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A CONFESSION OF FAIT Against Ecumenism
From a Con!ention of Orthodox Clerg"men and #on$s April %&&'

Reviewed and edited: February 2010

Those of us who by the Grace of God have been raised with the dogmas of piety and who follow in everything the One !oly "atholic and #postolic "hurch believe that: The sole path to salvation of man$ind%1& is the faith in the !oly Trinity the wor$ and the teaching of our 'ord (esus "hrist and their continuance within !is )ody the !oly "hurch* "hrist is the only true 'ight+%2& there are no other lights to illuminate us nor any other names that can save us: ,-either is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved*.%/& #ll other beliefs all religions that ignore and do not confess "hrist ,having come in the 0esh .%1& are human creations and wor$s of the evil one %2& which do not lead to the true $nowledge of God and rebirth through divine )aptism but instead mislead men and lead them to perdition* #s "hristians who believe in the !oly Trinity we do not have the same God as any of the religions nor with the so3called monotheistic religions (udaism and 4ohammedanism which do not believe in the !oly Trinity* For two thousand years the one "hurch which "hrist founded and the !oly 5pirit has guided has remained stable and unsha$eable in the salvi6c Truth that was taught by "hrist delivered by the !oly #postles and preserved by the !oly Fathers* 5he did not buc$le under the cruel persecutions by the (udeans initially or by idolaters later during the 6rst three centuries* 5he has brought forth a host of martyrs and emerged victorious thus proving !er divine origin* #s 5aint (ohn the "hrysostom beautifully e7pressed it: ,-othing is stronger than the "hurch*** if you 6ght against a man you either con8uer or are con8uered+ but if you 6ght against the "hurch it is not possible for you to win for God is the strongest of all*.%9&

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not theologi<ing+ precedence is given to the wisdom of the world pushing aside the boasting in the "ross* 5hepherds are driven out and in their place cruel wolves are ushered in dispersing "hrist=s 0oc$*.%F& Gpon announcing its decisions against the :conoclasts to the clergy of "onstantinople the >th ?cumenical 5ynod wrote: .did not say if they should proclaim something contrary or if they should overturn everything but that even if they should preach even the smallest thing that has not been delivered to you even if they should simply provo$e it let them be anathema*.Following after our !oly Fathers.-ot withdrawing the boundaries that our Fathers have set.The dogmas of the Fathers have been entirely disregarded the apostolic traditions withered the inventions of the youth are observed in the "hurches+ people are now . @Gal* 1:FB observes that the #postle .#nyone who says contrary to what has been decreed 3 even if he is trustworthy even if he fasts even if he lives in virginity even if he performs signs and prophesi<es let him appear to you as a wolf in a sheep=s hide aspiring to the corruption of the sheep*.com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews. and . 5aint (ohn the "hrysostom in interpreting the #postle Aaul=s words .airs that was created by the dominance for over 10 years 3 even administratively 3 of the heresy of #rius 5aint )asil the Great says: .%>& That which happened because of e7ternal enemies 3 religions 3 also happened because of internal ones 3 heresies* The "hurch through !er great and enlightened !oly Fathers demarcated and mar$ed the boundaries %perixarakose & of the Orthodo7 faith with decisions by 'ocal and ?cumenical 5ynods in the cases of speci6c dubious teachings but also with the agreement of all the Fathers @"onsensus AatrumB on all the maCers of the Faith* De stand on sure ground when we follow the !oly Fathers and do not move the boundaries that they have set* The e7pressions .:f any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received let him be anathema. are signposts for a steady course of spiritual advance and a guardrail for %remaining within& the Orthodo7 faith and way of life* "onse8uently the basic positions of our "onfession are the following: () De maintain irremovably and without alteration everything that the 5ynods and the Fathers have instituted* De accept everything that they accept and condemn everything that they condemn+ and we avoid communication with those who innovate in maCers of the Faith*%E& De neither add nor remove nor alter any teaching* ?ven from the apostolic era the God3bearing 5aint :gnatius of #ntioch in his epistle to 5aint Aolycarp of 5myrna wrote: .htm Following the cessation of the persecutions and the triumph of the "hurch over !er e7ternal enemies 3 in other words the (udeans and the idolaters 3 the internal enemies of the "hurch began to multiply and strengthen* # variety of heresies began to appear which endeavored to overthrow and adulterate the faith once delivered such that the faithful became confused and their trust in the truth of the Gospel and traditions was debilitated* :n outlining the ecclesiastical state of a.De have followed the tradition of the "atholic "hurch neither loosening %the maCers of faith& nor ma$ing any super0uous addition but having been taught in the apostolic manner we maintain the traditions we have received accepting and respecting 2 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.logic3chopping.

spiritual life.4ariology . 3 that is the procession of the !oly 5pirit #-I from the 5on 3 is contrary to everything that "hrist !imself taught about the !oly 5pirit* The entire chorus of Fathers both in 5ynods and individually regard Roman "atholicism as a heresy because apart from the Filio8ue it produced a host of other fallacies such as the primacy and the infallibility of the Aope the unleavened bread @hostB the 6res of Aurgatory the immaculate conception of the Theoto$os created Grace the purchasing of absolution @indulgencesB*** it has altered nearly all of the teaching and the practice pertaining to )aptism "hrismation the Iivine ?ucharist and the other 5acraments and has converted the "hurch to a secular 5tate*%12& "ontemporary Roman "atholicism has deviated even further than the medieval 'atins from the teaching of the "hurch to the e7tent that it no longer comprises a continuance of the ancient "hurch of the Dest* :t has introduced a swarm of new e7aggerations in its .Gniatism. in the people of other religions* Iogmatic minimalism has led it to a diminishing of moral re8uirements on account of the bond between dogma and morality resulting in the moral failures of leading clergymen and an increase in moral deviations such as homose7uality and pedophilia among clergymen*%1/& )y continuing to support .com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.Filio8ue."harismatic 4ovement.A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr. of Aentecostal @supposedly 5pirit3centeredB groups* :t has adopted eastern religious practices and methods of prayer and meditation* :t has introduced additional innovations into Iivine worship such as dances and musical instruments* :t has shortened and essentially ruined the Iivine 'iturgy* Dith respect to ?cumenism it has set down the bases for a uni6cation of all religions @panthriskeia B with its 5econd Jatican "ouncil by recogni<ing .%10& #long with the !oly Fathers and the 5ynods we too reHect and anathemati<e all the heresies that appeared during the historical course of the "hurch* Of the old heresies that have survived to this day we condemn #rianism @still surviving in the pseudo3Ditnesses of (ehovahB and 4onophysitism 3 the e7treme form of ?utychius and the more moderate form of 5evirus and Iioscorus 3 according to the decisions of the 1th ?cumenical 5ynod of "halcedon and the "hristological teaching of the great !oly Fathers and Teachers such as 5aints 4a7imus the "onfessor (ohn of Iamascus Ahotios the Great and the hymns of our worship* %) De proclaim that Roman "atholicism is a womb of heresies and fallacies*%11& The teaching of the . 3 that caricature of Orthodo7y with which it victimi<es and proselyti<es faithful 3 the Jatican is sabotaging the dialogue and is contradicting its supposedly 3 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 . such as the teaching that the Theoto$os is a parallel redeemer @co3redemptri7B of the human race* :t has reinforced the .htm everything that the !oly "atholic "hurch has received from the 6rst years unwriCen and wriCen*** for the true and straightforward Hudgment of the "hurch does not ma$e any allowance for innovations within !er or for aCempts to remove anything* De therefore by following the laws of our Fathers having received Grace by the one 5pirit have duly safeguarded without any innovations and reductions all the things of the "hurch*.

