The 2007 Taiwan Meeting of the IGU Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledge and Rights Commission

Indigenous Geographies
October 29 - Nov. 3, 2007 Taipei, Taiwan The Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledge and Rights Commission (IPKR) is a newly established commission within the International Geographic Union (IGU), approved by the IGU Executive Committee at the 2006 IGU Brisbane Conference in July 2006. It is a pleasure to invite you to attend the international conference and meeting of the IPKR to be held in Taipei, Taiwan on October 29-November 3, 2007, hosted by the Geographical Society of Taiwan.

Who should attend?
We welcome the following people and representatives to attend, present or organize panels in the conference.

Steering committee members of the IPKR commission. Participants and contributors at the inaugural meeting of the Commission in 2006, in Brisbane, Australia. Indigenous and non-indigenous Geographers, scholars or doctoral students who are devoted or interested in Indigenous studies. Taiwan Indigenous scholars and community elders and non-indigenous scholars interested in Taiwan Indigenous studies.

Dates: October 29 – November 3, 2007. Venue: National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

University of New South Wales Mere Roberts: Associate Professor and Head of Science at Te Whare Wānanga O Awanuiārangi/a Māori University in Aotearoa/New Zealand The Meeting of the IGU Commission on IPKR. October 29 . Traditional knowledge and environmental resources management Indigenous education The deadline for submission of abstracts for conference papers is May 31. Community tourism and sustainable-community development. Contact For more tibusungu ’e vayayana (Wang Ming Huey).Nov. urbanism and socio-cultural Keynotes Speakers: Anne Buttimer: Professor of Geography. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.Themes of the conference Indigenous epistemology and methodology. Macquarie University Randy Thaman: Island Ethnobiodiversity: The Foundation for the Survival of Island Life Wendy Shaw: Lecturer in Geography. Property rights and customary laws Traditional territory and community mapping. Identity. 2007. Geography Dept. Taipei. TAIWAN E-mail address: t24019@ntnu. National Taiwan Normal University. Past-President of the International Geographical Union Jay Johnson: Assistant Professor of Geography. 2007. Taiwan . Global change and indigenous knowledge Globalization and Indigenous revitalization. 2007. Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledges and Rights Commission Richie Howitt: Associate Professor and Head of Department. Human Geography. gender. University College Dublin. Sustainable development and vulnerability. 3. Chair. or to submit abstracts and papers. please contact Dr. Taipei. Self-determination and Indigenous peoples’ rights. The full paper should be submitted by August 31.

Nov. October 31 Morning Thursday. October 30 Morning Wednesday. November 2 Morning Field discussions: Taroko Gorge. 3. October 29 Morning Welcome remarks and Keynote speeches Tuesday. Taipei. October 28 Morning Monday. November 3 Morning Arrival of speakers and guests Plenary sessions Closing remarks Refreshments Refreshments Keynote speeches Concurrent sessions lunch Concurrent sessions Return to Taipei Afternoon lunch Concurrent sessions Orientation Refreshments Refreshments Concurrent sessions Evening Free time Evening Welcome banquet Concurrent sessions Evening Free time Taipei city and museums visits Field Field discussions: discussions: Taroko Indigenous National Park. Gorge lunch lunch Friday. Ilan Plain. time-space rhythms lunch Afternoon Saturday. knowledge. Taiwan .Information on the Program Sunday. October 29 . East Coast Cliff. 2007. nature –culture island connections geographies Departure Evening Social Event Evening Overnight Indigenous Lodge Evening Overnight in Taroko Gorge The Meeting of the IGU Commission on IPKR. villages. trails. November 1 Morning Island Excursion: Northeast Coast.

Prof. Department of Geography. representing INDONESIA Secretary-in-General. National Taiwan University jouchen@ntnu. National Taiwan University. FINLAND PhD Candidate. Geographical Society of China located in Taipei (Taiwan). University of Nebraska.Nov. Department of National Penghu University. National Taiwan University changyi@ntu. October 29 . Prof. SOUTH AFRICA Associate Prof. University of Innsbruck. Department of Geography. NEW ZEALAND Prof. CANADA PhD Candidate. AUSTRIA Assoc. National Taiwan Normal University t24019@ntnu. University of Cape Town. Macquarie University. USA President of Geographical Society of China located in Taipei (Taiwan). University of Saskatchewan. Taiwan .edu. Geographical Society of China Located in Taipei (Taiwan). National Taiwan Normal University. Chair Brad Coombes Klaus Frantz Richard Howitt Ari Lehtinen Renee Louis.Local Organizing Committee Chang-Yi David Chang Chair of IGU Commission on Islands. AUSTRALIA Prof. University of Auckland. National Kinmen Technology University International Steering Committee Jay Johnson. National Changhwa Normal University. USA Senior Lecturer. University of Hawai‘ Jiun-Chuan Lin Sue-Ching Jou tibusungu ’e vayayana Supported by National Science Prof. Professor. Department of Geography. Secretary Evelyn Peters Albertus Pramono Maano Ramutsindela tibusungu ’e vayayana Asst. National Kaohsiung Normal University. 2007. Taipei. National Taiwan Normal University. National Taiwan University jclin@ntu. University of Hawai‘i. 3. University of Joensuu. Chinese Cultural Associate Professor. Professor and Chair. TAIWAN The Meeting of the IGU Commission on IPKR.

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