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Paul's Episcopal Church

Lansing Michigan

St. Paul's News

Peace Be With You April, 2008

By The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr., Curate

Volume 33, Issue 4
A few weeks ago I heard a cleric remark, “It doesn’t feel like Easter:
everything is brown, where are the flowers, the [sprouting] plants, the
budding trees?” While listening to my colleague explain how Easter is Inside this issue:
marked by spring I thought, “There’s a good thing Easter lasts for fifty
days maybe he’ll feel like an Easter person soon.” Over the next few Calendar 12-13
days I would come to reflect on my friend’s fanciful observation.
The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr. Choir Schedule 9
While returning from Detroit after dropping off my children at their
grandparents’ house, where they would spend their spring break, in the quiet of the car as I wit- Mission
nessed the lifelessness of spring along the highway, my thoughts would be consumed by my & Outreach
friend’s comments concerning Easter. I too, began to think how it did not seem like Easter, because Prayer List 6
spring had not yet arrived. Easter and spring are two sides of the same coin, I thought. After all
Easter is about all things becoming new again, right? So where are the spring flowers, the green St. Paul’s News 6, 8
plants, the budding trees? Then I felt it, the peace of God! The peace that had fallen upon me was
not an unusual feeling, but one, which I often experienced while traveling alone in the quiet of my Upcoming
car. 2-5
For nearly ten years I lived in the great state of Vermont. I call Vermont a great state because of
Vestry News 7
the state’s natural beauty and peaceful landscape. My daily commute to work involved a twenty-
five to thirty minute drive from the city of Burlington to a small town south of Burlington called Ver- Youth Group 10
gennes. My frequent drives from Burlington to Vergennes required me to cruise down Route 7,
which was approximately a 15 to 18 mile stretch of two lane road. No one could drive faster than
25 miles an hour or so, because one had to watch out both for cows crossing the highway and for
deer darting in front the car. While cows and deer made every drive along this stunning section of
highway an adventure and anxious experience, what I remember most about my time to and from
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Honoring the Bishop’s Request

By Sue Millar
The Becoming the Household Conference was held the first weekend in April at St. John’s, Royal
Oak. During Bishop Gibbs’ parting words he asked those of us who were fortunate enough to be
able to attend the Household Conference to carry Dean Tracey Lind’s message about living in the
Crossroads of Life back to our parishes. She was a dynamic speaker and her topic was challeng-
ing and not easily shared but I will do my best to follow the Bishop’s directive.
Her vision of living in the piazza, not unlike the public square found in the center of early rural
communities, grew out of her understanding and study of a an Italian 15th century sister, St. An-
gela de Medici, founder of the Ursulines Community of Women. Drawing upon St. Angela’s words
and life, Dean Lind urged us to pursue a radical hospitality that transforms lives and communities.
She shared many stories of how such a radical hospitality is being lived out in the center of Cin-
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May 2008
Page 2
Upcoming St. Paul's Activities
Activities at a Glance
Ongoing Activities • Ministry Fair, Saturday, May 3, 8:30 AM to 4 PM
• St. Aelred’s Guild • ACTION of Greater Lansing, May 5, 6:30 PM, All
• Book Cart, 2nd Sunday after 10 AM Saints, East Lansing; and May, 19, 6:30 PM, Union
• B&PW, Tuesday, May 13, 6 PM Missionary Baptist Church
• ECW, third Monday, 7 PM • Men’s Golf League, Thursdays, beginning, May 8,
• St. Elizabeth Guild, Tuesday, May, 12:30 PM at 3:30 PM
the home of • UTO Ingathering, Sunday, May 11
• Family Night Dinner, Wednesdays, 5-6 PM • Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation, Satur-
• 4 Fs, second and fourth Mondays, noon to 2 PM day, May 10, 10:30 AM, St. Michael’s, Lansing
• St. Paul’s Library, open every Sunday Looking Ahead
• Prayer Group, first Tuesday, 5:30 PM, Choir Re- • Graduation Sunday, June 1
hearsal Room • Parish Sunday Mass/Picnic in the Park, June 8, 10
• Men’s Breakfast, third Thursday, 7-8 AM, Hill Room AM, Lake Lansing
• Mid-Week Eucharist, Tuesdays, noon • Vacation Bible School, June 23-27, 9 AM to Noon
This Month at St. Paul’s and Elsewhere
• Ascension Day Outreach Dinner, Thursday, May 1

Ascension Day Dinner

By Bill Fineout, Diaconal Candidate
On Thursday, May 1, Ascension Day, the Mission & Outreach committee invites all members of the St. Paul’s
community to gather for an evening of dinner and worship. Beginning at 6 p.m. in the Merrifield Room, the
Committee will serve a delicious dinner, present a brief review of this year’s ministry and discuss plans for next
year’s mission and outreach activities. Then we will celebrate the Ascension Eucharist at 7 p.m.
This dinner is Mission & Outreach’s opportunity to thank the St. Paul’s community and is free to all. A free-will
offering to support the MDG project chosen by the Parish, Water for Life, will be cheerfully accepted.
Please respond to the church office or the signup sheet located outside the Merrifield Room. We look forward
to seeing you there.

