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THE CAUSE OF THE QUAKE & STORM MUST BE INVESTIGATED Overwhelming number of quake victims can attest they heard

explosions seconds before the quake. I am calling for our government officials to order an investigation on this. This is not simple matter that must be ignored....I am calling the attention of Governor Edgar Chatto of Bohol to act on this.... For the rest, I am calling your attention to be more serious in this regard... No to revenge, no to hate, but yes to investigation...Because you will find soon that the very leaders we have at the very top (meaning: international level and national level) are the ones doing this quake and storms on us... this evil ILLUMINATI thru their technology known as HAARP (search that at Youtube) and that they are using it to use weather as their new weapon of war and destruction! You will find out that the el niño, la niña, drought, famine, strong storms, etc etc were

not totally natural… but that their HAARP et al has had something to do with these we consider as natural calamities. Do your own research at YouTube, etc. Type "weather as weapon of war or destruction." Type HAARP. Type HAARP AND ILLUMINATI. Type "Haiyan and HAARP," etc. Go to and search "Jesus Christ on Bohol Quake." I do not find happiness to see these foreigners/aliens leading in the so-called rescue and relief operations when in reality they are the ones using the HAARP technology and the cobalt bombs to make us victims in the first place....What a sadistic deed! What a hypocrisy! May the loving Father in heaven allow Karma to bring you to your knees... for the sufferings of countless of innocent helpless people.... This is getting worse because before they had developed this HAARP technology, they were

already killing us... softly and silently... thru their products which they laced with poisons. For example: the white and brown sugars which they are using... are feeds for diabetes and cancers. The fluoride in their toothpaste destroys our central brain (pineal and pituitary glands) responsible for our I.Q., thus, we have a hard time in comprehension because fluoride is calcifying our brain. It is causing dumbness among the masses. Their commercial milk is homogenized (type that in Youtube for detailed info), meaning: overburned, over-pasteurized, to hasten the development of cancers. They are putting lead in their lipsticks, to cause cancer. They are using aspartame as sweeteners of their soft drinks and juices to bring cancers to mankind.

The list is endless. If you check every manufactured product, you will be alarmed to know that each product is used to produce cancer and other diseases. The main gain goes to their pharmaceutical companies which are also commissioned to make their medicines produced at least 11 new diseases and an average of 70 side effects! Their bra, take note girls, is being placed with some kind of tiny particles that can cause cancer. Their cosmetics are cancerous. Men and women, beware of their contraceptives, these too are tools to cause cancers etc. Not to mention the commercial fertilizers that have been producing nitrates and nitrites that produce nitrosamines inside our body, causing cancers.

Research more on GMO and you will be astonished how it contributes to diseases especially cancer. The way to fight the ILLUMINATI is very simple: Know them, know their products, know their ploy, their schemes, know their conspiracies and simply say "NO." Do not anymore buy their products. Stop getting caught in their traps. Our main weapon is truth or true knowledge of who they are. As the old saying goes, KNOW THY ENEMY. It is just as simple as that… yet hard unless you do your own search. We must put an end to our false kind of humility -- a false kind of humility that the Church has taught us and led us to use to obey the wrong lords and false gods! WE are not using our humility to obey the true Christ whose complete Bible is found at 7,500 pages, 25 volumes, whereas our bible is only 1,100 pages. Lots of missing things. When Christ said, “You shall know a tree by its fruit,” we can apply that to our present bible: What kind of results or character and practices that this bible is producing in us or causing us to produce? Ask that question a thousand times, answering it, and you will be astonished to see that this book is not guiding us towards peace, towards happiness, towards salvation, towards health. And why? You will know very soon: “Because the government and the Church had altered it… put as many as 250,000 errors in what we call the Holy Bible!” So, what kind of people and Church members are we... who supported the destroying of forests that result to giant tornadoes that destroy many properties and peoples? What kind of fruits this bible has? If we ourselves are good fruits (correctly taught by the Church by a pure Bible), then, why is

our own results, such as our government, our health system are so in such a mess? Why is our own fruits such as our own family and marriages are in such a big mess? Are we not after all applying wrong or corrupted teachings? Do you know that a Catholic bishop in Rome wrote that this bible contains 250,000 errors, 250 of them are major errors? One of the major errors that this altered version of the bible is causing us is the philosophy that loves the rich and hates the poor (capitalism) and on the other hand, the philosophy that loves the poor and hates the rich (communism). What kind of fruits these two are? It is pitting one against the other! It is contrary to the true teaching of Christ: to love one another... Another major wrong fruit (result) is the fact that only few men have owned or taken possessions

of the vast tract of fertile lands while the rest of us have no lands! Is it not clear bad effect of our own false kind of Christianity? There are much evils that these thousands of errors in the bible are causing us... harming our bodies and souls, our families and marriages, our children, etc. So do your own research. Tell the Father that you are asking for the truths, so that the promise "Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find..." will happen to you. You will miraculously be led to the truths if you are seen in your heart that you are desiring and seeking it. He will guide you to it. No desire for truth in your heart means no help to guide you into it. Because God will only help you if you desire for it.
Status Update
By Arnulfo Laniba THE QUAKE WAS PRODUCED BY BOMBS Sayas: “Mga terorista jud to mga scientisa coy. Waka kabantay nga moboto man to linoga isa pa motay-og. Mao toy timailhan nga

bomba tong nagmugna adtong linoga.” (English: Coy, these men who caused the quake by their bombs are terrorist scientists. Had you not noticed that there was first an explosion before every major quake? Therefore, it is the bomb that caused that quake!” “Naa ba guy linog coy nga mobuto una, usa pay tay-og. Kaklaro atong bomba, man-made to, di to natural.” (English: Is there a quake, as we know it ever since, that exploded first before the actual quake? It is clear to be a bomb. Hence, the quake was man-made, not natural.” Cocoy: “O yas, sakto imo analysis yas.” (English: Yes, Yas, you are correct in your analysis.) Sayas: “Lauga [ka way puangod] pud anang mga tawhana Coy.” (English: How incorrigibly wicked these men are, Coy!”

**** Analyze the kind of humility that the Churches are creating in us. It makes us gullible, servile to the wrong masters, wrong lord. It renders us "swallowable" by the crocs and lions based in the cities. This humility is creating a "sheeple" = sheep people led to the slaughter house.

Humility to be right, must be used to obey the true Christ, the true God who harms not. The Church is creating a people that is blameless or innocent like a dove but not wise as a serpent. Contrary to what the true Christ taught. See for yourself. See yourself...

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