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Jaypee Business School

A Constituent of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology A-10, Sector 62, NOIDA, 201 307 India MBA 2012-14 Batch; Trimester V Course Code: 12MEMM26 Course Title: Rural Marketing Course Credit: 3 Session Duration: 90 Minutes Name of the Faculty: S. Suresh Email ID: Course Objectives 1. To provide an understanding of Rural Market Environment 2. To give knowledge about the application of marketing theory to Rural Environment 3. To facilitate development of Marketing Strategies to Rural Markets Learning Outcomes 1. To understand various aspects of Rural Environment 2. To be able to develop Rural Marketing Strategies 3. Conduct Research in Rural Markets Course Modules There are four modules 1. 2. 3. 4. Overview of Rural Environment Rural Consumer Behaviour, Rural Marketing Strategy, Rural Research Products, Pricing, Distribution and Promotion in Rural areas Services Marketing in Rural areas

Pedagogy Lectures, Case discussions and Exercises Text Book: Rural Marketing, Pradeep Kashyap, 2012, Pearson Education Reference books: Cases in Rural Marketing An Integrated Approach C.S.G. Krishnamacharyulu, Lalitha Ramakrishna, Pearson Education New Perspectives in Rural and Agricultural Marketing, Ramkishen Y., Second Edition, Jaico Publishing House Evaluation Details a. Teachers Assessment b. Mid-Term Test c. End-Term Test

30% 30% 40%

Session Session 1 Topic

Rural Marketing in India: An Overview Case Study: Bijli Giri ( New Perspectives in Rural & Agricultural Marketing Ramkishen Y, Page 237, Jaico Publishing House)

Session 2-3

Rural Marketing Environment Case Study: Fighting the Fakes (Cases in Rural Marketing Krishnamacharyulu and Lalita Ramakrishnan, Page 222, Pearson Education)

Session 4-5 Session 6-7 Session 8

Rural Consumer Behaviour Discussion : Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar Rural Marketing Research Video Case: Participatory Rural Appraisal (Rural Marketing, Pradeep Kashyap) Segmenting Rural Market Case Study: Segmentation Dilemma (Cases in Rural Marketing Krishnamacharyulu and Lalita Ramakrishnan, Page135, Pearson Education)

Session 9 Session 10-11 Session 12-13

Targeting Rural Market Discussion : Tata Ace Rural Product Strategy Discussion: The Sachet Revolution Rural Pricing Strategy Case: Coca Colas Strategy for Rural Markets (Rural Marketing, Pradeep Kashyap, Page 152, Pearson Education)

Session 14-15 Session 16-17

Rural Distribution Strategy Discussion: Project Shakti Rural Market Communication Case Study Devil or Angel? (Cases in Rural Marketing Krishnamacharyulu and Lalita Ramakrishnan, Page158, Pearson Education)

Session 18

Rural Services Marketing Case: Arogya Parivar: A rural healthcare delivery business model

Session 19

Marketing in Small Towns Case: Philips Lighting: Bulb Ka Badshah (Rural Marketing, Pradeep Kashyap, Page 282, Pearson Education)

Session 20

Future of Rural Marketing Case: 3G Video Telephony (Rural Marketing, Pradeep Kashyap, Page 290, Pearson Education)