B&PW St. Elizabeth Guild

By Barbara Richardson By Debby Pierce
On May 13, B&PW will gather for dinner at 6 p.m. in The last meeting of the year for St. Elizabeth
the Hill Room. Following dinner, we will work on our Guild will be on Tuesday, May 27th at noon. This
outreach projects. Please bring your cards for Dimon- will be our annual salad luncheon and we will
dale and toiletries for EVE Inc. Reservations for dinner meet at the home of Debby Pierce. Someone from
are required, so please contact Debby Pierce by May the calling committee will ask if you plan to bring
11. a salad, finger sandwiches or dessert.
If you are interested in the Guild or would like to
attend the meeting; please call Debby Pierce at
394-4800 or 485-5446.

May 2008
Upcoming St. Paul's Activities Page 3


Ministry Fair 2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008 9:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Registration $15
Lunch $10
Ministry Fair is a day of workshops providing new ideas, skills and knowledge for people
of faith. Our day together will include 4 different time blocks of workshops where you might find yourself
learning how to develop a website and use specialized church communications systems, or how to design bi-
lingual worship, or find ideas for both local and global initiatives regarding the Millennium Development Goals,
or how to increase giving to your church, or strengthen pastoral care, or strengthen your youth program, or ….
the opportunities go on and on.

Choosing from thirty (30!) offerings will be a challenge, so plan to send a team in order to bring back as many
ideas and as much information as possible.

By special arrangement The Youth and Family Institute, will present a one-day experience of their Passing On
Faith Conference. This all-day track is designed to inspire and equip church leaders and educators with a vision
for passing faith among the generations, empowering and supporting families as they become primary faith
instructors for their children. Participants will go home with a wide variety of ideas and resources, all ready to
adopt, adapt and apply in their home and congregation.

Following are the topics and workshop session titles for Ministry Fair. For more workshop information and a reg-
istration sheet, pick up a Ministry Fair booklet in the cloister or the church office.
Improve Your Communication Ministry of Money
• Church Communication in the Diocese of Michigan • Teens, Consumerism and Values
• Finding better ways to communicate • Climbing the Stewardship Mountain
Making Technology Work for You • Marketing and evangelism on a shoestring
• Technology in Youth and Youth Adult Ministry Care of the Soul
• Diving (web) Design: • Pastoral Care in Tender Moments
Advocacy for Youth and Children • The Pastoral Caregiver: Care & Feeding
• The Church and TBLG (Transgender, Bisexual, Les- • Praying with Body, Mind and Spirit
bian and Gay) Youth • Spiritual Discernment in Later Years
• Outreach As Youth Ministry • Exploring your Spiritual Journey
• Teambuilding Activities for Youth Groups Adult Formation
• MDGs/Local: Children in Poverty in Michigan • History, Structure and Governance of the Episcopal
Called to Advocacy and Mission Church, Parts One and Two
• MDGs/Global: Women and the MDGs • “The purity code, the Good News, and its implica-
• MDGs/Local: The Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initia- tions for Christian ethics
tive (MPRI) • Deacon Formation Program
• MDGs/Global: Global Action on Extreme Poverty Developing Leadership Skills
• The Challenges Ahead • A Workshop for Clergy
Bringing New Life to Liturgy • Sizing up the Work of the Vestry
• Deacons in the Liturgy • Leadership Development Program
• Say Amen: Somebody Prevention Training
• Eucharistic trade secrets from Diocesan Altar Guild • Safeguarding God’s Children
• Planning a Bilingual Liturgy • Sexual Exploitation and Harassment Prevention

