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UNZTED STATES GOVERNMENT DUM MEMORAN! ‘TO : SAC, NEW YORK DATE: 10/14/65 FROM +: SA ROBERT 0, JOHNSON (47) SUBJECT: CP USA NYD Tse Identity of Source ° Deseription of info Meeting of the Trade Commission of the CP, Date Received 10/4/65 Original Located A copy of informant's report follows: 1 - New York! 1 = New York 100-12 GP USA NYD OR 1 ~ New York 100-128809 (cP USA NYD STRATEGY IN IND.) (42) 1 = New Yorlt 100~65761 47) P63) 1 = New York 100~135084 He) 2233} 1 + New York 100-101936 BT) (P6355) 1 = New York 100-1596 (JIM TORMEY) (47) Boge 12526) 1 = New York 100-8969 47) (P.346) 1 ~ New York 100-216704 23,536) 1. = New York 100-86094 47) (2.3) 1 = New Yori 100-96560 ), (B.335) 1 = New York 100--132047 1 (P23) 2 = New Yor 10082430 (40) (2525) 1 = New York 100-83118 47) (B.3,5 1 = New York 2100-85964 ) (2.3) - New York 100-128812 (cP USA NYD POL, act.) (2) 7 New Yorke 100-85A518 (cist) (42) (an) anne ~ New York 39834 {COMINFIL NAL o —, = New York 97-269 TEN) (hay 1027 (8973S Aoi COPIES CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE 2» New York 100-26603 (42) ae ia Union 1d s 9/28/65. NY_100-26603 COPIES CONTINUED 1 = New York 30053 52972 MISC, SECTION oF oe (47) 1 = New York 100-232l60 (485 CLUB OF cP) (: 1 = New York 10015423 (WASP CLUB OF ob) ( HT) ie rie 100154425 (LERNER CLUB OF CP), (47) 1- 300-154476 {cLUB i9 OF cP) (47) Le 2 (BLDG, TRADES CB, OF cp) (47) le LA NUBVA oe) 2) ie ous) ay 1. = New Yorke 100-333903 (COMINFIL MASS ORG.) (42) 3 = New Yorle 100-156399 (GRADE UNIONISTS FOR PEACE) (14) i = New York 100-95: 2 (45 , 2» New York TNT. ‘OF PROTEST) (13) bic = New York ‘yrpEM) (43) Oct. 2, 1965 Report of the TU Commission meeting of the CP held on Sunday Sept. 25, 1965 in the Hudson Room of the Henry Hudson Hotel; 57th St. & Sth Ave, N.Y, City. The meeting began at 11:00 AM and ended at 4:00 P | (J ana were observed arriving together, Also in attendance a were the following, >: JIN TORMEY pre the followin 7 as made the chairman of this session. gave an informational report on the progress of the Wews-paper strike, He said that one good result of the strike is that the unity of the different craft unions in the incustry has been re-established, Pres. POWERS had come down to the picketing at the Times and stated that all members respect the picket lines, This was done,| said shoul that Automation is the primary issue in this strike and that the Guild is demanding the I.T,U, clause, Other issues in the strike are Job Security jurisdiction union shop pensions ond bre severance pay, Pres, POWERS of IT took the position that regardless of what gifferences exist between the Guild and the ITU we will not cross 2 picket Jines, also reported that the Big Six had a unity meeting heid at fai3, and that over 3000 members attended. All voted to support strike, his will help to reform the unity committee of the 10 unions in the industry. JIM TORMEY stated that the Party did very good work in the Primary elections. He said that we probably had a wider degree of activity In this campaign, He also said that we had increased Peace activity in Labor end by Tabor orgs, and officials and menbers, JIM said that we had made advances in Civil Rights. He said that we nad done very good work in the NY Chapter of the NAZC, JIM went on to say that we had a successful Worker Press Drive. JIM _caid that some of us and other party members had increased their importance in their Local Unions, S. said that despite the foregoing that there were many weak- nesses and inadequateness of our work on a club leve, He also pointed out that there had been a lack of party growth, JIM