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Paul's Episcopal Church

Lansing Michigan

St. Paul's News

With Reservation April, 2008

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon Weller

Volume 33, Issue 4
y the time many of you read this, I will be on Sabbatical. Once
B again I would like to thank you, as a parish, and the Vestry, as the
authoritative body, for this gift. As I write this, some 15 days before I am Inside this issue:
scheduled to be away, I am beginning to become excited. But even in the
excitement, there is some reservation. The reservation grows out of the Calendar 12-13
realization that I will not see you for several months, and I know I will
The Rev. Dr. Gordon Weller miss you. Choir Schedule 9

When Jesus began his period of ministry, the first thing he did was to call the disciples and form a Mission
community. They lived together, traveled together and learned to love one another in what was & Outreach
an all-too-short, three-year period. During that time, Jesus tried to teach them what it meant to be Prayer List 6
devoted to God, devoted to themselves and devoted to each other. I’m not sure they ever com-
pletely understood the theology He tried to teach. At the crucifixion, all but a few ran and hid. St. Paul’s News 6, 8
When He appeared after the resurrection, they were afraid. When they tried to teach it to oth-
ers, they were often in disagreement. What the disciples did understand was the community they
established. After the crucifixion, not knowing what else to do when they were alone and afraid, Upcoming 2-5
they re-gathered in the upper room to console each other. For the next 20 to 30 years, they were
never far from one another and continually lived as community. It was Paul who made the greatest Vestry News 7
change in this somewhat confined community. He was the vagabond who traveled all over the
Mediterranean world and caused Christians to rethink their theology because of what he saw. Youth Group 10

We have a community. I think I have become one of you and, together, we all are St. Paul’s. This is
a good place to be. I think we reflect many of the good aspects of what a Church should be. Nev-
ertheless, this separation is important. One of the greatest challenges to one’s faith is to keep it in
motion. It is too easy to fall into the same patterns day after day and week after week. This sepa-
(Continued on page 5)

Go Green!
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
t’s only in Spartan circles that the announcement that we are “Going Green” would be met
I with a cheer and a response of “Go White.” To St. Paul’s—although many are Spartans—the
call to "Go Green” is a call to become more ecologically aware of the situations and opportuni-
ties that surround us. In this case, we are asking that all consider bringing their used cell phones,
batteries and computer ink cartridges to Church on a regular basis and depositing them in our
new receptacle, which will be found in the Merrifield Room. Not only is this beneficial to the envi-
ronment, the aforementioned items will be recycled by CarsINC, our new men’s guild. CarsINC
(Cars In the Name of Christ) is a group of men who work closely with Christian Services to pro-
vide transportation for those who are worthy but unable to purchase a vehicle on their own.
Many thanks to Dorothy Marsh for her artwork in painting the receptacle.

April 2008
Page 2
Upcoming St. Paul's Activities
Activities at a Glance
Ongoing Activities • Spring Blood Drive, Saturday, April 19
• St. Aelred’s Guild • “Serving God with Gladness” Women’s retreat,
• Book Cart, 2nd Sunday after 10 AM April 25 & 26, Weber Center
• B&PW, Tuesday, April 8, 6 PM • Youth Activity, Nightwatch, April 26-27
• ECW, third Monday, 7 PM • Choir Auction, Sunday, April 27, following 10 AM
• St. Elizabeth Guild, Tuesday, April 22, 12:30 PM service
at the home of Joan VanAuken Looking Ahead
• Family Night Dinner, Wednesdays, 5-6 PM
• Ascension Day Outreach Dinner, Thursday, May 1
• 4 Fs, second and fourth Mondays, noon to 2 PM
• Ministry Fair, Saturday, May 3, 8:30 AM to 4 PM
• St. Paul’s Library, open every Sunday
• ACTION of Greater Lansing, May 5 and 19
• Prayer Group, first Tuesday, 5:30 PM, Choir Re-
• Men’s Golf League, Thursdays, beginning, May 8,
hearsal Room 3:30 PM
• Men’s Breakfast, third Thursday, 7-8 AM, Hill Room
• UTO Ingathering, Sunday, May 11
• Mid-Week Eucharist, Tuesdays, noon
• Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation, Satur-
This Month at St. Paul’s and Elsewhere day, May 10, 10:30 AM, St. Michael’s, Lansing
• “Becoming the Household of God,” Aril 4 & 5, St. • Graduation Sunday, June 1
John’s Church, Royal Oak • Parish Sunday Mass/Picnic in the Park, June 8, 10
• Youth Activity, Box City, Friday, April 11 AM, Lake Lansing
• Pre-Marriage Series, Wednesdays, 6:15-7:30 PM, • Vacation Bible School, June 23-27, 9 AM to Noon
Wednesdays beginning April 16

