EELI Fall 2009 Course Description & Information Office: Roark 204

Research-Level 5 Instructor: LeAnn Stokes Contact:

Textbook: Writing Academic English, 4th ed., edited by Oshima and Hogue Course Resource: Course Objectives: By the end of Level 5 Research, you should be able to • Show mastery of the structure of the essay and the writing process • Demonstrate critical thinking in the choice of topics, expression, and organization • Produce a high level of writing in terms of quality and depth • Understand and demonstrate argumentative writing with strong development and structure • Express ideas comfortably although isolated grammatical errors are obvious • Demonstrate independence in word processing • Demonstrate paraphrasing and summary writing gracefully • Participate actively in peer review with incisive suggestions and criticism • Demonstrate some independence in revision and self-editing Attendance Policy: The EELI attendance policy. Just remember that every class you miss is a day missed on gaining information and knowledge. Homework is still expected to be turned in on time. Homework: It is expected that homework be turned in on time and be your work. Cheating, copying, and plagiarizing will not be tolerated. Late homework will result in a zero. Quizzes: There will be announced quizzes and “pop quizzes.” Grades: To qualify for the end of the session assessment exams, you must earn at least a C in this course. Grades for class work will be given as follows: A 90-100 Excellent B 80-89 Above Average C 70-79 Average – Borderline D 60-69 Below Average – Not Acceptable F 59 and below Failing – Not Acceptable Academic Integrity: Students are advised that EKU’s Academic Integrity Policy will be strictly enforced in this course. The Academic Integrity Policy is available at Questions regarding the policy may be directed to the Office of Academic Policy.

**Syllabus is subject to change W eek Date In-Class Discussion Homework

Mon 8/24 Orientation (No class) Tues 8/25 Wed 8/26 Fri 8/27 First day of class. Introduction. Review of syllabus. Appendix A: The Process of Academic Writing (265-70) Appendix A: The Process of Academic Writing Read 265-270 Pay attention to words in bold. Read 271-79 Read 142-150 Practice 2 & 3 (148) Know the five elements of an argumentative essay. Read 39-49 Practice 1 (40), 2 (46), and 3 (49) Practice 4 (49), 5 (52), and 6 (53) Read 303-313 Practice 1 (305-306) Next class: Quiz on listing sources on a work cited page and in-text citations. Next class: Topic and Research Proposal Due Read 127-142 Know the steps for writing a good paraphrase and summary. Practice 2 (132) and 5 (139) Next class: A works cited page of five sources for research project due. Next class: Summaries of 3 sources due. Work on Outline Next class: Outline of paper due with sources included in outline. Work on Rough draft Next class: Rough draft of final paper due.


Mon 8/31 9. Argumentative Essays Tue 9/1 2 Wed 9/2 Thur 9/3 Mon 9/7 Tue 9/8 3 Wed 9/9 Thur 9/10 Fri 9/11 8. Paraphrase and Summary Internet Research Meet in Computer Lab Enrichment Activity 3. Supporting Details: Facts, Quotations, and Statistics 3. Supporting Details: Facts, Quotations, and Statistics Appendix E: Research and Documentation of Sources Appendix E: Research & Documentation of Sources TEST

Mon 9/14 Research Paper expectations Tue 9/15 4 Wed 9/16 Questions/Problems/Snags Microsoft Word & Essay Format Instruction

Thur Microsoft Word Practice 9/17 Meet in Computer Lab Mon 9/21 Rough Draft Q&A Tue 9/22 5 Wed 9/23 Thur 9/24 Rereading, Revising, and Editing PowerPoint & Presentation Instruction PowerPoint Practice Meet in Computer Lab

Fri 9/25

Enrichment Activity Next Class: PowerPoint Presentation due for practice Everyone is required to practice PowerPoint in Class before final presentation.

Mon 9/28 PowerPoint Q&A Tue 9/29 6 Wed 9/30 Thur 10/1 Fri 10/2 Presentation Practice Presentation Practice Enrichment Activity Presentation Practice

Mon 10/5 Last Minute Q&A 7 Tue 10/6 Final Presentations

Final Folders Due

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