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Additional Information about Finale 2014 for Windows

Finale 2014 Read Me, September 2013 Cop ri!"t # 2013, Ma$eMusi%, In%& Congratulations on your purchase of Finale 2014 for Windows! IMPO !"#!$ ead this docu%ent &efore you &egin wor'ing with Finale 2014 and print a copy of it to 'eep with your Finale infor%ation( !his file contains i%portant infor%ation a&out Finale 2014 not included in the )ser Manual* as well as infor%ation a&out con+erting older files into the new +ersion,s for%at( Please note that Finale 2014 files cannot &e opened in pre+ious +ersions of Finale without &eing con+erted to a different for%at( !he ead Me contains the following sections$ unning Finale 2014 #ew features in Finale 2014 Fi-es in Finale 2014 .ou %ay also +isit www(finale%usic(co% for updated infor%ation a&out Finale and infor%ation on new releases(

Runnin! Finale 2014

S stem Re'uirements Windows /P01ista0203 425&it 6745&it co%pati&le8( Intel Core 2 9uo or "M9 "thlon* Intel i4 or "M9 "thlon II /2 or a&o+e preferred( 700M: hard dri+e space re;uired for software and user %anual( 9195 OM dri+e re;uired for disc installation or high5speed Internet connection for download( 300-700 %ini%u% %onitor resolution* 1477-273 or higher preferred( Mini%u% 2<: "M 64<: or %ore reco%%ended for optional use of <arritan and !apspace 61=!8 sounds$ %ore "M > %ore a+aila&le sounds(8 "n additional 4 <: hard dri+e space is re;uired for all included 1=! sounds( Optional$ MI9I input and0or play&ac' de+ice( Printer( =canner( Microphone re;uired for use of Mic#otator?( " soundcard 6including 9irect=ound* MM@* or "=IO dri+ers8 is re;uired for playing 1=! sounds in Windows( Installin! Finale 2014 If any pre+ious +ersion of Finale has &een installed on the %achine* Finale 2014 reco%%ends that you restart your co%puter and log on as =yste% "d%inistrator &efore installing( !his will pre+ent erroneous font warnings( We reco%%end that you install Finale* and any other software* when logged in as =yste% "d%inistrator( If you encounter pro&le%s during installation* we reco%%end that you do the following$

1. !urn off any progra%s running in the &ac'ground( 1irus detectors can often pre+ent 2. 3.
Finale fro% installing necessary files and updating the registry( est assured* your Finale C9 does not contain any +iruses( Press C! A5=BIF!5@=C and clic' on the Process ta&( In the Processes !a&* clic' on C)ser #a%eC to sort the running progra%s &y user I9 na%e( !his lists e+ery process that is running on the syste%( )nder the )ser #a%e colu%n* loo' at all of the processes 6CI%age #a%eC8 with your account na%e( Clic' on each one* and then clic' C@nd ProcessC and select OD( 9o this for e+ery process assigned to your na%e e-cept Etas'%gr(e-eF* Ee-plorer(e-eF* and E=yste% Idle Process(F Close the !as' Manager( Chec' your syste% tray 6lower5right corner of the screen8 for any running progra%s* especially anti+irus software* which can interfere with proper installation of progra%s( ight5clic' each and choose Close(

4. 5.

