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COLLE!E OF "ANA!E"ENT AND CO"PUTER APPLICATION# "ORADABAD In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement of the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) SESSION $%%&'$%($ De)*+tme,t o- "*,*.eme,t TEERTHANKER "AHA/EER UNI/ERSITY DELHI ROAD# "ORADABAD
P+o0e1t !uide

Mr. Abhinav rivastav

P+o0e1t I,12*+.e

Mr. Abhinav rivastava

Mr. Avinash Ra! "umar (#ourse #o$ordinator% B.B.A.)
Submitted B3

Mohd. Fara& 'ussain

B.B.A. (I emester Roll )o. R*+,-*,,-,.


/his is to certif0 that Ms1Mr................................................................. is 2ursuing three 0ear full time Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) #ourse from /eerthan3er Mahaveer 4niversit0% Moradabad as regular student% in session (-**+$-*,-). In com2liance 5ith the 2rovision1guidelines of /eerthan3er Mahaveer 4niversit0% Moradabad% 'e1she has been assigned a mar3et surve0 2ro!ect. /he mar3et surve0 re2ort 5or3 has been genuinel0 carried out b0 the student for the during s2ecified b0 the universit0. 'e1she has made sincere efforts in the com2letion of the mar3et surve0 re2ort.

"+4 Ab2i,*5 S+i5*6t*5* P+o0e1t !uide


I "o2d4 F*+*7 Hu66*i, hereb0 declare that the research 5or3 2resented in this mar3et surve0 re2ort entitled Qu*8it3 o- Wo+9 Li-e6 for the fulfillment of the a5ard of Bachelor of Business Administration from /eerthan3er Mahaveer 4niversit07 Moradabad is based on m0 mar3et surve0 5or3 in the HDFC BANK4 /he mar3et surve0 re2ort embodies the result of original 5or3 and studies carried out b0 me and the contents of the re2ort do not form the basis for the a5ard of an0 other degree to me or to an0bod0 else.

"o2d4 F*+*7 Hu66*i, BBA :t2 Sem

It gives me immense 2leasure and 2rivilege to ac3no5ledge m0 dee2est sense of gratitude to5ards all those 5ho hel2ed me in the successful e8ecution of this mar3et surve0 re2ort.

I 5ould li3e to than3s #hancellor

ir% S2+i Su+e62 ;*i,% 9rou2 (ice

#hairman "+4 "*,i62 ;*i,% for their able guidance. I also e8tend m0 gratitude to5ards the Additional Director D+ 5i)i, 0*i, '.:.D. D+4 "4P4 Si,.2 and m0 course co$ordinator "+4 Ab2i,*5 S+i5*6t*5* 5ho entrusted me for the com2letion of this 2ro!ect. I am highl0 indebted to m0 2ro!ect guide% "+4 Ab2i,*5 S+i5*6t*5* 5hose constructive counselling and able guidance hel2ed me immensel0 in bringing out this 2ro!ect in the 2resent form. And lastl0 the entire facult0 member and "+4 S*,0ee5 Si,.2

<Lib+*+i*,= ; the entire <ab staff for 2roviding me this o22ortunit0 and e82ose me to industrial culture. /he ac3no5ledgement 5ould be incom2lete 5ithout than3ing m0 famil0 and friend 5ho 5ere a big su22ort throughout.

"o2d4 F*+*7 Hu66*i, BBA :t2 SE"

9athering information and theoretical 3no5ledge is a 2art of stud0. It become com2lete 5hen added 5ith 2ractical 3no5ledge as the noted truth comes to sight. 'ence one becomes more efficient and effective 5hen a flavor of 2ractical out loo3 is added to the bos30 mind. As the stud0 has got 5ide relevance is formulating valid information about the organi&ation% it hel2s in getting a critical loo3 in to the 2ersonnel 2ractices of the organi&ation. :rgani&ational behavior em2lo0er em2lo0ee relationshi2 and the 5or3ing environment of the organi&ation in relation to theoretical 3no5ledge. It gives a 2revious idea about the !ob and 5or3ing environment to the future decision$ ma3ing ho5 to 2erform b0 assigned !ob successfull0 and tact full0. As there is sa0ing% 2ractice ma3es a man 2erfect and the 3no5ledge. /his does not deal 5ith the 2ractical a22lication% is said to be unscientific and uns0stematic. More over the branch of management% 5hich deals 5ith the most critical and im2ortant factor of 2roduction% requires not onl0 theoretic bac3ground but also some 2ractical e82erience to have some 3no5ledge on da0$to$da0 2roblem solving.

/he human resource of an organi&ation constitutes its entire 5or3force. 'uman resource management('RM) is res2onsible for selecting and inducting com2etent 2eo2le% training them% facilitating and motivating them to 2erform at high levels of efficienc0% and 2roviding mechanisms to ensure that the0 maintain their affiliation 5ith the organi&ation. /he ob!ective of this 2ro!ect is to find out ho5 much the em2lo0ees are satisfied and 5hat is their qualit0 of life. 'o5 the 'DF# Ban3 a22lies the human resource functions in the organi&ation and out the organi&ation. In this 2ro!ect I ma3e the surve0 on the em2lo0ees of various de2artments of 'DF# Ban3% Moradabad. /he 2ro!ect re2ort is divided in various sections li3e introduction of the com2an0% to2ic introduction% surve0 re2ort and conclusion 'uman resources are on ma!or factors of 2roduction. It is human asset% 5hich convert the various resources in to the 2roduction resources. It has immense 2otentialities and it onl0 human resources% 5hich a22reciate 5ith time 5hereas all other resources undergo the 2rocess of de2reciation. uccess of an organi&ation mainl0 de2ends on the qualit0 of man2o5er and its 2erformance. In earl0 da0s human resource 5as not ta3en as an im2ortant factor of 2roduction. 'uman begin 5as sim2le treated as log in the movement increasing em2hasis has been given to the 5or3er as a 5hole man. /he need of vast man2o5er and their im2ortance 5as reali&ed b0 some of the 2rogressive entre2reneurs. /he emergence of /rade 4nion and their gradual collective 2o5er forced some entre2reneurs to give some district feature of human side b0 2roduction. /he first among the entre2reneurs 5ho had contributed in the develo2ment of human side of 2roduction 5as Robert :5en% and =nglish 'umanist. 'e too3 a genuine

interest in the 5elfare of the 5or3ers. But this magnetite 5as not su22orted b0 a ma!or chun3 of entre2reneurs. 'ence the management must give more em2hasis on the human side and their 2ro2er utili&ation. /his then remains the cardinal ob!ective of the human relations function to discover ne5er 5a0s of understanding man and to motive him to higher standard of 5or3manshi2. Man0 ne5 e82eriments such as stud0 of his state universit0 of Michigan etc have develo2ed the branch of Management be0ond margin. /oda0 an organi&ation having a good inventor0 of human resources and a d0namic 2ersonnel de2artment is 2ros2ective one. o the technique and functions of 2ersonnel

management have no5 come closel0 integrated 5ith the overall organi&ation strategies n search of e8cellence.

,. -. >. .. ?. @. A. B. +. ,*. ,,. Introduction :b!ectives of the stud0 #om2an0 Profile <iterature Revie5 '02othesis Research Methodolog0 Data Anal0sis ; Inter2retation Findings uggestions ; Recommendations #onclusion <imitations Bibliogra2h0 Anne8ure

WHAT IS QWL? /he term refers to the favourableness or unfavourableness of a total !ob environment for 2eo2le. CD< 2rograms are another 5a0 in 5hich organisations recogni&e their res2onsibilit0 to develo2 !obs and 5or3ing conditions that are e8cellent for 2eo2le as 5ell as for economic health of the organisation. /he elements in a t02ical CD< 2rogram include E o2en communications% equitable re5ard s0stems% a concern for em2lo0ee !ob securit0 and satisf0ing careers and 2artici2ation in decision ma3ing. Man0 earl0 CD< efforts focus on !ob enrichment. In addition to im2roving the 5or3 s0stem% CD< 2rograms usuall0 em2hasise develo2ment of em2lo0ee s3ills% the reduction of occu2ational stress and the develo2ment of more co$o2erative labour$management relations.

(igorous Domestic and International com2etition drive organi&ations to be more 2roductive. Proactive managers and human resource de2artments res2ond to this challenge b0 finding ne5 5a0s to im2rove 2roductivit0. ome strategies rel0 heavil0 u2on ne5 ca2ital investment and technolog0. :thers see3 changes in em2lo0ee relations 2ractices.