Therefore the innovators are blaspheming and are far away from the 5pirit by blaspheming against the !oly 5pirit hence everything of theirs is graceless inasmuch as they have violated and have demoted the Grace of the 5pirit*** which is why the !oly 5pirit is not among them and there is nothing spiritual in them as everything of theirs is new and altered and contrary to Iivine tradition*.baptism . #ccording to 5aint 5imeon of Thessaloni$i the 4ystagogue .A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr. caused more damage to the "hurch than all the heresies and schisms combined* De Orthodo7 have communion with the pre35chism Aopes and we commemorate many Aopes as 5aints* !owever the post35chism popes have all taught heresy+ they have ceased to be successors to the throne of Rome+ they no longer have #postolic succession because they no longer have the faith of the #postles and the Fathers* :t is for this reason that as 5t* 5ymeon states with each such pope .spiritual. performed outside the "hurch @without the triple immersion and emersion of the one being bapti<ed in water sancti6ed by a particular prayerB is in no way a baptism*%1E& #ll aCempts at baptism outside the "hurch lac$ the Grace of the !oly 5pirit @Dho does not remain 4 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.htm sincere intentions for union* Generally spea$ing after the 5econd Jatican "ouncil there has been a radical change in "atholicism and a turn towards Arotestantism and even an adoption of various .not only do we have no communion but we also call him a heretic*.%12& *) The same things apply to an even greater degree to Arotestantism which as the o.Aapism. movements of the . On account of their blasphemy against the !oly 5pirit with their teaching of the Filio8ue they forfeited the presence of the !oly 5pirit and therefore everything of theirs is deprived of Grace*%11& -ot one of their 4ysteries @5acramentsB is valid according to 5aint 5imeon: .-ew #ge*.spring of Aapism has inherited many heresies but has also added many more* :t has reHected Tradition accepting only !oly 5cripture @5ola 5cripturaB which it misinterprets+ it has abolished the Ariesthood as a uni8ue 4ystery @5acramentB as well as the veneration of the 5aints and of the holy :cons+ it has failed to honor or even in some cases slighted the person of the 4ost !oly Theoto$os @4other of GodB+ it has discarded monasticism+ among the !oly 4ysteries it accepts only )aptism and the Iivine ?ucharist which are understood in a way that deviates sharply from the teaching and the practice of the "hurch+ it teaches such things as absolute predestination @"alvinismB and Husti6cation through faith alone* Furthermore its more KprogressiveK sector has introduced Ariesthood for women and marriage between homose7uals 3 whom they even accept into the ran$s of the clergy* )ut above all it lac$s a proper ecclesiology because the Orthodo7 understanding of the nature of the "hurch does not e7ist among them*%19& +) The only way that our communion with heretics can be restored is if they renounce their delusion @planiB and repent so that there may be a true union and peace: a union with the Truth and not with delusion and heresy* For the incorporation of heretics into the "hurch canonical precision @akriveia B re8uires that they be accepted through )aptism*%1>& Their previous .

that uniformly performed baptism oMciated by Ariests who have received the Ariesthood of the "hurch* .those who had apostati<ed from the "hurch had no longer on them the Grace of the !oly 5pirit for it ceased to be imparted when the continuity was bro$enLthey who were bro$en o.one baptism .* #nd elsewhere he recommends with emphasis: .A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.#ll the teachers of the "hurch all the "ouncils and all the divine 5criptures e7hort us to avoid heretics and to refrain from communion with them* Therefore am : to disregard them all and follow those who under the pretense of a manufactured peace strive for unionN Those who have counterfeited the sacred and divine 5ymbol of Faith @The "reedB and who introduced the 5on as the second cause of the !oly 5piritN %***& 4ay this never happen to us benevolent "omforter @Paraclete B and may : never fall away from my own duteous thoughts but by following Thy teaching and the blessed men who were inspired by Thee may : be added to my fathers by bringing in if nothing else this: devoutness*.%2/& -) Gp until the beginning of the 20th century the "hurch has steadfastly and immutably maintained a dismissive and condemnatory stance towards all heresies as clearly formulated in the 5ynodicon of Orthodo7y which is recited on the 5unday 5 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .htm within schisms and heresiesB and as such we have nothing in common that unites us as )asil the Great points out: . says 5aint Gregory the Theologian*%21& #nd 5aint (ohn the "hrysostom recommends: .Io not accept any false dogma on the prete7t of love*.:f you should see devoutness infringed upon do not prefer a oneness of mind to the truth but stand fast until death*** in no way betraying the truth.com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.) #s long as the heterodo7 continue to remain in their errors we avoid communion with them especially in common prayer* #ll those holy canons which address the maCer of common prayer are unanimous in prohibiting not only common oMciating and common prayer in the temple of God but even ordinary prayers in private 8uarters* The "hurch=s strict stance toward the heterodo7 springs from true love and sincere concern for their salvation and out of !er pastoral care that the faithful be not carried away by heresy* Dhosoever loves reveals the truth and does not leave the other in falsehood+ otherwise any love and agreement with him would only be counterfeit and false* There is such a thing as a good war and a bad peace: .%22& This stance of the Fathers was also adopted by the great defender and confessor of the Orthodo7 faith against the 'atins 5aint 4ar$ of ?phesus who concluded his own "onfession of Faith in Florence with the following words: .***for a praiseworthy war is superior to a peace that separates one from God. had become laymen and because they are no longer able to confer on others that Grace of the !oly 5pirit from which they themselves are fallen away they had no authority either to bapti<e or to ordain*.%1F& That is why the new aCempt by ?cumenists to push the idea that we have a common baptism with heretics is unfounded* :ndeed upon this none7istent baptismal unity they want to base the unity of the "hurch which supposedly e7ists wherever a baptism may e7ist*%20& One enters the "hurch however and becomes !er member not with Hust any baptism but only with the .

