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Paul's Episcopal Church

Lansing Michigan

St. Paul's News

Drawing Closer to God April, 2009
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
ny who were in Church on March 15 know that the response to the
A invitation for healing by prayer and anointing was very well re-
ceived. Over 100 people were anointed. This response leads me to ad-
Volume 34, Issue 4

vertise another seldom used rite, something called Reconciliation of a

Penitent. Using other terminology, it could be called private confession. Inside this issue:
As a sacrament, it is particularly appropriate in Lent when we are
The Rev. Dr. Gordon Weller called to self examination and repentance. Calendar 15

In the Episcopal Church, almost every service of worship has some type of group confession. This is Choir Schedule 7
appropriate because when people present themselves before God, it is desirable to admit our
human, mortal and sinful nature as well as acknowledge God's power, goodness and mercy. But Mission and
the use of group confession has come at the expense of the private, personal confession which was Outreach
the theology of the Church for over 1,000 years and continues even today.
Prayer List 6
As we begin to conclude the season of Lent, I ask you to consider making a private confession in
preparation for Easter. The format is contained in the Book of Common Prayer, beginning on page Upcoming
446. Read it over to see what is required and then contact Father Byrd or me to make an appoint- Activities
ment. These confessions will be done in the Church or Chapel and will be scheduled at your conven-
ience. If you have never taken the opportunity to make a private confession, consider one this year.
As always, these confessions are completely private and confidential.

Mindful Listening and Problem Solving

By Martie Repaskey, Sr. Warden
t the Annual Meeting in January, we had a healthy congregational discussion regarding our
A budget, which has for the last several years reflected a deficit, with reliance on the Perpetual
Fund to assist with shortfalls. This was a productive conversation which
embraced many opinions expressed by a variety of members who
love this church. A motion was forwarded directing the vestry “to pre- If every time we met with
pare and submit a plan for eliminating the parish’s operating deficit.” someone and gave them our
Such a plan is to be delivered to the parish by May 30, 2009. full and complete attention
for four minutes come hell
Your vestry has assigned this work to the Finance Committee, under or high water, it could
the able leadership of Kirk Lindquist. He and the members of his change our lives.
committee—Tom Repaskey, Don Lawrence, Pete Sheldon, Jeff Ir-
win, and Julie Young—have begun this work in earnest. Their first Leonard and Natalie Zunin
task is one of collecting data to be completely accurate in tracking The First Four Minutes
our history with respect to budgets, pledging patterns, attendance
records, as well as external factors which have occurred beyond our control. The committee’s intent
is to bring a report and recommendations to the congregation within the time period specified.
Each member of St. Paul’s Vestry and Finance Committee stands ready to listen to any member,
with complete attention, to any ideas which could be helpful as we approach this very important
task. If you have any ideas, please share them with members of the vestry or the finance commit-
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St. Paul's News
Activities at a Glance
Ongoing Activities • Children’s Choir visit, Sunday, April 19, 10 a.m.
• St. Aelred’s Guild, third Wednesday, 4:30 PM • Blood Drive, Saturday, April 25, 8 AM—2 PM
• Book Cart, 1st and 2nd Sunday after 10 AM • Spring Food Drive, Sunday, April 19 & 26, 8 & 10
• B&PW, Tuesday, April 14, 6 PM AM
• ECW, 3rd Monday, 7 PM • Family Decompression Session, Friday, April 24,
• Family Night Dinner, Wednesdays, 5 PM 6:30 PM, at the home of the VanKoevering family
• 4 Fs, replaced by Lenten Book reviews, see article • Church School Ends, Sunday, April 26
on page 5 • ACTION, April 28, May 12, 2009 7 PM
• St. Paul’s Library, open every Sunday Looking Ahead
• Prayer Group, 1st Tuesday, 5:30-6:30 PM
• Adult Confirmation Preparation, Saturday, May 2,
• Men’s Breakfast, 3rd Thursday, 7 AM 9 & 16, 9 AM—noon
• Mission/Outreach, first Monday, 5:30 PM • Youth Mini Mission Trip, May 15-17
• Mid-Week Eucharist, Tuesdays, noon • Godspell, May 29 & 30, Central United Methodist
This Month at St. Paul’s and Elsewhere Church
• “An Evening at the Theater,” Saturday, April 4, • Bishop visit to St. Paul’s, Saturday, May 30, 10:30
Sally & Don Lawrence, BoarsHead Theater AM
• Spring Clean-up, April 4, 9 a.m. • 160th Anniversary Celebration, May, 2009
• Maundy Thursday Agape Meal, April 9, 6 PM • Special Parish Meeting, Sunday, June 7, after 10
• Good Friday Services, April 10, noon, 7 PM AM
• Baptism, Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, May 31 • Sunday Eucharist & Picnic in the Park, Sunday, June
• Easter Egg Hunt, April 12, after 10 a.m. service 14
• Special Diocesan Convention, April 18, 8 AM-2:30 • Vacation Bible School, June 15-19
PM, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Detroit • 2009 Youth Mission Trip, July 26-31