'uman resource de2artments are involved 5ith efforts to im2rove 2roductivit0 through changes in em2lo0ee relations. CD< means having good su2ervision% good 5or3ing conditions% good 2a0 and benefits and an interesting% challenging and re5arding !ob. 'igh CD< is sought through an em2lo0ee relations 2hiloso2h0 that encourages the use of CD< efforts% 5hich are s0stematic attem2ts b0 an organi&ation to give 5or3ers greater o22ortunities to affect their !obs and their contributions to the organi&ationFs overall effectiveness. /hat is% a 2roactive human resource de2artment finds 5a0s to em2o5er

em2lo0ees so that the0 dra5 on their Gbrains and 5its%6 usuall0 b0 getting the em2lo0ees more involved in the decision$ma3ing 2rocess. Cualit0 of 5or3 life (CD<) is vie5ed as an alternative to the control a22roach of managing 2eo2le. /he CD< a22roach considers 2eo2le as an HassetF to the organi&ation rather than as HcostsF. It believes that 2eo2le 2erform better 5hen the0 are allo5ed to 2artici2ate in managing their 5or3 and ma3e decisions. /his a22roach motivates 2eo2le b0 satisf0ing not onl0 their economic needs but also their social and 2s0chological ones. /o satisf0 the ne5 generation 5or3force% organi&ations need to concentrate on !ob designs and organi&ation of 5or3. Further% toda0Fs 5or3force is reali&ing the im2ortance of relationshi2s and is tr0ing to stri3e a balance bet5een career and 2ersonal lives. uccessful organi&ations su22ort and 2rovide facilities to their 2eo2le to hel2 them to balance the scales. In this 2rocess% organi&ations are coming u2 5ith ne5 and innovative ideas to im2rove the qualit0 of 5or3 and qualit0 of 5or3 life of ever0 individual in the organi&ation. (arious 2rograms li3e fle8 time% alternative 5or3 schedules% com2ressed 5or3 5ee3s% telecommuting etc.% are being ado2ted b0 these organi&ations. /echnological advances further hel2 organi&ations to im2lement these 2rograms successfull0. :rgani&ations are en!o0ing the fruits of im2lementing CD< 2rograms in the form of increased 2roductivit0% and an efficient% satisfied% and committed 5or3force 5hich aims to achieve organi&ational ob!ectives. /he future 5or3 5orld 5ill also have more 5omen entre2reneurs and the0 5ill encourage and ado2t CD< 2rograms.

QUALITY CYCLE Cualit0 circles 5hich have been 2o2ulari&ed b0 Ia2anese firms are being used all over the 5orld because of the benefits that accrue to the firm. A qualit0 circle involves 2artici2ation from a small grou2 of em2lo0ees doing the same t02e of 5or3. /he0 meet regularl0 to identif0% anal0&e and solve the 2roblems that arise during the course of their 5or3 and their association 5ith the organi&ation. /he basic ob!ectives of qualit0 circles are to develo2 and utili&e human resources effectivel0% to develo2 qualit0 2roducts% im2rove the qualit0 of 5or3 life and shar2en and utili&e an individualFs creative abilities. /here are different ste2s involved in the develo2ment of qualit0 circles from getting started to 2roblem$solving. #ommunicating the im2ortance of qualit0 circles to the em2lo0ees is of 2rime im2ortance. /he ne8t ste2 is the com2osition of a qualit0 circle. /hen the stage of initial 2roblem solving through 5hich em2lo0ee suggestions are 2resented% follo5s. /he suggestions are then evaluated and the best one% chosen b0 consensus% is im2lemented. (arious techniques li3e brainstorming sessions% fish bone diagram and sam2ling and charting methods% are used in qualit0 circles. Problems arise in the im2lementation of qualit0 circles because of lac3 of understanding regarding the conce2ts% lo5 education levels and training% dela0s in e8ecution and o2erational 2roblems. Most of these 2roblems can be resolved through effective training of em2lo0ees and management su22ort. A Rationale Iob s2eciali&ation and sim2lification 5ere 2o2ular in the earl0 2art of this centur0. =m2lo0ees 5ere assigned narro5 !obs and su22orted b0 a rigid hierarch0 in the e82ectation

that efficienc0 5ould im2rove. /he idea 5as to lo5er cost b0 using uns3illed 5or3ers 5ho could be easil0 trained to do a small% re2etitive 2art of each !ob.

Man0 difficulties develo2ed from that classical !ob design% ho5ever. /here 5as e8cessive division of labor. Dor3ers became sociall0 isolated from their co$5or3ers because their highl0 s2eciali&ed !obs 5ea3ened their communit0 of interest in the 5hole 2roduct. De$ s3illed 5or3ers lost 2ride in their 5or3 and became bored 5ith their !obs. 'igher$order (social and gro5th) needs 5ere left unsatisfied. /he result 5as higher turnover and absenteeism% declines in qualit0 and alienated 5or3ers. #onflict often arose as 5or3ers sought to im2rove their conditions and organi&ations failed to res2ond a22ro2riatel0. /he real cause 5as that in man0 instances the !ob itself sim2l0 5as not satisf0ing. Forces For Change A factor contributing to the 2roblem 5as that the 5or3ers themselves 5ere changing. /he0 became educated% more affluent (2artl0 because of the effectiveness of classical !ob design)% and more inde2endent. /he0 began reaching for higher$order needs% something more than merel0 earning their bread. =m2lo0ers no5 had t5o reasons for re$designing !obs and organisations for a better CD<J #lassical design originall0 gave inadequate attention to human needs. /he needs and as2irations of 5or3ers themselves 5ere changing. Humanized Work Through QWL :ne o2tion 5as to re$design !obs to have the attributes desired b0 2eo2le% and re$ design organisations to have the environment desired b0 the 2eo2le. /his a22roach see3s to im2rove CD<. /here is a need to give 5or3ers more of a challenge% more of a 5hole tas3% more o22ortunit0 to use their ideas. #lose attention to CD< 2rovides a more humani&ed

5or3 environment. It attem2ts to serve the higher$order needs of 5or3ers as 5ell as their more basic needs. It see3s to em2lo0 the higher s3ills of 5or3ers and to 2rovide an environment that encourages them to im2rove their s3ills. /he idea is that human resources should be develo2ed and not sim2l0 used. Further% the 5or3 should not have e8cessivel0 negative conditions. It should not 2ut 5or3ers under undue stress. It should not damage or degrade their humanness. It should not be threatening or undul0 dangerous. Finall0% it should contribute to% or at least leave unim2aired% 5or3ersF abilities to 2erform in other life roles% such as citi&en% s2ouse and 2arent. /hat is% 5or3 should contribute to general social advancement.

QUALITY OF WORK LIFE AS HR STARTE!Y ? AN ANALYSIS /oda0Fs 5or3force consists of literate 5or3ers 5ho e82ect more than !ust mone0 from their 5or3. In the modern scenario% CD< as a strateg0 of 'uman Resource Management is being recogni&ed as the ultimate 3e0 for develo2ment among all the 5or3 s0stems% not merel0 as a concession. /his is integral to an0 organi&ation to5ards its 5holesome gro5th. /his is attem2ted on 2ar 5ith strategies of #ustomer Relation Management.

St+*te.3 *,d T*1ti16 :ver the 0ears% since industrial revolution% much e82erimentation has gone into e82loiting 2otential of human ca2ital in 5or3 areas either e82licitl0 or im2licitl0. /han3s to the revolution in advanced technolog0% the im2erative need to loo3 into CD< in a ne5 2ers2ective is felt and deliberated u2on. Ma!or com2anies are tirelessl0 im2lementing this 2aradigm in 'uman Resources Develo2ment (some call it Peo2leFs =8cellence).

9lobali&ation has lo5ered national boundaries% creating a 3no5ledge$based econom0 that s2ins and s2ans the 5orld. Ma!or economies are converging technologicall0 and economicall0% and are highl0 connected at 2resent moment. /he ne5 global 5or32lace demands certain 2rerequisites such as higher order of thin3ing s3ills li3e abstraction s0stem thin3ing and e82erimental inquir0% 2roblem$solving and team 5or3. /he needs are greater in the ne5 s0stems% 5hich are 2artici2ative ventures involving 5or3ers managed b0 so$called fictional 2ro2rietors.

