Contact: Rebecca Bamberger BAM Communications C: 619-917-5109 F R !MM"#!

A$" R"%"A&" Embrace to Host Second Annual Ex 4 Vets: “Exercising to Support Our Veterans” Event Combining exercise, fun and fundraising to raise money for multiple San Diego veteran programs SAN D E!O" #ali$% & '(uesda)" Sept% *+" *,-*. & For t'e secon( )ear* &an #iegans +i,, be getting -it -or a goo( cause. n &atur(a)* ct. .0* 'un(re(s o- co,,ege stu(ents* /o,ice o--icers* mi,itar) /ersonne, an( &an #iegans +i,, e0ercise on t'e (ec1 o- &an #iego2s o+n 3&& Mi(+a) -or t'e secon( annua, "0 4 5ets 6+++."045ets.org7 e8ent -rom 9::0 to 9::0am. ;oste( b) "mbrace* a nationa,,) recognize( non-/ro-it organization -ocuse( on bringing (i8erse grou/s o- /eo/,e toget'er to ser8e t'e communit)* "0 4 5ets !! is an 'our-,ong -itness<1ic1bo0ing +or1out ,e( b) -itness guru* Cin() ='itmars'. >artici/ants raise mone) b) securing /,e(ges -or t'eir +or1out. ?$'is )ear* +e are targeting 1*000 /artici/ants* +'ic' is tri/,e t'e amount -rom ,ast )ear*@ sai( Foun(er o- "mbrace &ean &'e//ar(. ?&an #iego is a to+n -u,, o- acti8e /eo/,e t'at e0ercise on a regu,ar basis an( is 1no+n -or its strong mi,itar) /resence. $'e t+o /rett) muc' go 'an(-in-'an(* an( +e are t'ri,,e( to 'a8e Cin() ='itmars' ,ea( t'e e0ercise again t'is )ear.@ !n a((ition to being a -itness guru* ='itmars' 'osts a +ee1,) -itness segment on &an #iego2s o+n A3&!. Cin() 'as 'er o+n consu,ting business* 3,tra-it Butrition &)stems* an( 'as /ro(uce( an( stare( in 'er o+n e0ercise 8i(eo* ?$'e 3,tra-it Fat Burning 5i(eo.@ &'e 'as a//eare( in count,ess #5#2s an( in-omercia,s* as +e,, as net+or1 te,e8ision s/ecia,s. Fo,,o+ing t'e "0 4 5ets Areob-a-t'on* -rom 10 a.m. to . /.m.* "mbrace +i,, 'ost a /oste0ercise "0/o at $una ;arbor* bet+een $'e Fis' Mar1et Restaurant an( t'e 3&& Mi(+a). $'e e8ent +i,, -eature :0 8en(ors* -oo( truc1s* gi8ea+a)s an( -our 'ours o- ,i8e entertainment b) 8arious )out' grou/s* singers* musicians* (ancers an( more. ? ur /rimar) goa, is to raise a+areness o- t'e nee(s o- 'ome,ess an( (isab,e( 8eterans in &an #iego an( 'o+ co,,ege stu(ents meet t'ese nee(s b) 8o,unteering t'roug' "mbrace*@ sai( &'e//ar(. ?$'e secon(ar) goa, is to raise at ,east C.00*000 to e0/an( our abi,it) to ser8e 'ome,ess 8eterans )ear roun(* as +e,, as (isab,e( 8eterans t'roug' "mbrace2s ;ea,ing ur ;eroes2 ;omes /rogram.@ Registration -ee -or stu(ents* acti8e mi,itar) an( 8eterans is C15 be-ore Mon(a)* ct. 1 an( C.0 a-ter. For ci8i,ians* t'e registration -ee is C.5 be-ore Mon(a)* ct. 1 an( C:0

a-ter* an( t'e (a)-o- e8ent registration -ee is C40 -or e8er)one. "8er)one +'o registers +i,, recei8e an "0 4 5ets t-s'irt* &mart =ater* -ruit an( brea1-ast<,unc' -are -rom $'e Fis' Mar1et Restaurant 6-irst come -irst ser8e on Fis' Mar1et -are7. /ening ceremonies +i,, -eature t'e /resentation o- co,ors b) t'e &an #iego C'a/ter o- t'e Bu--a,o &o,(iers 69t' D 10t' ;orse Ca8a,r)7 an( t'e nationa, ant'em b) $'e Earcia : About Embrace Foun(e( in .000* "mbrace uses communit) ser8ice to bring (i8erse grou/s o- /eo/,e toget'er to bring about socia, +e,,ness in our societ). $'e organization -ocuses on t'e uti,ization o- co,,ege stu(ents an( recent gra(uates to (e8e,o/ t'eir ,ea(ers'i/ Fua,ities an( reme() communit) /rob,ems suc' as 'ea,t' (is/arities an( 'ome,essness on a 8o,unteer basis. Foun(er &ean &'e//ar(Gs u,timate goa, is to bring about ,egis,ation t'at ma1es communit) ser8ice man(ator) -or a,, co,,ege stu(ents t'at atten( state -un(e( institutions o- 'ig'er e(ucation. For more in-ormation on "mbrace* 8isit HHH