B&PW Meeting
By Barbara Richardson
he Business and Professional Women's Guild will meet Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 6 p.m. in the Hill Room.
T Following dinner we will work on our Outreach Projects. Please bring your cards and magazines. Dinner is
$8 and you must make a reservation with Debby Pierce by April 11th. On April 19th we will meet for our Cor-
porate Communion at 8a.m. followed by breakfast. Please make a reservation with Debby Pierce by April 16.

It’s Spring Clean-up Time!

By Stephanie Van Koevering, Vestry Member
s the weather warms up, we prepare to throw open the windows of our
A homes and sweep out the dust and debris of wintertime. On Saturday,
April 4 (weather permitting), you’ll have an opportunity to help freshen up our
church home as well. We have much to do to keep St. Paul’s looking pretty both
inside and out; be sure to get in on the action! Many hands are needed to keep
the work light.
Sign-up sheets are available outside the Merrifield Room for those who are
willing and able to take part. Mark your calendar!

April 2009
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St. Paul's News
Sunday, April 5, Palm/Passion Sunday
8 a.m. Holy Eucharist
10 a.m. Choral Eucharist & Dramatic reading
of the Gospel
Monday, April 6 Friday, April 10, Good Friday
7 p.m. Holy Eucharist Noon Ecumenical Service, CUMC
7 p.m. Good Friday Liturgy
Tuesday, April 7
Noon Holy Eucharist and healing service Saturday, April 11, Holy Saturday
8 p.m. Baptisms and Vigil
Wednesday, April 8
7 p.m. Holy Eucharist Sunday, April 12 – Easter Sunday
8 a.m. Sunrise service and first Eucharist of
Thursday, April 9, Maundy Thursday Easter
6 p.m. Agape meal, Garden Meditation, Foot 10 a.m. Choral Eucharist with Brass
Washing and Stripping of the Altar

Maundy Thursday Experience Expanded

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
or the last several years on Maundy Thursday, St. Paul’s has hosted a Seder/Agape meal with readings
F and meditation in our garden and the ceremonial Stripping of the Altar. Last year we were joined by First
Baptist Church. This year we will also be joined by Judson Memorial Baptist Church so that four congregations
(including Central United Methodist) will celebrate some of our common traditions.
We will begin with an Agape Meal celebration. It will serve as our Eucharist for the evening. Added this year
(after several years of absence) will be the re-creation of the foot washing. Following that, we will go to the
Garden, read the lessons of Jesus’ prayer and betrayal, and consider the implication in our own lives. Then we
will move to the nave of the Church and witness the Ceremonial Stripping of the Altar.
Because this special evening involves a meal and much preparation, please call the Church office or sign the
reservation list on the reservation Board to reserve your place.

Good Friday Services Easter Egg Hunt on

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller Resurrection Sunday
n Good Friday, two opportunities for worship By The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr.
O will be offered. This year’s ecumenical service
t. Paul’s Youth Group will host
will be held at Central United Methodist Church
next door and Father Weller will be the preacher.
S its second annual Easter egg
hunt on Resurrection Sunday, April
It begins at noon and will last for approximately
12. The hunt for Easter eggs will
1.5 hours. A light lunch will follow. In addition, the
begin immediately following the 10 am worship service.
traditional Good Friday Liturgy from the Prayer
Plastic eggs will be stuffed with candy and other good-
Book will be offered at 7 p.m. that evening. As
ies and hidden in the Church Nave. Special prizes will
usual, parking for both services will be available in
be awarded to children who retrieve the “special
the Roosevelt Parking Structure.
chocolate Easter bunnies.” Children under the age of 10
are welcome to participate.

April 2009
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St. Paul's News
Choir to Visit St. Paul’s
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
or almost a year prior to Fr. Weller’s arrival in 1999, The Rev. Clayton Thomason was pastorally in charge
F of this parish as an interim. During that time, his children were born, and the Thomason’s made many
friends in this congregation. After Fr. Weller was elected Rector, the Thomasons attended All Saints in East Lans-
ing but participated in our Vacation Bible School and maintained some of these friendships. Two years ago,
when the Thomasons moved to the Chicago area, remembering their time in the Lansing area, one of the pre-
requisites was to join a church that had a choir for children. They found such a parish (St. Michael’s in Barrington,
Ill.) and will be returning to the Lansing area with their choir the weekend of April 18-19. Because they wish to
share their love of God with us and praise Him with their voices, we have invited them to be a part of our 10
a.m. service on April 19. Please be in attendance to welcome them.

