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User Guide iceLink FM Modulator

The FM Modulator transforms iPods audio signal to a standard Stereo FM radio signal and by this makes iPods program available through the cars FM receiver. This solution is needed if no compatible CD-Changer port or Line-In available in the receiver. FM Modulator breaks into the antenna cabling of the car, and hard switches the antenna source between the Car-antenna and the FM Modulator. When FM Modulator is in function no radio reception is possible and consequently the Traffic Announcement (TA) feature is blocked. The FM modulator can work on 3 preset frequencies. Strong radio stations can cause interference (distortion or clicks on high pitch tones), so please set the switch to a channel, where there is no radio station and strong local stations nearby. If reception by any means would not be appropriate, choose another FM channel. The activation of the FM Modulator is done automatically if an iPod is connected. (This feature requires an iPod with bottom Dock Connector). After turn on the FM Modulator, select (and store) the preset frequency on the radio. If you want to listen to the radio again, just disconnect the iPod and select a station on the radio.

iceLink FM Modulator

INSTALLATION The best place to install the FM Modulator is somewhere near behind the car radio. 1. 2. 3. 4. Set the transmitting frequency of the Modulator with the switches according to your local situation. Plug the Modulator into the plastic foam tube part of the package. This will reduce vibration and enhance sound quality. Remove the car radio from the dashboard. Disconnect the cars antenna plug from the car radio, and connect the floating cable of the FM Modulator equipped with a standard antenna connector plug. The car antenna connector has to be plugged into the bedding of the FM Modulator. If the car radio and the antenna use different standard plugs, use the included DIN-ISO or Fakra converter kit. If you still cant solve incompatibility, use proper adapter cable pair available in car shops. Attention! The outgoing cable of the FM Modulator cannot stay free, it must be connected to the antenna input of the radio. Join the power cable leads to the radio harness with the included ScotchLock, than plug connector to the FM Modulator Black Ground Red Ignition (switched +12V) Purple Manual on/off switch - not used in this application, leave it open. Connect the iPod cradle or dock cable to the FM Modulator. Fix the FM Modulator with bandage strip or Velcro. For fixing choose such part or surface, which do not transmit direct vibration of the car body to the Modulator (e.g. a cable bundle).



WARNING! In most countries regulations forbid any transmission in the broadcast waveband. If you install FM Modulator properly, no such radiation generated. To avoid interference, please strictly keep the installation rules. Dension Audio Systems Ltd. and its distributors do not take any responsibility for the legal consequences of improper use of the FM Modulator.

Size: Power supply: Active / Standby current: Operating / Storage temperature: FM channels: Frequency response: Channel separation: Signal/noise ratio: Distortion:

100x70x26 mm 9-16 V DC < 20 mA / < 1 mA -10 - +50 C / -30 - +80 C 88.0 88.4 88.8 MHz, selectable by switch 30 15,000 Hz, +- 1 dB > 27 dB > 50 dB < 0.3 %

Content of package:
FM Modulator DIN-ISO & Fakra adapter kit Power harness Pastic foam tube Active cradle 2 pcs ScotchLock User Guide

ice-Link FM Install Guide v1.01e