B&PW St. Elizabeth Guild

By Barbara Richardson By Debby Pierce
pril 22 will be the first spring meeting of the
O ur meeting on April 8 will feature Eileen Hatt, a
local artist and retired teacher. Eileen will tell us
about her trip to the White House when she was a
A St. Elizabeth Guild. We will meet at the
home of Joan VanAuken at 12:30 p.m. Our
guest at a tea for those artists who painted ornaments guest speaker will be a representative of Rain-
for the 2006 White House Christmas tree. She will bow Homes. If you would like to join St. Elizabeth
show us some of her ornaments and demonstrate how Guild or just attend a meeting, we would love to
she does her designs. have you anytime. Please call Debby Pierce at
485-5446 or 394-4800 for additional informa-
Dinner is at 6 p.m. in the Hill Room. Reservations are tion.
requested by contacting Debby Pierce. All are wel-
come to our meeting.

Pre-Marriage Series
By The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr.
pringtime, summertime and marriage-time, everything in its own time and season. Contemplating mar-
S riage? Planning your wedding? Well, don’t forget to schedule time for this year’s pre-marriage classes,
offered here at St. Paul’s. This year’s series is entitled “Sailing the Four (C) Seas,” and will begin April 16 and
run every Wednesday evening through May 6. Classes will start at 6:15 p.m. and end promptly at 7:30 p.m.
Clergy and lay ministers will provide and engage participants in various perspectives on marriage, ranging
from church, communication, children, and cash. To enroll, please contact the church office or sign up at the ta-
ble outside the Merrifield room. For questions or additional information please contact Fr. Ron.

April 2008
Upcoming St. Paul's Activities Page 3

4 F’s 2008 Programs “Taking Care of Ourselves & Others”

By Nancy Sheldon
he 4 F’s meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of presidential candidates put forth their different plans”
T each month for12 noon Eucharist,12:30 p.m. lunch, with Anne Rosewarne, President of the Michigan
1:00 Bible Study and the program from1:15 – 2 p.m. Health Council
April 14 May 12
“Looking back at the social policies in U.S. health care” Year-end picnic with participants giving a brief review
with Luke Shaefer of the one or two of their favorite books that would
make for good summer reading
April 28
“The future of health care in the United States as

Baptismal Covenant Classes Going … Going... Gone!

By The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr. By Vicki Walker
n April 19, from 9 a.m. to noon, we will be ark your calen-
O offering a Baptismal Covenant class to pre-
pare interested candidates for Holy Baptism on
M dars for April
27, 2008 because it’s
May 11, The Day of Pentecost. This class is re- Auction time again!
quired for those parents and godparents who Once every four
seek baptism for their children. The next class will years, the St. Paul’s
not be offered until the fall. Choirs organize and
host an auction to
Participants will discuss the Baptismal Covenant as help support the cho-
delineated in the Book of Common Prayer, reflect risters’ England trip to
on their personal spiritual journey and look at study church music.
private responses to our Christian calls to service We need your help!
and action. Please contact the Church office or Do you have something you might be able to donate?
sign up on table outside the Merrifield room. Ideas include antiques to sports tickets, musical instru-
ments to household items, getaway weekends to gift
certificates. Big or small, this is a great way to help a
Outreach Dinner May 1 worthy cause, clean house a bit and pick up some
amazing deals along the way. A letter is being sent to
By Bill Fineout, Diaconal Candidate the entire St. Paul’s parish family to provide further
details, and soon the St. Paul’s choristers will be con-
ou are invited to a parish dinner on Thurs- tacting members of the parish asking for prayers, sup-
Y day, May 1, 2008, hosted by the Mission &
Outreach team. Mark your calendars! Tentatively,
port and donations. They will even sing to you if you
dinner will be at 6 p.m. with Holy Eucharist follow- The Auction will take place Sunday, April 27, 2008,
ing at 7 p.m. Donations will be accepted. More following the 10 a.m. service, and a light box lunch will
information will be in the May newsletter and the be available. Invite your friends, family and coworkers
Sunday bulletins. for a fabulously fun afternoon of bargains, biddings
and boxes (lunch variety only), as we celebrate the
final major fundraising effort for England 2008.
If you have any questions, contact Auction Chair, Julie
Powers at, 1-301-452-3693
or 332-3131.

