ARTILLERY GUNS : 155 mm HOWITZER, 13 mm FIELD GUN AND 1 5 mm INDIAN FIELD GUN !Y"#$ %& N%m'(#)'%( : * i) 1+,

Name of the Nominee / Team and address (with telephone / fax/e-mail) T"#m ."#/"$ #(/ 0'1 #//$"11 : N#m" Address : D$- AMAR2IT SINGH, S3'"()'1) 4G5 : High Energy Materials Resear h !a"oraory (HEMR!) #$tarwadi% &$ne ' ())*+), -ax : +./012)0


N#m" %& )0" )"#m m"m6"$1 : i) ii) iii) i:) :) :i) :ii) :iii) ix) x) xi) xii) 3r,T4 5ha6ra"orthy% # ,7-8 3r,&9 Na:le% # , 7-8 3r,RR #angha:i% # ,7E8 3r,(Mrs,);H 4hire% # ,3 #hri MM <oshi% T=738 #hri,&< 4amale% T=738 #hri MAR #hai6h% # ,738 #hri ## 4hal6ar% T=758 #hri #M Hardi6ar% T=758 #hri >; 9honde% T=758 #hri M! !on6ar% T=758 3r,5N 3i:e6ar% T=798 :%$/1 "#30, $";#$/'(; -


78#()'&'"/ #(/ 9$"3'1" '(&%$m#)'%( !'( #6%8) 1 (a) ',

Ma?or ontri"$tions of inno:ati:e nat$re for enhan ing self-relian e in indigeno$s defen e systems,<#3=;$%8(/ :

Mod$lar harge on ept is fast gaining gro$nd in the artillery g$ns, Mod$lar harges offer se:eral operational% e onomi al and en:ironmental ad:antages o:er the

. The om"$sti"le ase is lined with an additi:e liner to pre:ent erosion of the "arrel% lead tin foil to help deoppering and flash red$ ing dis to pre:ent ex essi:e formation of flash.. C%m9%("()1 /">". A"o$t +** M55 of lower Aone and . NAT= ). mm)% NE/M +. The performan e of M55 d$ring dynami trials at &FE was satisfa tory. A"o$t /** M55 sets (+** lower Aone and 0** higher Aone) were pro $red from trade and s$"?e ted to EA/E5 testing. mm B->.. Bndian army has ta6en steps to ma6e a swit h o:er to mod$lar harge system.. 5hief among them are the adapta"ility to a$tomation% higher rate of firing% less training period% less omplexity in the harge system% red$ ed "arrel wear% e o-friendly nat$re and "etter logisti s. Aro$nd .*** n$m"er of mod$les were man$fa t$red for )2* mm field g$n C )*.( : The mod$lar harges are designed with a Mod$lar 5om"$sti"le 5ase whi h a ts as a ontainer for the propellant harges% whi h are generally single "ase propellant for lower Aone harges C triple "ase propellant for higher Aone harges. ''.2. mm% 21 ali"er howitAer.%9"/ 1M%/8. mm Bndian field g$n and T=T was transferred to pri:ate se tor. .#() &%$ 0'. #imilar mod$les were made in HEMR! for )2* mm field g$n and )*.0"$ ?%(" Triple "ase propellant in heptat$"$lar rosette shape (-5:)*(* </gDGe":+. *P$%9". mm howitAer% )2* mm M-(0 field g$n and )*. Ea h mod$le ontains a om"$sti"le entral t$"e whi h ho$ses the igniter "ag% "ased on g$n powder. M55 te hnology was transferred to two pri:ate firms% namelyD M/s MA#&A54% Hydera"ad and M/s #M&&% New 3elhi. mm 2H ali"er Bndian field g$n% respe ti:ely.** M55 of higher Aone were man$fa t$red at HEMR! for )." 3#1"1 !MCC. P$%3"11 D"1'. 9$l6 prod$ tion% "lending% graphiting followed "y loada"ility testing and high press$re losed :essel e:al$ation were arried o$t "efore ommen ing the large s ale prod$ tion.loth "agged harges. mm howitAer after finaliAation of spe ifi ation. Monolithi Military Bnd$stries% Rheinmetall% >ermany% TA#5=T of @#A are the premier weapon designers engaged in the de:elopment of mod$lar om"$sti"le harges are $nder de:elopment for )2* mm as well as )*.#$ 3%m681)'6.( and NE/M ))1 were sele ted for ). o$ntries $nder the <oint 9oard of Memorand$m of @nderstanding ha:e spe ified ommonality of "allisti parameters for #om hem% 3enel of #o$th Afri a% #oltam of Bsrael harge system. mm !E= g$ns.

