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The most complete range of anti-seize compounds for plant maintenance applications

Molykote P37 Ultra-pure Molykote 1000, the Molykote P1600, the multi-
anti-seize paste, upto 1400 constant torque tension purpose copper anti-seize
deg C and approved by thread paste that provides for seize protection in
Siemens, KWU, BHEL, GE, anti-seize protection upto threads, flanges, and
P&W, Rolls Royce, etc 1100 deg C. press-fit assemblies.

The Product The Product The Product

Molykote ® P 37 Ultra pure High Torque is applied to bolts and Universal multi-purpose copper
Temperature Paste is composed studs to achieve tension and paste with excellent high load
of high-temperature-stable solid ensure they will withstand carrying capacity, temperature
lubricants (zirconium dioxide and shock, vibration and protection, and corrosion
others) in a mixture of ultra pure, temperature variation without protection for various plant
sulfur-free oils. Alloys containing loosening. Without lubrication, maintenance applications. Has
chromium, nickel and upto 90% of the torque may be good anti-wear performance
molybdenum have a relatively dissipated in overcoming and low friction.
thin oxide layer that can be friction. Molykote® 1000 paste
squeezed out when the bolts or applied to bolts and nuts during Application Areas
nuts are tightened, resulting in assembly, exhibits a coefficient
welds on the flanks of the of friction ideal for threaded Used for:
threads. Molykote P 37 Ultra pure connections and little variation
High Temperature Paste has of bolt tension, even after threaded connections for
been specially designed to repeated assemblies. trouble free dis-assembly and
provide lubrication and protection corrosion protection;
for these metals.
Application Areas press-fits of bearings and
Application Areas assembly aids for many
Molykote® 1000 with its components like splined shafts
Molykote P 37 Ultra pure High optimum blend of solid for smooth assembly and to
Temperature Paste is intended lubricants, powdered metals of avoid stick-slip and seizure;
for application on threaded controlled particle size, is the
applications of all kinds, in right choice for applications in: flange sealing to prevent
particular those consisting of ultra turbines, gear boxes, boilers , fretting, avoid seizure and
pure alloys with high chromium, internal combustion engines, supplement sealing at high
nickel or molybdenum content as valves, especially in the temperatures;
in mounting bolts and petroleum and chemical
fasteners on turbine shells and industries, gas generators on machine beds for lubrication
steam inlet valves. oil refinery equipment , flange and to avoid stick-slip; and
bolts on pipelines, etc general purpose corrosion
protection applications.
Also available Molykote P40 Paste for components subjected to extremely corrosive environments, as in marine applications.

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