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Building Condition Assessment

About Building Condition Assessment

A condition assessment methodical evaluation of all the college's buildings, features, place and subterranean solutions to evaluate their present situation. Forums of trustees must evaluate the situation of their university residence to plan work into the 10YPP to keep university property: in good working order meeting all lawful and Ministry requirements Safe and efficient.

A BCA can also be a useful and cost-effective device when you are involved about tenant health, comfort and security, or about increasing and regular repair expenses on the service, or issue about rule conformity. Its an examination and assessment of the situation of your service (ies). Pinchin Ecological BCAs are finished in common conformance with the United states Community for Examining and Materials (ASTM) Practice E2018 01, Standard Information for Residence Condition Assessments: Guideline Residence.

It includes: Inspection of building program (roof, areas, screen methods, doors), inner finishes, electrical/mechanical methods and available structural elements.

Assessment of fire/life security and exterior site features (i.e., routes, streets, vehicle vehicle parking, gardening, etc.)
Written and photography documentation of each factor together with observed insufficiencies. Review of common documentation on repair/maintenance record of the elements, if available.

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