Problem Solving and Deci ion Ma!ing Tec"ni#$e
S%eciall& De igned 'or Indian Admini (ra(or
Professor Trilok Kumar Jain 12/10/2013

T"e idea ) vie* ) ("o$g"( and o%inion e+%re ed in ("i e,boo! are ("e %er onal vie* o' ("e a$("or- T"e a$("or i onl& re %on ible 'or an& mi (a!e ) error and la% e *i(" regard (o 'ac( and in'orma(ion in ("i boo!le(- T"e %$r%o e o' ("i ($d& ma(erial (o "el% a %ro%er di c$ ion-

A%%roac"e (o Problem Solving . Deci ion Ma!ing S(ra(egie
b& / Trilo! K$mar Jain Dean) IS0M) S$re " 1&an 2i"ar 3niver i(&) Jai%$r) India 4ain-(!5gmail-com re idence / Para!" Ni*a ) Siva!am$ 2e(erinar& 6o %i(al Road) 1ogaga(e Circle) 0andraba ) 0i!aner Mobile / 7818890:;9

Story of the wood chopper : <nce ("ere *a a *ood c"o%%er) "e *a o b$ & (r&ing (o c"o% do*n (ree *i(" "i ver& bl$n( a+e) ("a( "e com%lained "e co$ld never manage ("e (ime (o "ar%en "i a+e- T"$ "e *a (a!ing a long (ime (o c$( ("e *ood- Someone $gge (ed "im (o "ar%en ("e a+e- T"i increa ed "i e''ec(ivel& (rmendo$ l& and *"ile "e *a (a!ing a long (ime earlier) no* i( *a (a!ing a 'e* min$(e One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever "Tell me, I ll forget. Show me, I ll remem!er. Involve me, I ll understand" "#nyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. #nyone who $eeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to $eep your mind young.% - &enry 'ord

Ever& %roblem i an o%%or($ni(&- I( give &o$ ("e c"ance (o %rove ("a( &o$ are an admini (ra(or - 1rea( admini (ra(or are !no*n b& ("eir deci ion - T"e grea(er &o$r deci ion ma!ing !ill ) ("e grea( %re (ige and val$e &o$ *ill "ave- Admini (ra(or "ave (o inve ( ("eir (ime and energie in deci ion ma!ing- T"e ca%abili(& (o (a!e ("e be ( %o ible deci ion in ("e given i($a(ion *ill en $re ("a( &o$ are able (o %er'orm &o$r role and &o$r a%%oin(men( (o ("e %o ( i 4$ (i'ied=o$ can ee ("a( grea( admini (ra(or "ave (ran 'ormed ("eir organi a(ion a'(er ever& %roblem- <ne e+ec$(ive (ran 'ormed (raining academ&) *"en i( *a deva (a(ed b& 'lood About Tkjain’s 10 Principle Series A an a$("or o' managemen() I "ave iden(i'ied 10 e '$nc(ional a %ec( and "ave *ri((en e,boo! on %rinci%le > *"ic" are im%le) ea & (o remember) ea re'lec( ("e mo ( im%or(an( a %ec( - T"e e e,boo! in(erne(- Some o' ("e e are a $nder/ , En(re%rene$r ’ g$ide (o Managing 6$man Re o$rce En(re%rene$r ’ 1$ide (o managing Mar!e(ing 'or Tomorro* En(re%rene$r ’ 1$ide (o Managing ?inance En(re%rene$r ’ 1$ide (o Managing 0$ ine Nego(ia(ion en(ial %rinci%le in eac" ("o e '$ndamen(al 10 & (o $nder (and and can are 'reel& available on

T"e En(re%rene$r’ 1$ide (o Digi(al Mar!e(ing and @eb%rene$r "i%

(ecision ma$ing depends on following factors : a- &o$r $nder (anding o' ("e vi ion) mi and goal o' ("e organi a(ion ion) (ra(egie ) val$e

b- &o$r abili(& (o collec( 'ac( ) in'orma(ion) da(a) idea ) o%inion and re o$rce c- &o$r abili(& (o crea(e a %ar(ici%a(ive deci ion ma!ing clima(e)