May 2008
Page 4
Upcoming St. Paul's Activities
The 4Fs “Taking Care of Ourselves UTO
& Others” By Nancy Milne
By Nancy Sheldon he next United Thank
The 4 F’s meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each
T Offering collection will
be Sunday, May 11. Enve-
month for12 noon Eucharist,12:30 p.m. lunch, 1:00 Bi- lopes will be available on
ble Study and the program from1:15 – 2 p.m. both that Sunday and the Sunday before, May 4.
For those of you who are traditionalists and put in
May 12 your pennies of thanksgiving throughout the year,
Year-end picnic with participants giving a brief review the boxes will be collected at that time as well.
of the one or two of their favorite books that would
At least three-quarters of the money collected
make for good summer reading
stays in the U.S. The UTO board metes out the
grants with special attention to the disadvantaged
within the diocesan mission strategy. The grants
Escanaba in Love are usually fairly small and some are used to pro-
vide services to smaller churches, such as getting a
By Millie Erickson, Vestry leaky roof replaced, plumbing repairs or building
a handicapper access. All of the funds must be
“The Gathering,” a social group
spent within a year.
of St. Paul’s parishioners has a special theater night
planned for Saturday May 10. If you are feeling particularly thankful, please
make a contribution to the UTO on May 11, and
The evening starts with hearty hors d’oervres at the
we will be grateful to you.
home of Sally and Don Lawrence at 6 p.m. The festivi-
ties continue at the BoarsHead Theater at 8 p.m. with
the uproariously funny “Escanaba in Love” by Jeff
Daniels. This prequel to Escanaba in da Moonlight tells Confirmation
the love story of Yoopers Albert Soady Jr.’s and Big
Betty Baloo. By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
The cost of tickets is $18 and we ask you to bring n Saturday, May 9, Bishop Wendell N.
hearty appetizer to share. We hope you will sign up
outside the Merrifield Room and join us for this fun-
O Gibbs, Jr. will visit Lansing for the purpose of
Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation. The
filled evening. Service will be held at St. Michael’s in south Lans-
ing and will be open to all who have been suffi-
ciently instructed. This service begins at 10:30
Graduation Sunday
Confirmation is the sacramental rite available to
By The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr. all persons who have been baptized as children
and now want to have that rite of initiation af-
As is our custom, we will honor our high school, college firmed by the bishop with the laying on of hands.
and advanced-degree graduates on Sunday June 1. Reception is the rite of initiation that is available
At 9 a.m., the Vestry will provide a breakfast for the for all persons who have had their infant baptism
high school graduates and their families. During the 10 affirmed by a bishop in another denomination
a.m. Eucharist, there will be a short ceremony and and now want to make a statement of their inten-
graduates will be presented with a small gift from the tion to be a sacramental part of the Episcopal
congregation. Church. Finally, Reaffirmation is the occasion that
many Episcopalians take to restate their faith as
Members or relatives of parishioners graduating this
Christians. If you would like to participate in any
year are asked to contact the parish office and pro-
of these rites, please contact the front office or
vide the name of the institution and date of gradua-
one of the clergy.

May 2008
Upcoming St. Paul's Activities Page 5

Men Golfers!!!
By William H. Fineout, Diaconal Candidate
Don’t hesitate any longer. The St. Paul’s Men’s Golf League wants you! Sign up with Jim
Huber or the church office immediately. This year’s Men’s League will again play at
Groesbeck Golf Course in Lansing. Play will begin at about 3:30 p.m. on Thursdays, with
opening night scheduled for May 8. If you have a partner in mind, let us know that infor-
mation as well. Everyone is welcome to play. As we have observed in the past, skill is not
a prerequisite. Just ask the diaconal candidate, Bill Fineout, who will collect your league
fees this year.

2nd Annual Sunday Service and Picnic in the Park

Millie Ericson, Parish Life Committee
At 10 a.m. on June 8, 2008, we will meet at North Lake Lansing Park for the
2nd Annual Sunday Service and Picnic in the Park. This outdoor service will re-
place the usual 10 a.m. service at St. Paul’s, although the 8 a.m. service will be
held at the church as usual.
A signup sheet will be available soon outside the Merrifield Room. The Parish
Life Committee encourages you to join the festivities and sign up to bring one
of the following: potato salad, baked beans, green salad, fruit dish, or dessert.
Hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks and picnic ware will be provided. Fun for the afternoon will be offered by the
Youth Christian Ed. Committee and the Youth Group who will be organizing games for all to play. Watch the
Sunday Bulletins and the June issue of SPN for a map and directions to the site.

Miss Baylie Sanchez is going to St. Aelred’s Guild

San Antonio, Texas St Aelred’s Guild…offers spiritual friendship to
members of our congregation in time of need
The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr. through notes, visitation, prayer list management,
Eucharistic visits, celebration of births and mar-
Baylie Sanchez’s application has been accepted riages, as well as phone calls to shut-ins. St Paul’s
by the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan and Baylie would like to know when one of our parishioners is
will represent St. Paul’s and Diocese of Michigan, in the hospital, is unable to come to church, has
along with several other youth from across the been moved to a special care facility or just might
diocese at this year’s Tri-annual Episcopal Youth appreciate a card or visit to let them know we are
Conference (EYC) in San Antonio Texas, July 8 – thinking about them and praying for them. Please
July 13. pick up a form for this special ministry at the Wel-
The EYC brings together over 1500 youth from come Table after church or call Kathleen in the of-
across the Episcopal Church USA for a week of fice at 482-9454. All parishioners are welcome to
learning, music, worship, prayer and of course, join us in this Ministry the Third Wednesday of
fun. “EYC serves as a celebration to inspire a each month from 5:00 – 5:30 PM in the Van Atta
deeper faith in Jesus Christ, and a renewed com- Room.
mitment to mission and ministry.” (YAYA Diocese of
Congratulations Baylie!

