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. Objectives At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to: 1. Identify statements that show cause and effect relationship. 2. Read a poem correctly and clearly with expressions. 3. Appreciate reading poems. 4. Decode words with augh (o) sounds. . Subject Matter Cause and Effect Relationship References: Fun English Reading Textbook pages 94-101. Materials: Visual Aids, Charts, Flash Cards, Name Tags. Values: Develop a genuine love for reading, love for family. . Procedure A. Learning Activities

Teachers Activity

Students Activity

Good Morning Class... Let us pray first... (Checking the Attendance) ... say present... Please pick up the pieces of paper under your chair. So how was your weekend? Thats good! Have you enjoyed your weekend bonding with your family? Thats good to know. For this morning, our discussion will be in relation to a family. Are you familiar with Barneys I Love You Song? Okay thats good, so are you ready to sing and fun today?

Good Morning Maam! (One student will lead the prayer) (students raise their hand and say present as the teacher call in their name) (Students pick up the pieces of paper) It was great Maam Of course Maam! It was a lot of fun! Yes, Maam love purple-colored dinosaur!


Warm up Let us sing Barneys I Love You Song. (Students Sing) I love you, you love me and were a happy family, With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, Hope you say you love me too.

Teachers Activity

Students Activity

Okay now class, what can you say about the song? Does it tell us something important that we have already forgotten to do nowadays? How could you say so Lani?

Maam, even though song is very short, but I guess its full of emotions. Because Maam I noticed that song has a lot to do with our love for our family, that real meaning of family is all about loving each other, and now a days kissing and hugging our parents or family members are not being practiced anymore

That was a very good explanation Lani, you know what class the song simply tells us something that we should always consider for us to keep our family or relationship with others intact, sometimes showing affection and love towards a person makes him feel that he is appreciated and there will be feeling of belonginess and love What else have you noticed which made you conclude that the song is all about love? Everybody had just sung very well, its now time to improve your pronunciation more... Because Maam, there are many descriptive words in the song, the most obvious one is I Love You.

Pronunciation Drill Read the following words: Words with augh = (o) Caught Naught Taught Naughty Daughter B. Lesson Proper

Teachers Activity

Students Activity

Presentation Show pictures of a (a) Mother and (b) Cake. Motivation What do you see in the pictures A and B? Maam, picture A is a Mother and picture B is a picture of a Cake On her last birthday

When was the last time you gave a gift to your mother?

Teachers Activity

Students Activity

Why do you think there is a cake? What do you think is the celebration? Aside from giving material gifts, how else do you show your love for your mother? Discussion Let us read a poem and let us find out how the children showed their love for their mother. Who Loves Mother Best? Oh happy birthday, mama dear. Sang Ben, Liz and Bess with cheer. We love you much, we love you true. They kissed their mother, hugged her too. Then quickly Ben skipped out to play. And went with playmates all the day. Then rushed home in time to see His sister Liz aglow with glee. For help up an ice cream cone, Enjoying it, she eat sat alone. Ben grabbed the cone, and slipped away, So Liz cried out, for that youll pay! Like cats and dogs the two did struggle. Each making sure to win the battle. They tried to push and then to pull. While Mama almost lost her cool. But little Bess with Mom she stayed, She set the table, drink she laid And helped to serve Moms friends and guests Now tell me, who loves Mother best? After reading the poem let us now answer these questions: Why did Bess, Ben and Liz kiss and hug their Mother? Why was Liz aglow with glee?