one 'ord one Faith one )aptism*.) This inter3"hristian syncretism has now e7panded into an inter3religious syncretism which e8uates all the religions with the uni8ue $nowledge of and 6 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .Gnto the "hurches of "hrist ?verywhere .Dorld "ouncil of "hurches. Gnfortunately this uniform steady and unswerving stance of the "hurch up until the beginning of the 20th century has begun to be progressively abandoned following the encyclical that was released by the ?cumenical Aatriarchate in 1F20 .%22& The path is now open for the adoption the shaping and the development of the heresy of ?cumenism within the sphere of the Orthodo7 "hurch P this .%/0& .A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.%21& that are not alienated from the "hurch but are familiar and related to !er* :t recommended that .pan3heresy .'et all heretics be anathemati<ed*. and have essentially betrayed 3 with our membership alone%2F& 3 our ecclesiastical self3awareness* De have removed the dogma regarding the One !oly "atholic and #postolic "hurch 3 the dogma of . initially of Arotestant inspiration now with Aapal acceptance which adopts and legali<es all heresies as OchurchesQ and assaults the dogma of the One !oly "atholic and #postolic "hurch* This new dogma regarding the "hurch this new ecclesiology is now developed taught and imposed by Aatriarchs and bishops* #ccording to this new teaching no "hurch is entitled to demand for itself e7clusively the designation of the catholic and true "hurch* :nstead each one of them is a piece a part and not the entire "hurch+ they all together comprise the "hurch*%29& #ll the boundaries set by the Fathers have fallen+ there is no longer a dividing line between heresy and "hurch between truth and delusion* !eresies are also OchurchesQ now+ in fact many of them P li$e the Aapist one3 are now regarded as =sister churches= to which God has entrusted Hointly with us the care for man$ind=s salvation*%2>& The Grace of the !oly 5pirit now also e7ists within heresies and therefore their baptisms are P li$e all the other mysteries P considered valid*%2E& #ll who have been bapti<ed into a heretical group are now considered members of "hrist=s )ody the "hurch* The condemnations and the anathemas of the councils are no longer valid and should be stric$en from liturgical boo$s* De are now lodged in the . which for the 6rst time oMcially characteri<ed heresies as .htm of Orthodo7y* !eresies and heretics are anathemati<ed one by one+ furthermore in order to ensure that no heretics be left out of the anathema there is a general anathema at the end of the te7t: .com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.the love between the "hurches should above all be re$indled and reinforced and they should no more consider one another as strangers and foreigners but as relatives and as being a part of the household of "hrist and Ofellow heirs members of the same body and parta$ers of the promise of God in "hrist*.churches.

A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr. to George 5cholarios .pan3heresy*.com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.htm reverence for God and a "hrist3li$e way of life P all revealed from on high by "hrist* "onse8uently it is not only the dogma of the One !oly "atholic and #postolic "hurch in relation to the various heresies that is being aCac$ed but also the foundational and uni8ue dogma of revelation and salvation of man$ind through (esus "hrist in relation to the religions of the world* :t is the worst delusion the greatest heresy of all ages* /) De believe and confess that salvation is possible in "hrist alone* The religions of the world but also the various heresies do not lead man to salvation* The Orthodo7 "hurch is not merely the true "hurch+ 5he is the only "hurch* 5he alone has remained faithful to the Gospel the 5ynods and the Fathers and conse8uently 5he alone represents the true catholic "hurch of "hrist* #ccording to the blessed ?lder (ustin Aopovitch ?cumenism is a common name for the pseudo3churches of Destern ?urope+ their common name is .The complete %1& 7 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .%/1& This pan3heresy has been accepted by many Orthodo7 patriarchs archbishops bishops clergymen mon$s and laity* They teach it Kbareheaded . they apply it and impose it in practice communing with heretics in every possible manner 3 with common prayers with e7changes of visits with pastoral collaborations 3 thus essentially placing themselves outside the "hurch*%/2& Our stance per the "onciliar canonical decisions and per the e7ample of the 5aints is obvious* ?ach one must now assume his responsibilities* ') There are of course collective responsibilities also and chie0y in the ecumenistic conscience of our hierarchs and theologians towards the Orthodo7 people @pleroma B and their individual 0oc$s* To them we declare with a fear of God and with love that this stance of theirs and their involvement in ecumenistic activities are condemnable from every aspect because: aB they actively impugn our Orthodo73Aatristic Tradition and Faith+ bB they are sowing doubt in the hearts of their 0oc$ and unseCle many leading to division and schism and cB they are luring a portion of the 0oc$ into delusion and thus to spiritual disaster* De therefore declare that for the aforementioned reasons those who endeavor within this ecumenist irresponsibility whatever ran$ they may hold within the "hurch )ody contradict the tradition of our 5aints and thus stand in opposition to them* For this reason their stance must be condemned and reHected by the entirety of the !ierarchy and Faithful*%//& 5ee treatise by Gennadius :: 5cholarios Aatriarch of "onstantinople: .Regarding the only way to the salvation of man$ind .

. 5ee ."osmas of #etolia teachings. 2 STS 2 20* %2& This refers to those who provo$e and innovate with regard to the Faith* :t does not mean that Orthodo7 "hristians should have no contact with non3Orthodo7 in the conte7t of missionary outreach and witness which would mean the cessation of all evangelism missionary wor$ sharing of our Faith etc* P?d* Galatians* 1 F* To Gall* !omily chapt* 1 AG 91 921* 4ansi 1/ 10F3112* %F& %10& %11& :n our age of . (ohn /:1F .To the most holy brothers and bishops in the Dest.com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.#ll faiths are false counterfeit all of them the Ievil=s* This : reali<ed as being true divine heavenly correct perfect both by my word and by your word: that the faith of the pious and Orthodo7 "hristians is good and holy and that we must believe and be bapti<ed in the name of the Father and the 5on and the !oly 5pirit*.Iidaches. @and biographyB Tinos publications #thens Iidache #1 /> page 112: . this statement may seem outrageous and unnecessarily in0ammatory* :t is however .: am the light of the world 3 whosoever follows 4e shall not wal$ in dar$ness but shall have the light of life*. @TeachingsB of 5t*"osmas of #etolia of :* 4enounos . Jolumes :3J:: Aaris 1F2E31F/9 publ* '* Aetit 3 R* 5iderides 3 4* (ugie Jol* ::: 1/13122* %2& (ohn E:12 . 1 STS // 1E9* ?pistle F0 . %9& %>& %E& .?very spirit that confesses (esus had cometh in the 0esh is from God+ and every spirit that does not confess (esus "hrist had cometh in the 0esh is not from God* #nd this is what you have heard regarding the antichrist: that he cometh and is now already in the world*.g.#s soon as %the filioque& was introduced into the "hurches of the Dest it brought forth disgraceful fruits bringing with it liCle by liCle other novelties for the most part contrary to the e7press commands of our 5avior in the GospelUcommands which till its entrance into the "hurches were closely observed**** :t drove the theologians of the Dest as its defenders since they had no ground either in 5cripture or the Fathers to countenance heretical teachings not only into misrepresentations of the 5criptures such as are seen in none of the Fathers of the !oly "atholic "hurch but also into adulterations of the sacred and 8 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.political correctness. in comparison to the writings of the !oly Fathers @e. #cts 1:12* %/& %1& 1 (ohn 1:23/: .htm e7tant wor$s 3 Oevres "ompletes de Georges 5cholarios . note the language of 5t* Ahotios the Great throughout his 10th3century treatise against the filioque clause On the Mystagogy of the Holy Spirit P and this was long before many other heresies were introduced* The !oly Fathers have for centuries viewed the Roman "atholicism as a womb of heresies beginning with the adoption and promulgation of the filioque clause* "onsider the following statements from another "onfession of Faith from modern times the Aatriarchal ?ncyclical of 1E1E: .!omily prior to the e7ile.soft.The light had come to the world and men loved the dar$ness rather than the light*.

