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Project Management – CT050-3

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CT050-3 Project Management In-course Assignment Case Study
Company Project : : Green International GI! Glo"al Sales In#ormation System GSIS!

I$ Assignment %earning &utcomes 1. Decide the aims and objectives, de iverab es and sco!e of a t"!ica #T !roject $ithin the $ider conte%t of #T management, create a!!ro!riate standards and !roced&res and comm&nicate the o&t ine of the !roject effective " to a variet" of sta'eho ders, disc&ss and critica " eva &ate the !rocess.

(. )rgani*e a t"!ica #T !roject and decom!ose it into manageab e com!onents, s"stematica " estimating the reso&rce re+&irements and a ocating tas's $ith d&e regard to ris' and the avai ab e h&man and technica factors, disc&ss and critica " eva &ate the !rocess. 3. ,na "*e, ! an and manage a t"!ica #T !roject &sing an a!!ro!riate variet" of sched& ing, monitoring and contro ing too s and techni+&es, and comm&nicate the ! an effective " to a technica and non-technica a&dience, disc&ss and critica " eva &ate the !rocess. -. .nderstand, discriminate bet$een and a!! " some techni+&es of team b&i ding and management, ris' assessment and management and change and config&ration management s&ch as are i'e " to im!rove the s&ccess of a t"!ica #T !roject, disc&ss and critica " eva &ate the !rocess. II$ T'e Scenario - A Case Study

Green International is one of the eading n&trition, hea th and $e ness M& ti-/ationa com!anies, based in 0$it*er and. #t has o&tso&rced its g oba #T services to 1 oba #T 0ervice 21#T03 $hich is ocated in Ma a"sia. 1#T0 has embar'ed on a ne$ !roject to im! ement a g oba Direct 0tore De iver" s"stem. The first $ave $i be concentrated in ,sia and the im! ementation $i be de! o"ed according to its different mar'ets. ,t !resent, its mar'ets ocated thro&gho&t ,sia are &sing oca " deve o!ed a!! ication to record its sa es information. The first- eve s&!!ort 2413 is rendered b" the oca #T services $hi e second eve 24(3 is s&!!orted b" the oca a!! ication vendor. Previo&s " the cost for soft$are s&!!ort maintenance $as managed oca " $ithin each mar'et $hich has res& ted high in #T cost for both ca!ita and o!erating e%!enses. .nfort&nate ", ever" mar'et !rovides simi ar s&!!ort frame$or' $hich has created d&! ication among mar'ets $ithin the ,sian 5egion. Th&s, b" im! ementing this !roject, significant contrib&tion
4eve 3 ,sia Pacific .niversit" of Techno og" and #nnovation

greement )4. – )!erationa 4eve .Project Management – CT050-3 Page ( of 10 s&ch as red&ction in ca!ita 6o!erating e%!enses.a3 b3 c3 d3 e3 f3 g3 h3 ! ease refer to the organi*ation str&ct&re !rovided in Table 1 the c&rrent #T infrastr&ct&re m&st s&!!ort this ne$ s"stem it is mandator" for the re ated GITS-SMEs to !rovide a!!rova and signoff for s"stem im! ementation s&!!ort m&st be <(-%= from GITS-DCO and <1(%5 from GITS-CoE-SIS $ith a!!roved <04. The Project Manager is e%!ected to have a strong g oba 6regiona !roject management ca!abi ities as $e as good eadershi! and comm&nications s'i s. 41 and 4( $i be s&!!orted b" GITS-GSD and GITS-CoE-SIS a s&!!ort staff and &sers m&st have access to this ne$ s"stem $ith . #n addition to a good !roject management methodo og". The !roject is named as (Glo"al Sales In#ormation System) GSIS!. <-. D&e to the &rgenc" to red&ce cost and centra i*e its s&!!ort. The !roject is c assified as high-!riorit". <3. /ote. The regiona 7o!erationa 8 cost savings are e%!ected to be enormo&s. P ease refer to Tab e 1 for the ist of organi*ationa -&nits direct " and indirect " invo ved in this !roject. <(.greement . g oba governance and man" va &e added services are antici!ated. s'i ed Project Manager $i be assigned from GITS-PMac $ith a good $or'ing 'no$ edge of the regiona f&nctiona ities and office ocations. (-%= – (. the fo o$ing are some of the major Critica 0&ccess :actors 2C0:3 the Project Manager m&st com! " for the s&ccess of the !roject. >o$ever. the 0inga!ore 2013 mar'et has been se ected as the first mar'et to !i ot the im! ementation.C4 !rivi eges the c&rrent s"stem m&st be re! aced in !hases b" GSIS the c&tover 2c&rrent s"stem to ne$ centra i*ed s"stem3 m&st be done in !ara e D&e to the &rgenc".niversit" of Techno og" and #nnovation 4eve 3 . . according to g oba #T governance. tho&gh the major mi estones for the !roject are !rovided in Tab e (. the Project Manager is re+&ired to ana "*e and incor!orate a detai ed ist of activities for the res!ective mi estones. – 0ervice 4eve . P ease refer to section @##. necessar" f&nds for the !roject $i be readi " avai ab e once a j&stifiab e and convincing estimate is !rod&ced. This is a critica and com! e% !roject $hich invo ves vario&s de!artments inc &ding s&bject matter e%!erts 20M9s) from GITS.ho&rs b" = da"s a $ee' s&!!ort 2Monda" to 0&nda"3 1(%5 – 1( ho&rs b" 5 da"s a $ee' s&!!ort 2Monda" to :rida"3 04. centra i*ed s&!!ort from 1#T0. Tab e ( $hich ists the major mi estones from these im! ementations. . <1. and <)4. The tas's and sched& e ma" be revised for the im! ementation in 0inga!ore. the !roject is sched& ed to be com! eted $ithin si% months from the date of commencement.sia Pacific . Tai$an and ?orea had simi ar !rojects 2 oca " deve o!ed a!! ication3 im! emented three "ears ago.

