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By Michael W. Ford
The Az Edition


Abo e! Ai"a##$Ty%ho&


by Michael W. Ford

Dedicated to Az, the Whore who brought the fire of life to humanity, for those who may see through

her eyes. To the red passion of the serpent, Goddess Shakti who instills the sight of Akoman for those willing to see


ADAMU Luciferian Tantra and Sex Magick THE AZ EDITION By Mic ae! "# $%rd & '(() * '((+ I!!u,trati%n, by E!da I,e!a $%rd


THE AZ EDITION t ank y%u$ir,t!y. t% t e i!!u,trat%r E!da I,e!a $%rd. S%r%r Li!itu A/ de a %f T e Order %f 0 %,1 %ru, and B!ack Order %f t e Drag%n. 2 % a, been a, t e Scar!et "%3an in 1ractice. 2 %,e i!!u,trati%n, furt er inter1!ay 2it 3y %2n textua! 4i,i%n,# T% Dana Dark. 2 % a, 3eant ,% 3uc t% 3e and t% %ur Triad %f 3agica! 2%rk. 2 % i, %ne %f t e fe2 I a4e e4er e!d t e ,acra3ent %f 5ain 2it # T% t %,e c%unt!e,, ,%!itary 1ractiti%ner, in T e Order %f 0 %,1 %ru, and B!ack Order %f t e Drag%n# I 2i, t% t ank t %,e 2 % a4e been 3y ene3y %4er t e year,. y%ur %11%,iti%n a, 3ade 3e ,tr%nger. t% 3y friend, 2 % a4e taug t 3e t e 4a!ue %f c%31ani%n, i1 and ,u11%rt# $ina!!y but n%t !ea,t t% t %,e 2 % a4e taken 3y b%%k, and d%ne ,%3et ing t% i31r%4e t eir %2n !ife. c%ntinuing t% ear %f y%ur ,ucce,, in a ,1iritua! and 3ateria! ,en,e i, a re2ard 2 ic n%t ing e!,e can c%31are#

To A!,
Whose touch is the inspiration of the spirit Whose flesh e"okes orgasm and the fire of self To Az, whose hunger is eternal And whose thirst drains the spirit of God Whose shadow is of a thousand beasts To Az, from between whose legs serpents slither Who taught the fallen angels how to copulate To Az, who brought the world the spirits of the air And night demons and hags To Az, who is Shakti The #ed and Di"ine Spirit of Woman Whose Thirst is ne"er$ending %ay we feed you when we copulate.. &nspire and illuminate the 'lack (lame ) %other of *arlots Ad"ersary, Goddess of the Spirit of +ife..
DA6N7*DA68A * THE $OUNDATIONS O$ SE9 MA:I5; Dae4a*ya,na<<<<<<<<<<<0g#=( D>U?*i*NASU * Awakening into the ,ult of Dae"ayasna<<<<<<<<<<< 0g#@' 5ONS5IOUSNESS AND T>ANS$O>MATION<<<<<<<<<<<0g#@A T e T ree a,1ect, %f Tantric Sexua! Magick <<<<<<<<<<<0g#@+ BESTIAL ATA8ISMS<<<<<<<<<<<0g#@B SE9UAL MA:I5; AND T>ANS$O>MATION<<<<<<<<<<<0g#A( SE9 MA:I5; "O>;IN:S<<<<<<<<<<<0g#A' M%de!, %f Left Hand 0at C "itc e, Sabbat Sex Magick<<<<<<<<<<<0g#A@ Left Handed Tantric Sex Magick<<<<<<<<<<<0g#A+ T>SHNA<<<<<<<<<<<0g#AB T e Drac%nian >ite %f t e Ad4er,ary<<<<<<<<<<<0g#+) Tantric 0%,iti%n,<<<<<<<<<<<0g#+D BON and Budd i,3- T e Left Hand 0at a11r%ac <<<<<<<<<<<0g#E= DEMONS "ITHIN THE BODF<<<<<<<<<<<0g#E' T e A,tra! B%dy and Budd i,3<<<<<<<<<<<0g#E) T e 5 akra, and Arc Dae4a,<<<<<<<<<<<0g#E@ SONI5 BLA5; MA:I5;<<<<<<<<<<<0g#E+ $OU> AS0E5TS O$ SOUND<<<<<<<<<<<0g#EE SHA;TI<<<<<<<<<<<0g#EB ;ALI<<<<<<<<<<<0g#D( LHAMO<<<<<<<<<<<0g#D' T e 5r%2n %f $i4e Sku!!, and t e De3%n ;ing<<<<<<<<<0g#D@


SHIN?E 5HO:FEL L%rd %f Deat <<<<<<<<<<<0g#DA BHAI>A8A<<<<<<<<<<<0g#D+ BLA5; MA:I5; AND 8AM0I>ISM IN BON 0O<<<<<<<<0g#DE 7 THE NINE D>E AND TEN SI<<<<<<<<<<<0g#DD 'D 0%2erfu! $!e, Eating :%dde,,e,<<<<<<<<<<<0g#B( DU>:A ;AMA;HFA * Deat and Sex Magick<<<<<<<<0g#B) T e 5%r1,e and t e Seducti%n<<<<<<<<<<<0g#B) A,1 yxi%1 i!ia * I t ink %f er. %ne breat at a ti3e<<<<<<<<<<<<0g#B( ;r%d a ;a!i <<<<<<<<<<<0g#BE ;a3ak ya<<<<<<<<<<<0g#BB THE T>IAN:LE O$ E8O5ATION<<<<<<<<<<<0g#=(( T e =@ na3e, %f Li!it A/ * A, Baba!%n t e Scar!et "%3an<<<<<<<<<<<0g#=(' AUSTIN OSMAN S0A>E AND SETHIAN MA:I5;<<<<<<<<<<<0g#===

C(A'TER T(REE $ LUCIFERIAN SEX MAGICK $Alle+orie# i& ,he I&-er&al

SATANI5 5O0ULATIONS<<<<<<<<<<<0g#='= THE :>IMOI>E O$ 5OITUS 5UM DEMONE<<<<<<<<<0g#='E THE 5I>5LE O$ THE AD8E>SA>F<<<<<<<<<<<0g#=)= SE9 MA:I5; AND THE "AT5HE>S<<<<<<<<<<<0g#=)A 5%33uni%n 2it Darkne,, * A >itua! %f Seet ing<<<<<<<<<<<0g#=)D In t e B!ack 5 a3ber %f ;abed*u,*S1ae * A S%rcer%u, Uni%n %f Encirc!ing t e 5%4enG, 0%2er<<<<<<<<<<<0g#=@= O,cu!u3 Infa3e t e Ob,cene ;i,,<<<<<<<<<<<0g#=@E T e 5 a3ber %f t e Ser1ent<<<<<<<<<<<0g#=@B T e >itua! %f Drac%nian A,cen,i%n<<<<<<<<<0g#=AA T e E3era!d 5irc!e %f A/a!Guce!<<<<<<#0g#=AB T e Sabbat %f A/%t %/<<<<<<<<<<<0g#=+@ :LOSSA>F<<<<<<<<<<<0g#=E=


Sex Magick a, been 1racticed in 3any f%r3,

,ince t e da2n %f 3ankind# T e ancient Su3erian, ad :%d, 2 ic e!d rite, at , rine,. t e ancient ad4er,arie, t% t e Z%r%a,trian, kn%2n a, t e Fatu,. t %,e 2 % 1ractice yatukdin%i

H2itc craftI 2%r, i1ed A/*?e t e " %re. 2 %,e 2a, Jki,,edK by A ri3an and cau,ed 3en,truati%n in 2%3en# A ri3an ad 3any 0airika, 2 % 2ere e,,entia!!y Sex Magickian,. Succubi 2 % initiated 3en int% t eir cu!t by t eir c ar3, and 2are,# T e 1at %f t e Indian Tantric, in4%!4e, t e y1%cri,y %f t e u3an c%nditi%n it,e!f. t e 3i,ery and 1ain i, a 2ay %f bringing in,ig t int% t e 1ractiti%ner# In t e c%ntext %f t e 2%rk in Lue,ti%n. t e Luciferian u,e, ,i3i!ar 3et %d,# N%t t% tran,f%r3 t e c%n,ci%u,ne,, int% ,%3e exteri%r Jdi4ineK :%d. rat er t% ,trengt en and tran,f%r3 c%n,ci%u, int% an i,%!ate ,1irit. ,i3i!ar t% t e arc ety1e %f Sa3ae! HLuciferI %r A ri3an. Li!it %r A/*?e # T% Jbring !ig tK in t e 1at %f $%rbidden Sex Magick. y%u 3u,t a2aken t e S akti. t e ;unda!ini t r%ug ex1!%ring darkne,, and t e bea,t 2it in eac %f u,. t r%ug t at 1at d% y%u a,cend f%r a, t e Lig t Bringer# 5%n,ider t e Fatu, 2 % i, ab!e t% a2aken b%t t e t eri%nick and ange!ick f%r3, %f , ad%2 and !ig t in t e f!e, # T e under,tanding %f ,e!f*1%,,ibi!ity i, t en taken t% a ne2 !e4e!. a, c%n,ci%u,ne,, if refined and de4e!%1ed ,% t% are t e area, %f 1%,,ibi!ity f%r t e Luciferian# T e 2%rk %f ADAMU a, it i, 1re,ented ere i, dra2n fr%3 t e 8a3a Marga. rat er n%t t e %rigina! ter3 but fr%3 a Luciferian 1er,1ecti4e# ItG, ai3 i, n%t t e 1er4er,e f%r t e ,ake %f 1er4er,ity. it i, t e tran,f%r3ati4e ,tate deri4ed fr%3 t e %11%,ite 1at . t at i,. %f t e Luciferian 3ind# Seek t eref%re ,1iritua! !iberati%n t r%ug t e darkne,, %ffered ere. find t e Lig t 2 ic y%u a4e a!2ay, yearned f%r#

Dae a$ya#&a
The Reli+io0# Alle+ory oAhri1a&ic K&o"led+e

The Sigil of Ahriman -abo"e.


23 The Bir,h o- Dar4&e## a&d Li+h,5 ,he Rebellio&

In t e beginning t ere 2a, %ne. t e ungering 4%id %f ab,%!uti%n# T e a!1 a 2a, t e ,1irit e3b%died in t e greate,t !ig t# Zur4an. t e end!e,, %ne. created and c%n,u3ed 2 en it 2i, ed# T ere 2a, n% inte!!ect bey%nd it. n% indi4idua! 2i!! bey%nd it# Ti3e 3eant n%t ing. yet t e ,1irit !acked ,%3et ing# T e eart 2a, birt ed fr%3 e!de,t c a%,. a

r%aring acr%,, t e b!%%d %cean, %f ti3e# It i, ca!!ed b!%%d a, it %!d, a!! creati4e energie, %f t e uni4er,e# Zur4an fat %3ed a great 2%3b and 2i, ed t at e ad t2% ,%n,. fir,t 2a, %f i, d%ubt. fr%3 2 ic darkne,, encirc!ed !ig t. ba!ance and c a%, a!! in %ne# Hi, 2i!! 2a, t% create a c%nce1t %f !ig t. t en O r3a/d 2a, c%ncei4ed# Zur4an e!d t e t %ug t t at 2 % , a!! c%3e f%rt fr%3 t e 2%3b fir,t , a!! %btain i, kingd%3 and b!e,,ing# Hi, ,tr%nge,t ,%n. t e %ne 2 % i, 3%re terrib!e and beautifu! t an e4en Zur4an. 2a, t e !ea,t fa4%red#

A ri3an ca!!ed Angra Mainyu eard t i, and 2ent r%aring f%rt . ri11ing i3,e!f free 2it c!a2, t r%ug i, 3%t er, 2%3b# He a11r%ac ed Zur4an and 2a, n%t acce1ted a, i, ,%n. yet denied t e kingd%3 e 2a, e,,entia!!y 1r%3i,ed# A ri3an gre2 angry and de3anded i, kingd%3# Zur4an ga4e unt% A ri3an a 1act fr%3 i, %2n being. b!ack and a, en. yet fi!!ed 2it fire and unger# T i, ,ub,tance fr%3 i, being 2a, i, Bride. ca!!ed A/# Zur4an cur,ed A ri3an and c!ai3ed A/ 2%u!d be i, greate,t 2ea1%n. yet 2%u!d in t e end ,eek t% c%n,u3e i3# T ere 2a, indeed a great 2ar in t e ,%*ca!!ed ea4en. A ri3an 2a, ca,t %ut 2it %t er rebe!!i%u, ,1irit,. 2 % t%%k ,er1ent and drag%n f%r3, fr%3 t e inde1endent t %ug t %f A ri3an# A ri3an kn%2 a2akened t %,e ange!, t at t ey n%2 ad inde1endent t %ug t# T ey entered t e 4%id and t r%ug t i, darkne,,

%f t e aby,, ca3e f%rt t% t e de1t , %f t e Eart fr%3 e!der darkne,,# /Ahriman in darkness, with backward understanding and desire for destruction, was in the abyss, and it is he who will not be0 and the place of that destruction, and also of that darkness, is what they call the

1endlessly dark.1 And between them was empty space, that is, what they call 1air,1 in which is now their meeting.2 Bunda i, n#

Abo e! Ahri1a& Dra+o&

A ri3an ad back2ard, kn%2!edge. t at e 2a, t e $at er %f Ser1ent, and Drag%n,. e ad t e 1%2er and 2i,d%3 %f t e aby,,. t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,# Hi, 1%2er 2a, a!,% Air. t at e 2a, a ,1irit and c%u!d tra4e! at great di,tance by i, 2eig t!e,,ne,,# Fet A ri3an f%und e c%u!d take any f%r3 e 2i, ed. inc!uding a beautifu! ange!#

A ri3an in t e ancient darkne,, ca!!ed J e!!K. t e 1!ace %f t e aby,,. !ike A/ 2 %3

e ad i!!u3inated fr%3 t e ,ub,tance %f b!ackened and a, en darkne,,. began f%r3ing 3any de3%n, %r dae4a, fr%3 i, ,1irit. i!!u3inating t e3 a, t e c i!dren %f rebe!!i%n. t e %ne, %f t e b!ackened f!a3e#

Abo e! Ta%re ,he ArchDae a 15

I3 The A"a4e&i&+ o- ,he ArchDae a# A ri3an fir,t beget T0#0#h5 6,he -ir#, crea,ed o%%o#i,io&75 Mi,o4h, H3eaning T e Lie %r ,er1entCdrag%nI and A4o1a& HT e E4i! MindI 2 % 2%u!d i!!u3inate t e u3an, %f t e eart . 2 i!e O r3a/d created 8% u3an 2 % i, t e :%%d Mind 2%u!d bring a!! t% t eir re!igi%n %f ,ub,er4ient. , ee1 !ike 2%r, i11er,# T e,e created f%r3, are t e c%rru1ti%n, %f ange!ick 1er,%na!itie,. 3ade 1%2erfu! and unified 2it A ri3an by i, initiati%n %f t e B!ack $!a3e# O r3a/d created t e ange!, Ard2a i, t. S a re2ar. S1andar3ad. H%rdad. and t en A3urdad# A ri3an created i, 5 i!dren %f >ebe!!i%n. t e 3ig tie,t fa!!en ange!, 2 % 2ere A&dar5 So ar5 Na4ahed. and t en Taire and 8airi4# 5%u!d t ey a4e been a2akened ange!, 2 % fe!! 2it A ri3an int% darkne,,. i, 4ery t%uc

bringing t e3 int% t e darkened !ig t e ad a2akened %t er, t%M

INITIAT*R9 F*CUS- T e Fatu, , %u!d f%cu, %n DaNnO*DaN4a. t e fait %f de3%n,. %r dae4a,# A ri3anic y%ga 1r%4ide, a ,uitab!e 3et %d %f initiat%ry a2akening# Uti!i/e t e 1%int, %f t e c akra u,ing fir,t t e B!ack Snake %r A ri3an.

2i,d%3 and 3atter# Met %d, , %u!d inc!ude c%31!ete ,ti!!ne,,. n%n*t inking. 4%id*rea,%n H,eeking c%31!ete f%cu, %n darkne,,I and ;are//a# T i, 3et %d %f 3a,turbati%n , %u!d be f%cu,ed n%t t% %rga,3. yet t% f%cu, t e 3ind %n t e e!e3ent, %f t e Bea,t and B!ack Ser1ent a, t e 1%2er %f 2 ic t e 1!anet i, encirc!ed in. t e c%!d 4%id trut %f t e e!!*1at , %f a2akening# MEDITATI*N during kare//a t e n%n*t inking a,1ect %f darkne,, after a 1eri%d %f ti3e , %u!d be entered a, fire int% darkne,,. a ,ing!e t %ug t %f ,e!f*!%4e and de,ire t% be ,e1arate and t e %n!y :%d t at i,# Eac Dae4a , %u!d be 2it in t e Te31!e %f Se!f. t ey are fa!!en*ange!, 2 ic d2e!! 2it in t e b%dy# T ey ,!u3ber and drea3 2it in t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,. a2aiting t e $ire Ser1ent %r A/ t% a2aken t e3# ;n%2 t at t e Dae4a, are a!,% 1re,ented in a 3%re ba!anced !ig t in t e >eg 8eda. an Indian text 2 ic 1re,ent, t e Luciferian ,1irit in itG, !ife 2%r, i11ing 1%2er. i33%rta!ity and ,e!f*3a,tery#

II3 The Na,0re o- Ahri1a& Who bri&+# bo,h li+h, a&d dar4&e##5 "ho 0#e# chao# a# a "ea%o& a+ai&#, #,a#i# Hi, nature 2a, antag%ni,tic and f%und ,ta,i, t% be unde,irab!e# Hi, nature 2a, "ar and i, ,1irit 2a, f%und in t e ec,ta,y %f de4%uring# In t e Lig t %f Hea4en t ey 2ent f%rt . ,t%r3ing and raging and t e dae4a,

%f c a%, began t% de4%ur t e ,1irit, created by O r3a/d# A ri3an 2anted c%31!ete 1%2er and 2%u!d n%t ,t%1 unti! e ac ie4ed i, g%a!- A ri3an 2anted t% de,tr%y t e b!inding !ig t %f O r3a/d# It 2a, n%2 2it A ri3an. encirc!ed in darkne,,. be e!d 2it in a !ig t 3%re 1%tent t an t e tyrannica! and 3ind nu3bing !ig t %f O r3a/d# "it t e c ant %f Sta%ta A ri3an and t e %t er, 2ere ca,t fr%3 t e rea!3 %f !ig t again int% t e darkne,,# It 2a, t %,e ange!,. a4ing created t e eart and it, in abitant,. de,ired t% 1r%tect t e 2%r!d fr%3 t e DruP and t eir 3anife,tati%n,# Fet t e !ig t %f O r3a/d 2a, 2eake,t 2 en i, 2i!! 2a, ,1ent. fearing t e ,urr%unding b!anket %f darkne,,# T e !ig t created by O r3a/d 2a, inc%31!ete. it 2a, exteri%r and c%n,u3ing#

Abo e! Wol-$Shado"5 "or4i&+ o- 9a,04$Di&oih


T e !ig t A ri3an 1%,,e,,ed 2a, en, r%uded in t e darkne,, it,e!f. it 2a, 1erfecti%n and c a%,. anti*!ig t and 3%re i!!u3inating t an any ,%urce# Ba!ance 2a, f%und in t e c%re %f t e Drag%n it,e!f# A ri3an d2e!!ed 2it in t e darkne,, !%ng en%ug t% gain i, ,trengt %f being again. A ri3an ated t e c%nce1t %f ea4en. t e g%%dne,, 2 ic !ed t% 3ind!e,,ne,, and deat %f t e ,1irit# T e d%ctrine, %f O r3a/d 2ere %f t e great e3brace %f !ig t. !ike t e infern% c%n,u3ing t e b%dy. ner4e, and ,1irit %f it, f%!!%2er,# A ri3an 2%u!d ,%%n t%uc t e c!ay and find i, 3ark %n i, c i!dren. t %,e !ike t e fa!!en ange!, and %ne, e 2%u!d create# Angra Mainyu under,t%%d t at e 3ay take any f%r3 e 2i, . fr%3 ti3e t% ti3e be u,efu! t% i, eterna! and ungering. i33%rta! ,1irit# Bet2een t e gu!f %f t e !ig t %f O r3a/d and t e darkne,, %f A ri3an 2a, t e 3agnetic attracti%n %f b%t t% c%n,u3e# O r3a/d 2anted t% b!ind a!! int% i, !ig t 2 ic bring, n%t ingne,,. A ri3an 2anted t% de4%ur t e ,1irit, %f O r3a/d and beget t e i!!u3inated dae4a, %f t e eart and aby,,# A ri3an fir,t 2ent fr%3 t e darkne,,

and f%und t e ray, %f !ig t# Hi, 2%rd, 2ere 2ritten in Z%r%a,trian text,. t %,e 2 % 2ere decei4ed by a DruP %f %ur ancient ,1irit. Ara, k. 2 % 2%u!d !ater create t e ,t%ry %f Zur4an and re4ea! t e trut QI 2i!! ,3ite t ee. I 2i!! ,3ite t e creature, 2 ic t %u t inke,t

a4e 1r%duced a!! fa3e f%r t ee ** t ee 2 % art t e beneficent ,1irit. t e 2eakened ,1irit. t e fa!,e !ig t. I 2i!! de,tr%y e4eryt ing ab%ut t e3 and i!!u3inate t e %ne, 2 % 3ay be a, :%d,#Q O r3a/d re,i,ted t e 2%rd, %f t e $at er %f Ser1ent, but yet A ri3an ,ti!! re1!ied- 1& will seduce all material life into disaffection to thee and affection to myself, & will awaken mankind as the Temple of Dru3, the Gates of *ell and the kingdom of darkness and light.1
MEDITATI*N! ;n%2 t at t %,e 2 % 1r%c!ai3 !ig t and 2ant t% ind%ctrinate y%u int% ,!a4ery %r b!ind fait are t %,e 2 % ki!! t e ,1irit# Be 1redat%r and n%t 1reyR Seek t e 1at %f A ri3an. again,t t e ,e!f*1r%c!ai3ed !a2 %f t e uni4er,eR INITIAT*R9 F*CUS- "it t e ,1ark, %f being. kn%2 2 at y%u a4e been in t e 1a,t i, n%t ing t% 2 at y%u can bec%3e n%2# 5 a!!enge y%ur,e!f in ca!3 re,er4e t% y%ur de,ire,# T ink ab%ut %2 y%u 3ay %btain t %,e de,ire, and t e 4ery c%n,eLuence, %f t e3#

III3 Ahri1a& be+e,# A: -ro1 hi# o"& Blac4e&ed Fla1e5 e&,er# ,he #%iri, o- 1a&4i&d A ri3an. t e ,%rcer%u, Dae4a. t e Ad4er,ary ne2 t at e !acked a ,en,e %f ba!ance. ,%ug t a 3ate# He br%ug t fr%3 i, %2n darkne,, %f being. t e , ad%2 i33%!ated 2it b!ackened f!a3e. t e ,1irit %f ti3e by t e 1r%1erty %f darkne,,# T i, b!ackened f!a3e 2a, encirc!ed %r en4e!%1ed in b!ack and a, c%!%red kind# "it t e,e 2ea1%n,. t e Ser1ent A/ % i, gi4en !i4e!y inte!!igence. , e i, t y daug ter

and bride. , e 2i!! de4%ur u3anity and t %,e 2 % cann%t ri,e t% Dae4a. , e 2i!! n%uri, fr%3 t e b%die, %f t e dead# Fet , e gi4e, !ife and !%4e. beauty and unger# T e eterna! unger and !u,t %f A ri3an. i, c%31!i3ent and eLua!. A/ fir,t 2ent t% t e de1t , %f e!! 2ere t e de3%n, 2ere in re1%,e# S e t%%k t e c!%t ing %r f%r3, %f 3ig ty bea,t, u1%n t e eart . !earning %f t e ,1iritua! unger %f 2 ic , e ca3e int% being fr%3. t at 4ery b!ackened e,,ence %f A ri3an 2a, indeed er f!e, # A ri3an. t e 0rince %f Darkne,, e!d t e trait, %f :reed. 0ride. De,ire. Anger and Lu,t

2it in# He f%und in t e darkne,, t e creati%n %f bea,t, and ,er1ent,. t u, 3ing!ed 2it t e f%!!%2ing e!e3ent,S1o4e! S1irit. A,tra! 1!ane 3ateria! unger# S %u!der,- Eag!e and T2in Ser1ent,# Dr0; Na#05 '0#h5 A:hi Daha4a 6,"i& a,,rib0,io&# be,"ee& S1o4e a&d S,or175 )ay0 6Un,een Dae4a %f "i!!ed $uture %r created de,tinyI# Fire! "i, CDe,ireCLu,t# Head Li%n# A:.Ae#h1a<Kha#h15 Ri#h45 'ad1o: S,or1! "ind. air. ungering ,1irit,# 5 ange and 0r%gre,,i%n# B%dy Drag%n# Chi#h1a45 A%ao#ha5 S%e&;a+hri5 K0&da45 A#,"ihad5 A:hi Daha4a Ha, t e St%r3 $iendI. )are&ya M0d<Wa,er! Ata4i,tic kn%2!edge# Tai!Le ia,ha&. B0#hya#%5 Dar4&e##! Hy!e %r Matter. 3ateria! 2%r!dHand,C$eet- De3%n,# A4a,a#ha5 Niya:5 Ara#h45 A&:a4ih

MEDITATI*N! Uti!i/e t e 3et %d, %f A ri3anic F%ga t% begin ,tirring t e ;unda!ini. rai,e t e fire ,nake 2it in t e Te31!e %f Se!f. encirc!ing and P%ining 2it t e B!ack Ser1ent. A ri3an# A/*;a!i* Li!it i, indeed t e 1at t% in,1irati%n. i3aginati%n and ,tirring e3%ti%n# N%t ing i, 1%,,ib!e 2it %ut t e ba!ance %f t e $e3inine and Ma,cu!ine. t% be!ie4e %t er2i,e i, f%!!y# INITIAT*R9 F*CUS- A ri3anic F%ga. a2akening t e Arc dae4a, in t e 1at %f ;unda!ini# T i, i, t e 4ery dri4ing f%rce %f !ife*!%4ing 1redat%ry ,1iritua!ity# F%u are t e %n!y :%d t at i,. y%ur 1at i, 3ade by y%ur %2n c %ice, and t e interacti%n 2it t e 1 y,ica! 2%r!d 2i!! deter3ine y%ur t%3%rr%2# A, %ne ,eeking t% 3a,tery t e 1at %f ,%rcery. yatuk*din%i . kn%2 t at y%u 3u,t be in,ig tfu! t% t e fi4e ,en,e, and 3agick it,e!f# T i, i, t e 2%r!d %f Satan. under,tand it 2e!!#

I)3 A: ,he ArchDae a ,eache# Se=0al co%0la,io& a&d De o0r# ,heir o--#%ri&+ Ahri1a& -all# i&,o >5222 year# o- #l01ber a&d i# a"a4e&ed by ,he Whore A/ 2ent f%rt t% t e Dae4a, %r De3%n, in t e darkne,, %f e!!. , e began teac ing t e art %f ,exua! c%1u!ati%n and %2 t% gi4e birt t% drag%n, and ,er1ent,# S e taug t t e de3%n, %f t e ea,t. t e arc dae4a,. bea,t, 1%,,e,,ed by druP and %t er fe3a!e de3%ne,,e, t e art %f fucking and u,ing t e ,exua! f!uid, and ,1iritua! energy gi4e birt t% %t er f%r3,# It 2a, A/ 2 % ,%%n 2atc ed 3any de3%n, gi4e birt t% %t er c i!dren. fr%3 2 ic , e entered t2% !i%nfiend,. t en de4%ured t eir c i!dren# A/ gre2 in ,1irit and f%r3. entering 3ankind 3%re and 3%re#

A ri3an i, a!! 4i!ene,, 2it %ut g%%dne,,. t at i,. A ri3an i, cunning and a2akened t% t e 1redat%ry !a2, %f t e uni4er,e. A ri3an i, n%t a ,1irit 2 ic i, b!ind in it, %2n !ig t %f arr%gance. yet a, t e kn%2!edge %f b!ackne,, and t e ,er1ent1at # O r3a/d created and br%ug t f%rt t e 3et %d %f t e A un2ar 3antra. 2 ic 2a, 3uc ,trengt 1%ured at A ri3an# He

fe!! int% t e darkne,, f%r t ree t %u,and year,. ,!ee1ing# T e 2ar %f ea4en 2a, %4er f%r n%2# Many dae4a, 2ent t% A ri3an ,eeking t% r%u,e t e ,1irit %f 3%ti%n and c a%,. yet n%ne c%u!d ,tir i3# Hu3anity in it, crad!e %f being 2ere !ed by :ay%3erd. ca!!ed Ada3 %r a 3an %f a tribe# 4Arise, ) our father, for in the battle & shall let loose so much affliction on the #ighteous %an and the toiling 'ull that, because of my deeds, they will no be fit to li"e. & shall take away their dignity5 & shall afflict the water with the blood of the moon, & shall afflict the earth with the dru3 and burrowing creatures Dru3 6asu, & shall afflict the fire with smoke and bless it in the darkness of my being Sama Atar, & shall afflict the plants with Tapre" and !airich,, & shall afflict all the creation which )hrmazd has created.4 S e re!ated er e4i! deed, ,% 2e!! t at A ri3an 2a, a2akened. !ea1t u1 %ut %f i, ,2%%n. and ki,,ed t e ead and cunt %f t e " %reS and t at 1%!!uti%n ca!!ed 3en,truati%n a11eared %n t e " %re# T e

t%ngue %f A ri3an 2a, f%rked and ,!it ered u1 er b!eeding 2%und unti! , e cried 2it

ar%u,a!. T e ,1irit %f t e Ad4er,ary ad returned# And t e A ri3an ca!!ed Angra Mainyu cried %ut t% t e de3%n " %re ca!!ed A/ %r ?e - 4Whatsoe"er is thy desire, that do thou ask, that & may gi"e it thee and strengthen our bond.4 T en t e 2eakened O r3a/d in i, i31%tence kne2 t at at t at ti3e t e Ad4er,aria! S1irit c%u!d gi4e 2 ate4er t e de3%n " %re a,ked f%r and t at t ere 2%u!d be great 1r%fit t% i3 fr%3 t i,# T e f%r3 %f A ri3an 2a, in t e f%r3 %f a fr%g and 2%u!d , a1e, ift int% a !i/ardQ, H4a/akI b%dy# 1What is thy wish Az7 What does thy burning core desire7 so that & may gi"e it thee.1 And 8eh$Az shouted to the e"il spirit thus5 1A man is the wish, so gi"e it to me, & wish his pulsating cock to impale and satisfy my hunger ) 9"il Spirit.1 A ri3an a11eared a y%ung 3an t% ?e *A/. and t at br%ug t t e t %ug t, %f ?e t% i3# In t i, f%r3 e fucked ?e *A/ dee1 unti! , e 3%aned 2it t e end!e,, ec,ta,y %f c%1u!ati%n. er ,!i11ery and dri11ing cunt 2a, fi!!ed again and again# Hi, f%r3 fr%3 a y%ung 3an ,%%n tran,f%r3ed int% a ,er1ent

!ike bea,t. a greeni, gray ,kin. c%ur,e and ,ca!e*c%4ered in 1art,# T e face e!%ngated int% 2%!f !ike ,n%ut. fanged 2it ,er1ent*fang, 2 ic re,e3b!ed a c%bra#

T2% %rn, tunne!ed fr%3 t e ,ku!! and t e eye, 2ere a burning cri3,%n 2it ye!!%2 ig !ig t,# At t e P%int, %f t e ar3, and !eg,. de3%nic face, f%r3ed at t e e!b%2 and knee,. 2 i,1ering uneart !y c ant, 2 i!e i, ,t%3ac f%r3ed a bea,t !ike 4i,age# Hi, %2n 1eni, n%2 t%%k t e f%r3 %f a ,er1ent 2it ,1ike, e3erging fr%3 it# "it eac t ur,t in t e " %re ?e , e c!a2ed int% i, back. er %2n f%r3 be,tia! and de3%nic# A, e t ru,t int% er b!eeding cunt. t e t %rn, fr%3 i, c%ck , aft t%re dee1 int% er f!e, . cau,ing ec,ta,y f%r b%t # A ri3an ePacu!ated barbed*2ired and t %rn c%4ered ,1er3. ye!!%2ing fr%3 c%rru1ti%n 2 ic f%und a dee1 cre4ice 2it in er 2%3b unti! t e c%agu!ated b!%%d 3ing!ed 2it it# He t en c anged int% t e f%r3 %f t e Ser1ent and ,1i!!ed int% t e c%re %f A/ again. ,1i!!ing i, fi!t ca!!ed ,eed in 3en,truating 2%3b# T ey bred de3%n u1%n de3%n. e4i! ,1irit, 2 ic t%%k a!f be,tia! f%r3, and c%1u!ated t% beget 3%re y%ung# T ey 1re1ared t% enter t e 2%r!d %f

3an and c%rru1t t e eart it,e!f# T eir ai3 2a, t% a2aken 3ankind 2it t e fire %f i3aginati%n. t% rai,e t e3 u1 fr%3 t e ,!a4e, %f a , ee1 erding fearfu! and Pea!%u, :%d# A ri3an ,%%n 2ent f%rt t% t e tribe, %f 3en and f%und a 2%3an 2 % ,!e1t a!%ne. er u,band being near!y i31%tent and 2eak a, a , ee1 erder# A ri3an ca!!ed Sa3ae! by t e Hebre2, 3%unted and

1enetrated dee1!y E4e. inPecting fi!t int% er. and , e c%ncei4ed and bare 5ain 2 % 2a, t e $ir,t Satani,t and S%rcerer# A ri3an !eft t i, !and t% again t e darkne,, %f e!!# A ri3an 1r%c!ai3, t u,. t %,e 2 % 3ake t e Dae4a, a 1art %f t e u3an b%dy and ,1irit 3ake t e3,e!4e, i33%rta! a, a Te31!e %f A ri3an# "%r, i1 t e Dae4a, and u3an, are 2%r, i11ing t e3,e!4e,R It 2a, indeed A/ acc%rding t% Manic aean f%!k!%re t at A/ f%r3ed u3an b%die, ,% t at t ey 3ay be er c%4ering. t u, A/ d2e!!, in %ur b%die,#
MEDITATI*N! A/ a2akening A ri3an i, t e ba!anced uni%n %f t e B!ack and >ed Ser1ent,. 2 erein t e Mind i, i!!u3inated and t e Arc * Dae4a, ,tirred u1# ;n%2 t at y%u 3u,t fa!! int% t e de1t , %f darkne,, and e!!. t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,

3ind. t% i!!u3inate and 1ercei4e Lig t and "i,d%3# INITIAT*R9 F*CUS! T e " %re %r A/*?e i, t e 4ery dri4ing 1%2er %f t e Fatu,. t e Te31!e %f DruP i, un3%4ed unti! t e B!ackened $!a3e i, br%ug t t% !ife# " en y%u bec%3e de1re,,ed %r ex au,ted. re,t 2it c!arity and t e 3indfu!ne,, %f ri,ing fr%3 it t% c%nLuer %nce again# D% n%t ,e!! y%ur,e!f , %rt by bec%3ing a de1re,,i4e 1er,%n t at eLuate, t% !%,er and i, n%t a trait %f a Luciferian %r Satani,t#

're Me&#,r0al Cycle! "it y%ur 1artner. bef%re , e b!eed, 3%nt !y. u,e t2% nig t, bef%re ex1ected f!%2 t% a4e interc%ur,e 2it t e 3a!e a,,u3ing t e 1%,ture %f t e c%r1,e. 3uc !ike S i4a and ;a!i# S e , %u!d ride u1%n y%u and uti!i/e t e 3et %d, %f ;are//a# A, A ri3an ,!u3bered. ,% , %u!d t e 3a!e in a 3editati4e ,tate# " en , e i, fucking y%u. d% n%t a!!%2 y%ur,e!f t% ePacu!ate#

;ee1 t e 3ind ,ti!!# D0ri&+ Me&#,r0al -lo"! " en , e begin, er cyc!e. a4e er c%!!ect b!%%d c!%t, %r c%agu!ated b!%%d int% a c%ntainer# T e 3a!e , %u!d n%2 a4e interc%ur,e 2it er in a !i4e!y 3anner. 2it e4ery t ru,t in4%king A/ and DruP Na,u. t e f!y*de3%ne,, %f c%rru1ti%n# $%cu, %n %2 , e in,1ire, y%u and %2 t i, dri4e, y%ur de,ire, t% bec%3e# $%cu, %n y%ur g%a!, and %2 y%u are ,eeking t% ac ie4e t e3 by acti%n#

A, y%u bury y%ur,e!f in Her during t e ritua!. take ,1ecia! n%tice %f t e c%ngea!ed and t in !ayer %f b!%%d ar%und t e ba,e %f y%ur 3e3ber. ,%%n. a, ,2eat and fricti%n ,1read, t e b!%%d a!! ar%und y%ur genita! and inner t ig ,. b%t , %u!d f%cu, %n t e en,%rce!!ed 1%2er fr%3 t i, act#

)3 Ahri1a& a##a0l,# ,he +ood crea,io& In t e M%nt %f $ra2ardin and t e day %f O r3a/d. t e cur,ed , ee1 erding g%d. A ri3an ca3e f%rt int% t e fr%ntier %f t e ,ky at n%%n# T e date %f t i, i, Marc '=,t# A ri3an 2ent unt% t e 1!anet, and 3any Arc Dae4a, P%ined t eir e,,ence 2it t e3# S%%n After2ard,. t e e4i! ,1irit. 2it t e c%nfederate de3%n,. 2ent int% t e ,kyS and e !ed t e3 u1. dri4en 2it 3a!ici%u, intenti%n, %f c%n,u3ing and gr%2ing ,tr%ng fr%3 !ife f%r3, it,e!f# A ri3an ,1rang. !ike a ,nake. fr%3 t e ,ky d%2n t% t e eart . i, f%r3 ,c%rc ing and burning 2it , ad%2 c%4ered c!%ud, ,urr%unding f!a3e. r%aring int% t e eart # Hi, %2n druP and dae4a, 3ing!ed int% t e de1t , %f t e eart it,e!f. fi!!ing 2it ,er1ent,. ,1ider, and %t er 1redat%ry bea,t,# He 2ent t r%ug t e de1t , %f t e 2ater, %f t e 2%r!d. in t e


,ecret and idden 1!ace,# A, a ,er1ent e 2ent f%r3 int% t e de1t , %f t e 1!anet int% t e c%re %f He!!. 2 ic 2%u!d be i, ab%de 2it t e druP# A ri3an. 2it t e Eye, 2 ic 1ercei4ed t e a,tra!. f%und a great tree 2 ic t%%k, it, r%%t, dee1 int% t e darkne,,# He f%und !ife ere. 3ing!ing 2it it e and t e c%nfederate de3%n, 2ent f%rt t% c%rru1t t e Tree %f Life and it beca3e yet a 3irr%r %f t e tree a, it c%u!d n%t be de4%ured# T e Tree %f DaGat %r Deat 2a, n%2 t e ab%de %f 3any fa!!en ange!, and de3%n,# T i, 3irr%r %f t e tree 2a, n%2 2it ered 2it 2i,d%3. age and t e 1%2er %f i33%rta!ity# T e Tree %f Deat n%2 i, t at %f inferna! !ife# A ri3an created fr%3 t i, t e dark,ide 2it in t e eart . t e ,t%r3 fiend A/i Da ak. 2 % a, t e ,t%r3 fiend and i, f%r3 2it in t e ,tar,. 2it t e Arc Dae4a, c%unteracting t% 1ercei4ed ,ta,i, 1%2er %f t e 1!anet,# T e eart it,e!f 2a, fi!!ed 2it ,er1ent,. !i/ard,. ,c%r1i%n, and 2%!4e,# T u, t e eart 2%u!d find ba!ance and c%unteracti%n# A ri3an ca3e u1 t% t e fire it,e!f. and 3ing!ed darkne,, and ,3%ke 2it it t% a2aken it a, t e B!ack $!a3e# T e $i4e

$!a3e, %f A ri3an 2ere n%2 i!!u3inated u1%n t e eart . t e d%ctrine %f t e Arc Dae4a, a, been ann%unced. t ere f%rt t e Fatuk*Din%i , a!! be t e 1at %f a!! !ife. c%rru1ted and a2akened by t e ,er1ent#

A ri3an t u, ca3e f%rt fr%3 t e ,ky in a d%2n2ard directi%n. t u, t e darkne,, in4aded t e 2%r!d %f ,ti!!ne,, and 1eace# T e 1!anet, 2it t e 3any de3%n,. 2ent again,t t e ce!e,tia! ,1 ere. and t ey 3ixed t e c%n,te!!ati%n, and in4ig%rated t e3 2it fireS and t e 2 %!e creati%n 2a, a, di,figured a, t %ug fire di,figured e4ery 1!ace and ,3%ke ar%,e %4er it. t u, t e e,,ence %f t e Ad4er,ary 2a, br%ug t in a!! t ing,# It i, ,aid f%r ninety day, and nig t, t e 2eakened ea4en!y ange!, 2ere c%ntending in t e 2%r!d 2it t e c%nfederate de3%n, %f t e e4i! ,1irit. t e Ad4er,ary and ur!ed t e3 c%nf%unded t% e!!# T e Bunda i, n 2rite, t at He!! i, in t e 3idd!e %f t e eart S t e c t %nic 1!ace, 2 ere t e e4i! ,1irit 1ierced t e eart and ru, ed in u1%n it. a, a ,er1ent and t%ad. a, a!! t e 1%,,e,,i%n, %f t e 2%r!d 2ere

c anging int% dua!ity. and 1er,ecuti%n. c%ntenti%n. and 3ing!ing %f ig and !%2 beca3e 3anife,t t r%ug t e B!ack $!a3e %f t e I33%rta! S1irit# T e %11%,iti%n 2a, e,,entia! t% t e c%ntinuance %f u3an and ani3a! !ife. nature it,e!f t ri4e, u1%n it# T u, A ri3an and t e f%rce, %f 5 a%, br%ug t a ,en,e %f %rder. t e 4%id %ffer, t e ,t%r3 and c a!!enge. t at 2e 3ay gr%2 ,tr%ng and !i4e# )I3 Ahri1a& e o4e# A#,"ihad 0%o& bri&+i&+ chao# -ro1 ,he o0,er oid T e 3an %f O r3a/dG, tribe. :ay%3erd.