*"ic" enable ("e organia(ional %ar(ici%an( (o o*n ("e deci ion d- &o$r abili(& (o genera(e ("e re#$ired clari(&) mo(iva(ion) $nder (anding) and Aeal 'or ("e im%lemen(a(ion o' ("e deci ion e- &o$r abili(& (o brea! comm$nica(ion barrier and e (abli " an environmen( o' (r$ () m$($al $%%or() coordina(ion and collabora(ion) o%enne and (ran %arenc&) %$blic acco$n(abili(& and commi(men()* 'undamentals of decision ma$ing : a- conver( ("e %roblem Bc"allengeC in(o an o%%or($ni(& b- iden(i'&) eval$a(e and di c$ al(erna(ive

c- dig ("e 'ac( be&ond ("e $r'ace and collec( in'orma(ion be&ond ("e in'orma(ion available (o ever&one d- vi $ali e ol$(ion) im%lemen(a(ion im$la(e i() an(ici%a(e ("e %roblem in

e- di c$ ) "are and ell &o$r deci ion convince ever&one abo$( &o$r deci ion

o ("a( &o$ are able (o

'- be 'le+ible) be %re%ared (o ada%( a %er i($a(ion g- *or! a %er g$ideline o' ("e "ig"er a$("ori(ie D (a!e "ig"er a$("ori(ie in con'idence "- ac#$ire (raining) c"ange men(al "oriAon 'or en"ancing &o$r vi ion i- em%a("i e , develo% $nder (anding o' o("er E %er %ec(ive and ("eir %roblem 4- give credi( (o &o$r (eam) o*n ("e mi (a!e and 'ail$re








1. Role Con'lic( 2. Re o$rce Con (rain( 3. Emo(ional <$(b$r ( ) Pre4$dice e(c4. Lac! o' @or! C$l($re 5. Lac! o' Ini(ia(ive 6. Admini (ra(ive Poicie and 0$rea$cra(ic S(r$c($re 7. Re i (ance (o C"ange 8. Con'lic( 9. Lac! o' in'orma(ion and nece

ar& g$ideline

10. Lac! o' coordina(ion and con(rol

T"e e %oin( are di c$

ed belo* / ,

Role Con'lic( / =o$ are a !ed (o *or! on %ro4ec( ) *"ere &o$ are no( clear abo$( &o$r a$("ori(& or &o$ don( "ave re#$ired a$("ori(& or &o$ are *or!ing on a %ro4ec( on *"ic" ome o("er i al o *or!ing and noone i $re abo$( clari(& o' role or &o$ "ave ome %ro4ec( *"ic" i be&ond &o$r com%e(enc&$gge (ion / A an admini (ra(or) organi e role clari(& e ion ) coordina(ion e ion and become a grea( organi er- <rgani e role di c$ ion ) role clari(& e ion ) "ave clari(& regarding *"a( o("er e+%ec( 'rom &o$ and "o* ("e& *i " &o$ (o *or!- T*o %er on (ar(ed *or!ing (o %romo(e 'amil& %lanning- <ne *en( 'rom "ome (o "ome re#$e (ing 'or 'amill& %lanning , b$( 'ailedT"e o("er *en( (o villager (o olve ("eir %roblem and e (abli " 'riend "i% *i(" ("em *i("o$( (al!ing abo$( 'amil& %lanning and $l(ima(el& ac"ieved "i goal - A clari(& o' role and clari(& o' goal "el%ed ("e %er on-