a!!endices. e%c &ding!tions can be made to assist in ascertaining the so &tions b&t the" m&st not im!air the decision made on the sco!e and de iver" of the !roject. 0 5-5004 indi1idual! .Monitoring and Control. s&ggest and detai the five major !roject management !rocesses &sing a !ro!er Project Management Methodo og" of "o&r choice. the contents of $hich sho& d not e%ceed 33-000 .niversit" of Techno og" and #nnovation . as an e%!erienced Project Manager form a !roject team $ith the avai ab e reso&rces 2re+&esting for ne$ reso&rces from the 0teering Committee is a o$ed3. etc.ords 3-0004group total and . The regiona mar'et and 1#T0 organi*ation str&ct&re is given in Table 1.s !art of a team a sing e re!ort m&st be s&bmitted to senior management. "o& m&st a so oo' at a the major critica factors above in 0ection II and manage the !roject s&ccessf& " to com! etion. 4eve 3 . ana "sis sho& d thoro&gh " i &strate and doc&ment the !ressing need to de iver the !roject s&ccessf& ".Project Management – CT050-3 Page 3 of 10 III$ Assignment *e+uirements Aith a B month $indo$ to de iver the GSIS. as a Project Manager are re+&ired to ! an. tab es.and Closure! as a group and su"se+uently discuss one major project management process indi1idually . T'ese 5 major project management processes must "e com"ined as a complete document .it' t'e appropriate processes. therefore. . . /ac' mem"er . I2$ Assignment Instructions .s a team of . Co& sho& d start b" &sing a #ormal project management met'odology . Co&r team sho& d aim to ma'e "o&r re!ort interesting and' an appropriate and tec'ni+ues. . $itho&t osing sight of the fact that the organi*ation is see'ing a !rofessiona a!!roach to a s&ccessf& com! etion of the !roject. Co& need to start $ith !resenting a high./0ecution.sia Pacific . pro1iding con1incing deli1era"les$ #n "o&r re!ort.eve 7!roject mi estones sched& e8 $ithin a $ee' to the se ected !i ot mar'et 0teering Committee to obtain their signoff that is inc &sive of $e -defined !hases and rea istic dead ines. "o&. "o& m&st 2as a team3. manage and de iver the !roject s&ccessf& ". mem"ers. The re!ort sho& d be a forma " $ritten doc&ment.ill "e re+uired to discuss t'e 5 major project management p'ases i$e$ InitiationPlanning. .n e ectronic co!" sho& d a so be s&bmitted $ith the re!ort.

