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Co-op Scholarship Program

Never Stand Still Co-op Program

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What is the UNSW Co-op Program?

Set up by industry leaders and UNSW, the Co-op Program is the career development scholarship for high achieving undergraduate students, offering industry training, leadership and professional development, networking opportunities, mentoring and financial support of $16,750 p.a. tax free for four to five years.

Australias leading companies take part in the education and professional development of some of the nations best and brightest students with a view to recruit high-potential employees.

Business, Engineering, Built Environment and Science

Program structures vary depending on the academic program requirements.

Co-op Business, Business Information Systems and Built Environment Programs are four year degrees. The three*
industry training placements are treated as courses. Placements are structured, assessed and awarded units of credit and scholars must do Honours or a double major depending on chosen program.
* Only the two 24 week placements in the Built Environment Program are treated as courses.

Students undertaking Co-op Engineering and Science Programs

are granted three or four year degrees, which become four or ve year programs to accommodate industry training placements. These placements are not treated as courses, allowing greater exibility of work undertaken on placement and increased opportunity to pursue double degrees. It is essential to GO ONLINE for more program details, study schedules and sponsor lists at Please check the website regularly for updates on available programs for 2014.

What do YOU experience by becoming a Co-op scholar?

Between 9 and 18 months of relevant industry experience with multiple companies during your degree not only provides
invaluable insight into the real world of work in your chosen profession but also puts Co-op graduates ahead of the competition when it comes to graduate recruitment.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for outgoing, motivated, ambitious, high achievers. Candidates for the Co-op Scholarship are selected
not only on the basis of their academic ability, but also their communication skills, motivation and leadership potential. We want outgoing students who get involved in a range of activities and can demonstrate balance between academic, extracurricular and social pursuits.

Leadership and professional development training through camps and interactive workshops, enhance your skills in leadership, teamwork, communication and develop your ability to transition and operate effectively in the workplace. These sessions are presented in a way that you will nd challenging, practical, fun and social. Mentoring and support is oered throughout the program.
You will have access to a large support network, assisting the transition to university and enhancing your academic and career pursuits.

You need to demonstrate responsibility, commitment and resilience. The Co-op Program presents scholars with unique
experiences to learn and grow. It provides opportunities for them to practice and demonstrate a high level of responsibility, commitment and resilience. This program is for students who thrive on challenges, appreciate the opportunities presented to them, make the most of every situation and commit to seeing things through to the end.

Stacks of Co-op events help you create professional and social networks. Networking is not only an important element in
graduate recruitment and career development, but also in making the most of university life. Talk to a variety of employers through a range of events and build professional networks that can develop and last your entire career. Regular Co-op social gatherings encourage you to get to know peers from all disciplines and also keep in touch with the Co-op team. The Co-op community of scholars is a close knit group and offers great peer support throughout the challenges of study, work placements and into graduate employment. You also have the opportunity to undertake an international exchange during your degree, expanding your global network!

Financial support of $16,750 p.a. for every year of your Co-op Program.

> GO ONLINE to read more about the Co-op experience from Co-op scholars

Do YOU have what it takes to become a future Co-op scholar?

A high ATAR alone is not sufcient to gain entry into the Program. We are looking for Co-op scholars who: are active in school and/or community activities show initiative and leadership make a signicant contribution to school or community communicate well enjoy working with other people want to be active within the university and Co-op community have a real and genuine interest in a career in industry or a government enterprise in their chosen eld of study are ambitious and keen to contribute in their chosen eld of study care about what is happening in the community, country and the world at large

Dual degrees and double majors

Many double majors are possible under the Co-op Program, however, if during your studies you wish to explore undertaking a dual degree, you can discuss the possibility with the Co-op team. If you can demonstrate strong academic achievement, full all Co-op Scholarship requirements and gain sponsors approval, it may be possible to undertake a dual degree whilst keeping a Co-op Scholarship. Please note that dual degrees with Law cannot be studied under the Co-op Program due to conicts with the placement schedule.


May Applications open online Saturday 7 September UNSW Open Day Monday 30 September Applications close Thursday 7 November Interview notication Sunday 10 November Last date to accept/decline interview Monday 25 November Interview Brieng Day (ALL programs) Tuesday 26 November Interviews (ALL programs)

If this sounds like you, and you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident we strongly encourage you to apply.

ATAR requirement
For a 2013 high school leaver entering the program the minimum academic requirement is an ATAR of 96 (or equivalent), or entry into the chosen degree program at UNSW, whichever is the higher. No bonus points (except EAS) will be considered for this requirement. Anyone expecting an ATAR above 90 should consider applying because you could be pleasantly surprised by your results. If taking a gap year, students need to reapply in 2014 and meet 2015 entry requirements.

N.B. You will be told at your Interview Brieng Day the date that
interview outcomes will be available. Conditional offers will be released online.

Go online for more information

It is essential to GO ONLINE for more information on programs, current sponsors, scholar proles, the leadership and professional development training, our school success page which lists the high schools our current scholars came from and so much more. Remember to check the Future Students FAQ page and if you cant nd what youre looking for on the website, contact us!

UAC Codes
To accept a Co-op Scholarship you will need to ensure that you gain entry into the corresponding single degree program (e.g. entry into the Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (Co-op) is required for an offer in the Co-op Actuarial Studies Program), check the website for UAC codes. You will not be able to accept your Scholarship through the exible rst year engineering program or a combined degree program.

UNSW CO-OP PROGRAM P: +61 2 9385 5116 F: +61 2 9313 6774 E: W: Library Annex (F21 on the UNSW Campus Map) Enter via Gate 11, Botany Street

Insights from our NEW Co-op scholars

I chose the UNSW Co-op Program because I believe it is an intricately designed journey towards future success lled with invaluable experiences, from working in the biggest rms to building the foundations of lifelong friendships.
Shivarangan Balakumar, 2013 Finance & Banking Co-op scholar Davina Adisusila, 2013 Computer Science Co-op scholar

The Co-op Program is invaluable in preparing me for the workforce, allowing me to stand out to employers and build social and professional networks through its leadership training.

Build Your Future Success

After gaining extensive work experience via the program, Co-op scholars are highly sought-after by our sponsors for graduate recruitment.
Co-op students really stand out to employers during graduate recruitment season. Through the industry placements, they gain valuable real world experience in the profession. It not only gives them a head start over other graduate candidates in both technical and soft skills, but also means they can make better career choices, having had the chance to experience what various roles actually involve.
Julia Markwell, Chemical Engineering Co-op scholar on Industry Placement Liz Brown, Partner, Risk Services, Deloitte

Are you from a rural area of Australia?

Rural students frequently have a strong interest in engineering but are not able to study in a region close to their home. Each year the Faculty of Engineering Rural Scholarship Program has approximately 20 scholarships, valued at $10,500 p.a (tax free) for four years, available for rural students who can undertake one of more than 30 full-time engineering programs. Find out more online at and apply using the same online application system as the Co-op Program at

Do you want to know more about other scholarships oered at UNSW?

A range of UNSW scholarships are available to students from rst year and right through their university career. To identify scholarships relevant to you, GO ONLINE and use the search function to nd a scholarship in your area of interest or match your circumstances Applications for UNSW Co-op Program, Rural Scholarships and most other high school leaver scholarships open ONLINE in May and close on 30th September.

Build Your Future Success Start your application today