2a, ,een by A ri3an and c%n,idered t% be a 2eak 3an. 3ade ,%ft by t e !ig t 2 ic 2%u!d n%t a!!%2 t e ba!ance %f c a%, and %rder# A ri3an ,end, f%rt A,t2i ad t% infect t e eart 2it bacteria. t at 3an 3ay gr%2 ,ick fr%3 t e e!e3ent, if e i, n%t ,tr%ng en%ug # T i, i, a 3ean, %f c a!!enge. %f 1r%gre,,i%n# Saturn 2a, ca!!ed t e 1!anet %f deat t% creature,. yet t% t e Fatu, %r t e 5 i!dren %f t e Lie it i, a 1!anet %f ,trengt and idden 2i,d%3#

The -ir#, ba,,le5 ,ha, o- ,he #4y "i,h Ahri1a& T e ,ky 2a, fi!!ed 2it darkne,, and t e c%3ing %f t e ,t%r3. be it fr%3 t e ,1irit %f A ri3an# T e c%!d 2ind, 2ere cau,ed by A ri3an a, a 3ean, %f bringing c ange. 2 at 2a, initia!!y 2a, %rrib!e t% u3an, 2%u!d 3ake t e3 ,tr%nger and a!!%2 1r%gre,,i%n in !ife# A ri3an and t %,e de4, ca!!ed A ri3ane, 2ere indeed ,1irit, 2 % 2ere %f t e e!e3ent air. t ey re,ide in darkne,, and beget inner !ig t# O r3a/d atte31ted t% bring an ar3y %f ange!, t% defeat A ri3an yet e 2a, t e 3ig te,t %f t e :%d,. 2%u!d n%t b%2 bef%re an%t er# Ange!, fe!! a, darkne,, and !ig t in4aded. t erein 2a, ba!ance# T e Dae4a, 2%u!d take any f%r3 t ey de,ired. fr%3 1!ea,ing t% re1u!,i4e# N% !%nger 2%u!d t e ,1irit, %f t e 2ind %!d t e A ri3ane, back. t eir de,ire 2%u!d , ake t e f%undati%n, %f t e 2%r!d# A,t2i ad 2ent f%rt 2it A ri3an t% c%nLuer t e 2ind, %f t e eart . t at a!! ,1irit, and de3%n, c%u!d ride u1%n t e3#

And t i, 2a, t e fir,t a2akening. t at %f t e Air#


The #eco&d ba,,le5 ,ha, o- ,he "a,er $r%3 t e c%!d 2ind, %f t e n%rt did A ri3an c%3e f%rt and enter t e 2ater 2it t e de3%n A1a%, . 2 % t%%k t e f%r3 %f a b!ack %r,e# Ti, tar tried t% kee1 A ri3an fr%3 t i, e!e3ent yet f%und e c%u!d n%t. terr%r 2a, ab%und by t i, c%unter acting 3%ti%n 2 ic br%ug t t e c a%, %f t e 4%id t% t e %cean 2ater,. 3any ,er1ent, and creature, fi!!ed it and O r3a/d 2a, 1r%c!ai3ed 2%rt !e,,# Int% t e 2ater, ca3e 3%re n%xi%u, creature, 2 % fi!!ed t e %!e, and dark 1!ace, %f t e eart . t at t eir 4en%3 and ,tenc fi!!ed t e eart # Let u, 1rai,e A1a%, . t e de3%n 2 % t%%k t e eart !y f%r3 %f a b!ack %r,e. 2 %,e ,1irit frig tened and rePected Ti, tar 2 % c%u!d ne4er bani, i3. f%r t e darkne,, 3ing!ed t e 2ater 2a, t e ,er4it%r, %f A ri3an# And t i, 2a, t e ,ec%nd a2akening. 2 ic 2a, 2it t e 2ater# It 2a, indeed A/ 2 % 2%u!d ,tir t e 1ri3%rdia! 1a,,i%n, %f t e %cean, and beget de3%n, 2it in it. t at t ey 3ay re,ide tru!y a!ien %f u3ani,tic e3%ti%n dee1 in t e 2ater, %f c a%,#

The ,hird ba,,le5 ,ha, o- ,he ear,h A ri3an ca3e u1 fr%3 t e darkened 1!ace, 2it in t e eart t% 2 ere !ife 2a, being created# T e 3%untain range %f A!bur/ ar%,e a, a ,ee3ing defen,e again,t

yet n%t ing c%u!d ,t%1 t e de3%n, 2 ic ca3e a, !egi%n# T e E4i! S1irit ca3e unt% eart and it , %%k 4i%!ent!y a, an eart Luake# Ser1ent and 2%!f c%4ered a, a gigantic c!%ud %f darkne,,. A ri3an beca3e t e tyrant again,t t %,e ,1irit, 2 % ,%ug t t% %11re,, e and i, c i!dren# Fet 2it in t i, 3%untain c ain i, Are/ur. na3ed fr%3 a S%n %f A ri3an 2 % fe!! again,t :ay%3erd. ca!!ed t e M%ut at t e :ate %f He!!# It 2a, dee1 in t e de1t , %f t e eart . in t e ca4ern, and ca4e, %f e!!. t e !air %f A/ t at , e br%ug t t e de3%n, in uni%n 2it eac %t er# T e fa!!en %ne, 2ere ,3itten a, , e taug t t e3 t e act, %f fucking. ePacu!ating in t e 2%3b %f t e 2 %re. entering er fr%3 be ind and a!! act, %f er%tic initiati%n# T e f!a3e, 2it in t eir b%die, gre2 and t e fe3a!e, 1r%duced drag%n*c i!dren# A, t ey gre2 A/ c%n,u3ed 3any %f t e3. gr%2ing ,tr%nger a, , e drank %f t eir b!%%d and ta,ted t eir

f!e, # A/ ,%ug t t% a!2ay, create. yet er ba!anced nature 2a, t at , e i, a!,% t e c%n,u3ing and b!ackened 3%t er# The Fo0r,h Ba,,le5 ,ha, o- 'la&,# A ri3an 2ent f%rt u1%n t e eart and t%%k 3any f%r3, 2 ic 1!ea,ed i3 2%!f. ,er1ent. t%ad. drag%n and 3any %t er 1redat%ry and be,tia! f%r3,# He br%ug t unt% t e eart =(.((( di,ea,e, 2 ic f%ug t 2it in t e b%die, %f a!! !i4ing creature,# A ri3an ,ent Ta1re4 and Zairic t% t e 1!ant,. t% beget t e t%%!, %f 2itc craft and

,%rcery. but a!,% t% P%in in b%die, t% 1r%duce eat and t ir,t# A, t e 1!ant, and tree, buried t e3,e!4e, dee1 in t e c t %nic de1t , %f t e eart . Ta1re4 and Zairic t%%k t e ,acrifice, %f 3an ,uc a, b!%%d. air. nai!, and t e c%r1,e t% be t e f%%d %f 2 ic druP 2%u!d gr%2 and 3anife,t# Seek t e eart and it, dark 1!ace,. t ere y%u 2i!! find re,t#

The Fi-,h Ba,,le5 ,ha, o- A&i1al# A ri3an 2ent f%rt t% t e catt!e and br%ug t 2%!4e, u1%n t e3 in t e nig t. i, ,1irit 3ing!ing 2it t e bea,t, %f t e eart # T e ,1irit %f Ak%3an ca3e u1%n t e eart . fr%3 2 ic 8% u3an batt!ed 2it and c%u!d n%t fu!!y defeat# It i, 2ritten in t e text, %f creati%n t at t e ,tenc %f Ak%3an i, t at 2 ic 1r%ceed, fr%3 t e ,ick and ya2ner,. t e 4ery 1utrid ,tenc %f decay# T e b%die, %f ani3a!, beca3e t e c!%t ing %f de3%n,. A/ entered t2% Li%n, and re3ained in t eir b%die, f%r a !%ng 1eri%d %f ti3e# T e in,tinct %f A/ i, 2it in a!! 1redat%ry bea,t, u1%n t e eart . %b,er4e and !earn fr%3 t e3#

The #i=,h ba,,le5 ,ha, o- 1a&4i&d A ri3an ca3e f%rt unt% :ay%3ard. by %t er cu!ture, by i, 2ife in 2 ic e ,educed and a2akened t% e4i!. ,1a2ning a bea,t# A ri3an 2ent t% c%rru1t :ay%3ard. t e 4ery e3b%di3ent %f 2eakne,, and u3an b!indne,,# T e c!ay 2a, a2akened by t e ,1irit %f A ri3an.

2 % ad 3any c i!dren and t %,e e ad a2akened in ,1irit f%r3# The #e e&,h ba,,le5 ,ha, o- -ire A ri3an 2ent f%rt t% t e fire %f di4inity. e be e!d t at gift 2it in i, being 2 ic 2a, 3%re inten,e t an any %t er ,1iritua! being. exce1t f%r i, fat er t e 3ind!e,, !ig t and t e 2eakened br%t er O r3a/d# A ri3an created fr%3 i, ,ing!e f!a3e t e $i4e $ire, %f A ri3an 2 ic are t e S?1a A,ar 6Sa1a Nairy@$#a&+ha7< A,a#h$e$A4o1a& -the awakened mind., Dr0; Na#0 -'lackened Spirit of &mmortality., 8airich and Ta%re -(e"er and thirst, spiritual and physical hunger., S%e&;a+ra -the astral plane or spirit. and Ae#h1a -fury, passion and

physical:spiritual desire.# T e fire, 2ere ,ee3ing!y c%untered by t e $i4e %f O r3a/d. yet n%ne c%u!d extingui, t e3 fu!!y# T e $ire, %f O r3a/d are kn%2n a, t e 0r%1iti%u,. t e :%%d diffu,er. t e Aur4i/i, t. t e 8a/i, t. and t e Su1re3e!y*benefiting# N%ne %f t e,e c%u!d extingui, t e fire, %f A ri3an. 2 % i, t e :%d %f t e "%r!d# T e fire %f J0r%1iti%u, fireK it,e!f in ea4en Hgar%t 3anI. yet SO3a Atar 2a, br%ug t t% eart t% a2aken 3ankind# T e f!a3e %f Ata, *e*Ak%3an. an%t er na3e f%r SO3a Atar i, 3anife,t in t e fire, %f t e eart . 3ade in %3age t% A ri3an and t e Dae4a,. 2 en ,3%ke i, 3ing!ed 2it it# T e $ire %f O r3a/d being JT e :%%d diffu,erK i, t at 2 ic i, in 3en and ani3a!. and it, bu,ine,, c%n,i,t, in t e dige,ti%n %f t e

f%%d. t e ,!ee1ing %f t e b%dy. and t e brig tening %f t e eye,# ItG, c%unter i, DruP Na,u t e ,1irit %f i33%rta!ity. t e daug ter %f A/ 2 ic re,ide, in t e b%dy a, eat and unger. b%t ,1iritua! and 1 y,ica!# T e ,!ee1ing %f t e b%dy i, t e ,trengt ening %f t e , ad%2 and DruP Na,u i, t e darkening %f t e eye,# T e Aur4a/i, t i, t at 2 ic i, in 1!ant,. yet Zairic and Ta1re4 are t e unger 2it in t e eart . t e c%unter acti%n

2 ic a2aken,# T e 8a/i, t i, t at 2 ic a, it, 3%ti%n in c!%ud,. and it, bu,ine,, c%n,i,t, in de,tr%ying t e at3%,1 eric g!%%3 and darkne,, yet i, c%untered by S1enPagra. t e de3%n %f t e a,tra! 1!ane. 2 % bring, ,t%r3, and ,1iritua! darkne,, and 2i,d%3# T e JSu1re3e!y*benefitingK. i, t e f!a3e %f t e "ar aran fire. %f 1rie,t,# ItG, ene3y i, %f %ur ,1irit ca!!ed Ae, 3a. t e 2%unding ,1ear and eart en 3a,tery de3%n. t at %f t e Fatu, and 0airika,# T e 5 i!dren %f t e Lie , %u!d ,eek t% di,turb t e !u3inarie, by t e c%ncea!3ent %f ,tenc H idden darkne,, a3%ng t e n%r3a!*!i4e, %f ,%cietyI. and by 2itc craft Hyatuk*din%i I c%rru1t and a2aken t e creature, and t e ce!ebrati%n %f 2itc craft. e,1ecia!!y at nig t. t e ,acred ti3e %f A ri3an and t e de3%n,#

Awakening into the Cult of Daeva-yasna#

I kne2 , e ad ,1read er !eg,<#I eard t e in,ect, ,1i!! t% t e f!%%r. t e ,er1ent, ,!it er ab%ut t e ard2%%d 2%rnt r%ug ,urface %f t e r%%3# I fe!t t e c%!d ting!ing %f

ar%u,a! a, I t %ug t %f 2 ere I 3ig t g%. 2 ere I 3ay a4e been bef%re# S e i, ,%3et ing I cann%t de,cribe. can y%u ca!! a !ady 2 % bring, y%u t% a brink bey%nd %rga,3 a 2 %reM D%e, it rea!!y 3atterM T e fact i, 2 en , e ,uck, t e end %f a c%r1,e and !%%k, at 3e 2it a g!ea3 %f ,en,ua!ity I can %n!y , udder ab%ut 2 at 2e can d%# " at ab%ut t e c%r1,e f!uid 2 ic , e ,3ear, ab%ut er 3%ut a, , e a,k, 3e t% enter er fr%3 be ind# " en I ,!ee1 , e c%3e, t% 3e. ,crea3ing and dr%ning !ike a f!y. er na3e 2a, Na,u# " en , e ride, 3e at nig t I fee! in,ect, enter 3e !ike a cat eter. , ar1 ,tinking 1ain 2 ic cau,e, c%31!ete , %ck and e4ery !i3b free/ing in unc%n,ci%u, 1ain# S e !et, er rancid ,a!4ia dri1 %n 3y %1en 3%ut . !%cked in an e4er ,crea3ing 3%ut 2 ic a, n% beginning %r end. !ike t e aby,,# T e ,3e!! i, !ike 2 en y%u 1a,, a r%tting ani3a! dead f%r t2% %r ,% day,. exce1ti%n being t e g a,t!y %d%r e3erging fr%3 a nubi!e and a!3%,t beautifu! 2%3an# T i, necr%1 i!iac nig t3are H, e i, 3%4ing !ike a !i4ing

2%3anI riding y%ur c%ck and !ubricating it 2it f!y*infe,ted c%!d fe3a!e*ePacu!ati%n. t e 3%ti%n t%% inten,e t% fee! t e !ittering 3y gr%in 2it !ar4ae# It i, a, if , e a, t e e3%rr agic ,a!i4a !ubricating er genita!, 2 ic ,ee3 t% be a, ,3a!! ungering 3%ut , 3%4ing u1 and d%2n in a 3%3ent %f %b,e,,i%n. ,eeking t% fi!! er de,ire acc%rding!y# S e c%3e, t% 3e a, a gray*greeni, ,kinned 2%3an. !ike a c%r1,e 2 % a, re,ted in c%!d 2ater, f%r t%% !%ng# S e ru, ed t% 3e a, t e c%r1,e fiend. er c%!d !i1, !icking 3y %2n. e b!ackened finger ti1, care,,ing 3y c e,t. t e c i!!ing t%uc ar%u,ing 3e !ike ,%3et ing I a4e ne4er fe!t bef%re# A, , e began riding 3e. t ru,ting 3e dee1 2it in er c%!d c%re. I fe!t again t e ru, %f in,ect,. er 4ery ,1irit c%rru1ting e4eryt ing in 2 ic I 2a,# I c!%,ed 3y eye, 2 en I fe!t I 2%u!d c!i3ax 2it in er. , e 2 i,1ered in 3y ear n%t t% gi4e in t% t at and %!d 3y,e!f

in c eck# $r%3 er ,ide, did t %,e !eg, tear t r%ug t e ,kin. kneading 3y f!e, 2it ,!%2. carefu! 3%4e3ent,#

S e ki,,e, 3e again. er bite, are ,3a!!. , e drink, t e b!%%d# I can fee! t e burning %f e3%rr agic ,a!i4a , e dri1, int% t e 2%und a, , e !a1, u1 t e b!%%d# Her egg, 3ay turn t% !ar4ae and a2aken in 3y b%dy. yet 2e 2i!! be a, %ne# I 2ant t% ,ee er take t e f%r3 %f a beautifu! 2%3an. ,educe an%t er and 2it t e in,atiab!e !u,t %f a Sa11 ic idea!i,t. 1u, er t%ngue dee1er int% t e burning %1ening

%f a 2%3an %f t irty<t en can , e 4%3it t e !ar4ae %f er b%dy. druPi . darkne,, and c%rru1ti%n %f er b!ack f!a3e int% er 2%3b at t e 3%3ent %f %rga,3# I %1e t% a2aken an antic ri,t by t i, 2ay<#a ne2 f!e, #


C%n,ci%u,ne,, a, defined in t

e 8a3a Marga i, t e rea!i/ati%n t at a!! 3u,t P%in 2it t e ab,%!ute. by ex1eriencing t e 1ain and 1!ea,ure %f t i, 2%r!d %f f!e, and ,1irit# T e Luciferian c%n,ider, t at t e c%n,ci%u,ne,, , %u!d n%t be P%ined 2it t e ab,%!ute. t e de4%uring 1rinci1!e. rat er ,e1arated and tran,f%r3ed int% a di4nity by rea!i/ing t e t eri%nick and ange!ick a,1ect, %f t e Mind*B%dy*S1irit# T i, gri3%ire 2i!! n% d%ubt ,icken 3any %f y%u. ,uc i, t e 2ay %f initiati%n# S%3e 2i!! find attracti%n %nce y%u a4e fe!t re1u!,i%n. if ,%. kee1 %n and find t e te31!e %f 1!ea,ure and 1ainR 5%n,ci%u,ne,, i, t e 1%int %f a2ake and exi,tent in t e 2%r!d ar%und y%u# T i, d%e, n%t define being a2are %f t e T,e!fG %n any 1articu!ar !e4e!# T e Luciferian 2 % ,eek, t e c%nce1t %f ,1iritua! i33%rta!ity 3u,t a4e t e Ttr, naG %r Tt ir,tG f%r c%ntinued exi,tence# T e Luciferian uti!i/e, t e 1ractice, %f F%ga and Budd i,3 a, a 3ean, %f ,e!fc%ntr%! and de4e!%13ent. %2e4er t e Luciferian i, an anti*Budd i,t in re,u!t# T% ac ie4e c%ntr%! and de,tr%y t e 3ind int% t e c%nce1t %f T%nene,,G %f :%d i, ,e!f* ate# T e Luciferian rec%gni/e, di4inity 2it in. ,eeking t% 3ateria!i/e it and refine c%n,ci%u,ne,, bec%3e, t e TA/%t %/G 1%int %f Magick it,e!f. t e beginning and end#

Let u, 1re,ent a ne2 Tt2i,tG %n Sex Magick t% f%cu, %n t e f%!!%2ing g%a!,=# Se!f*tran,f%r3ati%n t r%ug t e gn%,i, %f t e ad4er,ary# '# Se!f*deificati%n %f t e c%re e,,ence %f t e ,e!f. bef%re initiati%n a ,en,e %f ,%3et ing 3%re. a

unger f%r kn%2!edge# During and bey%nd t e c%re e,,ence being ,i3i!ar t% a de4%uring ,er1ent. t e i33%rta! dae3%n ref!ecting t e i!!u3inati%n %f t e fa!!en ange!, di4inity 2it t e kn%2!edge and 1%2er %f darkne,, and ,e!f*g%d %%d# )# A2akening S akti %r t e ;unda!ini t% ri,e u1 t r%ug eac c akra. 1iercing and i!!u3inating it 2it t e :%!den $ire %f "i,d%3 and 1erce1ti%n# Under,tanding and bec%3ing fa3i!iar 2it t e dae3%nic fe3inine 2it in t r%ug t e "%rking, %f a S akti Hi#e# a Scar!et "%3anI %r initiate 0airika,. a daug ter %f A/#

The Three a#%ec,# o- Ta&,ric Se=0al Ma+ic4 -ro1 a L0ci-eria& %er#%ec,i e!

'0#h0 t e fir,t !e4e! %f initati%n. 2 ere %ne i, %4erc%3e 2it de,ire and !u,t# Here Ada3u , %u!d be a guide t%2ard, t e f%undati%n, %f 1ractice# Uti!i/e t e t%%! %f t e Dae3%nic $e3inine. Li!it . a, under,tanding t e dee1er de,ire, %f y%ur 3ind and b%dy# Li!it i, t e 3%t er 2 ic !ead, y%u t% i,%!ati%n but fi!!, y%ur ,1irit 2it ,e!f*re!iance and ,trengt fr%3 2it in# T e 3y,tery i, re4ea!ed t at Li!it i, 2it in. t e 4ery >ed 3atter %f a, f%r3ed t% di4inity# A ri3an i, t e Bea,t %f t e Ma,cu!ine. t at 2 ic create, and ex1and, itG, 2i!!. Sexua! Magick , %u!d be a t%%! %f di,c%4ering t e,e a,1ect, and gra,1ing t e3 t% 3anife,t y%ur 2i!! and bec%3e t at 2 ic y%u ,eek# In t i, !e4e! %f initati%n. t e initiate , %u!d re,trict ,exua! acti4ity f%r a ,e!f47 deter3ined 1eri%d. u,e dai!y 3ediati%n and ex1!%re t at 2 ic dri4e, y%u ,exua!!y. and 2 y# Be+i&&i&+ Foc0#! $Me&,al<'hy#ical co&,rol B Ahri1a&ic 9o+a. Be+i& a daily 1edi,a,io& e=erci#e5 #,ar, "i,h C2 1i&0,e# a&d +rad0ally "or4 yo0r#el- 0% ,o D2 a&d >2 1i&0,e#. *Breat ing and c%ntr%!!ing t e 3%4e3ent %f t e ,er1ent# 0ractice and ,eek t% under,tand t e in erent nature %f t e ,y3b%!i,3 %f b%t t e b!ack and red ,er1ent# If 2%rking 2it t e red. fee! t e f!a3e ignite y%ur ner4e, a!%ng t e ,1ine. create a ,en,e %f brief ec,ta,y and a ,urge %f 1%2er 2it eac 5 akra 1%int# D% n%t fai! t% kee1 t e f%cu, %f y%ur 1%,ture# If 2%rking 2it t e b!ack ,er1ent. fee! t e 1 y,ica! unger f%r 5 i and interna! 1%2er a, t e A ri3anic ,er1ent i!!u3inate, y%ur 5 akra 1%int, 2it b!ackened fire# *0 y,ica! Training kee1ing fit. 1u, ing t e ,e!f t% t e !i3it, t% gr%2 ,tr%nger# Eating 2it a ba!anced diet#

*Sy3b%!i,3 and t e :reat "%rk ;n%2 2 at y%u are 2%rking 2it and 2 at eac Deific Ma,k 3ean,# )ira t e ,ec%nd !e4e! %f initiati%n. 2 ere %ne i, ab!e t% c%ntr%! t e bea,t 2it in t e 3ind and b%dy. but i, ab!e t% begin 1ractice %f ,exua! 3agick but 2it 2i!!fu! c%ntr%! and ,e!f di,ci1!ine# At !ea,t t ree fir,t 2%rking, , %u!d be ;are//a and %!ding t e b%dy back fr%3 Orga,3# T i, i, under,tandab!y 4ery difficu!t and 2i!! cau,e 3enta! and 1 y,ica! 1ain. but 2it t e di,1!ay %f ,e!f*di,ci1!ine. t e 3ind and b%dy 2i!! ,trengt en and f%cu, under t i, inten,e te,t %f "i!!# Begin t% f%r3 t e bea,t, and , ad%2, 2 ic , a!! act %ut y%ur 3agick. t% c%33and y%ur ,%rcery and begin %1ening y%ur b%dy a, a Te31!e t% A ri3anCTy1 %n# D% n%t !%%k t%2ard, %t er a4enue, f%r Te31!e, and H%!y HLuciferianI 1!ace,. !%%k %n!y t% y%ur b%dy a, y%ur Te31!e# Ade1t $%cu,48

$Ri,0al Wor4i&+# B ,he %0r%o#e o- re%0l#io&. U&der#,a&d ,he #,orie# o- 1e&,al ill0#,ra,io&# are #y1bolic a&d "hile a%%ear li4e horror$ero,ic -ic,io&5 are 1a+ic4al i& %0r%o#e. Re%0l#io& "ill bri&+ 0&der#,a&di&+ a&d by ,he#e li1i,# crea,e a &e" #e&#e o- E#el-F. *T e i3aginati%n a, t e di4ine initiat%r f%cu, Ib!i,# *;are//a t e ac ie4ing re,u!t, %f ,e!f*tran,f%r3ati%n *T e B%dy a, t e Luciferian Te31!e. b%t inferna! and e31yrean# Dae a B t e t ird !e4e! %f initiati%n. 2 ere t e Ade1t a, %4erc%3e. c%ntr%!!ed and 3anaged t% f%r3 t eir ,exua! 1ractice a, a 3ean, %f bringing t eir %2n 3enta! and 1 y,ica! ,tate t% a Di4ine %r Luciferian ,en,e. 2 ere t e ,e!f i, i,%!ated and :%d!ike. 2 ere n%t ing i, be e!d but y%ur,e!f# Dae4a $%cu,$The Cha4ra# 0,ili:ed i& Se= Wor4i&+# ,o +ai& a -i&e ,0&i&+ o- ,he e er ,ra&#-or1i&+ ArchDae a# o- Ahri1a&5 e=%lori&+ ,he Ser%e&, e&er+y. *T e ,exua! uni%n %f A ri3an and A/. Baba!%n and t e Bea,t +++. Sa3ae! and Li!it a, an interi%r 1ractice f%r c%u1!e,. eac 3anife,ting t e ad4er,aria! current 2it in#


e 1at %f ,exua! 3agick and ,%rcery i, f%und 2it in t e f%cu, %f entering t e %11%,ite %r ,ee3ing , ad%2 %f t e 3ind# T e c%n,ci%u, 3ind i, defined by re,tricti%n and b%undarie,. ,%3e f%r g%%d rea,%n. 3any f%r ,%cia! f%undati%n,# T e 1at %f Ada3u can !ead t2% c%n,enting adu!t, t% ex1!%re t eir dee1 ,ubc%n,ci%u, by a2akening be,tia! ata4i,3,# Ata4i,3, 2ere ex1!%red by art and t e%ry by Au,tin O,3an S1are in t e T2entiet 5entury. in 3any 2ay,. a, effecti4e!y a, A!ei,ter 5r%2!ey. if n%t 3%re# Be,tia! Ata4i,3, are t e !atent kn%2!edge and 2i,d%3 2it in t e 3ind. t e 4ery f%cu, %f bec%3ing 4ia t e Luciferian 1at # " en t e Luciferian Jfa!!,K t% t e de1t ,. t en ri,e, again a, a ,1irit !ike Fa!taba%t %r Sa3ae!. t e 1r%ce,, i, c!ear# T e Jfa!!K i, t e ,%rcer%u, 2%rk %f ex1!%ring t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,. t e ri,ing i, t e b!ending %f t e unc%4ered kn%2!edge int% t e c%n,ci%u, 3ind t% ac ie4e rea! 2%r!d re,u!t,# Be,tia! Ata4i,3, are unc%4ering t e !ycant r%1ic a,1ect,. t e A/ center %f t ir,t and de,ire,. i#e# !u,t and u,ing t e,e de,ire, t% 3anife,t in t e c%n,ci%u, 3ind# ;n%2 t at 2it in t e 1at %f ,exua! 3agick. it i, e,,entia! t% %4erc%3e e!e3ent, %f re1u!,i%n by c%nfr%nting t e,e act,# T i, d%e, n%t 3ean an anti*3%ra!i,tic 4ie2. rat er ,%3et ing a, ,i31!e a, c%1u!ating 2it a 2%3an %r 3ate y%u c%n,ider Jug!yK. a 1ractice b%t A!ei,ter 5r%2!ey and Au,tin O,3an S1are did freLuent!y# One 3ay a4e ,ex 2it a 1artner %ut,ide. 1er a1, at nig t near a garbage

du31 t% attune t e ,en,e, t% r%tting 3eat. ,% %n and ,% %n#



e 1re1arati%n, f%r Sexua! Magick are a, ,y,te3atic a, any %t er 2%rking,. take n%te t at di,ci1!ine and ,e!f*i31%,ed i,%!ati%n i, e,,entia! f%r initiati%n bef%re 2%rking 2it an%t er# " i!e y%ur actua! 2%rk 3ay be 4ery !%%,e and er3etic. t e 1re1arati%n , %u!d be di,ci1!ined# $ir,t!y. kn%2 2 at y%ur g%a! i, t e 4ery ai3 %f t e 2%rking# "i!! y%u ,eek %rga,3 %r 2i!! y%u u,e t e 3et %d %f ;are//a. being excite3ent t% t e brink %f %rga,3 and t en f%cu,ing t at energy %n y%ur g%a!. t en a!!%2ing a 3enta! re!ea,e rat er t an a 1 y,ica! %rga,3# Sec%nd. 2 en 1racticing t e rite. a!!%2 y%ur 3ind t% ,tay f%cu,ed %n t e g%a!. n%t t e 1!ea,ure it,e!f# If it a ,%!itary 2%rking. kee1 y%ur t %ug t, f%cu,ed %n t e %bPect %r g%a!# A!t %ug Luciferian "itc craft and S%rcery %!d, 3any ci1 er, and ,y3b%!,. in t e circ!e it i, 3ere!y y%u and t e :%d,C:%dde,,e, and Dae3%n, 2 ic y%u a4e gi4en 1%2er t% n%t ing e!,e# One 2 % ,eek, t% ex1!%re t e 1ri3a! unger, and ,1iritua! e4%!uti%n %f t e 1at %f t e ,exua! de3%n. c%ntr%! i, de3anded in t e ig e,t degree %f 1ractice# F%u 2i!! 2i, t% 3editate and !earn c%ntr%! %f y%ur b%dy and y%ur t %ug t,# T i, can be a daunting 1r%ce,, but t r%ug t e "i!!ed f%cu, %f Magick , a!! t i, c%3e t% be#

Tantra must be used as a tool to balance the spiritual and physical into a ,oming to 'eing with the +uciferic &nitiatory Guide. This is a spiritual connection with Sutekh, Set the Awakened God of ,haos and the most powerful of 9gyptian Gods.

The 0&io& o- Lili,h 2it in t e B%dy i, t at , e i, t e !ifeb!%%d 2 ic initiate, t at S1ark %f Bec%3ing. t e fe3a!e i, c%31!ete!y acti4e and 1%2erfu! unt% er,e!f# Li!it i, t e 3%ti%n and 3%4e3ent 2 ic bring, f%rt t e ,trengt %f Sa3ae!# S e dra2, %ut t e Seed %f Sa3ae! HA ri3anI t% create 5ain Ht e b%dy %f t e Ade1tI#

The 0&io& o- Sa1ael 6Ahri1a&7 i, c%nte31!ati4e and 1a,,i4e unt% Li!it a, t e energi/er %f !ife. %r 3%ti4ati%n and de,ire# T %ug t %r t e Ak%3an H,ini,ter 3indI i, t e !e4e! %f A ri3an %r Lucifer. t e i,%!ate 3ind#


Here y%u 2i!! find 2


at some a4e %1ed n%t t% find Se!f*E31%2er3ent t r%ug Sexua! 5%ngre,,# S%3e %f t e,e in4%!4e Man t% Man Hadapt to this if this is your se;ual preferenceI. ,%3e "%3an t% "%3an and ,%3e Ma!e t% $e3a!e# In ritua!, %f t e Sun and t e M%%n. t2% 3en 3ay 1artici1ate %2e4er %ne 2i!! take a Lunar ,ide Hfe3inineI and %ne S%!ar H3a,cu!ineI. t e ,a3e 2it "%3an t% "%3an 2%rking,# D% n%t ide y%ur ,exua!ity a2ay. be 2 at y%u are and !et n% %ne te!! y%u it i, 2r%ngR T e 3%de! %f Left Hand 0at Sexua! Magick i, a c a!!enge 2 ic 3%4e, bey%nd t e c%n,traint, %f ,%ci%!%gica! !i3itati%nS it i, tab%% 2it %ut 1,yc %!%gica! degradati%n. ,e!f*3%ti4ati%na! e31%2er3ent t r%ug bec%3ing a, a :%d %r :%dde,,. t% di,c%4er y%ur 2eakne,,e, and ,trengt ,# T e :%d f%r3, %f Sexua! Magick 2it in t e "itc e, Sabbat %r Luciferian 0at i, be,t de,cribed t r%ug Li!it . Lucifer. A ri3an and 5ain# Li!it re1re,ent, t e B!ack %r eart b%und c%ntr%!C3ani1u!ati%n %f t e 2%r!d ar%und y%u in acc%rdance t% t e "i!! %f t e 1ractiti%ner# Li!it i, t e 1atr%n 3%t er %f bea,t,. de3%n, and t e nig t,ide %f nature# Lucifer i, t e Bringer %f Lig t and "i,d%3. t e S%!ar ,ide %f A ri3an# 5ain re1re,ent, t e S%n %f Sa3ae! Ht e De4i!I and Li!it . 2 %3 i, kn%2n in 3any Luciferian circ!e, a, Ba1 %3et# 5ain re1re,ent, initiati%n and t e 1r%ce,, %f t e :reat "%rk it,e!fS be it 2it in a ,exua! 3agick f%r3at %r n%t# Sexua! Magick t r%ug Sa3ae! HA/a/e!CLuciferI i, ,e!ftran,f%r3ati4e MagickS t r%ug t e ,y3b%! %f t e Sun d% y%u i!!u3inate y%ur,e!f by t e i33%!ating inner a2akening kn%2n a, t e B!ack $!a3e# By t e c%3binati%n %f Sa3ae! and Li!it and t eir re,1ecti4e 1at , d% y%u create 2it in 5ain. t e H%rned "itc fat er and Ma,ter %f t e $%rge# Sexua! Magick t r%ug A ri3an i, t e Fatu,CDae4ai= ,u33%ningCin4%king t e 1rinci1!e %r , ad%2 ,ide %f Lucifer int% t e b%dy %f darkne,, 3ade f!e, # T i, i, a

Dae4i i, a fe3a!e Dae4a. a de3%n#


3utating and tran,f%r3ati4e ,tate 2 ic i, 1ainfu!. yet fi!!ed 2it t e ec,ta,y %f ,e!f*deificati%n# A ri3an i, 3%4e3ent. c a%, and t e "i!! 3ade f!e, # T e ,%rcerer. 2 % bec%3e, Fatu,. %r "itc . i, t e i,%!ated 1%2er 2 ic i, an a4atar f%r A ri3an and Li!it # By ,eeking t i, 1at y%u bec%3e a, A ri3an and 2i!! create t e Dae4a, and DruP

2 ic ari,e fr%3 i3# T e 0rince %f Darkne,, i, a 1%2er unt% i3,e!f. e cut, and de4%ur, t at 2 ic bec%3e, u,e!e,, t% i3. and rec%gni/e, t at e i, t e %n!y :%d t at I,# Sexua! Magick i, u,ed t% in4%ke t i, f%rce 2it in. t e Drag%n Made $!e, and d%e, n%t re1re,ent %r ,ugge,t any ,1ecific f%r3 %f gender %r ,exua! %rientati%n# It i, t e ,ex %f t e indi4idua!. %r a4atar# In additi%n. 0airika, %r "itc e, %f t e Left Hand 0at 3ay bec%3e an a4atar f%r t e darker ,ide %f Li!it . t e Bride %f A ri3an kn%2n a, AZ %r ?e # T i, i, t e fe3inine a,1ect %f Darkne,,. t e Tia3at %f t e Su3erian, 2 ic re1re,ent, Ti3e and t e de4%uring a,1ect 2 ic c%ntinue, !ife. t e t ir,t f%r c%ntinued exi,tence#

Model# o- Le-, (a&d 'a,h < Wi,che# Sabba, Se= Ma+ic4 Sa1ael<Ahri1a&
T inking $%rce. t e DPinn HA/a/e!CS aitanI %f $ire. 3a,cu!ine ,trengt . energy. t e 3%4e3ent %f t e ,e!f t r%ug !ife# ;n%2n a!,% a, S aitanCSatan t i, i, t e B!ack Ser1ent %r ;unda!ini# In it, 3a,cu!ine %11%,ing nature. it i, kn%2n a, A ri3an. t e I3aginati%n# Sa3ae! i, t e B!ack Drag%n#


>ed $%rce. t e 3%t er %f de3%n,. darkne,, in nature. 1ri3a! in,tinct,. 3en,trua! b!%%d fr%3 t e ;i,, %f A ri3an# S e i, t e $ire 2 ic in in,tinctua!. b%t exc ange 1%2er 2it attracti%nCre1u!,i%n t% bec%3e ,tr%nger a, %ne# T e 3%de!, %f t e Left Hand 0at and t e "itc e, Sabbat are de,cribed n%2 f%r a furt er c!arity# Sa3ae!. ca!!ed A/a/e! %r Lucifer# Sa3ae! i, t e !eft kingd%3 %f ,e1arati%n fr%3 t e natura! %rder. t e f%rce 2 ic br%ug t !ig t %r inte!!ect t% u3anity t r%ug !ea4ing t e t ra!! %f t e a!!fat er %r Zur4an# Sa3ae! i, re1re,ented a, t e $a!!en Sera1 %r DPinn 2 ic i, c%31%,ed %f $ire and ad T2e!4e "ing,. ,u1eri%r t% %t er ig er ange!, 2 % ad ,ix 2ing,# Sa3ae!G, bride i, Li!it . 2 % 2a, %nce t e bride %f t e A!! fat er and Ada3# It 2a, Sa3ae! 2 % t%%k t e f%r3 %f t e Drag%n Ser1ent. 2 % r%de E4e 2 i!e 1%,,e,,ed by Li!it and by inPecting J$i!t K int% er. c%ncei4ed and b%re 5ain# Li!it i, t e initiat%ry 3%t er. 2 % a2%ke 5ain after i, 3urder %f Abe!. 2 ic i, re1re,ented a, i, !%2er ,e!f %f t e t ra!! %f , ee1# 5ain bec%3e, t e "%!f t r%ug de4%uring t e !ife %f i, br%t er ,y3b%!ica!!y# Sa3ae! and Li!it %btain 1%2er be ind Metatr%n. %r Zur4an. t e B!ack Sun it,e!f# T i, i, t e ,e1arating f%rce fr%3

t e natura! %rder. t e Sigi! %f AL:OL %ften re1re,ent, t i, t e%ry a, t e Eye %f A ri3anCSet tran,f%r3ed and i,%!ate. t u, Order 2it in 5 a%,# BABALON 3ay be,t be de,cribed a, t e e3b%di3ent %f Li!it . A/ and ;a!i a, t e 3%t er %f Sexua! a2akening. t u, S akti. 1%2er and t e unger f%r eterna! !ife# In A!ei,ter 5r%2!eyG, JT e 8i,i%n and t e 8%iceK e 2rite, t at t e ,ign %f t e M%t er and t e f%ur*f%!d 2%rd %f 5HAOS i, eLua! t% t e ,e4en*f%!d 2%rd %f BABALON U =A+#

Le-, (a&ded Ta&,ric Se= Ma+ic4 The U&io& o- Ahri1a& a&d Dr0; B A8

e Fatuk Din%i and 0aiti, a are b%t t%3e, %f Fatukan S%rcery 2 ic ex1!%re, t e f%undati%n, %f in4%king and bec%3ing 4ia t e Dae4a, and DruP fr%3 ancient

0er,ian !%re# A de4e!%13ent t r%ug t e Fatu, i, t e ,exua! 3agick and 2i!!ed ,e!f*tran,f%r3ati%n fr%3 t e f%untain ead %f A/ ?e . kn%2n a!,% a, Li!it in %t er area, %f dae3%nic 3yt %!%gy# In 2%rking 2it t e Fatuk* Din%i %ne in4%ke, t e Dae3%nic and 5 t %nic Heart ba,edI energie, %f t e dae4a and druP. t at t e ,e!f bec%3e, an e31%2ered 4e,,e! %f t e,e f%rce,# By "i!! %ne bec%3e, a Dae3%n %r DruP unt% t e3,e!4e,# Sexua! S%rcery i, a u,efu!. 1%2erfu! and danger%u, 1at 2 ic i, a 3ean, %f c%ntr%!!ing and creating fa3i!iar,. de3%n,. ,ending nig t3are,. c%ntr%!!ing drea3,. etc# One i, ab!e t% u,e ,exua! ,%rcery by t e 2ay %f en4i,i%ning a ,1irit %r g%a! and !%%,ing t e ,e!f in t e ec,ta,y during c!i3ax. t% create and ,end f%rt t e druP# T r%ug t e ty1e, %f Left Hand 0at Sexua! Magick. t e B!ack Magician n%t %n!y bec%3e, a Dae3%nCDae4aCDruP but a!,% a gate2ay f%r t e Luciferian and A ri3anic f%rce 2it in t e Sun and t e M%%n. N%%n and Midnig t# T i, i, a 1r%ce,, %f ,e!f*a,,%ciati%n 2it t e re,1ecti4e :%d f%r3,. t eir integrati%n 2it in y%ur 3ind and %4er1%2ering anyt ing 2 ic ,eek, t% enter y%u# It , %u!d be under,t%%d t at ,uc ,1irit, 3u,t ne4er be a!!%2ed t% c%ntr%! y%u. a, t i, i, 2eakne,, and 2i!! f%!!%2 t% y%ur %2n ,e!f*de,tructi%n# F%u 3u,t c%ntr%! and "i!! t i, f%r3 %f ba!anced Order 2it in y%ur 3ind# T e ,%rcerer 2 % ,eek, t e tran,f%r3ati%n 1at %f A/*?e * Li!it , a!! undertake t e te,t %f 2 ic in4%ke, t e creati4e 1%2er, %f darkne,,# Sex Magick initiate, t e 3agician int% t e current %f A ri3an by 3%4ing again,t t e natura! by c%ntr%!!ingCcreating dae4a, and ,uccubi in t e ,1irit 1!ane. t at by drea3, t ey 3anife,t# A, a 3%de! %f AZ. !et t e 3agician in4%ke in t eir %2n 2ay LILITH. 2 % i, t e dark 1ri3a! in,tinct. t e ,1irit %f nig t and

de,ire. unger and ,exua! c%1u!ati%n# S e i, t e f%rce


2 ic r%u,ed A ri3an fr%3 i, ,!u3ber. , e 2 % a2akened t e De3%n, t% beget Drag%n*5 i!dren#

In Na/%rean*Mani !egend, %f Ada3. A/*Li!it ca3e f%rt fr%3 t e de1t , %f e!! t% teac and in,truct t e fa!!en ange!,. de3%n, and %t er a4er,e ,1irit, t e art %f ,exua! c%1u!ati%n# H%2 by P%ining 3a!e and fe3a!e ,1irit, t%get er. t ey created ,uc %ff ,1ring, u1%n t e eart # T e,e de3%n, ,1a2ned %t er c i!dren. A/ Li!it de4%ured ,%3e %f t e3 !ater %n. 2 ic increa,ed er 4ita!ity and 1%2er# Li!it i, t u, t e $ir,t

8a31ire. t e enf!e, ed ant r%1%3%r1 ic f%r3 %f Tia3atCA/ de a. t e Drag%n Star,#

A practice of this Creation rite may be done accordinglyIn t e circ!e. create t2% ,igi!,. %ne 3a,cu!ine and fe3inine# 0re1are and in4%cati%n t% AZ*?e . t e great 2 %re 2 % a2aken, y%ur 3ind,G eye#

Dedicate y%ur,e!f t% HE> na3e t at y%u , a!! bec%3e t r%ug HE># Sti3u!ate y%ur,e!f by t e i3agined f%r3ati%n %f a 3a!e and fe3a!e Dae4aCDruP. at 5!i3ax an%inting t e Sigi!, 2it t e f!uid# If y%u a4e a 1artner. idea!!y if , e Hun!e,, y%u are t e , eI i, 3en,truating er f!uid, 3ay be an%inted a, 2e!!# T i, f%r3u!a create, t e de3%n, 2 ic 2i!! carry f%rt and enf!e, y%ur de,ire,# F%ur "i!! i, t e dri4ing fact%r a,,%ciated 2it t i,. ,% d% be 1re1ared t% en,%rce! y%ur,e!f in y%ur de,ire 2i!! be!ief#