April 2008
Page 4
Upcoming St. Paul's Activities
ACTION of Greater Lansing
By Bill Fineout, Diaconal Candidate
he justice ministry team for St. Paul’s attended the focus rally at the Community Problems Assembly after
T listening to parishioner and community concerns. There the justice ministry teams from 13 Lansing-area
churches assembled to vote on this year’s topic: Housing.
Over the next month and a half, research teams will interview and report on as many aspects of local housing
issues as possible. Many concerns will be looked at and studied, including lack of affordable housing, red-
tagged homes and families losing their homes. This research will culminate in choosing one issue to be pre-
sented to the ACTION community churches on May 5 at the ACTION Rally. The final issue which it is hoped will
be changed in 2008 will be prepared for presentation two weeks later. On May 19, we will meet with the
pertinent government housing officials who have the power and authority to make change. There we will pub-
licly present the problem and solution (the officials will be presented with our findings ahead of this meeting).
At this Nehemiah ACTION Assembly, we need your help to make this year’s justice ministry issue important to
the selected officials.
Last year, St. Paul’s had 37 people attend this assembly. For 2008, we are hoping for many more of you. You
don’t have to donate any money or goods, just that evening’s time. The St. Paul’s justice ministry team needs
people who are willing to be counted in support, as we present this year’s issue to the appropriate elected,
appointed or business officials, who have the power to make a difference in people’s lives. Plan on joining us
May 5 and May 19; time and location of both meetings are to be determined.
You are also welcome to join our St. Paul’s justice ministry team and the ACTION research teams.

St. Paul’s to Host Ministry Fair Confirmation

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
n Saturday, May 3, St. Paul’s will host the 6th an- n Saturday, May 9, Bishop Wendell N.
O nual Diocesan Ministry Fair. The Fair begins at
8:30 a.m. and concludes at 4 p.m. Lunch is provided
O Gibbs, Jr. will visit Lansing for the purpose of
Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation. The
for those staying for both the morning and afternoon Service will be held at St. Michael’s in south Lans-
sessions. Because the Ministry Fair is so large, the dio- ing and will be open to all who have been suffi-
cese will also be using the Central United Methodist ciently instructed. This service begins at 10:30
Church facility next door. a.m.
The Ministry Fair is a gathering of learning centers and Confirmation is the sacramental rite available to
educational opportunities that provide attendees with all persons who have been baptized as children
a wide variety of experiential learning. Please mark and now want to have that rite of initiation af-
the date on your calendar. More information and a list firmed by the bishop with the laying on of hands.
of the centers will be available in the May issue of the Reception is the rite of initiation that is available
SPN. for all persons who have had their infant baptism
affirmed by a bishop in another denomination
and now want to make a statement of their inten-
tion to be a sacramental part of the Episcopal
Church. Finally, Reaffirmation is the occasion that
many Episcopalians take to restate their faith as
Christians. If you would like to participate in any
of these rites, please contact the front office or
one of the clergy.

April 2008
Upcoming St. Paul's Activities Page 5

Dates to Remember from the Parish Life Committee

By Millie Erickson, Vestry Member
he Parish Life Committee is busy planning events for spring and for next year. The Parish Family Game
T Night will be back in the fall; the “One Book, Many Journeys” book read in the winter; and other exciting
ideas are in the works. Two upcoming dates to make note of:
• “The Gathering” Night at the Theater, Saturday May 10
Start the evening with hearty hors d’oervres at the home of Sally and Don Lawrence at 6 p.m. Continue to
The BoarsHead Theater at 8 p.m. for “Escanaba in Love” by Jeff Daniels. The cost of tickets is $18.00. Sign
up outside the Merrifield Room. More details to follow.
• Parish Sunday Mass and Picnic in the Park, June 8 at Lake Lansing
The 10 a.m. service will be at the park (only the 8 a.m. service will be at the Church as usual), followed by
a picnic, games and activities. More details to follow.