May 2008
Page 6
ï ï Paul's
ï ï ïï ï ïïNews
ïïïï ï ï ï ïï ïï ï ïïï ïïïï ï
I Was Covered with Prayers
By Sally Boron
The St. Paul’s chapter of Prayers and Squares presented two quilts for blessing and prayers on March 9. The
quilts were blessed at the 8 a.m. service. After both the 8 and 10 a.m. services, the quilts were available in the
cloister for parishioners to say prayers while tying a knot in the quilts.
I was the recipient of one of those quilts. After St. Paul’s parishioners prayed and tied knots, friends took the
quilt to two schools where I used to work and also to a quilt group where more knots were tied and prayers
were offered. My family also had an opportunity to tie and pray.
I brought the quilt with me to the Ingham Regional Medical Center on the morning of March 14. It covered me
while I waited in the pre-op area and until I was moved to surgery. My family held the prayer quilt and
placed it over me immediately after my open-heart surgery.
The quilt covered me all during my hospital stay and still covers me while I recuperate at home. I feel as
though I was and am still truly covered, surrounded by prayer. My surgery was successful even with an unex-
pected tear in the aorta. I truly believe that the prayers surrounding me guided the hands of the doctors and
medical staff toward the positive outcome of the surgery. I feel blessed to have been the recipient of a prayer
quilt. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the parishioners of St. Paul’s who prayed for me.
Please support the new Prayers and Squares ministry at St. Paul’s. It is not necessary to know how to sew. There
are many ways that each of you can help. Please contact MaryLea Benson to volunteer.

St. Paul’s Prayer List

We pray for those who are sick and in need: Cindy Robinson, Richard, Audrie & Aaron
Hegmon, Shelley Robinson, Grady & Dennis Letner, Clara Voges, Mason Hill, Lois
Caswell, June Wyatt, Dick Siebert, Carol, Judith Jones, Becky Chamberlain, Nancy His-
coe Clark, Charles Weaver, Ben Herbert, Chance Collins, Caroline Thomas and her fam-
ily, Betty Jensen, Dan Heany, Mary Ann Kelley, Ed Farmer, Ed Jones, Justin, Elizabeth,
Prayer List Barb Hacker, Andrew Astley, Michael Skinner, Ginny Bancroft, Darrick, Chris, Tom,
Cheryl, Patricia Utter, Marjorie Belles, Edith Self, Cal, Christopher, Carrie, Sally, Kathryn
& Elizabeth Senko, Daphne Such, Aleda, Rina Rister, Barb Powers, Pam Lacey, Dave, Anne Ross, Skip &
Marsha Macholz, Patricia Reno, Linda, Walt Naumer, Chuck Buck, Rick Edwards, and Clem Laurion.
We pray for and remember those in the Military, serving in dangerous areas: Daniel Reno, Daniel Laurion,
David Granger, Bill Sheldon
We pray for Fr. Gordon Weller and his wife, Linda, while they are absent from St. Paul’s during Fr. Weller’s
We pray for those expecting: Kym & Matt Hall and Andrea Horton
We pray for and celebrate the birth of Lillian Maria Bott daughter of Rachel and Jeff Bott
We pray for and celebrate the marriage of Charles Buck and Mary Lindquist
We pray for those who have died and for their families: Hugh Clarke, Sr., Margie Matthews, and Donald H.

May 2008
Page 7
News from the Vestry
Financial Information as of March 31, 2008
By Jeff Irwin
We are a quarter of the way through 2008 and total pledge income was $77,003 which is nearly 26% of the
Operations had a loss for the month of March of $10,683 which brings the year to date operations loss to
$29,187. Contributing to the loss was a large utility bill of $5,786.
Through March 31, 2008 the used book sale generated $1,728.00 for the benefit of Episcopal Relief and De-
velopment (ERD).
Through March 31 the designated and restricted funds had net revenue of $556. However, in April we will look
significantly better because we received $53,360 from the Lucille Penniman Trust in early April. Per vestry pol-
icy $48,024 (90%) has been transferred to the Perpetual Fund and $5,336 (10%) to the Mission and Outreach
Additionally, in March the estate of Alice Hand made a $5,000 contribution to the church. Again $4,500 (90%)
has been transferred to the Perpetual Fund and $500 (10%) to the Mission and Outreach fund.
The combined net loss of the church at March 31 was $28,631. As of March 31 it has been necessary to with-
draw a total of $20,000 from the Perpetual Fund in order to make payroll and pay outstanding bills.
At the March 18, 2008 vestry meeting the vestry approved $50,000 for future withdraws from the Perpetual
Fund as is needed