Family “Decompression Session” St. Paul’s Spring Food Drive

Scheduled By Nancy Sheldon
By Stephanie Van Koevering, Vestry Member
s part of our ongoing Mission and Outreach
f your school, work and family schedules have you A efforts, St. Paul’s will again sponsor a food
I feeling frazzled, be sure to set aside some time for
the first annual St. Paul’s Springtime “Decompression
drive to help the Greater Lansing Food Bank feed
the hungry in our community. As the economy has
Session” on Friday, April 24 at 6:30 p.m. become weaker and more people are unemployed
or homeless, the Food Bank has seen a much
Join the Van Koevering family in DeWitt for a thera- greater need for help from people who have
peutic outdoor bonfire (weather permitting), in which never needed it before. Next door, Central United
grownups can while away an hour or two with relaxing Methodist Church has one of the Food Bank sites
conversation and light munchies. Any children who come that serves people in our neighborhood and the
(and we hope there are many!) will enjoy the opportu- surrounding area. In the past, we have been able
nity to run off their end-of-week energies in a comfort- to help supply them with food and are asking you
able suburban backyard. No need to get a sitter; disci- to help us do that again this spring. On Easter Sun-
pline will be set at low-key weekend levels, so you can day, April 12, we will be passing out paper bags
feel free to talk, relax and enjoy (or just stare vacantly to parishioners after the 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. ser-
into the flames; nobody will mind). It’s all about taking it vices to fill with food and return to the church over
easy and bringing our extended parish family together the next two weeks. You can drop them off during
for a few hours of well-deserved leisure and bonding. the week or bring them back on one of the next
two Sundays (April 19 and 26). We’ll take all of
The address is 13640 Juniper Drive in DeWitt. Bring a the food we collect next door to the Methodist
lawn chair for yourself, any special beverages you wish church on Sunday, April 26 after church. Thanks
to enjoy, and a snack to share. RSVP as you are able to you for your generosity!
Stephanie Van Koevering at (517) 669-9111. We
hope to see you!

ELCA to Worship at St. Paul’s

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
ur sisters and brothers from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America will use St Paul’s for their Conven-
O tion Eucharist on the afternoon of May 15. We are pleased to be able to share our facilities with this
church we are in Communion with.

April 2009
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St. Paul's News
4 F’s, Looking Back Helps Us to Look Forward
By Nancy Sheldon

U sually the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month (exceptions noted *due to Town Hall conflict):
• 12 noon Eucharist, 12:30 p.m. Lunch ($4.50)
• 1 p.m. Bible Study (Steve Lange), 1:15-2 p.m. Program
Anyone is invited who has time in the middle of the day! Please sign up for lunch outside the Merrifield Room or
call the Church office for a reservation.
The schedule for the balance of the 2008-09 season is as follows:
• April 13 - No meeting, day after Easter
• April 27 - We will take a trip to see the work of the City Rescue Mission. While there, someone will
talk to us about their ministry.
• May 18* - Picnic at Nancy Sheldon’s

Parish Meeting Called for June 7

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
t the Annual Meeting in January, one of the major concerns expressed was our anticipated shortfall for the
A 2009 year. After discussion, a motion was made and passed that the Vestry develop a plan to alleviate
our long-term problem of expense exceeding income and present it to the congregation by May 30.
At the Vestry retreat the next weekend, this motion and our financial situation were obviously a big part of our
discussion and our 2009 goals. The quest for a solution was turned over to the finance committee and they have
been working on a solution. This solution will be presented to the congregation before the May 30 deadline,
and the congregation will be given an opportunity to assess it at an all-parish meeting scheduled for June 7,
immediately following the 10 a.m. service. Please put this on your calendar and plan on attending.

Memorial Plaque to be Installed

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
fter much discussion and a year of hesitation, the Vestry voted to continue and finish the installation of a
A large Memorial Plaque in the garden. It will list all those interred in the Garden and will be installed on
the wall underneath the windows of the Van Atta Room. There are currently 73 persons interred in our garden
and all names and dates will be included. As others are interred, their names will be added.
The hesitation in continuing was caused by the expense involved. Initially it was decided that the “upfront”
money would come from the Memorial Fund. This money was voted on by the Vestry, and the project was set in
motion. There was reluctance to go to the families of those already interred because the contract between them
and the Church was complete. The cost of all new interments was adjusted to reflect the new expense (each new
interment spot costs $185), but until those spots are sold, the Memorial Fund will have to provide money for the
completed project. If you have further questions, contact a member of the Vestry or one of the clergy.