$The Thir#, o- Lili,0*

%f ?e t e " %re# ;n%2ing!y. Her na3e,


Se!f*"i!! i, direct!y c%nnected t% t

e 1at

are 3any# T e bride %f t e Drag%n and ,1iritua! 3%t er %f 5ain %1en, t e 1%rta! t r%ug He!! in t %,e 2 % ,eek er# T e ai3, %f Ada3u i, t% 1re,ent t e inferna! garden %f de!ig t, 2it in and %ut,ide t e arcana %f ,e!f !%4e. being t e e,,ence %f Tr, na. being T ir,t# T e ,uccubi %r incubi

ari,e, fr%3 t e de1t , %f %ur %2n e!!. t i, 3ay be a 1artia! c%3binati%n %f t e A ri3an !ike a,1ect, %f t e ,e!f 3a,cu!ine. a!2ay, in 3%ti%n c a%, in,1ired ,t%r3, 2 ic a!!%2 t e ,%rcerer t% in4%ke c ange and bec%3ing unt% t e 0rince %f Darkne,,# T e Left Hand 0at by 3ean, %f i,%!ati%n a!!%2, t e 1ractiti%ner t% di,c%4er i, %r er ,e!fS t% ex1!%re it and c ange it acc%rding t% Se!f "i!!# It i, t e e,,ence %f A/ ?e being 5%ncu1i,cence 2 ic di4%rce, t e 1,yc e fr%3 t e natura! %rder %f decay and ,ti!!ne,,. it center, t e 3ind it,e!f int% t e Eye %f t e Ad4er,ary. t e fire, %f inte!!ect 2 ic a, a gift %f Lucifer t e Lig t Bringing na3e %f A ri3an. t% t e center %f 1%,,ibi!ity and ,e!f*c%ntr%!# Sexua! S%rcery i, n%t %n!y ab%ut c%ntr%!. but %2 t% ex1!%re t e 3%,t inferna! and Luciferian facet, %f t e ,e!f and uti!i/ing t i, 1%2er 1r%ducti4e!y# It i, 1%,,ib!e f%r t e ,%rcerer t% bec%3e like t e Dae4a, %r DruP. t% bec%3e like A ri3an# T e Fatu, H e 2 % 1ractice, ,%rceryI 3u,t be 2i!!ing t% bear %1en i, %r er ,%u!. t% i33%!ate it in t e B!ack $!a3e %f t e Ad4er,ary and ba1ti/e it int% t e future 1%,,ibi!ity %f ,e!f*g%d %%d# T i, i, n%t an ea,y ta,k. n%r d%e, it n%t c%3e 2it c%n,eLuence,# F%u , a!! c ange. y%ur 3ind 2i!! ,trengt en. ex1and and y%ur t %ug t, 2i!! intent!y f%cu, %n y%ur g%a!,# T %,e un1re1ared f%r t e 1r%ce,, %f ,e!f*deificati%n 2i!! by n% d%ubt ,ea! t eir fate int% t e 3%ra,, %f 3adne,, t% be de4%ured by A/ er,e!f# T e ,1ira! %f Ada3u %ffer, t e ,ecret, %f t e ,%u!S and t e %rr%r %f t e aby,, 2 ic i, 2aiting 2it in eac %f u,# D% n%t ,eek t e darkne,, t% di,,%!4e. t% die# Seek t e darkne,, a, a fiery ,er1ent t at refu,e, t e deat %f t e 1,yc e. by Tr, na , a!! !i4e bey%nd t e 4ei! %f 1 y,ica! deat #

Strengt en y%ur 1,yc e and ,%u! n%2S de3and t e cu1 %f A/ and drink dee1 %f it, f%rnicati%n# T e :ri3%ire %f Ada3u i, !aid acr%,, ti3e and cu!tureS it d%e, n%t %!d ,1ecific d%g3a t% %ne traditi%n %r 2ay# It 3u,t a!,% be 3enti%ned t at Sexua! Magick %!d, 1%2erfu! ,er4it%r,. but , a!! de,tr%y t %,e 2 % a4e n%t t e "i!! t% c%ntr%! t eir de,ire,# Suc incubi and ,uccubi are de4%uring 3a,ter, and 2i!! ,!%2!y feed fr%3 t %,e 2 % cann%t c%ntr%! t e3# Be 2arned# T e 3et %d, %f Left Hand 0at ,exua! 3agick 3ay be ex1!%red and ex1anded by t e i3aginati%n %f t e 1ractiti%ner 2it t e 3et %d, %f %!d# It 3u,t be c%n,idered t at ,uc 1ractice i, n%t ai3ed at inf!ating t e eg%S rat er t% 3anife,t a 1%2er unt% t e ,ubPecti4e %r interi%r 2%r!d %f t e 3agician# Sex

Magick i, 4ery 1%2erfu! but eLua!!y a, danger%u,# By t e 1r%ce,, %f e4%king and creating ,uccubi %r incubi. a 2eak 2i!!ed indi4idua! 2 % !ack, ,e!f c%ntr%! 3ay by i, %r er %2n err%r fa!! int% %b,e,,i%n in 2 ic t e ,uccubiCincubi begin, t% c%ntr%! t e 3a,ter it,e!f# T i, i, 1er a1, %ne %f t e 3%re danger%u, a,1ect, %f ba,ic ,exua! ,%rcery. 2 i!e ,uc danger, e,ca!ate de1ending %n t e "%rking it,e!f# /The 9"il Spirit produced the dark and thie"ish wolf, the most worthy of darkness, no;ious, of the darkest race, of black astral body, biting..2 :reater Bunda i, n T e f%undati%n, %f t e "%!f S1ecie, a, defined in t e A4e,ta are 1redat%ry ,1irit, %f A ri3an# " i!e t ey d% n%t a4e t% be ,1ecifica!!y a 2%!f. a u3an %r ani3a! 3ay 3anife,t t e trait, and 1redat%ry nature %f t e 2%!f it,e!f#

Abo e! The Gly%h o- L0ci-eria& Se= Ma+ic4! Ahri1a& a&d A:. 64

The Draco&ia& Ri,e o- ,he Ad er#ary

Rai#i&+ ,he T"i& Ser%e&,# o- Lili,h a&d Sa1ael D

A, indi4idua! 4e,,e!, %f 5ainCNaa3a

H5ainG, ,i,terI. t e 3agician 2i!! f%cu, %n 4i,ua!i/ing t e >ed and B!ack 5%i!ing Ser1ent, u1 t e ,1ine# Sit u1%n a c%3f%rtab!e 1i!!%2. !eg, cr%,,ed and begin t% ,!%2 y%ur breat ing# T i, i, d%ne by bani, ing a!! %t er t %ug t, and c%ncentrate %n y%ur !%2er ,1ine# S!%2!y begin t% f%r3 a great >ed ,er1ent 2 ic ,tart, at y%ur !%2er back t i, i, Li!it . t e >ed drag%n 2 ic i, t e fiery !ife ,%urce 2 ic ri,e, a, t e Sun it,e!f# "it eac breat . y%u , a!! fee! it a,cend and c%i! ar%und y%ur ,1ina! c%!u3n# F%u , %u!d i3agine fire. eat and creati4e f%rce a, t e drag%n a,cend, y%ur b%dy# " en Li!it reac e, y%ur rig t , %u!der. y%u , %u!d ba,k in t e $ire %f Se!f. t i, i, t e !ife bringing f%rce %f unger and de,ire. t e Lua!itie, %f being and ,e!f*!%4e# Be 1!ea,ed t at y%ur i3aginati%n a, created t i, 3enta! and 1 y,ica! 1!ea,ureS kn%2 t at y%u by y%ur,e!f are t e creat%r %f y%ur %2n :%d,# T i, i, t e e,,ence %f t e Left Hand 0at . ,e!f*deificati%n# N%2 y%u 2i!! begin t% ca!! f%rt t e B!ack Ser1ent.Sa3ae!CA ri3an# T i, i, t e T, ad%2G. t e 1ri3a! in,tinct and ,exua! de,ire f%r bec%3ing# T e e3%ti%na!. !u,tfu! a,1ect 2 ic i, t e dri4ing f%rce %f ,%rcery and ,e!fex1an,i%n# Begin ,u33%ning t e B!ack Ser1ent u1 y%ur ,1ine. c%i!ing 2it t e >ed Drag%n a, red f!a3e and b!ackened fire P%in a, %ne# A, t e,e t2% f%rce, c%ntinue t% c%nnect. rub t%get er and bring ab%ut fricti%n. ec,ta,y
An ad4anced f%r3u!a i, idden 2it in t e ,y3b%!i,3 %f t e rite. AZHISH. f%und in T e 0aiti, a by Mic ae! "# $%rd# It i, a ,1ira!ing %f t e Dae4aya,na 2 % ad4ance, t e 1,yc e in t e Luciferian :n%,i,#


, a!! %4ertake y%u# D% n%t a!!%2 t e "i!! t% fai! %r t% !%,e y%ur deter3inati%n# A, t e B!ack Ser1ent 3%4e, u1 y%ur ,1ine f%cu, %n it, e,,ence darkne,,. !u,t 1a,,i%n and idden a,1ect, %f t e ,e!f. be,tia! tran,f%r3ati%n. i,%!ati%n

and t e f%undati%n, %f ,%rcery# Dra2 t e dae3%nic fe3inine in2ard. t% 3erge 2it t e B!ack Drag%n. Li!it # A, t e B!ackened Drag%n ri,e, ab%4e t e Left , %u!der. en4i,i%n n%2 t e uni%n %f t i, f%rce t e creati%n %f 5ain# F%u 3ay ref!ect %n t e,e t2% f%rce, in re!ati%n t% y%ur %2n uniLue being# A,k y%ur,e!f. %2 2i!! I u,e t i, kn%2!edge and 1%2er t% i31r%4e 3y being and !ifeM " en t e t2in ,er1ent, a4e b%t been rai,ed. y%u 3ay n%2 1erf%r3 an act %f Hig S%rcery. %f t e B!acke,t Magick %f ,e!f*deificati%n# In4%ke t e Luciferian Ange!. A/a!Guce!. 1ractice 2 at ,1e!! y%u 2i, 2it i31r%4ed 1%tency and BE5OME t r%ug t e B!ack $!a3e# Bec%3ing a, it i, ca!!ed reLuire, 1atience. but deter3inati%n and c%33it3ent# T e circ!e %f ,%rcery kn%2, %n!y t e b%und, y%u 1re,ent t% it. ;n%2 T y,e!fR E&#orcel1e&, o- ,he Dae1o& T e arte %f ,exua! ,%rcery bet2een t2% 1artner, , %u!d be f%cu,ed %n t e en,%rce!3ent) %f t e 1ri3a! %1 idian 1%2er# T i, i, t e B!ack and >ed Snake in uni%n. bet2een b%t 1artici1ant,# Let b%t t e f!uid, %f 3a!e and fe3a!e be br%ug t in uni%n f%r t e c%n,ecrati%n %f ta!i,3an, and ,igi!,. t u, a de3%n b%rn under t e "i!! %f t e 1ractiti%ner,# T e Dae3%n 2 ic i, a Succubi %r Incubi 3ay be ,igi!!i/ed by any kn%2n 3et %d and furt er 1re1ared by t e e4%cati%n, t% be c%nducted bef%re. during and after
A 2%rd 3eaning Tt% encirc!eG. in t e c%ntext %f ritua! and 3agica! 2%rking,. it i, t e ,%rcer%u, binding %f 1%2er %r energy. t at 2 ic 3ay be identifiab!e 2it a c arged ,1irit %r ,er4it%r#


c%1u!ati%n# T e Dae3%n de1ending %n intent 3u,t be agreed a ead %f ti3e by t e 1artici1ant,. ,% t at by t e 3et %d, %f "i!! De,ire Be!ief bring t e circ!e %f Art t% 3anife,tati%n. t at t e S ad%2 , a!! take f%r3 in t y uni%n# A!!%2 t e circ!e t% be ca,t a, t e c%i!ing drag%n a, t y circu3ference %f ,e!f# T e circ!e re1re,ent, n%t t at 2 ic y%u ,eek t% kee1 %ut. rat er %f 2 ic y%u , a!! bind 2it in t e circ!e i, n%t a 2eak 2i!!ed 5 ri,tian de,ign a, %nce 2a,. n% c%2ering d%ne be ind britt!e 2%rd,R >at er e4%ke t e dae3%n a, y%ur br%t er. !%4er. ,i,ter and friendR The Circle Cha&, o- Traci&+! /'y the ,ircle of the *orned %oon, 'y the ,ircle of the Three faced %oon 'y the ,ircle of ,ain, shall you be cast )nce by Shadow filled in Ahriman<s hand Twice by 6oon$Tide (ire of Shaitan<s glance Third by %idnight ,aul of +ilith<s dance

'e it complete and sacred in this center of Arte2 "it in t e circ!e , a!! b%t P%in and 2it t e f%cu, %f t e Succubi and Incubi %f t e Aga1e %f Magick a!!%2 c%1u!ati%n# D% begin 4i,ua!i/ing t e ,1irit taking a f%r3 fr%3 t e 0a,,i%n, %f t e Aga1e and b%t indi4idua!,G 2i!!ed intent %f creati%n and binding# T e E4%cati%n dagger %r b!ade c%n,ecrated in 5ainG, na3e 3ay be u,ed by b%t t% f%cu, and c arge t eir 2%rk# T i, i, a 2%rking %f t e uni%n %f , ad%2, int% a ,er4it%r#

/*ail unto thee, ) shadow thirsting daemon of earthen bound time *ail unto thee, ser"itor of the horned lord of flame and nightways 'lessed are thee, who walks the gast = roads beyond our "eil again With our Dagger, born of ,ain<s fire and forge & name you -name. by those hidden pathways forgotten by the profane2 At t e 3%3ent %f 3a!e %rga,3. an%int t e ,igi! acc%rding!y. 2 en t e 1artner a, reac ed %rga,3 ,%3e %f t e f!uid , %u!d be c%!!ected and c%n,ecrated u1%n t e ,igi! a, 2e!!# B%t 1ractiti%ner,G 3u,t ,tay f%cu,ed during and after t e c%1u!ati%n. 2it in t e circ!e 2 ic i, ca,t a, t e c%!!ecti%n 1%int %f ,uc energy. t u, c arging t e dae3%n acc%rding!y# /%y flesh and her blood is that which begets the body of shadow that is Daemon, the D3inn fallen from the sky as the +ightening 9ye = glance of Samael Do take form and manifest our desire as it is so 'y Sabbat blade & bind you, by phallus and blood = moon & empower you2


Ta&,ric 'o#i,io&#
S0++e#,ed 0#e i& Ri,0al Ma+ic4 "it in t e ,acred circ!e %f A/. %r t e Triang!e a, y%u a4e dra2n it. t e dae3%n 2it in 3ay a,cend ab%4e y%u a, A/%t %/. t e Ange!*Drag%n 2 % i, b%rn %f , ad%2# In t e rite, %f Sexua! Magick. t e 1ractiti%ner a, bec%3e e,,entia!!y a ,e!f*created ,e1arate being. %ne 2 ic ,tand, %ut,ide t e b!i,, %f nir4ana# T e Luciferian , a!! ,eek t e ec,ta,y %f ,e!f*!%4e. but a!,% t at 2 ic f%cu,e, future ,e!f*creati%n and 1r%gre,,i%n# 5%ncentrati%n i, e,,entia! in ,uc 2%rking,. a, it i, bet2een !%4er, t e dae3%nic ec,ta,y %f ,e!f*in4%ked 1%2er# It i, n%t rare during ,uc tantric 1ractice t at t e 1ractiti%ner, fee! a ty1e %f J, ad%2K %r f%rce ,urr%unding t e3S t i, i, t e gat ering %f t e Sabbat in %ne %f 3any %f it, f%r3,# It i, t e 2idder, in, circ!e*dance %f bea,t and dae3%n. %r ,er4it%r and !i!itu# F%ur de,ire e31%2er, t eir dri4e. t eir acti4ity and 3%4e3ent# U,e t e,e created and attracted f%rce, 2e!!S t ey , a!! be ,er4it%r, %f y%ur 4ery !u,t and de,ire# T e ,ugge,ted 1%,iti%n, 3ay be u,ed t% g%%d end. a!!%2 y%ur %2n 1redi!ecti%n t% guide y%u# "it in t e circ!e. !et t e fe3a!e be P%ined t% er t ig , 2it t e 3a!e. %r if it i, %f t e ,a3e ,ex. !et %ne be fi!!ed by t e %t er# "it eac t ru,t a great 1ain , a!! turn t% ,eet ing ec,ta,y. eac t ru,t , %u!d be a deter3ined f%cu, %f "i!! and De,ire t% a!!%2 t at 2 ic t ey ,eek t% 3anife,t# If t e 2%rk i, interna! in nature. a!!%2 t e fee!ing, t% be carefu!!y exa3ined during t e actS by b%t 1ractiti%ner,# A, 2it eac t ru,t a!!%2 t e fire 2 ic ri,e, t r%ug b%t b%die, t% be f%cu,ed t%2ard, t e g%a! at and# A!!%2 t i, t% %ccur unti! ex au,ti%n#

"it t e 3a!e 1ractiti%ner in a ,tanding 1%,iti%n. re,ting %n i, knee,. and t e fe3a!e %r 1a,,i4e 1ractiti%ner !aying %n t eir back. t e 3a!e in a r yt 3ic 3%4e3ent t ru,t, dee1 in t e 1a,,i4e 2 i!e 3a,,aging er c!it%ri,. %r if ,a3e ,ex

3a,turbating t e 3a!e# T e ex1erience bet2een b%t 2i!! genera!!y be !%ng and re!axed. 2 ic i, ,uitab!e f%r t %,e intere,ted in a 3%re ca!3ing f%cu,ed 2%rking# "it a fe3a!e 2 % i, ab!e t% ac ie4e %rga,3 t e 3a!e %r d%3inant in t e circ!e , %u!d begin !icking t e fe3a!e unti! ar%u,ed. at t i, 3%3ent e %r , e , %u!d 2%rk %ne finger in,ide 2 i!e !icking t e c!it%ri, 2it r yt 3ic 3%4e3ent,. gent!y r%cking t e fe3a!e# T e 3a!e 2i!! 3%re t an !ike!y be ab!e t% 3%4e %ne 3%re finger 2it in t e fe3a!e. ,!%2!y reac ing dee1 t% t e i!tS t i, a!!%2, a ,tr%ng r yt 3ic 1attern# "it eac t ru,t t e d%3inant and 1a,,i4e 1artici1ant, 2i!! be ab!e t% f%cu, %n t e g%a! %f t e 2%rking# T e fe3a!e 2i!! n% d%ubt reac t e %rga,3 fir,t. %r reac t% t e brink ,% t at t e 3a!e Hif 1re,entI 2i!! be ab!e t% engage in interc%ur,e# B%t , %u!d f%cu, %n reac ing %rga,3 t%get er during t e 2%rking. ,% b%t ,tate, %f ec,ta,y 3ay be f%cu,ed %n t e g%a! %f t e 2%rking#





B*N a&d B0ddhi#1! The Le-, (a&d 'a,h a%%roach

e ear!y re!igi%u, 1ractice %f B%n 0% i, %ne centered in 3agick and ,%rcer%u, tran,f%r3ati%n# T e B%n re!igi%u, traditi%n. de4e!%1ed in Tibet bef%re t e exi,ting ,1read %f Budd i,3 e!d in 1!ace a!! t e f%undati%n, %f ba!anced 3agicka! 1ractice# T e 2%rd JB%n 0aK i, a 4erb 3eaning Jt% recite 3agica! f%r3u!a,K and refered t% t e ig !y 1%tent 1ractice %f reciting Mantra. t e ,%*ca!!ed JSigi!, %f S%undK 2 ic refer t% t e 1ractice n%2 a, JS%nic B!ack MagickK. re1re,enting t e tran,f%r3ati%n %f ,e!f t r%ug ,%und# It i, be!ie4ed t at ,%und it,e!f can tran,f%r3 and c%ntr%! energie, in t e 2%r!d ar%und u,# T e Left Hand 0at d%e, n%t defer %r re1re,ent an a,1ect %f e4i! %r g%%d# >at er t e,e are 3%ra!i,tic ter3, 2 ic %!d !itt!e re!e4ance 2 en taken fr%3 t eir i31%,ed ,etting, in ,%ciety#

'a,h o- B0i,i a&d Bo& 'o

F%ga i, a 2%rd deri4ing fr%3 a San,krit r%%t 3eaning TFuPK and 3ean, e,,entia!!y JP%inK# " i!e t e traditi%na!i,t, 3ean JP%in 2it :%dK t e Luciferian 3ean, JP%in 2it t e Ad4er,aryK. 3eaning t e Dae3%nic Ma,cu!ine and $e3inine# T e Luciferian i, e,,entia!!y a Sad aka. being a ,1iritua! a,1irant %f t e !eft and 1at . ,eeking t% 3ake i, %r er b%dy a ba!anced. ,1iritua! and 1 y,ica! Te31!e %f t e Ad4er,ary. t% gr%2 ,tr%ng and i33%rta! in 3ind t r%ug t e initiati%n %n t e Satanic %r Luciferian 1at # Buiti kn%2n a, BVt. 2%r, i11ed by Buda,1 and i, a de3%nic 1er,%nificati%n %f t e A ri3anic %r , ad%2 %f

Budd a. being id%!atry Hif y%u can i3agine an Anti* Budd i,t. %ne 2 % uti!i/e, t e tec niLue, f%r an end %f ,e!fdeificati%nI# T e Luciferian re4ea!, Buiti a, t e de3%n %f di,ci1!ine. t e a2akener %f t e ,er1ent and t e 3a,tery %f t e f!e, in t i, 2%r!d# A, A ri3an 2a, ,aid t% a4e

created Buiti. t i, dae4a i, t e un,een deat . t e ,1irit 2 ic 3ay be a2akened by t e 2%rk, %f ;unda!ini and ,exua! 3agick# Buiti i, t e 1at %f Luciferian c%ntr%!. uti!i/ing di,ci1!ine and ba!ance t% ac ie4e a direct c%33uni%n 2it t e :%d 2it in. t e de4e!%1ing and i,%!ate inte!!igence ca!!ed JDae3%nK %r JDae4aK# Let u, define 2 at t e difference, and ,i3i!aritie, %f Budd i,3 and Buiti can be'a,h o- B0i,i 'a,h o- B0ddha
Trai,# Bui!dCba!ance eg% Manife,t De,ire Uti!i/e "rat >efine and exa!t ,e!f Bec%3ing !ike t e Ad4er,aryCS1irit ,e1arati%n Indu!ge in 0!ea,ure E3brace 0a,,i%n Trai,# De,tr%y eg% De,tr%y de,ire 5ea,e "rat Bec%3e Se!f!e,, Uni%n "it :%dCS1iritua! %nene,, A4%id 0!ea,ure A4%id 0a,,i%n

DEM*NS WIT(IN T(E B*D9 Liber H8HI@ 3ake, reference t% nu3er%u, 1%int, %f de3%n, in abiting t e b%dy# " at d%e, t i, actua!!y refer t%M $r%3 t e !%re in t e Bunda i, n t% t e A4e,ta. de3%n, %r Dae4a,. created by A ri3an and A/. in abit 1art, %f t e ,1irit and b%dy. gi4ing it !ife and 1%2er# In %ur

Succubu, 0ub!i, ingCLULU 0re,, '((A#


c%33%n exi,tence. de3%n, d% in abit and re1re,ent a,1ect, %f %ur 3ind, and b%die,# $%r in,tance. t e 5 akra, are re1re,ented acc%rding t% t eir attribute, ,1ecific Arc Dae4a, %f A ri3an. bringing 1%2er and 2i,d%3 t% t %,e 2 % 3ay 2%rk 2it t e3# A/ i, ,aid t% in abit t e u3an b%dy a, 2e!!. bringing eat 2it in it and cau,ing unger and c%ntinua! 1redat%ry in,tinct,# It 3atter, n%t if y%u be!ie4e t i, a, !itera!. ,y3b%!ic %r a 3anife,tati%n %f t e Ad4er,aria! 1%2er# T e key t% un!%cking t i, 1%2er i, t% de4e!%1 and 1ractice 3et %d, %f di,ci1!ine and c%ntr%!# Budd i,t tec niLue, 1r%4e effecti4e in de4e!%1ing ,uc a 1r%ce,,. kee1 in 3ind t at %ne 3u,t n%t a!ign t% t at ,1irit*3urdering 1r%ce,, %f ,e!f* ate. but u,e t e tec niLue, t% bec%3e a, a :%d %r :%dde,,# T i, d%e, n%t ,i31!y 3ean y%u Jt inkK y%u are %ne and it i, ,%. rat er it i, a dee1er 1r%ce,, %f initiati%n 2 ic c%ntinua!!y 1r%gre,,e, t i, a,1ect# Many a4e a,ked J,1iritua! i33%rta!ityK 2%u!d be b%ring. a!2ay, being Jy%ur,e!fK# " at 3u,t be under,t%%d i, t at t e indi4idua! ,e!f i, a!2ay, c anging. tran,f%r3ing and , edding f%r3er a,1ect, %f it,e!f# T e 3ind i, a!2ay,

ex1anding and ,eeking ne2 c a!!enge,. t u, any :%d %r Dae3%nic S1irit i, c%ntinua!!y c anging and 1r%gre,,ing# A, t e 1at %f t e W!i11%t in ritua! circu3,tance, a!!%2, de4%uring ,1irit %f t e ,%rcerer t% feed and gr%2 ,tr%ng. it act, a, a 1at again,t a!! %t er,. t% n%t !%%,e t e 3ind but gr%2 fr%3 it# In ,exua! 2%rking,. y%ur are ta11ing t e 4ery ,%urce %f T1a,,i%nG and !u,t t% a direct and 1er,%na! f%r3 a!!%2ing initiati%n# The A#,ral Body a&d B0ddhi#1 T e !eft and 1at indicate, t at it %ffer, tran,f%r3ati%n and 1%2er t r%ug an anti*nature a11r%ac # " i!e t i, ter3 Janti*natureK re!ate, %n!y t% t e 1re,cribed n%r3a! u3ani,tic c%de %f t e day. t e rea! !eft and 1at e3brace, nature a, a teac er and guide t r%ug t e c%ur,e %f a !ife# If y%u 2ant t% !earn t e ba,i, and

f%undati%n %f di,ci1!ine. !%%k t% t e ani3a!, %f t e 2i!d f%r t i, di,1!ay %f grace and 1%2er# L%%k t% re1ti!e, f%r t e in,tinctua! dri4e %f ,ur4i4a! and 3a,tery. t erein can y%u !earn 3uc 2it %ut a JguruK %r ,%*ca!!ed teac er# F%u cann%t !earn 3agick by an%t er. y%u can be guided t% t e 2ater but y%u a4e t% be 2i!!ing t% di4e in# In Budd i,3 it i, c%n,idered t at t e 1 y,ica! b%dy i, , a1ed in acc%rdance 2it 2 at 2e kn%2 a, t e a,tra! b%dy# A, t e 1 y,ica! b%dy i, t e ig e,t 1ercent 2ater. t e a,tra! b%dy i, fed by t e eat %f t e b%dy# " en y%u are ab!e t% c%ntr%! y%ur b%di!y 3%4e3ent,. i#e# ,itting ,ti!! f%r 1eri%d, %f ti3e. ,!%2ing t %ug t. breat ing and a!!%2ing a fren/y HAe, 3aI t% ri,e u1. y%u are exerci,ing t e 1at %f Buiti and di,ci1!ine#

T e 5 akra, and Arc Dae4a,

Cha4ra or(ell ArchDae a Loca,io& Ele1e&,
Eart "ater $ire Air Et er Mind

di,c%ntent fury. !u,t. Du, 4ar, ta HE4i!

Tar%3ati Ba,e %f M0ladhara Ha!,%Ta1re4 and Zairic I S1ina!5%!u3n S adhi#,ha&a Ae, 3a >e1r%duct%ry %rgan deter3inati%n Ma&i%0ra Na%ng ait ya na4e! area DeedI A&aha,a AndarCIndra eart
!ig tning b%!t %f initiati%n#

Under,tanding t e Du, uk ta HE4i! Du, 3ata HE4i! Anag ra Te3a HEnd!e,, Darkne,,I

)i#h0ddha "%rdI A;&a T %ug tI Sa+a#rara

Sa4ar Ak%3an A ri3an

ba,e %f t r%at bet2een eye,. t ird eye

1inea! g!and %r cr%2n A/ i Da aka H;ing %f t e "%r!dI


In uti!i/ing t e 1ractice %f t e 5 akra,. 1ractice ba,ic 3et %d, %f breat ing and f%cu, %n c%ntr%!!ing y%ur 3%4e3ent, and t %ug t,# Start 2it Tar%3ati and 2it t e

,1irit %f di,c%ntent 3%4e t e $ire ,er1ent t% t e Ae, 3a c akra. ar%u,e di,c%ntent 2it !u,t# Here i, 2 ere 3%,t u3an, fai! and a!!%2 e3%ti%n t% %4erru!e E4i! %r 1!anned t %ug t# D% n%t !et di,c%ntent a!!%2 a,ty acti%n, 2it !u,t# T ink ab%ut t e c%re i,,ue. t e 1r%b!e3 and itG, cau,e a!2ay, t e ,e!f in 1r%*acti%n %r re*acti%n in t e 2%r!d ar%und it. and %2 carefu! 1!anning and t e u,e %f t e fi4e ,en,e, 2i!! c anne! it in a 1%,iti4e 2ay# T i, i, 2 y di,ci1!ine i, ,% e,,entia! in 3agick. t e current %f t e Ad4er,ary i, 4ery 1%2erfu!. c%ntr%! and 2i!!ed f%cu, i, t e fact%r deciding true 1%2er and it, 4ari%u, a11!icati%n,# T e B%dy i, a Te31!e %f Satan i, exact!y c%rrect. y%u 3u,t ,trengt en y%ur b%dy acc%rding!y# Chi a&d A&+h0ya A, y%u de4e!%1 y%ur 3ind*,1irit*b%dy t e Te31!e y%u create 2i!! 1r%,1er and gr%2# F%u 2i!! be ab!e t% c%ntr%! y%ur ,t%ring %f 5 i %r Ang uya and drain it fr%3 %t er, %r t r%ug drea3, if y%ur 1at i, t u, de4%ur3ent# T e 5 i!dren %f DruP. %r t e Lie are t e de4%tee, %f ;a!i %r A/. t e de4%uring 3%t er# A, y%u c%n,u3e 5 i y%u are n%t acting again,t %t er,. rat er di,1!aying ,trengt and t e kn%2!edge %f under,tanding t e 1redat%ry nature in b%t eart and t e uni4er,e a, 2e 1re,ent!y under,tand it#


The L0ci-eria& GBo& %aH

Let u, define b!ack 3agick# B!ack Magick i,

t e 1r%ce,, %f ,e!f*tran,f%r3ati%n t r%ug an antin%3ian initiat%ry ,tructure. B!ack 3eaning t e idden 2i,d%3. 1%2er %f darkne,,. drea3, and ,taging t e rea!ity y%u 2i, and Magick being t e 1r%ce,, t% a,cend. bec%3e i33%rta! in ,1irit# T u, Our ,%rcery i, t e Magick %f Lucifer. Li!it . Sa3ae!. A ri3an. A,3%deu, and A/# "e 2i, t% de4%ur and t% bec%3e# Luciferian, are Anti*Budd i,t in t e acce1ted n%r3a! ,en,e# "e re,1ect and ad3ire t eir cu!ture and ig !e4e! %f di,ci1!ine. yet 2e 2i, t% 1%,,e,, t e 2%r!d and ,1irit ar%und u,# "e a4e n% kn%2!edge %f an exteri%r :%d but

t e %ne 2it in# T e u,e %f S%und i, e,,entia! t% 3aintaining c%ntr%! 2it in a 3agica! ,en,e# T e 5u!tu, %f Buiti i, t e A4er,e c%nce1t %f Budd i,3. t e di,ci1!ine 2it t e de,ire t% de4%ur t e idea and ,1irit %f a :%d. %r ,u1re3e being# In Budd i,3. t ere i, 2 at i, kn%2n a, $%ur A,1ect, %f S%und# T e ,tage, %f ,%nic 4ibrati%n, aid in 3agick and tran,f%r3ati%n# T i, ,%urce i, fr%3 t e 8eda,. di4ine 2%rk, 2 ic can be 2it a !itt!e i3aginati%n. be a11r%ac fr%3 a !eft and 1at 1er,1ecti4e t% g%%d end#


'a#ya&,i- ,%und 2 ic e3erge, fr%3 t e 3ind# T e I,%!ate c%n,ci%u,ne,, %r dae3%nic ,1irit it,e!f# ArchDae a! A4o1a& 'ara! ,%und 2 ic e3erge, fr%3 0rana# T e 1ri3a! 4%ice %f t e B!ack $!a3e# ArchDae a! A&dar )ai4hari! ,%und 2 ic e3erge, fr%3 ex1re,,i%n and c%33unicati%n# ArchDae a! Sa ar Madhya1a! ,%und 2 ic a, it, ,eat in t e eart area. t i, i, different in a11r%ac t% t e 5 akra, 2 erein Ae, 3a i, re!ated t% an%t er a,1ect# In S%und. Ae, 3a i, t e un,1%ken. t e eart ,2e!!ing 2it 1a,,i%n# ArchDae a! Ae#h1a


,he Ser%e&,

e S akti i, t e red ,er1ent. t e fe3inine creati4e f%rce 2 ic d2e!!, at t e ba,e %f t e ,1ine# S e i, gi4en !ife by t e 1%2er %f t e b!ack ,ub,tance. %f a, en and b!ackened 3atter# Darkne,, i, A ri3an and t i, i, t e b!ack ,er1ent. t i, i, t e 3ateria! de,ire %r b%dy it,e!f# In A ri3anic F%ga. t e S akti P%in, 2it t e B!ack Ser1ent and c%i!, u1 t e ,1ine. i!!u3inating t e 5 akra, and t e facu!tie, %f t e Arc Dae4a,# T e ;unda!ini re,ide, in t e b%dy %f b%t ,exe, a, a ,er1ent and i, a2akener %f t e ,1irit and b%dy t% ne2 eig t, %f 2i,d%3#

T e 1%int %f i!!u3inating. c%ntr%!!ing and 3%4ing t r%ug t e 5 akra, i, t% ac ie4e c%ntr%! and ,1iritua!C1 y,ica! b!i,,. n%t a nu3bing nir4ana but a 1a,,i%n f%r !i4ing and t e c%ntinuance %f c%n,ci%u,ne,,# A, y%u 3%4e t r%ug t e 5 akra, and begin de4e!%1ing y%ur a,tra! f%r3. reac ing APna %r t e 5 akra %f Ak%3an. y%u 3ay take f%r3 a, anyt ing y%u 2i, t% feed fr%3 %t er, and drink %f t e c akra,. %r t% ri,e u1 t% drain t e di4ine 1%2er, %ut,ide %f y%ur b%dy# T% ri,e u1 t% t e e,,ence %f A ri3an i, t% drink %f t e di4ine darkne,, %f t e 5u1 %f A/. t e b!%%d %f t e 2 %re. 2 %,e %2n unger i, t e de4%uring ,1irit it,e!f. 3anife,ting in t e 1 y,ica! a, di,ea,e. unger. deat and 2ar# It i, t i, a,1ect %f in,tinct 2e 3u,t re4e! in. t% under,tand t e de3%nic i, t% c%ntr%! t e be,tia! in,tinct 2it in %ur 1 y,ica! b%die,# T r%ug t e 1ractice %f A ri3anic F%ga. t e Luciferian ,1irit c%ntr%!, t e 3%re ungering a,1ect, %f t e 3ateria! b%dy# In Sexua! >ite,. y%ur 1artner 3ay c%unter2eig y%ur %2n initiat%ry

ex1erience and furt er i!!u3inate t e c%n,ci%u,ne,, int% , eer 1%2er by t e uni%n %f t e 1 y,ica! 2it t e ,1iritua!#


;a!i. ca!!ed S3a, an Hcre3ati%n gr%und,I Tara Ht e ,a4i%re,,I. i, Li!it a, t e great de4%urer and de,tr%yer# In a Left Hand 0at 1er,1ecti4e ;a!i i, t e f%rce 2 ic 2e find 2it in %ur,e!4e, t r%ug !%%king dee1 2it in er. facing er terr%r, and t r%ug uni%n 2it t e fe3inine. e31%2er

a ,!u3bering a,1ect %f %ur 1,yc e# ;a!i in a Tantric a,1ect i, t e b!ackne,, 2 ic cry,ta!!i/e, 2it in t e 3agician. t e fire 2 ic exi,t, in t e 4%id 2 ic i, a ,y3b%! %f er fiery nature# Li!it i, t e B!ack Ser1ent re1re,enting f!e, !y de,ire

and "i!! t% $!e, # ;a!i i, %ne %f t e =E na3e, %f Li!it . 2 %3 i, %ur 1atr%n :%dde,, %f S%rcery and Magick# S e i, t e de4%urer %f a!!S , e 2 % a2aken, 3an and 2%3an t% t e 1%,iti4e a,1ect, %f c%n,ci%u,ne,,S t e Mind it,e!f# :% f%rt t% ;a!i 2it %ut fear. !ike a c i!d t% i, 3%t er# ;a!i i, fir,t , %2n a, being B!ack. c%4ered in a, e, and c%4ered in a gar!and %f u3an ,ku!!, and ead,. , e ,tand, u1%n t e c%r1,e %f S i4a 2 % i, er 3ate. , e de4%ur, and nurture, t %,e 2 % c%3e unt% er# S e i, de1icted a, a 2%3an 2 % ,tand, u1%n er 3ate. Ma ade4a. 2 % i, t e c%r1,e g%d and 2 en , e c%1u!ate, 2it S i4a e i, ca!!ed Ma aka!a. e i, erect and c%!d be!%2 t e B!ack :%dde,,# ;a!i ,tand, fierce u1%n t i, c%r1,e. er !eft f%%t %n i, !eg, and rig t %n i, c e,t# In drea3ing 1ractice %r 3editati%n. %ne 3ay en4i,i%n er feet bec%3ing !ike tree r%%t, 2 ic ,ink dee1 int% t e c%r1,e %f Ma ade4a# T e ,ignificance 2i!! be ex1!ained , %rt!y# ;a!i i, t e e3b%di3ent %f t e drag%n %f c a%,. A/ de a. and Tia3at# S e i, t e 3anife,tati%n %f 1ri3a! darkne,, 3ade f!e, . t e enf!e, ed Dae3%nic $e3inine# It i, ,ignificant t% under,tand t at in f%r3, %f Left Hand Tantric 0at ,. t e :ra4eyard and cre3ati%n gr%und i, a gate2ay unt% Her# T e fanged g%dde,,. 2 % dri1, b!%%d and %!d, t e be eading b!ade ca!!, t% y%ur drea3,. y%ur dee1e,t de,ire,# :% f%rt unt% er and face t at 2 ic i, eit er y%ur d%%3 %r y%ur bec%3ing# ;a!i care, n%t f%r t e 2eak and t e %ne, 2 % cann%t face t eir inner darkne,,S Her c i!dren are %f t e Drag%n. t e ,er1ent 2 ic c%ntain, t e inner $ire %f Her 4ery e,,ence#


;a!i in er Budd i,t f%r3 i, L a3%. , e 2a, t e bride %f t e ;ing %f De3%n, and 5anniba!, kn%2n a, S unPe. 2 %,e de3%n, 2ere ca!!ed Dud1%,# S e !eft er u,band f%r a ti3e and ki!!ed er %2n ,%n# S e f!ayed i3 and u,ed i, ,kin a, a ,add!e c!%t . drank i, b!%%d u,ing i, ,ku!! ca1 and ate %f i, f!e, # In ,%3e traditi%n, L a3% i, ca!!ed >e3ati. and , e i, de1icted 2it >ed Hair t% re1re,ent er fiery nature and a, a gar!and %f u3an ead,#

S e ride, t r%ug %n a 3u!e %r %r,e. a ,ea %f b%i!ing

b!%%d and entrai!,. 3ade t% a11ea,e er# Her air i, ,aid t% a4e a 1eac%ck feat er# Her ,kin i, dark b!ue Pu,t a, er Hindu 3anife,tati%n ;a!i. t ey are b%t identica! in 3anife,tati%n exce1t L a3% 2a, ,aid t% be a3%ng t e Hi3a!aya,. in,tead %f t e cre3ati%n gr%und, %f India# L a3% a, t2% ,er4it%r, 2 % tra4e! 2it er. a !i%n eaded guardian kn%2n a, Si3 a4akrtra and a Dakini# S e i, a!,% de,cribed a, being c%4ered in a, e, and u3an fat. , e a, t ree b!%%d, %t eye, and %!d, a ,and!e2%%d c!ub 2 ic %ften de1ict, a 8aPra ,y3b%!# It i, n%t unc%33%n t% ,ee L a3% featured 2it a f!aying b!ade ca!!ed a ;artrika. ,2%rd, %r n%%,e 3ade %f u3an entrai!,# It i, c%n,idered t at cre3ati%n gr%und, in IndiaA are genera!!y "e,t %f t e t%2n,# "e,t i, ,y3b%!ic a, t e directi%n %f Nig t. Darkne,, and t e Ocean %r aby,,# In t e circ!e t e "e,t i, u,ua!!y dedicated t% Le4iat an. A/ae! Ht e Ange! %f Deat . a f%r3 %f A/a/i!I %r in Egy1tian 3%dern 2%rking, Anubi,# T e c a3ber %f t e Sex Magician 3ay a4e t e 2e,t f%cu,ed a, t e a!tar %r a, a ,y3b%!ic gra4eyard. 2it b%ne, %r i3age, %f Deat # " i!e y%u 3ay u,e t e directi%n %f N%rt a, t e 1ri3ary a!tar. "e,t 3ay be re,er4ed f%r t e darker ex1!%rati%n, %f Sexua! Magick# T e 1atr%n ani3a!, %f ;a!i are f%und in cre3ati%n gr%und, Packa!,. cr%2, and %t er ani3a!, 2 ic feed fr%3 t e c%r1,e, %f t e dead# T e ,teed in 2 ic L a3% ride, i, ca!!ed Makara4aktra. 3eaning r%ug !y a ,ea*3%n,ter faced being. ,i3i!ar t% a f%r3 %f t e 2e,tern Le4iat an# L a3% guide, Makara4aktra 2it rein, 3ade %f 4en%3%u, ,er1ent, t r%ug %cean, %f b!%%d. ca!!ed in Tibetan na3e, %f k ra3*3t, % %r raktaGI rgya*3t, %# Often t i, b!%%d i, referred t% a, 3en,trua! b!%%d. re1re,enting er a, a 3anife,tati%n %f A/# T %,e 2 % 1ractice 4a31iric ,exua! ritua!, ba,ed %n t e en,%rce!!ing %f L a3% and ;a!i 2%u!d

T e Art %f Tantra 0 i!i1 >a2,%n. T a3e, and Hud,%n#


uti!i/e t e ,ku!! b%2! and 4ari%u, in,tru3ent,. bui!ding and f%cu,ing 5 i and ab,%rbing t e 4icti3 t r%ug t e n%%,e and rite %f 4a31iri,3 in a ,y3b%!ic ,en,e#

The Cro"& o- Fi e S40ll# a&d ,he De1o& Ki&+

In San,krit referred t% a, 0anc aka1a!a. t e 5r%2n %f $i4e Sku!!, 2a, 2%rn by 3any %f t e 4a31iric deitie, %f t e darker a4enue, %f Budd i,3# T i, ,y3b%! re1re,ent, 3a,tery# It 2a, ,aid L a3% recei4ed er, fr%3 t e canniba! de3%n king Da, agri4a 2 en , e 3arried i3 and t%%k t% eating u3an f!e, and drinking b!%%d# " en

