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Resume of Elizabeth A.

Huntley 50 Oakwood Drive Horse Shoe, NC Cell: 828-702-4204 Child Care Experience Nanny to a 12-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy (Summer 2013) o Driving to and planning daily activities including taking them hiking, swimming, to museums and karate class Babysat and tutored an 11-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl (Summer 2013) o Tutored the 11-year-old for his math End of Grade (EOG) test o Oversaw privileges and chores as a part of their therapy for Attachment and Reactive Attachment Disorder. Taught dance classes to college level beginner ballet students, high school students, 3rd graders, kindergarteners, and preschoolers: 2 classes a piece (spring 2013) o As part of my college course Dance Pedagogy, in a group I planned creative movement activities for the 3rd graders, kindergarteners, and preschoolers, made sure that the students made it safely into the dance studio, lead them through the dance activities, and safely returned them to their teachers. For the high school students and college students, with a partner I observed the dance classes what dance level the students where at and how the teacher taught these students. After discussing what I observed with the teacher, my partner and I planned the entire class including warm-ups, creative movement activities, across the floor movement, and cool-down. We then received critique notes from the observing teacher. Tutored 3 first graders in reading (Fall 2012) o As part of my college teacher internship Creating Inclusive Learning Communities/ Practicum, I worked one-on-one with three students as part of their reading intervention program. Internship in a High School Spanish I class o As part of my college teacher internship Seminar of the At-Risk Child/ Practice Intervention with At-Risk Students, I observed teaching techniques, lead warm-up activities, helped answer homework questions, and graded quizzes. Tutored fourth grade boy after school (Fall 2011) o As part of my college teacher internship Psychology Applied to Teaching/ Practicum, I played with a group of fourth graders on the playground and then worked one-on-one with one student making sure he did his homework and helping him with his math and reading in which he requested extra help. Babysat a 6-year-old girl, 4-year-old boy, and 2-year-old girl (Summer 2011) Tutored 10-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl in Spanish and math (Summer 2011) o I created lesson plans and games for each individual child. Taught Sunday school for kindergarten through 3rd grade (2008-2010) o I oversaw and lead crafts, games, outdoor activities, and snack time. Education

West Henderson High School (Fall 2006-Spring 2010), graduated with high honors Dance during high school career o Dance I, II, and dance III honors as high school classes o Ballet, contemporary dance, tap, jazz, and hip-hop classes at the dance studio Idea Factory Inc. (Asheville, NC) o Performances with Idea Factory Inc. includes two recitals and eight performances for various nursing and retirement homes o Performances at West Henderson High School: three end of semester dance performances of 3-5 dances and two musicals, CATS and Thoroughly Modern Millie Appalachian State University (Fall 2010-Spring 2014) o Dance Major with minor in Spanish Education o 3 Internships working with students College classes pertaining to education o Education Leadership in a Global Society (Fall 2010) o Teaching: Learning in the Digital Age (Fall 2011) o Critical Perspective of Learning and Teaching (Fall 2011) o Psychology Applied to Teaching/ Practicum (Fall 2011) o Seminar of the At-Risk Child/ Practice Intervention with At-Risk Students (spring 2012) o Policies and Practices in Educational Assessment (Fall 2012) o Reading Instruction for Middle/Jr. & Sr. High School Students (Fall 2012) o Creating Inclusive Learning Communities/ Practicum (Fall 2012) o Dance Pedagogy (Spring 2013) College classes pertaining to dance technique o Ballet II (Fall 2010-Fall 2011), Ballet III (Spring 2012-Spring 2013) o Modern I (Spring 2011), Modern II (Fall 2012-Spring 2013 and Spring 2014), Modern III (Fall 2013) o Jazz I (Spring 2013), Jazz II (Fall 2013-Spring 2014) o Pointe (Fall 2012) o African Dance (Fall 2013) o Floor Barre (Fall 2012-Spring 2014) o Pilates I mat work (Spring 2013), Pilates II equipment (Fall 2013) o Gyrokinesis (Fall 2013-Spring 2014) o Yoga as a somatic practice (Spring 2014) College classes pertaining to dance profession o Dance Composition and Improvisation (Spring 2013) o Dance History (Spring 2013) o Dance Pedagogy (Spring 2013) o Choreography (Fall 2013) o Somatics (Fall 2013) o Collaborative Process (Fall 2013) o Dance History in the Modern Era (Spring 2014) o Dance Production Basics (Spring 2014) o Capstone (Spring 2014) College Performances at Appalachian State University

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Dido and Aeneas (Spring 2013) Choreographed for First Year Showcase (Fall 2013) North Carolina Dance Festival (Fall 2013) Fall Appalachian Dance Ensemble (Fall 2013) Momentum Dance Club Showcase (Spring 2014) Spring Appalachian Dance Ensemble (Spring 2014)

References . Paul and Julie Iacono 828-606-4646 I was a nanny to their two children (Summer 2013). Jamie and Linda Titus 828-989-7722 I babysat and tutored their two children (Summer 2013). Emily Daughtridge 828-262-2404 Dance professor for Dance History, Choreography, Collaborative Process, and Modern III Sherone Price 828-262-4991 Dance professor for Dance History in the Modern Era, Choreography, Jazz I, African Dance