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• Standardisation of company processes • Integration in order to reduce “walls” inside the processes • Authorisation of operative decentralisation, keeping overall monitoring and control

Company Integration Human Resources Accounting. Finance & Controlling Revenue cycle Logistics & Operating management Project management Engineering On site construction Information sharing and visibility across processes and companies .

Finance & Controlling Project Cosolidation Information sharing and visibility consolidating data from different companies . Finance & Controlling Management Cosolidation Company B Accounting.Group/Project Integration and consolidation Company A Accounting. Finance & Controlling Company C Accounting.

Project cost mangt. Catalogue Mgmt. & Material requirements Design integration Technical deliverables Mgmt Procurement Vendor Mgmt RFQ & Awarding PO & Contract issue Expediting & Transportation Good receipt & Invoicing SAP Peoplesoft Marian DMS Primavera BW Data Analysis Construction Mgmt Fabrication / Operation Mgmt Site Material Mgmt .IBIS Processes and Systems (Rules) (Tools) Enterprise Mgmt HR Mgmt Management Accounting Financial Accounting Financial Risk Mgmt Business Consolidation HR transaction Mgmt Project Management Time & Attendance Resources planning and staffing Asset Mgmt Asset planning & allocation Maintenance Mgmt Warehouse Mgmt Document Mgmt Reporting & Analysis Time/Costs Mgmt Design & Engineering WBS definition and project budgeting Project Time mangt .

etc) Service acceptance Goods receipt Project material master record MTO management Purchase requisition Project Management ✓ WBS .Scope Management ✓ Scheduling and Time Management ✓ Progress calculation ✓ Data Analysis ✓ ✓ ✓ Project Cost Management (budget.) Procurement Fabrication / Installation / Construction ✓ Integrated Passive Cycle for Goods and Services.IBIS specific coverage on Project Management activities Bidding PHASES Engineering Engineering appls. ✓ Specific (Design. From Request to delivery at final destination ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Site material management & tracking (constructability. forecasting) Timesheet management ✓ Document management Automated workflow Document Management integration IBIS coverage . control. etc.

often in remote and harsh conditions (many offices. logistic bases. construction sites) •Cultural – Stakeholders come from different organizations and countries with a very different cultural background. vessels.real-time access to information from the most decentralized locations. guaranteed audited data. common and integrated reporting IBIS supports SAIPEM Network Company Model . common meaning of data. IBIS tools support complex project execution: •Intercompany integration – many companies exchanging structured information •Decentralization but Co-ordination . •Logistic – Stakeholders are geographically dispersed in many location around the globe.IBIS and EPIC projects complexity In addition to Engineering and Technological challenges. yards. in many countries with different fiscal and legal regulations. global monitoring and processes integration •Standard rules and tools – common way of working. The standard now are projects involving many companies and branches. EPIC projects typically presents the following complexities: Organizational – One Project with one Company and one task force is a wishful thinking.

IBIS Areas of Improvement Our Tools are among the best in class / best in industry use We probably have more tools than we can We don’t need more tools We need to know and to use better what we already have .

000 .000 Procurement Departments 7.) World-wide users 550.200 eProcurement catalogue items 120./ext.IBIS in numbers Managed Companies Managed Employees 28 IBIS full/120 custom WAN connected locations 15.500 Connected countries 85 Managed Vessels 25 Major equipment maintained 12 Engineering catalogue items 350 (int.500 Managed Vendors/Strategic 16 Purchase order per year 1.000 600.

The Packages SIPS Payroll Services E-Proc S I E C O SIPS GELE BUDGET Custom PBCC Systems SPS-PC CFM TR FI AM SD PM AMOS CPC CO PS R/3 MM SIPS Magazz SAP BW GHRS SAP SEM BCS Document Management .

O.Explorer. Material Satus Report Progress Mhs & Dates Dates cost details Excel Progress Mhs & Dates Cost & Planning PWBS – WBS . external services Progress Certificate (SAL) WBS Job-C.P.B.O.FI / CO / SD SAP Wbs/ Budgets & Upd ated Forecast Wbs / P. Assets Managmt (sites) Excel ENG.Control Progress (Mhs & Productivity) ECS Construction Monitoring Qty’sProgress/Mhs-Productivity (sites) Excel ALL IN ONE*(to be implemented) Interface (aggreg.O.MNGT. Manag. MTO’s (CADD MTO) Site MAt.O. Prefabricabilty Commissioning WIN PC’s SAL details Legend: Data transfer Automatic Manual FLOW SYS.Center-Wbs PSR Project Status Rep.Resource Load Progress .Code Deliverables-Progress Windchill / Documentum DPR Progress & Dates Dates Dates Construction Local P.rev.ppt . – PRS Risk Mgnt. PS B.CBS OBS – DOW Change Control Progress Payment SAP Planning & Progress Control Progress & Dates (remote sites) SPS -PC Scheduling Main Network . (site workshop) MARIAN Site Designed Qty’s MARIAN unit-WBS-matcod) Subcontracts Administration (sites) Excel Mhs Engineering P. Excel SEM consolidate Custom Reports Loc.Object DATA WAREHOUSE mod. Pertmaster Hook-up Mgnt. Availab. Administration & Finance Recorded Cost(FI) Accruals(CO) & Revenues(SD) Project Control Department Cost Control mod.08-2005.HMS Progress & Dates Job Card Installed QTY Accounted Qty Human Resources (home office) Eng. By Comm.’s Mhs Procurement Mat. CAD ENG.code PRIMAVERA Progress & Dates GHRS Mhs by: PEOPLE SOFT SIPS GePe FLEXY GePe (MANSIS) (remote sites) MHR’s report Tiime sheets Estimating Bid estimate Details Excel Excel Project As built Data Eng.Project Control Systems : Link with other Company’s Information Sys.’s & Sub-Contracts + total SAL Wbs SAP FLEXY PS (remote site) FLEXY (remote sites) Interface Aggreg.’s & Qtys DWG’s (DWG’s/ MTO) Autocad/ PDS Mat. -Act.Forecast Project Sch.

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