L a3% !eft t e de3%n king , e t%%k a bag %f di,ea,e, and r%de i, drag%n*!ike 3u!e fr%3 S ri Lanka. i, %!d kingd%3# O4er ti3e , e d2e!!ed in cre3ati%n gr%und,. er ,kin gr%2ing b!ack and er unger c anging er a11earance t% a de3%ne,,# L a3% beca3e t e 3%,t 1%2erfu! g%dde,, %f t e cre3ati%n gr%und,. , e 2ie!d a ,2%rd %f fire and de,tr%y t %,e 2 %3 , e regarded a, ene3ie,# In t e Tibetan B%n. t e ancient 3agica! traditi%n, bef%re Budd i,3 1r%4ide a 1%2erfu! and detai!ed ,tudy %f 3agica! 1%2er in t e Hi3a!aya, 2 ic !ater beca3e a f%r3 %f Budd i,3#

S(INAE C(*G9EL B Lord o- Dea,h

T e ;ing %f Exi,tence i, a!,% t e L%rd %f Deat . S inPe. t e u,band %f ;a!i# S inPe drink, u3an b!%%d a, 2e!! a, c%n,u3e, b%t u3an and %r,e f!e, # It i, ,aid e Jre,t, %n t e great f!a3e, %f exi,tence and ,ubdue, e4en t e t%rture, %f e!!K. t u, S inPe i, b%t dark and !ig t# T ere i, n% g%%d %r e4i! 2it t i, :%d. i, ,ign i, %f t e c%n,u3er %f !ife. t e 1redat%r 2it %ut regret# S inPe i, a!,% c%nnected t% t e cu!t %f S i4a a, t e ;a1a!ab rta and Ma aka!a. 3eaning JT e :reat De,tr%yerK# S%3e tantrick, 2 % 2%rk 2it S i4a uti!i/e t e u3an ,ku!! a, a drinking 4e,,e! and ,3earing t e b%dy 2it u3an a, e,# It i, kn%2n ,%3e Ag %ri. a !eft and 1at ,ect %f India. 2i!! %nce in a !ife ti3e at !ea,t eat f!e, fr%3 a c%r1,e in t e cre3ati%n gr%und,# T e ;a1a!a it,e!f i, t e b%2! fr%3 2 ic %ffering, 2ere 3ade# T e 8aPrayana ,y,te3 in Tibet and India 3ade t e 1ractice %f u3an b%ne, ,1read a, a ba,i, %f ritua! f%undati%n# T e ,ku!! e,,entia!!y bec%3e, a 4e,,e! %f 2%r, i1 and a d2e!!ing 1!ace %f deific f%rce,. 1%,,ib!y re!ating t% t e ,%rcerer i3,e!f# T e 3antra ,1ecifica!!y a,,%ciated 2it t e ,ku!! i, OM >ATNA MAHA;A0ALA SA>8A SIDDHI 0HA LA HUM HUM# E,,entia!!y. t ere 2ere cu!t, 2 ic uti!i/ed t e tantric %rder, %f 2 ic t e %ffering b%2!, 2ere u,ed t% %ffer b%t b!%%d and ,e3en#
Offerings to the Protective and Wrathful Dieties English Tibetan Blood Rakta Semen Bdud rtsi 87


A, ;a!i %r L a3% re1re,ent, t e darkne,, 2 ic ,2a!!%2, a!!. er 3ate S i4a 2 % by 3%dern ,tandard, i,

c%n,idered t% be 3%,t!y bene4%!ent# Let u, c%n,ider t e , ad%2 a,1ect %f S i4a. kn%2n a, B aira4a# In ,1ecific 8edic 3yt %!%gy it 2a, S i4a B aira4a Ht e "rat fu!I 2 % cut %ne %f t e ead, %f Bra3a Ht e creat%rI %ff and e!d in i, !eft and# It 2a, a ba!anced c%n,iderati%n t% t e 3urderer %f t e creat%r. t e de4%urer 2 % ,%ug t t% be rec%gni/ed by i, %2n di4inity and inferna! nature# A, B aira4a carried t e ,ku!! %f t e fift and 3%,t 1%2erfu! ead %f t e creat%r g%d Bra 3a. e 2a, kn%2n a, t e ;a1a!in# Hi, ,1iritua! f%r3 re1re,ented i, nature# He gre2 t e teet %f a tiger. t e 1redat%r. i, eye, 2ere afire a, 2ere i, ead %f red air. e carried crue! ,2%rd, %r %ften a n%%,e 3ade fr%3 u3an entrai!,. a Trident. a kn%2n ,y3b%! in 3%dern 2e,tern inf!uenced Luciferian ,ect, a, 1re,ented in Luciferian "itc craft. e ad 1redat%ry d%g, at i, feet. 2aiting t% drink t e b!%%d e ,1i!!,# It i, ,ugge,ted t at B aira4a attract, 3any 2%3en t% i3 in i, P%urnie, a, e tran,cend, and 3%4e, again,t t e !a2, %f t e Bra 3in,. t at i, t e rec%gni/ed JLa2 3aker,K %r acce1ted n%r3 %f t e !and#


i!e n%t ,1ecifica!!y c%rru1ted by "e,tern ide%!%gie,. t e B%n 0% 2ere 1re,enting t e 1at %f 0redat%ry S1iritua!i,3 ear!y %n. g%ing bey%nd any c%nce1t, %f :%%d %r E4i!# Met %d, %f Necr%3ancy 2ere 3ade current by t e 2 %!e ,ku!! being u,ed t% c%ntact t e SHI*D>E. t e g %,t, %f t e dead# It i, kn%2n t at t e ,%rcerer 2 % ,u33%n, t e , ade, %f t e dead 3ay direct t e,e ,1irit, t% drain energy fr%3 c %,en 4icti3,# In t e traditi%n %f B%n 0%. t e ,%rcerer 2%u!d ,et %ut a ka1a!a 2it ,!i1, %f J1%i,%n%u,K 1a1er. in,cribed 2it 3agica! ,igi!, and a ,y3b%! %f a b%und figure# A Fatu,CS%rcerer 2 % e3brace, t e c a%,*a,1ect %f cu!tura! tran,cendence 2%u!d ,i31!y uti!i/e t i, 3et %d in t eir current 2%rk. f%cu,ing t e Sri %r Si de3%n, t% be a !ink %f draining energy fr%3 t e c %,en 4icti3 by t e 2ay %f drea3,# T e , ade, are b%und t% t e 1a1er by t e ,igi!,

and any%ne %t er t an t e ,%rcerer t%uc ing it 2%u!d bec%3e a ,%urce %f energy %f 2 ic t e Si 3ay drink fr%3# T e u3an ,ku!! in t e ancient B%n 0% ,ect, re1re,ent, JS e, rabK. being "i,d%3. Se!f*Sacrifice Hca!!ed JLu, SbyinKI and i, t e ,eat %f t e ,1irit it,e!f# It i, ,ugge,ted t at %ne being %f t e e4i! %r g%%d ,ubPecti4e 1ractice 3ay benefit fr%3 b%t a, t ey c!arify c%n,ci%u,ne,,# A Fatu, 3ay uti!i/e t e na3e, %f ,1ecific Dre and Si 2it a 1artner t% 3anife,t t e3 in ,%3e%ne e!,e# $%r in,tance. if y%u a4e a c%ntinua! 1r%b!e3 2it ,%3e%ne 2 ic cann%t be re,%!4ed. t e ,%rcerer 3ay in,cribe t e na3e and attriubute, %f t e Si. Dre %r t e Dae4a, fr%3 t e DruP% De3ana. attac t e 1er,%n, i3age %r na3e t% it and

2 en 1erf%r3ing interc%ur,e 2it y%ur 1artner. b%t 3ay en4i,i%n t e trait, entering t eir b%dy and ,!%2!y cau,ing ,e!f*de,tructi%n# F%u 3ay ,eek t% u,e t i, a, a 1,yc ic !ink fr%3 2 ic y%u 2i!! de4%ur t eir 5 i ,!%2!y a, 2e!!#


In ancient B%n 0%. t

ere are t2% ,1ecific ritua!, 2 ic ex%rci/e t e ,e!f fr%3 t e Nine Dre and Ten Si. t e JDre dgu ,kya, kyi, Tdeb, 1aK and JSri bcu t ur dug n%n 1aK. b%t %f 2 ic are de3%n, %f ,%ca!!ed Jnegati4e energie,K# T eir creati%n i, b%rn in t e !egend %f t e t2% 1r%genit%r, %f exi,tence 2 ic i, JSrid 1a ,tang dbya!K c%1u!ated at 3idnig t. g%%d and e4i! e3erged fr%3 b%t being ar3%ny and t e ba!ance %f di,c%rd. rebe!!i%n# " ite deitie, and b!ackCe4i! deitie, 2ere b%rn. fr%3 t i, ca3e t %u,and, %f di,ea,e, and %t er ,%*ca!!ed i!!,. 2 ic 2ere ,cattered %n t e eart # $ina!!y. fr%3 t i, 2ere b%rn t e Nine Dre# I# De3%n 2 ic drag, d%2n and %!d, %ne in t e inferna! rea!3,. Mt % ru 3i ,ter d3a baGI dre II# Dre 2 ic anni i!ate, and c%n,u3e, exi,tence ca!!ed y%d du 3i ,ter 3ed 1aGI dre III# Dre 2 ic e31tie, and c%ntinue, t% drain ne4er a!!%2ing t% fi!! i, gang du 3i ,ter ,t%ng baGI dre

I8# De3%n 2 ic 3ake, 1%%r i, 1 yug tu 3i ,ter dbu! baGI dre 8# Dre 2 ic 3ake, %n ,teri!e and d%e, n%t a!!%2 1r%1agati%n i, 1 an tu 3i ,ter r3ang baGI dre 8I# De3%n 2 ic de,tr%y, and and cea,e, de4e!%13ent i, c ag, ,u 3i ,ter TPig 1aGI dre

8II# Dre 2 ic cau,e, ,adne,, i, ,kyid du 3i ,ter ,dug 1aGI dre 8III# De3%n 2 ic cau,e, 3i,take, i, yag tu 3i ,tern ye, 1aGI dre I9# Dre 2 ic di3ini, e, and 2i!! n%t a!!%2 gr%2t i, 1 e! du 3i ,ter grib 1aGI dre# If %ne c%31are, t e DruP %f 0er,ia t% t e Dre %f ancient Tibet. a c%nnecti%n a ,1irit %r de3%n ty1e, i, ,een. %2 ,uc 3ay be u,ed in an initiat%ry ,en,e# If t e Fatu,CS%rcerer 2i, e, t% uti!i/e t e B%n 0% i3agery %f deat in a 1r%ducti4e 2ay 2it ,ex 3agick. ,uc 2rat fu! ,1irit, 3ay be uti!i/ed 2it !ega!!y %btained u3an b%ne, t% c anne! t e de,ire %r g%a! %f t e c%u1!e %ut2ard t%2ard, 2 at t ey ,eek# In t e aut %r,G 1er,%na! Triad and 5%4en. uti!i/ing u3an b%ne, and a, e, a, a ,acra3ent in ,uc rite, a, been e31!%yed t% a 2%nderfu! extent# It take, i3aginati%n and kn%2!edge %f t e ,e!f# T e Ten Si are ca!!ed 3a!eficent ,1irit, 2 % are c a%, bringer, t r%ug %ut t e 2%r!d# T ey e3erge fr%3 t e negati4e energie, %f deat . t e Tibetan 2%rd being Ma, ;yi S id# T e fir,t 2a, b%rn Ma!e Si. a !%ng 3aned king %f t e Dud and a $e3a!e Si 2 ic beget D ,%n,# T %,e ,%n, areFro1 ,he E&er+ie# o- Dea,h 6Ma# Kyi Shid7 'ho #ri ral che& bd0d r;e B Ki&+ o- ,he Si Mo #ri dar +:ho& B I0ee& o- ,he Si So&#! I. Che Sri B Di#,0rber o- ,he Lar+e II. Ch0&+ Sri B Di#,0rber o- ,he S1all III. Thab Sri N+o Na+ B Blac4 Face Si o- ,he (ear,h I). R+a& Sri B Si o- ,he *ld ). G:ho& Sri B Si o- ,he 9o0&+ )I. Dar Sri B Si Di#,0rber o- ad0l,#

)II. Byer Si B Ca0#er o- #e%ara,io&# )III. By0r Sri B Ca0#er o- 1i#-or,0&e# T e,e de3%n, 2ere ,aid t% exi,t ,ince t e beginning %f t e eart # T eir ar3ie, 2ere 3ade fr%3 t eir %2n being. t eir %3e, are 3ade in t e c t %nic d2e!!ing, %f t e eart #

T eir c%31ani%n, are ,aid t% be t e Ma!ac ud# Suc ,1irit, 2ere ,aid t% 3%4e t r%ug %ut t e 2%r!d and cau,e, 2ar,. ,trife and 4ari%u, c a%tic acti%n, in t e 2%r!d# T ere are 4ery c!%,e t% t e Dae4a, %f t e Fatuki cu!tu,. if n%t t e ,a3e# T e ancient 0er,ian, 2ere a bit 3%re detai!ed %n ,1ecific dae4a, and t eir acti%n,. 2 i!e t e Tibetan, exce!!ed a, 4i,ua!!y de,cribing t e interi%r a,1ect, %f t e ,1irit, t e3,e!4e,#

DJ 'o"er-0l Fle#h Ea,i&+ Godde##e#

T e Tibetan 2%rd JS a, k adr%3aK refer, t% J$!e, eating Dakini,K and are 4a31iric and !ycant r%1ic fe3a!e di4initie, 2 % are ba!anced 1%2er, %f t e 2%r!d# T e,e be,tia! daug ter, are but t %,e under t e di4inity %f 0e!dan L a3%. t e Tibetan ;a!i# A11r%ac t i, ancient deific 3a,k, a, %ne 2%u!d t r%ug ,exua! de4%ti%n %f y%ur 1artner# T e,e :%dde,,e, are attributed t% t e f%ur cardina! directi%n,-

*8u!ture eaded B ak,ini 2 % carrie, a c!ub# *>ed ,kinned 8aPra 2 % carrie, an ir%n c ain and a, t e ead %f a Li%n# *H%r,e eaded and red ,kinned >ati 2 % carrie, t e trunk %f a c%r1,e# *D%g eaded >ak,a,i 2 % a, a kartrika 2 ic i, a f!aying knife# *Stag eaded 8a,urak,a 2 % carrie, a 4a,e and a, dark green ,kin# *H%%1%e eaded Ab i!a,i 2 % carrie, a b%2 and arr%2#

*Santi i, a 2ater drag%n eaded dae4i 2it red ,kin# S e carrie, t e "ater %f Life# *T e Sc%r1i%n eaded A3rita %!d, a !%tu,# *Danda i, a f%x eaded g%dde,,# *5andra i, a fa!c%n eaded 2 ite ,kinned dae4i 2it a d%rPe# *T e tiger eaded >ak,a,i a, b!ack ,kin and carrie, a a,rikka1a!a being a b!%%d fi!!ed ,ku!! cu1 u,ed t% drink fr%3# *T e :%at eaded 8aPra carrie, a n%%,e# 8aPri i, a 1ig eaded kartrika carrying g%dde,,#

*Ma ade4i carrie, a Trident and a, t e ead %f a !e%1ard# *;u3ari carrie, a , %rt ,1ear and a, t e ead %f a ,n%2

bear and red ,kin# *Indrani %!d, a n%%,e 3ade %f entrai!, and a, t e ead %f a bear# *T e >ak,a,i %!d, a d%rPe 2 ic i, a ,ce1ter %r 4aPra. ,aid t% be !ig tening fr%3 Indra# *8ai,na4i a, b!ue ,kin and t e ead %f a 3%ng%%,e# S e %!d, a d ar3a 2 ee!# *8aPra %!d, an ir%n %%k and a, 2 ite ,kin and t e ead %f a bird# *T e ,er1ent eaded Bra 3ani %!d, a !%tu, and a, %range ,kin#

*T e ,er1ent eaded 8aruni %!d, a naga1a, a 2 ic i, a n%%,e %f ,nake,# Her ,kin i, b!ue# *T e 2%!f eaded 8aPude4i a, a banner and b!ue ,kin# *Ma a ,a,tinbi %!d, a !arge c%r1,e. green ,kinned and a, t e ead %f an e!e1 ant# *T e ,er1ent eaded 8aPra %!d, a g anta 2 ic i, a be!!# 8aPra a, t e ,kin %f t e c%!%r green# *A buffa!% eaded ,take carrying :%dde,, Nari a, red ,kin# *T e b!ack ,kinned :%dde,, 8ara i a, t e ead %f a 1ig and a n%%,e 3ade %f u3an teet # *T e cr%2 eaded 8aPri carry, t e ,kin %f a c i!d and a, red ,kin# It i, t eir functi%n a, guardian, %f t e 1at %f 2 ic guide, t eir fierce be a4i%r a, de4%uring dae4i. t e 4ery ungering ,1irit, 2 ic ,eek t e c arna! gr%und f%r en!ig ten3ent# A, %ne ,eek, t e3 t r%ug b%t ,exua! 3agick and 4a31iri,3. a ,y3b%! %f t eir i3age 3ay be dra2n acc%rding t% ba,ic de,cri1ti%n. 3editated u1%n by b%t 1ractiti%ner,G and t en c%1u!ated 2it in 3ind# Bef%re a c!i3ax i, 3ade t e 1ractiti%ner, 2i!! ,y3b%!ica!!y ca!! and drink %f t eir 1%2er. fr%3 2 ic a, guardian, t ey 3ay %r 3ay n%t gi4e 2i!!ing!y# Ab,%rb and ,!%2!y reac c!i3ax acc%rding!y# ;ee1 t e ,y3b%! in ,%3et ing ke1t in t e ritua! c a3ber# T i, 3ay be 3ediated u1%n !ater#

Dea,h a&d Se= Ma+ic4

The Forbidden


T e Dae4a 2 % a, initiated i, %r er,e!f in t e art %f ;a!i 3ay a11r%ac t e,e ritua!, ,y3b%!ica!!y %r !itera!!y# Let t e 1ractice be guided by 1redi!ecti%n. !et n% b%undarie,

re3ain !e,t t e rite, are 1r%faned by re,tricti%n. 2it re,1ect t% y%ur !%ca! %r federa! !a2,# By t e 1at %f deat can y%u 1%,,e,, !ifeR

The Cor%#e a&d ,he Sed0c,io& S%i!ed !eg, !ead i3 f%r2ard a, e trie, t% ,!%2 er and 3a,,age er brea,t,# S e i, a 2%3an %f ex%tic end, u3an b%ne frag3ent, in er air t% de,cribe er de,ire %f deat . eye, br%2n. a ,ee3ing edge 1!ay int% er ra2 dri11ing cunt. !ike a gate2ay %1ening t% inferna! de1t , 2 ic guide y%u a!%ng in ra/%r ,traig t ag%ny# An Ade1t 2 % ,eek, ;a!i 3u,t under,tand t e 1rie,te,, i, t e guiding and in,1iring a,1ect %f a!! !ife# Dee1 in er burning c%re e 3%4ed finger, dee1er 2 i!e , e gr%aned. yet , e ,t%11ed i3 t% guide i3 furt er t% t e c%r1,e fie!d# Initiati%n breed, re,i!ience c%ncerning t e !u,t, %f %ur 2%r!d!y de3%n,#

A#%hy=io%hilia I ,hi&4 o- her5 o&e brea,h a, a ,i1eK E4ery ti3e I ga,1 2it a !%%,ening gri1 %f a fragi!e !ife. I fee! 3%re a!i4e t an e4er bef%re# 5an it be 2 en ,trugg!e i, 3%,t u1%n u,. 2e kn%2 2 at it i, t% be a!i4eM 5an deat bring u, c!%,er t% %ur !ife. %ur f!eeting 3%3ent %f 1a,,i%n 2 erein n%t ing i, certain %r c%nfinedM In t e c%r1,e fie!d I !%%k t%2ard, er dark ,kin 2it !u,t. b!%%d %f t e 3%%n ,taining er inner t ig , an %i!ed*b!ackened ue. a, I gr%2 c!%,e t e ,3e!! %f t e fre, !ife 2it in er and t e c%r1,e , e 2a, atte31ting t% !ay u1%n. r%tting in t e cre3ati%n gr%und#

T e b!ade, in er and, 2ere ,tick crude!y in t e !i3b, %f t e c%r1,e. a!! t e 2 i!e beck%ning 3e c!%,er# I 2anted er a, eye, 2ere 3irr%r, int% t e aby,, g!i,tened 2it t e darke,t fire %f !ife and unger# "it a n%%,e 3ade fr%3 t e entrai!, %f an%t er , e a,ked 3e t% take 3y 3e3ber and 2it t e c%r1,e be!%2 u,. face b!%ated and f!ie, bu//ing in ,2ar3,. t% fuck er t% kn%2 :%d# A, I fe!t t e 1re,,ure %f t e ead entering er 3%i,tne,,. I fe!t a f%r3 %f

,urging ec,ta,y# A, I fe!t t e ,2eat bead, accu3u!ate %n 3y br%2 and back. I !%%ked int% er eye,# A, dark a, dee1 1%%!, %f a ca4e. ,!it, %f b!ackened b!%%d ca!!ed 3e in a, I fe!t t e in,tinctua! urge f%r uni%n and t% 1enetrate dee1er# "it %ne and n%2 %n 3y , %u!der. I fe!t t e 1re,,ing and dra2ing f%rt %f er b%dy next t% 3ine. t e %t er and 1!acing a !%%,e!y kn%tted r%1e 3ade fr%3 t e entrai!, %f %ne %f t e b%die, ere. ,!ig t!y dried but ,ti!! reeking %f r%t# T e c%!d and ,ticky t%uc c i!!ed 3e. , e ca!!ed it 3%t er# A, t e n%%,e 2a, dra2n c!%,er ar%und 3y neck. , e ca!!ed %ut H>IM and 2it a ar%u,a! %f 1a,,i%n dra2 it c!%,e unti! I c%u!d n%t breat e# I ,tart ra33ing er 2it a be,tia! r yt 3 2 ic , %%k t e b%dy be!%2 u, and cau,e t e f!ie, and c!%ud, %f c%r1,e r%t t% e,ca1e and ,urr%und u,# S e !et u1 t e n%%,e !%ng en%ug f%r a breat . a r%tting ,cent fi!!ing 3y n%,tri!, and c %king 3e 2it t e ea4ine,, %f Na,u. , e !icked

3e 2it a !%ng t%ngue. reeking %f deat and %!d b!%%d# I fe!t !%4e a, I fucked er. ,eeking t% g% furt er and dee1er int% er %b!i4i%n#

" i,1ering in 3y ear. , e 1!ayfu!!y a,ked Jif y%u fuck unti! y%u cu3 in 3e I 2i!! ki!! y%u. t e c%r1,e be!%2 y%u 2i!! be y%ur %n!y c%31ani%n unti! I return t% fuck %n y%ur b%dyK# I fe!t %rr%r and , %ck. fr%3 fee!ing t e ,2e!!ing urge t% ePacu!ate 2it in er in,ect*te31!e 2%3b t% a!!%2ing 3y 3ind t% ,ti!!# I c%ntinued r%cking er back and f%rt . t e n%%,e tig tened again a, I c%ntr%!!ed 3y 1a,,i%n# Her in,tructi%n, 2ere c!ear. d%nGt !%%,e y%ur,e!f in 3ind!e,, 1!ea,ure. kn%2 2 at y%u 2ant t% ac ie4e# I 2anted t% a2aken 3y ,e!f a, a :%d. but I 2anted er# S e fe!t different# JI ate y%ur ,eed and I ate y%uK and , e br%ug t t e entrai!,. ,ticking again,t 3y ,kin t% 2 ere n% breat 2a, dra2n 2it %ut a ,trugg!e# T i, !u,t 2%u!d dri4e 3e. t% rai,e t e ,er1ent 2it in# It 2a, in t e cre3ati%n gr%und t at ;unda!ini 2a, rai,ed#

Krodha Kali

"it in a 3a,, %f b!a/ing fire. , e drink, fr%3 a ,ku!! b%2!. t e b!%%d %f t %,e 2 % c%u!d n%t re3ain in t e circ!e# I ,t%%d bef%re er. 2i/ened by t e rite, I a4e undertaken and acc%31!i, ed. n%t by f%rtitude %f f!e, by %f ,1irit# S e !%ng ag% drained t e ,1er3 fr%3 3y and n%2 dri1, t e ye!!%2ing 1u, fr%3 er b!eeding F%ni# Her 2a, b%t !ife

and deat # I c%u!d gr%2 t% !%4e er ,tenc . %nce entering er 2 i!e !icking and ,ucking er t%ngue and t e b!%%d f!%2ing fr%3 er 3%ut d%e, t i, ,tenc %f er 2%3b bec%3e a 2%nderfu! ar%3a %f !u,t# S e 2 i,1er, a, 3y r%ck ard 3e3ber. in4%ked by Si4a. 2it a ,%und %f 3%i,t fricti%n. ePect, in a 3%3ent %f a2k2ard 1enetrati%n# T2i,ting 3y back a, I f%rce er b%dy at%1 3e. 3y ,1ine ,ee3, t% 3utate 3y 4i,i%n, int% a ,1ira! dance %f , ad%2, ePacu!ating t e r%tting b!%ated 3a,, %f c%r1,e,. t eir f!e, being f!ayed %ff t% c%4er u, in a te31!e %f c%1u!ati%n# T e 3anife,tati%n %f t e 8%id 2a, ere. yet , e did n%t 2i, t% di,,%!4e 3y being# T i,

2a, t e great ,ecret %ften ne4er re4ea!ed t% initiate,S t e Se!f bec%3e, ,tr%ng by de4%uring t e 2eakne,, 2it in# I e!d n% b%undarie, a, , e bit and !icked 3y neck and face. c!a2ing 2it a de,1erate and 3y , %u!der. a, if !%%king f%r a ,er1ent t% e3erge fr%3 it# Tre3b!ing a, I c!i3b furt er int% a 3antra. I !%,t i31re,,i%n, %f er !u,t and %n!y kne2 it a, ,eeking t% enter er 4%id %f darkne,, 2it eac t ru,t in er cunt# I kne2 a, eac ,er1ent ,!%2!y encirc!ed 3y !eg, and t%r,%. a!! t e 2 i!e 3y "i!! f%cu,ed u1%n t e fiery di4inity 2it in er. !i1, t ru,t %1en and greedi!y ,2a!!%2ing 3e 2it 1u!,ating. be,tia! aband%n# In t e,e 3%3ent,. I 2i, t% ,ee er ki!! and ,!ice t e f!e, fr%3 t e 3any ,acrificed t%

er. t at , e bear, %1en t eir f!e, t% re4ea! t e ,%u!# " erein de4%uring. t ere 2a, %n!y t e !a,t f!ickering !ig t, %f a ,1irit bef%re , e c%n,u3ed t e3# E4ery n%2 and t en , e find, %ne %f t e b!ackened f!a3e. 2 erein , e find, t e P%y in t e ,1irit 2 ic a, entered %nce t e 4%id# S e a!!%2, t e ,1irit t% encirc!e er and ta,te %f er cunt dee1er t an bef%re. 2 erein t e 2 ite and red are br%ug t t%get er a, %ne#


;a3ak ya. 3%t er b!ackened 2it t e r%tting 3en,trua! b!%%d. f!%2ing int% 3y eager 3%ut . ePacu!ating in y%ur c%re# Let 3e t ru,t dee1 a, t e ,2%rd fa!!, %n t e neck in fr%nt %f u,. %1ening f%rt ,1i!!ing b!ackened b!%%d and in,ect, e,ca1ing# In t i, gra4eyard 2e are deat . eac t ru,t dee1 in y%ur b!eeding c%re# " en 2e ,ee t i, ty1e %f b!%%d f!%2 and t e Pe2e!, a11earing a, ,ku!!,. 2 y 2%u!d 2e need anyt ing e!,e in t e 2%r!dM I 2ant t e bad t ing, t% c%3e and get 3e. I 2ant t e3 t% rec%gni/e 3y un2%rt y nature# $r%3 t e ,crea3, 2it in er cunt. a, , e t ru,t, ,!i11ery %n 3e. exciting 3y burning b%dy# " en t ey ,tart biting 3e i, 2 en I 2i!! bite back# S e 2ant, 3e t% fuck er 3%re t an e4er. a, I bite d%2n %n t e ,1irit, 2 % t %ug t I 2a, fini, ed# I gr%2 3%re excited by t eir deat and 3y %2n ,trengt . 2 en t e ,1irit cea,e, and t e ,trengt i, 3ine#

T(E TRIANGLE *F E)*CATI*N E&#orcelli&+ ,he Dae1o&ic Fe1i&i&e

T e Triang!e %f E4%cati%n %r Meeting 1!ace %f S1irit, i, ,y3b%!i/ed in 3any 2ay,# T e triang!e 2it in t e 1raxi, %f Sexua! Magick 3ay be an in4er,e triang!e 2it at eac %f t e t ree 1%int, a ,ku!! %r ,y3b%!ic ,ku!!# T i, re1re,ent, t e T ree S ade, %f "itc $ire Hin,1irati%n and creati4ity fr%3 t e T ree $ace, %f Hecate. t e :%dde,, %f :ra4eyard,I and t e inner 1%2er %f t e 1ractiti%ner# "it in t e Luciferian 0at 3any u,e t e :%etic Triang!e 2it t e na3e AZ*AZ*EL 2it in in,tead %f MI*5HA*EL %r t e Triang!e %f Darkne,, u,ed t% ,y3b%!i/e A ri3an and t e 3eeting 1!ace %f ,er1ent,# F%u 3ay 2%rk 2it ;a!i in nu3er%u, 2ay,# $ir,t!y. ,eek a Luiet dedicati%n 1eri%d t% t e !unar e,,ence %f ;a!i HLi!it I and ,eek t e inner c%nnecti%n, %f y%ur %2n being 2it t e attribute, y%u identify er fr%3# It i, ,aid t at ;a!i i, ug!y %ut,ide. but bey%nd t e barrier i, fi!!ed 2it ec,ta,y and

beauty 2 ic %!d, a!! negati4e and 1%,iti4e idea,# T %,e idea, 2it in a Left Hand 0at %r Luciferian f%cu, i,. t at %ne rea!i/e, i, %r er dee1 de,ire and ,eek, t% 3anife,t it int% t e tran,f%r3ati%n %f t e ,e!f and !ater t e exteri%r %r %bPecti4e 2%r!d ar%und y%u# If y%u are a 3a!e %3%,exua!. ,eek t e fe3inine fir,t!y t r%ug ,%!itary 3et %d, and t en 2%rk 2it y%ur c %,en 1artner# F%ur 1artner 3ay take t e r%!e %f t e :%dde,, %f y%u 3ay. t i, 3ay be dua!!y ,2itc ed a, !%ng a, t e 1ractiti%ner, are f%cu,ed c%31!ete!y %n t e g%a!# A 3antra 2 ic 3ay be recited in fir,t ,%!itary 2%rking, 2it ;a!i can be ;a!i!i3. 2 ic i, a c%3bined 2%rd ,igi! %f ;a!i and Li!it %r er %ff,1ring. Li!i3# T i, i, an interi%r ,u33%ning %f t e ,uccubi 2it in t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,.

,eeking t% %1en a gate2ay 2it in t e 3ind t% t e darke,t f%rce, %f t e :%dde,,# F%u 3ay f%cu, %n 4i,ua!i/ing er 2 i!e ar%u,ing y%ur,e!f. ,!%2!y at fir,t , e 3ay be Pu,t 4ague in i3age but t en furt er detai!, unti! at t e eig t %f uni%n 2it er ,1irit d% y%u ,ee er c!ear!y and t en , e i, ca!!ed int% y%ur 3ind fr%3 t e aby,, at t e 3%3ent %f c!i3ax#

The CL &a1e# o- Lili,h B A: A# Babalo& ,he Scarle, Wo1a&

Here !ie, t e f%undati%n %f t e ,ecret ,exua!ity. t e 4%id and reac ing bey%nd g%%d and e4i!# A, 3any a4e ,%ug t t% under,tand t e r%!e %f t e fe3inine in nature and 3agick. t e key %11%rtunity f%r t %,e 1ractiti%ner, %f t e Luciferian 1at i, t% under,tand t e druP and t e fe3inine 2it in fir,t# "%3an i, t e 3%,t i31%rtant reci1ient and f%cu, 1%int %f 3agick# "it %ut t e 2%3an t e 3a!e i, ineffecti4e. at a !%,,# "%3an a, been beat d%2n by 5 ri,tianity and %t er 2 ite

!ig t re!igi%n, f%r ,% !%ng t at t ey a4e near!y beaten d%2n t e nature %f 2%3an# T e Scar!et "%3an %f t e 5u!t %f T e!e3a i, a 3%dern 3anife,tati%n %f t e atte31t %f Tc%rrecti%nG by t e ,tatu, %f 2%3an a, an incarnati%n %f 1erfecti%n# Under,tand 2e!! t at t e ,%rcerer can bec%3e great %nce e %r , e a, under,t%%d t e in,1irati%n %r S akti 2it in and %2 t i, affect, t e 3a,cu!ine. b%t are 1re,ent in !i4ing being,# T ere are di4ine 1rinci1!e, %f 2 ic t e 2%3an i, kn%2n. a!! are e,,entia! and 3ere!y a 3et %d %f categ%ri/ing 1%int, %f initiati%n and 2i,d%3# "%3an i, e,,entia!!y t e :%dde,, incarnate# T e =@ 1%int, %f t i, ,igi! , %u!d be rec%gni/ed a, a

detai!ed t%%! %f under,tanding t e Dae3%nic $e3inine# If y%u are 3a!e. f%rtunate en%ug t% a4e a 2%3an 2 % ,eek, t i, 1at . y%ur initiati%n 2i!! ex1and at a 3%re ra1id 1ace t an ,%3e# T% t %,e ,%!itary 3agician, 2 % !ack a c%31ani%n f%r %ne rea,%n %r an%t er. y%ur c a!!enge i, t% under,tand# T% under,tand y%u , %u!d ex1erience# T ere are actua!!y =E %r 3%re kn%2n na3e, %f Li!it . 2 ic are e,,entia! t% under,tanding t e 1redat%ry nature %f t e :%dde,,# D% n%t !%%k %ut,ide %f y%ur,e!f f%r er !%%k 2it in fir,t# $ind t e 1redat%ry Hac ie4ingI e!e3ent, and !%%k t% Her t%te3 ani3a!, %2!,. bat,. !i%n,. 2%!4e,- %2 d% t ey interact 2it t eir %2n ,1ecie,M D% t ey , %2 n%bi!ity. re,1ectM H%2 d% t ey interact 2it 1reyM H%2 d%e, in,tinct 1!ay a r%!e in y%ur initiati%nM If y%u are t%% ,tructured in ter3, %f 1ractice. 1%,,ib!y c!%,ing t e 3ind t% in,tinct are y%u rea!!y bec%3ingM

Ce&,er! Lili,h 6Lili,07

T e nig t de3%ne,, fr%3 ancient Su3erian !%re. Li!itu i, t e dae3%nic fe3inine at it, 3%,t beautifu! and inten,e# Under,tand t at a!! t at y%u d% i, dri4en by de,ire it,e!f# H%2 can %ne 3ea,ure de,ireM F%u 3u,t find 2 at y%u 2ant. uti!i/e it a, a 1%int %f in,1irati%n t% acc%31!i, y%ur g%a!# If y%ur g%a! i, ,ubt!e. t e de3%ne,, i, actua!!y di4ine and a!2ay, %f g%%d t %ug t# If , e i, y%ur direct de,ire. t e fire %f A/ 3ay dri4e y%u 3ad# 5%ntr%! de,ire by 1r%ducti4e f%cu,. di,ci1!ine# Try a ,igi!i/ati%n 3et %d 2 ic can bring y%u int% drea3ing c%ngre,, 2it t i, ty1e %f ,er4it%r %r ,1irit# T ere are traditi%na!!y =E na3e, %f t e :%dde,,. a, re4ea!ed by t e Hebraic 0r%1 et E!iPa # Li!it i, Pu,t a, Sa3ae!. e 3ate# S e i, %ne a!f %f t e Ad4er,ary and t e fiery a,1ect %f c%n,ci%u,ne,, and de,ire#

T e ,e4en f%!d ,tar %f Baba!%n i, e,,entia! t% under,tand t e nature %f t e bea,t and t e 5 ri,tian c%nce1t, %f t e A1%ca!y1,e# $ir,t!y. !%%k t% t e reference %f t e + Arc Dae4a, %f A ri3an. Ae, 3a. t e De3%n %f t e "%unding S1ear being t e guiding f%rce %f t i, in ter3, %f t e B%dy %f ManC"%3an# Once t e in,1irati%n %r f!a3e i, i!!u3inated. being Baba!%n %r A/. t en can t e drag%n be br%ug t in uni%n 2it Her and t e S%rcerer I, b%rn# Darkne,, reLuire, t e under,tanding bey%nd :%%d and E4i!. t e ,trengt t% 3a,ter t e ,ubc%n,ci%u, and t e "i!! t% e3erge a, a ,%urce %f Lig t# T i, i, t e di,tinct difference

bet2een t e Left Hand 0at and t e >ig t Hand 0at # T e S%rcerer i, bec%3ing a ,%urce %f Magick rat er t an being ab,%rbed by it#

T e 3%t er %f A/ i Da aka. t e %ne ti3e 3ate %f A ri3an# 8adak i, t e fir,t adu!terer acc%rding t% ancient Z%r%a,trian !%re# 8adak i, %ne c%31%nent t% t e ,1irit %f darkne,, entering f!e, # Under,tand t e e!e3ent, 2 ic create t e Ad4er,ary 2it in. %2 y%u 3ay Tenf!e, G t %,e de,ire,# E4ery acti%n 2i!! bec%3e an ex1re,,i%n %f t e Ad4er,ary#

A de3%ne,, %f dr%ug t and t ir,t. re!ated t% t e unger f%r c%ntinued exi,tence# S e i, an enf!e, ed ,1irit %f A/. t e 1ri3a! 3%t er %f darkne,,# 5%nte31!ate 2 at i, Jdr%ug tK. interna!!y t e !acking 3ean, %f re,u!t, 2it in# Sure!y t ere i, ,%3et ing %f Jdr%ug tK 2it in. t ere a!2ay, , %u!d be# Initiati%n i, %ng%ing. ne4er*ending and in 3y ex1erience y%u are %n!y a, 1%2erfu! a, y%u are t%day !a/ine,, beget, ,e!f*de,tructi%n and i, t e 3%t er %f 5 ri,tianity t e de,ire t% Tbe!%ngG# Be!%ng %n!y %n t e %ut,ide. in2ard 3u,t be a!2ay, a11r%ac ed a, a Te31!e %f Se!f*re!iance#

T e fe3a!e DruP %f "i!! it,e!f# Once t i, de3%ne,, attac e, er,e!f t% er c %,en de,ire. , e d%e, n%t !et g%# ; nant aiti i, an exce1ti%na! 4e ic!e %f "i!! it,e!f. !earn fr%3 t i, unyie!ding de,ire#

A ,eductre,, 2 % i, a!,% a de4%uring f%rce. , e i, ca!!ed a "itc by e!der Z%r%a,trian text,# Mu, 0arika i, a,,%ciated 2it darkening t e Sun. er ene3y# S e i, a!,% a,,%ciated 2it a,1ect, %f t e Drag%n being A ri3an 3ing!ed 2it creati%n# In ,exua! 3agick. t e 2i,d%3 %f !ig t i, %btained and n%uri, ed by darkne,,. Pu,t !ike a tree i, 3ade ,tr%ng fr%3 it, r%%t, in t e b!ackne,, %f t e eart #

A na3e %f Li!it . a, re4ea!ed by t e Hebraic 1r%1 et E!iPa #

A na3e %f Li!it . a, re4ea!ed by t e Hebraic 1r%1 et E!iPa #

A na3e %f Li!it . a, re4ea!ed by t e Hebraic 1r%1 et E!iPa #

A na3e %f Li!it . a, re4ea!ed by t e Hebraic 1r%1 et E!iPa #

*da10 A na3e %f Li!it . a, re4ea!ed by t e Hebraic 1r%1 et E!iPa #

A na3e %f Li!it . a, re4ea!ed by t e Hebraic 1r%1 et E!iPa #

A na3e %f Li!it . a, re4ea!ed by t e Hebraic 1r%1 et E!iPa #

A na3e %f Li!it . a, re4ea!ed by t e Hebraic 1r%1 et E!iPa #

A na3e %f Li!it . a, re4ea!ed by t e Hebraic 1r%1 et E!iPa #

A na3e %f Li!it . a, re4ea!ed by t e Hebraic 1r%1 et E!iPa #



,haos and the Ad"ersary 4Awakening Aaos, remembered his purpose, and spoke to his heart0 4The arcana of desire -i.e. Self$+o"e. would

be satisfied with none but its original self $ by the uni>ue. Thus my morality taught me by dream symbols. As in life, so in sleep $ all things ha"e a se;ual significance, hidden by righteousness. *erein is a mystery and a means to Will.4 *AOS * T e $%cu, %f Life

Au,tin O,3an S1are H=DDD*=BA+I 2a, t e 3%de3 arti,t 2 % br%ug t c%n,ci%u, 3agicka! and ,%rcer%u, art int% a 4i,ib!e a11earance. 1r%ducing a 1!et %ra %f !ater * anarc i,t ,ty!ed ,%rcerer, intere,ted in 2%rking t eir %2n arcana %f de,ire. t eir %2n f%undati%n t% t e t r%ne %f t e Ad4er,ary 2 % re,ide, in t e inbet2een %f d%ub!e c%nce1t, %f %11%,ing f%rce, a,

Qneit er*neit erQ# One 3u,t kee1 in 3ind. 2 i!e %ne 3ay 2%nder t e c%nce1t %f Set*Ty1 %n and %2 t i,

re!ate, t% S1areG, ,y,te3 %f ,%!itary ,%rcery ,ee3 t% be c!%udy. t e f%undati%n and i, definiti%n, are n%t# T e St%r3 %f Set*Ty1 %n. t e Je4i!K if y%u 2i!! i, n%t ing 3%re t an t e ,ubc%n,ci%u, de,ire, %f t e ,%rcerer. %nce un!%cked in a drea3ing ,en,e. t r%ug ,%rcery it,e!f. can be u,ed t% ac ie4e 2 at t e 1ractiti%ner 3ay 2i, t% f!e, %ut %r 3anife,t in t e 2aking 2%r!d# T e 1r%ce,, S1are e31!%yed are indeed f%und in %!der ,y,te3, %f Magick# Sy,te3atica!!y. Au,tin O,3an S1are ad 3ade Luite a detai!ed ,tudy %f c!a,,ica! gri3%ire,. ,uc a, T e :%etia. :ri3%iriu3 8eru3 and %t er ,uc 2%rk,# $r%3 =B(@ S1are ad a!ready f%r3u!ated i, creati4e tec niLue 2 ic 2a, n% d%ubt a re,u!t %f i, ear!y arti,tic inf!uence rat er t an anyt ing %4ert!y %ccu!t# It 2a, during i, ,tudy 2it A!ei,ter 5r%2!ey t at S1are rea!!y f%und i, %2n gn%,i, %f ,%rcer%u, ,tudyS e 2ent creati4e!y furt er t% f%und a ,y,te3 %f %b,e,,i%n t r%ug "i!!*De,ire*Be!ief# It a, been ,ugge,ted t at S1are ad de4e!%1ed i, ,igi!!ic 3et %d fr%3 5%rne!iu, Agri11aQ, De Occu!ta 0 i!%,%1 ia. 2 ic intr%duce, a c%3binati%n tec niLue %f Arabic. :reek and Latin !etter, t% f%r3 ,1irit tra1, %r ,er4it%r %u,e,# $%r exa31!e* 4There are, therefore, two and twenty letters which are the foundation of the world, and of creatures that are, and are named in it.... *e, therefore would find them out, must by each 3oining together of the letters so long e;amine them, until a "oice of God is manifest, and the framing of most sacred letters be opened and disco"ered.4 HT ree B%%k, %f Occu!t 0 i!%,%1 y. by Agri11a#I