Aut"ori(in! Finale 2014 !he first ti%e you launch Finale* you will &e pro%pted to authoriGe( !o authoriGe a single copy of Finale* clic' "uthoriGe #ow to open the "uthoriGation WiGard 6or* choose )elp H Aut"ori(e Finale8( !hen follow the instructions to authoriGe your copy of Finale +ia the Internet* phone* or %ail( If you choose not to authoriGe* you will &e pro%pted to do so each ti%e you launch Finale( If you do not authoriGe within thirty days* printing and sa+ing are disa&led until you choose to authoriGe( #ote that the )ser0"uthoriGation Codes are co%puter specific* and will only wor' on the gi+en co%puter installation( Ma'e sure that the "uthoriGation Code is typed in using capital letters* and also +erify that the correct serial nu%&er has &een entered( .our copy of Finale can &e authoriGed on two co%puters si%ultaneously* and* with an Internet connection* authoriGation can &e %o+ed fro% one co%puter to another at will( =i%ply choose )elp H *eaut"ori(e Finale to open up a free slot( .our copy of Finale can now &e authoriGed on a different co%puter( When you deauthoriGe* printing and sa+ing are disa&led until authoriGation has &een restored( If you %a'e a change to the co%puter 6such as replacing the hard dri+e or %other&oard or installing a new operating syste%8* then you will need to re5authoriGe the installation( If you ha+e already installed and authoriGed twice* you will need to contact Custo%er =upport online www(finale%usic(co%0support with your serial nu%&er and the location I9 for the specific installation in ;uestion( If the software is not Cre%indingC you to authoriGe when you run the progra%* then the registration0authoriGation has &een successfully co%pleted( Startin! Finale 2014 + *,,s Most applications 6including Ma'eMusic products8 re;uire a set of files* the Microsoft redistri&uta&les* in order to wor' successfully on your syste%( !hese redistri&uta&le files are nor%ally already present on %ost syste%s and are not generally included in application setup0install scripts( !hese files are constantly updated &y Microsoft and are operating5 syste% specificI including these files in an application installer could result in incorrect files &eing added in your syste% and su&se;uent pro&le%s( In rare cases these files %ay &e %issing or out of date on your syste%( In this case an error will &e reported when you start the progra%( Bere are so%e e-a%ples of the errors that could &e reported$ If t"e files are missin!&&& ,!he dyna%ic lin' li&rary M=1CP70(9AA could not &e found in the specified path(((, or

,!he dyna%ic lin' li&rary M=1C !(9AA could not &e found in the specified path(((, If t"e files are out of date&&& ,!he OC/!=(@/@ file is lin'ed to %issing e-port MFC42(9AA$7330(, If you see one of these %essages* +isit www(%icrosoft(co% for %ore infor%ation regarding these files and how to restore the%( -nline .ser Manual For full docu%entation on how to use Finale 2014* choose )elp H .ser Manual( If you ha+e an Internet connection* Finale opens the )ser Manual using your default &rowser and accesses the latest online content fro% Ma'eMusicJs ser+ers( If you do not ha+e an Internet connection* Finale auto%atically opens the local +ersion of the )ser Manual that was installed on your hard dri+e alongside Finale 2014( If you prefer to always use the local +ersion of the )ser Manual* go to /dit H 0referen%es H Folders and unchec' .se -nline Manual W"en A1ailable( 2ista and /3portin! /0S 4rap"i%s Windows 1ista uses a !rue !ype font for%at that is not co%pati&le with FinaleJs @P= e-port %echanis%( "s a result* 1ista users will notice the CInclude FontsC chec' &o-es ha+e &een re%o+ed in the @-port =election and @-port Pages dialog &o-es( Including fonts in e-ported @P= graphics is still fully supported in Windows /P( Installation *etails !o acco%%odate the autono%y of each of a co%puter,s %ultiple users* and to pre+ent per%issions issues* Finale installs its co%ponents to +arious locations on your hard dri+e depending on their function and re;uired accessi&ility( =ee EFinale Installation 9etailsF in the )ser Manual for %ore infor%ation( Finale 2014 Interfa%e C"an!es )uman 0la ba%$ 0referen%es& !o access the Bu%an Play&ac' Preferences* choose /dit H 0referen%es H )uman 0la ba%$( 0er%ussion ,a out *esi!ner& !he Percussion Aayout 9esigner has &een updated to$ display the current staff na%e and Percussion MI9I MapI access the Percussion MI9I Map editorI display the MI9I note +alues fro% the current Percussion MI9I Map for assigned note typesI optionally only allow note types found in the current Percussion MI9I MapI and pro+ide a &utton to add all note types fro% the current Percussion MI9I Map( Mo1ie Window& !he play&ac' controls and error handling in FinaleJs Mo+ie Window ha+e &een updated to pro+ide greater fle-i&ility and ease of use( 5rans%ription Mode& !his %ethod of recording MI9I data +ia the Byper=cri&e !ool has &een re%o+ed( MI9I data pre+iously recorded with !ranscription Mode is e%&edded in your docu%ent and still plays &ac'( Mana!e 2S5 0lu!+ins dialo! bo3& Finale now uses an audio engine that auto%atically scans the audio plug5ins in the directories specified in this dialog &owhen you launch the progra%( "dditionally* you can ha+e Finale auto%atically re5 scan your plug5ins directories for new plug5ins while Finale is running( 5oolbars6%ustomi(ation& !he tool&ars 6and their custo%iGation8* which duplicated co%%ands a+aila&le in FinaleJs %enus* ha+e &een re%o+ed to free up screen space( Composer7s Assistant plu!+ins& !hese seldo%5used plug5ins ha+e &eco%e out5of5 date and ha+e &een re%o+ed( !hey no longer appear under the =coring and "rranging su&%enu( Mi3er6Studio 2iew& !he Mi-er and =tudio 1iew control %odules ha+e &een updated for clearer control(

