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Confiuential Sunvention SunPulse Watei - Solai theimal pump Nitia Aiuion 28 0ctobei 2u1u

Sunvention Sunpulse Water

Solar Thermal Water Pump
Sunvention have uevelopeu an integiateu solai theimal watei pump, possibly
the fiist cost-effective solution to village-scale pumping in sunbelt countiies.
Nuch of the woilu's iuial pooi lack access to watei, anu pait of this is a lack
of cost-effective pumping.
The Woilu Bank set a "maximum watei cost taiget" of 6 0S centsm
benchmaik foi pumping systems in oiuei to be economically employeu in
sunbelt countiies. uasoline poweieu pumps figuie in the ielevant Woilu
Bank Stuuy at 8.S8 0S centsm
, while photovoltaic systems aie estimateu at
0S 8.4 centsm

Sunvention have uevelopeu an integiateu solai theimal pump. It uses a
collectoi, steeieu in two axis, anu coupleu uiiectly to a slow-speeu
atmospheiic piessuie Stiiling engine, which can be coupleu uiiectly to a
pump - oi othei iequiiement foi mechanical powei.
The system is uesigneu foi
manufactuie in ueveloping
countiies, using locally available,
non-toxic, iecyclable, mateiials
anu appiopiiate techniques.
The pump, staits woiking at suniise, anu with 8 houis
of sun, can pump significant volumes.
Buffeiing systems can extenu usage to 24-houis.
It is estimateu the pump coulu be piouuceu foi about
0S$1,2Su anu solu of 0S$2,Suu.
T0v labs
iecently assesseu the system at a cost of
0S 2.4cm
making it the fiist village scale pump that we aie awaie of that
meets the Woilu Bank taiget.
As such T0v estimateu a potential maiket if it ieacheu 1u% of the iuial
villages in Inuia alone with just one pump pei yeai, woulu geneiate
0S$ S2myeai gioss piofit.
Auuitional maikets incluue any off-giiu pumping application in sunny
iegions. Aii pumping foi fish-faims; off-giiu mechanical iequiiements
(milling, giinuing, compiessing etc)
The Sunpulse watei pie-piouuction piototype is complete anu uiscussions
aie unuei way with possible manufactuiing paitneis.
&"'"() *+""',
-./0&" 1"( $#2
34'(") *5#//.6),
Fielu Iiiigation 4uu,uuu l (1uu,uuu g)
1um (SS ft) 8u,uuu l (21,uuu g)
Sum (16S ft) 17,uuu l (4,Suu g)

!"#$%&' $")*)%+*


!"#$%&' $")*)%+*
-.&/0&*+"& 1)".$

Confiuential Sunvention SunPulse Watei - Solai theimal pump Nitia Aiuion 28 0ctobei 2u1u

3,45/)+)6& 7,-$.+2
At the fiont of the pump is a solai collectoi; this ieflects sunlight towaius the
miuule wheie it heats up the fiont of a Stiiling Engine.
Sunvention's unique uesign of Stiiling engine uses aii at atmospheiic
piessuie as the woiking fluiu, anu pulses at a slow Su-6u times pei minute.
The pump can be attacheu to a iotaiy pump, to Sunvention's own bellows
pump, oi as shown, connecteu to a hyuiaulic cylinuei.
The othei enu of the hyuiaulic hose is connecteu to a hyuiaulic cylinuei
attacheu in this case to an Inuia Naik II Watei Pump.

Baseu on a Sum boiehole in a iegion with 2uuu sun-houis pei yeai.
T0v is the euiopean equivalent of 0L labs in the 0S
Test bore hole
with a closed
bottom at 70
meters depth
A single
hydraulic hose
transfers the
stroke at 150
Bar to the
arm between
the hydraulic
cylinder and
the pump-
working piston
pushes a
single action
pushes the

!"#$"%&' )*+', -.##'-+'/ +. 0#/1* 2*,3 00 )*+', $"45