Au,tin S1are uti!i/ed t e c%nce1tua! 1icture %f de,ire a, it 2a, ba,ed in ,ex and 2%rking, deri4ed fr%3 c%ngre,,# In %rder f%r a de,ire t% bec%3e f!e, . 2it ,uc a, :%etic ,%rcery. %ne 3u,t ad%1t a f%r3 %f fait 2 ic i, c%ntr%!!ed and 2i!!ed be!ief# $r%3 t i, t e ,igi! 2%u!d be c%n,tructed by a ,erie, %f !etter, fr%3 2 ic inter!ace and bec%3e ,%3et ing n%t entire!y rec%gni/ab!e in f%r3# T e 3eaning it,e!f 2%u!d be !%,t

t% t e c%n,ci%u, 3ind. yet in fruitfu! gr%und in t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,. 2%u!d ree3erge at t e rig t 3%3ent by a c%n,ci%u,!y 2i!!ed ata4i,tic re,urgence# It i, in t i, 3anner t at %ne 2%u!d ,u33%n and c%ntr%! Xde3%n,Q. Xange!,Q and %t er ,1irit, 2 ic 2%u!d a11ear and 1r%duce re,u!t, in 3agicka! 2%rking,# Z%, 4e! T anat%, Ht e "itc 5u!t na3e %f S1areI ,ugge,ted t at if t e 3agician 1re,,ed t% ard t% ac ie4e a g%a! t en t e f%rce %f i, %2n "i!! 3ay a deterrent t% t e acc%31!i, 3ent# T eref%re. it 2a, ,ugge,ted t at at t e 3%3ent %f e4%cati%n t e de,ire , %u!d be f%cu,ed and t en era,ed %r bani, ed fr%3 t e 3ind# T e %b4i%u, 1rinci1!e %f t i, i, ba,ed ar%und t e c%n,ci%u, 3ind being ,ide tracked and t% c%33unicate direct!y 2it t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,. 2 ic did n%t under,tand 2%rd, yet %n!y t r%ug ,y3b%!ic i3age, and i31u!,e,# By actua!!y f%rgetting t e g%a!. t e c%n,ci%u, 3ind a!!%2ed t e ,ubc%n,ci%u, t% bring t i, ,1ecific de,ire t% enf!e, # T e Xde3%nQ %r Xange!Q t en 2a, t u, fr%3 t e great arcana %f t e ,e!f. Z%, and ;ia * t eref%re exi,t, and c%33unicate, t r%ug %ne, %2n ,acred A!1 abet %f De,ire# Au,tin S1are a!,% ex1!ained t at t e Sacred A!1 abet i, a ,%rt %f r%%t f%r3, %f e4%cati4e ,igi!,. t at it i, a ,cri1t %r gri3%ire %f fa3i!iar, and ,er4it%r, 2 ic encirc!e

Hen,%rce! * ,%rceryI t e circ!e %f t e Sabbat Ht e drea3ing c%nc!a4eI and ,e!f# 4'ut strange desires of stranger arcana. The law & make while thinking God $ and will smash and remake again5 so that & may commit e"ery concei"able sin against its word. %y utility has been$my pleasure$that alone is my ser"ice to man and to hea"en, in that & am the Goat4 * AOS. T e $%cu, %f Life# Here S1are %b4i%u,!y re!ate, t% t e O11%,ing %r Ad4er,aria! a,1ect, %f Se!f * t at 5HAOS fr%3 2 ic Set*Ty1 %n i, t e :%d %f. yet create, Order fr%3 f%r t e 1ur1%,e %f ba!ance and 3anife,tati%n %f te31%rary ,ati,facti%n %f ,e!f*!%4e# It i, 2it in t i, a,1ect t at S1are i, re!ating t% t e ending e,,ence %f t e Sacred A!1 abet. it i, a ;EF t% ,e!f*deificati%n. a t%%! %f t e gate, %f e!!# He!! being a 2%rd deri4ed fr%3 He!an. Ange!%*Sax%n f%r Q e!eQ and c%ncea!. t e 4ery arcana %f t e ,e!f# In reference t% Hea4en. a te31%rary ,tate %f ,e!f*,ati,facti%n. i, de,tr%yed in t e fa!! %f c%n,ci%u,ne,, t r%ug t e Luciferic rebe!!i%n %f ,e!fkn%2!edge

and t at 4ery dri4e 2 ic initiate, idden kn%2!edge 2 ic can bec%3e 2i,d%3# By Hea4en d% 2e ent r%ne. yet by t e fa!! d% 2e ann%unce %ur indi4idua! c%n,ci%u,ne,, and t e YIY 2 ic 3ake, u, 2 %!e and uniLue# Le4iat an. t e Ti3e!e,, Ser1ent*Drag%n %f t e Ocean, %f t e Subc%n,ci%u, i, a gate kee1er %f n%t %n!y %ur great 1%tentia!. but %ur i33%rta! e,,ence %f ,e!f# T e Ourab%uri, Ser1ent encirc!e, t e ,e!f and t%ta!ity %f being. and t r%ug t e Sacred A!1 abet 2 ic 2e eac 2ea4e and f%r3. i, t e c%33unicati%n 1%int fr%3 2 ic Le4iat an eed, %ur ca!!,# T e Ser1ent it,e!f

i, 2it in t e de1t , %f t e 2ater, %f Nun. t e 5 a%, t at i, %ur ,ubc%n,ci%u,. c%n,tant!y 1!unging t e YIY t r%ug t e gate, %f b%t Hea4en H,ta,i, and ec,ta,yI and He!! Hrebe!!i%n and Se!f*L%4e t r%ug %ne, dyna3ic 1%int %f Bec%3ingI# 4?now the subconscious to be an epitome of all e;perience and wisdom, past incarnations as men, animals, birds, "egetable life, ect, ect, e"erything that e;ists has and e"ery will e;ist. 9ach being a stratum in the order of e"olution. 6aturally then, the lower we probe into these strata, the earlier will be the forms of life we arri"e at0 the last is almighty simplicity. And if we succeed in awakening them, we shall gain their properties, and our accomplishment will correspond.4 * T e B%%k %f 0!ea,ure T e ,ubc%n,ci%u, c%ntain, a 1ri3a! 3a1 %f 2 at 2e 3ay bec%3e by reac ing back# Lycant r%1y and 8a31yric ,e!f*tran,f%r3ati%n by Interna! Necr%3ancy Hata4i,tic re,urgenceI a!!%2, %ur %2n dyna3ic Bec%3ing t% enf!e, t %,e incarnati%n, t% e3erge a, 2 at i, c%n,idered YIY * de4e!%1ing being,# In T e $%cu, %f Life. S1are 2rite, ab%ut %ne a,,u3ing t e Deat 0%,ture t% ac ie4e t e ,1ecific gn%,i, t% c arge t e a!1 abetic and ,igi!!ic e4%cati%n. a!!%2ing t e ,e!f t% a,,u3e t e f%r3 %f T anat%,. t e :reek :%d %f Deat and t e Br%t er %f M%r1 eu,# T e re,u!t i, an arcane 3e,,age %f t e tran,ference %f c%n,ci%u, unt% t e Eye %f Le4iat an * drea3ing kn%2!edge4The waters became murky, then muddy, and mo"ement began. Going nearer, he obser"ed $ a phosphorescent morass crowded with restless abortions

of humanity and creatures $ like struggling mudworms,

aimless and blind5 an immense swamp of dissatisfaction0 a desire smashed into pieces.4 * $%cu, %f Life T i, darkne,, %f ,e!f i, 3ade f!e, int% %ne, %2n de,ire, and c%n,ci%u, de,ire, and 1!an, %f t e future# In 3enti%ning t i,. %ne 3ay refer t% t e c%nce1t %f bec%3ing t% 3anife,t and rec%gni/e t e dyna3ic %f %2 y%u are getting t ere# T i, i, t e key %f %2 ,uc Sigi! tec niLue, 3ay be u,ed# 5 a%, i, u,efu! 2 en y%u under,tand %2 t% create %rder fr%3 it# By t i, 1r%ce,, i, it t en u,efu! t% y%u %n a fir,t !e4e! bef%re any%ne e!,e# 5 a%, i, a friend t% t %,e 2 % can rec%gni/e attribute, 2 ic initiate it. t eref%re 1r%ducing t e %11%,ite effect bef%re t e e4ent can be rea!i/ed a, a de,ire %f %rder# T% ,i31!ify t i, * n%tice ,y,te3atic %r c%n,ci%u,. u1fr%nt ,i3i!aritie, in c a%,. t en by rec%gni/ing t e,e 1%int, 2 ic 3ay a11ear t%% detai!ed f%r rand%3 energy. 3ay be a,,u3ed in ,%3e ,igi!!ic f%r3 t% 1r%duce an %rder!y and %ften "i!!ed re,u!t# 4The 46either$6either4 principle of those two, is the state where the mind has passed beyond conception, it cannot be balanced, since it implies only itself. The 4&4 principle has reached the 4Does not matter $ need not be4 state, and is not related to form .... &ndestructible, it has the power to destroy $ therefore it alone is true freedom and e;istence... .renouncing e"erything by the means shown, take shelter in it. Surely it is the abode of ?ia74 * AOS T e B%%k %f 0!ea,ure T e Antin%3ian 1r%ce,, %f t e Deat 0%,ture and t e Sigi!!ic A!1 abet i, t e Ad4er,aria! and O11%,ing e,,ence %f LuciferCS aitanCA/a/e!CSet. t e indi4idua!i,tic e,,ence %f YIY 2 ic 2e ,eek t% bec%3e *

free yet kn%2!edgeab!e ab%ut %ur 1r%ce,, %f %2 it i, %btained and furt er de4e!%1ed# A!ei,ter 5r%2!ey. 2 % ad initiat%ry 2%rking, 2it S1are ear!y in i, career. under,t%%d t e de,ire %f t e ,acred " %re ca!!ed Baba!%n and rea!i/ed t e 3a,cu!ine a, t e Li%n* Headed Ser1ent ca!!ed Fa!taba%t %r Sa3ae!. %2e4er 5r%2!ey ca!!ed it Abraxa, by na3e# " i!e neit er 2ere ab!e t% 3anife,t t %,e na3e, during t eir !ife ti3e, and ,urr%unding,. t e f%rce 2a, 1re,ent and %n t eir 3ind, t r%ug %ut t eir %2n !i4e,# 49;isting as Dual, they are identical in desire, by their duality there is no control, for will and belief are e"er at

"ariance, and each would shape the other to its ends, in the issue neither winds as the 3oy is a co"ert of sorrow. +et him unite them4 * T e B%%k %f 0!ea,ure A gri3%ire %f ,e!f*!%4e and deificati%n i, 3eant at a 1r%ce,, %r t%%! %f ,%rcer%u, art. b%t ig and !%2 3agick 2 ic 1r%duce, c ange by t e ex1!%rati%n %f ,e!f# T e Deat 0%,ture a, a 3ean, %f 1r%ducing "i!!ed re,u!t,. c arging t e ,igi!!ic 1r%ce,, i, be,t de,cribed a, reac ing a 1%int %f ec,ta,y fr%3 2 ic t e 3ind f%rget, and !%%,e, c%nce1tua! ,urr%unding, by Se!f* L%4e# T i, i, t e Y$a!!Y 1r%ce,,. t e Luciferic rebe!!i%n fr%3 2 ic t e ,e!f e3erge, fr%3 t e Deat 0%,ture a2are %f it, being. t e exi,tence 2 ic 3ake, it ,e1arate fr%3 t e natura! %rder Hea4en ,% ,%ug t t% i31%,e u1%n it# T ere i, an a,1ect %f %ur ,e!f 2 ic i, Hea4en. 2 en 2e ,eek unc%n,ci%u,!y ,ta,i, and extended re,t. and t en t e ,e!f 3%4e, f%r2ard di,,%!uti%n# T e Set ianCLuciferian under,tand, t i, and 3%4e, t r%ug t e S%rcer%u, 1at %f t e Ser1ent t% %11%,e and t r%ug ad4er,aria! and antin%3ianian tec niLue, ,e1arate and deify t eir YIY 2 ic i, t e i33%rta! e,,ence %f ,e!f#


In S1areQ, YDeat 0%,tureY i!!u,trati%n in t e YB%%k %f 0!ea,ureY. Set a11ear, in t e Sigi!!ic $%ru3u!a %f t e ,e!fde,cending and a,cending t r%ug t e arcana %f t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,. t e 4ery b%dy %f ,e!f taking f%r3 in T anat%, * T e Sku!! eaded :%d %f Deat # Set*Ty1 %n i3,e!f ri,e, fr%3 t e Ha2k Headed Ma,k %f 2 ic t e 0rince %f Darkne,, 2ear,. a,cending ab%4e A!1 a and O3ega HA/%t I and t e 0ri3a! B%dy %f "%3an# Set i, ,u33%ning t e great 0yra3id %f t e Se!f. t e Hand and t e Eye HZ%, and ;iaI. in t e center t e Sun# It i, in t i, a,1ect t at t r%ug t e ,e!f fa!!ing int% darkne,,. Set a, t e rati%na! and ,tr%ng %rder 3aking L%rd %f 5 a%, Hn%te t e %11%,ing and ad4er,aria! natureI ,u33%n, f%rt by "i!! t e Te31!e %f A/%t %/. being t e N%%n * tide Sun. ,acred t% S aitanCA/a/e!. a f%r3 %f Set t e Ad4er,ary# T e Deat 0%,ture i, t e 4arying e3brace %f deat t r%ug !%%,ing aut%3atic c%ntr%!. fa!!ing back unc%n,ci%u, t% encirc!ed and de4%ur t e de,ire in t e f%r3 %f a ,igi! int% t e ,ubc%n,ci%u, and !%,e 1erce1ti%n in t e c%n,ci%u, 3ind#


Au,tin S1are created a nu3ber %f i!!u,trati%n, and 1ainting, ba,ed %n t e be,tia! a,1ect, %f t e 3ind. e3erging a, de3%nic and e!der!y ,1irit, and ,er4it%r, c!%t ed in t e 1art, %f ani3a!,# T e i!!u,trati%n, , %2n in JT e B%%k %f Ug!y Ec,ta,yK 1re,ent t e 1%,,ibi!ity %f a rea!ity fr%3 be ind t e face. t e %11%,ing ,ide %r ad4er,aria! a,1ect, %f eac c%nce1t %f n%r3a!ity# Often a ,ee3ing ,ex 3agica! 1r%ce,, i, de1icted. ePacu!ating ,1irit, c!%t ing %t er fa3i!iar, in t eir de,ire %f ,e!f*!%4e. t at 2 ic y%u 2ant 3%,t 3anife,ting n% 3atter %2 di,gu,ting %r ug!y# S1are created nu3er%u, i!!u,trati%n, featuring t e c%nce1t %f 4a31iri,3 e,,entia!!y t e de4%uring a,1ect, %f t e ,ubc%n,ci%u, 2 ic take t e f%r3 %f a!f*ani3a! 1e%1!e# One

,1ecific dra2ing. ca!!ed JT e Ne2 EdenK 2 ic i, in ,e4era! 4er,i%n, de1ict, a nude drea3ing 2%3an. facing a ,er1ent and de,iring it. encirc!ed by a bat 2inged 3anife,tati%n %f darkne,, 2 ic ride, ab%4e t e 3%%n. itG, b!ackened face 3anife,ting and u1 ,2e!!ing er de,ire f%r t e T%t erG# Au,tin S1are 2 % 2a, Z%, 4e! T anat%, under,t%%d t e 1r%ce,, %f ,%rcery fr%3 a !eft and 1at 1er,1ecti4e. rat er interna!!y# He did n%t ,eek 3a,tery %f t e 1 y,ica! 2%r!d. n%r 2a, e Satanic %r Luciferian# He 2a, t e arti,t %f t e inner 3ind. i, te31!e 2a, t at %f t e e!der!y fucking in de3%nic f%r3,# S1are kne2 t at %nce t e ,ubc%n,ci%u, c%u!d be %1ened. t %,e be,tia! and ,%3eti3e, ange!ic de,ire, c%u!d be c%ntr%!!ed and , a1ed t% t e de,ire %f f!e, in t e 2%r!d# Take f%r in,tance. t e c%nce1t %f t e A!1 abet %f De,ire# It i, 3ere!y. a !anguage %f t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,. a b%%k %f dead na3e,# By na3ing t %,e '' /%ne, %f t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,. 2 ic i, ca!!ed t e W!i11%t in t e Luciferian 0at %f Liber H8HI. Luciferian "itc craft and B%%k %f t e "itc M%%n. %ne 3ay acc%31!i, 3any interna! a,1ect, %f un!ea, ing 1%2er# S1are dre2 and f%cu,ed %n t e A!1 abet %f De,ire a, a kind %f ,acred !etter 2 ic 2%u!d 1re,er4e be!ief fr%3 t e Eg% it,e!f. a!!%2ing be!ief t% return t% t e ,ubc%n,ci%u, 3ind %4er and %4er again# It bec%3e, !%,t t% t e c%n,ci%u, 3ind fr%3 inte!!igence. but i, under,t%%d c%31!ete!y in t e f%r3 %f e3%ti%n t% t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,# In ,u33ary. t e :ate, %f He!! i, t e ,ubc%n,ci%u, fr%3 2 ic %ne 3ay "i!! t eir de,ire int% f!e, in t i, 2%r!d. it i, u!ti3ate!y a 3ean, %f ex1!%ring t e I33%rta! E,,ence.

and %ne, %2n 5%3ing int% Being# Le4iat an i, t e gate kee1er %f t i, 1r%ce,,. and t e Hig er Se!f HI33%rta! E,,ence %r H%!y :uardian Ange!I i, t e 3anife,tati%n %f t i, 2%rk#

C(A'TER T(REE LUCIFERIAN SEX MAGICK Alle+orie# i& ,he I&-er&al


SATANIC C*'ULATI*NS! Tra&#-or1a,io& o- Therio&ic4 De#ire

"it in t e S ad%2,<

Si,ter 5!aire 1rayed fe4er%u,!y. in4%king

?e,u, and t e Saint,. yet er eart 2a, fi!!ed 2it b!ackne,, and t e !u,t %f t e Ad4er,ary# A, , e ad been a2%ken by $at er Urbain :randier. 2 % a, a 0rie,t %f t eir 1ari, in St# 0ierre du Marc e in L%ud%n. e 2 i,1ered ,%3et ing t% er and , e fe!t t e ,earing eat %f !u,t. %f de,ire and b!a,1 e3%u, entang!e3ent, 2it :%at faced ,1irit,# 0ig !ike bea,t, ,n%rt and !ick u1 t e dri11ing, %f t eir drea3!ike f%rnicati%n,. 2 i!e er ,2e!!ing gre2 2it t e ,i/e and 4i%!ent t ru,t, %f t e bea,t !ike 3e3ber 1%unding dee1 2it in er burning c%re# T at 2a, bef%re. t i, nig t Si,ter 5!aire ,% 2i, ed f%r t e De4i! t% c%3e unt% er# Many nig t, A,3%deu, ca3e t% t e3 and bit er inner t ig , 2 i!e reciting 1rayer, back2ard,. , e 2%u!d 3%4e er f%refinger at a fe4eri, 1ace %4er er c!it%ri, 2 i!e ca!!ing t% er !%4er. t e De4i! i3,e!f and !u,ting f%r t e 1u!,ing yet c%!d 3e3ber %f t e de3%n A,3%deu,# :randier 2%u!d %ften P%in in t e,e Sabbatic and Sexua! >ite,. %ften 2earing a b!ack %%d 2 i!e fucking er 2it a fury t at 2%u!d tear 3any gir!, a1art# T ere 2a, n% ra1e in t i, 5%4enant. %n!y de,ire and fu!fi!!3ent# T e Nun, kne2 t e 1a,,i%n %f t e 5r%,,. but a!,% t e !u,t and de,ire %f t e De3%n, ,u33%ned by $at er Urbain :randier# He taug t t e3 t e key, %f ,u33%ning and g%ing unt% t e ,1irit, a, friend,. n%t a, t e 5 ri,tian tyrant, 2 %3 t ey 1retended t% u1 %!d#

Si,ter 5!aire 2a, in er c%!d c a3ber againS rat er in er 3ind 2a, an e!ab%rate te31!e %f b%t t e eig t, %f Hea4en and t e de1t , %f He!!# Urbain :randier ad taug t er t e art %f c%itu, cu3 de3%ne. t% u,e t eir uni%n t% e31%2er t eir 4ery being and ,trengt en t e3 a, ,%rcerer, t e 4ery art %f t e 2itc # Si,ter 5!aire in4%ked t e :%d %f $!ie,. Bee!/ebub in er c a3ber %ne nig t bef%re ,!ee1ing# S e en4i,i%ned f!ie, and !ar4a int% er c a3ber and , e drifted %ff t% ,!ee1# "aking in a a!f drea3 ,tate. , e t%re fr%3 er , eet, t% be greeted by a B!ackened S ad%2. yet it, 4ery ead 2a, %b,cured in a 3a,, %f circ!ing f!ie,#

S e under,t%%d and 2 en t%uc ed by t i, dae3%n. , e recited J$uck 3e 2it y%ur fi!t and rai,e 3e u1 in y%ur fire. !et 3e be y%ur 2 %reK t% er,e!f and , e 1%,iti%ned er,e!f %n er knee, and fe!t t e c%!d 1re,, %f t e de3%nG, 3e3ber int% er# S e fe!t a ,tr%ng 1re,,ure %n er knee, a, , e kne!t %n t e unc%3f%rtab!e 3ake, ift bed# " i!e re4%!ting at fir,t and fee!ing t e frigid gri1 %f Bee!/ebubG, !eft and %n er i1. , e fe!t a burning ,en,ati%n and gent!y 1u, ed back t% take i, !arge and 1ainfu! c%ck in,ide er# A, t i, !arge , ad%2 2 ic ad a frigid t%uc began t% t ru,t ,!%2!y back and f%rt . , e

eard a i,,ing and t e bu//ing %f f!ie,. 2 ic gre2 in 4%!u3e# At fir,t being re1u!,ed. , e f%und a de,ire 2 ic c%u!d n%t be ,ated by any%ne e!,e# S e fucked t i, bea,t 2it fren/y. ,1itting c ant, %f tran,f%r3ati%n and bec%3ing 2 i!e t e ,er1ent t%ngue %f Bee!/ebub i,,ed 2%rd, %f 1%2er 2 ic ,ee3ed t% burn t e3,e!4e, in er back# T e 3e3ber %f t i, de4i! ,ee3ed t% be entang!ed 2it f!e, . yet ,ee3ed t% cra2! 2it in,ect !ike !eg, fr%3 t e ba,e %f t e de3%n# A, t e c%ck 1u31ed dee1 2it in er. , e fe!t a 3%i,t ,en,ati%n , e c%u!d n%t under,tand. yet t e ,!ig t ,tinging 2a, a ,2eetne,, , e c%u!d n%t re,i,t# "it eac t ru,t. dee1 2it in er , e fe!t ,3a!! and !arge in,ect !eg, tick!ing er !i1, 2 ic de4%ured t i, de4i!G, 1eni,# Si,ter 5!aire 2anted t e,e de3%n, a, t e eart !%ng, f%r a fa!!ing ,tar. , e t ir,t, f%r it t% fi!! er cunt 2it a burning aband%n. , e 2anted t% , ed tear, %f %b,e,,i%n and a dee1 de,ire a, , e ga4e e4ery %unce %f er,e!f t% t e de3%n#

" i!e ,ti!! being fucked a, a c ained ,!a4e. , e ,udden!y fe!t a dee1 burning ,en,ati%n in er anu,# S!%2!y , e 2a, being in4aded by an%t er 3e3ber %f t e de4i!# It entered ,!%2!yS !%%king back , e 2a, fucked 2it arder t ru,t,. t e de3%n !%4er a!!%2ing b!ack ,1itt!e t% 1%ur fr%3 it, 3a,, %f f!ie, %nt% t e anu, and t e %t er b!ack c%ck 2 ic e3erged fr%3 a !iLuid be!c ing de3%nic 3%ut ab%4e i, u3ani,tic genita!ia# S e 2a, re1u!,ed and fi!!ed 2it 3%re de,ire# S e fe!t a, if it 2a, tearing er a1art e4en 2it t e burning b!ack ,1itt!e ePacu!ated fr%3 t e 3a,, %f f!ie, 2 ic 3ade u1 it, ead# S e kne2 %f t e na3e, %f t e ,er4it%r, %f Bee!/ebub. fr%3 ancient Hebre2 ,%urce, kn%2n by $at er Urbain :randier# A, , e 2a, ,!%2!y fucked dee1 in er a,, %!e and cunt 1%unded by t e 1u!,ing and gr%2ing 1 a!!u,e, %f t e Bea,t. , e c anted and i,,ed t e na3e, %f ,%3e ,er4it%r, A3atia. D%rak. Arc%n. 0!i,%n. La3a!%n# Eac na3e 4ibrated and i,,ed in uni,%n by Si,ter 5!aire and Bee!/ebub. 2 % ,ee3ed t% kn%2 and be c%31!ete!y in

tune 2it er 2%rd,# T e de3%n ,er4it%r, 2%u!d gr%2 fr%3 , ad%2, t% attend t eir ca!!ingS t eir f%r3 2%u!d be 1er4erted c%r1,e !ike c i!dren dri11ing in t e 3%i,t grea,e fr%3 a b%dy during t e ,tage, %f decay# Suc incubi and de3%nic ,er4it%r, 2ere bred f%rt by t e b!%%d and e!ixir int% a 4e,,e! 3ade ,tr%ng in t e !ig t %f t e 3%%n# $ucking t e bea,t , e !%%ked u1 and f%und %t er , ad%2y f%r3, taking , a1e, a, 2 at a11eared t% be de3%nic and 3a!f%r3ed be,tia!*c i!dren# $i4e a11eared fr%3 t e b!ackne,, %f t e c%rner,. 2 ic 2 ic T e L%rd %f $!ie, br%ug t 2it i, ,u33%ning# T eir face, 2ere 2rink!ed and ,cab c%4ered 2it ,ee3ing %!d age. t eir eye, 2ere b!ack a, t ey ref!ected neit er !ig t n%r c%3f%rt a, n%r3a! c i!drenG, eye,# Eac 3%4ed f%r2ard. 2 ite 1a!e and c%r1,e !ike f!e, . gray t en turning 1itc b!ack %n end,. ,ti!! b%rn and e3erging fr%3 , ad%2,# T ey 2ere c anting in c i!d !ike 4%ice, and t%uc ing t e3,e!4e, in !e2d 2ay,# A, t ey 3%4ed f%r2ard t e de3%n, ,!%2!y 3utated int% decaying d%g, 2it !itt!e %r n% fur and 1a,ty. a!3%,t grea,y c%!%red gray f!e, # E3itting a f%u! %d%r. t e,e bea,t, n%2 began t% fuck eac %t er. dri11ing a bi!e %n t e back %f t e %t er being ,%d%3i/ed# T eir 3%ut , c anging and tran,f%r3ing int% !arge 4agina, 2 i!e ,a4age!y being fucked fr%3 be ind. a ,er1ent t%ngue ,!it ering fr%3 t e 4agina !i1, and t en ,udden!y ca3e 3%re f!ie, and 3agg%t !ar4a fr%3 t e b!%%d dri11ing

%!e,# " en %ne bea,t fini, ed fucking t e %t er t e 1u!! %ut br%ug t a ,ee3ing ePacu!ati%n %f r%tting 3i!k. t e ,3e!! ri,ing %4er t e %d%r %f t e decaying d%g, 2 ic 2a, ,i3i!ar t% t at %f c!u31ed b!%%d c!%t,# " en %ne bea,t fini, ed t e %t er 3%4ed in a a!f u3an 2ay t% t e fr%nt and began 1enetrating t e 4agina in t e face %f t e %t er# A, Si,ter 5!aire 2a, being 1u31ed in b%t er ,1read anu, and 4agina. 1%2er!e,, and ,ub3i,,i4e. , e 2a, earing t e ,!ur1ing ,%und %f t e cunt*3%ut ed de3%n ,ucking t e %t er decaying bea,t %ff#

A, t e Bee!/ebub reac ed a c!i3ax. , e fe!t t e in 1%uring %f a c%!d and a!3%,t burning ,ub,tance 2it in er. , e bent u1 t% take t e ,er1entG, t%ngue dee1 in er 3%ut 2 i!e t e S ad%2 2 ic t%%k f%r3 c%ntinued ePacu!ating 2it in er 2%3b# $!ie, bu//ed and !anded %n er face a, , e ki,,ed dee1 er De3%n. and f%r t e 3%3ent did , e find ,ati,facti%n<t e de3%n br%ug t n%t deat but !ife. and re,ted in t e b!ackne,, %f er 3ind#

Abo e! Sa,a&ic Co%0la,io&# 129

T(E GRIM*IRE *F C*ITUS CUM DEM*NE ,he Ar, o- Fle#h a&d Fire


%!dR A :ri3%ire 2ritten in f!e, . b!%%d and t e f!uid, %f t e Aga1eR $r%3 , ad%2, !%ng f%rg%tten d%e, er na3e c%3e f%rt again in t e 3ind, %f 3any. A/# S e i, %f 3any na3e,. Li!it . ;a!i. ?e . I/%r1%. Batna. Satrina. Ei!%. Abek%. ;%k%,. Oda3. 0arta,a . Ta!t%. 0atr%ta. A3i/%. Abit%. Ita. ;ea. La3a,,u. Ardad Li!i. Aby/u and kn%2n a3%ng y%u a!!# By t e,e na3e, , a!! y%u f%rnicate in %n%r %f. be it kn%2n. any%ne 2 % 3ay undertake an H%!y >ite %f 0a,,age a, de,cribed in t i, b%%k %f ,1irit. y%u 3u,t at a!! ti3e, during d% ,% in %n%r %f Her in 3ind# T e End %f a!! $!e, i, t e beginning %f t e $iery S1irit %f 2 ic y%u ,eek# ;n%2 er in ec,ta,y and a4er,i%n. fr%3 t at , a!! y%u begin t% under,tand er nature 2it in y%u# T i, i, a f%rbidden text. ere i, gi4en t e 3ean,. f%r3u!a and ci1 er t% in4%king ,exua! dae3%n, and t e ,1irit, %f t e aby,, dee1 2it in y%u# T i, text i, 3eant a, an %ne,t 3anua! %f 1ractice. a key t% t e gate, %f e!!# ;n%2 t at t e Aga1e H!%4eI and t e 1at %f Sexua! Magick can be a, e!ab%rate %r a, ,i31!e a, y%u 2i, # It can a!,% be a, dark. br%%ding %r a, Jdanger%u,K a, y%u 2i, Ht i, d%e, n%t a11!y t% un,afe ,ex 3ind y%uRI# Indi4idua!, are ab!e t% interact 2it ,1irit, and dae3%nic f%rce, 2it in and %ut,ide %f t e3,e!4e,# If %ne c %%,e, t% 2%rk 2it a 1artner. t ey , %u!d be 2e!! inf%r3ed and f%cu,ed %n t e 1at a, 2e!!# 5a,ua! ,ex 1artner, 2%u!d in ,%3e 2ay, degrade t e 1ur1%,e %f t e :reat "%rk. un!e,, t ey 2ere a2are %f t e ,ignificance %f 2 at y%u 2ere undertaking# It 3ay 1r%4e danger%u, f%r t e3 a, 2e!!. 3a!efic f%rce, in t e , ad%2, %f t e 1ractiti%ner d%

3anife,t in 4ari%u, 2ay,# T e J1ureK %ne undertaking t e rite ,ubc%n,ci%u,!y c%ntr%!, t e,e 1%2er,. 2 i!e an %ut,ider 3ay n%t a4e t e ,!ig te,t idea %f 2 at t ey are tru!y in4%!4ed in# T e ritua! t%%!, %f Sexua! Magick a!tar. circ!e. dagger and any %t er i31!e3ent i, u,ed a, a 3ean, %f ,e!f*in,1irati%n. %f bringing t%%!, t%2ard, a ,1ecific and direct a11!icati%n t% aid in ritua! 2%rk#

"it in t i, gri3%ire text y%u 2i!! find ficti%na!. in,1irati%na! and 1ractica! e!e3ent, %f ex1!%ring ,exua! ,%rcery# T e ut3%,t i31%rtance %f any 2%rking %2e4er i, ,afe ,ex# F%u , %u!d c%33unicate and di,cu,, 2%rking, 2it y%ur 1artner. d% n%t !ea4e any ,ubPect unt%uc ed 2it in ,exua! 3agick and en,ure t at b%t 1artner, are c%31!ete!y c!ear %f t eir directi%n. need,C2ant, and f%cu,# D% n%t ex1!%re ,ex 3agick 2it %ut t e re,1%n,ibi!ity %f 1racticing Safe Sex#

Abo e! Aa%e%5 ,he Ser%e&, o- Dar4&e## 131

"it in t e rea!3 %f Sexua! Magick it 3u,t be under,t%%d t at y%u 3u,t be c%31!ete!y %ne,t 2it y%ur,e!f. %r y%u , a!! create a ,1ira! f%rce 2 ic 2i!! de4%ur y%u# Sex Magick i, danger%u, becau,e y%u are 2%rking 2it inten,e e3%ti%n,S Magick i, ,ucce,,fu! 2it inten,e e3%ti%n, uti!i/ed and "i!!ed in a ,1ecific directi%n# ;n%2 t y,e!f i, a key 1art t% t e ,ucce,, %f t e "%rk# T e 5reati4e 0%2er %f t e Uni4er,e i, t e S akti. 2 en ,u33%ning and en,%rce!ing Hcirc!ing 2it in y%ur b%undary %f ,e!fI t e ,1irit, y%u are a4ing c%ngre,, 2it y%ur

Dae3%n but a!,% t e Succubi and Li!itu. t e %ff,1ring %f Li!it . t e M%t er %f t e Antin%3ian 0at . ,% be 2e!! f%cu,ed# Li!it i, t e M%t er %f $%rbidden De,ire,. in Manic aean L%re , e taug t t e $a!!en Ange!, %2 t% f%r3 b%die, and c%1u!ate 2it %t er, t% beget JDrag%n 5 i!drenK# S e ad a!%ne t e 1%2er t% a2aken t e Ser1ent Mind %f A ri3an Ht e De4i!I fr%3 i, dee1 ,!u3ber. in 2 ic e be,t%2ed u1%n er t e ;i,, 2 ic cau,ed 3en,truati%n# Tantric ,ect, %f t e Left "ay c%n,ider t e 3en,truati%n cyc!e t% be t e 3%,t 1%2erfu! f%r t e 1ractiti%ner. t u, "%3an i, B!e,,ed a, t e Daug ter %f t e De4i! it,e!f# T e dee1er 3y,terie, %f Luciferian Sex Magick are f%und in t e ear!y Hebre2 ta!e, %f Li!it and Sa3ae! %rigina! b%rn in t e Sa3e $ire. t u, t ey are b%t t2in, and !%4er,. a, 2e!! a, t e begetter, %f 5ain. t e $ir,t "itc and Satani,t# In t e :reat "%rk. t e 1ractiti%ner ,eek, t% bring int% uni%n 2it in i3 %r er,e!f b%t Sa3ae! and Li!it t% beget 5ain. %r "i,d%3#




e 5irc!e 2it in Luciferian "itc craft re1re,ent, t e 4ery binding ,1ace %f t e ,%rcerer, b%dy. b%t %f ,1iritCce!e,tia! and f!e, Cinferna!# It i, t e ,y3b%! %f b%t t e Sun and t e M%%n. t e ,1 ere 2 ic beget, ,trengt and t e 4ery f%cu, %f t e Magician# T u, t e circ!e %f 5ain i, t e ,y3b%! %f t e Bea,t %r De4i! in f!e, . a 4ery 3anife,tati%n %f a :%d %r :%dde,, %n Eart # T e circ!e i, a c%ntinua! and 1r%gre,,ing 3anife,tati%n and 1%2er center. 2 ic i, 3ere!y a ref!ecti%n %f t e b%dy# " en t e t2% 3eet 2it in t e circ!e. be it 3a!e and fe3a!e. 3a!e and 3a!e %r fe3a!e and 3a!e. b%t ,y3b%!i/e a 3anife,tati%n and incarnati%n %f t e Ad4er,ary %r T2% Headed One# T i, i, N%%n and Midnig t. t e 4ery e,,ence %f S aitanCSatan a, t e D%ub!e "anded :%dC:%dde,,# One Head re1re,ent, Satan 2 i!e t e %t er i, Li!it . t e uni%n %f dua!ity t% bring t e ,trengt %f being# T e fe3a!e 1artner , %u!d be 3en,truating 2 ic re1re,ent, t e 4ita! energie, %f t e fe3inine# S e 2 % ,eek, t e in4%cati%n %f Li!it 2i!! c%!!ect t e b!%%d and 1!ace %n t e a!tar %f Art Magicka!. t e 3a!e re1re,ent, t e de4%uring# T e g%a! %f t i, Tantrick exerci,e i, t% f%cu, t e in erent energie, 4ia t e "i!!. but t% u,e t e3 in a 1r%ce,, %f ,e!f*tran,f%r3ati%n. a 3utati%n int% a !i4ing te31!e %f 2 ic t e Dae3%n 3ay 3anife,t# T u, in t i, 2%rk. t e ,%rcerer bec%3e, a direct%r %f t e current it,e!f. a !i4ing ex1re,,i%n %f 2 at i, ca!!ed Jt e De4i!K %r Ad4er,ary# T e fe3a!e i, a!,% a !i4ing 4ita! 3anife,tati%n %f t i, current a, 2e!!. it i, in ancient Hebre2 f%!k!%re t at b%t Satan and Li!it 2ere b%rn %f t e ,a3e $ire. being t2in,# T e u,e %f a 4e,,e!Cfeti, re1re,ent, t e T %3eG %f t e Dae4a %r De3%n# It i, c!%,e!y c%nnected t% t e tran,f%r3ati%n %f t e ,%rcerer. t u, an Ten4en%3edG and e31%2ered ritua! t%%!# " en ,eeking t% e31%2er a feti,

%f Li!it %r 5ain. en,%rce! Hencirc!eI y%ur,e!f in t e !%4e %f t e Dae3%n it,e!f. t i, i, 2 y 2%rking 2it t e Inner :uide %r H%!y :uardian Ange! i, ,% e,,entia!# T r%2 y%ur,e!f int%

t e interna! a,,%ciati%n %f t e f%rce. a, it re!ate, t% y%u# U,e incen,e. cand!e, and anyt ing 2 ic %!d, u,efu! a,,%ciati%n# T e 8aPra Lig tning b%!t. t at 2 ic fa!!, fr%3 t e ,ky H%ften a,,%ciated 2it Lucifer %r Satan. t e "atc er, %r $a!!en Ange!,I I, a ,y3b%! %f interna! 4ita!ity. ,trengt and a ci1 er %f initiati%n# T e !ibid% i, ,y3b%!i/ed a, a ,nakeS t e TB!ack Ser1entG %f Fe/idi !%re i, t% re1re,ent kn%2!edge and 2i,d%3# T e ,er1ent t u, re1re,ent, a 2i!!ed f%cu, %f energie, c%nnected 2it t e ,e!f. a, a!,% t e Dae3%n a,,%ciated 2it t e "%rking and t e A/ i, >itua! %f Z% akCA/i Da aka HT e 0aiti, aI# F%u 3ay ,eek ,exua! c%ngre,, t% bring b%t ;a!i and Lucifer t% f!e, by u,ing 3en,trua! b!%%d and ,e3en in a 4e,,e!# F%u 3ay 2i, t% u,e a 2 ite , eet 2 ic y%u c%1u!ate %n again and again t% e31%2er t e 2%rking# U,e t e , eet a, a 2ra1 %f ,%rt, f%r t e 4e,,e! 2 ic 3ay a4e i3age, %r ,igi!, %f ;a!i and Lucifer u1%n t e3. t at y%u 3ay encirc!e t e3 2it t e L%4e HAga1eI %f t e "i!!ed De,ire %f b%t 1ractiti%ner, in4%!4ed# F%u 3ay ,eek t% e31%2er t i, 4e,,e! beginning at t e fu!! 3%%n t% t en t e Dark M%%n# A ,uitab!e de,cri1ti%n %f a Sex Magick 2%rking by 0a,ca! Be4er!y >and%!1 J2a, t% c%1u!ate 2it 3any different 2%3en %n %ne bed, eet. ne4er c anging %r c!eaing it# T u,. it retained t e cu3u!ati4e !ife f%rce %f t %,e c%u1!ing,. 3ing!ed and 1re,er4ed in cru,ted f!uid,# He t en ,tretc ed t e , eet a, an arti,tG, can4a,. and 1ainted u1%n it i, 4i,ua! i3age %f a ,uccubu,# He u,ed i, i3aginati%n !ike a !en, t% bring t e 1%2er int% f%cu,. f!attering and feeding t e ,1irit 2 % t en 3anife,ted t r%ug it#K T i, 1r%4ide, a 1%2er t%%! f%r t e 3agician, t% create a 2%rking ba,ed ar%und ;a!i and Lucifer. 2 ic by P%ining

,uc f!uid, %4er and %4er again and fi!!ing t e3 in a 4e,,e! a de3%n !%4er 3ay be b%rn# U,e a 4ariety %f in4%cati%n,. ,1e!!, and a4er,e c ant, ,uc a, t e L%rdG, 0rayer Back2ard, and ,i3i!ar JSatanicK c ant, t% e31%2er t e de3%n# On t e nig t %f t e Dark M%%n. refre, 2it b!%%d and ,e3en again and rebury t e 4e,,e! in t e eart # Eac nig t y%u 3ay ex u3e t e 4e,,e! and 2ra1 it in t e , eet %r c!%t u,ed in y%ur c%ngre,,. ,3eared %4er and %4er again 2it t e ,exua! f!uid, %f b%t 1artner,# F%u 3ay 2i, t% e4%ke a De3%n %r SuccubiCIncubi a, t i, c i!d %f ;a!i* Li!it and Lucifer. t u, being a ,er4it%r and t ird !%4er f%r

t e c%u1!e# $%cu, it, gender %r "i!! it t% be ab!e t% c ange acc%rding!y# T u, a rite 2 ic y%u create 3ay be d%ne a, a Hig er %r a :%etic %r L%2er "%rking %f ,%rcery# On t e E4ening %f t e $u!! M%%n ex u3e t e De3%n 8e,,e! and 1erf%r3 a fina! incantati%n t% it. t en c%1u!ate 2it t e 4e,,e! near and u1%n t e 2 ite , eet 2 ic , %u!d be ,tained and cru,ted 2it b!%%d and ,e3en# En,ure t at y%ur f%rnicati%n i, inten,e and dra2n %ut a, !%ng a, 1%,,ib!e. b%t en4i,i%ning t e ,1irit y%u are creating# A!!%2 t i, f%rce t% 3%4e 2it in y%u a, y%u fuck# " en ePacu!ati%n %ccur,. t e fe3a!e %r 3a!e Hif b%t are c%n,enting and 3%n%ga3y i, tru,tedI 3ay take t e ,e3en in t eir 3%ut and 3ixed 2it t eir ,a!i4a %r b!%%d. ,1it int% t e 4e,,e! t% e31%2er t e de3%n# If t e rite i, %3%,exua!. a incubi 2it a 1reference f%r 3en 2i!! n% d%ubt be created# If t e c%u1!e are !e,bian,. a ,uccubi 2i!! n% d%ubt be e31%2ered and b%und t% t e3# It i, t e c%3binati%n %f f!uid, %f b%t 3a!e and fe3a!e 2 ic ,ee3 t% create a de3%n 2 ic 3ay 3utate bet2een b%t and be ab!e t% 1erf%r3 4ari%u, ta,k, de1ending %n t e ,%rcerer,# If y%u 2i, t% de,tr%y %r bani, t e de3%n. ,i31!y burn and 1%ur ,a!t %4er t e 4e,,e! during a created bani, ing rite. inc!uding t e , eet#


e fe3inine i, e,,entia! a, 2e kn%2 t% t e 1r%ce,, %f initiati%n 2it a S akti. %r di4ine 1%2er# T e B%%k %f En%c 2 ic i, centered ar%und t e fe3inine* ating re!igi%n %f 5 ri,tianity c%u!d %n!y attribute t e negati4e, %f t e fe3inine. e4en a, t e ,%*ca!!ed Jtarget,K %f t e "atc er, and t eir e31yrean kn%2!edge# L%%k t% t e 1ur1%,e %f t e fa!!en ange!, and t eir c%1u!ati%n, 2it 2%3en. t eir Jtaking %f 2i4e,K indicate, t e de,ire f%r c%31!eti%n and e,,entia! tran,f%r3ati%n 4ia t e S akti 1%2er %f t e fe3inine. t e 3u,e and te31!e 1r%,titute# A, J;unda!aK 3ean, in t e Indian cu!ture J5%i!edK t e 4ery ;unda!ini S akti i, t e di4ine 1%2er a,,%ciated 2it

t e 5 akra,. it i, t e !eading %r guiding a,1ect 2 i!e t e 5 akra, are a2akened and i!!u3inated in t e 1 y,ica! and ,1iritua! b%dy# T u, t e ,er1ent Tabaet. a f%r3 %f t e ad4er,ary. i, t e a2akening a,1ect 2 ic br%ug t di4inity t% 2%3an 2it Li!it . t% ,%%n beget 5ain t e a2akened %ne#