S%roll 2iew& =taff na%es are fully +isi&le and re%ain to the far left when Goo%ing

and scrolling in =croll 1iew( -pen dialo! bo3& :y default* the Open dialog &o- now displays all file types that Finale can open( Menu order& !he order in which %enus display in Finale has &een aligned so that they appear identical on Mac and Windows( For more information regarding specific menu command changes, see Finale 2014 Interface Changes in the User Manual.

SM0 Files %reated in t"e ori!inal Finale 2014 release =MP files created in the original Finale 2014 release are not co%pati&le with =%artMusic 2012( If you ha+e Finale 2012 installed* you can e-port your Finale 2014 docu%ent as a Finale 2012 file 6File H /3port H Finale 20128 and then open that e-ported file in Finale 2012 to sa+e it as an =MP for =%artMusic 2012( *ownload and Finale 5rial Finale 2014 is a+aila&le as a download fro% our we&site( !he trial +ersion is identical to the full +ersion* &ut does not include the <arritan sounds* local help files* or %usic files( "fter the 405day trial period* printing and sa+ing are disa&led( !o purchase the full +ersion of Finale* along with all sounds and features* choose )elp H 0ur%"ase Finale( !rial users$ after purchasing* another download is necessary to ac;uire the <arritan sounds* help files* and %usic files( 0la in! 8ui%$5ime 2ideos in Finale9s Mo1ie Window !o play Kuic'!i%e +ideos in Finale for Windows* Kuic'!i%e 6a free download at www(apple(co%8 %ust &e installed on your co%puter( Mo+ie files sa+ed in Windows Media Player for%ats do not re;uire Kuic'!i%e( Conta%tin! Customer Support For Finale support* +isit www(finale%usic(co%0support( Con1ertin! Finale 2012 :and earlier; do%uments into Finale 2014 do%uments Finale 2014 has a different file for%at than earlier +ersions* and con+erts older files to the new for%at when you open the% in Finale 2014( Finale 2014 will open and con+ert older +ersions, docu%ents* gi+ing the% the default title C)#!I!A@9(M)=/(F We reco%%end sa+ing a newly con+erted docu%ent with a different na%e than the original file* 'eeping the older uncon+erted file as a &ac'up( If you do want to sa+e the file using the sa%e na%e* choose =a+e "s fro% the File %enu( Finale Maintenance is run auto%atically to chec' for any errors while opening old files as long as Clean )p File 9ata is chec'ed in /dit H 0referen%es H -pen 6chec'ed &y default8( Runnin! older 1ersions of Finale Finale 2012 6and earlier +ersions8 for Windows or Mac cannot open any standard Finale 2014 file( !o open a Finale 2014 docu%ent in an earlier +ersion* choose File H /3port H Finale 2012 6for Finale 2012 only8 or File H /3port H Musi%<M, 6all other +ersions8( Finale for Windows includes the Music/MA i%porter &ac' to +ersion 2004* and then &ac' to 2000 using software a+aila&le separately( Finale for Mac supports Music/MA i%port &ac' to +ersion 2007* and &ac' to 2004 6O= / only8 using software a+aila&le separately( =ee www(%usic-%l(co%(

