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Composite Tester BondMaster 1000

The BondMasterTM 1000+ is a versatile, full multi-mode instrument, with Resonance, MIA (Mechanical Impedance Anal sis!, and "itch#$atch mode with the addition of the new R% displa mode& The BondMasterTM 1000+ is the onl true multi-mode composite test instrument on the mar'et& This offers the user the a(ilit to select the method (est suited to inspect the wide variet of composite materials used& Its hi)h performance, li)htwei)ht, and ru))ed dura(ilit ma'e it the choice for applications in the manufacturin), maintenance and repair of composite materials& *ei)hin) less than + l(s& (1&, ')! with customerinterchan)ea(le displa s, the BondMaster 1000+ offers users the hi)hest resolution availa(le toda & The availa(ilit of a color -$. or monochrome -$. for indoor or (ri)ht outdoor conditions or a /i-Brite 0lectroluminescent (0-! displa for normal to dar' conditions provides the ultimate in fle1i(ilit and convenience& Its ru))ed, well desi)ned housin), uncomplicated front panel, 2mart3no(TM and (uilt in "ower-in'TM technolo) , ma'e it a trul revolutionar user-friendl hand held porta(le ultrasonic flaw detector& The BondMaster 1000+ uses "ower-in'TM technolo) to confi)ure the instrument to the technolo) in use when the sensor is connected& Built-in cali(ration modes assist the user in optimi4in) the test parameters& A variet of sensors in each of the test technolo)ies is availa(le& The instrument uses a computer st le lithium ion (atter &


5 2in)le -i-Ion (atter 5 -i)htwei)ht, less than +l(s& (1&, 3)! 5 $ustomer interchan)ea(le displa s6 - /i-Brite 0lectroluminescent - Monochrome -i7uid $r stal - $olor -i7uid $r stal 5 89A :utput 5 R2-;<; output for printer or computer interface 5 Alarm outputs 5 "ro)ram stora)e 5 Trace stora)e 5 "ower-in'TM Technolo) - automatic pro(e reco)nition and instrument set-up 5 %ull Multi-Mode $apa(ilit 6 - "itch # $atch (2wept, Impulse, R%! - Resonance - MIA - Mechanical Impedance Anal sis 5 /i)h volta)e "itch # $atch pro(es availa(le

BondMaster 1000+ Specifications*

When a probe is connected to the BondMaster, the instrument's mode and type of test are selected. The modes of operation are Pitch / Catch ( !ept, "mpulse, #$%, #esonance, and M"&. "itch#$atch 2wept6 Measures amplitude and phase chan)es usin) a swept fre7uenc method to detect dis(onds& Re7uires no couplant& Pitch/Catch "mpulse' Measures amplitude and phase chan)es usin) a short (urst of ener) to detect dis(onds& .ispla s information in envelope or vector displa format& Re7uires no couplant& Pitch/Catch #$ "mpulse' Measures amplitude and phase chan)es usin) a short (urst of ener) to detect dis(onds& .ispla s information in envelope or vector displa format& An impedance displa is availa(le from the R% data& Re7uires no couplant& #esonance' .etects dis(onds ( chan)es in phase and amplitude of pro(e resonance& Re7uires couplant& Mechanical "mpedance &nalysis (M"&%' Measures the stiffness and mass of the material under test& The output is measured in (oth amplitude and phase& Re7uires no couplant& Probes All BondMaster= 1000 pro(es include "ower-in'= functionalit & 2-"$, 2-M", and 2-"R pro(es are compati(le& Technical pecifications $re(uency#an)e' ;>0 /4 to 1&> M/4& 2pecific test modes have limitations within this ran)e& *ain' -10 to >0&0 dB &nalo) +utput ,pdate' Rate continuous in MIA and resonance modes& .ata availa(le at repetition rate in all pitch#catch modes &larm Bo-' The instrument allows for an si4e alarm (o1& The (o1 can (e defined and located an where on the screen& An ad?usta(le vertical amplitude alarm operates in the R% and Impulse setup modes& &larm .o)ic' "ositive or ne)ative alarm )ate &larm +utput' 0 8 to +< 8 /$ lo)ic output, switcha(le audi(le alarm and front panel annunciator, alarm indicator on pro(e is standard& Cloc/ / Calendar' Time and date are stored and printed with each waveform& .an)ua)es' Menus ma (e displa ed in 0n)lish, 2panish, %rench, or 9erman& # 0121 "nterface' 2creen printout and computer interface& Baud rate is ad?usta(le from ;,+00 to 1@,;00 (aud (@,A00 is default!& creen tora)e' Bp to ;0 screens can (e stored& Pro)ram tora)e' Bp to 100 instrument setups "nputs / +utputs Probe Connector' 11-pin %isher &nalo) +utputs' 2i)nals6 +#- > volt, ad?usta(le offset, not affected ( position controls or C::M function& *eneral 3imensions' @&>D - 1 >&>D / 1 <&AD . (;1> mm 1 1A> mm 1 @; mm! Wei)ht' < to A l(s& (1&< - ;&E ')! dependin) on confi)uration 3isplay' $ustomer-interchan)ea(le F89A displa s (<;0 1 ;+0 pi1els! color or monochrome -$., /i-Brite 0lectroluminescent +peratin) Temperature' -+o to 1+0o % (-;0o to A0o $! tora)e Temperature' -+0o to 1EAo % (-+0o to ,0o $! 4umidity' @>G +#- >G Classification' Based on $lass ; specifications from the MI--"R%-;,,00% /and(oo'

&ltitude' Ma1imum operatin) and non-operatin) altitude- 1>,000 ft& (+,A00 m! 4a5ardous &rea +peration' 2afe operation as defined ( $lass I, .ivision ;, 9roup ., as found in the Hational %ire Association $ode (H%"A E0!, 2ection >00, and tested usin) MI--2T.-,10%, Method >11&+, "rocedure 1 Po!er Po!er' E-pin connector to char)e the internal (atteries and operate the instrument from A$ power Po!er #e(uirements' ,> to ;+0 volts, >0-A0 /4 mains& 01ternal holder char)es (atteries outside the instrument& $har)in) time is t picall + hours& .o! Battery Protection' .ispla (ar )raph D)as )au)eD indicates appro1imate operatin) time& Battery+peratin) Time' A to , hours (nominal, dependin) on confi)uration! IAll specifications are su(?ect to chan)e without notice&