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YWCA Monterey County Employee Self-Evaluation Form

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Name: Title: Supervisor: Date:

The performance appraisal process is a two-way communication tool: both employee and supervisor should contribute input regarding historical performance and future professional goals. To assist your direct supervisor in accurately assessing your achievements and performance over the past year, please complete the following self-assessment questionnaire as accurately and in as much detail as possible. Your supervisor will use this information to complete your formal performance appraisal. You can complete your comments directly on this form electronically, or attach additional sheets. Thank you so much for participating in this process! 1. On a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is unbelievably miserable and 10 is extremely happy), how would you rank your experience at the YWCA Monterey County, in terms of how happy, engaged, and rewarded you feel, overall? 1 2. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Which of the six following categories hold the most significance for you, career-wise? a) Career progression through the ranks and opportunities for promotion and advancement b) Lateral assumption of increased job responsibilities and skill building (e.g., rotational assignments in other areas, outreach engagement, etc.) c) Acquisition of new technical skills (e.g., via external training and certification) d) Development of stronger leadership, management, or administrative skills e) Work-life balance f) Money and/or other forms of compensation

3. Please address your overall performance track record for the calendar year 2013. Specifically highlight your achievements and accomplishments that have resulted in the following: a) Increased revenue and reduced expenses: b) Saved time or other resources by streamlined processes: c) Increased client satisfaction and/or overall positive change in the clients condition: d) Contributed to an organizational culture of client/donor service:

4. Why is the YWCA Monterey County a better place for your having worked here? 5. How have you had to reinvent your job in light of the organizations changing needs and program restructure efforts since May of this year?

6. Using the scale below (e.g., D,S, FS, PS U), how would you honestly rate yourself in terms of the following: a) Client Focus b) Communication c) Consistency d) Dependability e) Innovation (new ideas, novel problem-solving, etc.) f) Productivity g) Professional/Technical Knowledge of Position h) Quality of Work

Distinguished Performance/Role Model (D): I clearly and consistently demonstrate extraordinary and exceptional accomplishment in all major areas of responsibility. Superior/Highly Effective Performance (S): My performance is continually and consistently superior and regularly goes beyond what is expected. Fully Successful/Effective Performance (FS): My performance consistently meets the critical requirements of the position. Partially Successful Performance/Needs Improvement (PS): My performance does not consistently meet or occasionally falls below what is required and expected of the position. Unsuccessful/Unacceptable Performance (U): My performance fails to meet minimum expectations for this role.

7. In what area(s) do you feel you could benefit from additional support, structure, or direction? Specifically, what can your supervisor do to support you in terms of your own career growth and development? 8. What are 2-3 performance goals that you would like to achieve for calendar year 2014? What outcomes can be measured to ensure that you will have reached those goals? 9. The following four organizational values were identified by staff during the September retreat as being the most important to the group as a whole. Please reflect on and state how you have demonstrated these values in your position at the YWCA during 2013 and how you might improve upon these during 2014. A copy of the (4) staff-developed value statements is attached to this evaluation. Please feel free to use these statements as a guideline. a) Credibility: Integrity, leadership and impact b) Accountability: Responsibility, transparency and efficiency c) Communication: Inclusiveness, teamwork and respect d) Caring: Empathy, balance and client service

10. Please provide additional feedback or insights youd like to share about your work experience or career development with the YWCA Monterey County overall. Thank you very much for participating in the YWCAs annual performance evaluation process!

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