ensive they might consider whether this is due to a lac$ of familiarity with the writings of the !oly Fathers and past confessional statements of the Orthodo7 "hurch* P ?d* %12& #gain see the Aatriarchal ?ncyclicals of 1E1E and 1EF2 which lay this out in great detail* P ?d* %1/& The moral la7ity and decadence even among the clergy had already been noted at the beginning of the 12th century by 5aint 5imeon of Thessaloni$i @see =Iogmatic ?pistle 19= in I* )alfour by 5imeon of Thessaloni$i @1119V1>3112FB .#ccording to the teaching of the !oly Fathers the Grace of the !oly 5pirit is manifest in two forms: 6rstly as an e7ternal providential Grace which acts in and throughout the lives of everybody enabling anyone to accept the True Faith+ and secondly as an internal salvi6c Grace which revivi6es redeems and functions solely in the Orthodo7 "hurch*.htm pure writings of the Fathers ali$e of the ?ast and Dest*.Grace. Jlatades Gleanings /1 Thessaloni$i 1FE1 page 21E: . that they i not regar fornication at all entailing Hell.A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr."onfession of Faith #gainst ?cumenism. !ut instea . they "oul unscrupulously have concu!ines an youths for fornication an "oul every ay o#ciate*. is often misunderstood today* The Aatristic teaching on the subHect was best e7pressed by our Jenerable Father Iiadochus the God3bearer )ishop of Ahoti$e in ?pirus* #s he writes in his Hun re $exts on Spiritual (no"le ge an )iscernment: . :bid 12 page 219: . nor anything else that is for!i en for 'hristians*.)efore holy baptism Grace encourages the soul towards good from the outside while 5atan lur$s in its depths trying to bloc$ all the intellectQs ways of approach to the divine* )ut from the moment we are reborn through )aptism the demon is outside Grace is within*. :f some 6nd the language of the .An furthermore. !ere the "onfession refers to the laCer form of Grace* The general operation of the !oly 5pirit among all men is not in 8uestion* P ?d* Iialogue 2/ AG 122 1203121* ?pistle regarding blessedness 2 in I* )alfour 5imeon #rchbishop of Thessaloni$i @1119V1>3112FB . Jlatades Gleanings /1 Thessaloni$i 1FE1 page 229* These comments of 5aint 5imeon should be interpreted on the basis of the Aatristic teaching on Grace as referred to in note 11 above* P ?d* %19& !ere the "onfession spea$s generally of Protestantism* Given that there are 29 000W denominations it is impossible to ma$e a succinct statement about Arotestant tenets that applies accurately to them all* The "onfession is admiCedly %12& 9 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.Theological Dor$s . o. not even among their priests.$hey also o not follo" an evangelical lifestyle% for.)ut the present Roman "hurch is the "hurch of innovations of the falsi6cation of the writings of the "hurch Fathers and of the misinterpretation of the !oly 5cripture and of the decrees of the holy councils for which she has reasonably and Hustly been disowned and is still disowned so far as she remains in her error**** #s has been said before the Destern "hurch from the tenth century downwards has privily brought into herself through the papacy various and strange and heretical doctrines and innovations and so she has been torn away and removed far from the true and orthodo7 "hurch of "hrist*. 5imilar language is found in the the Aatriarchal ?ncyclical of 1EF2: .B The moral decadence that is observed of late even among the Orthodo7 clergy is the result of liberalism which accompanies ecumenism and of secularism* %11& The term . #nd in our own days )lessed #rchbishop 5eraphim of 5ophia writes concerning the two forms of Grace: . every kin of luxury an fornication to them is not a reprehensi!le ma&er.Theological Dor$s .

Orthodo7 ?cclesiology and the ?cumenical 4ovement . in paragraph E it states: . Souro+h )iocesan Maga+ine @?ngland #ugust 1FE2 vol*21 page 2/B had paved the way for this position by stating: .The Iogmatic and 5ymbolic 4onuments of the Orthodo7 "atholic "hurch . in a more or less real ecclesiological way implying mystical union with the one true "hurch of "hrist the Orthodo7 "hurch* P ?d* 5ee :*[armirisQ ."alled to be the One "huch .Dithin baptism even if there is a brea$ a division a schism you can still spea$ of the "hurch*** The Orthodo7 in my understanding at least participate in the ecumenical movement as a movement of bapti<ed "hristians who are in a state of division because they cannot e7press the same faith together* :n the past this has happened because of a lac$ of love which is now than$ God disappearing*.#ll those bapti<ed in "hrist are united in !is name*K :n paragraph F: KThat we all belong in common to "hrist through baptism in the name of the Father and the 5on and the !oly 5pirit gives the churches the possibility and it invites them to wal$ together even when they disagree* De assure that there is one baptism e7actly as there is one body and one 5pirit one hope in our calling one 'ord one Faith one God and Father to all of us @see ?phes*1:139B*.A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr."anonical precision. The 4etropolitan of Aergamos (ohn @Yi<ioulasB in his wor$ . or akriveia is the norm as it is most consistent with the theological principles under3girding the "anons concerning !oly )aptism* -evertheless the authors of the "onfession would agree that "hen canonical presuppositions existe . vol* 2 page F2E* %22& %21& 10 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .canonical dispensation. has been employed* :t is also the case however that in almost every case today those presuppositions @such as triple immersionB do not e7ist* P ?d* The reception of a convert into the "hurch by oikonomia when indeed it is done within the canonical prescriptions and leads to the same end as akriveia in no way can be interpreted as altering Orthodo7 ecclesiology* ?mploying oikonomia in the reception of non3Orthodo7 does not mean acceptance per se of non3Orthodo7 mysteries* The acceptance per se of non3Orthodo7 mysteries by some Orthodo7 representatives in the ecumenical movement is impossible to reconcile with Orthodo7 ecclesiology and is to be reHected as contrary to the Orthodo7 Iogma of the "hurch* P ?d* %1F& %20& "anonical ?pistle X $o Amphilochios of *conion 1st "anon* %1E& %1>& :n the te7t of the Fth General "onvention of the Dorld "ouncil of "hurches in Aorto #legre )ra<il in 2009 which was accepted by the representatives of the Orthodo7 churches and was titled . %21& %22& %2/& #pologetics on the 0ight to Aontus E2 STS 1 1>9* To Romans !omily 22 2 AG 90 911* To Ahilippians !omily 2*1 AG 92 11F* "onfession of faith displayed in Florence in Iocuments relatifs au "oncile de Florence :: Oeuvres anticonciliaires de 4arc d=?phZse par '* Aetit Aatrologia Orientalis 1> 112* That is .htm painting with a broad brush but these are all aspects of Arotestantism that apply more or less to all Arotestant groups unless otherwise speci6ed as spea$ing to particular confessions @such as "alvinismB* P ?d* .com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.churches. or oikonomia.

