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Dear Friend, Tom Tancredo is a lifelong conservative with nearly a
decade of experience in the U.S. Congress. There he
There are nearly twenty million illegal aliens in
advanced his reputation as a solid pro-life, pro-gun,
small government Republican, and emerged as the leader
Take It Back.
the country today and between now and the in the national struggle for true immigration reform.
next presidential election millions more will Before his election to Congress, he served five years in
cross our borders, threatening our economic the Colorado legislature, and was appointed regional
representative for the Department of Education by
security and undermining our national culture.
President Reagan, a position he held for over ten years.

While our brave soldiers fight to protect us Congressman Tancredo lives with his wife Jackie in
around the world, our political elites lack the Littleton, Colorado. They have been married 30 years
and have two sons and five grandsons.
courage to defend us at home. They surrender
our sovereignty to interests loyal to other
countries and corporations loyal to none.

I’m running for president to win back our
sovereignty, our identity, and our destiny. As
president, I’ll secure our borders, deport illegal
aliens, and prosecute the companies who hire American Conservative Union A+
them. And I’ll veto any bill that grants amnesty National Right to Life Committee A
to illegal immigrants.
National Rifle Association A

Join me, and win this struggle for America’s Family Research Council A
future. This is our culture; fight for it. This is National Taxpayers Union A
our flag; pick it up. This is our country; take
Americans for Better Immigration A+
it back.
National Federation of A+
Independent Business

Campaign Headquarters
Tom Tancredo 501 Church Street, Vienna, VA 22180
Phone: (703) 255-9898

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Replace the complex and unfair income tax scheme
with a flat tax or national sales tax.
ISWHATMATTERSMOSTTOTOMTANCREDO 3 Simplify the process with a flat tax or a national sales
tax (this latter plan presupposes repealing the
16th amendment) and dramatically reduce the cost
of compliance for all Americans
IMMIGRATION NATIONAL DEFENSE / IRAQ 3 Streamline the system to make American
Secure the borders so illegals do not come. Eliminate America’s noble sacrifice has purchased Iraqis a companies more competitive and put billions
benefits and job prospects so they do not stay. precious opportunity for democratic change; it is now back into the economy
3 Grant No Amnesty to those who broke our laws up to them to ensure success.
3 Prosecute employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens 3 Give regional powers and Iraqi factions the freedom HEALTHCARE
3 Require legal status for anyone receiving drivers they need to forge a new balance of power Create billions in savings with tort reform and
licenses, welfare, Non-emergency healthcare 3 Make the president’s ‘November benchmark for immigration control.
Encourage assimilation of legal immigrants. shifting control’ an actual timetable for disengagement 3 In California alone, illegal immigrants cost the
3 Eliminate taxpayer funded crutches for those who do 3 Maintain a regional quick response force with a healthcare system $800 million annually and
not learn English (e.g., bilingual options currently mission to destroy Al-Qaeda have forced 84 hospitals to close
available in schools, on ballots, and even the Promote Association Health Plans (AHPs) which
White House web page) FAMILY band small businesses together to access lower
3 Reduce legal immigration to 250,000 a year so cost insurance coverage.
Defend the right to life of the innocent unborn.
newcomers can assimilate Protect traditional marriage. 3 Expand coverage to an estimated
Rapidly shifting demographics make this election the 3 Appoint to the bench Strict Constructionists, 8.5 million currently uninsured
last good chance to act on immigration. who will overturn the moral and intellectual travesty 3 Save small business owners up
of Roe vs. Wade to 25% on health insurance
EDUCATION 3 Educate women of the potential life-long medical Reduce costs through drug
Limit federal involvement. Educational control is best and emotional scars associated with abortion re-importation
left in the hands of parents. 3 Pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage (e.g., from Canada)
3 Implement no-strings-attached Voucher System to as a union between a man and a woman
promote school choice (e.g., public, private, parochial) 3 Stop activist judges from ripping democracy from
3 Let competition for students drive educational the hands of the people on issues they most want
improvement their voices heard (marriage, religion, and public life)
3 Shift public focus to factors that make a difference
(e.g., parental involvement, traditional course of study)
Photography in part by Richard E. Van Knowe

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