World History Pre-AP – Duez

Chapter 1 – “The First Humans”

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Time: 2 Weeks

Big Ideas: 1. Human beings have developed in stages and humans have changed and adapted over time to be able to take advantage of their environment and survive. 2. Systematic Agriculture allowed people to create specialized labor and thereby develop civilizations. 3. History is the examination of evidence and new discoveries to understand our past.

Knowledge Targets “What I need to know!”

Student-Friendly Learning Target Statements Describe the nature of human life during the Old Stone Age.
Neolithic Revolution Domestication Archaeology “old stone” Systematic agriculture Anthropology

Paleolithic Bronze Age Artifacts

• Jericho

List the 6 characteristics of a civilization. Identify and Describe the importance of these locations:
Olduvai Gorge Uruk Radiocarbon Dating Heinrich Schliemann Catal Huyuk Eastern & Southern Africa Donald Johanson nomad


Reasoning Targets “What I can do with what I know.”

Explain the methods scientists use to uncover early human existence.

Thermo luminescence Dating Louis B. Leakey Mary Nicol Leakey

Compare and Contrast the Neolithic and Paleolithic Ages. Explain and trace the development and spread of early humans or hominids to present day:
Homo Erectus Homo Sapiens Sapiens Homo Sapiens Australopithecine

Homo Erectus Neanderthal Skill Targets “What I can demonstrate.”

• • •

How does farming free up a human being’s time versus hunting and gathering? What kind of occupations are possible once more time is available to a given society? How does the development of agriculture facilitate the development of cities?

Product Targets “What I can make to show my learning.”

Create a Rock Art Poster to explain your personal and family history. You will be able to show the class who you are and what you are all about by using the techniques of early man. Write an essay describing changes that took place during Neolithic Revolution and the consequences. Write an essay explaining how the role of women changed from Paleolithic Age to Neolithic Age.

Homework Questions (due on Monday, August 31st)
RC = Reading Check Question 1. RC p. 21 2. RC. p. 22 3. RC p. 25 4. Page 25 #6 5. Page 25 #7 6. RC p. 30 7. RC p. 31 8. Page 31 #5 9. Page 31 #6 10. Page 31#8

Quiz is on Wed/Thu Sept 2 and 3rd
Study the bold words above. They can all be found in the chapter.

Test on Chp 1 is Friday, Sept. 4th

Rock Art Project is due on Monday, September 7th.
We will work on this in class a little and have further instructions and a rubric.

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