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Mr & Mrs Alexander Muthalaly


Zachariah Muthalaly & Saramma

Kochidichandy Muthalaly & Annanmma Idichandy’s second
son Zachariah Muthalaly & Saramma Had eight children.

1) Kunjoonjamma Abraham
2) Chinnamma Chacko
3) MC Alexander Muthalaly
4) Thankamma Abraham
5) Aleyamma John
6) MC Mathew Muthalaly
7) MC Zachariah Muthalaly
8) Akkamma Philip


M C Alexander Muthalaly

Alexander Muthalaly [Kunjunju],
was born in 1910 as the eldest son of
Mr. Zachariah Muthalaly,
Kallada Malayil Ithymala Puthen Bunglow
&Mrs. Saramma Mavelikkara cherukol Injakkal,
Alexander Muthalaly hasd two younger brothers and
five sisters.
Alexander Muthalaly studied in Thevelakkara
primary school, and in Kollam Government: boys high
school, near Anandavalleswaram, Kollam. After his


schooling he studied Marine engineering inKochi.
Then he joined Indian Navy and continued there for
several years. He married Annamma [Ammini] of
Peedikayil house Mundakkayam, Kottayam Dist:
After his marriage he worked as a Port-Officer
Nagpatnam, Chennai, and then he retired. After his
employment career he stayed in Kollam, and took care of
his four passenger boats. He had a fishing boat and a
fishing boat workshop.
He was also a Government contractor.
Alexander Muthalaly, stayed in Kadavoor Malayil
house near the Kasmiri Catholic Church.
He has seven children. Two sons and five daughters.
Mrs.Annamma [Ammini] died in Aug 26, 1984.
Alexander muthalaly died in May 5, 1986. Both are
laid to rest in their family vault, in Kadeesa Syrian
church which belongs to their family.


Among Kallada Malayil Muthalaly family
members, Alexander Muthalaly was a very prominent
figure in Kollam. He was one of the greatest
humanitarians and was very active in his social and
Church life. He was a teetotaler, which was unbelievable
to many because of his prolonged life background in
Indian Navy. He has initiated several business people
who later became the top most. He has helped innumerable
people to get jobs. For any service he has rendered he took
nothing from the recipients in cash or kind. He has helped
many beyond his capacity.
He was one of the most active persons of Malayil family.
He remains as a good example in all respect, to his
descendants and followers.
Alexander Muthalaly’s eldest daughter Sajini
Thamby states all these relevant information to add to
their family history.


M. C. Alexander Muthalaly’s Children & In-laws

Below Alexander Muthalaly’s Daughters

Aleander Muthalaly’s Children


1) Sajini Thamby, Kayyalakkakam-House,
Kadappakkada PO, Kollam, 691 008
2) Zchariah Alex, Malyil-House, Town Limit,
Kollam 691 008
3) Philip Alex, Malayil-House, NewYork,
4) Sajitha Thomas, Muthoot-House Miss Baker
Raod, Kottayam 686 001
5) Saji Idiccula, Kanjirakkattu-House,
Kottayam 686 004
6) Suja Cherian, Cheeran-House, Neelankarai,
Chennai 600 041
7) Anju John, Chakkalyil-House, Vadavathoor,
Kottayam 686 010


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For general information visit Muthalaly family
> muthalalys.com <
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