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LED High bay specications

Waterproof Grade:IP65

1.216 adjustable angle

13 exble positions makes project angle can be adjusted within 216

2.Respirator design
waterproof design,elimnating mist avoiding condensation,improving quality,extending the life span

3.Copper heatpipe
By riveting the heatpipe to the ns, theheatpipe can conduct heat rapidly from chips bottom to the ns,greatly lowerdown the temperature of light sourse, extending its life span

4.92% reective rate

Reectors beam angle 62 Reective rate could reach up to 92%

100W H100

120W H120

150W H150

200W H200

300W H300

400W H400

500W H500


1) High brightness: new led light bulb consists of high quality Cree LED chip and give high Luminous Flux 2) Easy installation: new led light bulb can be easily installed like the conventional incandescent light into the sockets 3) Extended life: -With little heat, proper drive characteristics and high quality LED, new led light bulb has a life time of more then 50,000 hours depending on the working environment 4) Energy saving: new led light bulb consumes low energy than the conventional uorescent 5) Any individual LED failure will not cause other LED in working condition to black out

Product name: 120w outdoor led high bay light Model No.: CY-KF120WA2260K Input Voltage: 100-277VAC, 50/60Hz Luminous Flux: 9600Lumen Eciency: 100-120LM/W Power Factor: 0.95 Ra: 75 CCT: 3000-3500K/4000-4500K/6000-6500K IP grade :IP65 (for indoor and outdoor use) Beam angle: 60 Lifespan 50,000 hours Warranty: 3 years/5years Light Distribution Test
light distribution curve
MH(m) 14
-/+180 -150 150

18 22



26 30


0 1900 3800


34 38 42


5700 7600 -30 9500 0 30

luminous intensity :cd

46 0.0 54.0 45.0 36.0 27.0 18.0 17.0 9.10 7.30 4.50 3.60 2.70 34.0 S(m)

C0/180,56.6 C30/210,56.1 C60/240,57.9 C90/270,58.6

The average beam angle


Average illumination

16.4ft 5m

21.32,34.58fc 229.5,372.2lx

17.98ft 548.04cm

2 6.25ft 8m 8.328,13.51fc 89.65,145.4lx 28.77ft 876.86cm

Energy Saving

3 9.37ft 12m 3.701,6.003fc 39.84,64.62lx 43.15ft 1315.28cm

4 9.21ft 15m 2.369,3.842fc 25.50,41.36lx 53.94ft 1644.11cm

5 9.06ft 18m 1.645,2.668fc 17.71,28.72lx Eavg,Emax 64.73ft 1972.93cm


beam angle



Eciency 100lm/W Life span: 50000hrs Cree LED High bay help you saving more

Packing infomation
Schematic diagram of packaging

PE bag