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How Vedic Astrology Works

Published on Nov 22 2013 07:30 PM | Posted by smartrajesh | Vedic Astrolo y !"yotish#

$he %no&led e o' Vedic Astrolo y has come do&n to us 'rom the Vedic slo%as( $hese slo%as have been dee)ly studied and reali*ed by our +iddhas in ancient times( ,ence- throu h them &e learnt about the .niverse- and the &aves o' ener y that im)act our lives( $hey su ested )ractical &ays to di''use ne ative ener ies o' )lanets in our lives and ho& to see% blessin s o' ood ener ies( Vedic Astrolo y uides us to see% a better li'e than &hat our )lanets have destined 'or us( +iddhas in ancient times had understood the cosmic ener y- and calculated its e''ects 'or the ood o' common man( Maharishi Parashara is said to have )rovided e/)lanations o' this ancient Vedic science as )redictive astrolo y to enable man see% blessin s o' bene'ic 'orces and )rotect themselves 'rom male'ic ones(

+ource o' Vedic Astrolo y:

Vedic slo%as tell us ho& the )resence o' )lanets in each house can create s)eci'ic e''ects on man( 0ut many o' these slo%as are indicative or su estive in nature and not easy to com)rehend &ithout dee)er %no&led e o' Meta)hysics( 1enerally s)ea%in Ancient Vedic Astrolo y- as revealed throu h Vedas- mainly relates about creation o' this .niverse- and its relationshi) &ith man born to the 2arth(

Astrolo y that came do&n 'rom the +iddhas:

3t &as throu h the +iddhas that &e learnt about the .niverse- and the &aves o' ener y that im)act our lives( 3t is interestin to note that 'or better )erce)tion o' the )o&er'ul 'orces o' cosmos and understandin the nature o' each )lanet4 +iddhas re)resented them to us as deities( +o )lanets are )rayed and invo%ed as 1ods and 1oddesses: Po&er o' Mars is re)resented by 5ord Muru a+un by 5ord +hiva- Mercury by 5ord Vishnu and so on(

$he +iddhas also su ested )ractical &ays to di''use ne ative ener ies o' )lanets to a certain e/tent( +uch remedies s)eci'ically hel) in addin ood ener ies in human li'e(

$he Predictive Astrolo y:

3n Vedic Astrolo y- Moon is a very im)ortant )lanet and the Moon si n o' a )erson is considered his or her 6asi( 3t is the combined study o' the yo as- 7ualities o' the 8 )lanets- their in'luence on the 12 houses- and ho& the 7ualities or unas li%e +att&a- 6ajjas and $amasa- and 'ive )rimordial elements li%e s)ace- air- 'ire&ater and earth in'luence matter in 'ormin their nature(

Modern Vedic Astrolo y has evolved over the years and at )resent- it is )o)ular as a )redictive astrolo y that 'orecasts about individuals 'rom their birth9charts based on the time and )lace o' birth( And here lies the most sensitive )oint o' this 'ield : &hat )ercenta e o' accuracy in )redictin human li'e can be achieved; Perha)s 7< )ercent- at least this is the common belie'(

$he role o' astrolo er:

=hat surely an individual can ain 'rom Vedic astrolo y is the %no&led e about himsel' or hersel'( =ith a certain amount o' interaction &ith individuals- and mainly study o' birth9chart- an astrolo er can tell about the nature and inclinations o' the individual( ,e ma%es one a&are o' the ood and the bad in'luences o' )lanets and such a&areness o' cosmic )o&ers can hel) one &ith better abilities to ma%e a))ro)riate decisions 'urther in their lives(

$he remedies in Vedic astrolo y:

=hen )lanets are in debilitated state- or in retro rade they brin lot o' hardshi) to the native( $here are certain stron a''lictions o'

)lanets in birth9charts such as Pitra >osha- ?aal +ar)a >osha+hani >osha- and Man al >osha- &hich )revent the native 'rom enjoyin the ood e''ects o' )lanets(

Vedic Astrolo y su ests remedial measures li%e chantin o' Mantras- observin and )racticin certain rituals- %ee)in one ener i*ed throu h @antras- &earin beads arlands and observin )ractices such as 'astin on the days &hen the )lanets are )o&er'ul(