Re o$rce Con (rain( D organi a(ional con (rain( D di crimina(or& & (em/ T"ere are ome re o$rce ) *"ic" are al*a& in "or( $%%l&- Some o' ("e e are / a- (ime b- mone& c- man%o*er da$("ori(& e- o''ice e#$i%men( and (ool '- *rong %olicie and %rac(ice - =o$ *ill al*a& 'ind ("a( &o$ "ave (o *or! *i(" le re o$rce - =o$ *ill al*a& 'ind ome limi(a(ion in ("e & (em and %roced$re - Trea( ("e e a o%%or($ni(ie $gge (ion / Pre%are a (ra(eg& (o demand 'or re o$rce ) %ro4ec( &o$r re o$rce re#$iremen( clearl& and %ro%erl& and (ell clearl& *"a( i ("e *or! (o be done (o ("e "ig"er a$("ori(ie o ("a( &o$ ma& ge( ("e re#$ired re o$rce - Clearl& %eci'& ("e con (rain( $nder *"ic" &o$ are *or!ing- =e() %re%are &o$r el' (o *or! $nder le re o$rce - Innova(e) (re(c" and e+(end ("e e+i (ing re o$rce and en $re ("a( &o$ are able (o o$(%er'orm *i(" le re o$rce E+am%le / , 0eca$ e Nic! 2$4icic didn( "ave "and and leg ) "e emerged a ("e be ( mo(iva(or and in %ira(ional leader 'or ma e - 0eca$ e Jagdi " 0"ai Pa(el *a a blind) "e e( $% 0lind Men E A ocia(ion Bno* 0lind Peo%leE A ocia(ionC and (ran 'ormed live o' blind %eo%le all over ("e co$n(r&- 0eca$ e 1and"i 4i *a denied 1 ( cla (ravel in So$(" A'rica) "e c"anged "i %a(" 'rom being an advoca(e (o being a "$man rig"( c"am%ion and $l(ima(el& a a 'reedom 'ig"(erDr- Ma"endra K"adga*a() ("e Direc(or o' Ra4a ("an Arc"ieve com%le(ed digi(ali ed over 9F la!" doc$men( incl$ding over 1000 &ear old doc$men( rela(ing (o %rincel& (a(e and old doc$men( rela(ing (o land record in a ver& "or( %an o' (ime in %i(e o' re i (ence) and "$rdle ("a( "e 'aced in ("e %roce - ?or de(ail ) %lea e read ("e ca e ($d& on Dr- Ma"endra K"adga*a( b& clic!ing "ere-

Dr- La(ee' 3 (a com%le(el& (ran 'ormed Ja*a"ar Kala Kendra 0i!aner and (ar(ed a ne* 'ol! ar( . (radi(ional Ra4a ("ani m$ e$m in ("e Kala!endra- ?or ("i "e didn( "ave ("e re#$ired re o$rce ) man%o*er and (ime- 6o*ever) "e $ ed ("e ervice o' ($den( *"o came 'or $mmer (raining in ("i %ro4ec( and "e ac"ieved "i goal *i(" %er'ec(ion- Tr$l& an amaAing %ro4ec( *i("o$( re#$ired re o$rce Emo(ional <$(b$r () Pre4$dice e(c / "anding emo(ional i $e i a di''ic$l( (a !- <rgani a(ion are no( 4$ ( b$ndle o' %eo%le- To develo% grea( (eam ) &o$ "ave (o "ave a mo(iva(ed (eam and ("ere'ore "andling emo(ional i $e *i(" care i ver& im%or(an($gge (ion / Pre%are &o$r (ra(eg& (o "andle emo(ional i $e S(ic! (o &o$r goal and ac"ieve i(- Kabir K"an in C"a! De 'ilm 'ace %re4$dice o' %eo%le) b$( %rove "im el' b& %er'ormance and en $re ("a( *i(" "i dedica(ed %er'ormance) "e i able (o bring vic(or& 'or IndiaLac! o' @or! C$l($re / ("ere are ome organi a(ion ) *"ere %eo%le don( *i " (o *or!- =o$ ma& (r& "ard) &e() &o$ *ill no(ice ("a( ("e& are ("ere 4$ ( (o !ill (ime- T"e& 'ail (o reali e ("e immen e 4o& o' doing "one ( and commi((ed *or!- T"e& 'ail (o en4o& ("e a(i 'ac(ion o' ac"ievemen( - T"e& lac! ac"ievemen( mo(iva(ion and an& *illingne (o %er'ormIn ("e 'ilm Lagaan) *e 'ind ("a( *"en ("ere i a $%er,ordina(e goal) a ver& im%or(an( ca$ e) ever&one 4oin and $%%or( ("e ca$ e- T"o e *"o *ere con idered in igni'ican() mall and o("er*i e inca%able) became in (r$men(al in ac"ieving $cce <nce ("ere i a grea( *or! c$l($re) ever&one become ("e *inner@e can learn 'rom ("e leader "i% (&le o' 0"$van in LagaanLac! o' Ini(ia(ive / <rgani a(ion can gro* onl& i' em%lo&ee are %roac(ive and (a!e ini(ia(ive (o olve %roblem ) "o*ever) mo ( em%lo&ee don( do i(- =o$ "ave (o crea(e a c$l($re 'or ini(ia(ive and innova(ion and en $re ("a( ("o e *"o 'ail (o (a!e re#$ired