It is mothers birthday By kissing and hugging her

Because it is their Mothers birthday... Liz was aglow with glee because she was eating a cone of ice cream Liz cried out because Ben grabbed cone then slipped away Because Ben and Liz struggled

What made Liz cry out, for that youll pay Why did Mother almost lost her cool

Teachers Activity

Students Activity

Who among the three children loved their Mother best? How did he/she show it? What is the best way to show your love for your parents? Explain. Analysis (Show picture of a girl eating ice cream) What do you see on the picture? What happened to Liz when she was eating a cone of ice cream? Liz was aglow with glee answers what happens to Liz when she eats a cone of ice cream. This is called effect. Look again at the picture. What do you notice on Liz face? Why was Liz aglow with glee? Because she was eating a cone of ice cream, answers why Liz was aglow with glee. This is called the cause. And thats what we call the cause-andeffect Relationship. Generalization A cause of effect relationship describes something that happens and why it happens. What happens is called the effect, and why it happens is called the cause. The cause is usually introduced by the connective because. Application Each group will act out the following situations from the poem. Group 1: But little Bess Mom she stayed, She set the table, drinks she laid. And helped to serve Mothers friends and guests. Now tell me who loves Mother best

Bess, because she helped her mother to serve the guests The best way to show my love for my parents is by...

A girl is eating a cone of ice cream Liz was happy (aglow with glee)

Teachers Activity Group 2: For Liz help up an ice cream cone, Enjoyed it, she sat alone. Ben grabbed the one and slipped away, So Liz cried out, For that youll pay. Group 3: On happy birthday, Mama dear. Sang Ben and Liz Bess with cheer. We love you much, we love you true. They kissed their Mother, hugged her too. Group 4: Like cats and dogs the two did struggle Each making sure to win the battle. They tried to push and then to pull, while Mama almost lost her cool.

Students Activity

V. Evaluation Read the following sentences. Write C before the sentence for the cause and write E for the part that is the effect. ______ 1. Because it is her birthday. ______ 2. Ben, Liz and Bess kissed and hugged their mother. ______ 3. Liz cried out. ______ 4. Because Ben grabbed the cone of ice cream and slipped away. ______ 5. Mama almost cost her cool. V. Assignment Identifying Cause-and-Effect Relationship Read the short fable. Underline the Cause and Encircle the Effect.

A fox said to a crow with a piece of cheese between its break, If you can sing as prettily as you as you sit, then you are the prettiest singer. The fox thought that once the crow starts to sing, the cheese would drop from her beak. But the crow carefully removed the cheese from claws on one foot and said, they say you are sly, but you cannot fool me. Not giving up, the fox continued to praise the crow. I wish and could hear you tell about your talents but I have to go look for food because Im hungry.

Miss. AIZA BONAOBRA Adviser Miss. DIANE ARBE LOLO Instructor


Written report and detailed Lesson plan

Submitted to: Miss. Diane arbe lolo

Submitted by: Miss. Carol e. Nopre

An Integrative Approach Incorporates Successful, Research-Based and BrainBased Instructional Strategies

Without rehearsal or constant attention, information remains in working memory for only about 15 to 20 seconds. This implies the need for memory aids.

Learning is a process of building neutral networks. This network is formed through concrete experience, representational or symbolic learning, and abstract learning. The three levels of learning are concrete, symbolic, and abstract.

Our brain has difficulty comprehending very large numbers because we have nothing in our experience to hook them to. As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, it is always best to engage our students in the learning experience.

The eyes contain nearly 70 percent of the bodys sensory receptor and send million of signals every along the optic nerves to the visual processing of the brain. The capacity of the long-term memory for picture seems almost unlimited.

There is little doubt that when information is embedded in music or rhyme, its recall is easier than when it is in prose.

Brain-Based Strategies


Involving Students in Real-life or Authentic Problem Solving

Sometimes students ask us when and where they need this and that they are learning in school. This question implies that students hardly see the relevance and the practical application of what theyre taught in school maybe because sometimes, if not most of the time, what we give are hypothetical studies that have convergent and neat answer or hypothetical cases that are far removed from real life.

Using Projects to Increase Meaning and Motivation

Projects may not necessarily be based on problems but the example in item number I may be made a project.

Simulations and Role-plays as Meaning Makers

Not all curriculum topics can be addressed through authentic problem solving and projects At times these activities are not feasible, so simulations which are not real events, are our resort. 4. Classroom Strategies Using Visual Processing A picture is worth ten thousand words. This being the case we make it a point to have visual aids. Visuals are powerful aids in retention as well as in understanding. To help students organize their thinking, teachers use graphics.