Vestry Highlights
At the April 15th meeting of the vestry at St. Paul's to redo the Web site and to assist in the design
your vestry: of a welcoming brochure.
• Received committee reports.
• Shared in devotions led by Fr. Ron Byrd • Heard about the plans for the Ascension Day din-
• Approved a bid from All Terrain Alterations, Inc. ner for the parish on May 1st.
for the separation of the downspouts on the east • Approved a plan for St. Paul's to assist the Pines
and west sides of the parish house from the sani- Health Care Center in establishing a chapel in
tary storm sewer (as required by the City of Lans- their facility.
ing) and another bid from All Terrain for recon- • Were reminded that Jo Ganzer will visit St. Paul's
struction of the catch basin riser in the rear park- on Sunday the 20th and that confirmation will be
ing lot between the ramp and our entrance. held May 10th, 10 a.m. at St. Michael's.
• Approved a bid to shorten two pews in the church • Heard from the Charlie Krupka, Sr. Warden that
to accommodate wheel chair access. there are some maintenance issues around the
• Received the March 2008 financial reports (found facility and they will need to be addressed soon.
elsewhere in this issue). • Discussed recycling at St. Paul's.
• Discussed the possibility of working with the Visi- • Learned that Fr. Byrd hopes to attend the 8th
tors & Convention Bureau to rent our facility. annual Black Clergy Conference planned for Oc-
• Signed up to assist in the parish clean up day and tober in New Orleans.
to serve as greeters at the Ministry Fair. • Received a written report from Bill Fineout.
• Heard that Mark Doyal is preparing a proposal • Closed the meeting with prayer

May 2008
Page 8
St. Paul's News
Prayers You Can Feel!
By MaryLea Benson
Ever wondered what a prayer feels like; what it would feel like to
wrap yourself in prayers? St. Paul’s has started a prayer ministry in
conjunction with Prayers & Squares International. This ministry is about
the “gift” of prayers through the tangible form of a quilt and is for the
whole church, young, old and in-between; men, women and children;
people who sew, those that don’t and even those how might want to
The basis for the Prayer Quilt ministry is to give persons who are in need physically, spiritually or emotionally
a gift of God’s prayer in which to wrap themselves. As of April 14, three quilts have been gifted to parishion-
ers: Kaema Amachree, Sally Boron and Linda Weller. You can read Sally’s “thank you” elsewhere in this issue
of SPN.
The ministry is looking for the assistance of good men, women and children to help out. Time and talent are
needed for washing, ironing, cutting and sewing the material for the tops and backs. And yes, your treasure is
also needed to help purchase items are not donated.
Donations in the form of fabric remnants at least 3 inches wide by 7 ½ inches long, get well cards or a sewing
machine in working condition will also be cheerfully accepted.
The ministry works on three “Commandments”
1. The Prayers & Squares motto is, “It’s not about the quilt; it’s all about the prayers.” The purpose of the
ministry is to promote an active prayer life among the participants, not just to make and give away quilts.
2. We must ASK before we give the gift of a prayer quilt as surprises are not appropriate. Ask if the person
to receive the quilt will accept your gift of prayer, ask what they would like you to pray for and ask what
information about their situation may be shared with others.
3. The ministry does not accept any form of payment for a prayer quilt; it is a gift of love and prayer which
cannot be bought or sold. Those who request or receive prayer quilts must not be made to feel obligated
to Prayers & Squares in any way.
Look for the box of quilt “wishes” to choose from for those who would like to like to participate by donating
materials or would like to volunteer in some way.

Our Book Group Still Meeting

By Sue Millar
The parish’s response to the January book-read experience organized by the Parish Life Committee indicated
both an interest in the chosen book (The Worst Hard Times) and a desire to meet with other parishioners, per-
haps making new friends in the process. The project was so successful that our group decided to continue meet-
ing. We are officially “The Greater Shaftsbury Reading Group” and have a place on Schuler’s table showcas-
ing several such groups. It should be obvious by the name that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
But we do take our reading seriously. Our first choice following The Worst Hard Times was Mountains Beyond
Mountains, describing the amazing work and dedication of Paul Farmer, a doctor working primarily in Haiti
addressing the health needs of the very poor. Since our parish has committed to supporting a water project in
Haiti, this book may be of some interest to others.
The next choice, Al Gore’s book Assault on Reason, describes his deep concern over the state of communication
(Continued on page 14)

May 2008
St. Paul's Choirs Page 9

Choir Newsletter and Dates to Remember

By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music
It’s hard to believe that the year is beginning to wind down already, but June 1 will be the last Sunday that
choristers will vest until next September. The year-end schedule looks like this:
Sunday, May 11
Cherubs and Boys’ and Grace Choir will sing for Mothers’ Day. Cherubs in Second Grade will move up
to Boys’ and Grace Choir during the service and will be presented with a vestment.
Wednesday, May 14
Last Family Night/Rehearsals for Cherubs, Boys’ and Grace, and High School Choirs. (England choris-
ters will continue to meet at their usual time on Wednesdays through June 4.)
Sunday, May 18
Choir Recognition Dinner (which will be an all-parish brunch sponsored by the England choristers) and
Awards Presentation (to follow the brunch). This will also be the last Sunday that members of Boys’ and
Grace Choirs will vest until next fall.
Wednesday, May 21
Choir Picnic (for members of Cherubs and Boys’ and Grace Choirs) at Patriarche Park in East Lansing,
beginning at 5:00 p.m.
Thank you so much for your dedicated work throughout the year. Your ministry of singing has blessed the wor-
ship community on Sunday mornings in many ways. Your gift of time and talent is greatly appreciated!