UTO Graduation Sunday

By Nancy Milne By The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr.
he next United Thank
T Offering collection will
be Sunday, May 11. Enve-
A s is our custom, we
will honor our high
school, college and ad-
lopes will be available on vanced-degree graduates
both that Sunday and the Sunday before, May 4. on Sunday June 1. At 9
For those of you who are traditionalists and put in a.m., the Vestry will pro-
your pennies of thanksgiving throughout the year, vide a breakfast for the
the boxes will be collected at that time as well. high school graduates and
their families. During the 10 a.m. Eucharist, there will
At least three-quarters of the money collected be a short ceremony and graduates will be presented
stays in the U.S. The UTO board metes out the with a small gift from the congregation.
grants with special attention to the disadvantaged
within the diocesan mission strategy. The grants Members or relatives of parishioners graduating this
are usually fairly small and some are used to pro- year are asked to contact the parish office and pro-
vide services to smaller churches, such as getting a vide the name of the institution and date of gradua-
leaky roof replaced, plumbing repairs or building tion.
a handicapper access. All of the funds must be
spent within a year.
If you are feeling particularly thankful, please
make a contribution to the UTO on May 11, and
we will be grateful to you.

(Continued from, “With Reservation,” page 1)

ration will give a new perspective of who we are and where Christ is calling us. Indeed, I need renewal my-
self, for spiritual, emotional and physical reasons. You have wonderful people in charge and I have no
doubt that all will be well. Please remember Linda and me in your prayers. We will think of you often. Au-
gust is not so far in the future.

April 2008
Page 6
ï ï Paul's
ï ï ïï ï ïïNews
ïïïï ï ï ï ïï ïï ï ïïï ïïïï ï
Calling all heroes!
By Carol Laub
hoy, ye good-hearted pirates! All hands on deck for a whale of a good
A time as the "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything-A VeggiTales VBS"
docks at St. Paul's from June 23-27. Kids from age three to fifth grade are
invited for a fun-filled week exploring what it means to be a true hero for
God. Our travels center around the verse of the week: "I can do all things
through Christ because he gives me strength," Philippians 4:13. Our crews will
launch their day with the Yo-ho-ho opening show where we will sing lively
songs, view a movie clip, learn our daily Bible theme (e.g., true heroes do the
right thing), and participate in skits. Then we will sail on to adventures in The
Spyglass Bible Theater, Whipcrack Island Games, Rock Monster Science Lab,
Clapping Rock Crafts and Cheesecurl Cave Snacks. To book your spot on our
crew, call the church office (482-9454), fill out a registration form or contact Carol Laub (349-5149) with
questions. To enlist as part of our seaworthy crew (volunteers), look for inserts in the church bulletin.

In Spite of Wind, Ice and Snow

By Sue Millar
n spite of wind, ice, snow and cold, you came,
I you searched and you purchased books, tapes
and DVDs at our third fundraiser for Episcopal
Relief and Development. The most important result
is that, because of the funds we sent to ERD (a total of $1,220), life will be better for many who suffer from
disease or hunger. Thank you for the difference you have made. Also, many of us are enjoying some new,
good reading or viewing.
I want to express special thanks to the wonderful crew who sorted, organized and sold your donated books:
Karlene Bach, Barb Hamm, Carol Ingells and Carol Miller. Actually, we had a great time in the process.
See you next year.

St. Paul’s Prayer List

We pray for those who are sick and in need: Cindy Robinson, Richard, Audrie &
Aaron Hegmon, Shelley Robinson, Grady & Dennis Letner, Clara Voges, Mason Hill,
Lois Caswell, June Wyatt, Dick Siebert, Carol, Judith Jones, Becky Chamberlain, Nancy
Hiscoe Clark, Charles Weaver, Ben Herbert, Chance Collins, Caroline Thomas and her
family, Betty Jensen, Dan Heany, Mary Ann Kelley, Ed Farmer, Ed Jones, Justin, Eliza-
Prayer List beth, Barb Hacker, Andrew Astley, Michael Skinner, Ginny Bancroft, Darrick, Chris,
Tom, Cheryl, Patricia Utter, Marjorie Belles, Edith Self, Cal, Christopher, Carrie, Sally,
Kathryn & Elizabeth Senko, Kaema Amachree, Daphne Such and Aleda