per se. is clearly %/2& 11 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 . )ut as it would be e7pected this .com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews."alled to be the One "huch*. and an ecumenism . being an abandonment of the patristic methodology of witness wherein the 5criptural command . ta$es on a wide variety of e7pressions from including only two churches such as @in the .htm One recent e7ample of this is found in the declaration of the Fth General "onvention of the Dorld "ouncil of "hurches in Aorto #legre )ra<il in 2009 which was accepted by the representatives of the 'ocal Orthodo7 "hurches and was entitled .baptismal unity. in and of itself apart from the "hurch and has ecclesiological implications which the kat.A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.new dogma. ecclesiology of the Dorld "ouncil of "hurches and the . ourselves in the Dorld "ouncil of "hurches as full organic members even commiCing ourselves to dialogue without presuppositions or limits* This disregard for patristic and scriptural guidelines to proper witness inevitably has lead to a betrayal of the "hurchQs self3understanding* %/0& %/1& ?phesians 1:2* #rchimandrite (ustin Aopovitch Ortho ox 'hurch an -cumenism Thessaloni$i 1F>1 page 221* Dhat is not meant here is an institutional departure from the "hurch by e7communication or anathema* #nd this is clear by the use of the terms .placing themselves*.ecclesiological e7clusivism. theoryB Roman "atholicism and the Orthodo7 "hurch or three churches as in the classic )ranch Theory of the #nglicans or including many churches as has been e7pressed in the . # sentiment that is said often and by many including Orthodo7 primates and hierarchs is that . theory* That which binds these various theories together is a reHection of .essentially placing themselves outside the "hurch. Rather what is meant is that by their actions and their words they have separate themselves in essence from the "hurch P from !er Fathers !er Day and !er 'ife* They have essentially remove themselves from the "hurch by no longer following the !oly Fathers no longer e7pressing the Orthodo7 Faith* The passage draws on the 12th canon of the 1st 32nd 5ynod* The understanding behind the phrase . :n section :: paragraph 9 of the document which is a common declaration of Orthodo7 and heterodo7 we read: .of return*.?ach church is the "hurch catholic and not simply a part of it* ?ach church is the "hurch catholic but not the whole of it* ?ach church ful6ls its catholicity when it is in communion with the other churches*.valid. @Tit /:10B is followed if not in word than in spirit* Rather we have .essentially. @)ishop Tichon Iiocese of "entral and Destern ?urope of the Aatriarchate of )ulgaria on his visit to the Aope October 22nd 200F+ 5ee hCp:VVwww*<enit*orgVarticle32>2FFNl\englishB* %2>& 5ee Hoint statement by Aope (ohn3Aaul :: and Aatriarch )artholomew during the laCer=s visit to Rome on the 2Fth of (une 1FF2* The same had been proclaimed at an earlier date by the "ombined Theological "ommiCee for the Iialogue between Orthodo7 and Aapists in )alamand 'ebanon in 1FF/* %29& %2E& The term .invisible church.a man that is an heretic after the 6rst and second admonition reHect.two lung. and .lodged.oikonomia reception of the non3Orthodo7 can never imply* %2F& This is a 8uestion of methodology the . here means accepting heterodo7 baptism .a "atholic will not become an Orthodo7 and vice versa but we must approach the altar together.essential betrayal.

Our stance per the "onciliar canonical decisions and per the e7ample of the 5aints is obvious*B but leaving the particulars to each oneQs discretion @.A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.htm implied in the canon when it states: .bareheaded.+( %+2 8reece 9 Fax :*& %*(& %.-.B* P ?d* #s of (anurary /0 2010 1> 220 clergy mon$s and laymen have signed this "onfession of Faith against ?cumenism* 5ee: hCp:VVwww*impanto$ratoros*gr V#)FE2/F2*el*asp7 for a complete list of signers* %//& NOTICE0 1hosoe!er of the clerg"2 mon$s2 nuns and the lait" desires to participate in this small deposition of Orthodox confession ma" declare it2 3" 4riting0 5I agree 4ith the Confession of Faith against Ecumenism2 and su3scri3e to it5 The" ma" send this declaration indicating their name and their ecclesiastic2 monastic or professional status2 to the follo4ing address0 Periodical 5T EOD6O#IA52 P)O)7ox (-&%2 Thessaloni$i . The present translation is available for re-publi ation b! an!one "ho "ishes to use it.For not bishops but false bishops and false teachers have they condemnedL.otenet)gr OODE note0 This is an UNOFFICIAL translation of the original Greek text. does not ma$e ceasing commemoration a re8uirement* :t leaves the particular course of action P based on the canons and councils and fathers P to the discretion of each* The 'onfession follows suit clearly naming the heresy and calling all to appropriate response @. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< The a3o!e Confession of Faith has 3een signed 3" the follo4ing2 as a =rst indicati!e response) 12 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .'& 9 email address0 palimpce.com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.?ach one must now assume his responsibilities. The 12th canon although praising those who cease commemoration of their bishop who is teaching heresy . #e "oul$ be ver! please$ to see a referen e to our "ebsite as the initial translators% but it is not o&pulsor!.