=ew Features in Finale 2014

=ew file format& 9esigned to i%pro+e co%pati&ility* the new for%at for docu%ents

created in Finale helps you share your %usic %ore easily( Older Finale docu%ents are auto%atically con+erted when you open the%* and you will &e pro%pted to sa+e the file in the new for%at( .ou can also e-port your docu%ent to the older for%at for use in Finale 2012 6use Music/MA for earlier +ersions of Finale8( >e less s%ores& Create scores or sections with no 'ey signature( .ou can also easily hide 'ey signatures and continue to auto%atically display accidentals using the Bide 'ey signature0=how accidentals option( ?eat+atta%"ed Smart S"apes& =%art =hapes that pre+iously attached to %easures now attach to &eats 6in the sa%e %anner as e-pressions8 with lines showing the attach%ent point( :eat attach%ent allows a =%art =hape start or end point to attach to a particular note* &eat* or right &arline( "ffected =%art =hapes include hairpins* trills and trill e-tensions* 3+a03+& 6otta+a0otta+a &assa8* horiGontal &rac'ets* and lines( Smart multi+la er a%%idental and rest "andlin!& ests of the sa%e duration and accidentals on unison notes in %ultiple layers now are displayed only once( "ccidentals in one layer are also carried through the %easure for all other layers 6these can optionally &e displayed in =taff "ttri&utes or =taff =tyles8( Impro1ed per%ussion fun%tionalit & !here is now greater interaction &etween the Percussion Aayout 9esigner and Percussion MI9I Maps* and Percussion MI9I Maps can now &e re%o+ed( .nlin$able Spe%ial 5ools& "lterations %ade with any of the =pecial !ools are now unlin'a&le &etween a score and its parts( M04 support& Finale now supports loading MP4 +ideos( Impro1ed S%annin!6SmartS%ore ,ite /n"an%ements& Finale now includes =%art=core Aite +ersion /2* offering i%pro+ed notation recognition( =ew ARIA 0la er& Finale includes the latest " I" Player fro% <arritan* with %ore than 400 instru%ents including the additions of alto flute* &ass flute* o&oe d,a%ore* @& clarinet* contra&ass clarinet* piccolo tru%pet* tu&ular &ells* string har%onics* percussion CtoysC* orchestral &rass %utes* flugelhorn* &asic "frican percussion* steel dru%s* &anLo* fife* ta&las* Celtic harp* and nine patches fro% <arritan Instant Orchestra( Impro1ements to openin! files& Finale displays all reada&le file types in the Open dialog &o-( "dditionally* Music/MA files can now &e dragged5and5dropped onto the Finale application( =ew met"od for Finale updates& "t launch* Finale auto%atically chec's for updates( Instead of re;uiring you to download and install the updates %anually fro% the Finale we&site* Finale now downloads and installs the updates auto%atically(

Fi3es in Finale 2014

C"ords Fret +alues o+er 10 for capo no longer cause a crash in the Chord 9efinition dialog &o-( /3pressions 9escriptions for new e-pressions can &e copied in the @-pression 9esigner( Fonts

Finale font annotation now supports )nicode( @ngra+er fonts are no longer %issing when e-porting to P9F(
4rap"i%s Bandles stay attached to a selected graphic when scrolling( )uman 0la ba%$ "ccordion instru%ents are now recogniGed as a single grand staff( , ri%s

Byphens and word e-tensions now appear in %irrored %easures(

Musi% Spa%in! Music spacing is now applied correctly to all layers when using "uto%atic )pdate Aayout( 0*F /3port Finale no longer crashes on P9F e-port when a %easure5 or &eat5attached score ele%ent is selected( 0la ba%$ )nison notes of different durations in %ultiple layers now play correctly( S%oreMana!er Percussion MI9I Maps now display correctly when changing a staffJs notation style to Percussion( S%oreMer!er Certain files containing repeats no longer cause a crash when &eing %erged( Measure nu%&er regions are now retained when %erging docu%ents( Merging docu%ents with duplicate instru%ents no longer o+erwrites the first instru%ent staff( Setup Wi(ard @& cornet instru%ents now appear with the correct transposition( @nse%&les containing )nicode characters now display correctly( 5e3t

!e-t fro% %ulti5line te-t &loc's now appear correctly in the @dit !e-t dialog &o-(