Lhe screen you would llke Lo dlsable. (1hlnk of ad
banners, seLLlngs, eLc.)
! Cllck ºSLarL" buLLon
! Clve lÞad Lo sLudenL Lo use ln Culded Access mode
! 1o Lurn off Culded Access, Lrlple-cllck Lhe home buLLon and enLer Lhe
! ln Lhe Culded Access wlndow, Lap ºLnd."
• Plde Lhe keyboard by Lapplng Lhe keyboard buLLon ln Lhe boLLom rlghL-hand area of Lhe
• uouble-Lap SPll1 Lo keep lL selecLed
• uouble-Lap Lo hlghllghL LexL
• 1o selecL an enLlre paragraph of LexL you need Lo Lap four Llmes.
• Þress and hold lmage Lo ºsave lmage"
• Þress and hold leLLers Lo Lype accenLs
• uouble-Lap home buLLon Lo vlew open apps
• Þress home and lock buLLons LogeLher Lo Lake a screenshoL
• CrlenLaLlon lock or muLe (seLLlngs > general)
• SeLLlngs > Ceneral > Þasscode Lock > Lrase uaLa
• SeLLlngs > noLlflcaLlons (change how/lf you recelve noLlflcaLlons for emall, calendars, and
some apps)
• SLop asklng Lo [oln Wl-ll neLworks (SeLLlngs > Wl-ll > Ask Lo !oln neLworks)
• Þress and hold volume buLLon down for qulck muLe
• Apple wlreless keyboard or any blueLooLh keyboard wlll work wlLh lÞad
• SelecL a word, choose replace - see suggesLlons for alLernaLlve words LhaL have slmllar
• AposLrophe wlLhouL golng Lo 2
screen: Lap and hold Lhe ! key and a hldden aposLrophe wlll
appear. !usL sllde your flnger up Lo access lL. ? key wlll glve you quoLaLlon mark.
• uouble space aL Lhe end of a senLence Lo add perlod
• l8ooks has lLs own brlghLness sllder
• ln Calendar, use navlgaLlon bar aL Lhe boLLom of Lhe screen Lo swlLch Lo dlfferenL days
• Camera app- Lap on sub[ecL Lo focus and meLer Lhe llghL properly.
• lace1lme: Cnce you've sLarLed a vldeo call, you can move Lhe plcLure-ln-plcLure wlndow
LhaL shows you by slmply dragglng lL around wlLh your flnger.
!"#$%&'( *+,- .%/( "0,1 2,3 !% 4"56 78
(Some Llps and Lrlcks for geLLlng Lhe mosL ouL of your lÞad!)
uonna Murray, lnsLrucLlonal 1echnology laclllLaLor, hLLp://murrayglrl.com

• use Lhe .com key when Lyplng ln u8L. Pold lL down Lo access a menu wlLh addlLlonal
• !ump Lo Lhe Lop of any webslLe/llsL by Lapplng on Lhe Lop of Lhe LlLle wlndow.
• Zoom ln on webslLe by plnchlng ouL wlLh Lwo flngers
• uouble-Lap on any LexL or lmage Lo auLo-zoom so lL fllls Lhe screen
• Cpen Safarl llnks ln new Lab: Lap and hold Lhe llnk Lo geL pop-over menu. Choose opLlon Lo
open ln new Lab.
• Search for word on parLlcular page ln Safarl. ln search box, Lype Lhe word and near Lhe
boLLom, you wlll see ºCn 1hls Þage," Lelllng you how many Llmes Lhe word appears on Lhe
page. 1ap Lhe llnd opLlon Lo go Lo Lhe flrsL lnsLance of Lhe word.
• 1urn off lÞad emall alerL chlmes: SeLLlngs > Ceneral > Sounds
• Þrevlew more of your emalls: SeLLlngs > Mall, ConLacLs, and Calendars > Þrevlew
• uead baLLery? lL wlll Lake a whlle for Lhe charglng symbol Lo appear when you sLarL Lo
• CuL of space? ueleLe apps and relnsLall laLer (okay, as long as Lhe developer doesn'L sLop
offerlng app)
• 8ullL-ln apps cannoL be deleLed. ?ou can ºhlde" a few by enabllng resLrlcLlons and
dlsallowlng Lhem. 1hls wlll keep Lhe lcon from showlng. Cr you can creaLe a folder and puL
Lhem LogeLher and ouL of Lhe way.
• SofL reseL: hold Lop (power) and boLLom fronL (home) buLLons for a few seconds. ?our lÞad
wlll resLarL.
• ulglLal plcLure frame: wake lÞad, look Lo rlghL of Sllde Lo unlock and see Lhe flower lcon.
1ap Lo begln slldeshow. 1oggle Lhe speed ln SeLLlngs and Lurn off ºzoom ln on faces."
• 6 apps wlll flL ln Lhe boLLom Lray LhaL wlll show on all app screens (you can even puL folders
• uon'L llke whaL AuLoCorrecL offers? 8e[ecL lL by flnlshlng Lhe word as you prefer, Lhen
Lapplng Lhe suggesLlon.
• SeLLlngs > Ceneral > keyboard > Add new ShorLcuL (shorLcuLs for common phrases)
• uownload Lhe free lÞad user's gulde - geL lL on l8ooks (geL Lhe rlghL lCS verslon)
• SwlLch on slde (dlsable audlo alerLs or lock screen orlenLaLlon) - SeLLlngs > Ceneral > ºuse
Slde SwlLch Lo" (whaLever you don'L choose wlll appear ln Lhe mulLlLasklng bar)
• Change search englne: SeLLlngs > Safarl > Search englne
• 8esLrlcL maLure conLenL: SeLLlngs > Ceneral > 8esLrlcLlons > Lap Lnable 8esLrlcLlons
• Make a more compllcaLed passcode: SeLLlngs > Ceneral > Þasscode Lock > Slmple Þasscode
• Lnable auLoflll feaLure ln Safarl: SeLLlngs > Safarl > AuLollll
• 1urn off ln-app purchases: SeLLlngs > Ceneral > 8esLrlcLlons > Lnable 8esLrlcLlons
• WanL Lo creaLe a personal Apple lu wlLhouL aLLachlng lL Lo a credlL card? 1here's only CnL
way Lo do LhaL. Pere's how:
!"#$%&'( *+,- .%/( "0,1 2,3 !% 4"56 78
(Some Llps and Lrlcks for geLLlng Lhe mosL ouL of your lÞad!)
uonna Murray, lnsLrucLlonal 1echnology laclllLaLor, hLLp://murrayglrl.com