"e, Cou,ted In sim2le terms% all the above requirements can be easil0 achieved b0 2roviding im2roved qualit0 of 5or3 life to the 5or3ers available on rolls. Dor3ers are often referred to as teams or grou2s in general 2arlance and 5hatever the do go to the credit of the team5or3. /he conce2t of team5or3 has evolved from the organi&ed toil that has its o5n social dimensions. 9ood teams can hardl0 be im2orted from outside. /he0 usuall0 occur as an indigenous incidence at the 5or32lace and nurturing the same over time is the res2onsibilit0 of management. 'ere% it ma0 also be discerned that the com2osition of available 5or3ers in no more a local 2henomenon as in the 2ast. Mobilit0 is caused b0 migration be0ond culture barriers and isolation% relocation and globali&e de2lo0ment. /his 2henomenon has become universal and is causing great changes in the 5or3 environment at factories as 5ell as offices. /he ne5 influ8 of s3illed 5or3ers see3ing greener 2astures is even questioning the s3ills of ne5 em2lo0ers and thereb0 restructuring the ne5 environs on 2ar 5ith those of best in the 5orld% un5ittingl0 though.

"o,e3 "*tte+6 For good CD<% cash is not the onl0 ans5er. /oda0% the 5or3ers are a5are of the !ob requirements of !ob as also the fact that the 2erformance of the same is measured against the basic goals and ob!ectives of the organi&ation and more im2ortantl0% 5ages are 2aid according to the larger 2icture s2ecific to the industr0 and the em2lo0erFs 2lace in the same. /he increased share of 5or3ers in 5ages and benefits through legislation as 5ell as com2etitive inter2la0 of su2erior managements in various fields of industr0 and business on e8tensive levels has resha2ed the 5or3erFs idea of qualit0 of 5or3 life. Moreover% other things being equal% the em2lo0ers are increasingl0 v0ing 5ith their rivals in 2roviding better 5or3ing conditions and emoluments. /his ma0 be o5ing to man0 reasons besides the

concern for the human angle of 5or3ers% li3e the em2lo0erFs tendenc0 to climb on the band5agon% to rea2 to the desired dividends or to 5oo better talent into their fold as s3ill base addition and other non$economic in2uts li3e 3no5ledge bases. Doubtlessl0% the increased tendenc0 of recruiting 3no5ledge bases is giving the modern managements 2a0offs in m0riad 5a0s. ome of them are intended 2otentials for 2roduct innovations and cost cuttings.

/al3ing of 2roduct% it ma0 a22ear far$fetched to some that 2roduct is being assessed in the mar3et for its qualit0 and 2rice b0 the environment created in the areas 5here 5or3ers and customers are dealt and transact% li3e ambience in facilities 1 amenities as also the com2an0Fs 2a0 scales. /his goes to 2rove that CD< of manufacturer 1 service 2rovider is s0non0mous 5ith the qualit0 of 2roduct.

No, e1o,omi1 ? @;ob Se1u+it3A /he changing 5or3force consists of literate 5or3ers 5ho e82ect more than !ust mone0 from their 5or3 life. /heir idea of salvation lies in the res2ect the0 obtain in the 5or3 environment% li3e ho5 the0 are individuall0 dealt and communicated 5ith b0 other members in the team as 5ell as the em2lo0er% 5hat 3ind of 5or3 he is entrusted 5ith% etc. ome of

these non$economic as2ect areJ elf res2ect% satisfaction% recognition% merit com2ensation in !ob allocation% incom2atibilit0 of 5or3 conditions affecting health% bull0ing b0 older 2eers and boss% 2h0sical constraints li3e distance to 5or3% lac3 of fle8ible 5or3ing hours% 5or3$life imbalances% invasion of 2rivac0 in case of certain cultural grou2s and gender discrimination and drug addiction. :ne or more of the 2roblems li3e above can cast a H!ob$insecurit0F question% for no direct and visible fault of the em2lo0er. Ket% the em2lo0er has to identif0 the source of 5or3ers 2roblems and tr0 to mitigate the conditions and ta3e su22ortive ste2s in the organi&ation so that the 5or3ers 5ill be easil0 retained and motivated and earn R:I. /he loss of man$hours to the national income due to the above factors is sim2l0 over5helming.

=m2lo0er should instill in the 5or3er the feeling of trust and confidence b0 creating a22ro2riate channels and s0stems to alleviate the above shortcomings so that the 5or3ers use their best mental faculties on the achievement of goals and ob!ectives of the em2lo0er. /o cite some e8am2les% em2lo0ers in certain soft5are com2anies have 2rovided infrastructure to train the children of 5or3ers in vocational activities including com2uter education% so that the 5or3ers need not engage their attention on this as2ect. =m2lo0ee care initiatives ta3en b0 certain com2anies include creation of 'obb0 clubs% Fun and <eisure #lubs for the 2h0sical and 2s0chological 5ell$being ness of 5or3ers and their families. After all% the 5or3ers are ine8orabl0 lin3ed to the 5elfare of their families% as it is their 2rimar0 concern. Dual income 5or3ers% meaning both s2ouses 5or3ing are the order of the da0. /he 5or3 life balance differs in this categor0 and greater understanding and fle8ibilit0 are required 5ith res2ect to leave% com2ensation and 5or3ing hours in the larger frame5or3. /eam5or3 /eam5or3 is the ne5 mantra of modern da0 2eo2leFs e8cellence strateg0. /oda0Fs teams are self$2ro2elled ones. /he modern manager has to strive at the grou2 coherence for common cause of the 2ro!ect. /he ideal team has 5ider discretion and sense of res2onsibilit0 than before as ho5 best to go about 5ith its business. 'ere% each member can find a ne5 sense of belonging to each other in the unit and concentrate on the grou2Fs ne5 res2onsibilit0 to5ards em2lo0erFs goals. /his 5ill boost the co&iness and morale of members in the 2ositive environment created b0 each otherFs trust. Positive energies% free of 5or32lace an8iet0% 5ill garner better 5or3ing results. Involvement in team5or3 deters deserters and em2lo0er need not bother himself over the detention e8ercises and save mone0 on motivation and cam2aigns.

Bo66 F*1to+ 9one are the da0s 5hen em2lo0ers controlled 5or3ers b0 su22ressing the initiative and inde2endence b0 berating their brilliance and s3ills% b0 designing and entrusting arduous and monotonous !obs and offer mere so2s in terms of 5ages and 5ee3l0 off. /rust develo2s 5hen managers 2a0 some attention to the 5elfare of the 5or3ers and treat them 5ell b0 being honest in their relations. /he em2lo0er should 3ee2 in mind that ever0 un2aid hour of overtime the 5or3er s2ends on 5or3 is an hour less s2ent 5ith the famil0. )e5 2erformance a22raisals are 2ut into vogue to assess a 5or3erFs contribution vis$ L$vis on em2lo0erFs ob!ectives and to find out the training and u2dating needs and levels of motivation and commitment. As observed in some advanced com2anies% the 5or3ers

themselves are dra5ing their benefits b0 filing a22raisal forms and dra5ing simultaneousl0 the a22ro2riate benefits b0 the clic3 of the mouse directl0 from their dra5ing rooms% courtes0 e$'R s0stems. In addition% there are quite a number of channels for informal revie5s. Feedbac3 on 5or3erFs 2erformance% if 5ell inter2reted and anal0&ed% could go a long 5a0 in im2roving ethics at 5or32lace.

I,5o85eme,t *,d Commu,i1*tio, Multi s3illing and e82osing 5or3ers to different lines of activit0 in the unit indirectl0 leads to the greater involvement and better !ob securit0 of 5or3er in the organi&ation. /he em2lo0er too% can ma3e use of the varied s3ills to an0 altered situations of restructuring and other mar3et ada2tations. /hus% the monoton0 of 5or3 life can be alleviated. /he em2lo0er% armed 5ith the de2th of cross$trained human resources% need not go hunting for ne5 talent and thus save on the uns2ent 2a0 2ac3ets% 5hich can be s2ent usefull0 on the amenities for 5or3ers. )o doubt% rivals should be env0ing him for this edge. /he change should be a22arent in mutual trust and confidence to5ards effective understanding of the needs of 5or3er and em2lo0er. /he ne5 3no5ledge$based 5or3ers are mostl0 0oung in the fields of technolog0 and management. /he0 are more forthcoming in trusting the boss and older 2eers. )o5% all modern managements are cogni&ant of the innate desire of 5or3ers to be acce2ted as 2art of the organi&ation for identit0 and other social reasons. =ffective dialogue is 2ut into 2la0 bet5een management and those 5ho e8ecute through 5ell$organi&ed communication channels 2aving the 5a0 for im2roved co$o2eration and 2artici2ation on emotional level. /he decision ma3ing level is nose diving to the floor level manager% 5here the 2oor gu0 has to thin3 of n number of quic3 decisions on behalf of the organi&ation. 4nless the team is behind and involved 5ith commitment% the manager cannot im2lement the ne5 tas3s in 2roduction% distribution% 2eo2leFs e8cellence% customer relations% etc.% than3s to the HeF factor 2refi8ed to the names of ma!orit0 of de2artments. <ogicall0% harmon0 2la0s its 2art in cost efficienc0. listen to their 5or3ers. Influences uccessful managers are those 5ho

:ver5or3 is tolerated in emerging industries unli3e government de2artments as 2art of the game and 5or3 culture. /his is so% 5hat 5ith the soaring com2etition among the tightl0 contested 2la0ers. involvement. All said and one% the 5or3ers are considered as the invisible branch ambassadors and internal customers in certain industries. It is evident that most of the managements are increasingl0 reali&ing that qualit0 alone stands to gain in the ultimate anal0sis. Restructuring the industrial relations in 5or3 area is the 3e0 for im2roving the qualit0 of 2roduct and the 2rice of the stoc3. Dithout creating su22ortive environment in restructured environment% higher qualit0 of 5or3 cannot be e8tracted. It is alread0 high time the older theories of industrial relations should be unlearnt. /he 2oint is em2o5erment of 5or3force in the area of



/his stud0 2rogram has got the follo5ing ob!ectivesJ

/o 3no5 the facilities 2rovided to the em2lo0ees b0 'DF# Ban3 for maintaining qualit0 of 5or3 life

/o stud0 the statutor0 and non$statutor0 5elfare 2ractices ado2ted b0 organi&ation.