com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.htm It has 3een signed and 4ill 3e signed 3" man" more) 4etropolitan of [ythera and #nti$ythera 5eraphim 4etropolitan of #etolia and #$arnania [osmas 4etropolitan of Airaeus 5eraphim 4etropolitan of Gortyna and 4egaloupolis (eremiah Arofessor of #thens Gniversity 5chool of Theology 4etropolitan of Ras$a and Ari<ren [ossovo and 4etochia #rtemios #rchmandrite (oseph #bbot of the 5acred 4onastery of Riropotamos !oly 4ountain #rchmandrite 4ar$ 4anolis 5piritual 5uperintendent of the KAan3!ellenic Orthodo7 GnionK #rchmandrite #thanasius #bbot of the 5acred 4onastery of 5tavrovounion "yprus #rchmandrite Timothy 5a$$as #bbot of the 5acred 4onastery of the Aaraclete Oropos #rchmandrite "yril [ehayioglou #bbot of the 5acred 4onastery of the Aantocrator 4elissohori 'angadas #rchmandrite 5arandis 5arandos Aarish Ariest of the !oly Temple of the Iormition of the Theoto$os #marousion #rchmandrite 4a7imus [aravas #bbot of the 5acred 4onastery of 5aint Aaras$eve 4ilochori Atolemais #rchmandrite Gregory !adHini$olaou #bbot of the 5acred 4onastery of the !oly Trinity #no Ga<ea Jolos #rchmandrite #thanasius #nastasiou #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of the Great 4eteora #rchmandrite Theocletus )ol$as #bbot of the 5acred !ermitage of 5aint #rsenios the "appadocian "hal$idi$e #rchmandrite "hrysostomos #bbot of the 5acred "oenobium of !ossios -icodemus Aentalofos Goumenissa #rchmandrite Theodore Iiamantis #bbot of the 5acred 4onastery of Aanaghia 4olyvdos$epasti [onitsa #rchmandrite Aalamas [yrillides #bbot of the 5acred 4onastery of the -ativity of the Theoto$os [allipetra Jeria #rchmandrite 'avrentios Gratsias 5acred 4etropolis of Florina Arespae and ?ordaia #rchmandrite 4eletios Jadrahanis 5acred 4etropolis of Florina Arespae and ?ordaia #rchmandrite Aaul Iimitra$opoulos 5acred 4onastery of the Trans6guration of the 5aviour 4outsiala Jeria #rchmandrite :gnatius [alai]opoulos 5acred 4onastery of 5aint Aaras$eve 4ilochori Atolemais #rchmandrite 5imeon Georgiades 5acred 4onastery of the !oly Trinity #no Ga<ea Jolos #rchmandrite #ugustine 5iarras 5acred 4onastery of the !oly Trinity #no Ga<ea Jolos #rchmandrite #mbrose Gionis 5acred 4onastery of the !oly Trinity #no Ga<ea Jolos #rchmandrite )enedict #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of the !oly #rchangels Ari<ren with his escort #rchmandrite Gerasimos #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of (orHevi 5toupovoi with his escort #rchmandrite -icholas #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of the !oly #rchangels 4avropotami with his escort #rchmandrite Romulos #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of the ?ntrance of the Theoto$os Iuboci Aoto$ with his escort #rchmandrite 5imeon #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of 5aint 5tephen of )anis$a with his escort #rchmandrite 5tephanos #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of 5aints #nargyroi of Yochiche with his escort #rchmandrite :oanni$ios [otsonis #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of the Trans6guration of the 5aviour 5ochos Thessaloni$i 13 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.

htm #rchmandrite Aaul Ianos Areacher of the !oly 4etropolis of #etolia ^ #$arnania #rchmandrite "onstantine Aaleologos retired priest !oly 4etropolis of [alavryta and #egialia #egeion* #rchmandrite Aaisios Aapadopoulos #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of 5aint Gregory Aalamas Filotas 4etropolis of Florina #rchmandrite ?piphanios !adHiyagou superintendent in charge of the 4etropolitan Temple of Florina Florina #rchmandrite Ahilemon "astro 'os )anos 'aguna Ahilippines Arotopresbyter fr* George 4etallinos Arofessor ?meritus of the #thens Gniversity 5chool of Theology Arotopresbyter fr* Theodore Yisis Arofessor ?meritus of the Thessaloni$i Gniversity 5chool of Theology Arotopresbyter Roman "heb Russia 5iberia city Aro$opyevs$ Aaris Ariest 5acred Temple of 5aint -icholas Arotopresbyter "onstantin Iibo_ Arotopresbyter 'ambros Fotopoulos Aarish Ariest 5acred Temple of 5aint [osmas of #etolia #marousion #Cica Arovince Arotopresbyter (ohn Fotopoulos Aarish Ariest 5acred Temple of 5aint Aaras$eve #Cica Arovince Arotopresbyter #thanasios 4enas 'outra$i "orinthia Arovince Arotopresbyter ?leftherios Aalamas 5aint "hristophers Atolemais Arotopresbyter "onstantine 4ygdalis Aarish Ariest 5acred Temple of 5aint "onstantine Jolos Arotopresbyter Ahotios Je<ynias Arofessor 5acred 4etropolis of 'agadas Arotopresbyter #nthony )ousde$is Aarish Ariest 5acred Temple of 5aint -icholas -i$aia Airaeus Arotopresbyter Iemetrios Jasiliades 5acred 4etropolis of 4aronia and [omotene Arotopresbyter )asil ?* Jolouda$is 5uperintendent of the "hurch of 5aint -icholas Ae`a$ia #thens Arotopresbyter )asil Gogides Aarish priest of the !oly 4etropolitan Tample of 5aint -icholas 4egalopolis Arotopresbyter -icholas Yacharopoulos superintendent of the church of 5aint Fanourios Irapetsona Airaeus Arotopresbyter "haralambos 'alaites Aarish priest of the church of Aanaghia 4yrtidiotissa Airaeus Arotopresbyter "hariton Aappas Aarish priest of the church of 5aint Iemetrios Airaeus Arotopresbyter "onstantine T<afestas Aarish priest of the 4etropolitan church of "orfu retired theologian professor of middle education Arotopresbyter "hristos "hristodoulou Aarish priest of the church of 5aints "onstantine and !elen Airaeus Arotopresbyter Radoslav (an$ovic secretary of the !oly 4etropolis of Ra<ca and Ari<ren and [ossovo and 4etochia ?lder Gregory !ieromon$ Ianielites= 5acred !ermitage [atouna$ia !oly 4ountain ?lder ?fstratios !ieromon$ 5acred 4onastery of the Great 'avra !oly 4ountain ?lder Ahilippos !ieromon$ Retreat of #thanasius the Great 'esser 5aint #nna 4onastery !oly 4ountain ?lder Theoliptos 4on$ Retreat of the Arecious Forerunner 5acred 5cete of 5aint #nna !oly 4ountain ?lder Gabriel 4on$ Retreat of 5aint "hristodoulos [aryes !oly 4ountain ?lder !ilarion 4on$ near the "onstamonite 4onastery harbour !oly 4ountain ?lder Ianiel 4on$ Ianielites= 5acred !ermitage [atouna$ia !oly 4ountain ?lder #$a$ios 4on$ Ianielites= 5acred !ermitage [atouna$ia !oly 4ountain ?lder 5tephanos 4on$ Ianielites= 5acred !ermitage [atouna$ia !oly 4ountain ?lder Aaul 4on$ 5acred Retreat of the !oly #postles 5cete of the Renophon 4onastery !oly 4ountain 14 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.

