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File—Sorial Charge Out FD-5 (Rev. 6-17-70) Serial sent to Bureau, per Buairtel to NY, dtd. 4/12/77, titled; Bernard S, Lee v Clarence BuFile 6 Kelley, et. a: 171944 Section #23 Employee RECHARGE Bote to from Bate Charged Enplore Tost File—Soriel Charge Out F0-5 (Rev. 6-17-70) Sorial No. Ci rereing Closed etiton of Seat Serial sent to Bureau, per Buairtel to NY, dtd. 4/12/77, titled; Bernard S. Lee v. Clarence M. Kelley, ét. al. BuFile 62-1171944 Section #23 Emsloree — — te ‘RECHARGE ote » y Ghatged —ss “ P me 0-53 BE" BFE, Co S at j + uniQo STATES. DEPARTMENT oF J04tCE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Atlanta, Georgia In Reply, Please Refer to mente $388 File No. no: COMMUNIST INFLUENCE IN RACIAL MATTERS INTERNAL SECURITY - C confidential source advised Southern Christian Leadership ronterence. 01 NLEY LEVISON iv. May.3,.:1966% that SCLC had not’ received any money realized from a tour ‘of several European countries made by Reverend MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., Prosident, SODC, during the latter part of March’ and early Aprii, 1866. . ISON said he was aware of this but pointed. out to that "sources" in the particular European countries een in touch with the office-of HARRY BELAFONTE and advised that the money in question was in the process of being forwarded to BELAFONTE. ‘This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI, It is the property ‘of the FBI and. is loaned to your agency; it and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency. from ‘Au Downs assigication MAYS i966 Fal—NEW ¥¢