April 2009
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St. Paul's News

By Martie Repaskey, Sr. Warden

e welcome the following new members to the St. Paul’s parish family. Please join me in helping make
W them feel at home!
Richard C. Sauerzopf – Richard’s home church is St. Paul’s Cathedral, Detroit. He is now living in the Lansing
area and teaching political science at MSU. Richard is a candidate for Holy Orders; he anticipates that he will
be ordained to the deaconate in June 2009 and to the priesthood six months later.
Christy Thrush – Christy is a retired school teacher who lives in Perry. She formerly taught 4th–8th grades in
Detroit. Prior to that, she taught in Los Angeles. A friendly person, she has already gotten involved in some of
our Parish Life activities!
Andrej Walillo and Hillary Child – This pair will be married at St. Paul’s in April 2010. A.J. is musical, having
grown up in church choirs. Hillary is a native of Lansing. They are both due to graduate from MSU in May.
Note: “Comings and Goings” was written by the late, beloved Tom Shawver for many years. The
following names were written in his last notes for the St. Paul’s News:
Doug and Carol Miller – Longtime members of St. Paul’s who have returned to our parish family. Doug is the
Director of Development for Wharton Center; Carol is a professional gardener who is the president of Friends
of Fenner Arboretum. Their children are Andy, who works at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, and Kary, who is a
Ph.D. candidate in Educational Policy at MSU. It is good to have the Millers among our worshipping congrega-
tion again!

March 15 Healing Service

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
Used Book Sale a Success n March 15, at both the 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.
By Sue Millar O services, anointing and healing was offered
after communion. The response was very good. At
ast month’s Used Book Sale, spread over a three- the 10 a.m. service, over 100 people received this
L week period, brought in wonderful books and gen-
erous purchasers which made it possible to send over
sacrament. Given the success and the need we all
have to be healed, it will be offered again and
$900 to Episcopal Relief and Development. Thank you! perhaps become a regular part of our worship
Thanks to those of you who brought books and to all experience. Please give your thoughts on this to
who purchased them. And a special thanks to the great one of the clergy.
group of women who helped sort and sell the books.
This sale would not have been possible without their
efforts: Karlene Bach, Barbara Hamm, Carol Ingells,
Terry Junger and Carol Miller. And of course, we plan
to repeat this wonderful win/win ERD fundraising sale
again next year.

April 2009
Choirs News
St. Paul' Page 7

Choir Newsletter and Dates to Remember

By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music

Special Dates to Note: 
Please let me know if you will be gone during the week of April 5 through April 12. It will help me 
determine whether we have rehearsal on Wednesday, April 8, or not. Thank you.  
Easter: There will be only one sung service on Easter, at 10:00 a.m. All of the choirs will sing at 
this service. 
The Choir Banquet will be held on Sunday, May 17, at noon. Please save this date for the annual 
end‐of‐the‐year recognition of choristers and their contribution to St. Paul’s.  

Singing Schedule
Date Choirs

April 5, Palm Sunday High School; Chancel

April 12, Easter,10 a.m. only Cherubs; Bays’ & Grace; High School; Chancel
April 19 High School
April 26 High School; Chancel

May 3 High School; Chancel

May 10 Cherubs; Boys’ and Grace; High School; Chancel
May 17 High School; Chancel
May 24 High School; Chancel
May 31 High School; Chancel

“Godspell” Rehearsal Schedule:

April 19 Full Cast - 11:30 to 12:30 p.m.;
April 26 Main Cast -12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
May 17

Saturdays Full Cast - 10 a.m. to noon;

April 25
Main Cast -12:30 to 2 p.m.
May 2, 9, and 16

Final Week:
Tuesday, May 26
Wednesday, May 27 Full Cast - 6 to 9 p.m. at Central Methodist
Thursday, May 28

