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"ategories 7 8ersonal 9evelopment : Spiritual ;ro#th : "areer : $ealth : <elationships Nothing speaks for Silva UltraMind better than testimonials from our graduates. We have received hundreds of success stories and have indexed them in this section for you. Most of the letters here are recent (from the past 1 months!. Pick a topic that interests you from the right menu. "omments and letters belo# are from students #ho have attended seminars or purchased the home study course. $ave %ou tried Silva UltraMind& 'f so( #e)d love to hear about your success stories. *mail us at
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't #orks
,' should have #ritten this revie# years ago( but due to the many changes that have occurred( ' have neglected it until no#. *xtra sensory perception is possible( something that ' #ould have never believed several years ago. Some background( ' #as run over and 1- years ago( complete #ith being in a coma. ' #as in intense pain (#ith headaches that ' #as told that ' #ould have the rest of my life as #ell as back and leg pain! and the brain #as pretty #ell shot. My Neurologist and Neuro-Psychologist both recommended that I start meditating. ' had done this years ago( but had fell out of practice and could not get the hang of it again. ' stumbled on this book ,by accident,. Suddenly( things started to click. 't is not an overnight thing( one has to follo# the simple instructions #hich include an easy ./ day program. I was soon able to walk again, and #ithing 0 months(#as able to return to practicing medicine. ' have advanced even further and made a move and am happier than ' have been in years. 1lso( no headaches or any other pain. My medical kno#ledge returned totally intact. No# back to the extra sensory perception thing. ' have found that most of the time that ' am able to figure out my patients) diagnosis #hen ' first #alk into the room and look at them. 2f course( ' still get x3rays and lab #ork to comfirm the diagnosis( but ' #ould say that ' have a correct diagnosis in about 456 of the cases. $o# this happens( ' cannot tell for sure( but it has made me get some extra tests that confirmed a diagnosis that ' got a feeling for #hen the patient did not even complain of symptoms. ' am not confident enough to base my practice on it yet( but it has been a great advantage.

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Business & Career

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10/12/2013 19:10

Silva UltraMind - Largest Silva Mind Training Site - Discover a New ...

I highly recommend this book and the Silva "# program.

ltramind !SP system

Health & Sports

Back Pain Relief Better Sleep Feeling Young Greater Energy Healing Chronic Headache Healing Others Healing Skin Disorder Losing Weight Mental Training for Sports Pain Relief Relaxation Self Healing Stress Relief

' could keep going #ith praise for this book and System( but limits one to 1/// #ords. ,

>"alvin 8. 8oole( ?r. M.9.( ;loster( Mississippi United States

Numerous $ealth @ "areer Aenefits

,$i Barol Cthe Doronto UltraMind 'nstructorE ' #as a bit busy and therefore i could not #rite to you earlier. Well( the blood pressure is not troubling me as much as it used to.' still occasionally have a bad day in the mornings but the best part is that i am totally off medication.' practice the relaxation and the healing techniFues every day. Dhe eyes are doing fine and even the number has not changed over the last fe# months. %es(i did mention to you about this friend of mine #ho had been desperately looking for a change in his Gob for a long time.1 fe# months ago ' taught him ho# to visuali=e and use the threeHscene techniFue and #ithin 0 #eeks of practicing it t#ice a day he landedHup #ith the Gob of his dreams #ith a multinational company that indeed is paying him three times as much as his previous Gob. ' am inHDoronto in the begining of the nd #eek in 9ecember and #ould like to share some more on the healing bit that you are doing. ' hope you do #ell and carry on #ith your splendid efforts.1ll the luck.,

Family Benefits Finding Love Helping Children Learn Helping Teenagers Solving Conflicts

>9r.?.Mansoor( 1uthor( Doronto( 2ntario

Medical $ealing
,Wo#. ' can)t believe that ' had a skin graft t#o #eeks ago. My foot #as still s#ollen. ' #ent to level to get rid of the s#elling. $his morning I woke up and my ankle was normal si%e. 't #ill probably s#ell again( but ')m going back to level and get rid of it again. $his stuff works. I love it. ,