HDFC BANK 'DF# Ban3 is headquartered in Mumbai. /he Ban3 at 2resent has an enviable net5or3 of over ,.-, branches s2read over >?* cities across India. All branches are lin3ed on an online real$time basis. #ustomers in over ,-* locations are also serviced through /ele2hone Ban3ing. /he Ban3Ms e82ansion 2lans ta3e into account the need to have a 2resence in all ma!or industrial and commercial centres 5here its cor2orate customers are located as 5ell as the need to build a strong retail customer base for both de2osits and loan 2roducts. Being a clearing1settlement ban3 to various leading stoc3 e8changes% the Ban3 has branches in the centres 5here the ) =1B = have a strong and active member base. CITIES BRANCHES AT" "*+12 $%%& B$C ($$& $D%% "*+12 $%(% BDB (BF% $:C$ "*+12 $%(( BE% (D$( $C%E

/he Ban3 also has a net5or3 of about over -A*?5or3ed A/Ms across these cities. -Moreover% 'DF# Ban3Ms A/M net5or3 can be accessed b0 all domestic and international (isa1Master#ard% (isa =lectron1Maestro% Plus1#irrus and American =82ress #redit1#harge cardholders.

TI"ES BANK A"AL!A"ATION In a milestone transaction in the Indian ban3ing industr0% /imes Ban3 <imited (another ne5 2rivate sector ban3 2romoted b0 Bennett% #oleman ; #o.1/imes 9rou2) 5as merged 5ith 'DF# Ban3 <td.% effective Februar0 -@% -***. As 2er the scheme of amalgamation a22roved b0 the shareholders of both ban3s and the Reserve Ban3 of India% shareholders of /imes Ban3 received , share of 'DF# Ban3 for ever0 ?.A? shares of /imes Ban3. /he acquisition added significant value to 'DF# Ban3 in terms of increased branch net5or3% e82anded geogra2hic reach% enhanced customer base% s3illed man2o5er and the o22ortunit0 to cross$sell and leverage alternative deliver0 channels.

"ANA!E"ENT Mr. Iagdish 3a2oor too3over as the ban3Ms #hairman in Iul0 -**,. Prior to this% Mr. "a2oor 5as De2ut0 9overnor of the Reserve Ban3 of India.

/he Managing Director% Mr. Adit0a Puri% has been a 2rofessional ban3er for over -? 0ears% and before !oining 'DF# Ban3 in ,++. 5as heading #itiban3Ms o2erations in Mala0sia.

/he Ban3Ms Board of Directors is com2osed of eminent individuals 5ith a 5ealth of e82erience in 2ublic 2olic0% administration% industr0 and commercial ban3ing. e8ecutives re2resenting 'DF# are also on the Board. enior

enior ban3ing 2rofessionals 5ith substantial e82erience in India and abroad head various businesses and functions and re2ort to the Managing Director. 9iven the 2rofessional e82ertise of the management team and the overall focus on recruiting and retaining the best talent in the industr0% the ban3 believes that its 2eo2le are a significant com2etitive strength.

TECHNOLO!Y 'DF# Ban3 o2erates in a highl0 automated environment in terms of information technolog0 and communication s0stems. All the ban3Ms branches have online connectivit0% 5hich enables the ban3 to offer s2eed0 funds transfer facilities to its customers. Multi$branch access is also 2rovided to retail customers through the branch net5or3 and Automated /eller Machines (A/Ms).

#entrali&ed Processing 4nits =lectronic traight /hrough Processing Data Darehousing % #RM Innovative /echnolog0 A22lication

Derived =conomies of cale Reduced /ransaction #ost Im2rove cost efficienc0% #ross sell Provide ne5 or su2erior 2roducts

/he Ban3 has made substantial efforts and investments in acquiring the best technolog0 available internationall0% to build the infrastructure for a 5orld class ban3. /he Ban3Ms business is su22orted b0 scalable and robust s0stems 5hich ensure that our clients al5a0s get the finest services 5e offer.

/he Ban3 has 2rioriti&ed its engagement in technolog0 and the internet as one of its 3e0 goals and has alread0 made significant 2rogress in 5eb$enabling its core businesses. In each of its businesses% the Ban3 has succeeded in leveraging its mar3et 2osition% e82ertise and technolog0 to create a com2etitive advantage and build mar3et share.


Retail SE!"ENTS

Dholesale 'DF# Ban3 is a consistent 2la0er in the 2rivate sector ban3 and have a 5ell balanced 2roduct and business mi8 in the Indian as 5ell as overseas mar3ets. #ustomer segments (retail ; 5holesale) account for B.N of )et revenues ( FK -**B) 'igher retail revenues 2artl0 offset b0 higher o2erating and credit costs. =quall0 5ell 2ositioned to gro5 both segments.

'DF# Ban3 offers a 5ide range of commercial and transactional ban3ing services and treasur0 2roducts to 5holesale and retail customers. /he ban3 has three 3e0 business segmentsJ W2o8e6*8e B*,9i,. Se+5i1e6 /he Ban3Ms target mar3et ranges from large% blue$chi2 manufacturing com2anies in the Indian cor2orate to small ; mid$si&ed cor2orate and agro$based businesses. For these customers% the Ban3 2rovides a 5ide range of commercial and transactional ban3ing services% including 5or3ing ca2ital finance% trade services% transactional services% cash management% etc. /he ban3 is also a leading 2rovider of structured solutions% 5hich combine cash management services 5ith vendor and distributor finance for facilitating su2erior su22l0 chain management for its cor2orate customers. Based on its su2erior 2roduct deliver0 1 service levels and strong customer orientation% the Ban3 has made significant inroads into the ban3ing consortia of a number of leading Indian cor2orates including multinationals% com2anies from the domestic business houses and 2rime 2ublic sector com2anies. It is

recogni&ed as a leading 2rovider of cash management and transactional ban3ing solutions to cor2orate customers% mutual funds% stoc3 e8change members and ban3s.

Ret*i8 B*,9i,. Se+5i1e6 /he ob!ective of the Retail Ban3 is to 2rovide its target mar3et customers a full range of financial 2roducts and ban3ing services% giving the customer a one$sto2 5indo5 for all his1her ban3ing requirements. /he 2roducts are bac3ed b0 5orld$class service and delivered to the customers through the gro5ing branch net5or3% as 5ell as through alternative deliver0 channels li3e A/Ms% Phone Ban3ing% )et Ban3ing and Mobile Ban3ing.

/he 'DF# Ban3 Preferred 2rogram for high net 5orth individuals% the 'DF# Ban3 Plus and the Investment Advisor0 ervices 2rograms have been designed 3ee2ing in mind needs of customers 5ho see3 distinct financial solutions% information and advice on various investment avenues. /he Ban3 also has a 5ide arra0 of retail loan 2roducts including Auto <oans% <oans against mar3etable securities% Personal <oans and <oans for /5o$5heelers. It is also a leading 2rovider of De2ositor0 Partici2ant (DP) services for retail customers% 2roviding customers the facilit0 to hold their investments in electronic form. 'DF# Ban3 5as the first ban3 in India to launch an International Debit #ard in association 5ith (I A ((I A =lectron) and issues the Master#ard Maestro debit card as 5ell. /he Ban3 launched its credit card business in late -**,. B0 e2tember >*% -**?% the ban3 had a total card base (debit and credit cards) of ?.- million cards. /he Ban3 is also one of the leading 2la0ers in the Omerchant acquiringO business 5ith over ?*%*** Point$of$sale (P: ) terminals for debit 1 credit cards acce2tance at merchant establishments.

