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Using typology and the laws of stratigraphy, put the answers into the TM StratWord grid in the correct horizontal line to reveal the hidden text running vertically down the grid. Old stuff is at the bottom, the modern stuff is at the top (simple!) Stuff in the same layer is of similar date, but watch out for residual and environmental wild cards. Caution the hidden text could literally be anything, in any language. Good Luck!



1. Battle, counterattack to siege of Osaka (7). 2. British medium bomber, an excavation of which required a controlled explosion in August 2009 (7). 3. Prehistoric metalwork weapon type (6). 4. Character in Bayeux Tapestry (7). 5. Culture known for limpet-hammers (7). 6. Defender of Paris (3). 7. Defensive addition to Jacobean musket (13). 8. Design school closed by the Nazis in 1933 (7). 9. Fort St (4) destroyed by Ottoman artillery in Siege of Malta. 10. Frankish settlement in Southern Greece (5,8). 11. Knapping technique used to produce distinctive axe (8). 12. Large British Bronze Age boat (5). 13. Lower jaw (8). 14. Medieval gold Sicilian coin (9). 15. Mild-mannered janitor with secret superhero identity (5). 16. Movement of Germanic people (11). 17. Native spelling of very famous battle site, English away win (9). 18. One of three main rock types (7). 19. Outer wall of pollen grain, virtually indestructible (5). 20. Period of political instability in England (3,7). 21. Republic which allied with France against Milan (6). 22. Site which contained a child skeleton suggested to be a Neanderthal/modern human hybrid (5,5,). 23. Site which contained eight freeze-dried Thule mummies (10). 24. Style of landscape gardening, appeared in eighteenth century (5-7). 25. Swedish warship, parts of which now on display in Stockholm Maritime Museum (9). 26. The Great (9), complex of structures in Zimbabwe.

To celebrate ten years of BAJR - British Archaeological Jobs and Resources The fiendish Che Min de Fer has come up with a brand new puzzle. solve it and send the result, by either post or email to:
BAJR Traprain House Luggate Burn Whittingehame East Lothian EH41 4QA OR by 31st September 2009
(Please include contact details)

You can win up to £100 worth of equipment from Past Horizons archaeology tools. The winner will be announced on the 1st November 2009 on the BAJRFed Forum

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