=H. 0t&dents are enco&raged to &se an" methodo ogies common " !racticed in the ind&str". i. the correct a!!roach and j&stification ii. net$or' diagram. 0tatistica ana "sis for !roject s&ccess rate of GG. i.ords 30 . reference m&st be cited according ". 9ach individ&a of a gro&! of fo&r 2-3 m&st choose one of the fo&r !hases described be o$ from items 2a3 to 2d3.sia Pacific . "! )bjective.of 10 Assessment 6etails Co&r gro&! and individ&a re!ort $i be assessed as fo o$s. 3! Indi1idual *eport 780 mar9s: The re!ort m&st contain a !hases from the Project 4ife C"c e.35 pages! The content of the de iver" are as fo o$s. Presentation D(0 mar'sE D50 mar'sE D(0 /ote. Cost and I&a it" Management. Initiation P'ase: 5-500 . the right a!!roach and 5et&rn on #nvestment 25)#3 Presentation mar'sE Planning P'ase: 5-500 .ords 30 . .Project Management – CT050-3 Page . 0co!e. Aor' Frea'do$n 0tr&ct&re D50 mar'sE 2AF03. reso&rces.niversit" of Techno og" and #nnovation . ii. 4eve 3 . >igh 4eve P an. 5is'6Mitigation Management. P ease indicate and j&stif" c ear " the methodo og" se ected in ine $ith the research cond&cted on the case st&d". The entire assignment $hich inc &des the individ&a and gro&! areas sho& d be com!i ed in a sing e re!ort. 9ns&re each individ&a re!orts !rod&ced among gro&! members are re evant and congr&ent.35 pages! The content of the de iver" are as fo o$s. • • • • • • a! This sho& d dra$ &!on "o&r !ersona diar"6 og of the e%!erience C&stomi*ation to the e%isting !rocess or consideration of a ternative methodo ogies s&!!orting the res!ective a!!roaches 5eferences for best !ractices or research from simi ar !roject im! ementation case st&dies.

Presentation 5! D50 mar'sE D(0 mar'sE Group *eport 730 mar9s: :or the !&r!ose of grading 30H o&t of the fo o$ing 100 mar's $i be a otted3 The doc&ment sho& d not e%ceed 2I. Co& are to !roduce a . i. Monitor and Contro 5is'. and the right a!!roach and j&stification ii.35 pages! The content of the de iver" are as fo o$s. #nitiation 2Project Charter3 Phase 5. ii. im! ementation a!!roach 2C&t-over and 1o-4ive3. Contro 0co!e and 0ched& e.sia Pacific .3.Project Management – CT050-3 1. a.ords 30 . 0tat&s . Post-#m! ementation.10 !ages3. 5eso&rces Management. P ease refer to item 3! Presentation Guideline for detai s on the !resentation Page 5 of 10 c! /0ecution P'ase: 5-500 . I&a it" Contro . j&stification and conc &sion D1. The gro&! re!ort sho& d criti+&e and !rovide critica observation of the !rocesses invo ved for each !hase as $e as an overa observation. Change Management.i. the right a!!roach.35 pages! The content of the de iver" are as fo o$s.mar'sE D(0 mar'sE D10 mar'sE D=0 mar'sE iii.niversit" of Techno og" and #nnovation . Comm&nications. Phase 1. C os&re a.or9load matri0 identi#ying t'e indi1idual major process underta9en "y eac' mem"er as discussed in Section 3 o# t'e Group *eport a"o1e$ "$ Group Contri"ution i.ords 30. Presentation 4eve 3 . #ss&e og.!date. Presentation D50 mar'sE D(0 mar'sE d! Monitoring . the right a!!roach and j&stification ii. doc&mentation. Control P'ase: 5-500 .000 $ords 2=. I&a it" .

cce!tance Test P ease refer to item 33 Presentation 1&ide ine for !resentation detai s 3. (. Aor' Frea'do$n 0tr&ct&re 2AF03. I&a it" .!date. Change 2I.=H..ser .Comm&nications. net$or' diagram.. #ss&e og.000 . /ote.3. the correct C a!!roach and j&stification 9%ec&tion 0tat&s . s&mmar" of the individ&a and gro&! assessment detai s is !rovided in the ne%t !age.nit Test 0#T . and the right a!!roach and j&stification Group Component 30<! Tota $ord ength is 3. >igh 4eve P an. team a.T . . reso&rces. doc&mentation.T .niversit" of Techno og" and #nnovation .#nitiation 2Project Charter3 members b. Cost and I&a it" Management. #nitiation )bjective.. PostMar's 10H =0H J J J J J J J Mar9s Presentation 50< J =ord %engt' 5-500 J F J J J 4eve 3 . 0&mmar" of the individ&a and gro&! assessment detai s. im! ementation a!!roach 2C&t-over and 1o-4ive3. Phase 1 . I&a it" Contro . Monitor and Contro 5is'. 0tatistica ana "sis for !roject s&ccess rate of GG.0"stem #ntegration Test .sia Pacific . Indi1idual Component 80<! Team Mem"er Scope Scope 50< . -. Phase 5 .Project Management – CT050-3 Page B of 10 . D the right a!!roach and j&stification Monitoring and Contro ing Contro 0co!e and 0ched& e. 1. the right a!!roach and 5et&rn on #nvestment 25)#3 P anning 5is'6Mitigation Management. 0co!e. 5eso&rces Management.