T+e*6u+3 Dithin this business% the ban3 has three main 2roduct areas $ Foreign =8change and Derivatives% <ocal #urrenc0 Mone0 Mar3et ; Debt ecurities% and =quities. Dith the

liberali&ation of the financial mar3ets in India% cor2orate need more so2histicated ris3 management information% advice and 2roduct structures. /hese and fine 2ricing on various treasur0 2roducts are 2rovided through the ban3Ms /reasur0 team. /o com2l0 5ith statutor0 reserve requirements% the ban3 is required to hold -?N of its de2osits in government securities. /he /reasur0 business is res2onsible for managing the returns and mar3et ris3 on this investment 2ortfolio

HDFC BANK PRODUCT AND CUSTO"ER SE!"ENT PERSONAL BANKIN! Lo*, P+odu1t Auto <oan <oan Against ecurit0 <oan Against Pro2ert0 Personal loan #redit card -$5heeler loan #ommercial vehicles finance 'ome loans Retail business ban3ing /ractor loan Dor3ing #a2ital Finance #onstruction =qui2ment Finance 'ealth #are Finance =ducation <oan 9old <oan C*+d6 #redit #ard Debit #ard Pre2aid #ard De)o6it P+odu1t aving a1c #urrent a1c Fi8ed de2osit Demat a1c afe De2osit <oc3ers I,5e6tme,t G I,6u+*,1e Mutual Fund Bonds "no5ledge #entre Insurance 9eneral and 'ealth Insurance =quit0 and Derivatives Mudra 9old Bar

P*3me,t Se+5i1e6 )et afe Merchant Pre2aid Refill Bill2a0 (isa Bill2a0 InstaPa0 DirectPa0 (isaMone0 /ransfer eEMonies =lectronic Funds /ransfer

A11e66 To B*,9 )etBan3ing :ne(ie5 InstaAlert MobileBan3ing A/M Phone Ban3ing =mail tatements Branch )et5or3

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Fo+eH Se+5i1e6 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Product ; ervices /rade ervices Fore8 service Branch <ocater

RBI 9uidelines

:nline Pa0ment of Direct /a8 WHOLESALE BANKIN! Sm*88 *,d "edium E,te+)+i6e6 Funded ervices )on Funded ervices 2eciali&ed ervices (alue added services Internet Ban3ing Fi,*,1i*8 I,6titutio,6 *,d T+u6t6 BANKS #learing ub$Membershi2 R/9 E submembershi2 Fund /ransfer A/M /ie$u2s #or2orate alar0 a1c /a8 #ollection Fi,*,1i*8 I,6titutio,6 "utu*8 Fu,d6 Sto19 B+o9e+6 I,6u+*,1e Com)*,ie6 Commoditie6 Bu6i,e66 T+u6t6

Co+)o+*te Funded ervices )on Funded ervices (alue Added ervices Internet Ban3ing

NRI SER/ICES A11ou,t6 G De)o6it6 Ru2ee aving a1c Ru2ee #urrent a1c Ru2ee Fi8ed De2osits Foreign #urrenc0 De2osits Accounts for Returning Indians Remitt*,1e6 )orth America 4" =uro2e outh =ast Asia Middle =ast Africa :thers Qui19 +emit I,di*Li,9 C2eIue Lo19BoH Te8e.+*)2i1J Wi+e T+*,6-e+ Fu,d6 T+*,6-e+ C2eIue6JDD6JTC6 I,5e6tme,t G I,6u+*,1e6 Mutual Funds Insurance Private Ban3ing Lo*,6 'ome <oans <oans Against ecurities <oans Against De2osits

Portfolio Investment cheme P*3me,t Se+5i1e6 )et afe BillPa0 InstaPa0 DirectPa0 (isa Mone0 :nline Donation

9old #redit #ard A11e66 To B*,9 )etBan3ing :ne(ie5 InstaAlert A/M PhoneBan3ing =mail tatements Branch )et5or3

BUSINESS STRATE!Y 'DF# BA)" mission is to be Oa Dorld #lass Indian Ban3O% benchmar3ing themselves against international standards and best 2ractices in terms of 2roduct offerings%

technolog0% service levels% ris3 management and audit ; com2liance. /he ob!ective is to build sound customer franchises across distinct businesses so as to be a 2referred 2rovider of ban3ing services for target retail and 5holesale customer segments% and to achieve a health0 gro5th in 2rofitabilit0% consistent 5ith the Ban3Ms ris3 a22etite. Ban3 is committed to do this 5hile ensuring the highest levels of ethical standards% 2rofessional integrit0% cor2orate governance and regulator0 com2liance. #ontinue to develo2 ne5 2roduct and technolog0 is the main business strateg0 of the ban3. Maintain good relation 5ith the customers is the main and 2rime ob!ective of the ban3.

HDFC BANK bu6i,e66 6t+*te.3 em)2*6i7e6 t2e -o88oKi,. Increase mar3et share in IndiaFs e82anding ban3ing and Financial services

industr0 b0 follo5ing a disci2lined gro5th strateg0 focusing on qualit0 and not on quantit0 and delivering high qualit0 customer service. <everage our technolog0 2latform and o2en scaleable s0stems to deliver 2roducts to more customers and to control o2erating costs. Maintain current high standards for asset qualit0 through disci2lined credit ris3 management. Develo2 innovative 2roducts and services that attract the targeted customers more

and address inefficiencies in the Indian financial sector. #ontinue to develo2 2roducts and services that reduce ban3Fs cost of funds. Focus on high earnings gro5th 5ith lo5 volatilit0.

HU"AN RESOURCE /he Ban3Fs staffing needs continued to increase during the 0ear 2articularl0 in the retail ban3ing businesses in line 5ith the business gro5th. /otal number of em2lo0ees increased from ,.BAB as of March>,%-**Bto,BA@*of March >,% -**+/he Ban3 continues to focus on ,ing its em2lo0ees on a continuing basis% both on the !ob and through training 2rograms conducted b0 internal and e8ternal facult0. /he Ban3 has consistentl0 believed that broader em2lo0ee o5nershi2 of its shares has a 2ositive im2act on its 2erformance and em2lo0ee motivation. /he Ban3Fs em2lo0ee stoc3 o2tion scheme so far covers around +*** em2lo0ees.

CREDIT RATIN! /he Ban3 has its de2osit 2rograms rated b0 t5o rating agencies $ #redit Anal0sis ; Research <imited (#AR=) and Fitch Ratings India Private <imited. /he Ban3Ms Fi8ed De2osit 2rogram has been rated M#AR= AAA (FD)M P/ri2le AQ b0 #AR=% 5hich re2resents instruments

considered to be Oof the best qualit0% carr0ing negligible investment ris3O. #AR= has also rated the ban3Ms #ertificate of De2osit (#D) 2rogram OPR ,RO 5hich re2resents Osu2erior ca2acit0 for re2a0ment of short term 2romissor0 obligationsO. Fitch Ratings India Pvt. <td. (,**N subsidiar0 of Fitch Inc.) has assigned the OtAAA ( ind )O rating to the Ban3Ms de2osit 2rogram% 5ith the outloo3 on the rating as OstableO. /his rating indicates Ohighest credit qualit0O 5here O2rotection factors are ver0 highO.

/he Ban3 also has its long term unsecured% subordinated (/ier II) Bonds rated b0 #AR= and Fitch Ratings India Private <imited and its /ier I 2er2etual Bonds and 422er /ier II Bonds rated b0 #AR= and #RI I< <td. #AR= has assigned the rating of O#AR= AAAO for the subordinated /ier II Bonds 5hile Fitch Ratings India Pvt. <td. has assigned the rating OAAA (ind)O 5ith the outloo3 on the rating as OstableO. #AR= has also assigned O#AR= AAA P/ri2le AQO for the Ban3s Per2etual bond and 422er /ier II bond issues. #RI I< has assigned the rating OAAA 1 tableO for the Ban3Ms Per2etual Debt 2rogramme and 422er /ier II Bond issue. In each of the cases referred to above% the ratings a5arded 5ere the highest assigned b0 the rating agenc0 for those instruments

CORPORATE !O/ERNANCE RATIN! /he ban3 5as one of the first four com2anies% 5hich sub!ected itself to a #or2orate 9overnance and (alue #reation (9(#) rating b0 the rating agenc0% /he #redit Rating Information ervices of India <imited (#RI I<). /he rating 2rovides an inde2endent

assessment of an entit0Ms current 2erformance and an e82ectation on its Obalanced value creation and cor2orate governance 2racticesO in future. /he ban3 has been assigned a M#RI I< 9(# <evel ,M rating 5hich indicates that the ban3Ms ca2abilit0 5ith res2ect to 5ealth creation for all its sta3eholders 5hile ado2ting sound cor2orate governance 2ractices is the highest.


