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Child: Aya Date: September 2013 Written by: T.

Natasha Kia ora/As-salamu alikum Aya and whnau, This month I have noticed your increased confidence in expressing yourself teamed with the widening of your English vocabulary has allowed you to develop new friendships, while strengthening existing friendships. In particular I have seen you developing new friendships with Ali and Wajiha through exploring the mutual interest of creativity and sensory experiences. I also observed you with our newest friend Juju. Jujus English is still developing, and when you saw her looking at our whnau wall you approached her to say hello. As I continued to observe your interaction, I was able to see Juju pointing to our classmates and then looking at you for guidance. You responded by telling her the name of the classmate, while pointing at the written name below the picture. I often hear you telling Nusayba or Adham, LOOK! Come and see! whenever you are proud of your work, which then continues as cooperative play.

Review of learning Aya it is very exciting to see you developing meaningful relationships with your classmates. Throughout the day I see you expressing your emotions and ideas as well as taking responsibility through ensuring fairness. This demonstrates the positive learning dispositions of confidence and responsibility. I also see the dispositions of trust, playfulness; courage and curiosity are very strong and are demonstrated around new classmates by you taking an interest

and being involved. When you responded to Juju by telling her the names of the children she was pointing at by pointing at the written names you were displaying literacy knowledge. Although unaware of the sounds of some of the written letters you knew the written word represented the pictures, and pointed to it left to right as we read in English. Ka pai!

Where to next? I can see Aya has taken a liking to Nusayba and Wajiha, sharing a range of mutual interests with both. I want to encourage Aya to continue building on these meaningful relationships as she continues to develop a wider range of pro-social strategies. This will involve teachers ensuring enough free time to allow them to continue exploring their interests together. We can see Aya has the confidence to approach and interact with her classmates, and therefore will continue focusing on her English vocabulary. This will include meaningful conversations with adults daily, involvement in rhythms and nasheeds, teachers modeling a wide range of vocabulary relevant to her experiences.