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Oracle 360c Product Customization to suit Client

Functional Upgrade Requirements

Client’s Profile Enterprise applications. Offshore QA

Client’s Profile
Specializes in Fashion/Sports environment was set for meeting quality
The client is a Gulf based retailer that standards. System Integration Testing was
specializes in Fashion/Sports retailing. done onsite.
They have around four different retail
Business Challenge
chains and presence across Gulf with more
Implementation and Roll-out Finally Conference Room Pilot of Integrated
than 20 stores on prime locations. They are
across stores expanding heavily and building on retail application will be done to showcase end-
horizon by acquiring more retail chains. to-end integration of Oracle Retail
They are also planning to expand solutions. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Infogain’s Solution
geographically. will be executed to get customer
• Implementation of Oracle acceptance and scope verification.
Store Solution applications Business Challenge
for client requirements Infogain has Store rollover plan in place
The client needed to implement Oracle where product will be rolled out to
• Integration with Oracle
Retail Enterprise and Store Solutions to production for Go Live post UAT.
Retail (Earlier known as
enhance scalability, reliability and
Retek) solutions. availability of software solutions. The Benefits to the Client
• Rollout of product for stores existing product is not able to meet the Infogain’s effective implementation /
expansion planning expectations. sustenance practices ensured that a
Benefits superior quality product was rolled out while
• First Implementation for In order to meet this requirement, the client successfully meeting all the objectives
Gulf based client needed a strategic partner that would defined in the Service Level Agreements.
• Integration experience with implement Oracle Retail Store Solutions
Oracle Retail solutions and ensure that the product is rolled out Why Infogain?
• Store rollout exposure with zero defects across stores. Infogain has been chosen for this
Infogain’s Solution implementation because of its competency
on Oracle Retail Store Solutions (Earlier
Technology Highlights Infogain has focused methodology for
Known as 360Commerce). Infogain has
• Oracle 10g AS, implementation of Oracle Retail Store
prior experience on sustenance,
• Oracle 10g DB, Solutions. As per the methodology Infogain
participated in Inception phase with client enhancement and customization of Oracle
for specific Technical, Functional and Non- Store Solutions for various customers
• Java/J2EE,
Technical requirements. Based on this
• ORSS 12.0.3 Business Process Diagrams and Technical
Requirements Documents were created for The client chose Infogain as a partner due
the client. to Infogain’s superior depth of technology
expertise and engineering processes skills
Inception was followed up by Elaboration to accurately and efficiently perform
and Construction where Design, sustaining engineering services. Infogain’s
Architecture and Development tasks were time-tested proven methodology and
executed. Infogain adapted multiple test quality processes have made them a CMM
cycles for successful Integration of Oracle Level 5 certified company.
Store Solutions with Oracle Retail

About Infogain Corporation

Infogain Corporation, the Customer Knowledge Company, develops and delivers Customer Asset Strategies to increase tactical and strategic decision-making capabilities across the enterprise. A leading provider of Retail, CRM,
ERP, Integration and Business Intelligence Solutions and Services, Infogain was established in 1990 with international offices and global delivery centers. It provides high-end IT Services and develops Business and Technology
Solutions to enable clients worldwide to gain competitive advantage.

Infogain is a full service provider / implementer of Oracle Suite of Retail and ERP solutions. Infogain invests in retail-specific solutions to develop pre-built frameworks, reports and tools. These collectively form a part of Infogain’s
unique IP which are being used extensively by retailers. Our retail domain excellence center features a fully functional retail lab and training by Oracle certified trainers. For additional information on Infogain’s full range of services,
please visit our website at

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