ssessment criteria i. Technica content m&st be inc &ded and de ivered concise ". j&stification and conc &sion c. the right a!!roach.sia Pacific . #ndivid&a and gro&! !resentations $i be de ivered from Aee' 1. #ndivid&a !resentations m&st /)T e%ceed 10 min&tes 25-10 s ides3 for each !hase. =0H and 1ro&! $or'.Project Management – CT050-3 Page = of 10 #m! ementation. d. • • • Assignment >andout and 6eli1ery This in-co&rse assignment is assessed as 100H of this co&rse$or' 2#ndivid&a . c.niversit" of Techno og" and #nnovation . s&!!orting vis&a s and de ivered for ever"one to &nderstand. b. 9ns&re contents are s&mmari*ed and !rofessiona " !resented. The s&bmission date $i be in $ee' 1( . 1ro&! !resentation m&st /)T e%ceed 10 min&tes 25–10 s ides3 to be !resented b" a se ected gro&! member.– 1B e. . Presentation (0H 3! Presentation Guideline a.! 4eve 3 . 30H3 The assignment $i be handed to st&dents in $ee' (. accom!anied b" c ear. 0oft s'i s. ii. ab e to res!ond to +&eries cohesive " 0 ides are $e organi*ed. This inc &des the set&! time.

s"stematic a!!roach to ana "sis. LK0HE st&dents $i need to demonstrate s&stained coherent ana "tica abi it". Moderate eve of &nderstanding. c ear descri!tion of the re evant !hases. 0ome evidence of research dis! a"ed. moderate eve of ana "sis and eva &ation of facts fo o$ed b" res& ts com!arison. Merit . Attention . 0ome eve of ref ection $as evident in the doc&mentation. /o eve of critica a!!raisa demonstrated. This inc &des ana "sis and eva &ation of facts fo o$ed b" res& ts of eva &ation. >igh eve of ana "sis !erformed. To obtain a high grade D=0H. . 0ome eve of re evance inc &ded in terms of a!! ication. the re!ort sho& d inc &de an e%ec&tive s&mmar" or abstract at the beginning and end $ith conc &sions and recommendations.000 $ords. Moderate eve of critica a!!raisa . 0atisfactor" or o$ eve of ref ection dis! a"ed. 6istinction Demonstrated com!rehensive research $ith detai ed evidence. The $or' of each member of the gro&! m&st be c ear " indicated as a header or footer to that section. eva &ation. Pass 4o$ eve research cond&cted. 2$ Mar9ing Criteria To address the s&bject satisfactori " the assignment ength sho& d be in a ma%im&m of 13. Fasic eve of &nderstanding and 'no$ edge ana "sis dis! a"ed.Project Management – CT050-3 Page K of 10 /ote. no tas's6res& ts !erformed.ill "e gi1en to t'e #ollo. e%ce!tiona and thoro&gh 'no$ edge and &nderstanding dis! a"ed $ith regard to a!! ication. ass&m!tions &sed to deve o! and s&!!ort recommendations and conc &sions are the essentia test of team $or' and integration. #ntegration of theor" and !ractice is e%!ected. 4imited evidence of reading and some &nderstanding of Project Management conce!ts are needed to achieve a !ass grade D-0HE. /o eva &ation. integration and s"nthesis is re+& research cond&cted $ith fair detai of evidence !resented. Doc&mentation !resented in a !rofessiona manner. 1ood eve of doc&mentation !resented. ana "sis. The +&a it" of the arg&ments. #ntegration of theor" and !ractice is e%!ected.sia Pacific . t"!ed format is mandator". .ing areas: • Critical e1aluation and discussion . ana "sis and 'no$ edge dis! a"ed. fo o$ing !ro!er se+&encing and f o$. =5H. . 0atisfactor" eve of doc&mentation. Dis! a"ed evidence of critica a!!raisa .niversit" of Techno og" and #nnovation 4eve 3 .