/he Reserve Ban3 of India has a22roved the scheme of amalgamation of #enturion Ban3 of Pun!ab <td. 5ith 'DF# Ban3 <td. 5ith effect from Ma0 ->% -**B.All the branches of #enturion Ban3 of Pun!ab 5ill function as branches of 'DF# Ban3 5ith effect from Ma0 ->% -**B. Dith RBIFs a22roval% all requisite statutor0 and regulator0 a22rovals for the merger have been obtained.


Mr. Iagdish "a2oor Mr. Adit0a Puri Mr. "e3i M. Mistr0 Mr. (ineet Iain Mrs. Renu "arnad Mr. Arvind Pande Mr. Ashim amanta Mr. # M (asudev Mr. 9autam Divan Dr. Pandit Palande Mr. Paresh u3than3ar Mr. 'arish =ngineer



W*8to, <(&CD= attributes the evolution of Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife to various 2hases in histor0. <egislations enacted in earl0 t5entieth centur0 to 2rotect em2lo0ees from !ob$in!ur0 and to eliminate ha&ardous 5or3ing conditions% follo5ed b0 the unioni&ation movement in the ,+>*Fs and ,+.*Fs 5ere the initial ste2s in this direction. =m2hasis 5as given to !ob securit0% due 2rocess at the 5or3 2lace and economic gains for the 5or3er. /he ,+?*Fs and the ,+@*Fs sa5 the develo2ment of different theories b0 2s0chologists 2ro2osing a 2ositive relationshi2 bet5een morale and 2roductivit0 that im2roved human relations. Attem2ts at reform to acquire equal em2lo0ment o22ortunit0 and !ob enrichment schemes also 5ere introduced. Finall0 in the ,+A*Fs the idea of Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife 5as conceived 5hich according to Dalton% is broader than these earlier develo2ments and is something that must include Hthe values that 5ere at the heart of these earlier reform movements and human needs and as2irationsF.

Se92*+*, <(&FE= observes that% historicall0 the conce2t of Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife had originall0 included onl0 the issues of 5ages% 5or3ing hours% and 5or3ing conditions. 'o5ever% the conce2t has no5 been e82anded to include such factors as the e8tent of 5or3ersF involvement in the !ob% their levels of satisfaction 5ith various as2ects in the 5or3 environment% their 2erceived !ob com2etence% accom2lishment on the !ob etc.

According to Keit2 <(&F&=# Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife refers to Gthe favorableness or unfavourableness of a !ob environment for 2eo2le6. /he basic 2ur2ose in this regard is to develo2 !obs aiming at 'uman Resource Develo2ment as 5ell as 2roduction enhancement.

!*,i <(&&B= in his stud0 stated that the core of the Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife conce2t is the value of treating the 5or3er as a human being and em2hasi&ing changes in the socio$technical s0stem of thorough im2rovement% in 2h0sical and 2s0chological 5or3ing environment% design and redesign of 5or3 2ractices% hierarchical structure and the 2roduction 2rocess brought 5ith the active involvement of 5or3ers in decision ma3ing.

In the 5ords of Kum*+ *,d T+i)*ti <(&&B)% Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife is a 2hiloso2h0 of management that believes co$o2erative relationshi2 bet5een em2lo0ees and managers and also believes that ever0 em2lo0ee has the abilit0 and right to offer his intelligence and useful in2uts into decisions at various levels in the organisations. Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife is a 2rocess to involve em2lo0ee at ever0 level of the organisations in the decision about their 5or3 and 5or32lace. It refers to the intended outcomes of 2racticing above 2hiloso2h0 and 2rocess 5ith im2rovements in 5or3ing condition% 5or3ing environment% 5or3ing climate or 5or3 culture. /he 2rocess brings ultimate benefit to individual em2lo0ee as 5ell as to the organisations through individual develo2ment and increasing qualit0 and 2roductivit0 res2ectivel0.

As e82lained b0 Kum*+ *,d T+i)*t23 <(&&B=# there are several a22roaches for achieving Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife in organisations% namel0 !ob design% 5or3ersF 2artici2ation% 5elfare and qualit0 circles. Cualit0 #ircles are one of the 5a0s of involving em2lo0ees at the bottom level of the organi&ation in decisions affecting 5or3 and 5or3 related 2roblems. A Cualit0 #ircle is essentiall0 a small grou2 of em2lo0ees 5ho meet voluntaril0 on regular basis to identif0% anal0&e and find solutions to qualit0 2roblems and other issues in their 5or3$ environment. /he em2lo0eeFs Ina Cualit0 #ircle can range from four to t5elve. /he Cualit0

#ircles occu20 a vital and far more s2ecific role for aiming and achieving Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife of 5or3ers in organisations.

'o5ever% Si,.2 <(&FB= states that% Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife is not based on an0 theor0. It is concerned 5ith overall climate of 5or3 2lace. Reduced su2ervision% increased self$regulation and self$management are 2illars of Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife.

Ame+i1*, So1iet3 o- T+*i,i,. *,d De5e8o)me,t <(&C&= 2resented Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife as a 2rocess of 5or3 organisations% 5hich enables its members at all levels to 2artici2ate activel0 and efficientl0 in sha2ing the organisations environment% methods and outcomes. It is a value based 2rocess% 5hich is aimed to5ards meeting the t5in goals of enhanced effectiveness of organisations% and im2roved qualit0 of life at 5or3 for em2lo0ees.

Co2e, *,d Ro6e,t2*8 <(&F%= describes Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife as an intentionall0 designed effort to bring out increased labor management% and coo2eration to !ointl0 solve the 2roblem of im2roving organi&ational 2erformance and em2lo0ee satisfaction.

I, t2e o)i,io, o- ;*i, <(&&(=# Cualit0 :f Dor3 <ife re2resents a blending of motivational factors of 5or3% socio$technical s0stem etc. 5hich are of ver0 real concerns for human values in toda0Fs societ0 5ith an a5areness that all individuals devote the greater 2art of their mature lives to the 5or3% s2ending time% energ0 and 2h0sical and mental resources to this endeavor. Moreover% it recogni&es that% 5or3 is the chief determinant of an individualFs freedom% gro5th and self res2ect as 5ell as his or her standard of living. Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife denotes the e82erienced Ggoodness6 of 5or3ing in the organi&ational settings. :ne of the 2rinci2al 2roblems 5ith the term is that Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife is not a single or a s2ecific

notion. It consists of a 5hole 2arcel of terms and notions% all of 5hich reall0 belong under the 5or3ing life umbrella vi&7 ,)Industrial effectiveness -) 'uman resource develo2ment >) :rgani&ational effectiveness .) Dor3 restructure ?) Iob enrichment @) ocio$technical s0stems A) Dor3ing humani&ation B) 9rou2 5or3 conce2t +) <abor management co$o2eration ,*) Dor3ing together7 5or3erFs involvement% 5or3erFs 2artici2ation ,,) #o$o2erative 5or3 structure.

=ach of these in var0ing degrees of inadequacies identifies a 2art of the large 5hole that Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife see3s to identif0. Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife is a common concern% not onl0 to im2rove life at 5or3% but also life outside 5or3. After all% the t5o cannot be lin3ed.

In the vie5s of ;o2,6to, <(&&B=% Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife is more than sim2l0 a conce2t% means or an end. It embodies the follo5ing inter$related sets of ideasJ a) Ideas dealing 5ith a bod0 of 3no5ledge% conce2ts% e82eriences related to the nature% meaning% and structure of 5or37 b) Ideas dealing 5ith the nature and 2rocess of introducing and managing organisation change7 and

c) Ideas dealing 5ith outcomes of results of the change 2rocess. /he conce2t of Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife vie5s 5or3 as a 2rocess of interaction and !oint 2roblem solving b0 5or3ing 2eo2le$managers% su2ervisors% and 5or3ers.

According to B*8u <$%%(=# Cualit0 of Dor3 <ife encom2asses various as2ects relating to (,) Dor3ing =nvironment and (-) =m2lo0ee Motivation.

Em)8o3ee "oti5*tio, 1o,6i6t6 o(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) Pro2er #ommunication at ho2$level% =m2lo0ee Facilities% =m2lo0ee Performance Recognition% =m2lo0ee Partici2ation 5ith team s2irit% Develo2ment and Iob redesign and Iob enrichment% D0namic 'RD factors% and tatus of famil0.