Silva UltraMind for Personal Growth

Finding the Faith Dream Control

>Iorie "ra#ford(

Successful $ealing
,$i ( ' haven)t e3mailed you lately. ?ust #anted to let you kno# of a positive outcome ' had using a Silva DechniFue about one and half months ago. ' had an ultrasound on my thyroid and it sho#ed ' had J nodules attached to it. 1s soon as ' got this ne#s ' started using a techniFue to remove them through visuali=ing. ' #ent in this past Monday for a biopsy of the J nodules. Dhe #omen #ho #as doing the ultrasound and ' Gust kne# in my gut that they #ere gone. She told me she had to talk #ith 9oc. $he #oc said there are absolutely no nodules there to biopsy. &hat a mind blowing e'perience. ' #as actually surprised the techniFue #orked because i have problems #ith visuali=ing.,

Silva UltraMind for Business and Career

Benefits for Executives Enhancing Creativity Benefits for the Entrepreneur Sales Power Invention in a Dream Purpose in life The Perfect Bid

>Aill B.( Ne# ?ersey

$ealing 'nGuries
,Silva had helped me tremoundously #ith a bad case of plantar #arts on my feet. Dhe #ere so painful ' #alked #ith a limp for K months. 9octors told me ' had to go through a painful surgery to have them removed. Dhey surgery #ould also leave scars on my feet. ' scheduled the surgery but ' also tried visuali=ation( hoping the #arts #ould dissapear before surgery and ' could avoid the scars and the medical expenses. ' used a combination of Silva and <eiki. ' had the #arts for almost L months before ' used Silva. ' spent 15 mins a day for about K #eeks visuali=ing them dissapear and when I showed up for surgery the doctor was ama%ed.

Closing a Deal

Silva UltraMind for Relationships

Finding Love Promoting peace Gaining Trust

Silva UltraMind for Health and Sports

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10/12/2013 19:10

Silva UltraMind - Largest Silva Mind Training Site - Discover a New ...

1ll signs of the #arts had completely dissapeared. 'ts been J years and ' have had no recurrence. Dhis is Gust one of many healing successes ' have obtained through Silva 3 ' used to practice martial arts so as you can imagine ' got inGured a lot. Silva al#ays helped.,

Sports Power Intuitive Athlete Regain and maintain health Programmed dreams


,Iooking Mor#ard to a $ealthier Me,

,' continue to listened to the audio3based guided meditation exercise.' noticed some good changes in me. ' am doing the meditation exercise times a day and ' am looking for#ard to a healthier me. Dhanks for this audio3based guided meditation exercise and thank you to the people from Dhe Silva UltraMind system for this #onderful e3book.,

Medical intuition Weight control Dealing with Disabilities Correcting Eyesight Aging Beautifully ESP in Psychology

>Mary <ose( S#eden

<emarkable 3 Dop Nuality

,Dhank you for the #onderful Gob you have done on the program( and all the tapes that you have produced. %ou are an excellent teacher( you make it so easy to learn. Dhe UltraMind *S8 System and the $olistic Maith $ealing home study course are both are remarkable. If one wants to make their life better, these are the tools to use( Dop NualityO <egards and be #ell.,

>?ames Mallon( $insdale( 'llinois

Using the DechniFues *very 9ay

,Dhanks again for the great seminar. ' enGoyed it very much and ' use the techniFue every day. ' am trying to integrate the healing techniFues in my #ork #ith other alternative therapies and ' am really excited about it. Many ama%ing coincidences brought me here and ' never really understood( ho# that happened. Dhanks to the seminar it all makes sense no# and ' can #ork more conciously on dra#ing even more ,coincidences, into my life( #hich ' certainly do. 't #orksO %ou did a great Gob on leading the seminar.,


$ealed 53year case of 1cne in J #eeks

,' had a bad case of acne for 5 years. ' had read that the skin is one of the easiest things to heal #ith the mind. So ' started visuali=ing my skin getting clearer and clearer. ' used the Mental Screen techniFue from Silva #hile going to my meditative level. J #eeks later my pimples stopped breaking out. 'ts no# been L years and ' have had no recurrence of them.,

>(confidential!( Ne# %ork

,Dhe class #as not about miracles( but miracles abounded.,

,My #ife and ' fle# in from Pirginia expecting miracles. We #erenHt disappointed. ;reat( absolutely great.,

>"arl P(
,Dhe healings #ere fantastic( the techniFues superb( and the exercises #ere more than ' had hoped for.,


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10/12/2013 19:10

Silva UltraMind - Largest Silva Mind Training Site - Discover a New ...

Wealth( $ealth and Minding $appiness

,*xplained and explored the use of the energy of the universe for health( #ealth and happiness.,

,Dhanks for the healing.,


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