data !rojections and commentaries3 • =ell "alanced researc' materials .n in-de!th and high eve of ana "sis cond&cted of the re evant !hases and iss&es based on an e%tensive research 2$ith ind&str" e%am! es.*-P Provide L/ Su!!ort for Co*. re evant and varied so&rces &sed $hich inc &de s&fficient academic research 2not so e " based on Aebsites3 • Citation and *e#erencing >arvard referencing is adhered to. 2I$ Green International GI! IT . the !age n&mber $here the iss&e for disc&ssion has been ta'en 2! ease refer to the 0t&dent >andboo' for the ! agiarism !ena t"3.*-P Co*. Sales Information System Global Service %esk IT %e!t Marketin %e!t Abbrevia tion CNN IT Sec $%C PMac %C( IT(!s Co*. the tab e be o$ indicates the organi*ation str&ct&re for GI oca mar'et and 1 oba #T.C-M Co*.one 1L23 su!!ort IT Mana er" *+ecutive 42" *+ecutive 42 M5TG Mana er" *+ecutive 42" *+ecutive 4/" *+ecutive 46" Sales -e! + 67" SME Responsibility Provides network services for Local IT/Market Provide overnance for IT security for a!!lication develo!ment" software and #ardware Provide develo! a!!lication and !rovide a!!lication Governance and Intellectual Pro!erty& Provide Pro'ect Mana ers to mana es !ro'ects Infrastructure su!!ort incl& Servers" (!eratin Systems for centrali)ed datacentre and local servers Provide overnance for IT o!erations" w#ic# includes su!!ortin local markets and its business o!erations& GITSS GITSS GITSS Local Mark et Mark et 4eve 3 .Project Management – CT050-3 Page G of 10 . $here necessar". Customer -elations#i! Mana ement Center of *+cellence . Supp ort Unit GITSS GITSS GITSS GITSS GITSS Global GITSS GITSS SME-Department Communication & Network IT Security $!!lication %evelo!ment Center Pro'ect Mana ement Centre %ata Center (!erations IT (!erations Center of *+cellence .SIS 0el!desk !erform level.sia Pacific . *nter!rise -esources Plannin Center of *+cellence . Citation sho& d inc &de.niversit" of Techno og" and #nnovation .SIS GS% IT M5TG Provide L/ Su!!ort for Co*.!!ro!riate.C-M Provide L/ Su!!ort for Co*. %ocal Mar9et &rgani?ation Structure To indicate the e%tent of the !roject reso&rces and team constr&ction.

27 :7 = . 4ist of major mi estones from !revio&s im! ementations 4eve 3 . :"? ?"@ < N o 2 / 6 = . .sia Pacific . 1reen #nternationa 20inga!ore3 )rgani*ation 0tr&ct&re Acti1ity %ist #rom Pre1ious Project Implementations #rom &t'er Mar9ets Imme ia te pre e!e ssor a!tivity 7 7 / / 2 2"/". : ? @ < 2 7 Major Milestones Taiwan Korea most likely 66 2: 2< 6 : 6= = .)*) )) Total "roje!t #ost $in USD%& Ta"le 5. /.niversit" of Techno og" and #nnovation . .)*) )) -e9uirements Gat#erin Preliminary $!!roval C#an e -e9uest" C.Mana er" *+ecutive 42" *+ecutive 4/ C(MM Mana er S*C Mana er" (fficer +6 P-(C Mana er" (fficer +/ 2II$ Ta"le 3.Project Management – CT050-3 Supp ort Abbrevia tion 8IN 0C(MM S*C P-(C Page 10 of 10 Unit Mark et Mark et Mark et Mark et Mark et SME-Department 8inance %e!t 0uman -esources %e!t Communication $ffairs Security Procurement SME Responsibility 8IN Mana er" *+ecutive 42" *+ecutive 4/" Clerk42" Cas#ier 42 0. /< 2 %+. 2. 2 %-. 2 %'()*) )) 6: // . ? 2= == 27 .$!!roval >usiness $!!roval Procedure1>$P3 System & Tec#nical S!ecification %evelo!ment $!!lication %evelo!ment $!!lication %evelo!ment Centre" $%C Testin IT -e ression Testin >usiness Aser $cce!tance Test 1A$T3 System setu! 1in Production environment3 67 2: 2.