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Braden Wall 10-10-13 English 1010 Hall Rhetorical analysis Alternative Energy The article in which I have chosen Discusses a problem that we not only know of today, but that has been a gnawing issue in the back of our heads for a long time. Alternative energy, there are many reasons as to why this is such an important topic. Fossil flues are not going to last forever, we are destroying our planet when we continue to use these flues. There are more than 10.5 million transportation vehicles in Uttar Pradesh, India; 8.2 million of them are motor bikes (Singh 1). These motor bikes produce up to two times more pollutants than automobiles leaving a very huge problem. The author had many strong points in this article, he pointed out the pro's to bring up his ideas and show how they would help not only one but many factors of the alternative energy argument. I just have the thought that we are so use to how it is that whatever takes the place of our fossil fuels will have to be just as good if not better. As indicated by Hubbert, crude oil would get to its peak in 1970 and thereafter start depleting. This could create a big threat to mankind with how much we depend on this energy source (Singh 1). I like how the author starts the article with giving us some back ground and helping us to understand why looking for alternative energy sources right now is something that needs to be done. "This could cause a serious threat to mankind"(Singh 1) was a good choice of words to use. Showing how our lives would be impacted if one day we woke up and there was no oil. Cars wouldn't run, lawns wouldn't be mowed, and Semis could not run therefore halting

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trade. The whole world would basically come to a standstill. That is why we need to be looking for alternative energy sources now so when that day comes we are more than ready. What types of alternative energy would work the best? Because after all, we are trying to make things better, not worse. Things like wind power and bio diesel are some ways that we can start conserving what we have left of these recourses. (Singh 1) The article gives some examples of things we can help to conserve of which I have just listed. The article, however, focuses on how to eliminate using fossil fuels in things that use the most gas, motorbikes. With that said they looked at air compression for this article. Why Air? Many people may think of air as nothing. But in fact air is very powerful especially when it is compressed. Compressed air also known as pneumatic powers nail guns, sanders, and many big machines used in industrial factories. "Thus, the great advantages in terms of availability of air as fuel and the emissions free from carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide are apparent to such air motors. This shows the audience that a compressed air powered motor is much safer from the earth and may still provide same states such as things like power. Also air is air, trees help clean the air and the motor is only releasing air as it is there wouldn't be anything along the line of health affects or anything like that. I believe this is a good pathos stand point because many people want to take good care of the earth so when they have a chance like this they are much more willing to listen. "The present objective of this study is to investigate the performance of an air turbine with the variation of rotor/ casing dimensions with minimum air consumption and its experimental validation." This is a good point. He shows that even though the motor is being

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ran off of something that the world has plenty of; they are still trying to make it the most efficient by seeing how little air the motor can take in but still performing well. So how is it going to work? The air will enter an inlet valve and go through things called vanes, theses are like the blades on a wind mill or the fan inside a blower motor. The air being compressed will blow against the vanes and cause them to turn. Once the vanes turn the air will become trapped in-between two of them and begin looking for a way out forcing the axle to keep turning. At the back, just like a car, there will be an exhaust pipe where the trapped air will go out of the vanes and the air in the other vanes in that moment will cause it to keep turning until the vane fills up with air again. I like that the author not only brings the idea to our attention but he gives us a reason why it will work. Explaining to us in quite simple terms exactly how and why this will work. This is very important to the argument because it gives him a ground to stand on and gives a big reason as to why we should listen and consider his ideas. Through the study there will be some variables that will be kept constant. The vane angle and injection angle will both stay at 0 for the start and the speed rotation N of the air turbine will remain constant through the study (Singh 2). I like how he describes the formula in which he is using to test his hypothesis. That's a big way that we as the audience can see that he is confident in himself that this will work and he has facts, reasons and examples as to why we should believe in his ideas too. He's not trying to hide things. While they experiment is put in place there are something's to consider in which he is listing. The temperature of the air that is entering the turbine, leakages in the vanes at the tip which may cause decrease in power and efficiency, and the friction between vane tip and casing liner are all things that need to be taken into consideration (Singh 3). Here he uses ethos to help

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us to be persuaded. Again he is showing the possible things that could go wrong. Someone trying to make an argument and prove a pint always show the opposing side of things. Without that we have tunnel vision and become confused as to why we should listen t him and not someone saying it will never work and we should just stick to fossil fuels. This is a good use of logos showing the logical outcomes that could or could not happen. The study, The Rpm's in the study did get high enough that would equal a decent speed of a motor bike and it lasted about 30 min with the amount of air that could be compressed and stored.(Singh 4) This shows that it is possible and just like with all good ideas there are something's that need to be figured out. In conclusion the author does keep a very good tone throughout the whole paper. He uses his knowledge to show us and he is not assertive, making us feel like we have the option to believe him or not. The word choice was decent, the one part that got a bit confusing was the formula but he did do a good job at walking through and clearing it all up. I think he proved a good point with my main idea that the bikes would have to still be able to run the same and he said it would, there is still work that needs to be done on it but it could easily end up performing better.

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Work cited: Bart Raj Singh Onark Singh Hidawi Publishing Corporation International journal of rotating machinery Volume 2012, article ID 578745, 10 pages

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