Sa3ae!. t e ancient ,er1ent. t%%k a 1!ea,ing , a1e a!%ng 2it i, %t er fa!!en ange!, and 2ent f%rt t% 3an# T e,e dark ,1irit, 2 ic br%ug t !ig t t% 3ankind 2ere kn%2n a, t e !eader,. t e fir,t being Tabaet t e Ser1ent. t ere 2a, ?eL%n 2 % !ed a,tray t e ,%n, %f Zur4an %r t e %ne ca!!ed :%d. A,bee! 2 % ga4e t e c%unci! %n P%ining t e b%die, %f t e,e ange!, 2it 2%3en. t e daug ter, %f 5ain# T ere 2a, :adree! 2 % taug t 3en t e b!%2, %f deat . taug t %2 t% 3ake 2ea1%n, and a,,i,ted in !eading E4e a,tray. t e ene3y %f Li!it # T ere 2a, a!,% ;a,dePa 2 % i, t e ange! teac ing t e 1ur1%,e %f %t er de3%n, and ,1irit, and t e art %f ab%rti%n, f%r t %,e 2 % 2%u!d n%t a4e c i!dren. a, 2e!! a, t e N%%n*tide Sun Dae3%n 2 % 2a, t e ,%n %f t e Ser1ent. Tabae,# T e,e 2ere ca!!ed "atc er, and t e Hebre2, kne2 %f t eir na3e,- Ar,aMi-a5 Sa1;a:a5 Ar1aro#5 A:a:el5 'e&e10e5 BaraMel5 NeMael5 Da&;al5 Ba,ar;al5 A:a:el5 (a&a&el5 T0rel5 Si1a%e#iel5 Ae,rel5 Ka#beel5 T01ael5 T0rel5 R01;al5 T0rael5 Ko4abel5 Ar1e&5 R01ael a&d B0#a#e;al. The chie-# o- ,e& "ere called Sa1la:a:5 Ara4lba5 Ko4ablel5 Ra1eel5 Ta1lel5 Ra1lel5 E:eMeel5 BaraMi;al5 A#ael5 Ba,arel5 A&a&el5 8aMlel5 Sa1#a%eel5 Sa,arel5 T0rel5 Ao1;ael. and Sariel# T e,e 2ere t e %ne, 2 % t%%k t e f%r3, %f ange!,. acc%rding t% t e Hebre2, and 2ent f%rt t% breed t e Ne1 i!i3. t e ,%n, %f de3%n,# T ey 2ere ca!!ed :reat giant,. 2 %,e 1 y,ica! eig t %r 1%2er %f 2i!! 2a, 3%re inten,e t an %t er,# Suc 2ere %f t e 1redat%ry ,1irit. 2 en t ey c%u!d n%t be ,u,tained by 3an. t ey ,%%n de4%ured 3ankind# T e ,tarted t% de4%ur f!e, and drink %f b!%%d. 2 i!e A/a/e! and t e %t er ,1irit, 2ere ,ti!! teac ing 3ankind# A/a/e! taug t t e art %f t e B!ack,3it . 3uc !ike 5ain# A/a/e! kne2 t e art %f ,2%rd,. kni4e,. , ie!d, and %2 t% 2%rk 2it t e 3eta!, %f t e eart # A/a/e! a!,% taug t t e art %f 3akeu1 t% 2%3en. and ,%%n 2a, c%1u!ating again 2it %t er 2%3en and teac ing %t er, t e art %f 2ar# Se3Pa/a taug t enc ant3ent,. ;%kabe! t e c%n,te!!ati%n,. E/eLee! t e

c!%ud, and a,tra! 1!ane and Sarie! t e c%ur,e %f t e 3%%n#

It 2a, t e %ne ca!!ed A/a/e! 2 % taug t 3ankind t e ,ecret, %f ea4en 2 ic 2ere n%t 3eant f%r 3ankind. t ey a!! beca3e !ike :%d,#

Co110&io& "i,h Dar4&e##

A Ri,0al o- See,hi&+

0re1are t e Sku!! B%2! %r Sacred B%2! %f Ada3u. fi!! it 2it b%t ,1er3 and b!%%d %f t e 3%%n+. 3ix it 2it Pa,3ine and t %,e erb, 2 ic bring gn%,i,# In t e Nig t, %f A/. be it t e Dark %f t e M%%n %r t e Lig t %f t e M%%n , a!! y%u a4e a ,acred 4e,,e! %f er 3arriage %f t e Drag%n and i, Bride# T e ,%i! 3ay be 1re1ared by t e eart %f 2 ic y%u d2e!!. and fi!!ed 2it t e gra4e ,%i! %f a 2%rking 1!ace# During t e 1re1arati%n %f t e 4e,,e! %f 3arriage. be it ,ku!! %r 1%t y%u 3u,t be di,ci1!ined t% bani, t e be!ief, %f 2 ic y%u 2ere rai,ed. and t e eg% 2 ic %!d, y%u in ,ta,i,# Seek er 2it t e t ir,t %f c%n,ci%u,ne,,. t e de,ire %f kn%2!edge and t% tran,f%r3 y%ur c%n,ci%u,ne,, int% a ig er ,tate %f being# Seek A/a!Guce! and Hi, Bride during t i, ,acred act. !et n%t an%t er 2 % i, unt%uc ed by t e B!ackened Lig t %f 5ain dare 2itne,, t i, 1re1arati%n# F%ur 3agica! 1artner %f 3any %f t e rite, 3u,t be a 2itc %f t e current %f t e 0eac%ck Ange!. 2 % i, A/a!Guce! re4ea!ed# Let er P%in y%u in t e :reat "%rk. but yet b%t are i,%!ate and a!%ne# S are y%ur 4i,i%n, and in,1irati%n,S a!!%2 ,uc ,acred interacti%n fan t %,e f!a3e, %f t e B!ack and >ed ,er1ent, %f Sa3ae! and Li!it # T% ri,e t e ,e!f u1 in t e E3era!d 0re,ence %f Lucifer and t e B!ackened Aby,, %f Li!it y%u 3u,t bui!d a f%undati%n %f ,trengt and 2i!!# One d%e, n%t ,eek t e 3arriage %f t e Ad4er,ary and t e " %re by 2eakne,,. t %,e are n%t %f t eyR T e Mind 2 ic
Men,trua! B!%%d# If t e b!%%d i, c%!!ected day, bef%re t e rite. ,t%re acc%rding!y in a ,3a!! 4ia!# If n%t 1%,,ib!e. ,eek rat er y%ur %2n b!%%d in a ,3a!! a3%unt %r ,%3et ing 2 ic re1re,ent, b!%%d#


i, %f t e B!ack Lig t i, %f A ri3an. 2 % in t e c%!d n%rt a2ait, i, c i!dren 2it i, Bride A/*?e . t ey de4%ur t e

3ind, %f t %,e 2 % are n%t i!!u3inated 2it t e :n%,i, %f t eir 2i,d%3# Be 1re1ared and be ,% di!igent in t y 2%rkR In t e Sabbat 0at d%e, y%ur tran,cendence begin t% take 1!ace# "it t y 4e,,e! 1%ured and bat ed in t e E!ixir %f Ada3u can y%u %ffer t y dedicati%n t% Her. and by Sabbat $ire and Drea3 "ay , a!! , e entreat t ee in t e ec,ta,y %f uni%n# Be a, 5ain. 2 % 2a!k, t e 1at a!%ne yet c%n,u3ed 2it t e B!ackened $ire %f Se!f*Di4inityR Ada3u i, Her ,ecret na3e %f %!d 2 ic i, t e Tr, na %f Li!itu. by t %,e 3y,terie, , a!! y%u enter er dread circ!e# S e i, t e Lu,t %f a!! "%3en. and t e De,ire in Man# "e are b%rn in t i, 2%r!d a!%ne and ,e1arated. by t e A4er,e Act %f t e Luciferian 0at can 2e 5%3e unt% t e Marriage %f t e Drag%n and " %re. t u, y%u , a!! be u1!ifted t% t e 0at %f 5ain and i, fat er. A/a!Guce! 2 % i, ca!!ed A/a/e!. Sa3ae! and Lucifer# Seek t i, 2ay a!%ne. a, it i, t e Left "ay. %f 3atter and f!e, # By t i, "itc *"ay being t e 3ediu3 %f de,ire %f c%ntinued exi,tence can t e S1irit be a,cended int% t e $iery and Aeria! >ea!3 %f t e Ange!ick "atc er A/a/e!# It 3u,t be d%ne t r%ug Darkne,,. t% a2aken A ri3an and Ak%3an 2it in. by t e ;i,, %f A/ 2 ic ,tir, t e Bea,t# In t e 5irc!e %f A/ %n t e Nig t %f t e Dark M%%n 1re1are t y 8e,,e! 2it t e B%2! %f Ada3u. t e Se3en and B!%%d %f t e "itc "%3an. , a!! y%u b%t be c!%aked in t e nig t# 5 ant t e 2%rd, 2 ic %1en f%rt t e 0!ace %f Are/ura. t e 5%!d N%rt * Akaza obil ahsu azaza Ahsu azarrz azarrz arepum analpatsehs Ahselpmu oiroiz, ararbum azooirrz@ !azas, !azas, 6asatanada !azas@ T e,e 2%rd, a, ab%4e Hn%t inc!uding t e !a,t !ineI are t e in4er,ed A!1 abetic and S%rcer%u, !anguage %f S ad%2

t%ngue. t e f%r2ard c ant i, %ne %f t e Su33%ning %f t e "atc er,. t u, an ata4i,tic c ant 2 ic en,%rce!, y%ur b%dy in darkne,,# 8eh = Az, %other and 'ride who is Samahe, & summon thee to circle path Az, who is Aairikanamca, who has 6yanco, & entreat thee within my flesh & am as Dae"ayzo within my own 'eing, who is of Ahriman 'y the Dae"odata do & 'ecome, my grimoire written in dreams. & offer this 'owl unto Adamu, who is perfection in (ire and Shadow@

0%ur n%2 t e c%ntent, int% t e 8e,,e!E %f A/. 2 ic , a!! be en4i,i%ned a, t e 5irc!e %f A/# :i4e t i, %ffering in L%4e. t at by Aga1e i, y%ur de,ire t% bec%3e b%rnR If t y 4e,,e! i, a Sku!!. entreat t e , ade, %f t e Li!itu t% re,ide t ere. t eir %2n eart !y ,i,ter being Agrat*Bat* Ma a!at. t e guide %f n%cturna! c%1u!ati%n and in,tinctua! de,ire# In t e nig t %f t e ,acred %ffering 2it y%ur 1artner. ,eek by ,!ee1ing 2ay t% P%in in uni%n 2it eac %t er# D% it ,% in Her na3e. and u,e t e E!ixir t% in4ig%rate t e 8e,,e! at Da2n. t% 3ake an %ffering t% Li!it and Her Mate. 2 % i, A/a/e!. 2 % c%3e, f%rt by t e Lig t %f t e Sun# During t e %ffering t e 5a!!ing %f t e "atc er, , %u!d be c anted Luiet!y* !rriooza, Bmbrara, !iorio Bmplesha Bzesta %oriomba Bsha Shestaplana Bmpera !rraza !rraza Bsha

T i, i, a B%2! %r ,acred c%ntain f%r y%u t% 1erf%r3 t e :reat "%rk#


I& ,he Blac4 Cha1ber o- Kabed$0#$S%ae

A Sorcero0# U&io& o- E&circli&+ ,he Co e&F# 'o"er
* $ The Fle#h Sabba, a&d Co&+re##

T e T2% 2ere !ed by t e Ma,ter %f t e 5irc!e int% a c a3ber. red 2a!!, and a b!ack cei!ing# T e center %f t e r%%3 2a, a !arge c%3f%rtab!e c air. cri3,%n 2it g%!den 5 ine,e drag%n, e3br%idered in t e fabric. a great 1i!!%2 c%!%red red at t e f%%t %f t e c air# T e 3a,ter %f t e circ!e 2%re t e 3a,k %f S aitan. t e DPinn %f t e Burning N%%n Tide De,ert Sun. %rned and in,cribed 2it ,igi!, %f t e Drag%n u1%n it# Ad%rned in b!ack !eat er 1ant, 2it i, c e,t and ar3, b!ackened e ,at %ne 2%3en in t e center %f t e 1i!!%2# T e 0rie,te,, 2 % e3b%died Li!it AZ. t e " %re 2 % r%de t e Drag%n. t e center %f t e Eye %f Tia3at enf!e, ed ,at in t i, c air. !eg, ,1read. a tig t fitting !eat er c%r,et gri11ing tig t!y t% er 1a!e f!e, # Her 3a,k 2a, de,igned a, a 3a,k %f Li!it . b!ack and 2 ite 2it ,treak, %f 3en,trua! b!%%d acr%,, it# S e 2a, a 3e3ber %f t e 5%4en f%r ,%3eti3e. and

de,ired t e "%rking 2 ic i, rare!y ,1%ken %f< Bef%re er 2a, t e !ady 2 % 2%u!d in carna! de,ire kn%2 b%t t e ar!%t and t e bea,t. and 2%u!d a2aken t% t eir 1!ea,ure# T e 1ur1%,e %f t e rite 2a, t e c%n,ecrati%n and en,%rce!3ent %f t e A ri3anic $a3i!iar %f t e 5%4en# At t e n%rt ern 1%int %f t e r%%3. 2a, a ,3a!! c e,t and u1%n it re,ted a u3an ,ku!! and a 1%t fi!!ed 2it a b!ack Dae4a ,tatue Ha de3%nI. a b!ack and red cand!e. underneat and fi!!ed 2it ,%i! 2it 4ari%u, r%ck, re,ting 2it in it# Next t% t e nganga 2a, a ,ku!! ca1 turned int% a b%2! 2it ,%3e 1%2dered u3an b%ne, and erb, 2it in it# T e 0rie,te,, 2a, anded a ,ku!! 2 ic 2a, t e 4e,,e! %f Li!it by t e L%rd %f t e 5irc!e# S e e!d it in er !eft and# T e Sku!! ca1 2a, 1!aced next t% t e Lady %n t e 0i!!%2#

A, , e 2a, kne!t bef%re t e 0rie,te,, ,itting !e2d!y in t e c air. !eg, ,1read and ,!%2!y ar%u,ing er,e!f. t e Ma,ter %f t e Sabbat !%ud!y 4ibrated t e barbar%u, 2%rd, %f e4%cati%n. ca!!ing f%rt t e De4i! %f t e Sabbat a, an in4%cati%n t r%ug i3# Eac 2%rd a!t %ug uninte!!igib!e. ,ee3ed t% cau,e ri11!e, in t e r%%3, en4ir%n3ent. a great eat and fire ,ee3ed t% encirc!e t e3# T e Ma,ter %f t e 5irc!e began t e Sabbat c ant. in4%king and ca!!ing f%rt t e , ade, %f t e nig t t% encirc!e t e3< T e 0rie,te,, recited t e ,ta%ta %f Zra//a ,e4era! ti3e,. ann%uncing er indi4idua! intent# T e L%rd %f t e 5irc!e began ca!!ing f%rt t e Dae4a, %f t e >ite* A/. A ri3an. Akata, and 8aren%# /) horned initiator and de"ils flesh my cloak of serpent skin worn clothe me in the #obe of A! in the Watchers field of time..2 T e 3a,ked initiat%r t en began reciting t e L%rdG, 0rayer >e4er,ed. a c ant %f ,u33%ning 5ain# A, e began reciting. t e !ady turned and began ar%u,ing t e L%rd %f t e Sabbat 2it er and# He t en ,1%ke t e "%rd, %f t e Sta%ta. ,u33%ning t% g% f%rt int% t e f!e, %f AZ*?e . t e great Har!%t bef%re i3# A!! t e 2 i!e 2a, t e 0rie,te,, ar%u,ing er,e!f. c anting and ,1eaking in t%ngue, t at , ad%2 !anguage 2 ic beget ,er1ent,# S e t en ca!!ed f%rt Li!it 2it in t e Inferna! Sabbat. ,tr%king er,e!f 2it a de3%nic fren/y# A, , e recited furt er. t e 0rie,te,, t%%k t e !ady by t e air and guided er face int% er ga1ing 2%und# T e !ady !icked furi%u,!y. 2 ic ,ent , i4er, u1 t e ,1ine %f t e 0rie,te,,. 2 % 2 i!e gr%2ing in ec,ta,y.

c%ntinued t e c ant t% in4%ke Li!it # T e L%rd %f t e Sabbat. knee!ed be ind t e !ady. 2 % 2a, 3%4ing er rig t t2% finger, in and %ut 2it eac ,!%2

!u,tfu! ki,, %f er n%2 ,2%!!en !i1,. began 3%4ing i, and bet2een er !eg# A, e ,!%2!y excited er. , e gre2 4ery 2et# T e ,%und, %f t e !u,t a, t e 0rie,te,, gr%aned in 1!ea,ure and t e ,!i11ery 3%4e3ent %f er !icking enticed t e L%rd %f t e 5irc!e t% ,!%2!y in,ert and engage dee1 2it in er# T e !ady fe!t a great fire 2it in er a, e 1%unded dee1. 2 ic excited er 3%re# T e De4i! %f t e Sabbat began ,1eaking in , ad%2 t%ngue a, e t ru,t 2it in er. 2 i!e Li!it Ht e 0rie,te,, tran,f%r3edI 2a, a!,% ,1eaking in , ad%2 t%ngue ,ending f%rt t e Li!itu 2it er great !u,t# B%t a, t e !ady kne2. 2ere ca!!ing f%rt t e f%rce %f t e Sun and t e M%%n int% t e circ!e. 2 ic 2%u!d bind t e3 a!! a, t e Fatu, and 0airika, 2 % e3braced t e Luciferian and A ri3anaen :n%,i,# A, t e 0rie,te,, ,%%n 2a, 1re1aring t% ex1!%de 2 i!e t i, !ady !icked and fingered er dee1. , e fe!t t e at3%,1 ere c anging 3%re. fire and , ad%2 ,ee3ed t% ,urr%und t e3# N% !%nger 2ere t ey Pu,t in f!e, . but a!,% in drea3# S e eard 1%unding dru3, and ,!%2 c ant,# T e De4i! %f t e Sabbat 2a, ,1anking t e !ady ard %n er c eek,. 2 i!e e t ru,t dee1 in er 2ar3 c%re# T e red 3ark, a, a re,u!t %f t e burning ,en,ati%n dr%4e er cra/y. a!! t e 2 i!e t e L%rd %f t e 5irc!e began rubbing ,!%2!y er c!it%ri,. 2it eac t ru,t bringing er c!%,er t% t e c!i3ax , e ,% 2i, ed during t e Sabbat in f!e, # " i!e t ru,ting dee1er and dee1er 2it in er. e began reciting t e L%rdG, 0rayer A4er,e. u,ed in Luciferian "itc craft rite, t% ,u33%n t e De4i! 5ain. i, 4ery b!e,,ing in f!e, # T e !ady 2a, ,udden!y t r%2n int% a ,tate %f c%31!ete de,ire. !u,t and de3%nic ,exua! fury# S e began 1%unding back %n t e r%ck ard 3e3ber %f t e De4i!. 2 % gre2 in i, excite3ent# Hi, c ant, gre2 !%uder a, e r%,e t% a c!i3ax# T e 0rie,te,, 2 % 2a, t e Ma,k %f A/*Li!it 3%4ed er 3a,k e4er ,% ,!ig t!y t% t%ngue t e teet %f t e ,ku!!. 2 en t e %rga,3 it er# S e fe!t t e at3%,1 ere ex1!%de

and 2it er great , uddering , e i3agined a ,er1ent,G t%ngue ,!it ering %ut %f er ,2%!!en %!e and !ick t e t%ngue %f t e !ady 2 ic br%ug t er t% %rga,3# A, t e ,er1ent, t%ngue danced 2it er b!%%d ca3e %ut 2it it. t e en4i,i%ned re,u!t %f t e Sta%ta in4%king t e gift %f A/.

t e !ady %1ened er eye,. near 5u33ing er,e!f 2 i!e , e ,1at t i, e!ixir 2 ic 2a, c%11ery and %!d int% t e ,ku!! b%2!# S e near!y c %ked a, , e tried ard t% gat er a, 3uc %f t i, f!uid in er 3%ut a, , e c%u!d# At t i, 3%3ent t e De4i! %f t e Sabbat 1u!!ed %ut and ,t%%d u1. t e !ady turned er b!%%d fi!!ed 3%ut ,1itting it int% t e ,ku!! b%2! and e!d it u1 near t e 1 a!!u, %f t e Magician. 2 % ePacu!ated in t e ca1 a, 2e!!# A, , e 3ixed t e f!uid %n er t%ngue , e ca3e 4ery ard# A/*Li!it 2a, rubbing er brea,t, !%4ing!y fr%3 be ind and t e De4i! %f t e Sabbat 1!aced a ,3a!! nganga H,1irit 1%tI bef%re er. , e 1%ured t e c%3binati%n %f 3en,trua! b!%%d. ,e3en. b%ne 1%2der and erb, int% t e ,%i! and %n t e b!ack de3%n ,tatue# T e L%rd %f t e Sabbat 1erf%r3ed a ,u33%ning %f , ad%2 bef%re t e 4e,,e! and b!e,,ed it 2it en4en%3ed !ife# T e 0rie,te,, 1!aced t e ,ku!! in t e 4e,,e! 2it t e De3%n ,tatueS it 2a, an Nganga %f A ri3an. t e 1atr%n Dae3%n %f S%rcery %f t e Fatuk*Din%i # T e c anting c%ntinued. a necr%3antic ,u33%ning u,ing a kn%2n 1 ra,e in Fatu4ida ,%rcery* JZra//a. /ra//a. u, a nic t. /ra//a u31e, u##K A!! t ree n%2 ,at in a triang!e 2it t e 4e,,e! in t e center# T e t2% re3%4ed t eir 3a,k, and a!! began ,!%2!y ,1eaking in , ad%2 t%ngue. t% en,%rce! t e , ade 2it in t e ,1irit 4e,,e!# T i, 2a, t e birt %f t e DruP t at nig t. and t e Triad ad bec%3e a, Hecate. and in t eir 2%rk %f Fatui4a . eac 2a, bec%3ing a, Dae4a and DruP 2it in t eir %2n being# T e 5irc!e 2a, c!%,ed. yet t e "%rk ad Pu,t begun# T e Dae3%n, 2ere c%3ing f%rt int% t e "%r!d ar%und t e3. and t e 5%4en ad 3uc t% d%<

II B Sel- Lo e ,hro0+h Lili,h

T e 0rie,te,, ,tand, bef%re t e 4e,,e! %f Li!it . b%t 2%3en begin ,u33%ning t e 1ri3a! dae3%nic e,,ence %f Li!it # U1%n t e A!tar a Sku!! $eti, %f A/*Li!it i, centered. re1re,enting t e ,1irit c a3ber %f 2 ic , e d2e!!, %n eart . t e T ree , ade, int% One# T e incen,e %f 8enu, i, burnt and fi!!ed t e c a3ber 2it a ,2eet ar%3a# An i3age %f Li!it i, be ind t e Sku!! and a ,ing!e 2 i1 !aying !%%,e!y ar%und f%ur red cand!e,# T e 0rie,te,, and er fe3a!e 1artner 1erf%r3, in4%cati%n, t% Li!it b%t recite acc%rding t% t eir in,tinctua! de,ign. t i, i, t e 1at %f 2 ic A/*Li!it ear, t eir ca!!,# De,cending* JBy f!a3e a3 I c%n,u3ed. Her Lu,t# I33%!ate 3e 3y ,i,ter

%f Li!ituK T e 1rie,te,, 2 i1, t e a,, %f t e fe3a!e. 2it eac !a, a na3e %f Li!it i, recited by b%t . t e 2i!!ing e3b%di3ent in4%ke, Li!it 2it a!! %f er eart# S%%n b%t bec%3e !%,t in t eir %2n ec,ta,y %f in4%cati%n# T e 0rie,te,, i, t en 2 i11ed in t e ,a3e fa, i%n 2 i!e reciting again t e na3e,# III B By Fil,h i# A8 bor& i& all hear,# T e 1rie,te,, begin, t% !ick er finger, and ,!%2!y 3a,,age, t e c!it%ri, %f t e 1artici1ant. 2 i!e , e d%e, ,uc t e 0rie,te,, recite,* JInferna! ar!%t. 2 % , a!! take t e ,eed %f 3an. y%u , a!! ta,te t e 1!ea,ure, %f darkne,,. in t e , ad%2, %f t e 3%%n. in t e brig t %f t e 3%%n. d% y%u !u,t f%r t e ta,te %f 3y 5untM D% y%u ,eek t at 2 ic 2e are in %ur,e!4e,M D% y%u ,eek t e ec,ta,y t at 5 ri,t kne2 2it Magda!eneM I a, 2it y%u. Daug ter, %f Li!it . in er 1re,ence , a!! y%u ta,te 3y !i1,. if by c ance t at c%11ery ta,te guide, y%u. t at ,er1ent t%ngue ,% de!icate#K

T e 1artici1ant i, fee!ing a fire ari,e dee1 2it in er. , e begin, t% tig ten er 3u,c!e, be!%2 2 ic t e 0rie,te,, can fee! a, , e ,!%2!y g!ide, 2it in er n%2. t e 1artici1ant in a ,tate %f de,ire begin, t e rub er finger, in t e 2ar3t %f er 1rie,te,,. 2 % b%t n%2 fee! t e fire, %f 2 ic Li!it a2aken, 2it in# J"e are a, A/*?e . t e B!ack Har!%t 2 % c%n,u3e, t e f!e, %f Ar3i!u,,. yet a, t e :%dde,, d% 2e fuck t% t e gate, %f e!!# O1en f%rt t y 1at . Li!itu. E31u,a. ;a!i##fi!! 3y brain 2it burning ec,ta,y a, I ta,te 3y ,i,ter %f 2itc b!%%dK "it er t%ngue d%e, , e ,!it er u1%n er ,i,ter, !i1,. f!u, ed , e de,ire, er t%ngue t% be dee1 2it in t e %ne dra2ing er bef%re t e gate, %f 1ri3a! ec,ta,y# T e 1rie,te,, ki,,e, 2it a fiery 1a,,i%n t e 2itc 1artici1ant. b%t ta,ting eac %t er 2it !e2d aband%n# " en near a c!i3ax. t e 0rie,te,, 1au,e, and take, t e Sku!! $eti, fr%3 t e a!tar and recite,* JI a3 , e. %f fire and fi!it . 2 % i, P%ined 2it t e de4i! %f t e n%%n tide ,un# I a3 , e 2 % taug t t e fa!!en %ne, t e arte %f c%1u!ati%n. t% u,e t e e!ixir and %ney %f t e fe3a!e t% bring f%rt Drag%n 5 i!dren# I a3 , e. 2 % by t e , %re, %f t e >ed Sea. fucked and br%ug t f%rt 3y c i!dren t e Succubi and Incubi. t% g% f%rt and a2aken 3ankind# I a3 Li!it . t e Bride %f S aitan. t u, I a3 i,

c%31!i3ent. a, e i, 3ine# In %ur uni%n 2e are !ife eterna!. t e 3ind %f 1erfecti%n#K B%t t e 1rie,te,, and 2itc , a!! an%int t e $eti, %f Li!it 2it t eir %2n Puice,. and t en by ,ea!ing t e rite return t% t eir 1artner, acc%rding!y#

*#c0l01 I&-a1e B ,he *b#ce&e Ki##

In indi4idua! and 1artnered Luciferian "itc e, Sabbat >itua!,. a 3a!e and fe3a!e %r Ma!eCMa!e %r $e3a!eC$e3a!e c%n4%cati%n 3ay c %%,e t% uti!i/e t e O,cu!u3 Infa3e. %r ;i,, %f t e Ob,cene. being an A4er,e 1ractice %f Satanic Ba1ti,3 4ia Sexua! c%ngre,,# T e 2%rking it,e!f i, an act 2 ic ,y3b%!i/e, and f%cu,e, t e c%ntr%! %f t e fire ,er1ent in a ,1ecific area# T e ;i,, %f S a3e a, it i, ca!!ed by 5 ri,tian, i, %ne 2 ic 3ay be 1ractice bet2een t2% %r 3%re indi4idua!,. and 1r%4ide, a 1%2erfu! t%%! %f Sexua! S%rcery# A Ma!e 3ay re1re,ent t e De4i! but it i, n%t unc%33%n f%r a $e3a!e "itc t% a!,% re1re,ent t e De4i! a, Li!it . t ey are b%t a,1ect, %f t e Ad4er,ary a, being t e Bride %f Satan# In ,%3e 3edie4a! ta!e, %f t e O,cu!u3 Ob,c%enu3 %r t e Ob,cene ;i,, t e De4i! in t e f%r3 %f a B!ack :%at ad a b!ack cand!e in,ide i, anu,. !it fr%3 2 ic %t er 2itc e, !it fr%3 t i, cand!e during t e %b,cene ki,,# If t e 3a!e %f fe3a!e 2 % are e3b%dying t e Be,tia! :%d agree. t ey 3ay ,%d%3i/e t e3,e!4e, 2it a b!ack cand!e and be !it# T e %t er 1ractiti%ner H,I 3ay !ig t t eir %2n cand!e fr%3 t i, cand!e. ki,,ing t e area underneat t e anu, bef%re# T e b!ackened f!a3e i, t at %f t e de4i! %r bea,t t%te3. t e 4ery n%cturna! and !u,tfu! 1re,ence %f 5ain a, t e enf!e, ed H%rned :%d# T u,. e re1re,ent, 1%2er. 4ita!ity and f%cu,ed de,ire# An%t er 4er,i%n %f t e ki,, 3ay be d%ne by 3a!e %r fe3a!e a, 2e!!. bent %4er and ,1read bef%re t e %t er 1ractiti%ner %r c%4en if it i, ,uc t eir de,ire# A 1ractiti%ner 3ay c ant a ,u33%ning ,1e!! %f t e De4i! %r Li!it and t en begin ki,,ing %r t%nguing t e anu,# If it i, t u, t eir 2i!!.

t ey 3ay i31!e3ent finger, %r a c%n,ecrated di!d% H1referab!y B!ack %r >edI t% Hif fe3a!eI t e 4agina %r anu, %f t e Bea,t :%d %r :%dde,,# It i, e,,entia! 2 i!e 1racticing

t i, 4ery act %f Inferna! Sex Magick. t at t e %ne 1erf%r3ing t e actua! ;i,, 3%4e, t eir t%ngue in t e ,y3b%!ic directi%n fir,t %f "iddern, in,. c%unter c!%ck2i,e and ,!%2!y !ick and ki,, t e anu, %f t e 3a!e %r fe3a!e# "it eac t%ngue 3%4e3ent. en4i,i%n a great ,er1ent ri,ing fr%3 y%ur ,1ine and a 1%2er %4erc%3ing y%u# Eac t ru,t %f t e t%ngue i, a ,er1ent ,eeking t e b!ackened 1it, %f darkne,,. t at 2 ic , a!! !ift y%u u1 int% t e Lig t %f Lucifer in t e Drea3ing 5e!e,tria! Sabbat# T e 1ractiti%ner, 3ay c%1u!ate after t e Ob,cene ;i,, and ,exua! f!uid, be an%inted %n t e 5and!e t% re1re,ent and %ffering# It i, ,ugge,ted t% 1%ur t e f!uid, in an %ffering t% darkne,,. 1%ured int% a feti, %r %!e in 2 ic t e ,un d%e, n%t t%uc #

The Cha1ber o- ,he Ser%e&,

Sexua! "%rking, in a b%ndage ,etting 3ay a!,%

be i31!e3ented de1ending %n t e feti, %f t e 1artici1ant,# Magick 1r%4e, a 1%2erfu! dri4e be ind S Z M if 1racticed in any certain 2ay# A ba,ic de,cri1ti%n i, a, f%!!%2,# U1%n entering t e r%%3. %ne 3a!e and t2% fe3a!e 2ere a!ready 1re1ared f%r t e gate, t ey ,%ug t t% %1en 2it in t e3,e!4e,# T e 3ain 2itc %f t e c%4en 2a, dre,,ed in a ,tra1 a!ter t%1 2 ic re4ea!ed er a31!e brea,t,# S e 2%re a!,% cr%tc !e,, b!ack !atex 1antie, and cri3,%n 2 i1 b%%t,. 2it t2% Luciferian ,igi!, 1ainted carefu!!y in b!ack %n t e ,ide,# Her and, 2ere bare. e4en fr%3 ring, and er nai!, carefu!!y 3anicured# T e ,ec%nd 2itc 2%re b!ack !atex ,t%cking, and 3atc ing tig t fitting 1antie,# S e 2a, g!%4ed in cri3,%n gaunt!et, and 2%re a ,kin tig t c%r,et 2 ic ga4e t e ,!ig t a11earance %f being extre3e!y unc%3f%rtab!e. 2 ic aided er aggre,,i4e 3%%d# T e 3a!e in Lue,ti%n 2a, dre,,ed in a tig t fitting !atex b%dy ,uit and 3a,ked 2it a ang3anG, %%d# He 2a,

ab!e t% ,1eak and t% ,ee. yet e 2a, unab!e t% a4e interc%ur,e %r e4en ar%u,e i3,e!f 2it t e re,traint %f t e !atex# He 2a, b%und by t2% 2ri,t cuff, 3ade %f a ,turdy 8e!cr%. 2 i!e t e ank!e, 2ere !et !%%,e 2it n% re,traint,# A ,1iked c%!!ar 2a, tig t!y ar%und t e 3a!e 1artici1ant, neck. 2it a ,i!4er uti!ity c ain fa,tened t% it# One fe3a!e 2itc e!d t e c ain u1%n attac ing it t% t e 3a!e. 2 i!e t e %t er !%%ked %n 2it er riding cr%1 in and# N%ne ad ,1%ke at a!! %nce t e c a3ber 2a, entered. a, ,i!ence 2a, t e !a2 %f t e "%rking# T ey ,%ug t t% in4%ke t e a,1ect %f Li!it in eac %f t e3. t at A/ 2%u!d 3anife,t in t e d%3inance %f b%t fe3a!e, and t e 3a!e 2%u!d ,eek t i, infern% by n%t being ab!e t% a4e ,ex. 3ere!y ex1eriencing 1ain and !u,t by b%t fe3a!e,# T e ,ec%nd

2itc ad a d%ub!e eaded b!ack di!d% 2 ic 2a, r%ug !y ='K !%ng. 2 ic , e began rubbing bet2een er brea,t, 2 i!e t e fir,t 2itc an%inted er,e!f in Le4iat an %i!. 2 i!e t e incen,e burnt in uni,%n and fi!!ed t e c a3ber 2it a ,2eet and 1%2erfu! ,cent# T e 3a!e. 2 %,e ar3, 2ere re,trained. re,ted %n i, back 2atc ing c!%,e!y t e t2% 2itc e,. t e fir,t 2itc began by ta11ing gent!y %n t e !eft !eg %f t e 3an fr%3 ab%4e t e ank!e# Hi, ar%u,a! 2a, at fir,t 4ery ,!ig t. a, e 2a, 4ery unc%3f%rtab!e in t e %t !atex# T e ,ec%nd "itc began an in4%cati%n JBy t e $ir,t M%%n %f Hecate*Li!it d% 2e c%3e a, 4irgin, unt% Her. !et u, be b!e,,ed in inn%cence and beauty. 1erfect !%4e and tru,t# By t e Sec%nd M%%n %f Hecate*Li!it d% 2e e3erge a, Har!%t,. b!%%d fi!!ed 2 %re, 2 % fuck t e !i4ing and t e dead. f%r %ur de,ire i, end!e,,. ,eeking t e t%ngue dance %f eac %t er in anxiety fi!!ed de,ire# Let %ur 2%und, be fucked 2it t e c%ck %f t e bea,t. 2 %3 i, ard and c%!d 3e3ber %f Our L%rd t e De4i!# Let u, ,%%n ta,te i, 1!ea,ure< By t e T ird M%%n %f Hecate*Li!it d% 2e enter t e gra4e, %f t e dead. t% re,t and ,eek t e !%4ing and c i!!ing t%uc %f t e dead. 2 %3 eac , a!! c %%,e a, a !%4er# Let t eir c%!d e3brace fi!! u, 2it t e , ad%2 %f A/ae! 2 % 2a!k, t e r%2, %f gra4e,. 2 % a3%ng t e t%3b, ,eek, i, Lady 2 % i, t e 5r%ne. in age t ere i, beauty#K JBy Za/a,. Za/a,. Na,atanada Za/a, I %1en f%rt t e :ate, %f He!! A/*?e . 2 % i, Li!it . 2 % ride, t e Drag%n d% c%3e f%rt t r%ug u,. 2e , a!! reac t e eig t, %f ec,ta,y t r%ug

y%ur H%n%rRK T e fir,t 2itc 2 % 2a, ta11ing t e 3a!e,G !eg 2a, n%2 r yt 3ica!!y c anting t e 2%rd, 2 ic %1en t e gate, %f e!!. 3%4ing furt er u1 i, !eg# " i!e d%ing t i,. t e ,ec%nd

2itc . 2it er !%ng b!ack !atex g!%4e,. t e rig t and 3%4ed bet2een t e %t er, !eg, and 3ade er 2ay ,!%2!y t% t e %1en area re4ea!ing er !i1, and began ,!%2!y 3%4ing er f%refinger u1 and d%2n. 3a,,aging er c!it%ri,# T e 3a!e 2 % 2a, b%und 2a, bec%3ing 3%re ar%u,ed u1%n ,eeing ,uc an interacti%n. and f%cu,ed t e t %ug t, t% b!%%d c%4ered be,tia! , a1e, 2 ic began t% fuck in a fren/y. 2 i!e fe3a!e bea,t!ike fiend, c%4ered in b!ack air 1atc e, ,ucked t e %t er de3%n, %ff. ,e3en ,1i!!ing in t eir 3%ut , 2 ic created 3%re de3%nic , a1e, 2 ic a11eared a, grea,y !%%king b%ar, and 1ig, 2 ic 3%aned in de,ire# T e 3a!e t %ug t %f ,!%2 fucking %f g%at, and 2%3en. drag%n*!ike 2%r3, 3%4ing in and %ut %f 3%aning gir!, 2 % ad 1a,,ed bey%nd 3aturity by ,%3e fi4e t% ,e4en year,. kn%2ing t e 4ery de,ire c%ntained in t e i3age %f t e De4i! and Hi, Bride# T e 3a!e 2a, at t i, 3%3ent 4ery ard a, t e fir,t 2itc . being ar%u,ed 2it t e ,ec%nd 2itc and er ,!it ering t%ngue and and. ,!a11ed t e d%ub!e b!ack di!d% %n er a,, inbet2een t%nguing er# T e 2itc 2 % 2a, recei4ing t i, 1!ea,ure ran er t%ngue acr%,, t e b!ack !atex cr%tc area %f t e 3an. and t en ,1it at i, 3%ut . 2 i!e e !u,tfu!!y ,%ug t t% !ick fr%3 i, 3%ut # JHekak 8%/at ;a*Sat *O31%,K , e i,,ed at i3. t e 3a!e i,,ed t e ,a3e in4%cati%n back. and b%t !%%ked !u,tfu!!y at eac %t er# By t i, ti3e t e ,ec%nd 2itc t%%k er rig t and a2ay. n%2 ,!ick and 2et and 3%4ed t e b!ack di!d% ,!%2!y in,ide %f er# S e 3%ti%ned er and in t e fr%nt %f t e 2itc 2 % 2a, n%2 ,!a11ing t e 3a!e %n t e rig t !eg near t e cr%tc . t e fir,t 2itc 2it er t%ngue ,ucked %n t e ,!ick finger, %f t e ,ec%nd 2itc . 2 %,e b!ack g!%4e, ad entered er and 2ere t ru,t dee1 in,ide# T e r%%3 ad eated u1 2it t e ,3e!! %f incen,e and b%dy eat. fee!ing !ike t ey 2ere ,urr%unded by fire# T e 2itc 2 % 2a, t ru,ting t e 1 a!!u, 2it in er fe!t a, if , e ad c%31!ete!y entered er 2it in ,1irit. , e 3%aned 2it

e4ery t ru,t and t e 2itc fe!t a, t %ug , e 2a, c%ntr%!!ing e4ery breat 2 ic entered er !ung,. t e gr%u1 2a, %ne# At a 1%int %f rai,ing t e energy 2it in t e r%%3. b%t 2itc e, de,i,ted in t eir ,exua! Aga1e and %n

eac ,ide %f t e 3a!e began care,,ing i, !eg,# T eir eye, , %2ed !u,tfu! ex1re,,i%n and a unger 2 ic c%u!d n%t be ,ated# He re3ained c%ntr%!!ed. 2i!!ed and deter3ined u1%n t eir 3agica! g%a!# " i!e e fe!t a, if e c%u!d in 3ere ,ec%nd, %btain an %rga,3 e carefu!!y ke1t i3,e!f in c eck# T e fir,t 2itc 2 %,e and, 2ere bare carefu!!y reac ed at t e 2ai,t %f t e 3an t% 3%4e i, !atex 1ant, 1ack t% re4ea! i, ardne,,# T e ,ec%nd 2itc . 2 %,e and, 2ere !atex c%4ered reac ed d%2n and 2it er rig t and gri11ed i, 1eni, tig t!y and began !icking t e ead in a ,!%2. circu!ar 3%ti%n# T e 3a!e 2ar!%ck 2a, %n t e brink %f %rga,3. fi!!ed 2it ec,ta,y# "it a ,!%2 3antra e gained c%ntr%! again and re,i,ted t e urge f%r fini, ing and ,1i!!ing %ut t e energy# T e fir,t 2itc began a!,% !icking t e 1eni, %f t e 3an 2 i!e b%t 2%3en 3%4ed t eir t%ngue, int% eac %t er, 3%ut , 2 i!e ki,,ing t e ead %f t e c%ck# A, t e 3a!e 2a, at t e brink %f , %%ting ,e3en a!! u1%n t e face,. 3%ut , and and, %f t e 2itc e,. t ey ,t%11ed and e ,%ug t 2it e4ery %unce %f i, being t% c%ntr%! t e ex1!%,i%n# At t i, 3%3ent eac 1ractiti%ner in t eir %2n 2ay in4%ked t eir ig er Ange! t% ,eek a defining 3%3ent in t eir %2n bec%3ingS by ar%u,a! %f t e ,er1ent, 2it in d%e, %ne gr%2 3%re 1%2erfu! in t e Eye %f S%rcery# T e 3a!e 2a, untied t% a4e i, 3a,k re3%4ed# S2eating and ar%u,ed t e t2% 2itc e, ad i3 !ie u1%n t e gr%und and t e fir,t 2itc 1!aced er ,ti!ett% ee! u1%n i, face and a11!ied a ,!ig t a3%unt %f 1re,,ure# T e ,ec%nd 2itc t%%k a 4e,,e! u,ed in t e c%4en t% ,1a2n ,uccubi and incubi# S e re3%4ed t e t%1 and began t% !ick and ,uck %n t e ead %f t e 1eni, 2 i!e 1u31ing t e ba,e %f it# A, t e fir,t 2itc a11!ied 1re,,ure. t e 3a!e 2itc fe!t an ec,ta,y 2 ic c%u!d n%t be de,cribed. a 2eig t %n i,

