Maintenance Products Portfolio of Project Sales Corp, Visakhapatnam for Single Cylinder Axial Flow Condensing Type Turbine

Project Sales Corp 28 Founta Plaza Suryabagh Visakhapatnam 530020 INDIA

Turbine Applications
Ultra-pure Anti-seize for special alloy Fasteners to prevent solder embrittlement and stress cracks – Molykote P37

Original Imported Stag B High Temperature Parting Plane Jointing Compound for turbine casings

Damaged female threads – turbine casings – Recoil Thread Repair Kits and Inserts

Assembly paste for turbine blade fitments to prevent fretting and thermal fatigue cracks – Molykote P74 Metal Free Assembly Paste

Turbine Applications
Hylomar M Jointing Compound in Original Imported Packs specially designed for industrial turbine assembly. Application – Metal-tometal joints, pedestal bearing parting planes

Magnaflux NDT Products – Detection of cracks

Disassembly of rusted nuts, bolts and studs – Dow Corning Penelube

Stop Valves and Control Valves
Drain plugs and oil joints – Hylomar M O rings and Oil Seals (Hydraulic) – Molykote 111 Silicone Compound to prevent brittleness and Provide supplementary sealing effect O rings and Oil Seals (Pneumatic) – Molykote 55 Silicone Grease provides the desired swelling effect Hydraulic and Pneumatic Fittings are sealed with 3M Thread Sealer. Valve stems (main control valve stem, reheat control valve stem, hinges of extraction check valves, etc are lubricated for smooth functioning with Molykote 321R Dry AF Coating Fasteners are coated with Molykote 1000 Thread Paste Molykote 44 – Reheat Control Valve Test Device, Adjusting gear of starting and load limiting device, adjusting gears of reference speed setter, Gears of main control valve test device.

Turbine Drain & Gland Steam System
Pipe Sealants – 3M 3479 Steam Trap Valves – Molykote 321 R Dry AF Coating Gland Packings- Lubricated with dry MOS2 Z Powder Sealing of Joints – Dow Corning 736 Heat Resistant Sealant Isolating Valves, Steam Trap Valves – Molykote 321 R Dry AF Coating

Lubricating Oil System & Hydraulics
Metal-to-Metal Joints (oil pumps, auxiliary pump, gear box etc in the presence of oils where thickness not required – Hylomar M Jointing Compound.

Flanges where thickness is desired are sealed with Dow Corning 735 Oil Resistant Sealant Valve stems are lubricated with Molykote 321R AF Coating Fittings are sealed with 3M Thread Sealer 3477 O rings are assembled after application of Molykote 111 O ring lubricant 3M Folded Sorbents are used to clean up accidental spills, drips or fluid leaks

• Project Sales Corp recommends trials before the use of any products. Limited liability clauses of principal companies apply. This is a general guide for application examples and should not be taken as a maintenance guide for your own equipments. For any queries relating to products, please call the author of this document, Satish Agrawal at 0891 2564393 or 9885149412. It is essential that the user evaluates products to determine whether it is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for user’s method of application. The best guidance is by the Original Equipment Manufacturer or Supplier. September 9, 2006

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