ini(ia(ive are given %ro%er orien(a(ion D (raining D mo(iva(ion 'or ("i Admini (ra(ive Policie and 0$rea$cra(ic S(r$c($re/ mo ( organiAa(ion crea(e %olicie 'or ("e develo%men( o' organiAa(ion G "o*ever) ("e e ame %olicie la(er become "$rdle a ("e e %olicie become b$rea$cra(ic- Policie ) %roced$re ) %rac(ice and (r$c($re give (abili(&) order) and di ci%line (o ("e organiAa(ion - 0$( over a %eriod o' (ime) ("e e can conver( organiAa(ion in(o a b$rea$cra(ic organiAa(ion and i( ma& com%le(el& mar ("e %er'ormance o' ("e organiAa(ionRe i (ance (o C"ange/ Peo%le re i ( c"ange- Tec"nological i $e ) c"anging circ$m (ance ) c"anging "abi( ) c"anging li'e (&le) c"anging %oli(ical %"ilo o%"&) increa ing com%e(i(ion and o("er 'ac(or 'orce organiAa(ion (o c"ange and ada%( (o ("e i($a(ion 6o*ever) em%lo&ee do re i ( (o c"ange d$e (o man& rea on li!e ("eir o*n *or!ing "abi( ) ("eir ve (ed in(ere ( ) ("eir o*n ire, ra(ional %ro4ec(ion o' '$($re) 'ear and %eer %re $re- T"ere i a need o' managing c"ange %ro%erl&- T"e admini (ra(or m$ ( learn ("e ar( o' (reng("ening ("e 'orce in 'avor o' c"ange and minimiAe ("e 'orce again ( c"ange- T"e e+ec$(ive m$ ( (r& (o crea(e an environmen( in 'avor o' c"ange managemen(Con'lic( / con'lic( are na($ral (o ("ere are al*a& i($a(ion *"en di''ic$l( (o "andle- T"e e i $e m$ (o en $re ("a( ("ere are mec"ani m ("e organiAa(ion ) "o*ever) ("e e con'lic( become (oo ( be "andled care'$ll& and (r& (o manage con'lic( -

Lac! o' in'orma(ion and nece ar& g$ideline / ("ere ma& be i($a(ion *"en &o$ "ave (o (a!e a deci ion) 'or *"ic" &o$ don’( "ave an& "el%ing in'orma(ion D g$ideline D %roced$re D in (r$c(ion - =o$ ma& 'ind &o$r el' %er%le+ed- I( i nece ar& (o ee! g$ideline o' "ig"er a$("ori(ie in $c" i($a(ion - 6o*ever) *"en ("ere i an emergenc&) &o$ can’( %o (%one- =o$ "ave (o (a!e a deci ion- T"e deci ion m$ ( re'lec( &o$r ca%abili(&- T"e