,ku!! and t e ,!ur1ing %f t e ,ec%nd 2itc %n i, c%ck# A, e began t% 1re*cu3 , e Packed i3 %ff arder and fa,ter. at t e 1%int %f ex1!%,i%n t e ,ec%nd 2itc . 2 % ad kn%2n i3 inti3ate!y f%r ,%3e ti3e. a!!%2ed i3 t% ePacu!ate in er 3%ut . and t en ,1itting it int% t e Succubi 8e,,e!# T e 3a!e 2itc fe!! int% a c%3a %f ec,ta,y u1%n %rga,3. and drifted int% t e deat 1%,ture a, t e 1re,,ure %n i, face 2a, re3%4ed# He n%2 2%u!d ,ee t e face %f t e Hidden :%d#


!an is only one aspect to the key of !agick" To know of the craft# you must know of the $itch%Christianity and &slam should be corrupted from within to destroy it" !ake strong the original religion of the 'erpent and the oddess%

The Ri,0al o- Draco&ia& A#ce&#io&

Tra&#-or1a,io& -ro1 Fle#h ,o S%iri,

T e b!ackened ,er1ent i, a ,y3b%! %f 2i,d%3 %btained. t e kn%2!edge %f t e Ade1t 2 % a, tre,1a,,ed t e a!!, and 3eeting 2ay, %f t e f%rbidden. 2 % a, drank t e 1%i,%n %f t e ,er1entG, fang. yet fr%3 t at ,trugg!e a, %btained a ne2 !ife. a2akened and i!!u3inated furt er by t e ,triking at t e An4i! %f 5ain# By eac ,trike. eac ,1ark 2 ic ignite, t e c!ay %f ,e!f!e,,ne,,. Lucifer e3erge, again 2it in t e 1,yc e# T i, i, t e >ite %f t e Luciferian A,cen,i%n. t e Aga1e %f 2 ic Su33%n, t e B!ack Ser1ent# Let t e initiate being eit er 3a!e %r fe3a!e c %%,e a 1artner %f art. 2 % 2i!! by any 3ean, nece,,ary ar%u,e. c%1u!ate and ,ti3u!ate t e initiate f%r ex au,ting !engt , %f ti3e# T i, rite i, %f t e nature %f A!ei,ter 5r%2!eyG, TEr%t% 5%3at%,e LucidityG. fr%3 2 ic t e initiate i, !ed t% t e gate, %f ex au,ti%n and bey%nd. 2 en t e f!e, fai!, by %4er2%rking and t e ,1irit 3u,t a,cend by "i!! t% t e Luciferian Aet yr. %f 2 ic t e ,1irit i, e3b!a/ed 2it t e 1re,ence %f t e 0eac%ck Ange!. being A/a!Guce! %r S aitan# T ere are ,1ecifica!!y t2% 3et %d, %f t i, rite 8ia Li!it HAZI %r 8ia 5ain# A, Li!it . 3u,ick , %u!d be 1!ayed in t e backgr%und 2 ic in,1ire, dark e3%ti%n,. c anting and ,%3e2 at %rrific ,%und,# T e c a3ber %f %1erati%n , %u!d be dec%rated in cri3,%n and b!ack. 2it i3age, %f Li!it and er fa3i!iar,. t e Li!itu and Succubi# T e 0at 8ia 5ain i, %ne 2 ere t e initiate i, ad%rned and ,urr%unded 2it t e feti, e, %f t e H%rned :%d. t u, in eart en dec%rati%n, and ,y3b%!, %f 5ain# M%r%ccan %r Midd!e Ea,tern Mu,ic 3ay be 1!ayed t% ac ie4e t e f%undati%n f%r :n%,i, ear!y %n. 2it t e 1artici1ant f%cu,ing %n t e

3eaning and 3y,terie, %f 5ain t e B!ack,3it and Luciferian Initiat%r# T e 1ur1%,e %f t e rite i, t% cr%,, a b%undary %f f!e, int% ,1irit. %f entering 2 at t e 5u!t %f t e Hand and t e Eye ca!! JNeit er Neit erK. by 2 ic t e ,en,e, are n%t rec%gni/ab!e in any ,tandard fa, i%n. !ed t% a ,tate by extre3e 1 y,ica! and 3enta! ex au,ti%n# It i, by t i, 1at

t at t e 3agician , a!! in a ,tate %f 3enta! i,%!ati%n. ri,e u1 in ,1irit t% t e Luciferian Aet yr. t e 4ery Sabbat %f t e Sun by 2 ic e %r , e , a!! c%33une 2it t e B!a/ing S%u! %f Lucifer. t e 0eac%ck Ange! 2 % i, t e fiery initiat%r and fat er ,1irit %f 5ain# "it in an initiat%ry ,en,e A/a!Guce!CS aitan i, t e Ange!ick Hig er Se!f H2 at A!ei,ter 5r%2!ey ca!!ed t e H%!y :uardian Ange!I %f 5ain# T e fe3a!e and 3a!e 3agician 2i!! b%t undertake t e >ite in t e c%ntext %f b%t 8ia 5ain and 8ia Li!it . t% under,tand t2% A,1ect, %f t e Ad4er,ary# T e rite i, c%31%,ed %f ,e4era! 2%rking, %f cau,ing ex au,ti%n %f t e initiate by ,exua! ar%u,a! %4er and %4er again# T i, i, ,i3i!ar t% 2 at 2a, ca!!ed t e Jre!ea,e %f 2%3anK. 2 % in ,2%%n c%33unicate, 2it er ig er ,e!f. t e ,2eetne,, 2 ic i, referred t% er 4%ice a, t e J0eac%ckK in t e /Ananga #anga2, er 4%ice i, t e ?%y %f Mankind# T u, a, t e initiate reac e, near t e fina! gate %f t e 2%rking. t e Ade1t i, !ed t% S aitan t e 0eac%ck Ange! Ser1ent. 2 % i, A/a!Guce!# T i, rite i, eLua!!y undertaken in t e gn%,i, %f Li!it HAZI. 2 %,e dark,%3e e3brace !ead, t e Ade1t t% !ea4ing t e f!e, and ,eeking t e Hidden $ire %f Her. , e 2 % i, 2eb t% t e 5ri3,%n Drag%n Sa3ae!. A ri3an. 2 % i, t e De4i! and Our $at er# T i, i, t e 3arriage %f $ire 2it S1irit. t e Luickening %f t e "itc int% t e :n%,i, %f t e Lig tbringer#

T e 0artici1ant , %u!d 1re1are f%r t e rite by fa,ting and 3aintaining a ,trict di,ci1!ine c%ncerning 1 y,ica! fitne,, in ,%3e 3anner# T e 3ind t e day %f t e rite , %u!d be

c!eared. re,tfu! yet !u,tfu! fr%3 %ne 2eek %r 3%re %f ab,tinence fr%3 any ty1e %f ,exua! acti4ity# Let i, %r er drea3, bring a te,t t% t eir "i!! and dedicati%n t% t e 0at and t e :reat "%rk %f Bec%3ing# D% n%t fa!! t% y%ur !u,t, and de,ire, during t i, ti3e 1eri%d. it i, e,,entia! t% re,train and %!d y%ur,e!f by "i!! and t e di,ci1!ine %f t e 3agician. f%r t e rite %f 2 ic t e Ade1t , a!! undertake i, bey%nd 1 y,ica! ,tre,,. draining t e b%dy and 2i!! reLuire e4ery %unce %f ,trengt %f 2 ic y%u 3ay 3u,ter#

T e Ade1t and 1artici1ant H,I %f t e rite , a!! begin an in4%cati%n %f 5ain %r Li!it # Let t e 5%4en c %%,e t u, t eir 3ean, and 2%rd, %f in4%cati%n a, in 1re4i%u, rite,# Barbar%u, 2%rd,. c ant, %r %t er 3ean, %f entering t e fire , a!! be d%ne t u,# T e >ed Drag%n a, 1re4i%u,!y be a2akened H2 at i, t e ;unda!iniI in t e initiate t u, t ey

a4e reac ed a !e4e! %f Ade1t in t e Arte %f Magick#

The S%ell o- ,he Shado" o- ,he Ad er#ary

=I T% enter t e , ad%2 circ!e %f Li!it f%r t e 3ean, %f tran,cendence %f f!e, # 'y skull and dagger cast do & summon thee, or +ilith = Az of %idnight Shadow ,ast by the +ight of the %oon in splendor, enter me, coil around me in thy form of serpent, strangle both my phallus or clitoris until complete e;haustion, then as & shall seek you shall & be led back to flesh, to build my desire for the union of the *oly (ire of &blis. ) +o"er of %idnight<s ,ircle, drinker of blood, %aiden, Goddess and ,rone do & summon thee, encircle me in thy desire. 'I T% enter t e $%rge and Ser1ent 5irc!e %f 5ain f%r t e 3ean, %f tran,cendence %f f!e, #

'y *ammer and An"il, of Dagger and Skull do & summon thee, ) (ather and Spirit ,ain, endless wanderer of the forest and desert plane, who is my spirit illuminated by the 'lackened (ire of thy tongs. As & was clay cast without perception, thy higher soul was shown unto me and among the (ires of the Sabbat was & en"enomed with the %ark of ,ain, the 'lackened (lame of Azal<ucel who is Shaitan. 'y the (ork which is the %arking Sta"e of the Ad"ersary, hold high into the 6oon tide sun, that by the strength of Will do & seek this hidden fire again. 'y De"il Art and Whore<s flesh do & copulate, in the desire of the &nfernal Sabbat be led up into the highest Aethyr of the Dragon, wherein my *igher Self be re"ealed. II Let n%2 t e Ade1t be ar%u,ed ,exua!!y by any and a!! 3ean,. beginning ,!%2!y and bui!ding int% fer4%r %f !u,t and de3%nic c%1u!ati%n# Once t e initiate a, reac ed %rga,3. and e %r , e begin, t% fa!! a,!ee1 t e 1artici1ant , a!! again a2aken t e initiate 2it ,exua! ar%u,a!# T i, , a!! !a,t %nce again unti! c%31!ete and utter ex au,ti%n. t e S ayatan 2it in t e b%dy , a!! c%i! int% ex au,ti%n %nce again# " en ,!ee1 c%3e, u1%n t e initiate %nce again , a!! e be ar%u,ed by t e 1artici1ant and by t e 3et %d, %f t e Aga1e be br%ug t t% a c%!!a1,e %f b%dy and 3ind# " en t e b%dy %f t e Ade1t ,ee3 !ike it 3ay n%t g% any furt er , a!! c%1u!ati%n begin again. 2 en t e 3ind g%e, in*bet2een ,!ee1ing and 2aking# It i, 2it in t i,

3%3ent. 2 en t e Mind begin, t% A,cend int% t e Luciferian Sabbat. , a!! t e fiery DPinn 2 % i, A/a!Guce! be re4ea!ed t% t ee# III " en t e 4i,i%n, %f t e Ade1t ,ee3 t% a4e cea,ed. !et t e 1artici1ant again c%1u!ate 2it t e 3agician unti! t%ta! ex au,ti%n %nce again. ,ea!ing t e >ite 2it t e 4i,i%n %f t e 0eac%ck Ange!# U1%n c%31!eting t i, rite. t e next fe2 day, , %u!d be ,ignificant t% t e ,crying 4i,i%n, %f

t e Ade1t. 2 % a, gained a 3eaningfu! tran,cendence %f f!e, #

I& ,he E1erald Circle o- A:alF0cel

JS1irit %f 2 ic t e fa!!en ad taken ,trengt . i,%!ate and beautifu!. Ange!ick E,,ence. A/a!Guce!. fr%3 2 ic ca3e int% being 5ain I d% in4%ke t eeK t e y%ung 2%3an c anted r yt 3ica!!y# T e 2itc ,t%%d 2it in t e center %f t e circ!e. ,eeking t% bring int% er,e!f er initiatic guide. 2it in a ,tate %f ,e!ffa,cinati%n and t e fire %f t e Aet yric and ce!e,tia! 1!ane# T i, 2a, t e rite 2 ic n% 3an 3ay ,ate. 2 ic n% !%4er ,a4e er Ange!ick H%,t 3ay initiate furt er# T e 2itc under,t%%d t at A/a!Guce!. t e Ange! "atc er 2 % i, re4ea!ed by t e idden na3e a, Lucifer and A/a/e!. tran,f%r3, 2it in t e initiate by bringing a di,tinct and uniLue TfireG t% t e ,e!fS in a ,en,e a c%ntinua! tran,f%r3ati%n fr%3 t e Hidden $ire HB!ack Lig tI %f 5ain t% t e Hig er $acu!tie, %f A/a!Guce!. t e >i,en :%d 2it in# S e a, c%1u!ated 2it t e de3%n, and ,er1ent, %f t e 4%id. e!d interc%ur,e and ,%d%3y 2it t e , ade, %f t e dead under t e initiatic guidance %f Hecate. but ere , e 2%u!d ,eek t e Lig t %f t e Sun in t e Da2n by interc%ur,e 2it er Ange!ick :uide. A/a!Guce!# Standing 2it in t e :rand Luciferian 5irc!e. , e began 3%4ing 2idder, in, 1erf%r3ing t e ca!!,. 2it eac ,y!!ab!e and int%ning 4ibrati%n , e t re2 er eart and ,%u! int% it. in4%king 2it a 1a,,i%n 2 ic a!!%2ed er t% ri,e u1#

Her in4%cati%n, 2ere inten,e and fiery. f!%2ing and a, , e c anted , e ,1ira!ed t e !ig t d%2n fr%3 t e ,ky it,e!f# A, da2n ar%,e in t e Ea,tern Sky , e ,% ,u33%ned er Ange! by 4i,ua!i/ing a :reat Li%n Ser1ent c%3ing f%rt 2it t e Da2n and t e ri,ing ,un#

JA%t . Saba%t . At e!eber,et . Abra%t RK , e r%!!ed fr%3 er t%ngue in an ent u,ia,tic c%nPurati%n# S e en4i,i%ned t e $a!!en Sera1 i3 2 % 2a, er ,%u! and e,,ence. ,ex!e,,. A/a!Guce! t%%k t e ,ex %f t e 2itc 2 % t e drag%n ad c%i!ed 2it in# S e under,t%%d t e %rigin, %f A/a!Guce!. 2 % 2a, Lucifer. t e fir,t Ange! 2 % ad t2e!4e 2ing, and e!1ed c%4er t e t r%ne %f !i3it!e,, !ig t bef%re i, fa!!# Once ca,t %ut a, a fiery Sera1 . i, nature 2a, t at %f a Drag%n. a Bea,t 2 % 2%u!d bec%3e Satan#

T e ,y3b%!, %f A/a!Guce!. eac burning 2it in er %2n 3ind 2 i!e , e in4%ked. fe!t a burning ,en,ati%n %f excite3ent a, , e i3agined and 4i,ua!i/ed t e Li%n Ser1ent 2 ic 2a, ab%4e er tran,f%r3 int% a u3an , a1e# T e beauty %f t i, Luciferic Ange! 2a, %f 2 ic c%u!d n%t be 1r%1er!y de,cribed 2it 2%rd,# A, A/a!Guce! ,t%%d %ut,ide er. ta!!er t an er 2it dark!y beautifu! 2ing,. !%ng b!ack tre,,e, and a ,ee3ing!y air!e,, b%dy. i, c%ntinence 2ere ,trengt and gent!e beauty. ,en,iti4ity and 1ride in ,e!f 2%rt # S e rec%gni/ed t e,e trait, 2it in er,e!f and A/a!Guce! t%%k t e f%r3 %f er de,ire# Hi, eye, 2ere ,ky b!ue bri!!iance. 2 ic a, e 1ut i, ar3, %n er , %u!der, turned b!%%d b!ack and i, ,kin fr%3 a 1a!e t% a

g %,t 2 ite# S e fe!t a c i!! a, A/a!Guce! 1re,ented t e darkne,, beneat t e ,urface. t e 4ery Dae3%n 2 ic , e ,%ug t 2it in er,e!f# "it t i, ,tab %f c%!dne,, , e

e!d 2it in er,e!f e returned t% t e ,%!ar beauty e 1%,,e,,ed# S e gent!y f%!!%2ed t e !ead %f t e ,1irit t% t e f!%%r. 2 erein e 2a, ca!!ed f%rt # S e reac ed d%2n ,!%2!y 2 i!e er !i1, 3et i,S t i, e3brace t%%k er breat a2ay int% a ,en,e %f burning 1anic a, e 1a,,i%nate!y t%ngued er and ki,,ed 2it a 2ar3t , e c%u!d n%t gra,1# He 3%4ed a and ,!%2!y d%2n2ard 1a,t er na4e! and began 3a,,aging er 2ar3t unti! , e beca3e 3%i,t and t en 2et 2it antici1ati%n# Hi, 3%4e3ent, 2ere ,nake !ike. i, 3%ut %1ened fr%3 t%nguing er t% be in t e , a1e %f a ,er1ent. ,!it ering and !ig t!y f!ickering %n er neck# A/a!Guce!G, 3%4e3ent, 2ere ,ee3ing in,tinct. yet t e inte!!igence and !ig t %f t i, ange! 2a, %f a ig inten,ity. it 3irr%red er 3%,t a2e in,1iring drea3,. er dee1e,t de,ire, f%r a uni%n 2it 2 at %t er, ca!!ed :%d# S e !%%ked again fr%3 t i, ,tate %f ec,ta,y t% n%tice t at A/a!Guce! ad tran,f%r3ed be!%2 i, 2ai,t t% a ,ca!y drag%n 3an. 2 ic a !arge and ,3%%t b!ack 1eni,. 2 ic 1u!,ed ard 2it er t%uc # Hi, eye, 2ere b!ack %b,idian 2 ic burned a f!a3e , e kne2 %n!y ,% 2e!!. i, face ,3%%t and ,!eek a, 3idnig t. 2 ic a 1re,ence in i, feature, a, 1%2erfu! a, t e N%%n tide ,un# T e incen,e in t e c a3ber !ig t!y 1erfu3ed t e r%%3 t% accent t i, rite %f t e uni%n 2it t e Ange!ick Initiat%r# S e turned t% 3%4e er i1, in fr%nt %f i3 t at e 3ay enter er t ere 2it in t e circ!e %f uni%n# $ee!ing ,% a!i4e ,% fe!t t i, ange!ick ,1irit enter er 2ar3t in a ,!%2. ,teady t ru,t 2 ic ,et er ner4e, %n fire. , e 2a, t ru,t int% by i3 2it carefu! yet 1a,,i%nate 3%4e3ent,# A, e 2it b%t r yt 3ic 3%4e3ent, ac ie4e, a dee1 ,en,e %f 1enetrati%n A/a!Guce! re3%4e, i, and, fr%3 er i1,# He ,!%2!y turn, i, and, 2it t e 1a!3, facing u12ard,S a

g%!den f!a3e e3erge, fr%3 eac and# T e %ur i, N%%nS t e 2itc %1en, er eye, 2it a de,ire 2 ic ec %ed t e brig tne,, %f t e f!a3e,. a, 1er,1irati%n began f%r3ing %n er br%2# Her !i1, 2ere n%2 ,2%!!en. taking a!! %f er ange! dee1 2it in er 2ar3t . a!!%2ing i, fire 2 ic 2a, ,%%n t% be %ne t% c%n,u3e er# A, , e ,udden!y fe!t t e Ange!ick L%4er began t% ,!%2!y ePacu!ate dee1 in er burning c%re. , e c%ntracted er 3u,c!e, t% ,Luee/e i3 dee1er 2it in er. t% ,uck i, 1eni, dry 2it e4ery dr%1# S e ,udden!y fe!t t e and, 2 ic burned a :%!den $!a3e darken and b%t and t%uc ed er , %u!der,# S e fe!t a burning ec,ta,y , e c%u!d n%t

ex1re,,. in a ,crea3 %r in a cry %f P%yS , e !%,t er,e!f f!%ating in t e !ig t %f t e ,un# A/a!Guce! burnt and 2ent f%rt int% er. er uni%n 2it er Dae3%n c%31!ete# S e c%!!a1,ed and ,%%n regained c%n,ci%u,ne,,. n%2 , e a, begun t% 3erge Lig t 2it Darkne,,. fr%3 2 ic , e i, g%ing f%rt %n er 0at %f t e :reat "%rk#

Abo e! Cai& a# Ba%ho1e, 166

The Sabba, o- A:o,ho: The Fire o- Cai&

The Gra&d Ri,e o- L0ci-eria& Se= Ma+ic4 God-or1#- 5ain HSa3ae! [ Li!it U 5ain U abufi a3at U Ba1 %3etI Ahri1a&! T e B!ack Drag%n. t e 3ediat%r %f t e 3anife,t and t e un3anife,t. darkne,, and c a%,# A:o,h- A*Z 3anife,ting A!1 a and O3ega. t e beginning and end# T e Triang!e %f Darkne,, i, t e ,u33%ning 1!ace %f t e Dae3%n. inc!uding t e TAZG %f t e 3agician# In t e triang!e %f A/%t %/ i, t e Ad4er,ary HDarkne,, and Lig tI U Sun Z M%%n P%ined in uni%n# T i, re1re,ent, t e beginning HS aitanCSa3ae!- AU $ire and Manife,tati%nI and t e End HZC;a!iCLi!it - A/. t e de4%urerer. c%ncu1i,cience and ungerI# Here i, t e :reat "%rk and Secret 2 ic t i, gri3%ire !ead,. yet n%ne 3ay !earn t i, ,ecret by 2%rd, a!%ne# Ta,k and eff%rt bring y%u t% t e Sabbat %f t e De4i! and i, Bride. and , a!! y%u kn%2 t eir 4en%3%u, ki,, by t e de,ire in y%ur eart# AZ%t i, t e 3a,k 2 ic i, darkne,,. yet re4ea!ed in !ig t. b!ackened fire# $r%3 t e ,e!f i,%!ated %r in unity. t e ,e!f a, t e drag%n bec%3e, 5ain. t e $ir,t %ne %f "itc B!%%d. t e begetter %f 1ri3a! ,%rcery and t e fir,t Satani,t. t e 4ery ex1re,,i%n and 4e,,e! %f t e B!ack Lig t %f Ib!i,# 5ain c%3e, f%rt %!ding t e a33er H i, 3a,tery %4er t e f%rge. t e creati4e fire %f LuciferI and t e $%rked trident Ht% ,tab and de,tr%y 2eakne,, and t at 2 ic ,tand, again,t 1r%gre,,i%n. 3a,tery %4er t e eart I# Ar%und 5ain i, t e fiery drag%n %f Sa3ae!. i, fat er t e De4i!# T e :rand >itua! %f t e 8en%3 %f t e Sabbat i, created by t e t2% f!uid, %f t e 3a!e and fe3a!e. %r 3a!e and 3a!e %r ,%!itary#

Needed- T e At a3e %f 5ain. S1irit 4e,,e! %r 1%t. eart . gra4eyard ,%i!. u3an %r ani3a! b%ne,. u3an ,ku!! Ht e 4e,,e! %f 5ainI. ,er1ent ,kin and anyt ing 2 ic re1re,ent, y%ur ani3a! %r be,tia! e,,ence u1%n t e 1at # T e 4e,,e! re1re,ent, Ma a/ae! and A ri3an. t i, i, t e eart enCc t %nic 2itc t%3b 2 ic ,t%re, and encirc!e, t e fa3i!iar gr%2n in t e ,%i! %f t i, inferna! gra4e#T e 3agician 2i!! enter t e triang!e t% ,u33%n and encirc!e t e current %f A/%t %/. t e 1%,,ibi!ity %f indi4idua! and dae3%nic 1erfecti%n and ,e!f 1%,,ibi!ity# 0artici1ant,- S%!itary %r undertaken 2it initiated 1artner Ha 1ractiti%ner %f t e 1at I# T e e!ixir and 4en%3 %f t e Sabbat cu1 3ay be 1%ured int% t e 4e,,e! %f A ri3an. t% en,%rce! t e 1%2er t erein# T e 4e,,e! i, ,y3b%!ic %f t e

2%3b 2 ic create, t e Luciferian and ann%unce, a rebirt and re,urrecti%n a, a :%d in $!e, . t u, a!igning e %r , e 2it t e current %f A/%t . being t e gn%,i, %f t e $a!!en Ange!, and "atc er,# T e 4e,,e! i, a!,% ,y3b%!ic %f a t%3b by 2 ic t e 3agicianG, b%dy %f , ad%2 and b%dy %f !ig t i, br%ug t in uni%n t e a!c e3ica! 3arriage %f t e Drag%nCBea,t and Har!%t. Sa3ae! and Li!it . t u, bringing t% t e 1 y,ica! b%dy and ,%u! U 5ain# T e c a!ice %f t e Sabbat , %u!d be a ,1ecia! cu1 %f 2 ic t% %!d t e fiery e!ixir %f t e Aga1e. t e fe3a!e 1artici1ant Hif t ere i, %neI , %u!d c%!!ect ,%3e 3en,trua! b!%%d bef%re t e dark 3%%n# F%u 3ay 3ix t i, 2it y%ur erb, %f c %ice and ,ea! and kee1 fr%3 t e Sun!ig t f%r %ne 3%%n %r %ne 3%nt # The 1ale %ar,ici%a&, #ho0ld e&,er ,he 1ade ,ria&+le oA:o,ho:$ Be+i& co&+re## or 1a#,0rba,io& "i,h ,he %ar,&er o- ,he ri,e5 i& o4i&+ A:o,h by ,he i#0ali:a,io& o- ,he dra+o& a&d ,he harlo,. /) thou succubi who grows in darkness, the blood kiss of the dragon bestowed, who in sulfur and the cold of the gra"e is empowered in the phallus of Azoth.

) death bringer, who haunts with a kiss and lea"es the carnal bed before dawn ) swollen lip<d harlot whose wound is ne"er filled, who opens our heart to ecstasy ) whose mother is the moon, whose cold embrace seduces us to the "el"et caress of death, the coppery kiss which is gi"en. 'y Azoth and the mysteries of Agape, let the Great #ite be strengthened, the Daemon ascened@ ) +ilitu = Az, shadow maker, bride of the Dragon, become and encircle and bless this en"enomed eli;ir of the Sabbat = the "ery wine of the De"il@2 Whe& ,he 1a+icia& ha# reached ,he le el o- cli1a=5 le, hi1 e;ac0la,e i& ,he Sabba, B +rail5 ,he c0% o- A:o,h. Le, ,he co&,e&,# be 1i=ed5 ,he -iery eli=ir o- ,he ad er#ary bor&. /) eli;ir of the serpent and beast, thy transformati"e "enom and the Azothoz of +ife and Death = Do & ascend as the (ire D3inn of the 6oon Tide Sun, who is as a lion and immortal of spirit@ ) eli;ir of the moon con3oined with the Sun, the Azoth created of 6oon and of %idnight, of the Dragon and *arlot.

) ecstasy drunken harlot, who rides upon the phallus of the dragon, bless the en"enomed Sabbat grail with the transformation of ,ain, the child of the De"il and Whore kiss<d This & anoint with the Agape of the ,unning2 Ti% ,he -or-i&+er or M0ill a&d #cribe ,he #i+il o- ,he S0& o& yo0r che#,. The * "i,h a do, i& ,he ce&,er. /'lessed is the daemon born = darkness and light be married in the 9ye of Azoth@

(oldi&+ ,he Grail o- ,he Sabba,5 1edi,a,e 0%o& ,hy #hado"5 ,he be#,ial a&d a&+elic a#%ec,#5 ,he Dra+o& Ki&+ a&d (arlo, I0ee& o- ,he Sabba,ic Ri,e5 -eel yo0r #hado"# -or1 accordi&+ ,o ,he de#ire yo0 harbor i& yo0r hear,. Thi# i# ,he ce&,er a&d be+i&&i&+ a&d e&d5 ,he A:o,h o%er-ec,io& B ,he co e& o- Dae1o& a&d Ma&. 'o0r ,he co&,e&,# o- ,he Sabba, Grail i&,o ,he e##el o#hado" 6Ahri1a&75 ,he& "i,h ,he A,ha1e o- Cai& 6,he Body #el-$crea,i&+ -ire -ro1 Dar4&e##7 direc,i&+ ,he %oi&, i&,o ,he #oil o- ,he e##el! /& entreat thee o maker of the forlorn Witch Way, keeper of the 'lackened (ire, spark gi"er to the uplifted clay of man Azdalaka Drakul Seraphis Arimanius = & am of the Sun and the %oon. &n my fire of di"inity & may beget the shadows of darkness = & am the lord of shades and king of light@ Awaken as & ha"e become, the fire of self illumination, "essel of darkness, may my shadow rest within. Cuayin, +ord of the shadowed way, en"igorate my spirit and flesh, & do in"oke thee@ At this moment & become the center, the source of %agick, the +amp bearer Where & may wander is my own deific assumption and task & am the shadow which stands against oppression. & am the Daemon of #ebellion and & bring forth a new way to %an and Woman. & am the serpent ,hrist, Antichrist who shall lead the ,hildren of #ebellion to the physical world. & am the Dragon ,hrist who shall make my desires flesh. +ord ,ain awakens through me. So & speak the words of the Serpent. So it is Done.2

Thus Ends the 'abbat


rimoire of the Flesh of the

Abo e! Ili%%o,hic Se= 1a+ic4 172

Abo e! The Scarle, Wo1a& a&d Dra+o& 173


Ab#or%,io& B In 2%rking, centered ar%und Tr, na. %r T ir,t. t e ,%rcerer 4i,ua!i/e, i, %r er %2n circ!e. t r%ug ,ti3u!ati%n %f t e ;unda!ini t r%ug t e 5 akra, . d%e, t e ,1ira! ,er1ent 1%2er begin de4%uring energy# T i, 3ay re1re,ent 2%rk, %f Abhichara %r B!ack Magick. t e unger %f de4%uring t e energy %f an ene3y %r t e ,exua!

inter1!ay %f ,1irit bet2een t2% indi4idua!,# Ada10 B Meaning JredK and refer, t% t e 3en,trua! cyc!e# Ada3u a, JredK a!,% %!d, c%nnecti%n, t% t e c%!%r %f Ty1 %n*Set a, 2e!! a, t e fir,t Satani,t and Magician. 5ain. 2 % 2a, ,aid t% a4e a reddi, c%31!exi%n# >efer t% t e 3yt %f JA ri3anG, ki,,K# Ahri1a& \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] T e 0rince %f Darkne,, in Z%r%a,trian >e!igi%n# A ri3an i, c%n,idered %ne br%t er created by Zur4an and 2a, t e %11%,ing f%rce t% O ura Ma/da# A ri3an i, a!,% kn%2n a, Angra Mainyu. an %!der tit!e deri4ed fr%3 Angra Mainyu. being t e Je4i!K %r a4er,e ,1irit# A ri3an i, a ,%rcerer 2 % ac ie4ed a 3ean, %f i33%rta!ity and 1%2er %4er darkne,, and , ad%2# One 2 % create, i, de,ire in f!e, # In re!ati%n t% t e ,%rcerer %r 1ractiti%ner %f Fatuk*Din%i . t e indi4idua! ,eek, by de4e!%1ing t eir %2n ,y,te3 %f ,%rcery. t% bec%3e !ike A ri3an. Pu,t a, did Ak t*?adu in t e Z%r%a,trian ta!e,# A ri3an i, ca!!ed t e :reat Ser1ent %r Drag%n. 2 %,e ,1irit i, a , a1e, ifter and te,ter %f f!e, and 3ind# It 2a, c%n,idered in ,%3e Z%r%a,trian ta!e, t at A ri3an and t e Dae4a,. i, ange!,. eci,ted bet2een t e eart and t e fixed ,tar,. 2 ic 2%u!d be e,,entia!!y %f t e e!e3ent Air H3uc !ike Lucifer i, !ater identificati%nI# In creati%n 3yt ,. A ri3an fir,t ,a2 !ig t and ,1rang int% t e air in t e f%r3 %f a great ,nake. t at t e ea4en, 2ere , attered a, e br%ug t darkne,, int% !ig t#

Ahri1a&ic B O$ A ri3an. t e c%re e,,ence trait, %f A ri3an Indi4idua! 2i!!. de,ire Hc%ntr%!!edI. 1a,,i%n t% c%33and H3anife,t rea!ityI. uti!i/ing t e darkne,, %f t e ,ubc%n,ci%u, Hbe,tia!Cde3%nicI. ex a!ting t e rati%na!. 2aking 3ind Ht e ange!ic %r Luciferian a,1ectI. 1ri3a! ,%rcery and t e 1redat%ry ,1irit %f 2%!4e,. ,er1ent,. etc# In t e ,en,e %f t e Ad4er,ary. t i, re!ate, t% A/ and A ri3an. t e uni%n %f 3a,cu!ine and fe3inine# A4ha \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] $ A4e,tan. 3eaning e4i!# In t e c%ntext %f Liber H8HI and Luciferian "itc craft. it i, a ter3 ,ignifying t e antin%3ian 1at # A4ho \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] B $r%3 t e A4e,tan Jak aK 3eaning Je4i!K. Ak % i, 3enti%ned in t e Denkard a, a 2%rd re1re,enting a JcurrentK %f a4er,e energy %r e4i!. t r%ug 2 ic %ne a!igning t eir t %ug t, in 1%,,e,,ing ,1iritua! inde1endence. antin%3iani,3 and ,e!f*deificati%n %ne 3ay reac int% t e ,1irit %f A ri3an# T i, ,u11%rt, t e initat%ry f%undati%n %f t e Luciferian 1at it,e!f t e Ade1t 1re1are, t% bec%3e !ike t e Ad4er,ary i, %r er

,e!f. ba,ed %n t eir %2n uniLue 1at # A4h, \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] T e S%rcerer 2 % 2a, t e e3b%di3ent %f t e Fatu,. t e de3%nic f%rce, %f A ri3an# Ak t*?adu %r ;abed*u,*,1ae a, e 2a, ca!!ed 2a, 3enti%ned in Matigan*I F%, t*I $ryan# Ak tya 2a, t e f%under and 3e3ber %f t e Fatu,. a c%4en %f Tde3%n,G and ,%rcerer, 2 % 2andered 0er,ia. 1racticing and de4e!%1ing ,%rcery# T e na3e Ak t it,e!f 3ean, Te4i!G. Tfi!t G and T1e,ti!enceG. t u, re!ate, t% t e initiat%ry nature %f Ak ti a, a ,%rcerer %f t e Ad4er,ary. by t e darkne,, , a!! e c%3e int% !ig t# Ak tya %r A/yta i, t u, c%n,idered a ,y3b%! %f t e Zanda. 2 ic i, an A1%,t!e %r 0rie,t %f A ri3an# ALG*L A 2%rd 2 ic deri4e, fr%3 t e Arabic A! >aG, a! : u!. A!*: u!. %r >iGB a! O i!!. 2 ic i, tran,!ated JT e

De3%nG, HeadK# A!g%! 2a, in Hebre2 kn%2n a, >%, a S aitan. %r JSatanG, HeadK. a, ,%3e traditi%n, a4e referred t% A!g%! a, t e Head %f Li!it # T e 5 ine,e ca!!ed A!g%! T,ei S e. 2 ic i, J0i!ed u1 c%r1,e,K and 2a, c%n,idered a 4i%!ent. danger%u, ,tar due t% it, c anging 4i4id c%!%r,# On ,%3e =Et century 3a1, A!g%! 2a, !abe!ed. JT e S1ecterG, HeadK# A!g%! u1%n ,%3e re,earc a, indicated t at 1%,,ibi!ity T ree ,tar, 2 ic are an ec!i1,ing binary. 2 ic 3ay ex1!ain ,%3e %f t e ra1id c%!%r c ange# S%3e 2riter, a4e c%nnected A!g%! 2it t e Egy1tian ; u. %r ,1irit# T e ; u i, c%n,idered a , ad%2 ,1irit 2 ic feed, %n %t er , ade, %f t e dead# In reference t% t e 2riting, and initiat%ry ,y3b%!i,3 %f Mic ae! "# $%rd. AL:OL i, t e ,igi!!i/ed in %ne f%r3 a, a 5 a%, Star 2it an A4er,e 0entagra3 in t e center# T e 0entagra3 refer, t% t e Eye %f Set. ti3e!e,, and di4ine. g%d!ike and inde1endent# T e 5 a%, Star i, de,tructi%n. 5 ange and 1%2er a!! %f 2 ic e3erge, fr%3 t e Eye %f S aitan. %r Set# It i, t i, 5 a%, 2 ic t en bring, Order# AL:OL i, t e 3irr%r %f t e ,%rcerer. %ne 2 % 3ay enter and re,ide in t e 1u!,ing eye %f b!ackened f!a3e# A&+elic4 \5r%2!eyCT e!e3a] T e JkK re1re,enting t e difference bet2een Ange!ic in t e "e,tern 1%int %f 4ie2 and t e :reat "%rk %f t e S1irit it,e!f# Ange!ick re1re,ent, t e ig er facu!tie, in 3an and 2%3an. t e ba!anced and inte!!igent ,1irit# T e Luciferian 0at 1r%3%te, and uti!i/e, ,y3b%!i,3 fr%3 t e Dead Sea Scr%!!,. A4e,ta and %t er text, a, a 3%de!*1%int and f%undati%n %f initiati%n and tran,f%r3ati%n. t e i3age %f Tabaet and t e $a!!en Ange!,. Sa3ae! and Li!it . a!! re1re,ent an a,1ect %f t e

Ange!ick# A&+h0ya \A4e,tan] 5 i %r Lifef%rce. t e 4ita! e,,ence %f t e ,1irit 2 ic i, t e ,%urce %f a!! !ife# In Luciferian "itc craft. t e Fatu, gr%2, ,tr%ng in ritua! 2%rking, drinking %f Ang uya %f b%t t e ,1irit %f %t er, and t at %f i, %r er %2n e4%ked ,ubc%n,ci%u, energy# In t i, ,en,e.

t e Fatu, %r S%rcerer i, t e %rder 2it in c a%,. t e ;a!i in,1ired ade1t c%n,u3ing a!!# Are:0ra \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] Are/ura e gri4a HAre/uraI in t e Bunda i, in i, ca!!ed Ja 3%unt at t e gate %f e!!. 2 ence t e de3%n, ru, f%rt K# Are/ura i, t e gate t% e!! in t e A!bur/ 3%untain range in 1re,ent day Iran# T e N%rt i, traditi%na!!y t e ,eat %f A ri3an. 2 erein t e c%!d 2ind, 3ay b!%2 f%rt # Are/ura fr%3 an initiat%ry 1er,1ecti4e i, t e ,ubc%n,ci%u,. t e 1!ace 2 ere ,%rcerer, 3ay gat er and gr%2 in t eir art,. by encirc!ing and 3anife,ting t eir de,ire# M#N# Da!!a 2r%te in JT e Hi,t%ry %f Z%r%a,triani,3K c%ncerning a c%nnecti%n 2it de3%n, %!ding 3a,tery %4er t e eart . t eir abi!ity t% ,ink be!%2 t e eart and t at ,uc de3%n, ar%und t e ti3e %f Z%r%a,ter 2a!ked t e eart in u3an f%r3# In t e Denkard. it i, de,cribed t at %ne 2 % bec%3e, a 4e,,e! f%r t e Je4i! re!igi%nK bec%3e, 1 y,ica!!y an ab%de f%r JUn %!y De3%n,K %r Dae4a,# One gr%2, a!igned t% Are/ura ,1iritua!!y by 1racticing 2it di,ci1!ine t e 1at %f Dae4a*ya,na %r Fatuki ,%rcery# Are/ur %r Ar/ur i, t e na3e %f an ear!y S%n %f A ri3an 2 % ki!!ed t e $ir,t 3an# A#a&a \TantricCBudd i,t] Meaning ,eat and 1%,ture. u,ed in t e f%r3 %f 3editati%n# A8 \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] 5a!!ed T5%ncu1i,cenceG. A/ i, re1re,ented a, 0ri3a! Sexua! Hunger. t at 2 ic e4entua!!y de4%ur, a!! t ing,# A/ i, a!,% re!ated t% 3en,truati%n HT e ;ISS %f A ri3an cau,e, 3en,truati%n in 2%3enI and i, a de,tr%yer t r%ug c a%,# A/ 2a, c%nnected 2it Sexua! Hunger but a!,% re!igi%u, d%ubt. 2 ic re!ate, er t% a Luciferian S1irit 2 % br%ke t e c ain, %f d%g3a by t e B!ack Lig t. t e t%rc %f ,e!f1erce1ti%n %f being# A/ a!,% re1re,ent, Li!it a, t e :%dde,, %f t e Bea,t, %f t e Eart . t e 4ery 3%t er %f de3%n, and ,%rcer%u, being,# A/ 2a, ,aid t% be created in t e Zur4an 3yt a, a b!ack ,ub,tance !ike 5%a!. 2 ic

2%u!d de4%ur a!! creati%n. 3anife,ting er a, a 4a31yric being# A:a:el \Hebre2] T e $ir,t Ange! 2 % br%ug t t e B!ack

$!a3e %f being t% u3anity# A/a/e! 2a, t e L%rd %f DPinn and 2a, ,aid t% be 3ade %f $ire in I,!a3ic !%re# A/a/e! refu,ed t% b%2 bef%re t e c!ay %f Ada3. ,aying t at it 2a, 1r%fane# He 2a, ca,t fr%3 ea4en t% eart and 2a, indeed t e fir,t inde1endent ,1irit. t e initiat%r %f indi4idua! and antin%3ian t %ug t# A/a/e! 2a, !ater re!ated t% t e "atc er,. t e Hebre2 :%at De3%n :%d and S aitan# A/a/e! i, a na3e %f Lucifer. 2 % i, t e ,%!ar a,1ect %f t e Drag%n. t e Bringer %f Lig t# A:hi \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] B Ser1ent. ,nake A:hi Daha4a \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] T e ,%n %f Angra MainyuCA ri3an# A/ i Da aka a, t e TSt%r3 $iendG a, ,ix eye,. t ree ead, and t ree 1air, %f fang,# In u3an f%r3. e 2a, Z% ak. an ancient Baby!%nianCScyt ianCA,,yrian ;ing %r S a . 2 % acc%rding t% Z%r%a,trian 3yt %!%gy. 2a, tran,f%r3ed int% t e i33%rta! ,t%r3 fiend by a 1act 2it A ri3an# A/ i Da aka i, ,aid t% be fi!!ed 2it ,er1ent,. ,c%r1i%n,. t%ad, and %t er in,ect, and re1ti!e,# A8*T(*8 A ,igi!!ic 2%rd f%r3u!a 2 ic re1re,ent t e :%!den Da2n definiti%n %f t e Beginning and End. A!1 a and O3ega# A/%t %/ i, a re4er,ed f%r3 2 ic i, a ,y3b%! and g!y1 %f t e Ad4er,ary. S aitanCSet and Li!it # T i, i, a 2%rd 2 ic ,ignifie, ,e!f*initiati%n and t e 1%2er 2 ic i, i!!u3inated by t e B!ack $!a3e 2it in# Be ara#% \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] Myraid %f H%r,e,. 3eaning a!,% Ten 0!ague, %n u3anity# T i, i, a na3e %f A/ i Da aka %r Z% ak# Blac4 Fla1e T e :ift %f S aitanCSet. being indi4idua! 1erce1ti%n and deific c%n,ci%u,ne,,# T e B!ack $!a3e %r B!ack Lig t %f Ib!i, i, t e gift %f indi4idua! a2akening 2 ic