We pray for and remember those in the Military, serving in dangerous areas: Daniel Reno, Daniel
Laurion and David Granger

We pray for those expecting: Rachel & Jeff Bott, Kym & Matt Hall and Andrea Horton
We pray for and celebrate the birth of Samuel Charles, son of Jessica and Justin Leonard

We pray for those who have died and for their families: Fred B. Perry, Jr.

April 2008
Page 7
News from the Vestry
Financial Information as of February 29, 2008
By Jeff Irwin
Pledge income was $53,561 as of February 29, 2008, which is 18% of the 2008 budget. February is 16.7%
of the year.
February had an operations loss of $17,400, which brings the year-to-date loss to $18,504. A large insurance
bill and the cost of the 2008 snowplowing added to this total. Through February 29, the designated and re-
stricted funds had net revenue of $2,180. The combined net loss was $16,324.
In February, it was necessary to withdraw $10,000 from the Perpetual Fund to make payroll and pay out-
standing bills. An additional $10,000 was also withdrawn in early March.
The Penniman Trust funds should be received in April and are expected to be over $50,000. Ninety percent
will go into the St. Paul's Perpetual fund and 10% will go into the Mission and Outreach fund.

Vestry Highlights
At its March 18 meeting, your Vestry: Committee System at St. Paul's." The pamphlet
lists committees, members, chairs of these commit-
• Had Lenten/Easter devotions by discussing their tees, suggestions on how to conduct a meeting,
thoughts and feelings about Holy Week and and "Smart Goals," some guidelines of how to
Easter develop goals
• Accepted a presentation by Mandy Lawton • Received various committee reports:
about the state of our needlepoint kneelers. They ∗ Learned many Building and Grounds projects
are in need of repair. They are 40+ years old are in order, parish workday on April 26
and the padding is disintegrating. Approved up ∗ Discussed the Web site
to $750 from the Memorial Fund to begin repair ∗ Noted the many educational opportunities
of the kneelers available through June
• Received the Treasurer's Report. (Synopsis found ∗ Applauded Baylie Sanchez’ selection to at-
elsewhere in this issue.) tend The Episcopal Youth Conference in San
• Authorized $50,000 to be taken from the Perpet- Antonio
ual Fund as needed for operations • Noted the visitation of Ms. Jo Ganzer, Diocesan
• Received a report from the Sabbatical Committee Canon for Lifelong Learning, on April 20. She will
that preparations have been made for Fr. Weller preach at both services and be available follow-
to be away and that the committee will be meet- ing the service for questions.
ing on a regular basis until the Sabbatical is over. • Noted that St. Paul's will host the Diocesan Minis-
• Received a report on ACTION of Greater Lansing try Fair on May 3. Our building will be used as
from members of our Justice Ministry Team. The well as Central United Methodist Church
focus this year will be housing. Research is in pro- • Discussed Diocesan and National Episcopal news
gress with results and action initiatives being pre- including:
sented in early May
∗ The proposed moving of the Diocesan offices
• Welcomed new Vestry member John Nevin, as a
∗ The Diocesan Budget
replacement for Libby Richardson
∗ The meeting of the House of Bishops
• Reviewed the "Action Plan" and approved its be-
∗ Lambeth, 2008
ing presented to the congregation in March.
• Adjourned at 9:05 p.m. (Thanks be to God)
• Accepted for review a pamphlet entitled "The

April 2008
Page 8
St. Paul's News
Becoming the Household of God
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
or the last ten years, the diocese of Michigan has gathered on the first weekend in April for an event
F called “Becoming the Household of God.” This conference explores the question, “What do I do, once I
say I believe?” In its broadest sense, this has been a yearly stewardship conference: how we can be responsi-
ble to our calling as Christians. This years conference is again to be held at St. John's, on Woodward Avenue,
in Royal Oak. The Friday evening session begins at 6:00 pm on April 4th. The Saturday, April 5th continuation,
begins at 8:30 an and concludes at 4:00 pm. Information is available from the parish office or one of the
In the past there have been wonderful speakers like Douglas Meeks, Walter Wink, Terry Parsons, The Rev. Dr.
Kelley Brown Douglas, The Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald, Sister Jose Hobday, Phyllis Tickle, Ched Myers and The
Rt. Rev. Michael B. Curry. This year, the speaker will be The Very Rev. Tracey Lind, Dean of Trinity Cathedral
in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a wonderful speaker and author of the book, Interrupted by God.