Singing Schedule
Date Choirs

May 4 High School; Chancel

May 11 Cherubs, Boys’ and Grace, High School, Chancel
May 18 High School; Chancel
May 25 High School; Chancel

June 1 (Graduation Sunday) High School; Chancel

May 2008
Page 10
St. Paul’s Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry Articles Provided in Collaboration By:
Youth Ministry Articles Provided in Collaboration By:
Youth Christian Education and Youth Fellowship Chairperson, Kelly Gmazel
Youth Group Executive Council President, Steven Kariuki
Youth Group Coordinator, Barbara Heany
Youth Group Advisor, Tom Foltz
Acolyte Guild, Directors Patricia Bellinger & Carol Sleight
The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr., Curate

A Box City Experience

Inclement weather may have foiled our plans to sleep inviting a very special guest (Rev. 3:20); experienced
outdoors in cardboard boxes however it did not a soup-kitchen style meal; combined team effort in a
dampen the spirit and focus of the night for the nine scriptural scavenger hunt and participated in an inspir-
youth who participated in St. Paul’s Box City on April ing and moving closing Eucharist.
11-12. The evening was filled with eye-opening infor-
mation, life-learning experiences, creative team effort, Once again, the youth group would like to thank eve-
and I think all would agree good fun. ryone for your prayers and support throughout this
mission outreach project. Thanks to your generous giv-
Box City was not a typical youth lock-in. From begin- ing we were able to collect $500 for the Lansing Res-
ning to end the focus was on the complexities and cue Mission which is presently renovating the former
magnitude of issues which confront homeless people Maplewood Elementary School into a shelter for
daily. The evening kicked off with a presentation by women and children.
Lansing Rescue Mission Executive Director, Mark Criss
followed by a testimonial given by Joe, a previously We hope that you will find an opportunity to ask one
homeless man who is now the Operations Coordinator of our youth group participants about their Box City
of Lansing Rescue Mission. It concluded Saturday experience. Our participants were AJ and Daniel
Morning with an eye-opening tour of the Lansing Res- Fletcher, Drew and Anna Krupka, Tommy Gut, Steven
cue Mission located on Michigan Avenue. During the Walker (who brought friend Daniel Andrews), Marga-
16 hour event the group used their ingenuity and ret Kariuki and Maggie McDaniel.
creativity to design cardboard box homes worthy of

Looking for a Babysitter? Service Project Completed

By Courtney Irwin By Margaret Kariuki
If you are looking for a babysitter, Daniel Crabtree, On March 2, St. Paul's youth group cleaned the
Anna Krupka, Courtney Irwin, Drew Krupka, Margaret church nave. Mrs. Heany provided the sponges,
Kariuki and Steven Walker all took the babysitting wash clothes, buckets, and wood polish. Youth
training program from the Red Cross. On Saturday Group members washed, polished and restocked
May 10 special rates will be provided for church mem- the pews with hymnals, bibles, and prayer books.
bers that are planning to attend the Parish Life spon- Some people went around and put pledge cards
sored Spring Theater Outing to BoarsHead. Please for money in the pews, too. When we were all
feel free to contact anyone of these certified babysit- done the church looked great and had a
ters directly if you need a babysitter fresh lemon smell. Great effort was put in to clean
the church nave. I thank all the helpers that took
time to make our church nice. We enjoyed helping
keep our church clean!

Upcoming Youth Events:

May 4 Closing Picnic 12 pm to 4 p.m. at Pot-
ters Park, with Caroline Thomas

May 2008
St. Paul’s Youth Ministry Page 11

Calling All Heroes!

By Carol Laub
Ahoy, ye good-hearted pirates! All hands on deck for a whale of a good
time as the "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything-A VeggiTales VBS" docks at
St. Paul's from June 23-27. Kids from age three to fifth grade are invited for
a fun-filled week exploring what it means to be a true hero for God. Our
travels center around the verse of the week: "I can do all things through Christ
because he gives me strength," Philippians 4:13. Our crews will launch their
day with the Yo-ho-ho opening show where we will sing lively songs, view a
movie clip, learn our daily Bible theme (e.g., true heroes do the right thing),
and participate in skits. Then we will sail on to adventures in The Spyglass
Bible Theater, Whipcrack Island Games, Rock Monster Science Lab, Clapping
Rock Crafts and Cheesecurl Cave Snacks. To book your spot on our crew, call
the church office (482-9454), fill out a registration form or contact Carol Laub (349-5149) with questions. To
enlist as part of our seaworthy crew (volunteers), look for inserts in the church bulletin.