mm B-> and the latter for )2* mm field g$n. C<$#11 1)86 9rass st$"s ha:ing red$ ed length and weight ha:e "een de:eloped for effe ti:e o"t$ration at "ree h end for )2* mm and)*.( $nder man$fa t$re in Bndian ordnan e fa tories% were esta"lished for lower Aones% the former for ). 5F.B %& m%/8. The material has "een so$r ed from pri:ate se tor..#() &%$ . -or a hie:ing higher loading of triple "ase propellant in higher Aone mod$les% the propellant grains are arranged symmetri ally in a layer "y layer manner in ). mm field g$ns. @I.B"1)"$ &'..Bts T=T to Amm$nition pre:ents dire t onta t of propellant with om"$sti"le ase.3- P$%9"."1 Random filling te hniI$e is $sed for filling propellant in lower Aone mod$les.%:"$ ?%(" &ropellant MEF N5-*H.m A polyester "ased "ag was de:eloped for pa 6ing propellant grains whi h am"ri loth "ag ontaining g$n powder whi h is a mixt$re of >-+* and >-)+. /'131 -lash red$ ing dis was de:eloped "ased on the do$"le "ase propellant ontaining maxim$m per entage of potassi$m s$lphate as flash s$ppressant. AL"#/-)'( &%'.#10 $"/83'(.'("$ &erforated additi:e liner "ased on tal 'wax mixt$re has "een de:eloped for wear red$ tion. The indigeno$sly de:eloped igniter "ag is made $p of -a tory% 4had6i % &$ne has "een esta"lished. The te hnology for its man$fa t$re has "een esta"lished in pri:ate se tor. A11"m6. .(')"$ 6#. The entral igniter t$"e is also o:ered with polyester film t$"ing. mm field g$ns.. mm higher Aone mod$lar harges while random filling arrangement was adopted for )2* and )*. +P%. 6A//')'>" . An alloy of lead tin in the form of thin foil was $sed in the mod$les for deoppering p$rpose. mm howitAer and )*. and NE/M *.

* to J0* *5 as against the $rrently $sed ser:i e temperat$re range of -+* to J. E(0#(3"m"() %& S"."(3'"1 #(/ The te hnology has "een s$ essf$lly esta"lished "y man$fa t$re of mod$lar harge system% onsisting of )+** mod$lar harges and ond$ ting dynami firings for (** ro$nds for ).1":0"$" '( )0" W%$.B #(/ 9$%/83)'%('1#)'%( #. #imilarly% dynami trials ha:e "een ond$ ted with )*** ro$nds of mod$lar harge system for )*.. D")#'.1 %& )$#(1&"$ %& )"30(%.">". This is the first type of indigeno$s field g$n amm$nition wherein om"$sti"le asing has "een introd$ ed for prote tion of prop$lsion system from s$rro$nding moist$re as well as oo6-off. &ropellants% igniter and allied omponents with prod$ tion fa ilities already a:aila"le with 3>=. MA#&A54% Hydera"ad 9$%/83)'%('1#)'%( 1)#)81.#$ C0#$.. A ordingly% "imod$lar harge system for ). mm !E= g$ns where "rass artridge ase is $sed for . !6. 3e"ris free om"$stion with "allisti s mat hing as per indigeno$s range ta"les has "een a hie:ed at ser:i e temperat$res ranging from -. mm howitAer has "een de:eloped "y #om hem % 3enel of #o$th Afri a% #oltam of Bsrael Military Bnd$stries% Rheinmetal% >ermany% TA#5=T of @#A.. mm for NAT= o$ntries. !3.1 %& )"30(%.%9m"() %& M%/8.ha:e "een p$rposely de:eloped for M5# so that large s ale prod$ tion is feasi"le . mm howitAer has "een de:eloped indigeno$sly. There are reports of de:elopment of single monolithi o"t$ration li6e the g$ns a:aila"le in Bndia.D")#'. ".** ro$nds of mod$lar harge system for )2* mm -ield >$n with transfer of te hnology for mod$lar om"$sti"le ases to two different pri:ate firms% namelyD M/s.&-$". D")#'.('''. mm B-> and .mm field g$ns has "een de:eloped for the first time in the Gorld. The Mod$lar 5harge #ystem for ).1 %& 9$%)%)B9" /"m%(1)$#)'%( 6" 9$%>'/"/ om"$sti"le harge for the highest range of )2* mm and )*. The sele ted single C triple "ase propellants along with om"$sti"le asing and additi:e liner in rease the E-5 of the g$n as against the $se of on:entional "ag harges." SB1)"m!MCS. ! '>. *5.B .. The Mod$lar 5harge #ystem for )2* mm C )*. mm 9ofors g$n./ : Memorand$m of @nderstanding has spe ified ommonality of "allisti parameters for 9i-Mod$lar 5harge #ystem for ). Mod$les and their omponents are ?oined witho$t $se of any adhesi:e% thro$gh a p$sh-fit me hanism so that they an "e easily separated for re$se..%.%.'#(3" : HEMR!%&$ne is the only instit$tion in Bndia where the te hnology of man$fa t$re of Mod$lar 5harge #ystem for artillery g$ns is a:aila"le. P$%3"11 '((%>#)'%( &%$ /">".

