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Jeff Rost Science--Mock Rock Investigation Lesson 6Thursday, Septem er !

th, "#$% This is the si&th 'esson in an investigative science unit over rocks, minera's, and geo'ogy( )rior to this 'esson, students have o served mock rocks *made y me+, roken them apart to o serve properties, ,mined- the minera's and separated.c'assified them, put some of the minera's in a via' of /ater to separate over severa' days, and fina''y, they poured the /ater from the via' into an evaporating dish *in the previous 'esson+ and have a''o/ed the /ater to evaporate to investigate if there /ere e'ements that disso'ved in the /ater( )urpose Statement0 I /i'' identify and descri e crysta's that formed as a resu't of evaporation and I /i'' identify and record a'' mock minera's used( 1ommon 1ore State Standard0 2rades %-! 3arth and Space0 4nderstand and app'y kno/'edge of properties and uses of earth materia's( Materia's0 5oss evaporating dishes from previous 'esson, 1rysta' Identification 6ey *one per partnership+, penci's, 3arth Materia's 7ote ook, Mimeo, pro8ector, and hand 'enses( $( I /i'' start y asking students to get their 3arth Materia's note ook out of their desk to ease transitions once they have materia's for their investigation( "( I /i'' start discussion y /riting the voca u'ary that /e have 'earned thus far in the unit on the oard and asking students /hat each /ord means( These /ords /i'' inc'ude geo'ogy, geo'ogist, property, disso've, rock, and minera'( %( I /i'' ask students to reca'' that /e 'et our mock rocks sit in a via' overnight and some materia's disso'ved( I /i'' have a sma'' see-through cup and a pinch of sa't at the front of the room to sho/ ho/ fast some materia's disso've in /ater( I /i'' pour the sa't in the /ater and /a'k around the room as I stir to sho/ students that it often does not take much time for so'ids to disso've( a( I /i'' provide each pod /ith a sma'' cup of /ater and sa't so that they may investigate pouring the sa't into the /ater and ho/ fast it disso'ves( I /i'' encourage students to start out /ith a sma'' amount, and then gradua''y add more if they /ish to see if the sa't easi'y disso'ves /hen more is added( 9( I /i'' pu'' the c'ass together to discuss our o servations( I /i'' ask students to dra/ comparisons et/een the sa't /ater and rea' 'ife e&periences( :epending on student responses, I /i'' provide the e&amp'e of mi&ing 6oo'-;id and sugar /ith /ater * eing too s/eet or not s/eet enough+( !( I /i'' then ask students to reca'' /hat /e did during our previous investigation( I /i'' 'ead the discussion to inc'ude reaking mock rocks up, putting them in via's to separate the ingredients, pouring the 'i<uid into dishes to evaporate, and identifying some ingredients( I /i'' a'so e sure to discuss surface area and evaporation */hich /e rief'y discussed 'ast 'esson+(

6( I /i'' then e&p'ain to students that most of the /ater in their dishes has evaporated comp'ete'y and they are ready to investigate( 5or teams that added too much /ater to their dishes 'ast 'esson and not a'' of it has evaporated, I /i'' p'ace their trays outside in the sun prior to this 'esson to e&pedite the process so they may investigate their dishes fu''y( =( I /i'' ask one 'earning partner from each group to retrieve their dish from the tray as /e'' as a hand 'ens( I /i'' instruct them to 'ook at /hat they see in their dishes *using a hand 'ens+ and dra/ it on page 6 of their 3arth Materia's note ook *using penci'+( I /i'' give these instructions prior to re'easing them, and they /i'' e on the pro8ector( >( ;s students are o serving and dra/ing in their note ooks, I /i'' /a'k around the room to monitor student progress( I /i'' engage /ith them a out /hat they see, as /e'' as ensure they do not have <uestions and that they stay on task( I /i'' ask students to share /ith their pods /here they think the crysta's came from( I /i'' a'so ask them to ta'k /ith their group to determine /hat the crysta's are( ?( I /i'' ask students to share /hat they see *'itt'e s<uares /ith @s in them, possi 'y he&agona' crysta's, etc(+( I /i'' ask "-% students to come to the Mimeo oard to dra/ /hat they sa/( $#( ;s students are dra/ing, I /i'' e&p'ain that they have 8ust o served crysta's, and that crysta's are a so'id form of materia' that can e identified y its characteristic shape or pattern *this /i'' e /ritten on the oard+( $$( I /i'' ask students to discuss /ith their 'earning partner, ,Ao/ do you think the crysta's got thereB- ;s students are ans/ering, I /i'' pass out the 1rysta' Identification Sheet *one per partner group+( I /i'' ask them to identify /hat crysta's they have found using their hand 'ens( ;'' students shou'd identify the sa't crysta's, and some may identify the a'um( Ce /i'' discuss this as a c'ass as /e''( $"( I /i'' again ask ho/ the crysta's got into the dishes( I /i'' 'ead discussion unti' /e have reached the point of discussing that sa't /as disso'ved in the /ater /hen the mock rocks /ere soaking in /ater via's( 5urther, /hen the /ater /as poured into the dish, the disso'ved sa't /ent /ith it *refer to opener /ith sa't disso'ving+, and the /ater evaporated into the air, 'eaving the sa't in the dish( $%( I /i'' ask students to /ork /ith their 'earning partners to identify a'' of the minera's inc'uded in the mock rocks on page = of their 3arth Materia's note ook( ;s students /ork, I /i'' /a'k around the room, engage /ith students, and monitor student progress( $9( ;s a /ho'e group, /e /i'' discuss the minera's /e found, inc'uding she''s, grave' *t/o co'ors+, sa't, sand, and f'our( I /i'' create this 'ist on the oard, and if a student says something 'ike ,fossi's,- I /i'' /rite that in a different co'umn( $!( Ce /i'' discuss as a group /hat evidence they have for these minera's, and I /i'' ask that they /rite it do/n as /e discuss it( a( 2rave' and she'' evidence is seeing it ( 5'our and sand evidence /as found after sett'ing c( Sa't evidence discovered as /ater evaporated $6( I /i'' c'ose y sho/ing the difference *using 'ist on oard+ et/een rea' minera's and mock minera's, ca''ing attention again to the /ord mock( I /i'' e&p'ain that our mock minera's made our mock rocks, 8ust 'ike rea' minera's are ingredients in

rea' rocks( $=( I /i'' ask students to fi'' out the 3&it S'ip prior to c'eaning up for science( ;fter I have handed out the s'ips, I /i'' /a'k around the room and monitor student progress( I /i'' engage /ith students a out /hat they sa/, and provide prompts for those /ho might need further support( $>( The e&it s'ip says, ,; student /rote in her 8ourna', D; rock is 'ike a choco'ate chip cookie(E Chat do you think she meant /hen she /rote that sentenceB- I /i'' ask the students /hat their thoughts are, and /i'' ask them if there is any /ay /e cou'd find out /hat she meant( I /i'' then pass out a choco'ate chip cookie to each student */ith a paper to/e'+ and /i'' ask each student to reak their cookie up in order to ans/er the <uestion( I /i'' te'' them that they may eat their cookie once they have ans/ered the <uestion( I /i'' co''ect this e&it s'ip formative'y(

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