April 2009
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St. Paul'and
s News
Outreach - Heifer International Gender Equity
In Heifer's view, gender equity is a social-justice and
By The Rev. Deacon Bill Fineout human-rights issue that directly leads to ending hunger
and poverty. That's why our participants are equal
ur Millennium Development Goals’ project for partners in sustainable development projects.
O 2009 is Heifer International. As we begin to raise
money and help others across the world, we should
Today, as a world community, we confront AIDS, a
take a moment to look at just how Heifer is helping
virus that in the past 25 years has either infected or
others. killed over 64 million people. For Heifer, it is a promi-
“Agroecology” nent concern in the arena of sustainable develop-
In a world where land is overused, community members ment. This is why Heifer is incorporating HIV/AIDS edu-
need to learn how to protect and rejuvenate their cation into its community training groups.
land, water and other natural resources. Heifer helps
by teaching environmentally sound agricultural tech-
Heifer provides both "no-interest living loans" in the
niques. form of livestock, as well as small monetary loans
Animal Well-Being to help people start and expand businesses that yield
Before any Heifer animal is passed to a project part- big benefits for families.
ner, Heifer trains the new recipient in animal manage-
ment, using its strictly enforced Animal Welfare Guide- (Continued on page 14)

Mission and Outreach Activities:

Where is Christ calling you to help others?

April 25 September
• Blood Drive • SILS Apartment Startup Collection
April 26 Sunday, September 20
• Brown Bag Sunday (Food Drive) • Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk – 1 p.m.
April 28 Sunday, October 4
• ACTION Rally, 7 p.m. • Heifer International Ingathering Finish
May Ongoing:
• Sudanese Education Project Month, raising • Outreach Committee meeting, second Monday,
tuition for 2010 school year. 5:30 p.m.
May 10 • Manna Sundays for street ministry (busing/work
• UTO Ingathering
• Prayer Quilts
May 12
• Cars INC
• Outreach dinner meeting then ACTION Nehe-
miah Assembly, 7 p.m. • Habitat for Humanity

May 18 Check the Newsletter articles and the Sunday Bulle-

• LAEP meeting, 7 p.m., St. David’s, Lansing tin Announcements for additional details and infor-
May 21
• Ascension Day - Deacon's Dinner

April 2009
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St. Paul's News
Financial Information as of February 28, 2009
By Julie Young
As was noted in last month’s report, St. Paul’s is slated to receive a bequest from the Georgia Thamon Trust. As
is the standard practice for this type of income, the vestry has determined that 90 percent of the bequest will
be placed in the St. Paul’s Perpetual Fund, and the remaining 10 percent will be placed into the Mission and
Outreach fund.
Through February 28, 2009, we have recorded $53,019 in pledge revenue. This is 17 percent of the total
pledge revenue budgeted for 2009. There was a shortfall of $12,979 for the month, making it necessary to
withdraw $20,000 from the St. Paul’s Perpetual Fund.

Vestry Highlights
On Tuesday evening, March 17, your vestry: • Asked Fr. Weller to reschedule another sexual
• Had Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner and misconduct prevention training session in this area
devotions on St. Patrick • Discussed ways to better utilize the "Acton Plan"
• Heard Paul Potts present a synopsis of and solu- model
tion to the sound system in the Church (referred to • Received various committee reports (results of
the Building & Grounds committee) which are contained in this issue)
• Received the February Treasurer's Report • Received a Lansing Area Episcopal Projects
(synopsis elsewhere in this issue) (LEAP) report:
• Authorized a $30,000 withdrawal from endow- 1. Deanery Picnic on July 12 if a place can be
ments to cover current expenses found
• Received Audit update which will be ready very 2. Bill Fineout elected as President of LAEP. Con-
soon! gratulations!
• Approved the idea of a rotating youth represen- • Discussed and recommitted to the four times a
tative to Vestry for this year year Vestry calling program. Next calling, just
• Created a line item in the budget for the 160th before Holy Week
celebration • Received clergy reports
• Discussed the April 18 Diocesan Convention • Agreed to do a Supervised Independent Living
(Caucus on March 29, 7 p.m., All Saints, East Lans- Services youth purchase within the Vestry
• Discussed a Board of Water and Light energy