o llnd a free app Lo download (usually, Lhere's a free one on Lhe hlghllghLed on Lhe
ºfeaLured" screen. lf you can'L flnd a free app, cllck on º1op CharLs" on Lhe menu,
and you'll see a llsL of popular free apps.)
o 8eslde Lhe app lcon and descrlpLlon, Lap Lhe ºl8LL" buLLon.
o 1he buLLon changes Lo ºlnS1ALL AÞÞ". 1ap Lhe buLLon Lo lnsLall Lhe app
o A pop-up screen wlll prompL you Lo log ln.
o 1ap ºCreaLe new Apple lu."
o CompleLe Lhe followlng screens wlLh your lnformaLlon (creaLe a user lu, password,
bllllng address (whlch you have Lo enLer even lf you don'L use a credlL card wlLh Lhe
accounL), eLc.)
o When you geL Lo Lhe screen asklng for paymenL lnformaLlon, choose ºnone."
o ?ou can sLlll purchase lLems, buL you wlll have Lo use an l1unes glfL card. 8eslde Lhe
ºSlgn ln" buLLon on Lhe maln App SLore screen, you wlll see a º8edeem" buLLon
where you can enLer Lhe code for an l1unes glfL card.
• Change emall slgnaLure: SeLLlngs > Mall, ConLacLs, Calendars > SlgnaLure
• Shake Lo geL ºundo 1yplng" opLlon
• 1rlple cllck home screen opLlons - general > accesslblllLy
• SeLLlngs > Ceneral > AccesslblllLy > AsslsLlve1ouch wlll enable Lhe user Lo use all flngers or
[usL one flnger Lo do compllcaLed moves on Lhe screen
o Cnce Lurned on, you wlll see a small square appear ln Lhe lower rlghL hand corner of
Lhe screen (can be moved Lo dlfferenL corners)
o 1ap Lhls square Lo brlng up Lhe AsslsLlve1ouch menu
o Menu allows Lo roLaLe Lhe screen or ºshake" Lhe lÞad
o CesLures menu allows you Lo Lell Lhe lÞad Lo read Lwo, Lhree, four, or flve flngers on
Lhe screen no maLLer how many flngers you acLually have on Lhe screen
o ?ou can also creaLe cusLom gesLures
! SeLLlngs > Ceneral > AccesslblllLy > AsslsLlve1ouch > CreaLe new CesLure
• 8ecord movemenL (l.e. plnch, sllde, swlpe, clrcle, Lap), especlally for
an app LhaL requlres a very speclflc gesLure
• name Lhe gesLure and lL wlll appear ln your AsslsLlve1ouch menu
under lavorlLes
• Choose gesLure, Louch screen, and Lhe llLLle blue flnger polnLs wlll
reenacL Lhe gesLure you recorded
• SeLLlngs > Ceneral > AccesslblllLy >
o Zoom: once Lurned on, double-Lap wlLh Lhree flngers ln order Lo zoom ln/ouL
o Large 1exL: Lo lncrease LexL fonL slze
o lnverL Colors: Lo change Lo dark background wlLh llghL LexL
• volceCver ls a bullL-ln screenreader
o Cnce Lurned on, Lap once Lo selecL an lLem
o uouble-Lap Lo acLlvaLe Lhe selecLed lLem
!"#$%&'( *+,- .%/( "0,1 2,3 !% 4"56 78
(Some Llps and Lrlcks for geLLlng Lhe mosL ouL of your lÞad!)
uonna Murray, lnsLrucLlonal 1echnology laclllLaLor, hLLp://murrayglrl.com

o Swlpe Lhree flngers Lo scroll
• SeLLlngs > Ceneral > AccesslblllLy > Speak SelecLlon
o Cnce Lurned on, hlghllghL any LesL ln any app and you'll be glven Lhe opLlon Lo hear
lL spoken. 1ap ºSpeak" buLLon.
• SeLLlngs > Ceneral > 8esLrlcLlons
o LnLer a passcode
o SelecL feaLures you would llke Lo lock down
o Can prevenL access Lo l1unes sLore, Safarl, Camera, lace1lme, ablllLy Lo deleLe apps,
• WanL Lo know whaL's Laklng up space on your lÞad? SeLLlngs > Ceneral > usage Lo see how
much space each app ls uslng
• Add vldeo/phoLo Lo an emall message: 1ap/hold for a second ln a blank secLlon of Lhe
message Lo brlng up menu. Choose lnserL ÞhoLo or vldeo Lo selecL from your phoLo gallery.