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A. Which cities do these sentences describe?
a) This city, which lies in the northeast, was the country’s busiest port from 1500 to
1815. ___________________
b) This is the city that hosted the summer Olympics in 1988. _________________
c) This city, which was the country’s capital from 794 until 1868, has around 2,000
temples and shines. _______________
d) People often visit this city in February or March for the famous Mardi Grass Festival.
e) This city, which is built on two levels is famous for spicy food and lively music that
trace their origins to Africa. ___________________________
f) Visitor to this city, food lovers should try the spicy cabbage dish called kimch’i which
is served as a side dish with almost every meal. ______________
g) In this city, tiny shops on picturesque streets sell traditional sweets made from
beans. _______________

A defining relative clause defines or gives essential information about a noun.
New Orleans is a city where people go to celebrate Mardi Gras.
Salvador is famous for food and music that trace their origins to Africa.
A non-definigh relative clause gives optional information about a noun. Notice the use of
Seaul, which hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics, is well known for its shopping.
There are many temples and shrines in Kyoto, which used to be the capital of Japan.
Underline the relative clauses in these sentences, and indicate if they are defining (D) or
non-defining (ND). Add punctuation where required:
a) ____ Brasilia, which is the capital of Brazil, is less than 50 years old.
b) ____ Montreal is a city where both French and English are spoken.
c) ____ Bangkok which is the capital of Thailand has many beautifyl temples.
d) ____ Bogota is a city that is surrounded by mountains.
e) ____ Mexico City which has a population of around 20,000,000 is the largest urban
area in the Americas.
f) ____ Pussan is a busy port city that is located in the southern part of Korea.

It is a major cultural center of Japan. ___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ . Join these sentences with non-defining relative clauses. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ e) New Orleans is located on the Mississippi River. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ b) The carnival in Salvador is a popular Brazilian festival. It has an average daily temperature between -9º and 0º Celsius. It is well known for its steamboat cruises. Everything from antique pottery to customade clothing can be found there. They can see the beautiful cherry blossoms in April. It has excelent examples of seventeenth – and eighteenth-century colonial architecture. It runs for several days. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ d) Kyoto has more than 60 museums. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ g) Seoul is well known for its shopping areas. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ h) The month of January is very cold in Seoul. New Orleans made an important contribution to the development of jazz in the late nineteenth century. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ f) A favorite destination of jazz lovers is New Orleans. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ c) People often visit Kyoto in April.Here is some additional information about the cities. a) Salvador was founded in 1549.

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