Outreach - ACTION of Great Lansing

By The Rev. Deacon Bill Fineout
our St. Paul’s ACTION team needs your help with this year’s ACTION issue. Please make your commitment
Y today to attend two evening meetings: the ACTION Rally, Tuesday, April 28, at 7 p.m., and especially for
the Nehemiah Assembly, Tuesday, May 12, at 7 p.m. Both locations had yet to be determined as this newsletter
went to press.
The research for this year’s issue is over, and a final plan was presented to your St. Paul’s team at a meeting on
March 23. Please join each other and ACTION as we try to make a difference in a justice ministry in the Lansing
April 2009
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St. Paul's News
Province V Young Adult Conference Held in Plymouth, MI
By Stephen Kariuki
he youth Christian conference was held at Plymouth, Michigan in St. Johns Episcopal Church. The conference
T lasted from February 27, 2009 to March 1, 2009. College campus ministries from all around mid Michigan
attended the conference, including Northwestern, University of Chicago, Kenyon, University of Illinois, Purdue,
Bowling Green, Northern Illinois, University of Michigan, and Michigan State. Each morning and afternoon con-
sisted of a mass and prayer. The first day was an orientation to the program, and ended with an evening
prayer mass. On the second day, the different college ministries were separated and divided into small groups.
What is the future of the church? What burden from an individual should be given to benefit the church commu-
nity as a whole? And what should be done to build up the community in college ministries? These were among
the questions discussed between different groups. Having a strong, diverse, care community answered some of
the questions. A jazz mass Eucharist was held on Saturday afternoon, which consisted of a pianist, saxophonist,
and a drummer. The combination of music and prayer made the service really intensifying and powerful. The
Saturday evening ended with an epsico dance; this was probably my highlight of the trip. There is nothing bet-
ter to see than some Episcopalians breaking it down to “Thriller” by Michael Jackson or “Superfreak” by Rick
James. On the third and final day, a morning mass was held and the trip for back home was set to go. This was
very informative and fun Christian conference for young adults to join. I would really recommend it to any
young adult, really involved in Christian ministries.

Excitement Builds over Upcoming Vacation Bible School Expected

Mini-Mission Trip to Stony Lake to be a Wild Ride!
By The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr. By Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr
t. Paul’s Youth Group will join other volunteers on he time is quickly approaching to begin plan-
S May 15 through May 17 for a mission retreat at
Living Waters Ministries Stony Lake Camp. Our kids will
T ning for this year’s Vacation Bible School
(VBS). This year’s theme is “Avalanche Ranch-A
assist in the annual spring clean-up and seasonal prepa- Wild Ride Through God’s World.” Last year’s pro-
ration of Stony Lake Camp. Stony Lake is one of several gram was a success in large part due to the many
camps in Michigan shared by the Lutheran ELCA and parishioners who dedicated their time, talent and
The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan. treasure towards the needs of the program and
our children. The success of this year’s program will
Our weekend plans include lots of cleaning, great food, also depend on the efforts of our entire church
camp fires, worship and a huge brunch on Sunday community.
morning. Our itinerary involves departing from St. Paul’s
on Friday May 15th at 4:00 pm and returning Sunday This year’s tentative program dates are June 15 –
evening May 17th at 4 pm. There is no cost for members June 19. If you are able to able to lend a helping
of St. Paul’s youth group. Kids ages 10 and up are en- hand the week before, the week during or the
couraged to share their elbow mussels and participate week after VBS, please be sure to complete and
in this weekend of fun and service. The youth group return a volunteer pledge form. Forms are located
council will address planning and logistical details for in the sign-up racks just outside the Merrifield
the trip to Stony Lake at their upcoming May 3rd meet- room. Interested individuals will be contacted be-
ing. fore May concerning the day and time for our first
program planning meeting. Additionally, if you
have any ideas or suggestions on how we can con-
tinue to improve our VBS program, please do not
hesitate to contact Fr. Ron.

April 2009
Page 11
St. Paul's News
Youth Group Plans 2009 Mission Trip
By The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr.
t. Paul’s youth group will travel to Cairo, Illinois July 26 – 31, to work with younger children and seniors.
S Cairo is located about 2.5 hours southeast of St. Louis at the southern tip of Illinois and is approximately a
9.5 hours drive-time from Lansing. Cairo is a small town that was founded in 1818 and is notable for providing
an important link in the Underground Railroad for both free and enslaved Negroes, traveling between the north
and south during the civil war. Today Cairo is home to more thirty-one hundred residents, where the median
income is $24,680, and one in three live below the poverty line. Cairo’s unemployment is one the highest in the
county hovering around 15%.
Our mission trip is being planned and coordinated through Youth Works. Youth Works is an organization out of
Minneapolis, Minnesota, whose mission is to, “Provide life changing, Christ-centered youth mission opportunities.”
Six core values influence and stand at the center of Youth Works mission trip planning and execution: Youth
Minded, Servant Leadership, Relationship Oriented, Life Changing, Multi-Denominational and Ministry Focused.
Youth entering the 7th grade in the fall of 2009, through students who are currently in grade 12th are eligible
to participate in this year’s mission trip. Unfortunately spaces are limited and interested St. Paul’s Youth Group
members are encouraged to reserve their seat as soon as possible.