A Great Read
Book Review by Susan LeDuc
just read a fascinating book entitled The Mascot: Unraveling the Mystery of My Jewish Father’s Nazi Boy-
I hood by Mark Kurzem. It was published in November 2007. I love mysteries, but this is a true story, a his-
tory lesson and a mystery all rolled into one. Mr. Kurzem’s father, Alex, was five-years-old when Nazi soldiers
came to his little town in Belarus. The villagers were slaughtered by the soldiers who were clearing the way to
make room for German Jews to be moved out of Germany. Alex escaped and lived in the woods for several
weeks on his own before he was found by Latvian soldiers in Nazi uniforms. A kindly sergeant takes him in
and, in washing him, sees that the little boy is circumcised. He warns Alex never to let anyone know that he is a
The young boy is “adopted” by the troop and believes that he is a real soldier. Eventually the commander
takes an interest in the boy and even has several Nazi uniforms made for him. He is taken into the household
of a family for a time. After the war, he emigrates to Australia with a number of other people from the East-
ern front, including the family who befriended him. He makes a new life there, marries and has three children.
Alex Kurzem begins his search in Australia by seeking out a Holocaust survivor group. They reject him and do
not believe his story. But his memories continue to haunt him and he asks his son, Mark, to help find the truth of
what happened. He remembers three words and thinks maybe one is his name and maybe one is the name of
his village.
The book is the story of Mark’s efforts to help his father: his father’s struggle to come to terms with his past and
his fear that he may have been involved in pogroms; and the impact of these revelations on his family, who
did not know that Alex was Jewish. I won’t tell you what happens because that would spoil the mystery. The
Mascot will leave you thinking about intolerance and war and the toll both take on children.

April 2008
St. Paul's Choirs Page 9

Choir Newsletter and Dates to Remember

By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music

A big thank you! goes to all choristers (and their parents who have given the time and energy to get them
to rehearsals and services!) for your work on Cabaret, Palm Sunday and Easter. Your music did so much
to bless the lives of the parishioners in so many ways. You really did help to put the Alleluia! into the
services. THANK YOU!
Sunday, April 6
All choirs are invited to sing for this service.
Wednesday, April 9, and Thursday, April 10
Because of spring break, there will be no rehearsals (including Handbell Choir) or other Family Night
activities this week.
Sunday, May 18,
The Choir Banquet will follow the 10 a.m. service. All Youth Choirs please save this date!

Singing Schedule
Date Choirs
April 6 (Since this is the beginning of most school vacations, all
choristers who are present are invited to sing for this ser-
vice—Boys’ and Grace, High School, and Chancel)
April 13 Chancel; High School
April 20 Chancel; High School
April 27 Chancel; High School

May 4 High School; Chancel

May 11 Cherubs, Boys’ and Grace, High School, Chancel
May 18 High School; Chancel
May 25 High School; Chancel

June 1 (Graduation Sunday) High School; Chancel

By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music
abaret 2008 was a huge success thanks to the support of the parish, and especially to Debby and Max
C Pierce, who donated the food for the dinner. The England choristers raised more than $1,400 to put to-
ward their upcoming trip to England, from August 9 until August 25. This year they will attend a Royal School
of Church Music Residential Course in Bath, England, from August 18 to August 24. Details of the upcoming trip
will be included in next month’s St. Paul’s News. A big thank you goes to all who supported this activity!

