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(a) When any one dies his/her soul departs and is placed in his/her graves.

(b) In the grave, the Muslims are welcomed and will treat them well, but
non-believer will suffer and their right-side ribs will interlock with the left-
side ribs.

(c) Allah (God) will send the two angels (Munkar & Nakeer) to enter the
grave. They will shake the deceased and get him or her up.

The following three questions will be asked to the deceased:

(i) Who is your Lord?

(ii) What is your religion?

(iii) What do you have to say about this person (Prophet Muhammad
(PBUH) will appear in front of the deceased)?

If the deceased is a Muslim, then he/she will answer:

(i) Allah is my Lord

(ii) Islam is my religion

(iii) He is the Messenger of Almighty Allah.

Once he/she has answered all the questions, then the order will come from
the sky. " My servant has spoken the truth. Lay for him the bedding of
Paradise, and dress him with clothes of Paradise, and open the doors of
Paradise. " The cool wind and beautiful scent of Jannat(Paradise) will enter
his grave. His grave will be made wide as far as his eye could see. The
angels will say to him, "Sleep like a bridegroom."

If the deceased is a non-believer/non-Muslim, then he/she will answer:

(i) O' what a pity I do not know.

(ii) O' what a pity I do not know

(iii) O' what a pity I do not know

Once he/she has answered all the questions, then the order will come from
the sky. . " This person is lying. Lay for him the bedding of fire and dress
him with the clothes of fire and open the doors of Hell." The heat of hell will
enter the grave. Two other angels will be appointed to give the person
punishment in the grave, by snakes, scorpions and other means.


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