St. Paul’s Easter Egg Hunt Recognition Sunday

The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr.
The last day for St. Paul’s church school this year
will be Sunday May 18. We will be recognizing
all of the teachers who have worked so hard pre-
paring and nourishing our children in their Chris-
tian journey. We have a wonderful group of
teachers who regularly sacrifice their time, talent
and personal treasure towards ensuring our chil-
dren healthy spiritual growth in the Christian val-
ues we all hold dearly. Please mark your calen-
dars for this important day when we say thank
you to our Sunday school teachers for their love,
care and Christian instruction to kids.
The Youth Christian Education and Fellowship
Committee is also in the process of planning next
year’s Sunday school program. It is our hope to
recruit a few more teachers and substitute teach-
ers. Please consider offering your gift to God, by
giving a gift to God’s children. The committee will
convene on Sunday May 4 at 9 a.m. to discuss this
year’s Vacation Bible School program and next
year’s Sunday school curriculum and staffing con-
cerns. (Committee members please note date and
time change.) If you are interested in becoming a
Sunday school teacher/substitute or would like to
offer suggestions or comments please contact Fr.
Ron or Kelly Gamazel

May 2008
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Mission & Outreach
ACTION of Greater Lansing
By William H. Fineout, Diaconal Candidate
Last year, St. Paul’s was an active member of AC- I encourage you to mark your calendars today. You
TION, a justice ministry coalition in Ingham County. This will not be asked for a donation, just your presence.
year the St. Paul’s justice ministry team has been even Your attendance will make a public statement about
more involved, helping with research on the 2008 the importance of equitable housing in our community.
topic, equitable housing. Parish members, Sue LeDuc, Each of these ACTION events is exciting and enjoy-
Fred and Terry Junger, Dorothy Marsh, Brad Dea- able. Being united with like-minded churches, in the
con, and Ed and Pat Meier are a few of those who name of Christ, working for justice is a wonderful and
have been attending the meetings and asking the im- fulfilling way to spend a couple spring evenings. You
portant questions. can car pool, drive alone, or let a member of the Mis-
sion and Outreach Committee know if you need a
A final report, which include suggestions for the pro- ride.
jects emphasis and a plan for implementation, will be
presented at the ACTION Rally, on Monday, May 5, For two nights this spring, it is crucial that we join our
at 6:30 p.m. at All Saints Episcopal Church in East “St. Paul’s” voices with those of the other member
Lansing. On Monday, May 19, the 2008 ACTION plan churches and fulfill our covenant with Christ while let-
will be presented to the appropriate community lead- ting Greater Lansing know we care and are willing to
ers at the Nehemiah Action Assembly to be held at work for our community.
Union Missionary Baptist Church, 6:30 p.m.
Rally - Monday, May 5, 6:30 p.m.
These two meeting are where the St. Paul’s justice min- All Saints Episcopal Church
istry team and the Mission & Outreach committee 800 Abbott Rd. (across from the Hannah Community
would like your support. We are asking you to attend Center)
both the Rally and the Assembly meetings. Last year East Lansing
more than 400 people from 12 churches (37 persons
from St. Paul’s or nearly 10% of the total) attended Nehemiah Action Assembly - Monday, May 19,
the Assembly. The more people that attend from our 6:30 p.m.
Parish, the more we demonstrate our commitment to Union Missionary Baptist Church
justice to our community leaders. We encourage you 500 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
to, Stand up and be counted! Lansing

Mission & Outreach Activities:

Where is Christ calling you to help others?
May 12, 7pm
May 1
• LAEP (Lansing Area Episcopal Projects) Mtg. St
• Ascension Day Outreach Dinner/Eucharist
May 3 May 19
• Ministry Fair for the Diocese of Michigan – At St.
• ACTION – Nehemiah Action Assembly, 6:30 p.m.
Paul’s; see article on page 3 for Workshop overview
May 5 May—December
• ACTION – Rally, 6:30 p.m. All Saints, E. Lansing
• Water for Life and Heifer International
May 11
Check the newsletter articles and the Sunday Bulletin
• UTO Ingathering Announcements for additional details and informa-

May 2008
St. Paul’s News Page 13

(Continued from “Peace Be With You,” page 1)

work was the time I spent in the presence of God’s peace.