,e1arate, t e 3agician fr%3 t e natura! uni4er,e. being an Antin%3ian gift %f Luciferian 1erce1ti%n# T e B!ack $!a3e i, ,trengt ened by t e initiati%n %f t e B!ack Ade1t. 2 % i, ab!e t% ba!ance a ,1iritua! 1at 2it t e 1 y,ica! 2%r!d# Blac4 Ma+ic4 T e 1ractice %f Antin%3ian and ,e!ff%cu,ed tran,f%r3ati%n. ,e!f*deificati%n and t e %btain3ent %f kn%2!edge and 2i,d%3# B!ack Magick in it,e!f d%e, n%t den%te ar3 %r 2r%ngd%ing t% %t er,. rat er de,cribe, Jb!ackK a, c%n,idered t% t e Arabic r%%t 2%rd $HM. c arc%a!. b!ack and 2i,d%3# B!ack i, t u, t e c%!%r %f idden kn%2!edge# Magick i, t% a,cend and bec%3e. by "i!!ed f%cu, and directi%n# Cai& T e Antin%3ian n%3ad and S%rcerer 2 % 2a, t e ,1iritua! %ff,1ring %f Sa3ae! Ht e B!ack Drag%nI and Li!it

H>ed Drag%nCt e 3%t er %f de3%n,I t r%ug t e b%dy %f E4e in Bib!ica! !%re# 5ain 2a, ,aid t% a4e been t e initiate %f t e 5au!. and t r%ug i, fir,t ,te1 %n t e Left Hand 0at HAntin%3ian 1racticeI e i, t e initiat%r %f t e ,%rcerer and 2itc # 5ain i, a!,% t e B!ack S3it 2 % ,1ark, t e B!ack $!a3e in t e 3ind %f t e initiate# Tuba!*5ain i, t e Ba1 %3etic Dae3%n 2 ic i, t e enf!e, ed arc ety1e %f A/a!Guce!. %r LuciferCSa3ae!. t e Drag%n and 0eac%ck Ange!# Dae a \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] de3%n,. t %,e 2 % are c i!dren %f A ri3an and A/# Dae4a a!,% 3ake, reference t% JS1iritK %f A ri3an. t %,e 2 % a4e 2a!ked t e 1at %f t e ,er1ent. i#e# antin%3iani,3 %r t e !eft and 1at # DaN&?$DaN a \A4e,tanC0a !a4i]* T e fait %f de3%n,. re!ating t% t e initiat%ry 1at %f A ri3an %r t e Fatuk* Din%i # T i, i, a fait re!ated t% darkne,, and t e kn%2!edge %f ,e!f. n%t by c ance an exteri%r f%rce# Dae a 9a#&a \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] De3%n HDae4aI "%r, i1 HFa,naI. 3eaning t e Fatuki 1at %f Satani,3. t at i,S t e

,e1arati%n fr%3 t e natura! %rder. by t e 2%rking, %f ritua!, and di,ci1!ine %riented 3enta!C1 y,ica! 2%rking,. bec%3ing a b%dy %f darkne,, and !ig t. a Dae4a 2 % i, c%ntinua!!y ex1anding c%n,ci%u,ne,, and bec%3ing ,%3et ing ne2# T e ter3 d%e, n%t ref!ect t e t ei,tic 2%r, i1 %r knee bending t%2ard, an exteri%r f%rce. rat er a "i!!ed directi%n %f ,e!f*ad4ance3ent by tran,f%r3ati%n# Dae4a re1re,ent, a J3a,kK %f 1%2er. ,1ecifica!!y t% 1ercei4ed energie,# Dre+ a&, \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] In i,t%rica! Z%r%a,trian !%re. a 1er,%n e3b%died 2it DruP. t e ,1irit %f darkne,,# DruP i, refered a, b%t fe3inine and 3a,cu!ine. t u, i, an initiat%ry ter3 re!ating t% t e f%re3%,t uni%n %f A ri3an and A/. t e b!ackened 3atter and fiery darkne,, %f i, bride# A Dreg4ant i, a Fatu %r initiate %f t e Dae4a*Fa,na# Dr0; \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] B JLieK referring t% de3%n,. fe3inine and 3a,cu!ine# T e !ater deri4ed ter3 i, intere,ting!y en%ug t e %!d 0er,ian JDraugK. 3eaning a!,% JLieK and i, e!d c%nnected t% JSer1entK. JSnakeK %r JDrag%nK Hi#e# "%r3I# DruP i, a tit!e re1re,enting antin%3ian 1%2er in a 1er,%nage. a dae4a in f!e, # E il Eye In t e %!d :at ic 2riting,. t e E4i! Eye i, c%n,idered a 1%2er %f t e Dae4a and DruP. 3eaning t e 1%2er t% cau,e deat . %11re,,i%n and ,ickne,,# In a 3%dern ,en,e. t e E4i! Eye re1re,ent, t e 2ind%2 t% t e S%u! %r S1irit it,e!f. n%t 3ere!y a, a negati4e but eLua!!y ,%

a 1%,iti4e# T e Eye %f t e Fatu i, t e c%33anding 1re,ence 2 ic i, a f%r3 %f ,1e!! ca,ting. t% f%cu, t e "i!! it,e!f %n t e de,ired g%a!. t% ac ie4e a re,u!t# Many Dae4a, are direct!y re!ated t% t e E4i! Eye. t u, i, a, 2e!! a ,y3b%! %f A ri3an# Gha&a1i&o \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] Na3e %f A ri3an %r Angra Mainyu. ,1e!!ing fr%3 t e Denkard# Occuring a!,% a, :ana3in% and Akundag Hfrom %anichaean te;tsI#

()(I >e4er,e %f IH8H. t e na3e %f :%d in 5aba!i,3# H8HI i, t e na3e %f Sa3ae! and Li!it . t e Ad4er,ary t e 4ery na3e %f darkne,, 3anife,t# I&driya# \Tantra]* Sen,e,. in Tantra t ere are c%n,idered =( ,en,e,# T e ,en,e, in Tantra are %ften c%n,idered unre!iab!e. yet defined ,uc by t e %ften narr%2 3inded and c!%,ed rig t and 1at Budd i,t ,ect,# T e Luciferian rec%gni/e, t e ba!ance %f t e ,1iritua! and 1 y,ica! 2it regard t% t e ,en,e,. ,eek, t% u,e t e3 acc%rding t% t eir functi%n# Aahi \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] B T e c%31ani%n,Cc%ncubine, %f t e Fatu# An a!ternati4e ,1e!!ing %f ?e # Aeh \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] A 3anife,tati%n %f t e " %re. AZ in Z%r%a,trian !%re# ?e i, a c%n,%rt %f A ri3an. t e S%rcer%u, Dae3%n %f , ad%2 and darkne,,# It 2a, , e 2 % a2%ke A ri3an fr%3 i, great ,!u3ber. t at 2 ic n% %t er ,%rcerer. 2i/ard. 2itc %r de3%n c%u!d d%# ?e *AZ i, t e ,exua! and in,1irati%n dri4e 2 ic cau,e, 3%4e3ent. fricti%n and c ange# ?e and A/ re1re,ent 1redat%ry ,1iritua!ity. t e unger f%r c%ntinued exi,tence# Khra-#,ra \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] B Bea,t. re1re,enting a de4 Hde3%nI %n eart . Sc%r1i%n. 2%!f. f!y. bat. ,er1ent. !i/ard. t%ad and any creati%n %f A ri3an# K0&dali&i T e $ire Ser1ent !%cated at t e ba,e %f t e ,1ine# In reference t% t e Luciferian 0at . t ere are t2% ,er1ent,. t e B!ack HA ri3an %r Sa3ae!I and t e >ed HA/ %r Li!it I. t e red i, a f%r3 %f S akti %r t e ;unda!ini. t e in,1iring f%rce %f t e uni4er,e# Le-, (a&d 'a,h T e Antin%3ian Hagainst the current, natural orderI 1at 2 ic !ead, t r%ug ,e!f*deificati%n Hg%d %%dI# LH0 ,ignifie, t at u3anity a, an inte!!ect 2 ic i, ,e1arate fr%3 t e natura! %rder. t u, in t e%ry

and 1ractice 3ay 3%4e f%r2ard 2it ,eeking t e 3a,tery %f t e ,1irit, Hreferring t% t e e!e3ent, %f t e ,e!fI and c%ntr%!!ed directi%n in a 1%,iti4e area %f %ne, %2n !ife t e difference bet2een >H0 i, t ey ,eek uni%n 2it t e

uni4er,e. nir4ana and b!i,,# T e LH0 ,eek, di,uni%n t% gr%2 in 1erce1ti%n and being. ,trengt and t e 1%2er %f an a2akened 3ind# T e Left Hand 0at fr%3 t e San,krit 8a3a Marga. 3eaning TLeft "ayG. ,y3b%!i/e, a 1at a,tray a!! %t er,. ,ubPecti4e %n!y t% it,e!f# T% tru!y 2a!k u1%n t e Left Hand 0at . %ne 3u,t ,tri4e t% break a!! 1er,%na! tab%%, and gain kn%2!edge and 1%2er fr%3 t i, a4er,e 2ay. t u, ex1and 1%2er acc%rding!y# Left Hand 1at i, by n% 3ean, Negati4e in a11r%ac . a, t e g%a! i, ,e!fdeificati%n and t e ba!ance %f t e ,1irit and b%dy# Lili,h \Hebre2] T e :%dde,, %f "itc craft. Magick and S%rcery# Li!it 2a, t e fir,t 2ife %f Ada3 2 % refu,ed t% be ,ub3i,,i%n and P%ined 2it t e , ad%2, and de3%nic ,1irit, in t e de,ert,# Li!it 2a, a!,% ,aid t% be t e ,1iritua! 3%t er %f 5ain by er 3ate. Sa3ae! HS aitanI t e Drag%n# Li!it a11eared in Su3erian ti3e, a, a :%dde,, %f t e Bea,t, %f t e "i!d. a, 2e!! a, S%rcery and Nig t*f%rnicati%n# Li!it 2a, ,aid t% a4e 3any f%r3,. fr%3 beautifu! 2%3en t% a!f u3an and t e b%tt%3 a!f ani3a!. t% a!f 2%3an and a!f f!a3e# Li!it i, a!,% t e 3%t er %f de3%n, and a 8a31yric ,1irit 2 ic i, a 1ri3a! 3anife,tati%n %f t e Z%r%a,trian and Manic aean AZ and ?e # Li!it 3ay a!,% be re!ated t% t e Indian ;ALI. 2 %,e na3e i, %ne %f Her =E na3e,# L0ci-eria& Ma+ic4 E,,entia!!y c!%,e t% t e ter3. B!ack Magick but ,1ecifica!!y f%cu,e, %n a,cending in a ,e!fdeified and i,%!ated 2ay in reference t% Lucifer. t e bringer %f Lig t# Luciferian Magick 3ay in t i, ter3 3ake reference t% ,eeking Lig t and darkne,, t r%ug 3agicka! de4e!%13ent. n%t an ab,tract c%nce1t. but t% 3anife,t t e "i!! in b%t t e ,1iritua! and 1 y,ica! 2%r!d#

Ma+ic4 * T% A,cend and Bec%3e# In a Luciferian ,en,e. Magick i, t% ,trengt en. de4e!%1 and initiate t e ,e!f t r%ug ba!anced f%r3, %f "i!!ed 5 ange# Mahade a \San,krit] "it in t e c%ntext %f t e Luciferian 0at a, it i, 1re,ented ere. Ma ade4a i, t e na3e %f S i4a 2 % i, A ri3an %r Sa3ae! HLuciferI a, t e b!ackened 3atter %r ,er1ent# Mahade i \San,krit] In re!ati%n t% t i, b%%k Ma ade4i i, t e f%r3 %f Li!it CA/C;a!i a, t e fe3a!e g%dde,,# Ma&,ra \San,krit] * a 2%rd 3eaning J,%undK and refer, t% a ty1e %f 3agica! 1ractice 2 ic a, ai3 ,1iritua!!y# A 3antra 3ay be recited %ut !%ud %r in ,i!ence 2it t e di,ci1!ine %f t e 3ind# N+a&+a $r%3 0a!% May%3be. a ,1irit 1%t %r gat ering

1%int %f energy. u,ed in African and 5entra! A3erican ritua! 2%rking,# In t e c%ntext %f t i, b%%k. a Nganga i, a ,1irit 1%t c%ntaining t e ra2 3ateria!, 2 ic 3ake u1 t e attribute, %f a ,1irit# T e 1re,ent Nganga %f t e aut %r c%ntain, a b!ackened de3%n cand!e. u3an b%ne frag3ent,. fr%g ,kin. ,er1ent ,kin. bird b%ne,. b!ack bird 2ing,. gra4e ,t%ne,. b!ack cand!e and a 3ac ete bearing an in4erted cr%,, re1re,enting dark 1%2er and antin%3ian de,ire 2it t2% dried ,nake,# U,ed in ritua! 2%rking, a, a f%cu, 1%int f%r t e ,%rcerer# *)LM (ILI')Th $ O!a 3 Ha*W!i1 %t \Hebre2] t e 2%r!d %f 3atter in 2 ic 2e !i4e in. created by t e de,ire %f t e Ad4er,ary being Sa3ae! and Li!it # T e e!e3ent, %f t i, b%%k if f%und and uti!i/ed in t e c%ntext %f it, 2riting. di,1!ay, 1%,,ibi!itie, 4ia initiati%n t% encirc!e. c%ntr%! and 3anife,t t e de,ire %f t e Luciferian# 'ai,i#ha<'ai,yara \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] A dae4aCdruP 2 ic i, c%unteracti%n. antin%3iani,3 and %11%,iti%n# T i, ,1irit i, a 3anife,tati%n %f t e Luciferian current %f b%t A ri3an

and A/. c%31!i3entedC,trengt ed by Ae, 3a %r t e re,u!t %f t e 1at . He, e3# 'reda,ory S%iri,0ali#1 T e act %f de4%uring ,1iritua! energy and 3aking t e Ade1t ,tr%nger fr%3 ritua! 1ractice. t e act %f encirc!ing ,1iritua! energy eit er ,y3b%!ica!!y %r !itera!!y ba,ed %n t ei,tic %r n%n*t ei,tic be!ief. %nce encirc!ing t e ,1irit %r deific 3a,k. ,y3b%!ica!!y de4%uring and c%n,u3ing t e a,,%ciati%n %f t e ,1irit int% t e ,e!f# May be attributed t% t e inner 1ractice, %f t e B!ack Order %f t e Drag%n# A ritua! 1ub!i, ed in Luciferian "itc craft. T e >itua! %f DruP Na,u i, a 4a31iric %r 1redat%ry rite uti!i/ing ancient 0er,ian ,%rcery in4er,i%n, and tec niLue, %f ,%rcery f%r ,trengt ening c%n,ci%u,ne,,# T e 1redat%r , %u!d n%t be 1ercei4ed a, a negati4e a!! !i4ing %rgani,3, are 1redat%r,# Ili%%o,h $ A, t e Z% ar attribute, t e W!i11%t a, being a re,u!t %f t e Se1arati%n fr%3 creati%n it ,ee3, by 3ere definiti%n t at t e W!i11%t i, indeed in erent %f t e c%nce1t %f t e B!ack $!a3e. %r :ift %f Sa3ae!# Bet2een t2% ,e1arate t ing,. t ere i, a c%nce1t %f Se1arati%n 2 ic e,,entia!!y i, t e c%nce1t %f T, e!!,G %r T1ee!,G being t e a,1ect, t e ,%rcerer 3u,t fi!! and in turn de4%ur in t e 1r%ce,, %f bec%3ing !ike Sa3ae! and Li!it # T e W!i11%t and Tree %f Deat HDaGat I i, t e 1at 2ay t% bec%3ing !ike t e Ad4er,ary. a, t e Tree %f Life i, t e 1at t% P%ining 2it :%d Hbec%3ing %ne 2it I#

Sabba, T e gat ering and c%nc!a4e %f ,%rcerer,# T ere are in a c%nce1tua! ,en,e. t2% ty1e, %f Sabbat, t e Luciferian and t e Inferna!# T e Inferna! i, a be,tia! and eart *b%und P%urney. ,i3i!ar t% t %,e , %2n in 2%%dcut, and gat ering 1%int,# T e Inferna! Sabbat i, ,%3eti3e, ,exua!. 2 ere t e ,%rcerer 3ay , a1e , ift and c%33unicate 2it t eir fa3i!iar, and ,1irit,# T e Luciferian Sabbat i, a ,%!ar and air 1 en%3ena ba,ed in drea3ing. f!%ating in air and a4ing ,en,ati%n, %f a 2ar3 eat ,i3i!ar t% ,itting %ut in t e ,un# T e Luciferian Sabbat i, a

,trengt ening and de4e!%13ent %f t e B%dy %f Lig t. t e a,tra! d%ub!e %f t e Ade1t# Sabba,ic A ter3 2 ic i, re!ated a, t e kn%2!edge %f t e ,ecret gat ering. t e Sabbat# T i, i, a f%cu, %f in,1ired teac ing ba,ed %n 3agicka! de4e!%13ent 4ia drea3ing and a,tra! 1r%Pecti%n# T e Sabbat i, t e gat ering %f ,%rcerer, in drea3ing f!e, . 2 en t e b%dy i, , ed f%r t e 1,yc e 2 ic i, ab!e t% g% f%rt in 2 ate4er f%r3 it de,ire,# T e 2itc %r ,%rcerer 2 % i, ab!e t% attend t e Sabbat a, a!ready freed t e 3ind t r%ug a 1r%ce,, %f Antin%3ian 3agica! 1ractice. t u, enf%rcing and ,trengt ening t e i3aginati%n a, a 4i,ua!i/ati%n t%%!. ,i3i!ar t% di4inati%n and T,ig tG 2it ,1irit,# Se= Ma+ic4 \Luciferian] T e u,e %f S akti HDae3%nic $e3inineI 2it t e S i4a HDae3%nic Ma,cu!ineI energie, t% tran,f%r3 c%n,ci%u,ne,, int% a Luciferian a,1ect %f t e B!ack $!a3e. di4ine c%n,ci%u,ne,,# Sex Magick in t e Luciferian c%ntext i, a 4%!ati!e and c a!!enging 1at 2 ic define, ,ucce,, by re,u!t,. t at i, by a ,1iritua! and 1 y,ica! c%ntinua! Tf!e, ing %utG %f ,e!f*directed g%a!,# T e Luciferian rea!i/e, t at t e 3ateria! %r T eri%nick a,1ect HA ri3an and t e de4%uring A/I are e,,entia! 1rinci1!e, in t e Mind*B%dy*S1irit circ!e %f 1r%gre,,i%n. initiati%n and ,e!f*e4%!uti%n# In a c%n,idered $%r3 %f Satanic t %ug t. t e Sex Magickian a, 1re,ented in ADAMU i, n%t 1racticing Te4i!G rat er i, ex1!%ring t e darke,t a,1ect, t% 3a,ter a!! e!e3ent, %f t e ,e!f in %rder t% ba!ance a ,1iritua! and 3ateria! !ife# Shade# S1irit, %f t e Dead. g %,t, and 1 ant%3, 2 ic 2a!k, in t e a,tra! 1!ane# T e,e ,1irit, 3ay re1re,ent in ,%3e ca,e, t e b%dy %f t e ,%rcerer in t e 1!ane %f t e dead. a 2%r!d ,e1arate in ,%3e area, fr%3 %ur %2n !i4ing 1erce1ti%n# In e4%cati%n and necr%3antica! 1ractice. t e , ade, are br%ug t ar%und and c!%,er t% t e 2%r!d %f t e !i4ing#


Sha4,i B 0%2er re1re,enting t e Dae3%nic fe3inine %r t e ,er1ent# Often a c%ncubine %r eLua! 2%rking a, a Te31!e %f t e :%dde,, er,e!f. an e3b%di3ent %r a4atar %f dae3%nic energy# Sorcery T e art %f encirc!ing energy and 1%2er %f ,e!f. by 3ean, %f ,e!f *fa,cinati%n Hin,1irati%n t r%ug t e i3aginati%nI# S%rcery i, a 2i!!ed c%ntr%!!ing %f energie, %f a 3agica! current. 2 ic i, re,1%n,i4e t r%ug t e "i!! and Be!ief %f t e ,%rcerer# " i!e ,%rcery i, t e encirc!ing %r en,%rcer!ing %f 1%2er ar%und t e ,e!f. Magick i, t e "i!!ed c ange %f %ne, %bPecti4e uni4er,e# S,ao,a \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] A 8ibrati%n 2 ic c%u!d cau,e deat %r ,%3e c ange. t at 2 ic 2%u!d encirc!e t e %ne ,%unding t e Sta%ta in ,e!f*f%cu,ed energy# A Sta%ta i, u,ed i,t%rica!!y in t e 3yt %!%gica! ta!e. T e Matigan*I F%, t*I $ryan# A S%rcer%u, tec niLue 1re,ented in t e Sec%nd Editi%n %f FATU; DINOIH# Therio&ic4 \5r%2!eyCT e!e3a] T eri%n. :reek 3eaning Tbea,tG# T eri%nick 2it t e JkK ,e1arating t e tran,f%r3ati%n %f t e be,tia! e!e3ent, %f t e b%dy Ht e !%2er dae3%n %r !ycant r%1ic e,,ence. t at 2 ic ,er4e, A/ a, t e 3ateria! de4%uring 1rinci1!eI. ata4i,tic H, ad%2 a,1ect, %f t e unc%n,ci%u,ne,,I and t e ritua!i,tic 1rinci1!e, %f t e dark ,ide %r nig t ,ide %f t e Mind# Tia1a, \A,,yrian] :enerati4e c%nce1t fr%3 2 ic a!! e3erged fr%3# Tia3at i, a fe3inine drag%n 1rinci1!e 2 %,e br%%d 2ere a!f in,ect. bea,t %r ,er1ent# Tia3at i, 4ie2ed a, t e 4a31ire g%dde,, in t e Luciferian 0at # Ti#hi& \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] B A de3%n %f t ir,t %r 4a31yricC!uciferian druP. ,er1ent and dae3%n# Ti, in i, re!ated t% t e c%nce1t %f de,ire f%r c%ntinued exi,tience. t u, i33%rta!ity and ,e1arati%n %f t e ,e!f fr%3 t e %bPecti4e 2%r!d# T i, c%nce1t i, 2it in t e gn%,i, %f 0redat%ry S1iritua!ity and re!ate, t e Luciferian t% ,eek t%

ex1and t e 3ind by initiati%n. t% 3anife,t i,C er de,ire %n eart # )a1%iri#1 T e act %f c%n,u3ing 5 i %r Ang uya in a ritua!i/ed ,etting# Life %r energy f%rce i, f%und in a!! t ing,. t e ,%rcerer 1racticing 4a31iri,3 2%u!d encirc!e and c%n,u3e t% gr%2 ,tr%nger 2it t i, energy# 0ractiti%ner, %f 8a31iri,3 DO create t eir %2n 5 i but a!,% u,e 5 i ab,%rbed %r drained fr%3 %t er ,%urce, t% 3ani1u!ate t e , ad%2 by drea3 and ritua!. gr%2ing ,tr%nger# T e Eye i, b%t a ,y3b%! %f 4a31iri,3 and Luciferian 1ractice.

1redat%ry ,1iritua!ity# 8a31iri,3 i, ba,ed in t e f%undati%n, %f ear!y Egy1tian text, and 5 ar!e, Dar2in t e%rie, %f natura! ,e!ecti%n# N%t referring t% t e >e!igi%n %f 8a31iri,3# See 0>EDATO>F S0I>ITUALISM# 9a,04ih \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] Ter3 den%ting re!e4ance %f ,%rcery 2it in 0er,ian 3yt %!%gy# Direct!y re!ating t% t e tit!e %f t e 1ractice %f A ri3anicCSatanic ,%rcery and t e 1ractiti%ner in a 3%dern ,en,e# See JFatuk Din%i K# 9a,04 Di&oih \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] "itc craft and S%rcery# T e de4e!%13ent and 1ractice %f ad4er,aria! and %11%,ing ,%rcery t% encirc!e t e 2itc %r 2i/ard in ,e!fde4e!%1ed energy# T e 1rinci1!e %f Darkne,, and t e De4aCDruP HDe3%nI 2%r, i1 %f t i, ,ect 2a, in ,ee3ing 3%de! f%r3. t at by bec%3ing a, Darkne,, t ey de4e!%1ed a Lig t 2it in# See LU5I$E>IAN "IT5H5>A$T * :ri3%ire 2ritten by Mic ae! $%rd# 9a,0# \A4e,tanC0a !a4i] A gr%u1 %f Tde3%n,G %r ,%rcerer, 2 % 1ractice Fatuki ,%rcery and Dae4a*Fa,na# T e Fatu, 2ere !ed by Ak t*?adu. Ak tya# T ey 2ere a!,% c%n,idered n%3ad, in nature. 2andering t r%ug a!! 1art, %f 0er,ia 1racticing t eir re!igi%n# T i, ter3 a, n% c%n,iderati%n, t% t e Z%r%a,trian re!igi%n. 2 i!e t e 3%dern and ,e1arate 1ractice, de,cribed in Liber H8HI and 1art, %f Luciferian "itc craft are 3anife,tati%n, %f a ne2 ty1e %f inter1retati%n %f t e 1ractice %f Dae4a*Fa,na#

9e:idi \;urdi, ] 5%n,idered Tde4i! 2%r, i11er,G by %ut,ider,. t e Fe/idi are t %,e 2 % are dedicated t% Ma!ak Tauu,. t e 0eac%ck Ange!. a!,% ca!!ed S aitan %r Lucifer# In t e MESHA$ >ESH. t e B!ack B%%k. A/a/e! i, t e fir,t ange!. created bef%re any %t er# He i, c%n,idered 3%,t beautifu! and i, t e %ne 2 % teac e, and en!ig ten, u3anity# In t e area, %f Fatuk Din%i . Sabbatic and Luciferian S%rcery. tran,f%r3ati%n %ccur, by t e e3brace and bec%3ing %f t e %11%,ing f%rce. %r ad4er,aria! Hantin%3ianI idea, 2it in t e ,e!f# T e initiate 3%4e, t r%ug t e 3agica! current t% ,trengt en i, %r er %2n being# In a 3%dern c%ntext. Ma!ak HAnge!I Tauu, H0eac%ckI i, t e ,y3b%! %f ,%!ar en!ig ten3ent. 2i,d%3 and beautifu! de4e!%1ed being#

D>UN:. DEU and BON Na3k ai N%rbu. =BBA Library %f Tibetan "%rk,# THE ;ABBALAH UN8EILED Mat er, HS#L# Mac:reg%rI =B=' 8ISION AND THE 8OI5E A!ei,ter 5r%2!ey

ZAND*A;ASIH I>ANIAN O> :>EATE> BUNDAHISHN * Made a4ai!ab!e %n!ine by ?%,e1 0eter,%n# tt1-CC222#a4e,ta#%rg THE ?E"ISH EN5F5LO0EDIA Made a4ai!ab!e %n!ine by tt1-CC222#Pe2i, encyc!%1edia#c%3 A8ESTA ; %rda A4e,ta HB%%k %f 5%33%n 0rayerI Made a4ai!ab!e %n!ine by ?%,e1 0eter,%n# tt1-CC222#a4e,ta#%rg 8ENIDAD Made a4ai!ab!e %n!ine by ?%,e1 0eter,%n# tt1-CC222#a4e,ta#%rg THE BUNDAHISHN * H5reati%n %r ;n%2!edge fr%3 t e ZandI tran,!ated by "e,t HE#"#I. fr%3 SA5>ED BOO;S O$ THE EAST# Made a4ai!ab!e %n!ine by ?%,e1 0eter,%n# tt1-CC222#a4e,ta#%rg THE USE O$ HUMAN S;ULLS IN TIBETAN >ITUALS by Andrea L%,erie,*Leick. :ra/. Au,tria# THE BOO; O$ 0LEASU>E by Au,tin O,3an S1are THE $O5US O$ LI$E by Au,tin O,3an S1are

Mic ae! "# $%rd. aka Ak tya Seker Ari3aniu, 1 %t% by Dana Dark. '(('#


Mic ae! "# $%rd i, a ,%!itary 1ractiti%ner 1ri3ari!y %f a 3%dern inter1retati%na! f%r3 %f ancient 0er,ian ,%rcery ca!!ed c%!!ecti4e!y JFatuk*Din%i K 2 ic i, e,,entia!!y kn%2n a, Dae4a*ya,na. uti!i/ing t e f%rbidden current, %f t e Ad4er,ary a, a !ife*,trengt ening t%%! %f initiati%n# He i, current!y t e Magi,ter %f t e B!ack Order %f t e Drag%n and T e Order %f 0 %,1 %ru,. t2% ,3a!! initiat%ry gui!d, ba,ed in H%u,t%n. Texa,# Mr# $%rd i, a 1r%fe,,i%na! bu,ine,, 3anager and undergr%und 3u,ician in kn%2n gr%u1, ,uc a,

B!ack $unera!. 0,yc %naut EA and Hexentan/# Mic ae! i, current!y de4e!%1ing t e Luciferian Tar%t 2it E!da#

E!da I,e!a $%rd aka S%r%r Li!itu A/ de a 1 %t% by Dana Dark. '(('


E!da I,e!a $%rd i, an arti,t 2 % a, been a !%ngti3e 1ractiti%ner %f t e de3%nicfe3inine current, f%und in t e Luciferian 0at . , e a, c%ntributed art2%rk in a!! %f Mic ae!G, 1ub!i, ed 2riting,# E!da i, current!y de4e!%1ing t e Luciferian Tar%t 2it Mic ae!#


L0ci-eria& Wi,chcra-,
By Mic ae! "# $%rd

Succubu, 0ub!i, ing '((A ISBN =@==+'+)DB T e %3e 1ub!i, er %f Luciferian "itc craft i, erett1-CC222#!u!u#c%3Cc%ntentC==''BE
YT i, i, t e re4ea!ed gri3%ire %f t e !eft* and 1at # T ere i, 1%2er f%r t %,e 2i!!ing t% drink fr%3 t e cu1 %f t e Bea,t and i, Bride. t e De4i!Q, Har!%t# Herein i, t e 1at a, 2a!ked by %ne 2 % ,eek, t% re4ea! t e True 0at %f A ri3an and Li!it *A/. t% 3anife,t in f!e, t e ,1irit %f A/i Da aka and 5ain# Herein i, 3agick fr%3 t e f%undati%n t% ig er 1at 2%rking, %f S%rcery and B!ack Magick # # # ere t e 2%rk, 2 ic burn a2ay t e 3%dern 2 ite*2a, ing %f ,%*ca!!ed 3agick and %r "itc craft # # # erein are t e ritua!, %f Lucifer. Ancient 0er,ian S%rcery. :%etic 3agick and f%rbidden ,ex 3agickY $%r 3%re t an a decade !eft and 1at and dark 2it craft ex1ert Mic ae! "# $%rd a, !ab%ured in t e f%rbidden fie!d, %f t e dark ,ide %f t e %ccu!t. !it by t e 1a!e 3%%n %f Luciferian a3biti%n and Satanic dri4e# Luciferian "itc craft re1re,ent, 1er a1, t e 3aP%r 1art %f i, 1ub!i, ed acc%31!i, 3ent, t% date# T e fir,t editi%n, %f 3%,t %f i, 2%rk, are di,a11earing int% 1ri4ate !ibrarie, %f %ccu!t c%!!ect%rQ, ite3,*and t eir 1rice, are increa,ing en%r3%u,!y# "it t i, fact in 3ind. Luciferian "itc craft gat er, t%get er in %ne uge c%31endiu3 3any %f t e , %cking ritua!, and bi/arre initiati%n rite, %f b!ack 3agick t at a4e e,tab!i, ed $%rd a, t e 3%,t cutting*edge ex1%nent %f t e !eft and 1at traditi%n in A3erica t%day# T e b%%k begin, 2it a !engt y and ig !y ,c %!ar!y ex1%,iti%n %f t e 1!ace %f t e Drac%nic ad4er,ary 2it in i,t%rica! 3agick# Set Ty1 %n. t e Egy1tian :%d %f Darkne,,. A ri3an. t e 0er,ian De4i! and i, " %re %f Darkne,,. t e Ad4er,ary and t e Bride %f t e De4i!. 5ain t e S%n. t e :n%,tic Fa!daba%t . Y5 i!d %f 5 a%,Y. t e 0at %f t e 5r%%ked Ser1ent* Le4iat an and Bee!/ebub and Tia3at. 0a/u/u. and M%!%c are %n!y ,%3e %f t e t%1ic, and figure, c%4ered# T e ,ec%nd 1art %f t e b%%k.T e :ri3%ire, %f Luciferian "itc craft. inc!ude, ,e4era! %f i, 3%,t infa3%u, gra4eyard 2%rking,. t%get er 2it t e c%31!ete 4er,i%n %f t e Luciferian :%etia* a c%31!ete!y re4i,ed and u1dated 4er,i%n %f t e :%etia gri3%ire fr%3 t e Le,,er ;ey %f S%!%3%n t e ;ing# 0art t ree c%4er, Fatukan and A ri3anic 0er,ian ,%rcery# A, I a4e 3enti%ned bef%re. it i, t e 2i!!ingne,, and creati4ity %f $%rd t% !%%k bey%nd 2%rn*%ut 5 ri,tian* and Hebre2*ba,ed de3%n%!%gy in ,earc %f b!ack 3agick in,1irati%n t at 3ark, i, 2%rk a, uniLue# Here. f%rbidden ere,ie, %f 3i!!enia*%!d Z%r%a,trian t %ug t re4ea! t eir diab%!ic ,ecret, t% t e ,%rcer%r#


Magick %f t e Ad4er,ary By Mic ae! "# $%rd Succubu, 0ub!i, ing '((A ISBN! =@==++(D+' =BD 1age,. D#A x ==#( in#. 0erfect*b%und. +(^ 2 ite interi%r 1a1er. b!ack and 2 ite interi%r ink. =((^ 2 ite exteri%r 1a1er. fu!!c%!%r exteri%r LIBE> H8HI. t e a2aited gri3%ire %f t e

Luciferian 0at i, n%2 1ub!i, ed c%ntaining t e inferna! rite, %f t e W!i11%t . an exten,i4e ide%!%gica! and 3agica! ,y,te3 1re,enting a gr%unded and under,tandab!e f%r3 %f 2%rking 2it t e W!i11%t ic Tree %f DaGat and tunne!,# T e ,ec%nd 1art %f t e gri3%ire i, ba,ed %n t e ritua!i,tic in4er,i%n, %f t e A4e,tan text, and t e f%rbidden 1at %f 0redat%ry S1iritua!i,3# LIBE> H8HI c%ntain, t e '' ,1 ere, %f t e Inferna! W!i11%t . t e 3et %d, %f fi!!ing and draining t %,e J, e!!,K and t e Luciferian >ite, %f t e Su11er %f 5ain. ,y3b%!ic %f t e fir,t Satani,t fr%3 t e ancient Hebre2 text, re!ating t% t e de4%uring 1r%ce,, fr%3 a ,y3b%!ic and ritua!i,tic a11r%ac # N% 3atter 2 at na3e t e Ad4er,ary a, been ca!!ed by. fr%3 t e ancient 0er,ian cu!t %f Fatuki ,%rcerer, A ri3an %r Angra Mainyu. i, Bride ?a i %r A/. t% t e Hebre2 Sa3ae! and Li!it . t e Luciferian 5urrent a, re3ained ,tr%ng beneat t %,e ancient cu!ture,# LIBE> H8HI i, a gri3%ire 2ritten fr%3 ancient re!igi%u, text, ,uc a, t e A4e,ta and 4ari%u, 5abba!i,tic 2riting,# T e re,u!t i, a 1%2erfu! Luciferian ide%!%gy and 3et %d%!%gy %f ritua! and dai!y*!ife 1ractice 2 ic tran,f%r3, t e 3ind int% t e S1irit %f t e Ad4er,ary# LIBER ()(I! MAGICK *F T(E AD)ERSAR9 Liber H8HI ex1!%re, t e W!i11%t ic S1 ere,. >itua! S%rcery ba,ed %n t e ancient cu!t, 3enti%ned in t e A4e,ta %f Fatu4ida . dae4a*ya,na Hde3%n2%r, i11er,I 1er,ecuted by t e Z%r%a,trian,# T e r%%t, %f t e Ad4er,ary a, t e Ma,cu!ine and De3%nic $e3inine are ex1!%red fr%3 Hebre2 and Ancient 0er,ian ,%urce,. t% a !i4ing and 1%tent Left*Hand*0at initiat%ry ,y,te3# Beginning 2it an in4er,i%n %f t e 5at %!ic >ite t% in,tead 1ractice Jex%rci,3K. t e in4erted and created rite i, ai3ed at J0%,,e,,i%nK %r !iberating t e , ad%2 ,e!f int% a 4iab!e. 1r%ducti4e f%cu,# T e '' ce!!, %f t e W!i11%t a!%ng 2it t e inferna! ,1 ere, are 1re,ented a, 4a!uab!e a,1ect, %f ,trengt ening c%n,ci%u,ne,, and creating an attitude %f 2inning and ,e!fdeificati%n# LIBE> H8HI 2i!! c%ntra,t 2it t %,e !%%king t% c%nde3n !eft* and1at 2riting,. t e re4ea!ed identity %f t e Luciferian i, %ne 2 % 2i, e, t% bec%3e ,%3et ing 3%re. fr%3 t e 1redat%ry ,1iritua!ity %f A ri3an and A/ t% t e inten,e ritua! 1ractice, %f t e !%ng f%rg%tten Dae4a, %f t e A4e,ta#


B**K *F T(E WITC( M**N

5HO>ONZON EDITION By Mic ae! "# $%rd STANDA>D EDITION- ISBN*BED=@==+*D=)+= @AA 1age,. +#(Y x B#(Y. 1erfect binding. b!ack and 2 ite interi%r ink A8AILABLE $>OM LULU#5OM f%r t e 1rice %f OD2.P> h,,%!<<""".l0l0.co1<co&,e&,<D>QQL2 (ARDBACK EDITI*N 6(eca,e Edi,io&7 i# a ailable direc, -ro1 ,he %0bli#her5 LULU.co1 -or ,he %rice oO>P.>R B N*TE! (ardbac4 a&d #o-,co er ha e ,he #a1e 1a,erial5 ,he (eca,e$(ardbac4 ha# a di--ere&, co er a&d a& i& oca,io& o- (eca,e o& ,he bac4. h,,%!<<""".l0l0.co1<co&,e&,<DLCQ2C 'ri&,ed! @AA 1age,. +#(Y x B#(Y. Packet* ardc%4er binding. A(^ crea3 interi%r 1a1er. b!ack and 2 ite interi%r ink . =((^ exteri%r 1a1er. fu!!*c%!%r exteri%r ink T e 5 %r%n/%n editi%n %f BOO; O$ THE "IT5H MOON i, t e c%31!ete!y ne2 4er,i%n 2 ic i, extended t% @AA 1age,. 2it ne2 c a1ter, and 3ateria!# T e gri3%ire i, centered ar%und t e cu!t %f Hecate. fr%3 t e 1ractice %f Luciferian and Satanic "itc craft 2 ic exa!t, t e dark fe3inine and 3a,cu!ine a, a ba!anced 1er,1ecti4e %f 3agick# 5%ntaining b%t %!d and ne2 ,ecti%n,. a f%cu, %n t e 1at %f 4a31iri,3. %r 1redat%ry ,1iritua!i,3 i, a f%undati%n f%cu, %f t e Luciferian 0at # LIBE> NEHEB;AU. O>I:INS O$ THE 8AM0I>E IN AN5IENT E:F0T. THE TUAT * Ab%de %f t e Ser1ent, %f t e E4i! Eye. LIBE> AA0E0. 8AM0I>ISM AND THE >ED AND BLA5; SE>0ENT. 8a31iri,3 a, Tec niLue. T e Nine Ang!e,. THE HELL :ATES O$ DUZHAHU. IN8O5ATION O$ AST"IHAD Z D>U? NASU * THE BLA5; SUN >ITE O$ 8AM0I>ISM. Nature i, M%re Atr%ci%u, * Sex Magick andT e Birt %f a Lunar Inte!!igence. T e Nine Ang!e, and Satanic Magick * A ,tudy %f t e ,y3b%!i,3 %f t e ONA. AL0HABET O$ DESI>E. A >itua! %f W!i11%t ic De,cent and Luciferian A,cent. S ade, %f A!g%!. T e Sabbat,. 5HI AS THE ELI9I> O$ IMMO>TALITF and 3uc 3%re# Intr%ducti%n by 0eter ?# 5arr%!!. aut %r %f Liber Nu!!C0,yc %naut and Liber ;a%, 2rite, J&f you choose to embrace and li"e the cthonic murk and stygian darkness of the following chapters you will certainly get some return on your in"estment of belief, for it has been well crafted by a master.'eware of the pale *ecate. ,reate your Gods with care, for they will reform you in their own image.2 T e f%undati%n %f B%%k %f t e "itc M%%n i, in t e dark,%3e 1ractice %f 8a31iri,3 and 0redat%ry S1iritua!ity# T e Nine Ang!e, and t e Tra1e/%id 2%rking,. in,1ired by Ant%n La8ey and 1re,ented ar%und t e cu!t %f Dae4a*Fa,na. t e 1er,ian de3%n*,%rcery %f Fatuk Din%i #5%ntain, t e >itua!, %f Drea3. ritua! and a,tra! 4a31iri,3 a, an initiat%ry t%%!. %t er 5aba!i,tic 2%rking, 1re,enting t e W!i11%t and t e Tree %f DaGat %r idden 2i,d%3# 5%ntain, t e :ri3%ire ba,ed %n Ancient Egy1tian 8a31iri,3. LIBE> AA0E0. Luciferian Magick 1ractice.T e 5 a%, 5u!t "%rking, %f 5 %r%n/%n a, 8a31ire. T e >ite, %f Hecate. t e Inferna! and Luciferian Sabbat. and t e f%undati%n, %f Satanic 1ractice in Magick# 5%ntaining in t i, 3a,,i4e gri3%ire i, a!,% a ,tudy %f t e O>DE> O$ NINE AN:LES fr%3 a Luciferian 1er,1ecti4e. centered ar%und t eir f%rbidden 2%rking, inc!uding t e a11earance %f Li!it *Baba!%n a, Ba1 %3et. t e Mi,tre,, %f B!%%d# I!!u,trated E!da I,e!a $%rd Nat anie! Harri, HAut %r %f "IT5HA * B%%k %f 5unningI and 4ari%u, %t er ,%urce,#


A8 0%o& ,he Ahri1a& Dra+o&


A8 B Lili,0 ,he Mo,her o- De1o&#


The )or,e= o- Ec#,a#y a&d ,he *#c0l01 I&-a1e Sha4,i Ill01i&a,ed