Em)8o3ee6 *+e 6*ti6-ied Kit2 t2e -*1i8itie6 *,d t2e Ko+9i,. e,5i+o,me,t o- t2e HDFC B*,9



I,t+odu1tio, o- t2e )+ob8em /o find out the qualit0 of 5or3 life in 'DF# Ban3% so
that the im2ortance of the 2rocedure ma0 be obtained and the 3no5ledge% attitude and o2inion of the em2lo0ees can also be e8amined.

Re6e*+12 de6i.,

Research design is sim2l0 the frame5or3 or 2lan for a stud0 used

guide in collecting and anal0&ing data. Fo+ t2e 6tud3 -o+ 1o,du1ti,. t2*t +e6e*+12 I 6e8e1ted t2e De61+i)ti5e +e6e*+12 de6i.,4 De61+i)ti5e +e6e*+12 de6i., De61+i)ti5e +e6e*+12 is also called tatistical Research. /he main goal of this t02e of research is to describe the data and characteristics about 5hat is being studied. /he idea behind this t02e of research is to stud0 frequencies% averages% and other statistical calculations. Although this research is highl0 accurate% it does not gather the causes behind a situation. Descri2tive research is mainl0 done 5hen a researcher 5ants to gain a better understanding of a to2ic. that is% anal0sis of the 2ast as o22osed to the future. Descri2tive research is the e82loration of the e8isting certain 2henomena. /he details of the facts 5ont be 3no5n. /he e8isting 2henomenaFs facts are not 3no5n to the 2ersons.

S*m)8i,. de6i.,
I4 Po)u8*tio, am2ling unitJ De2artment of 'uman Resource ectionJ =m2lo0ees =8tentJ 'DF# Ban3 /imeJ . Dee3s

II4 S*m)8i,. u,it /he structure of 'uman resource of the com2an0 is classified into > 2arts vi&. 'uman Resource <eader% Assistant Manager% =8ecutives. o the sam2ling unit of the re2ort are the em2lo0ees of com2an0. III4 S*m)8e 6i7e /he sam2le si&e of the re2ort is ?* em2lo0ees of 'uman Resource De2t. of 'DF# Ban3. I/4 S*m)8i,. met2od /here are t5o Method of sam2lingJ (4 P+ob*bi8it3 6*m)8i,. It is based on the conce2t of random selection of a controlled 2rocedure that assures that each 2o2ulation element is gives a non$&ero chance of selection. Probabilit0 sam2ling is of follo5ing t02esJ


im2le Random

II) ()

0stematic Double



I()#luster $4 No, )+ob*bi8it3 6*m)8i,.

)on 2robabilit0 sam2ling is non$random and sub!ective i.e. each member does not have a 3no5n non &ero chance of being included. /02es of non 2robabilit0 sam2lingJ #onvenience Iudgment Cuota Fo+ t2e 6tud3 I, t2i6 +e)o+t ,o, )+ob*bi8it3 1o,5e,ie,1e 6*m)8i,. i6 u6ed to 1o,du1t * +e6e*+124

D*t* 1o88e1tio, met2od

<I= P+im*+3 d*t* /he 2rimar0 data are those 5hich are collected afresh and for the first time% and thus ha22ened to be original in character. /here are several methods of collecting 2rimar0 data 2articularl0 in surve0s. Im2ortant ones areJ (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) observation method intervie5 method through questionnaires through schedules etc.

Fo+ t2e 6tud3 S12edu8e met2od i6 u6ed -o+ 1o88e1ti,. t2e d*t* K2i8e 1o,du1ti,. t2e +e6e*+124 II4 Se1o,d*+3 d*t* /he secondar0 data are those 5hich have alread0 been collected b0 someone and 5hich have alread0 been 2assed through the statistical 2rocess. econdar0 data ma0 either be 2ublished data or un2ublished data. 4suall0 2ublished data are available in J (i) (ii) (iii) various 2ublications of central% state% are local government7 technical and trade !ournals7 boo3s% maga&ines% and ne5s2a2ers. /he sources of un2ublished are man07 the0 ma0 be found in diaries% letters% 2rivate individuals and organi&ations.

Fo+ t2e 6tud3 I,te+,et i6 u6ed -o+ 1o88e1ti,. t2e d*t* K2i8e 1o,du1ti,. t2e +e6e*+124 Data sources$ Primar0% econdar0. Data a22roaches$ Cuestionnaire. am2ling unit$ 'R De2artment. am2le si&e$ ?* onl0. am2le 2rocedure$)on Probabilit0 #onvenience sam2ling. #ontact method$ Direct.



( Do 3ou -ee8 1om-o+t*b8e Kit2 Ko+9i,. 1u8tu+e i, 3ou+ o+.*,i7*tio,L
Ye6 &%M No (%M

I,te+)+et*tio, &%M o- em)8o3ee6 *+e 1om-o+t*b8e K2i8e (%M o- em)8o3ee6 *+e ,ot 1om-o+t*b8e Kit2 t2e Ko+9i,. 1u8tu+e i, t2e o+.*,i7*tio,4

$4 Do6e 3ou+ 1om)*,3 )+o5ide t2e 2e*8t2 1*+e -*1i8it3L

a) 0es b) )o


@BN >-N

INTERPRETATIONS 'ealth care is one of the im2ortant factor lives. 'DF# Ban3 2rovides 'os2ital for the em2lo0ees% 5ith a good number of doctors for all diseases. /he em2lo0ees are satisfied for a certain limit% the0 has a com2lain also and that is% the health care facilit0 is onl0 for small and normal diseases% if there is a measure disease arise then there is no arrangements for that.

B4 A+e 3ou -ee8i,. 6e1u+e *bout 3ou+ 0obL a) ecured b) )ot ecured J J A@N -.N

Not Secured, 24 Secured Secured, 76 Not Secured

INTERPRETATIONS /his is another factor of motivational theor0. Feeling secure about the increases the morale of the em2lo0ee. 'DF# Ban3 em2lo0ees are feeling secure about their !obs. /he officers of 'DF# Ban3 are e82erienced and 2ermanent.

D4 Doe6 3ou+ 1om)*,3 )+o5ide 3ou t2e 6t*,d*+d 6*-et3 *))8i*,1e6L a) Kes b) )o J J B*N -*N

No,20% Yes Yes, 80% No

INTERPRETATIONS /he first 2olic0 of 'DF# Ban3 is safet0% and 5e could see the hoardings of safet0 2rinci2le ever0 5here at 'DF# Ban3. /he com2an0Fs management focused its best in 2roviding the safet0 a22liances to the em2lo0ees. /he em2lo0ees of Moradabad% 'DF# Ban3 are ver0 much satisfied 5ith the safet0 a22liances 2rovided b0 the com2an0.

E4Do 3ou .et +e1o.,itio, -o+ 3ou+ i,di5idu*8J.+ou) )e+-o+m*,1eL a) Kes b) )o J J A*N >*N

No, 30

Yes Yes, 70 No

INTERPRETATIONS )ear about A*N 'DF# Ban3 em2lo0ees of the surve0 gets recognition for their individual1grou2 2erformance. /he rest em2lo0ees donFt get an0 recognition because the0 are

ne5. /his is another motivational factor 5hich motivates the em2lo0ees to give their best again and again to5ards the com2an0. .

:4 A+e 3ou 6*ti6-ied Kit2 3ou+ te*m membe+6 *t 3ou+ Ko+9 )8*1e L a) atisfied b) )ot atisfied J J B.N ,@N

Not Satisfied, 16

Satisfied Satisfied, 84 Not Satisfied

INTERPRETATIONS /he team 5or3 e8aggerates the morale of the em2lo0ees and the0 2ut their best effort. /he em2lo0ees of 'DF# Ban3% Moradabad are ver0 much satisfied 5ith there team members%

all the em2lo0ees are co$o2erative 5ith each other. All the em2lo0ees at here shares there information relating their 5or3% divides there 5or3 2ro2erl0. /he0 give res2ect to each other and the0 ma3e fun 5ith each other also. All the em2lo0ees are ver0 much co$o2erative 5ith the outside 2eo2le also.

C4 A+e 3ou 6*ti6-ied Kit2 t2e Ke8-*+e -*1i8itie6 K2i12 *+e )+o5ided to 3ou *t t2e Ko+9i,. *+e* L <e.4 C*,tee,# ACAS #Et14= a) atisfied b) )ot atisfied J J @-N >BN

Not Satisfied, 38 Satisfied, 62 Satisfied Not Satisfied

INTERPRETATIONS /he em2lo0ees of 'DF# ban3 are satisfied 5ith the 5elfare facilities 5hich are 2rovided to them. Dhole office are A#(air condition) fitted% 5ell furnished 5ith good lighting facilit0. /he Food Facilit0 also 2rovided b0 'DF# Ban3 for staff.