#$ali(& o' deci ion m$ ( %rove ("a( &o$ $nder (and ("e vi ion) mi ion) (ra(egie ) val$e ) and goal o' ("e organiAa(ion and all &o$r deci ion are in line *i(" ("e eLac! o' coordina(ion and con(rol/ &o$ can con(rol &o$r el') b$( can’( con(rol o("er - =o$ "ave (o crea(e con(rol 'or o("er Bcon(rol H (andard ) g$ideline ) e( o' e+%ec(a(ion e(c-C- Crea(e con(rol and %arame(er ("a( can en $re ("a( &o$ are able (o "andle %o(en(ial %roblem )* +ro!lem Solving and (ecision ,a$ing Techni-ues
11. Learn

and %rac(ice ("e %o i(ive o' ("e Ja%ane e Managemen( incl$ding JIT B4$ ( in (ime inven(or& managemen(C) TIM B(o(al #$ali(& managemen(C ) Kanab) TPM) KaiAen B mall im%rovemen(C) Ringi eido B%ro%o al a%%roved b& "ig"er a$("ori(ie di c$ ed 'or im%lemen(a(ionC) 1enc"i 1enb$( $ Bdir(& &o$r "and in 'ac(or& (o $nder (and i(C) #$ali(& 'or$m D #$ali(& circle Bvol$n(ar& gro$% (o moni(or& #$ali(& and im%rove i(C incl$ding S3E BC"ine e organi a(ion & (em (o e#$a(e (o 'amil& managemen( & (emC and 1$an+i Bin'ormal rela(ion managemen(C

12. Learn and Prac(ice ("e %o i(ive o' ("e C"ine e managemen(

13. Learn 'rom Indian leader / , Learn and %rac(ice 0irlaE

Managemen( (&le o' devo(ion (o ("e 1od) a "ol& *or! %lace) and crea(ing re iden(ial 'acili(ie be'ore 'ac(orie - Learn and %rac(ice 0a4a4E managemen( (&le o' con(rib$(ing 'or ("e ca$ e o' ("e na(ion) %romo(ing and advoca(ing na(ional val$e - Learn and %rac(ice Ta(aE managemen( (&le o' em%lo&ee *el'are and em%lo&ee involvemen(14. <CTAPACE Bcrea(e a *or! c$l($re ba ed on ("e val$e o' / ,

o%enne ) collabora(ion) (r$ () a$(onom&) %roac(ion) a$("en(ici(&) crea(ivi(&) e+%erimen(a(ionC

15. Crea(e SMART B %eci'ic) mea $rable) ac"ievable) reali (ic

and (ime bo$ndC 1oal
16. learn 'rom ("e Indian 'amil& managemen( & (em B4oin( 'ood

(a!ing) 4oin( re %on ibili(e ) 4oin( di c$ ion and re %ec( (o elder C- Read ca e ($die on ?amil& 0$ ine Managemen(?or &o$r re'erence one $c" ca e ($d& i a 'ollo* / , ?amil& 0$ ine Managemen( Ca e S($d&
17. learn 'rom anecdo(e ) c$l($re) and ri($al BLearn 'rom

1ane "a / , !ee% a "ead li!e an ele%"an( , large eno$g" (o accommoda(e idea ) ("in! dee% and medi(a(e) !ee% a long no e (o collec( ever& in'orma(ion 'rom gro$nd) !ee% a large (omac" (o dige ( ever& in'orma(ion) in $l( and even "$milia(ion e(cC
18. learn %o i(ive (ec"ni#$e 'rom na($re) animal and

$rro$nding Beagle , 'oc$ on goal ) gee e . 6one& bee , amaAing (eam *or! e(c-C
19. M0<Bmanagemen( b& ob4ec(ive C) M0@A Bmanagemen( b&

*andering abo$(C) 0alanced Scorecard B'inancial %er %ec(ive) c$ (omer %er %ec(ive) learning and gro*(" %er %ec(ive and b$ ine %roce %er %ec(iveC) 9;0 a%%rai al & (em Binvolve colleag$e ) $bordina(e and (a!e"older in a%%rai al & (em be ide ("e $%erior C
20. Learn %o i(ive (ec"ni#$e 'rom Mei (er & (em o' 1erman&)

1$r$!$l) Mar4a and M$nim & (em o' India and )

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