com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.htm ?lder Onuphrios 4on$ 5acred Retreat of the -ativity of the Theoto$os !oly 4onastery of the Aantocrator !oly 4ountain ?lder -ectarios 4on$ 5acred "ell of the Yoodochos Fount !oly 4onastery of [outloumousion !oly 4ountain ?lder :saac 4on$ 5acred "ell of the -ativity of the Theoto$os 5acred 4onastery of 5tavroni$ita !oly 4ountain !ieromon$ #thanasius Ianielites= 5acred !ermitage [atouna$ia !oly 4ountain !ieromon$ -icodemus Ianielites= 5acred !ermitage [atouna$ia !oly 4ountain !ieromon$ -ephon Ianielites= 5acred !ermitage [atouna$ia !oly 4ountain !ieromon$ "hrysostom [artsonas Retreat of 5aint George 'esser 5aint #nna 4onastery !oly 4ountain !ieromon$ Onuphrios Retreat of the Arecious Forerunner 5acred 5cete of 5aint #nna !oly 4ountain !ieromon$ "hrysanthos Retreat of the Arecious Forerunner 5acred 5cete of 5aint #nna !oly 4ountain !ieromon$ #<arias Retreat of the Arecious Forerunner 5acred 5cete of 5aint #nna !oly 4ountain !ieromon$ Gabriel 5acred Retreat of Aanaghia Gorgoepi$oos 5acred 4onastery of the Aantocrator !oly 4ountain !ieromon$ Aandeleimon 5acred Retreat of 5aint Aandeleimon 5acred 4onastery of the Aantocrator !oly 4ountain !ieromon$ )asil #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of 5aints #nargyroi )racevo with his escort !ieromon$ ?fthymios #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of the Arecious Forerunner 5ocanica with his escort !ieromon$ Theo$tistos #bbot of the !oly 4onastery of the !oly Trinity 5opotsani with his escort !ieromon$ Tychon !oly Retreat of the Aantocrator 4elissohori !ieromon$ "hariton 5acred "ommunity of the #scension [aryes !oly 4ountain !ieromon$ :oan )uliga 4anastirea (acul Romanesc !ieromon$ 'eontios 5lobo<ia Romania Aresbyter Iionysios Tatsis ?ducator [onitsa Aresbyter Iemetrios 5arris Aarish Ariest 5acred Temple of the 4ighty #rchangels 5es$lon #esonia Aresbyter ?fthimios #ntoniades 5acred 4etropolis of 'arisa Aresbyter #nastasios Gotsopoulos Aarish Ariest 5acred Temple of 5aint -icholas Aatrae Aresbyter George Aapageorgiou 5acred 4etropolis of Iemetrias Aresbyter Aeter !irsch Aetro$erasa "hal$idi$e Aresbyter Theophanes 4anouras Aarish Ariest of the 5acred Temple of 5aint #thanasius Jelestino 4agnesia Arovince Aresbyter Aaschalis Ginoudis 5acred 4etropolis of 'arisa Aresbyter George Iiamantopoulos 'avrion 5acred 4etropolis of 4esogaia Aresbyter )asil [o$ola$is Aarish Ariest of the 5acred Temple of the Arecious "ross !olargos #Cica Aresbyter Aeter Aanta<is Aarish Ariest of the 5acred Temple of the Trans6guration !alandri #Cica Aresbyter Aaschalis Ginoudis !oly 4etropolis of 'arisa Aresbyter George Iiamantopoulos 'avrion !oly 4etropolis of 4esogaia Aresbyter )asil [o$ola$is Aarish priest of the church of the Arecious "ross "holargos Aresbyter Aeter Aanta<is Aarish priest of the church of the Trans6guration !alandri #Cica Aresbyter #nthony Jalvis Aarish priest of the church of 5aint -eilos Airaeus Aresbyter (ohn Jernicos church of the #nnunciation of the Theoto$os 4ontgomery #labama Aresbyter -icholas Gavalles church of the !oly #postles Asalidion #marousion Aresbyter !eracles Irivas Aarish priest of the church of Aanaghia 4yrtidiotissa Airaeus 15 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .

com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.htm Aresbyter Iemetrios [alabounias Aarish priest of the church of 5aint -eilos Airaeus Aresbyter Iemetrios 'ambrou clergyman !oly 4etropolis of Areve<a #ne<a3#rta Aresbyter )asil 4ou<elis Aarish priest of the 5aints #nargyroi chapel "hal$is !ospital Aresbyter Aanagiotes )alis Aarish priest of the church of the ?ntry of the Theoto$os :meroviglio Thera @5antoriniB Aresbyter "hristopher "hronis !oly 4etropolis of #etolia and #$arnania Aresbyter 5asha Aetrovich parish priest of 5t* -icholas 5erbian Orthodo7 "hurch Omaha -ebras$a G5# Aresbyter [oniu$hov Iimitry Aresbyter Toderita Rusu the #scension of 'ord )ucharest Romania Aresbyter Ahotios 5piritual Iirector 5t* (ames the (ust True Orthodo7 "enter website Russian True Orthodo7 "hurch* Oi$onomos Iemetrios Aapayannis Aarish priest of 5aint Fanourios= church Irapetsona Airaeus * Oi$onomos (ohn Asarras Aarish Ariest of 5aint George=s church !oly 4etropolis of ?leftheroupolis Arotodeacon )asil #le7androvich aa$imov Russian Orthodo7 "hurch Ieacon Theologos [ostopoulos 5acred 4onastery of the !oly Trinity #no Ga<ea Jolos Ieacon #nthony !oly Retreat of the Aanto$rator 4elissochori Ieacon George Theodorides !oly 4etropolis of 'eros [alymnos and #stypalaia Ieacon !eracleidios [leanthouss !oly 4etropolis of Tamassos "yprus 4on$ #rsenios Jliagoftis 5acred Retreat of 5aint #rsenios the "appadocian !al$idi$e 4on$ George 5acred Retreat of the -ativity of the Theoto$os !oly 4onastery of the Aantocrator !oly 4ountain 4on$ "hristophoros 5acred Retreat of the !oly #postles 5cete of the Renophon 4onastery !oly 4ountain 4on$ 4a7imos Ianielites= 5acred !ermitage [atouna$ia !oly 4ountain 4on$ Iositheos [athesma of the !oly 4onastery of [outloumousion !oly 4ountain 4on$ 5pyridon "ell of 5aint -icholas !oly 4onastery of [outloumousion !oly 4ountain 4on$ Iamascenos 5acred "ell of the Arecious Forerunner !oly 4onastery of [ara$allou !oly 4ountain 4on$ 5avvas !oly 4onastery of the Great 'avra !oly 4ountain 4on$ Theophilos 5acred "ell of 5ambre !oly 4ountain 4on$ Aaisios 5acred "ell of the !oly #rchangels K5avvaioiK of the !oly 4ountain 4on$ "herubim 5acred "ell of the !oly #rchangels of 5aint (ohn [ou$ou<elis !oly 4ountain 4on$ -icodemus 5acred "ell of 5aint -ectarios [apsala !oly 4ountain 4on$ Iositheos 5acred 4onastery of the Trans6guration of the 5aviour 5ochos 'agadas Thessaloni$i 4on$ "hariton Retreat of the Arecious Forerunner 5acred 5cete of 5aint #nna !oly 4ountain 4on$ -icodemus Retreat of the Arecious Forerunner 5acred 5cete of 5aint #nna !oly 4ountain 4on$ #ver$ios Retreat of the Arecious Forerunner 5acred 5cete of 5aint #nna !oly 4ountain 4on$ Arodromos Retreat of the Arecious Forerunner 5acred 5cete of 5aint #nna !oly 4ountain 4on$ #rsenios 5acred Retreat of holy martyr Gerasimos 5cete of 5t*Aandeleimon !oly 4onastery of [outloumousion !oly 4ountain 5ister 4ariam #bbess of the !oly 4onastery of 5aint 'avrentios Aelion 5ister "hristonymphe of the !oly 4onastery of 5aint 'avrentios Aelion 5ister 'avrentia of the !oly 4onastery of 5aint 'avrentios Aelion 5ister 4onahia ?u6mia 4bnbstirea 56ncii #rhangheli 5lobo<ia Romdnia 16 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .

htm -icholas Jasiliades Theologian3#uthor )rotherhood of Theologians K5OT?RK Iespina #nastasiadou3Georgouda infant school teacher former 5chool "ounselor Aanagiota #nHou Ahilologist3Theologian Thessaloni$i George Georgoudas Ir* of Theology former 5chool "ounselor (ohn Ie$liomis Theologian Thessaloni$i 5tephen Yiogas Ahilologist3?ducator Thessaloni$i Iemetrios [arayannides Gymnast Thessaloni$i Jasilios [ermeniotis Arofessor Atolemais #gathe [yria$idou3Theodosiou Ahilologist Thessaloni$i Gabriel 'ampsides (ournalist Thessaloni$i 5otirios 'ysi$atos Theologian3Ahilologist Thessaloni$i "hristina )oula$i3Yisi former Reserve Arofessor of the #ristotelian Gniversity of Thessaloni$i 5chool of Theology Iimitrios 4avrides 4athematician Thessaloni$i "onstantine -ousis Ahilologist3Theologian Jolos 'avrentios Iigiorgio publisher3author Aresident of the Ahilorthodo7 Gnion K[osmas FlamiatosK #ndreas Aapavasiliou Ir* of Theology former :nspector of 5econdary ?ducation "yprus Aanagiotis 5ematis Arofessor of Theology 5ecretary of the Ahilorthodo7 Gnion K[osmas FlamiatosK #egion "onstantine 5tavrinides !olargos #thens 4arina 5trava$ou Ahilologist Thessaloni$i #phrate 5tra$ali3T<oanopoulou Ahilologist Thessaloni$i 4alamate 5tra$ali3Aapaioannou Ahilologist Thessaloni$i Iimitrios Yisis 5chool "ounselor graduate of theology [astoria 5panou #7iothea -otary Aublic 5tryfon #le7ander ?ducator Thessaloni$i Tasiopoulos Triantafyllos Aublisher of -ewspaper K#gonasK 'arisa* Tatsis (ohn Theologian :oannina T<afestas -icholas [on* Grologist35urgeon "orfu Tsa$iris Fotios postgraduate student of theology #ristotelian Gniversity of Thessaloi$i Tsiamis Theologos :nsurance company employee Jeria Foundou$a #frodite private employee Thessaloni$i Foteinos Aanayiotis Theologian Fotopoulos "onstantinos 5tudent Fotopoulou #le7andra student Fotopolou #nna private employee Fotopoulou 5ophia 5tudent "halyvides Aaul Retired 4ilitary oMcer Thessaloni$i #dam #gnies$a edrian #$imov -i$ita #ndrei 5tefan student )ucharest Romania #urelian Ianiel 4ilea Forestry ?ngineer Romania )eregovoy Roman from G$rainian Orthodo7 "hurch )idilica3Jasilache :oana member of the laity Romania )ielaws$a #le$sandra )ielaws$a Dalentyna "amaruta 4ihaela "hido Aetros ?vosmos Thessaloni$i "hiru ?lena "hristian Orthodo7 G5# "iochina Aaula "riste Ian redactor )ucuresti Ianilchen$o #le7ey 5tudent 2 rate Orthodo7 5acred Tihonovs$ !umanitarian Russia Ieergb ?rtdor Iiaconescu 4onica Romania 17 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.

com/english/oikoumenismos/omologia_pistews.htm Iinu George 5ilviu 5tudent la Facultatea de Teologie din )ucuresti omania Ioandes "onstantin Iolgov Jladimir 4ihaHlovich Russia Fedotov 5ergey engineer3 Russia "huvashia Tsivils$ Ga<daru 4arian Gabriel Romania 5lobo<ia frate la manastirea 5f* :oan 5cararul reguinea Thiva Greece Georgescu Ioina retired teacher Romania Ghica Rodica contabil localitatea 5lobo<ia Hudetul :alomita Romania Goralews$i Robert #ustralia :orga :onel :strate 4aria 4agdalena mireana localitatea 5lobo<ia Hudetul :alomita Romania (uganaru Florin student teolog )ucuresti3Romania [alinychev 5ergey Glyanovs$ Russia 'ee 'aura 4ariana 4ladHan 4rdHan ?conomist 4ladenovac 5erbia 4otsenigos Renofon 5* 4athematician 'ondon G[ 4yroslav -ontelodico 4ario Aetre :uliana elev #mara Hud :alomi3a Romdnia Aica -icolae3Ovidiu Romania Aodariu 5ilviu Omaha -ebras$a G5# Aopa "onstantin orthodo7 theology student @priesthoodB Radu 4atei 5tudent of the Technical Gniversity of "luH3-apoca Romania Rahal George Romeo Iemetrio Reader Florida G5# Roimu3Irbgoi "armen Iaria 3 ca<nifa 5tere :rina 4agdalena Taras$in #nton :gorevich Russian Orthodo7 "hurch Tardea Raluca Iiana 3 medic veterinary Tenchiu (ouliana Aloiesti3teacher Romania Toader 'ucretia ?conomist Romania gpachihcjai kleohopa mnoplq rstupv [iev G$raine Translation: #* -* #rticle published in ?nglish on: /0323200F* 'ast update: 13/32010* >P 18 of 18 10/12/2013 21:43 .A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism http://oodegr.

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