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Nursing the Crown CommunityRecognizing the Nurses of Crown College By: Dakotah Orr Crown welcomes Carver County

Public Health RN Carol Wentworth, as she currently temporarily fills the position as the school nurse. When the previous nurse resigned from her position, Crown approached CCPH for help in finding a replacement. As of yet that replacement has not been found, so Wentworth continues to nurse the Crown community. Wentworth calls herself a contracted employee which provides 25 weekly hours in her position. Storm Chaser asked Wentworth how she felt about this contract. She stated that its a great opportunity for our organization to learn about Crown students and staff. Wentworth and CCPH both have ambitions for their time at Crown. As for ambitions at Crown, [we] hope to continue to learn more about the health issues that affect Crown students and staff. It is a hope to develop document policies, procedures, and practices that better serve the needs of students and staff at Crown. As for some of those policies and procedures, Wentworth and the CCPH hope to push for education on fibrillators and how to use them during emergencies. Theyre working with the FMS of Crown to strive for better policies on how to conduct ones self during emergency situations. Wentworth received her Bachelors in Science at the College of Saint Benedicts in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Her career stretches from Fort Wayne, Indiana and Iowa City, and she has previous experience as a medical surgical nurse. She started public health in the Fall of 1997 in Shakopee, MN. She transferred to Carver Country Public Health in 2001. On a more academic side, Storm Chaser went to the other end of the spectrum to a nursing student, Whitney Derby. Shes a freshman, hoping to receive her Bachelors in Science, licensing her as an RN in Minnesota. Medicine is important to me because Ive wanted to take care of people since I was little, she explained. I spent a lot of time in hospitals as a kid, and have experienced lots of pain. If it wasnt for the nurses and doctors that took care of me, I dont know where Id be. I want to do to others what they did to me. Storm Chaser asked Whitney how she hopes God will use her individually in the field. I want to be a blessing others through nursing, using the blessing He gave me. I hope thats what happens. Whitney explained the best part of nursing studies. Definitely the atmosphere. The professors and, upperclassmen are all super welcoming and helpful. They all are willing to help and guide, and help us [lowerclassmen] figure out what needs achieved.

Since medicine is continually changing, Storm Chaser asked Whitney how she thought she would be a part of that change. She laughed. I guess I would want to promote nursing more. Being a doctor is glamorous. Nurses really arent recognized. I want to change the way nursing is promoted, and encourage others to join the career. Carol Wentworth and the nursing department I would like to remind everyone that it is cough and cold season. Make sure to cover your cough, wash your hands well and frequently, and get the influenza vaccine if possible. Nurses (and students!), be encouraged by Hebrew 6:10 which states: For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints. Carols office hours are 11AM-4:30PM, Monday through Friday. Her office can be found down the hall across from the billing offices on the first floor.