It was always easy to feel and taste God’s peace when I traveled down route 7, because the road that I trav-
eled included beautiful scenery and a serene majesty. You see, as I would look out of my window, on one side I
could see the magnificent Adirondack Mountains and the sixth largest Lake in country, Lake Champlain. When
looking out my other window, sitting less than ten feet from the road was the base of Vermont’s own Green
Mountain chain. Irrespective of the weather, time of day or the season of the year, the mood and magnificence
of God’s peace would be consistently clear.
Sometimes God’s peace could be sensed in the majestic snowcapped mountains and the frozen lake occupied
by ice fishermen. At other times the presence of God’s peace would be revealed through my panoramic view of
some of the most brilliant fall foliage colors the eyes could imagine. The array of stunning sunsets and fre-
quently changing weather patterns would also tell of God’s peaceful presence.
In the beauty of God’s creation I was and continue to be reminded of God’s presence with us. In the Glory of
God’s masterful work I can always feel and taste the peace of God, and it is in this everyday experience, I
find and feel Easter. Easter, although only recognized on our liturgical calendar for fifty days, is an everyday
experience, exemplified in the peace of God’s presence. Regardless of weather, time of day or the season of
the year, we are Easter people, being in spiritual communion with Christ, vestured by the peace of God’s pres-
During this season of Easter, and always, my hope for every one of you is that you may taste and feel the fra-
grance and peace of our living God, given to us in the breath of the Holy Spirit, through the death and resur-
rection of our Savior Jesus the Christ. Jesus said, “Peace be with you, peace I leave with you, my own peace I
give to you.” Taste and feel God’s peace, a peace which surrounds us and invites our understanding and wit-
(Continued from “Honoring the Bishop’s Request,” page 1)

cinnati, flowing out from and bringing people into the Cathedral.
Dean Lind believes that this radical hospitality functions as an operating principle, as a way of being the church.
It is hopeful and reflects openness. With such hospitality and openness as our guide, we discover God’s abun-
dance, and additionally are led to care for God’s created world. She suggests that we consider the earth our
home, not a hotel. Sabbath practice and honoring elders soon becomes a part of this “operating principle.” This
way of living brings stability in our world that knows primarily transience. She sees this path as leading us to
stand before the cross, an expression of incarnational living when we experience brokenness and inter-
This opening of our hearts and our churches creates excitement and engagement with others, offering people
“what they are hungry for.” Dean Lind encourages us to be “peace-willed” and to remember that we are
“knitting things together” while we seek diversity rather than sameness.
Next month I plan to write Part 2 as I seek to follow the Bishop’s suggestion.
Greg Wortley also heard the Saturday presentation and he shares the following observations that help ex-
pand my summary.
“Dean Lind had various ways of characterizing her “piazza,” or, ”living at the crossroads,“ metaphor for the life
of faith. She stated it’s “living like a house with doors wide open,“ being open and welcoming to the stranger.
She stated it‘s “living a life of stability amongst all that is transient about us,” being a fixed presence amidst the
flux of life. She stated it’s “standing as reconciling agent within the rich mix of our society,” being a centering
presence amongst the wide diversity of life. And furthermore, she stated that it’s not just a matter of seeing
Christ in others, but of deliberately seeking out and actively greeting that Christ in all persons we encounter in
the thick, “the crossroads” of our daily living. No matter how she explained it, though, I found it all highly in-
structive, both in terms of how I personally can live out my faith as I step into the world each day, as well as how
we corporately at St. Paul’s can live out our faith amidst the rich mix of the greater Lansing community each
day. Dean Lind was truly thought provoking and inspirational!”

May 2008
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St. Paul’s News
(Continued from “Our Book Club’s Still Meeting,” page 8)

in our country. Because of the influence of radio and particularly with the impact of television, participation in
our local and national governing process has moved from being participatory with the citizens maintaining a
sense of empowerment and involvement, to the present circumstances when communication is passive with little
free exchange of opinion and ideas. Gore sees this as a serious threat to our democracy as he spells out how
we got to where we are. He does, however, end on a note of hope.
Our current selection is Jim Wallis’ newest book, The Great Awakening. He describes in compelling language
how our faith commitment requires energetic response and engagement in today’s world. As our parish family
currently focuses on responding to the MDGs, Wallis’s prophetic message fits well.
If you are interested in joining us, see Terry or Fred Junger at the 8 a.m. service or me at the 10 a.m. You
would be most welcome. Thanks to the Parish Life Committee for getting our group launched.

St. Paul’s Altar Guild Prepares Palms

St. Paul’s News Available On Line

By Lyn Zynda, Layout Editor
The staff of St. Paul’s News makes every effort to assure you receive each monthly issue well before the first
of the month. Christine Caswell, editor and I browbeat the writers to get their articles in on time, we often
work late into the night to get the material edited and formatted, and Kathleen Johnson, Vivian Toomey
and the other worker-bees in the office work diligently to get each issue printed, addressed and off to the
Post Office in plenty of time for early delivery. Unfortunately, this is where the delay occurs.
The Post Office has the option to delay the distribution of non-profit bulk mail by up to four days which is why
some people get their newsletters on time and some people don’t. Very annoying, especially when there are
activities during the early days of the month.
However, there is some good news and a solution of sorts. For those of you with internet access, the newsletter
is available at our web site: Our apologies to our readers who aren't yet connected.
We will continue to do our utmost assure your issue arrives in a timely manner.

May 2008
May 2008

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