Church School Ends Early

Youth Group Upcoming Activities:
By The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr.
April 5 Scheduled Meeting Cancelled – Palm
Sunday ue to St. Paul’s 160th Anniversary Celebration
April 19 Monthly Meeting & Bowling Outing at
D and the youth group’s mini-retreat in May,
Sunday school will end this year on April 26th, two
MSU (Rescheduled) weeks earlier than usual. The nursery will continue
to be open on Sunday’s between 9:45 and 11:30
May 3 Youth Group Meeting
May 15 - 17 Mini-Mission Trip to Stony Lake, Michi- This year we will be saying good-by to Kelsey
gan Booth our nursery childcare provider. Kelsey has
provided loving and attentive care to our “little
June 15 – 19 Youth Group Volunteer for Vacation
ones” for the past several years and she will be
Bible School sorely missed. Please join Fr. Weller and me in
July 26 – 31 Mission Trip to Cairo, Illinois thanking Kelsey for her dedicated ministry and
service to our children.
We are in the process of searching for a new nurs-
ery attendant. Interested applicants are asked to
contact, Kristi Thompson our Personnel Committee
Chairperson or Fr. Ron.
Youth Group Sells Discount Cards
By The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr.
he youth group is selling fundraising discount cards to support their 2009 mission trip to Stony Lake, Michi-
T gan and Cairo, Illinois. Each fundraiser card offers 15 incredible freebies and/or discounts to local area
businesses. Each card sells for $20.00 and we are hoping every parishioner will purchase at least one card.
Mission trip fundraiser discount cards also make for excellent birthday and Mother Day gifts. Don’t delay, get
your card today and help support our youth in their mission to help support others. Cards maybe purchased on
Sundays during coffee hour in the Merrifield room or at anytime from members of St. Paul’s Youth Group.

April 2009
Page 12
St. Paul's News
Think Spring and Go Green!!!
By The Rev. Sarah Midzalkowski, Canterbury MSU
his semester and Canterbury MSU has been busy and blessed. We have many activities planned for our
T students including college ministry retreats, concerts, movie nights, special worship services and of course
our Alternative Spring Break Mission Trip!
Due to the help and generosity of folks in this parish we had one of our most successful Fall Feast Fundraisers
last October and raised over $8,000 dollars to fund our mission trip. This year we are going to Kingston, Ja-
maica to work with St. Andrew’s Parish Church doing clean-up, construction of new outreach buildings and run-
ning youth camps for kids in their parish. Kingston is the center of St. Andrew’s Parish and is home to many of
the people who do hospitality work in the famous beach resorts along the Jamaican coast. Their lives are dra-
matically different from those of the guests they serve and we get to work with and serve these folks and their
families while we are there!
In July of 2009 Chaplain Sarah and several CMSU students will be attending The General Convention of the
Episcopal Church held this year in Los Angeles, CA. We will be staffing the “Ministries With Young Adults”
booth in the exhibit hall at Convention and the students will attend the Young Adult Festival as well. We need
special funding for this special event for plane tickets to L.A. since it’s a bit far to drive the Bustang! So we are
hosting a Spring Fundraiser during the month of March and first half of April.
CMSU will be taking orders for high-quality, Michigan-made mulch next month. The mulch will be delivered on
Saturday, April 18th just in time to spread it around your yard and garden! Order forms and sign up sheets will
appear soon in this church with information on ordering and delivery. There will be a discount for pre-orders as
well as mulch for sale on April 18th. So please SAVE THE DATE and buy your mulch from CMSU this year to help
us go to General Convention this summer.
As always thank you for your continued support of this ministry. Your contributions, meals are wonderful but we
cherish above all your love and prayers and the great relationship we have with this parish.

e pray for those who are sick and in need: Cindy Robinson, Richard
W & Aaron Hegmon, Shelley Robinson, Mason Hill, Erik Lindquist,
Chance Collins, Barb Hacker, Marjorie Belles, Aleda, Dave, Kathryn
Senko, Barb Powers, Patricia Reno, Skip & Marsha Macholz, Carrie, Mi-
chael & Gwen Skinner, Edward Such, Judy Jones, Nancy Rudd, Melinda
Naumer, Tom Foltz, Cheryl Ann, Vivian Hawkins, Perce Guilder, Lydia
Sleight, Tamara Sleight, John, Linda, Marilyn, Kay, Kaema Amachree,
Betty Lorenz, Deena McClain, Bill, and Andy Zynda.
We pray and remember those in the Military, serving in dangerous areas: Daniel Reno and Michael Benson
We pray for: the family and friends of Margaret (Peg) Dickman and The Rev. Gerald W. Smith, who recently
passed away. (Rev. Smith retired in 2001from St. Augustine’s in Mason)
We pray for all those whose jobs and livelihoods are in jeopardy.
We pray for those expecting: Amanda & Darrick Alvarez, Summer (Sleight) & Jake Stevens, Brooke & Ian
Broughton, Susie & Luke Shaefer, and Tara & Norman Farhat and Jill & Clif Schneider (Deacon Bill’s daugh-
We pray for and celebrate the birth of twins to: Linda & Don Junger (names unavailable at press)

