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Roberto Vences English 1101 Padgett To: Dr. Brian Toth Dear Dr.

Toth: I am writing to you because you as well as the whole school knows about the incident that happened with yearbook. In our school yearbook we are allowed to have a senior quote. My senior quote was I am getting myself ready for the restart of my journey, gradually. The problem was not my senior quote but the author. My author was Jack Mehoff. This author was seen as sexual innuendo six months after I had submitted it to the journalism staff. Yearbook quotes were submitted around October and the yearbook finally arrived around May. Nowhere in my mind did I ever think that I would get in trouble for something that was submitted over 6 months ago. How you came to notice the author of my senior quote I will never find out nor I care. But the problem with this is that I was the one who got in trouble for something that wasnt my fault and was the editing staffs fault. I say to this day that it is still their fault because they had about four months to make sure everything in the yearbook was right before it was published, FOUR MONTHS!!! I was called into your office four weeks before school was over giving alternative school for the rest of the year for something that wasnt my damn fault. When we were in your office your only argument was that I was liar and that Mr. Dillion was not at fault because of some stupid reason you came up with. When I questioned Mr. Dillion about the way he ran his class in front of you and the stuff he did you automatically yelled at me and kicked me out of your office for being disrespectful. You as well as Mr. Dillion know that he is a lazy teacher who never does anything and always takes the easy way out and this happened to be reason why I got in trouble. He was too lazy to review the final version of the yearbook so he just gave it to his class to do it for him. Now I will talk about the punishment I received. At first you said that I would only be in ISS for two weeks but since I proved you wrong you decided to raise that punishment to the remainder of the year in alternative school and you even had the nerve to say that I had to pay 45,000 dollars for damages to the yearbooks. That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life and to make it worse you had the cops come get me out of class and escort me to alternative school like I was a criminal. In my four years of high school not once did I ever get in trouble and you treat me like I was a felon. I dont have a solution to propose because this will be a waste of time and your too ignorant to listen to anyone just because you have four degrees. You think your better then all the high school kids but dont forget that you were a disgrace of a student while in high school. Graduating with a 2.5 GPA is not anything to boast about but yet you still act like you were an honor student during your time in high school.

I just wished that you had listened to what I said as well to the whole teaching staff who all defended me because you were wrong. Since nothing will happen to make something that has already passed and will never in my life happen again, I just want to say that I hate you from the bottom of my heart. You made the last month of my senior year a very sad time and again I hate you and I hope you get fired and your world turns upside down and becomes hell. Sincerely, Roberto Vences

During my senior year of high school, I had gotten in trouble for something that was not my fault and was punished severely for it. The yearbook staff of my high school was unable to carry out their duties and obligations on revising what was given as a senior quote, and I was the one who had to suffer the consequences. The school officials treated me unjustly and the punishments that they stated were unbelievable and exaggerated. In the course of this complaint letter, I was able to address the man that made my senior year of high school the worst time. I was able to write to my principal, Dr. Toth, about how to this day I believe that I was treated unfairly on something that was not my fault. As I discussed my issues within my complaint letter, I used very strong words to illustrate how I felt at that time as well as how I feel about the situation now. For my emotional appeals (pathos) in my complaint letter, I stated how I felt about the issue and the unjust consequences I had to suffer. Within my letter I stated about how the consequences that were given to me were unbelievably unfair and biased. The feelings that I had expressed were mostly anger and rage due to the fact that I have never once in my high school career have gotten in trouble, especially for something that was not my fault. This was a very emotional situation that I had to suffer through my last months in high school. My fellow peers, my teachers, and most importantly my mum ostracized me. I felt isolated and felt like I was not a part of the graduating class of 2013. For my rational appeals (logos) that I had written in my complaint letter, I stated facts about a variety of things. I wrote about my principals academic background as well as my yearbooks editor in chief, Mr. Dillion, work ethics. Dr. Toth, graduated with a 2.5 GPA and he believed he was far more superior than the student body and the

administrative staff. On the other hand, Mr. Dillion had no work ethics at all. He spent most of his time just sitting in his seat and not overlook the duties and obligations he had as an editor in chief. Although some of it may seem bias, these are the facts and reality that I had faced as a student and as an individual. For my ethical appeals (ethos) that I had written in my complaint letter, I expressed what I had gone through without any tweaks or any exaggerations. Though my letter may seem a bit biased, I made the audience as well as Dr. Toth acknowledge the unfairness I had to suffer. I made fair judgements about both, Dr. Toth and Mr. Dillion, on the consequences that I had to suffer from the lack of work and obligations the yearbook staff had. Anticipation. Freedom. Excitement. These were the emotions I was supposed to experience during my last semester of my high school career. Isolation. Anger. Loneliness. These are the feelings I had to experience during my time at my high school. I was accused and punished unjustly for something I should not have been punished for. Being blamed for the fact that the yearbook staff could not do their jobs and carry out their duties and obligations is preposterous. Also, for my editor in chief, who also is my Journalism teacher, could not carry out his duties. This complaint letter helped me open up about the situation and consequences and let me express my feelings that I was forcibly told to hush about. The false accusations that I had to suffer with have molded me into the person I am today. I learned that I couldnt trust school officials and members of a specific group/club blindly with the work I do for them. I need to revise it myself and acknowledge the fact that people do not usually carry out their obligations and duties and that I need to make sure I ask for approval not once, but many times in order to not suffer any consequences.