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SAMPLE Observation #2 Topic: Preschool Observation location: Weber State Childrens School Observed children through observation booth

ChFam 2500 T.Day Time: 8:30-9:30 a.m. Total: 1 hour

A. As you walk into the preschool classroom, one of the first things you will see is a daily schedule, which lists the daily routine for the children. For example, this includes circle time, followed by outside playtime and then followed by a mid morning snack. B. During circle time the teacher read a book about weather. As the teacher read, he asked, Where did the snow go? Did it disappear? One boy answered, It melted teacher! The teacher responded, Good thinking, it melted didnt it?

A. It is important that the children in the preschool participate in routines. Routines assist children in learning through both repetition and consistency. Through providing constant routines to the preschoolers, the teachers display their understanding of child development.

B. In this situation, the teacher is constantly keeping the childrens attention by asking open-ended questions. The teacher also demonstrates his understanding that its important to respect the childrens different ideas about where the snow has gone. C. On the wall of the preschool, you will find, C. This is a great way to help the children The School of Friends. This is an area in recognize different letters and to learn the classroom where the alphabet is posted. names of their friends in class. The teacher Under each appropriate letter, you will find who has created this area, has obviously the childs first name and a picture of them. had specialized training and knows how important letter recognition is during this time. D. There is a section in the room where the D. I think that this is a great center to have wall is labeled Feelings. This is an area in in the classroom. Preschool age children the room where the children can go sit to are just beginning to use appropriate discuss how they are feeling. They can go to language to describe how they are feeling. this center when they are happy, sad, This is a great way to individualize the frustrated, excited, etc. preschool program by helping each child to talk about his or her feelings. E. The preschool classroom has various E. It is important to have orderly and centers for the children to participate in. A stimulating centers for the children to few of the centers include: blocks, a pretend freely choose to participate in. The kitchen, hooked on reading, and an art different centers offer exciting and center where there are various art supplies to inspiring activities for the children to explore with. participate in. F. As one girl entered the center, she went F. Parents are always welcome to over to the table to prepare for breakfast. participate in the preschool program. Soon after, her mother and father came and These particular parents were helping to sat right next to her at the table. The three of make the transition a bit smoother for their them continued to eat breakfast together. daughter by eating with her.

sat right next to her at the table. The three of them continued to eat breakfast together. G. During breakfast, the children were able to pour their own milk because they used small plastic pitchers. The children also dished up their own oatmeal into their bowls. One girl, poured her milk into her glass and then looked up to tell her teacher that she did it all by herself. Look Teacher! The teacher looked at the child and responded, You did a great job pouring your own milk this morning. H. The class read a book called, The Wind Blew. Shortly after finishing the book, the teacher led a small lesson about weather. The children helped the teacher fill out a weather chart for the week. Each child had an opportunity to attach a picture of the weather with the appropriate day it occurred.

make the transition a bit smoother for their daughter by eating with her. G. This preschool has a great understanding of child development and developmentally appropriate practice. By using small pitchers, to help the students succeed in pouring their own milk, helps students to feel that they can accomplish things on their own without the help of the teacher. Its also important that the teacher responds with a positive reinforcement. H. The students are actively learning and discovering through both listening to the book and participating in the activity. Children learn best by actively participating in hands on activities. The children seemed to really enjoy deciding what kind of weather had occurred during the week.

Summary: I enjoyed observing the students in the childrens preschool. I feel that I learned a lot from simply sitting back and observing. After viewing the environment of the preschool, I have come to the conclusion that it contains all of the elements of a quality preschool. I feel that the surroundings, especially the various stimulating centers help to individualize each childs learning. I also feel that the teachers have a great understanding of child development and education. This particular preschool program is definitely based on encouraging learning and respecting childrens exploration.