April 2009
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St. Paul's News
160 Years at St Paul’s…
Where our Past welcomes our Future
By Nancy Sheldon
hy are we celebrating our 160th Birthday? It seems a bit odd, since cele-
W brations of this nature usually take place at 50 or 100 year intervals. I
asked the same question of Father Weller when he asked me to co-chair this
event with Pam Irwin last spring. There didn’t seem to be any particular earth-
shaking reason; it was just a good thing to do. After all, we built our first church
building 150 years ago, and the city of Lansing is having its yearlong 150th
birthday party. The fact that we were an established parish 10 years before the
city was even chartered, and continue to be a vibrant part of the religious com-
munity in this city, is definitely reason for celebration! This, then, is our story.
When the state capitol of Michigan was moved from Detroit to Lansing Township, its first session of the Legisla-
ture was held in 1848. Permission was given for Episcopal services to be held in this building and the first re-
corded group meeting was in the Senate chambers on February 17, 1849. After the service, those present or-
ganized an Episcopal Society and elected trustees. The record continues, “it was then and there duly deter-
mined that the said trustees and their successors in office forever should thereafter be called and be known as
rectors, wardens and vestrymen of St. Paul’s Parish, Lansing.”* They continued to meet in the legislative cham-
bers of the state capitol for the next 10 years until they built their first church building in 1859, the same year
the city of Lansing was chartered. Outgrowing this church happened fairly rapidly, so they built their second
church on our current site and held their first service in the new church on October 20, 1873. Coincidentally, on
October 2, 1873, the cornerstone was laid for a new state capitol building in the center of the square directly
across Ottawa Street from the new Episcopal Church. We’ve shared our corner of the square ever since!
In the forward of his book, To a Goodly Heritage, Robert Coleman wrote, “As is inevitable in the life of any
church, [St. Paul’s] has encountered periods of extremely hazardous conditions when its very existence has been
threatened. It also has enjoyed seasons of phenomenal growth and prosperity. It has survived both.”*
The Reverend William Hill, a long-time rector of St Paul’s once wrote, “The past is a prologue; and this record
of the past of our beloved church is but the prelude to the chapters that will one day be written by those who
come after us. And as we pay our respects to those who have gone before, so do we salute the parishioners of
Taking the time in 2009 to pay our respects to those who have ministered and served this community for the
past 160 years is why we are celebrating this marvelous milestone and celebrating you, our congregation to-
day. As we celebrate the heritage of our church, “conceived in the hearts of a few devout pioneers,”* let us
give thanks and praise for the bountiful gifts God has bestowed upon us; let us also respect our past and re-
flect on it and the role it has played in who we are today and who we will be tomorrow.
Don’t forget to mark your calendars and join us for St. Paul’s 160th Celebration!
• May 3 - Music and Worship Sunday (to coincide with the city of Lansing’s Worship Weekend)
• May 10 – Children’s Sunday (it’s also Mothers’ Day)
• May 17 - Mission and Outreach Sunday
• May 24th - Memorial Day Weekend
• May 30 – Heritage Dinner Theatre at St Paul’s with the performance of Godspell
• May 31 - Homecoming Sunday and special reception
* Robert Coleman, To A Goodly Heritage.

April 2009
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St. Paul's News

Deacon Bill prepares pancakes for Shrove Tuesday while Gordon

Milne and Larry Clark supervise

Preparing the palms for Ash Wednesday

Fr. Gordon, Kirk Lindquist, Tom Spencer and Tom Repaskey at

the regular Thursday Morning Prayer Breakfast

(Continued from “Heifer International,” page 8)

Urban Agriculture
Heifer is reconnecting city-dwellers with their food sources, building strong alliances and instilling an entre-
preneurial spirit among adults and youth through its Urban Agriculture projects.
Young People's Initiative
Heifer weaves youth-focused programs through all of its project work and emphasizes young people's
Can we stock an Ark for Heifer? Between now and October 4, 2009, we will attempt to fill an “Ark” with
animals we purchase with our donations. We will have more details in the weekly bulletin and future news-

April 2009

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