April 2008
Page 10
St. Paul’s Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry Articles Provided in Collaboration By:
Youth Christian Education and Youth Fellowship Chairperson, Dr. Judith Brown-Clarke
Youth Group Executive Council President, Steven Kariuki
Youth Group Coordinator, Barbara Heany
Youth Group Advisor, Tom Foltz
Acolyte Guild, Directors Patricia Bellinger & Carol Sleight
The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr., Curate

Box City is Coming to St. Paul’s

n April 11, St. Paul’s Youth Group will experience being homeless for a night. In an effort to raise aware-
O ness and money for the homeless, the youth group will give up their beds for one night to sleep in card-
board boxes outdoors in our parking lot.
Box City is an opportunity for the youth to put themselves in the shoes of the homeless. The event will begin with
two speakers from Lansing Rescue Mission. One was a previously homeless person who will share his story. Fol-
lowing this presentation, the youth will set up their cardboard boxes and decorate them according to a theme.
Later in the evening, a soup-kitchen style dinner will be served, followed by a scavenger hunt based on scrip-
We are asking the youth not to bring any type of electronics (iPods, cell phones, video games, etc.) and to
choose only five things from a list of approximately 20 items allowed. They will need to take into consideration
that, as a homeless person living in a cardboard box, they will probably not have access to running water or
The youth group invites your support in the form of pledges and donations, as well as new and gently used
blankets. All proceeds will be donated to the Lansing Rescue Mission which is in the process of building the Ma-
plewood Center, a facility that will shelter women and children. Please visit our display in the Merrifield Room
where there will be a drop-off site for blankets, as well as a pledge-sheet for donations.
Help us help the homeless. It’s time to “Think Outside The Box!”

Nightwatch: Detroit
Upcoming Youth Events: AYA (Youth and Young Adult Ministries) of
April 11-12 Card Box City Lock-in, 6 p.m.
Y the Diocese of Michigan is sponsoring Night-
watch: Detroit 2008, on April 26-27. Nightwatch
to Noon is a diocesan-wide event designed to bring to-
gether high school aged Episcopalians for a
April 26-27 Nightwatch, 12 p.m. to 12 p.m. ,
weekend of adventure, community, worship and
Cathedral Church of St. Paul,
mystery. Buses will pick up (and drop off) kids
Detroit, Michigan from all over the diocese and take them to the
Cathedral Church of St. Paul’s for an overnight
Christian experience, not soon to be forgotten. If
you are interested in having your child participate
in Nightwatch: Detroit 2008, please contact Fr.
Ron for more details.

April 2008
Mission and Outreach Page 11

Mission & Outreach Activities:

Where is Christ calling you to help others?
May 5
April 1-30
• ACTION – Rally
• MDG Project Choice
May 11
April 11-12
• UTO Ingathering
• Youth Cardboard Box City Lock-in
May 12, 7pm
April 19
• LAEP (Lansing Area Episcopal Projects) Mtg. St
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Millennium Development Goal Set

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
ollowing the March 16 Palm/Passion Sunday service, members of the parish gathered in the Merrifield
F Room to discuss and vote on the goal for 2008. Realizing that we have until 2015 to complete the eight
goals and acknowledging that all of them are important, the congregation opted to select the task of raising
enough money to drill a well in a yet undesignated third-world country.
Clean water is the number one health and survival issue around the world. Over one-billion people don’t have
it and can’t get it, forcing dirty and unhealthy situations on men, women and children alike.
In related discussions, it was recognized that the efforts of Chuck Millar and those who have been assisting the
Sudanese in receiving an education should continue to be supported by the parish. This was a five-year project
that has gone mostly unacknowledged, except by those who have supported it.
The bottom line: Every time you take a drink of water, remember that there are people dying because they
can’t get what we so often take for granted. Let’s try to provide health and water for those without.

Dr. Lange gives a Speech to the Youth Group

By Steve Kariuki, Youth Vestry Member
n March 3, Dr. Lange, minister of music, came and them imagine if they didn’t have any electronics, trans-
O talked to the youth group about the eight millen-
nium development goals: eradicating extreme pov-
portation, enough food or even lived without a family.
Dr. Lange related developing goals to the parable
erty, achieving universal education, promoting gender teachings, teaching the difference between a goat
equality, reducing child mortality, improving maternal and sheep. Even if you just have one talent, you should
health, combating malaria and other diseases, ensur- use it to the best of your capabilities. The youth group
ing environment stability, and developing a global will participate in the “read to feed” program to help
partnership. Dr. Lange helped the youth visualize how contribute to the millennium goals.
hard it would be to live in these conditions by having
April 2008
April 2008
April 2008

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