C4 A+e 3ou 6*ti6-ied Kit2 3ou+ 6*8*+3 )*19*.eL a) atisfied b) )ot atisfied J J ABN --N

Not Satisfied, 22 Satisfied Satisfied, 78 Not Satisfied

INTERPRETATIONS /his is the question on 5hich no one 5ill give true ans5er. Because ever0 2erson 5ants more and more mone0 than he1she gets and thatFs 5h0 ever0one mustnMt satisfied 5ith their salar0 2ac3ages. But 5hen I as3ed the em2lo0ees of 'DF# Ban3 about their salar0 2ac3age according to their 2erformance% the0 are satisfied 5ith the salar0 2ac3age. But there are a fe5 0oung em2lo0ees are 5or3ing there% 5ho are not satisfied 5ith the salar0 2ac3age 5hich the0 are getting.

F4Doe6 t2e 1om)*,3 1o'o)e+*te6 *,d 2e8)6 3ou *t *,3 eme+.e,13 time L a) Kes b) )o J J A@N -.N

No, 24

Yes Yes, 76 No

INTERPRETATIONS 'DF# Ban3 co$o2erates 5ith their em2lo0ees in an emergenc0 time. All the em2lo0ees are ver0 much satisfied 5ith the emergenc0 hel2ing facilit0.

&4A+e 3ou *66o1i*ted Kit2 *,3 6o1i*8 *1ti5it3 L a) Kes b) )o J J >*N A*N

Yes, 30

Yes No, 70 No

INTERPRETATIONS /here are a less number of em2lo0ees 5ho are associated 5ith an0 social activit0% near about >*N of em2lo0ees are associated. ome are associated 5ith tem2le committee% and organi&es festivals. ome are associated 5ith the communit0 centre and organi&es occasional festivals (ne5 0ear 2arties)% etc.


'DF# Ban3 do not 2rovide accommodation facilit0 to their em2lo0ees. /here em2lo0ees has 2roblem for accommodation in 'DF# Ban3% Moradabad. 'DF# Ban3 em2lo0ees are feeling secure about their !obs. /he officers of 'DF# Ban3 are e82erienced and 2ermanent. 'DF# Ban3 do not 2rovides schooling facilit0 for the children of the em2lo0ees% but so em2lo0ees of 'DF# Ban3% Moradabad are not satisfied 5ith the schooling facilit0 available at Moradabad. /he com2an0Fs management focused its best in 2roviding the safet0 a22liances to the em2lo0ees. /he Ban3 2rovides safet0 a22liances as 5ell as maintains the safet0 standards at the 5or3 2lace for all em2lo0ees. /he em2lo0ees of 'DF# Ban3% Moradabad are ver0 much satisfied 5ith there team members% all the em2lo0ees are co$o2erative 5ith each other. /he em2lo0ees of 'DF# ban3 are satisfied 5ith the 5elfare facilities 5hich are 2rovided to them. Dhole office are A#(air condition) fitted% 5ell furnished 5ith good lighting facilit0. /he Food Facilit0 also 2rovided b0 'DF# Ban3 for staff. 'DF# Ban3 co$o2erates 5ith their em2lo0ees in an emergenc0 time. All the em2lo0ees are ver0 much satisfied 5ith the emergenc0 hel2ing facilit0. /here are a less number of em2lo0ees 5ho are associated 5ith an0 social activit0.



'DF# Ban3Fs management fulfills the needs and 5ants of the em2lo0ees% ban3 2rovides a standard qualit0 of life to all em2lo0ees. But there are some 2laces 5here the com2an0 should have to ma3e a fe5 rectifications. ,. /he training and develo2ment 2rogram is not good at Moradabad% the ban3 should 5or3 more on that and should ma3e it a continues 2rocess. #om2an0 should 2rovide higher studies facilities for interested em2lo0ees. -. 'DF# Ban3 could 2rovide better qualit0 of life at Moradabad division. >. 'DF# Ban3 should 2rovide cit0 living life for em2lo0ees of Moradabad% /he 5or3ing environment is good% but it could be better b0 renovating the internal infrastructure of the offices of Moradabad.


'DF# Ban3 is one of the best ban3 of India as 5ell as of 5orld. 'DF# Ban3 3no5s for its best /CM and 'R 2olicies in the 5orld. /he em2lo0ees are ver0 much satisfied% 5ho are 5or3ing for 'DF# Ban3. All the em2lo0ees are motivated and 5or3 together to achieve ban3Fs goal. Because of high motivated em2lo0ees 'DF# Ban3% Moradabad division increases business this 0ear ./he em2lo0ees are ver0 luc30% 5ho are 5or3ing and 5ho 5ill 5or3 for 'DF# Ban3. /he com2an0 should 2rovide all those facilities% 5hich it 2rovides at other offices in India e8cluding Moradabad division. =arning of more and more mone0 is not enough for live the life% if an em2lo0ee 5ouldnFt able to give time to his1her famil0% then he1she must be disturbed at the 5or3ing duration. If the em2lo0ee gives his1her best effort to the ban3% then the ne8t res2onsibilit0 is of the ban3 to 2rovide a better qualit0 of 5or3 life in return.



Follo5ing are the limitations of the stud0 that I came acrossJ ,. /he surve0 5as restricted to onl0 Moradabad onl0. -. /he 2eriod for the research 5as not enough to conduct the stud0 in de2th. >. /he sam2le si&e 5as limited to onl0 ,** em2lo0ees. .. Because of the bus0 schedule res2ondents ma0 not have ans5ered 2ro2erl0 5hich ma0 not hold true in such cases the0 should have got lot of time to ans5er.


BOOKS Fordham% M. <. (-**>). Putting first things firstJ /he qualit0 learning organi&ation. SSM, +(>)% ,+$-,. Frost% P. (-**>% Februar0 ?). Environmental issues that affect workplace. AvailableJ Ingersoll% 9. <.% :lsan% /.% Dre5$#ates% I.% De(inne0% B. #.% ; Davies% I. (-**-). Iob atisfaction% :rgani&ational #ommitment and #areer Intent. JONA% >-(?)% -?*$-@,. Restructuring J Inovative 'R 2ractices% Personal /oda0 22. ,*$,, Innovative 'R 2ractices% 2ersonal toda0% 22. .*$.> 'uman resource ManagementJ Best Pracies% case folio 22 >+$?B

WEBLIO!RAPHY htt2J11en.5i3i2edia.org15i3i1Cualit0SofS5or3ingSlife htt2J11blog.times!obs.com1-**+1*.1ho5$does$the$N=-NB*N+#qualit0$of$5or3$life N=-NB*N+D$affect$the$5or3ing$climate$of$an$organi&ation1 htt2J11555.,->eng.com1forum1f,-1qualit0$5or3$life$,*>AB*1 htt2J11555.hdfcban3.com12ersonal1default.htm


(4Do 3ou -ee8 1om-o+t*b8e Kit2 Ko+9i,. 1u8tu+e o- 3ou+ o+.*,i6*tio, L a) Kes b) )o

$4 Doe6 3ou+ 1om)*,3 )+o5ide t2e 2e*8t2 1*+e -*1i8it3L a) 0es b) )o

B4 A+e 3ou -ee8i,. 6e1u+e *bout 3ou+ 0obL a) ecured b) )ot ecured

D4 Doe6 t2e 1om)*,3 )+o5ide 3ou t2e 6t*,d*+d 6*-et3 me*6u+e6L a) Kes b) )o

E4Do 3ou .et +e1o.,itio, -o+ 3ou+ i,di5idu*8J.+ou) )e+-o+m*,1eL a)Kes b))o :4 A+e 3ou 6*ti6-ied Kit2 3ou+ te*m membe+6 *t 3ou+ Ko+9 )8*1e L a) atisfied b) )ot atisfied

C4 A+e 3ou 6*ti6-ied Kit2 t2e Ke8-*+e -*1i8itie6 K2i12 *+e )+o5ided to 3ou *t t2e Ko+9i,. *+e* L <e.4 C*,tee,# ACAS #Et14= a) atisfied b) )ot atisfied

F4 A+e 3ou 6*ti6-ied Kit2 3ou+ 6*8*+3 )*19*.eL *= S*ti6-ied b= Not S*ti6-ied

&4Doe6 t2e 1om)*,3 1o'o)e+*te6 *,d 2e8)6 3ou *t *,3 eme+.e,13 time L a) Kes b) )o

(%4A+e 3ou *66o1i*ted Kit2 *,3 6o1i*8 *1ti5it3 LI- 3e6 t2e,# K2*t i6 t2*t L a) Kes b) )o