6S8.. 5A(B %)0"$ '(&%$m#)'%( :0'30 :'.. The m$AAle :elo ity% ham"er press$re and the range a hie:ed d$ring dynami trials are gi:en in Appendix B'a C B-" for ).8#)" )0" 3%()$'68)'%( %& )0" )"#m '-". Amar?it #ingh% # . mm field g$ns.7E8 )0" )"#m : .( D 9$%/83)1 %$ #(B %)0"$ %8)98) 3$"/')"/ )% Bt is gi:en in the Appendix ' B. 0". The so$r es for other omponents li6e additi:e liner% lead tin foil and polyester "ags has "een esta"lished in pri:ate se tor while propellant omponent for all the Aones are in reg$lar prod$ tion in Bndian =rdnan e -a tories.7-8 3r..7>8 3r.7>8 and his team for de:elopment of Mod$lar 5harge #ystem% the Agni Award for Ex ellen e in self-relian e is onferred on the team omprising : i) ii) iii) i:) 3r..T4 5ha6ra"orthy% # . Amar?it #ingh% # .0#1 ') 0#1 6""( $"3%. mm howitAer% Appendix BB for )2* mm field g$n and Appendix BBB for )*. !/. mm B->. mm 2H 5ali"er Bndian -ield >$n. #M&&% New 3elhi. Bn re ognition of this o$tstanding ontri"$tion made "y 3r."(%81 /"&"(3" 3#9#6'.mm 9ofors >$n in +**H.*** om"$sti"le mod$lar ases ha:e "een man$fa t$red for )2* mm and )*.&9 Na:le% # . Bt will help in "attle logisti s% e onomy and e o-friendly nat$re of operations. The team lead "y 3r.'"$ %$ 186m'))"/ "."1)"/ 3')#)'%( !(%) m%$" )0#( 5 :%$/1.7>8 has s$ essf$lly de:eloped Mod$lar 5harge #ystem for artillery g$ns ' ).9 )0" 3%mm'))"" )% ">#. This is a state of art and glo"ally ompetiti:e te hnology in the world at present.and M/s.Amar?it #ingh% # . 7-8 3r..')B : The introd$ tion of Mod$lar 5harge #ystem in the Bndian Army will help in in reasing the effi ien y of "attle preparedness with high rate of firing. @L'1) )0" 9#)"()1 D $"9%$)1 D /"1'.('?"/ "#$...1":0"$" : The g$n propellant di:ision (HEMR!) has "een awarded Rolling Trophy / HEM Te hnology Award for de:elopment of 9i-Mod$lar 5harge #ystem for ). S)#)" )0" 'm9#3) %& '(/'. More than . mm HowitAer% )2* mm M-(0 -ield >$n and )*.RR #angha:i% # . Bt will also impro:e the performan e of the g$ns in terms of higher range% E-5% et .

mm HowitAer% )2* mm M-(0 -ield >$n and )*.3 #hri MM <oshi% T=738 #hri &< 4amale% T=738 #hri MAR #hai6h% # . 9honde% T=758 #hri M! !on6ar% T=758 3r. The 3R3= de:eloped te hnology an "e transferred to friendly o$ntries 5ertified that the information gi:en is orre t.(Mrs. mm 2H 5ali"er Bndian -ield >$n moti:ated "y 3R3= :ision of pro:iding world lass f$t$risti prod$ ts to Bndian army to in rease its om"at effe ti:eness.)./01+2* -ax No. &la e : &$ne 3ate : Tel No.:) :i) :ii) :iii) ix) x) xi) xii) xiii) 3r. @sing the raw material from indigeno$s so$r es Mod$lar 5harge #ystem has "een de:eloped meeting all the performan e parameters reported in literat$re.738 #hri ## 4hal6ar% T=758 #hri #M Hardi6ar% T=758 #hri >. *+* ' +.H 4hire% # . *+* ' +./012)0 . HEMRL #$tarwadi% &$ne ' ())*+).. DIRECTOR. A n$m"er of dynami trials ha:e "een s$ essf$lly ompleted and te hnology has "een esta"lished for its large s ale man$fa t$re. !D$-A-SU<HANANDA RAO. 5N 3i:e6ar% T=798 R"3%mm"(/#)'%(1: HEMR! has de:eloped Mod$lar 5harge #ystem for artillery g$ns.) .

th Bnternational High Energy Materials 5onferen e and Exhi"it% (+**.Appendix -IV Publications & Seminars / Symposis Organized (National & International): (i) Bndigeno$s de:elopment of "imod$lar harge systemK . mm field g$n amm$nitionK #eminar on Re ent ad:an es in energy systems and om"$stion pro ess% Ran hi (+**H) (i:) LBntrod$ tion of a plasti iAer for imparting flexi"ility to rigid mod$lar om"$sti"le asesK% 0th Bnternational High Energy Materials 5onferen e and Exhi"it% (+**H) (:) L#t$dies on triple "ase propellant for mod$lar harge systemK 0th Bnternational High Energy Materials 5onferen e and Exhi"it% (+**H) ..) (ii) L#t$dies on pre:ention of plasti iAer migration in to a non ' wo:en matrix from (iii) an ad?a ent s$"strateK &olymers for Ad:an ed Te hnologies MA5R= ' +**0% N5!% &$ne (+**0) L5losed :essel firings st$dies on mod$lar om"$sti"le ases for 9i-Mod$lar 5harge #ystem of ).

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