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Date of Birth: 10 Oct 1982 Nationality: Indonesia Mobile Number: +81 8034875910 (Japan) Website : Email Address:

Multi-Scholarship Young Space Professional–with a mix-blend of management and engineering experience. Developed a Brand marketing plan for South-East Asia Largest Beer Company Tiger Beer. Manage International Relationship with the Olympics and Integrate satellite with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency. An inter-culture and a competent researcher with academic presentation in Korea, Spain and Japan. William possesses the ability and character to be successful and significantly contribute to the Europe-Asia Global Scheme of Space Management. I highly recommend him.” Dr. Damon Drummond Ristumeikan Asia Pacific University ( Japan ) Associate Prof.

To be a better space professional and to be a part of an exciting, innovative team where I can develop and demonstrate my professional skills.

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Career Development
May 2007:

Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Space Technology Demonstration Research Centre Tsukuba, Japan • Trained and Work with JAXA engineer in integrating and •
• • testing JAXA`s (SDS-1) Integration and configuration of SDS-1 Antenna Pattern Test Command and Integrate SDS-1 Power Distribution Management of Thermal Control test of GPSR Maxi. Conduct a new experiment on out gassing rate for spacecraft materials selection on 5 new materials

August 2004

International Olympic Committee (IOC) , Olympic Athens 2004 , Greece • Manage IOC Athletes’ Commission works in selecting • •
new representative of Athletes to the IOC Work with Olympic Athletes including Mr. Jan Zelensky and Mr. Sergey Bubka and Prince Albert of Monaco Manage International Relationship and work with local Greek organizer in organizing interculture events in the Olympics Village.

Jan 2004-2006:

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Network Student Assistant, Beppu, Japan • Technology network Student Support • Assist Professor in teaching students about Visual Basic and •
• C++ Troubleshooting of Network failure and PC Virus Web-Coordination, Programming, Video Editing and Graphic Design

Oct2002-January 2003:

Tiger Beer ASEAN Football Championship 2002, Jakarta, Indonesia
• Prepare and Analyse Market Competitor for Tiger Beer. Organize Press conference and Press Release and Press Photography ( Selected photographs published in nationwide newspaper) Analyse and Measure Brand Exposure of Tiger Beer during the event.

• •
Aug-October 2002:

Octagon Public Relations Corporation, Singapore
• • • • Public Relations in World Class-sporting events Media Journalistic Support Market Research Brand Management

Academic Background
2006-Sept 2007:

International Space University, Strasbourg, France
Master of Space Management

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Space Law Advance Rocket Propulsion Spectrum Management Space Robotics

   

Satellite Communication Remote Sensing Space Project Management Orbital Simulation

Research Project:

Identifying new psychology need in the next generation astronaut To compare the psychological need of the old and the young space explorer and to investigate and identify new psychological needs for the next generation of astronauts. (Research Advisor: Dr. Chiaki Mukai) Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Beppu, Japan Bachelor of Business Management (Management of Technology)

2003-Sept 2006:

Japanese Management System Management Of Technology Technology Product Development

 

International Business New Business and Entrepreneurship Supply Chain Management Innovation Management

Research Development Management Graduation Thesis: Space Exploration Marketing and the Development of a global brand ( Presented in IAC 2006 Valencia ) Analysis of recent space-related marketing activities and the impact of utilizing space to increase corporate brand equity (Research Advisor : Dr. Damon Drummond ) 2000-Sept 2003: Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore Diploma in Marketing

Scholarship Achievements

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Full Scholarship Japanese Association of ISU Alumni( JASI ) Scholarship International Space University Scholarship

Academic Achievement
Oct 2006 International Astronautical Congress 2006 Valencia, Spain Presentation of a research studies about space marketing in IAC student conference New Challenges on Student Mobility Conference 2006 Beppu, Japan Speak in a forum as a guest speaker which introduces the development of student-run volunteer organization. Ritsumeikan Business Case Competition 2006 Beppu, Japan
Beat over 30 teams to advance to the final of a business case competition by developing unique business strategy for the case.

June 2006

Dec 2005

June 2005

YeungNam University Korean-Economy Conference, Daegu, Korea Invited by the university to lead and discuss about the future of Korean Management system in the international level.

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Interests  Graphic Design, Robotics ,Cycling and Hiking

Vounteer Projects
June 2006

Hoshi-zora Community, Jogjakarta , Indonesia
A project to support educational needs of Street children and Orphans • Local Community Building • Inspirational talks • Educational technology project



Ai No Nami, Founding member Beppu, Japan
A student NGO to support the 2004 Asian Tsunami Earthquake Victims • Organization Management • Fund Raising Event Management • Educational Support and Outreach Program

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