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Thanks for purchasing the product which adopts unique portable design. It can be used in different fields. It is a new multifunctional Hi-Tech product featured with external TF card, HD video, photograph and web camera. It is mainly used in daily life, travel, outdoor activities. It is also suitable to driving recording which can effectively collect evidence for traffic accident. It also makes your daily life convenient, safe and colorful. Please read the use manual carefully and keep it in good condition before you use it. We hope that this product could satisfy you and serve you for a long time. Product


Introduction of button and interface:

1. NC 2. HDMI out-put interface 3. AV OUT out-put interface 4. Mode shift 5. Menu 6. File lock 7.Upward 8. Downward 9.Ok 10.On/Off 11.USB interface 12. TF slot 13.Reset 14.Charging indicator light 15.Working indicator light

Operation: please insert the Class4 or above TF card before use. 1. Turn on/off: press the on/off button shortly to turn on, press the on/off button long time to turn off. 2. Reset: when there is crash caused by manually or non-human made operation, press the reset button to power off
and then restart the product.

3. Menu: There are menus respectively for recording, photo-shooting and playback. Shortly press the menu button to
enter into menu and press the menu button again to shift menu; shortly press upward or downward button to shift the branch menu; shortly press the ok button confirm the setting; press the menu button to exit. The main menu includes functions of formatting, date and time, language, G-sensor and screen protection etc.

4. Video: In recording mode, shortly press the video button to start recording with the REC indicator light flashing,
shortly press the video button again to stop recording and the file will be saved automatically; Shorty press the menu button to enter into video menu to set up the function of circular recording, motion detection, EV and resolution etc.

5. Photograph: in photograph mode, shortly press the photograph for photo-shooting, shortly press the menu
button to enter into photograph menu to set up the function of resolution, burst shooting and anti-shaking etc. (@ note: press the video button or photograph button to shift the mode each other under video/photograph mode)

6. Playback: press the playback button long time to enter into playback mode under video/photograph mode, shortly
press the upward or downward button to find the last file or next file under standby mode of playback; shortly press the Ok button to play/pause the video files; shortly press the mode shift button to stop playing video file, while playing video file, shortly press the downward button or upward button for fast rewind (REW) or fast forward (FF) function; enter into the menu of playback mode for setting up. Shortly press the video button (last) or the sound record button (next) to find files; shortly press the file lock button to play/pause the video files; Shortly press the video button or the sound record button for fast rewind (REW) or fast forward (FF) function; press the playback button to exit. (@ note: when FF 2X4X8X, shortly press the upward button to play file normally; When REW -2X-4X-8X, press the downward button to play file normally.). Shortly press the menu button to enter into playback menu for set up functions of deletion, Protection, slide show and thumbnail etc. Press the mode shift button to exit playback mode.

7. Manually lock file & auto lock file: shortly press the file lock button manually open the protection of
video file under standby mode or when recording, while showing icon on the display screen. The default setting for G-sensor in menu is open for the function of auto lock file. The will product automatically open protection of video files when sensing fierce shock or impacts from other objects, and the icon shows on display screen; the time of

manual & G-sensor lock file are the same with the video segments which wont be overwritten by circular video files. (@note: the difference between common files and G-sensor locked files: there is a record files can be opened by notepad; compact force: G: X axis force, Y axis force, Z axis force)

8. Highlight: when the light is insufficient, turn on the LED highlight function in menu for supplement of light or
shortly press the On/Off button to turn on/off this function.

9. HDMI: plug the HDMI data line, and then connect the display device supporting HDMI input, the product can
simulate the display device to normally show data, also can be operated. Pull out the data line to exit.

10. AV OUT: plug the AV OUT data line, and then connect the display device supporting AV OUT input, the
products can simulate the display device to normally show data, also can be operated. Pull out the data line to exit.

11. Charging: plug the charger when the product is powered off. And turn on the product to start recording .The
charging indicator light is on. Extended 15 seconds recording is in operation after the charger is pulled out and then the product turns off itself. If connect the charger within the extended 15 seconds before product power off, the function keeps working. The charging indicator light will be off after it is fully charged. (@ note: please charge on time when the product reminds low power, and turn off for the best charging performance and need no more operation.)

12. USB: connect the product to computer with USB data line after power on, and there will be three mode of USB:
1.USB flash charging; If you choose to find PC camera, please find in my computer

or use

to check; If choose USB charging, the normal operation can be performed by pressing function buttons.

Visual angle Pixel of lens Video resolution Video frame number Video format Picture pixels Picture format Highlight Webcam Motion detection Removable disk Sound recording TF card Power consumption Sound recording area Storage temperature 130 1.0 Mega pixels
1080FHD/1080P/720P/WVGA 1080*1920@25fps/1440*1080@30fps/1280*720@30fps 848*480@30fps

AVI 1280*800 JPEG support support support support synchronous video and sound record/only video without sound(optional Max class4 32GB 600-700MA 40 -20-60 degree

Operation temperature Working humidity Player software USB interface Display screen Battery capacity Charging current Charging time

-10-60 degree 15-65% Windows Media Player/KM player USB 2.0 2.7 TFT 500mAh 480-500MA 1hour

Packing accessories:



USB data line car charger


Suitable situation: please strictly follow the relevant state laws and rules, the other illegal purposes are

prohibited. 2. Software upgrade: the manufacturer continuously updates product software for its better performance. User can upgrade product software easily themselves. Please consult the local agent for the updated software and upgrading instruction.

Operation temperature: please use it within normal temperature which is suitable for people.

4. Operation humidity: do not use the product in moisture condition as it is non-waterproof, please use it under proper humidity environment suitable for people.

Light requirement: please use the product under enough light source environment. Do not use it
directly towards sun and other strong light sources, otherwise optical instruments will be damaged badly.

6. Clearness requirement: do not use it under high density dust in order to prevent the lens and other components from dirt. Otherwise the function will be greatly affected. Please always keep it clean with lens paper or cleaning cloth of glasses.

Other matters: please avoid strong impact and shock for this precise electronic product. Do not use it in
high magnetic field and strong electric field.

The final explanation right belongs to the manufacturer